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of tbe 

Catholic IRecorb Societi? 

Vol. Ill 

The Catholic Record Society was founded 
June ID, 1904, for printing and distributing 
to its Members original Records, both his- 
torical and genealogical, relative to English 
Catholics since the Reformation. 

All Rt^his reserved 
by the Society 







XOiiB IDolume is 
300ue{> to tbe Aembers for 10O5-6 


I. Queen Elizabeth's License to Richard Hoghton to visit his 

brother Thomas, 1576. IVs'tk fiusimiU frontispiece. Contributed 
by Joseph Gili&w i 

II. Tower Bills, 1575-1589. Edited by the Rev. / H, Pollen, SJ. 4 

III. The life and Martyrdom of Mr. Maxfield, 1616. tVith 
Portrait and facsimile letter of the Martyr. Edited by the 
Rev. J, H. Pollen, S./. 30 

IV. Memoir of Edmund Mathew alias Poins at St Omers 
College, 1667. Edited by the Rev. /, H. Pollen, S J. ... 59 

V. Recusants of Masham, Yorkshire, 1 589-1628. Contributed by 

J. & Gibbons. Edited by J. S. Hansom Ba 

VI. Three Letters relating to the treatment of the Catholic 
Prisoners in Wisbeach Castle, Cambridgeshire, 161 5. Contri- 
buted by H. Houston Ball 87 

VII. Three Letters and Translations of the Archpriest Harrison 
relative to the appointment of an Agent at the Roman 
Curia, 1618. Contributed by Miss Harting. Translation by 

the Rev. J. G. Dolan, O.S.B 92 

VIII. A Chapter Necrology, 1670-1678. Contributed by Miss 
Louise Guiney. Annotated by fos^h Gillow 98 

IX. Catholic Registers of Holywell, Flintshire, 1698-1829. Con- 
tributed by the Very Rev. Paul Hooh, Ph.D. 105 

X. Catholic Registers of Nidd Hall, N.R. of York, 1 780-1823. 
Contributed by Richard Trappes-Lomax 135 

XI. Catholic Registers of Llanarth, Monmouthshire, 1 781-1838. 
Contributed by J. Hobson Matthews 144 

XII. Catholic Registers of St. Joseph's Chapel, Trenchard Street, 
Bristol, 1 777-1808. Contributed by Mrs. Seymour Spencer 
Edited by J. S Hansom 181 


▼i Contents 


XIII. Extract of Letter from Sir Robert Crosse to Sir Robert 
Cecil, 1607. An enquiry relating to Sir Robert Crosse's 
Catholic wife 330 

XIV. Certificate of Canon Tiemey subscribing the Oath of 
Allegiance, 18 13. Contrtimted hy Bro, Vincent HayUSy of the 
London OrcUory 330 

Index. Compiled by Miss Edith Rix 331-3^5 


Queen Elizabeth's License to Richard Hoghton to visit his 
brother Thomas Frontispiece 

Portrait of the Venerable Thomas Maxfield, Martyr ... to face 30 

Letter of the Venerable Thomas Maxfield, Martyr ... to face 54 



FOR HIS " Blessed Conscience " 
Edited by Joseph Gillow 

Though the following document has never been printed in its entire^, I treated 
the subject at considerable length in Tk€ Haddock Papers^ published m 1888, and 
therefore it would be improper to trench upon space primanly devoted to original 
matter by repeating what is already in print I may remark, however, that I was 
led into error by the eminent seventeenth-century Lancashire antiquary. Dr. Richard 
Kuerden, in stating that the hero of "The Blessed Conscience" transferred the residence 
of his fiunily from the foot to the top of the hill at Hoghton. Since my account was 
written Hcmton Tower — abandoned by the Hoghtons as their residence from about 
1707 — has been admirably restored by the late baronet and his brother, the present 
Sir James de Hoghton, and upon a recent visit to Hoghton Sir James informed me 
that during the restoration it was made abundantly evident that the so-called 
erection of the castle by Thomas Hoghton between the ^ears 1563 and 1565 should 
have been descrit)ed as extensive additions and alterations to a very much earlier 
structure. A closer inspection than I had ever before made satisfied me that such 
was the case. I may add that the ancient bell from the suppressed chantry of 
Ashton-under-Lyne has awakened from its long slumber, and summons the inmates 
of the castle to their daily routine, though umortunately it has had to be partially 
recast; and Thomas Hoghton's portrait — through an unfortunate fire — is now the 
only ancient family picture that adorns the walls of Hoghton Tower. 

One word more with respect to the pathetic ballad, **The Blessed Conscience," 
which was wont to raise the most sensitive feelings in the hearts of Lancashire 
mnpathisers. Thomas Hoghton died at Li^e in 1580. In the following year 
BlefBed Edmund Campion was martyred, and straightway Henry Walpole sought 
relief for his emotion by pouring out his grief in verse — "An Epitaphe of the lyfe 
and deathe of the most fiunouse derke and vertuose priest, Edm&d Campian," 
which was secretly printed, together with other poetioU effusions on the same 
subject, by Stephen vallenger, and distributed broadcast. Walpole was one of that 
famous coterie of minor poets which even included within its ever-changing circlets 
personal friends of the greatest of English bards — William Shakespeare. Amongst 
these may be mentioned Richard Verstegan, Robert Southwell, poet and martyr, 
Stephen Vallenger, poet, printer, and exile, Anthony Greneway, Francis Tregian, the 
exile, Thomas Shelton, Richard Bamfield, Ralph Raddyffe, and "silver-mouthed" 
Anderton aiias "John Brereley, Priest." From these and such like came the 
Lacrymoi CatMuas — the outpourings of sorely afflicted souls — which gave relief to 
the pent-up feelings of our bitterly persecuted ancestors. Hoghton was a personal 
friend of Richard Verstegan, and probably assisted that indefiitigable worker in the 
cause of the Old Faith by partially ddfraying the expense of nis private printing 
press. Verstegan's "Odes^* are justly celebrated, though the whereabouts of three 
copies of the volume only are known — one of which is in the writer's possession — 
bat poems of his are to be found in many works. It was he who edited the work 
and wrote the verses in the martyred Earl of Arundel's translation of "An Epistle 
in the PerKHi of Christ to the Faithful! Soule" by the learned Lanspergius. And 
I have little doubt in my own mind that Verstegan was the author of "The 
Blessed Conscience." The dose connection of this touching lament with the 


ftOlowing roynl llcenie will appear upon perusal of the copy ix»erted in full in 

Fayr Englande! nowe ten tymes adieu, 

And frendes that theryn dwel ; 
Fayrwel, my broder Richarde trewe, 

Whom I dyd love soe wcl. 
Fayrwel, fityrwel ! gode people all, 

And leame experience; 
Love not too much ye golden ball. 

But kepe your conscyence ! 

£IMai>etb «. 

tflltdbCtb by the grace of God Quene of Englande ffraunce and 
lr«iltii)dci defendour of the faith eta To all and singuler Justices, 
nmiom, Sheriffs, Bayliffs, Customers, Controllers, Serchers, and all other 
(lur oflJccrs, ministers, and subjects whatsoever they be, greetinge. 
TOlbCrC At the humble peticion and sute of our trustie and welbeloved 
Nuolectd John ffletewood of Caldwyche in the Countie of Staff., Esquire, 
and Wilfiam ffletewood, Recorder of our Citye of London, nephewe 
lu the Slide John, we haye licensed and by theis presents do lycense 
our lovinge Subiect Richarde Houghton, Gendeman, to departe out of 
this our realme of Englande unto the parts beyonde the seas unto 
tl^o Towne of Antwerpe and there to rema3me the space of two 
inonethei next after his departure from heare To the intent to advise, 
iMfiuade, and Counsell Thomas Houghton, late of Houghton in the 
Countie of Lancaster, Esquire, (who as we are informed by occasion 
of lynister and evill Counsel is departed out of this our Realme 
without our lycence). To retome into thi» our Realme, and to submitt 
him self unto us and our Lawes according to the dewtye of a good 
iubiect. fforasmoch as the said John ffletewood and Wittm ffletewood 
itande bound unto us for and with the said Richard Houghton in 
the some of two hundreth poundes of Lawfull money of Englande 
that he the saide Richard Houghton within two monethes next after 
his departure forthe of this our Realme shall retome unto the same 
agayne {yf God spare hym lyffe) And that in the meane tyme the 
laid Richard shall not doe or attempt any Acte or thinge. Acts or 
things, against us or our Realme. TKHc therefore will you and also 
straightlie charge and comaunde you and every of you to permitt and 
suffer the said Richard Houghton and one servaunte with him, and 
twentie pounds in money for his chardges, to departe out of this our 
Realme unto the saide parts of beyonde the seas, and Likewyse to 
retome without your molestacon, vexacion, or trobell, accordinge to the 
trewe intent and meaninge of this our Lycense. And this our letters, 
or the trewe Duplicate therof, shall be bothe unto the said Richard 
Houghton for his departinge & remayninge beyonde the seas the tyme 
before expressed. And also unto you and every of you for suffering 
hime thus to passe sufficient warrant & discharge. 

Gyven at our Palace of Westm' the xvij*^ day of Marche in the 
eightenth yeare of our Raigne [1576J. 


( Seal, j 


The endorsement of the document is partially obliterated; 
reads — " License for Richard Houghton Antwerp for 

The Queen's signature is at the head of the document, and at foot is that of 
the clerk of the signet, Thomas Wiodebank, who occasionally acted as Clerk of the 
Privy ConndL He was knighted bv James I. in 1603. By his wife, Frances, 
daughter of Sir Edw. Dymoke, of Scnvelsby, ca Lincoln, he left an only soo, 
Francis, and three daughters, of whom Mildred married Robert Reade, of 
Linkenbolt, Hants., and was mother of Robert and Thomas Reade, who both 
became Catholics. Of the latter, known as the Rovalist, a notice appears in my 
Bibliographical Dictionary of the English Catholics, Robert was for a time secretary 
to his uncle, Sir Francis Windebank. During the Civil Wars he fled to the 
Continent, and in 1647 visited Rome. In 1056 he was living in Paris, and 
translated and published *'The Spirituall Combat,*' dedicated to the Abbot Walter 
Montasue, and to which the Rev. Wm. Clifford added a preface. Sir Thomas 
WiodeDank's son, Sir Frauds, was also clerk to the si|piet, and eventually became 
Secretary of State. He always displaced strong Cathohc tendendes, which brouriit 
him into odium, and finally caused his political ruin. In December, 1640, he md 
to Calais with his nephew and secretary, Robert Reade, settled in Paris, and died 
there in 1646, having shortly before been recdved into the Church. 

No. II. 

The Tower Bills are « series of aocoonts sent in by the Lieatenant of the Tower 
for such prisoners as he maintained at the expense oi the Crown. They do not 
form an absolutely complete list of the prisoners, for Elisabeth made men of wealth 
pay for themselves. No reference will be found to Philip, Earl of Arundel, who 
was in the Tower from 1 585-1 595, nor to a man like George Gifford, who left his 
name on two pbices in the Beauchamp Tower, with the date, August, 1585, but he 
was a pensioner of the Court, and it would seem an aginU pmocateur. In BiU 
No. 39, the charges of Thomas Abington are sent in for a year and a hal£ The 
reason probably was that, as all his estates had been seized, payment could no 
longer be made from them. 

Again, there are some cases of what looks like bad book-keeping or dishonesty. 
Thus Alexander Bryant was sent to the Tower to be tortured on the 3rd of May, 
1 581 (T. R. Dasent, Acts of Privy Caundl, xiii, 37), but payment for his keep is 
demanded for the whole term beginning on Lady Day. Smaller faults are also 
observable here and there. 

In spite of these defects, the Tower Bills present us with invaluable informa- 
tion regarding the most conspicuous victims of religious persecution, not obtainable 
elsewhere. The series commences at the time when Elizabeth's government was 
still trusting to a policy of slowly starving Catholicism to death. 

The prisoners in the early lists are chiefly sympathisers with Mary Stuart 
The only English sufferer for religion seems to be Henry Alway, who will easily 
be identified with the Alwey mentioned at page 60 of our first volume, and 
with him the venerable Confessor, Richard Creajgh, Archbishop of Armagh. At 
Christmas, 1577, we find Thomas Sherwood, who is found with a cross opposite his 
name on the 9th of February, 1577-8, though his martyrdom is generally dated on 
the 7th. It is ngt till the end of 1580 that new priests from the seminaries, 
Johnson, Cottam, Kirby, &&, are sent in here to be tortured, for the Tower was 
the only prison in which this abuse of royal power was regularlv practised. 

In 1 581 we find a greatly increased number of prisoners, incluaing John Hart, 
whose Dtarium Tunis (first printed anonymously at the end of the Roman edition 
of Sander, De Scks'smate, 1585, and firequently since then) ^ves the most valuable 
^ account we possess of the sufferings endured by the prisoners. The Diary is 

sometimes, by error, attributed to £dward Rishton, who brought out the first 
edition of Sander; in which edition, however, this Diaty is not found. But, as 
appears from these bills, Hart was the only possible writer, whose term of imprison- 
ment coincides with the Diary, while Rishton seems never to have been in the 
Tower at all. 

Hart's constancy ^ed for a time under the terrors of his prison, but he 
eventuallv recovered courage, and persevered in the good confession. Nichols, who 
figures close beside him, fell away altogether. The Toss of the bills for the second 
half-year of 158 1 prevents us getting any notice of Father Campion, but the bills 
for 1582 show, by the curt note *'mort or "ex." against this or that name, what 
the date was at which those martyrs suffered. 

In the bill for Michaelmas, 1583, will be noticed the name of William Carter. 
Thia was the printer executed on a preposterous charge of exciting Catholics to 
assassinate Elizabeth, because he had printed a book which praised Judith. Then 
will be noticed the gradually increasing number of sufferers for other sham plots, 
the Ardens, Somervilles, &c. They show how Walsingham was gradually persuading 
Elizabeth and public opinion that her life was in danger. On the loth of July, 
1584, the Prince of Orange was assassinated in Holland, and the excitement caused 
by it enabled Walsingham's party to pass the bloody axle, known as that of the 
27th year of Elizabeth, according to which every Catholic priest was considered a 
traitor by the mere fact of his coming into England. 


This ezpUins the word "dismissed," which is found in the bills for Christmas, 
1584. Priests would not be liable to this Act unless they "came into" Eneland 
aJUriXs passing — ^so a number of them were exiled on the 21st of January, 1584-5, 
becoming liable to death ipso facto if they returned. 

After this the number of priests in the Tower was greatly diminished. The 
elaborate fraud of pretending that tlMsy were pc^tical offenders of the first class (as 
the Tower prisoners were supposed to be) was no longer necessary. They shared 
the lot of tne felons in Newgate, and their names (when recorded) are to be found 
in the "Prison Lists,'* printed in a previous volume of the Catholic Record Society's 

The next great event illustrated by our bilb is the Babington plot The bill 
for Michaelmas, ic86, gives useful evidence of the dates at which the conspirators 
were confined, and when they were led forth to suffer. 

After this the lists are made up of 'suspects' of all sorts, of priests, such as 
Father Creighton, S.J., and of the future martyrs : Roger Ashton, Richard Leigh, 
and Robert Tankard. We find idso the names of Irish leaders, of some real traitors 
(coining was regarded as treason in those dajrs), and of some pretenders to that 
honour, as Pooley, Stafford, and Moody, who are known to us as agenis provocateurs 
of Walsingham in various sham plots contrived to ruin Queen Mary. 

After the Armada period the Tower Bills become rarer, but become once more 
a regular series during the Titus Oates period. These I propose to puUish in a 
future contribution. 

The papers themselves are somewhat difficult to edit, because of their constant 
repetitions, with little or no variation, of the tariff" according to which the expenses 
were calculated. This is given in full in every entry, with one or two exceptions, 
mentioned in the early bills. I have endeavoured to preserve the memory of this 
by occasional repetitions, and by the constant use of signs to show that omissions 
were being made, which were to be supplied according to the full formula 
previously quoted. 

The bills are now preserved at the Record Office, "Exchequer of Receipt, 
M i sce ll anea, Bundle 342.'' Mixed up with them occur an almost equal number of 
bOls for the salary of the Lieutenant, and payments of wardens, the gentleman 
porters, the jreomen waiters, &c My best thanks are due to Father P. Ryan, S.J., 
tor tnnscribing these diflkult records. j, h. P. 

L Michaelmas, 1575. (No. 4.) 

The demaunds of S*" Owen Hopton, Knyght Lieutenaunt of the 
Tower of London, for the dietts and chardges of certein prisoners 
there remaynynge, as herafler are particulerlye declared. 

I%0mas Byshope. Imprimis for the diet and chardges of Thomas 
Byshope begynnyng the xxvij*^ of June, 1575, and endinge the 
seconde of October, 1575, being xiiij**" weekes at xiij" iiij* the weeke 
for himselfe — ix** vij» iv°. One Keeper at v* the weeke — iij*» x*. 
Fewdl and candell at iiij" the weeke — lvj». Amountinge to the sume 
of — xv"xvij*viij*' 

Thomas Herle, Itm. &c beginninge xxix of June, &c., 

endinge iiij Oct', being xiiij weeks — xv** xij» viij<* 

Henry Alway, Itm. &c. . . xxix June — iiijOct^-.-xiiij^^ — xv*> xij»viij<* 
Richard Crewe. Itm.&c. . . xxvjune — vijOct',... xv^*" — xvj*» xv* 
RolHirt Bardsey. Itm.&c. . xxx June— fyrst Oct',... xiiij^"^ — xv*» xij»viij<* 
John Lyons. Itm. &c., during all the said tyme and space — xv^ xij» viij<* 
John Nethsmith. Itm. &c.,xxviij June — iijOct^-.-xiiij^^ — xv*| xij*viij<* 
Alexander Hanultonlitm &c.,xxvj June— j Oct',...xiiij^*» — xv*| xij» viij* 
Neuiie Sandes. Item &c,during all the said tyme and sj^ce — xv^ xij» viij** 
Richard Barrie. Item &c, xxvj June — j Oct', . . .xiiij^^— xv" xij» viij** 


HunrfrU Nedham. Item &c. . j Julie — vj Oct^...xiilj^'»at vj« viij^ 
the weeke for himselfe, iiij*" xiij» iiij**, fewell and candell at ij* vj** 
the weeke, xxxv», amounting to the summe of— vj^ viij» iiij* 

John Jackson. Item &c. . . xxyj June — j Oct',...xiiij^'» — vj*| viij* iiij<* 
Watkin Dauie, Item &c, xxvij June — ij Oct',...xiiij^^ — yj" viij* iiij^ 
James Hyckeye. Item &c . xxij June — iiij Ocf,... xv^**« — vj" xvij* vj<* 
Summa Totall — Ciiij^iip xj» y^ 

In MS. Needham comes after Crewe, and Barrie comes after Dauie. 

II. Christmas, 1575. (No. 5.) 
The demaundes of S*^ Owen Hopton, Knight, &c. 
Hkomas Byshope. Inprimis for the diett and chardges of Thomas 
Byshope beginninge the iij'^ October, 1575, and endinge the xviij'^ 
of December, 1575, being xj«° weekes, at xiij* viij<> the weeke for 
himselfe — ^vij^ yj* viij<*. One Keeper at v» the weeke — Iv*. Fewell 
and Candell at iiij* the weeke — xliiij*. Amounting to the sum of 

— xij" v»viij<* 

Thomas Herli. Item &c b^nninge the iiij*^ of October 

and ending the fyfte of December, being ix weekes, — x** xij<* 

Henry Alway, Item &c. . . . . v Ocf — vj Dec',... xj^^ — x^ xij<* 

Richard Craigh. Item &c . viij Oct"^ — yj Jany,...xiij^^ — xiiij" x* iv^ 
Robert Bardsey, Item &c. .. vjOcf^—vij Dec',... xj^*»— x" xij<* 

John Lyons. Item for the lyke diett and chardges of John Lyons 

during the said tyme and space — x^^ xij^* 

John Nethsmyth. Itm. &c . . iiij Oct.— vDec.,... xj^'*— x>| xij<> 

Alexander Hamelton. Itm. &c, ij Oct — iij Dec,... xj^*» — x'' xij<* 

Neuile Sandes. Itm. for the lyke diett and chardges of Nevile 

Sandes during all the said tyme and space — x^ ji]^ 

Richard Barry. Itm. &c., ij Oct.-xxxjDec.,...xiiij'*"^^ — xiiij" x» iiij*' 
Humfry Nedham. Itm. &c . vij Oct — ^j Dec., being viij'« weekes, 
at yj* viij<> the weeke for him selfe — Iiij* iiij**, Fewell and Candell 
at ij* vj<* the weeke — ^xx*. Amovntinge to the Svme of — iij^» xiij* iiij** 
John Jackson. Item &c .... ijOct' — iij Dec',... ix^'* — iiij^ ij* vj<* 
Watkin Dauie. Item &a . . . iij Oct' — iiij Dec"*,... ix^^ — iiij" ij* yf^ 
James Hickey. Item &c. . . fyfte Oct' — iij Jan^, . . .xiij^'* — v" xix* ij** 
Egremond Ratclyfe. Item &c., xj Nov' — fyfte Jany,...viij*« ^^-— [at 

xiij* viij<* &c &c] — viij^» xviij* viij<* 

Suma Totall — Cxxxviij" ix* sf 

In MS. Needham comes after Creagh, and Barry after Dauie. 

III. Michaelmas, 1576. (No. 6.) 

The Demaunds of &• Owyn Hopton, Knyght, &c. 

Richard Craighe. Imprimis &c. . . . beginninge the firste of July, 1576, 

and endinge the xxx*** of September, being xiij*^ weeks irate as 

before\ — xiv" x* iiij<* 

Egremondi Radclj^e.\\jtm^c^;fj3il\ra!^ — ^xxixSep',...xiij^*" — xiv" x» iiij<* 

Thomas Clearke. Item &c,xxviij June — ^xxvij Sep',... **• — xiv^ x* iiij^ 


Maihem Pelhwe. Item &c . . ix Sep^— xxx Sep',... three wikes, 
at vj» viij^ the wicke — ^xx». Fewell and candell, at ij» vj<* the 
wyke — vij* vj^. Amountinge to the Some of — xxvij» vj** 

John Newton. Item &c . . . . ixSep' — xxxSep',... iij^^« — xxvij* vj* 

SuA — xlvj" vj* 


IV. Christmas, 1576. (No. 7.) 

The Demaunds of S>^ Owyne Hopton, Knyght, &c 

Richard Craighe, Imprimis &c . . . beginninge the firste of October, 

1576, and endinge the xxiiij^ of December, 1576, xij wiks [rate as 

itfore] — ^xiij** viij» 

Egremande Radclyjfe. Item &c., xxx Sep' — xxiij Dec',...xij^^ — ^xiij^l viij* 

Thomas Cltarke. Item &c . . xxviij Sep' — xx DeC,...xij^*" — xiij" viij» 

Maihew JPeiiawe. Item &c j Oct'— xxiij Dec',...xij^'« [at his 

previous rateX — v^ x* 

/ohm Newton. Item &c j Oct'— xxiij Dec',...xij''»»— v" x« 

Thomas Willis. Item &c xxvj Oct' — xv DeC,...vij^^ — iij*^ iiij» 

SA totall — liiij" viij» 


V. Midsummer, 1577. (No. 8.) [MS. very defective.'] 

[Demaunds, &c.] 

r? Richard Cregh.] — xiiij" x» iiij<> 

[Egremond] Radciyffe. — xiiij** x* iiij** 

Thomas Gierke. [....] ending xx^ of June, 1577 [. . .] — ^xiiij^ x» iiij<* 

Rogere Edwards. Endinge the xxiv*** of June [. . J] — xiiij** x» iiij* 

Hugh Crompton. [ ] „ xxiij June [* . .] — x** xij<* 

John Callice. [....] ? xxv June — vj** xiiij* 

[. . .] Robyns. ? xvij of Maye — iiij^ ix* iv** 

Mathewe Petloe. ? xxv of June — v** xix» ij<* 

John Newton. ? xxiiij of June — v** xix» ij<* 

Sufia total — iiij"xj" iiij» 


VI. Christmas, 1577. (No. 11.) 
The Demaunds of S' Owen Hopton, knight, .... 
Egremond Radclije. Imprimis for the dyett and chardges of Egremond 
Radclife begynninge the last day of September, 1577, and ending the 
xxx*** of December then next followinge, being xiij*~ wekes, at 
xiij» iiij* the wicke for hym selfe — ^viij** xiij* iiij**. One Keaper at v* 
the wdce — ^iij** v*. Fewell and candell at iiij» the weke — lij*. Amount- 
inge to the some of — xiiij^ x*iiij<* 
Thomas Creach. Item &c. . . beginninge the xxix*** day of September, 

and endinge the xxix'*^ day of December, xiij'«° wekes — ^xiiij^ x» iiij<* 
ITiomas Clerke. Item &c, xxvj Sep' — xxvj Dec',... xiij^^ — xiiij** x»iiij<* 
Roger Edwards. Item &c, xxix Sep' — xxix Dec', . . .xiij^''* — xiiij** x» iiij* 
Hugh Crampton. Item &c.,xxix Sep' — xxix Dec',...xiij^^ — xiiij** x* iiij* 
William Phaer, Item &c. . . ix Nov' — xxviij Dec', . . . vij^*« — vij*| xvj» iiij<* 
Ralf Whalley. Item &c . . ix Nov'— xxviij Dec',... vij^*" — vij*» xvj* iiij* 
SSward Phaer. Item &c. . ixNoV — xxviij Dec,... vij'^— vij" xyj» iiij*> 


William Hancocks. Item &c,ix Nov'— xxviij DecS...seaven weekes, 

at v]» viij<* per weke, &c &c — iij*" iiij* ij** 

Thomcu Sherwoodd. Item &c,xvij Nov' — ^xxix Dec', . . . vj^"** — lv» 

Sufea totalis — Cj^^ xix* x* 


VII. Lady Day, 1578. (No. 13.) 
The Demaunds &c. [MS. torn.'] 
Egremond RadcUffe. Imprimis &c., beginninge the xxix^ of December, 
1577, and endinge the xxiiij^ of Maix^, 1577, being xij wekes \jame 
rate as in his last] — xiij^viij* 

Richard Creach, Itm. &c., xxix DeC — xxiij March, . . . xij^*" — xiij^j v iij» 
Thomas Gierke. Item &c,xxyj Detf" — xx March,... xij^'^ — ^xiipviij* 
Roger Edwards. Item &c,xxix Dec' — xvj March,... xj^** — xij*^ v*viij<* 
Hugh Crampton. Item &c.,xxix DeC — xxiij March,... xij^"** — xiij|>viij» 
Raif WhcUUy. Item &c, xxviij DeC — xv February, . . .vij^^ — vij° xvj* iiij<* 
William Phaere. Item&c,xxviijDec' — ^xv February, . . . vij^^ — vij" xvj* iiij<* 
Edward Phaer. Item &c.,xxviij DeC — xv February, . . . vij^^ — ; vip xvj* iiij^ 
William Hancocke, Item &c., xxviij DeC — xv February,... vij weekes, 

at vj* viij<* the weeke, &c. &c — iij** iiij' ij^ 

Thomas Sherwodd.lXxTL^c.xkix'Dec^— ixFeby,... vj^"**— lv» 
Rodtrd Blosse. Itm. &c,xxiiij Dec' — xxv March,... xiij*^^"*« — v"^ xix* v^ 
Sufiia totalis — Cj" v» 


VIII. Michaelmas, 1579. (No. 14.) 

The Demaunds &c. 

Richarde Craighe. In primis &c., beginninge the xxiiij''* of June, 1579, 

and endinge the xxix^ of September then next followinge, beinge 

xiiij*~ wycks, at [same rate as in his previous ^ls\ — xv*» xij» viij** 
TTtomcu Hardinge. Itm. &c,xxiiij June— xxix Sep',...xiiij^'« — xv" xij« viij<* 
John Prestall. Itm. &c. . . . xxiiij June — ^xxixSep', ..xiiij^^ — xv*» xij* viij<* 
Robert Harrison. Itm. &a, last of Julie — xxix Sep',... viij [wekes], 

at vj* viij** &c &c — iij*» xiij* iiij** 

Peter Duglase. Itm. &c. . xvij of June — xxix Sep', .. xv^^ — vj" xvij* vj<> 
Harvie My Us. Itm. &c. . xvij of June— xv Julie,... iv^^ — xxxvj* viij<* 
Thomas Mylls. Itm. &c. . . . xvij June — xv Julie,... iv*** — xxxvj* viij<* 
[blank] Wintersole. Itm. &c.,xvij June — xv Julie,... iv^"^ — xxxyj'viif* 
Elisabeth Mylls. Itm. &c . . xvij June — xv Julie,... iv^*" — xxxvj»viij<* 
Elizabeth Burle. Item&c . xvij June — xv Julie,... iv^'* — xxxvj'viif* 
ffrauncis Brewninge. Item &c, xxx Auguste — ^xxix Sep', . . .iv wekes 

[at xiij» xCif ^z\ — iv*» ix« iiij* 

Su&a totalis — Ixxj** xviij** 


IX. Christmas, 1579. (No. 15.) 

The Demaunds of S' Owine Hopton, knight, &c. 

Richard Craighe. Imprimis &c., beginninge the xxix^ of September, 

1579, and endinge the xxvij*^ of December, 1579 [same rate as in 

previous bills\ xiij**" wyckes — xiiij*» x» iiij<* 

Tk^mcu Harding. Item &c.,xxix Sep' — xxvij Dec',...xiij^^— xiiij" x* iiij<^ 


John PrtstaUe. Item &<:• . . xxixSep' — xxvij Dcc',...xiij^'« — ^xiiip x!iiij<* 
jfranus hrewninge. Item &c,xxix Sep' — ^xxvij Dec^j.-xiij^"** — xiiij** x* iiij^ 
Hughe Singleton, Item &c. . xxiij Sep' — iij NoV, ... vj^'" — vj** xiiij* 
P^Ur Duglas, Item &c . . . xxixSep' — xxvij Dec',...xiij weekes 
[at yj* viij<* for himself, ij» vj<* Fewell and Candell] — vj^ \su\ 
Su&a totalis — Ixx" xv» iiij<* 


X. Lady Day, 1580. (No. 17.) 
The Demaunds &c. 
Richard Craight. In primis for the diett and chardges of Richard 
Craighe bq^inninge the xxvj'^ of December, 1579, and endinge the 
xxyij of Marche, 1580, then next followinge, beinge xiij wicks, at 
xiij» iiij** the wicke [&c., as before\ — xiiij*» x» iiij<* 

Thomas Harding€^\^XEL^c,;$xs\ Dec' — ^xxvij March,...xiij'^ — xiiij** x» iiij<* 
John PresialL Item &c, . xxvj Dec' — xxvij March,...3^iij^'* — xiiij*| x* iiij<* 
Fronds Brewninge. Item &c.,xxvj DeC-xxvij March,., .xiij^*" — ^xiiij*| x* liij** 
Hughe Singleton, Item &c, xxiij Dec' — ^xxij Januarie,...iiij^*" — iiij^ ix» iiij<* 
William Podge. Item &a, xxiij Dec' — ^xxiiij March,.. .xiij^^ — xiiij** x* iiij** 
Peter Duglas, Item &c. . . xxyj Dec' — xxvij March,...xiij wekes 

[at vj* viij<* &c. &c] — v'» xix» ij* 

SA — Ixxxiij" ij<> 


XL Christmas, 1580. (No. 19.) 

The demaunds of Sr Owin Hopton, knighte, Levtenant of the Q. 

her Maiesties Towre of London, for the dyetts and chardgs of 

certayne prisoners there remajmynge as heare after ar particulerie 

dediured, viz. 

Richarde Craighe. In primis for the dyett and chardgs of Richard 

Craighe begynnynge the xxx^ of September, 1580, and ending the 

zxiij^ of December then next folowinge, beinge xij wickes, at 

xiij^ iiij<* the wicke for hym selfe — ^viij*^ One keeper at v* the wicke 

— iij^. Fewell and candell at iiij* the wicke — ^xlviij'. Amountinge 

to Uie Some of — xiij^ viij» 

John PrestaU. Item &c, begynnynge xxx Sep' &a, xij^''* — xiip viij* 

Thomas Hording. Item &c xxx Sep' &c., xij^"'*« — xiij*» viij» 

William Podge. Item &c xxx Sep' &c., xij^^— xiij« viij» 

Praunds Brewninge. Item &c. xxx Sep' &c, xij^^ — xiij*| viij* 

Anthonie Focotio. Item &c xxx Sep' &c, xij^^ — xiij** viij* 

David Williamson. Item &c xxix Nov' &c, iv^*« — ^xxxvj* viij<* 

The Earle of hilricarde. Item for the diett and chardgs of the 
Earle of kilricarde begynnynge the iiij^ of december, 1^80, 
and endinge the xxiiij"^ of the Same then folowinge, bemge 
three wicks, at iij" the wicke — ix". Amountinge to the Siwme of — ix" 
Robert Johnson, Item for the diett and chardgs of Robert Johnson 
begynnynge ye iiij*** of December, 1580, and endinge die xxv**» 
of the same, beinge three wicks, at vj* viij** y« wicke — xx». 
Fewell and candell at ij* vj^ ye wicke — vij» vj*. Amountinge 
to y* Some of — xxvij* vj* 


ITumas Coiham. Item &c, begynnynge iiij Dec^ iij^"**— xxvij" vj<* 

Luke fyrNe, Item &c iiij Dec', iij^**— xxvij" yj<> 

Jialfe Sheringt. Item &c iiij DeC, iij'^— xxvij» yf 

Henrie Orton. Item &c iiij Dec, iij^^ — xxvij* vj*> 

Summa totalis — iiij*«xviij" ij" ij<* 


XIL Lady Day, 1581. (Na 21.) 

The demaunds of Sir Owin Hopton, knighte (6*^., as in 

the last Ml). 

TherU of Clenruarde. In primis for the dyett and chargs of the Earle 

of Clenricarde b^ymiynge the xxiiij^ of december, 1580, and endinge 

the xxv^ of marche then next folowinge, beinge xiij^ wicks, at iij^ 

the wicke. Amountinge to the Some of — xxxix" 

Richarde Creugh, Item for the dyett and chardgs of Richard Craygh 

begynnyne the xxiiij'^'of december, 1580, and endjmge the xxv^ of 

marche then next folowinge, beinge xiij^ wicks, at xiij* iiij<i the 

wicke for hym selfe — ^viij^ xiij» iiij<*. One keaper at v» the wicke — 

iij^y*. Fewell and candell at iiij* the wicke — lij*. Amountinge to 

the Some of — xiiij*» x» iiij<* 

John PrestalL Item &c., begynnyne xxiiij Dec' &a, xiij^*'* — xiiij** x» iiij^ 

Thomas Harding. Item &c xxiiij Dec &c., xiij^*" — xiiij" x* iiij^ 

William Padge Item &c xxiiij Dec' &c., xiij^^« — xiiij" x» iiij^ 

Francis Brewninge. Item &c .... xxiiij DeC &c, xiij^^ — xiiij*» x» iiij<* 

Anthony Fogaca. Item &c xxiiij DeC &c, xiij^^ — xxiiij'* x» iiij^ 

William Johnson, Item for the dyett and chardgs of William 
Johnson begynnynge ye xxiiij* of december, 1580, and endinge 
ye xxv''* of Marche then next folowinge, beinge xiij^ wicks, 
at vj* viij<* y* wicke — ^iiij" vj» viij**. Fewell and candell ij» vj<* 
ye wicke — xxxij* vj<*. Ajnountinge to ye some — v" xix* ij^ 

Thomas Cotham. Item &c.,begynn3mge xxiiij DeC &c., xiij^''* — v*» xix» ij** 

Luhi Kirbie, Item &c xxiiij DecF &c, xiij*'''* — v*»xbc»ij<> 

Henrie Orton. Item &a xxiiij Dec' &a, xiij^*'* — v" xix» ij<* 

Ralph Sheringe, Item &C. xxiiij DeC &c, xiij^*" — v^» xix» ij** 

John Hartt. Item &c xxiiij Dec' &a, xiij^''* — v*» xix* ij** 

Christopher Tomson. Item Ac xxiiij Dec' &c., xiij^^— v" xix* ij<* 

fames Bosgrave. Item &c xxiiij Dec' &c., xiij^^ — v*» xix» ij** 

Thomas Briscoe, Item &c. xxiiij DeC &c, xiij^^ — v*» xix» ij<* 

John NicoUs. Item &c. xxiiij DeC &a, xiij^^ — v" xix» ij** 

George Dutton. Item &c xxiiij DeC &c, xiij^^ — v** xix* ij<* 

Summa totalis — Ciiij"xj" xij* x** 

OwYN Hopton. 

XIIL MiDSUMMRR, 1581. (No. 33.) 

The demaunds of Sir Owin Hopton [6^^., as in previous Mis]. 

The Earle of Clenricarde, Inprimis for the dyett and chardgs of the 
Earle of Clenricarde begynnynge the xxv'^ of Marche, 1581, and 
endinge ye xxiiij^ of June then next folowinge, beinge xiij'"> wicks, 
at iij'* y* wicke. Amountinge to the Some of xxxix** 


Rickarde Craygh. Item for y* dyett and chardgs of Richarde Cnygh 
b^gynnynge the xxv*^ of Marche, 1581, and endinge ye xxiiij*** of 
June then next folowinge, beinge xiij'^" wicks, at xiij» liij** the wicke — 
▼iij*" xiij* iiij^. One keaper at v» the wicke^iij** v«. Fewell and candell 
at iiij* Uie wicke— lij». Amountinge to the Some of -^ xiiij^ x« iiij<* 
Jbkn PnstalL Item &c., begynnynge xxv Mar., xiij^^ — xiiij*» x* iiij** 

Tkamas Hardinge. Item &c xxv Mar., xnf^ — xiiij" x* iiij<* 

Anthony FocaHo. Item &c xxv Mar., xiij"^ — xiiij^ x* iiij<^ 

John DutUm. Item for the dyett and chardgs of John Dutton 
b^;ynnynge the xx'^ of februarie, 1580, and endinge the second 
of Jmie then next folowinge, beinge xiiij'^ wiclw, at xiij*iiij<* 
the wicke — ix** vj* viij<*. One keaper at v» the wicke — iij^ v». 
Fewell and candell at iiij» the wicke — ^Ivj*. Amountinge to the 
Some of — XV*" xij» viij** 

William Podge. Item for the diett and chardgs of William Padge 
begvnnynge the xxv^ \sic\ of Marche, 1581, and endinge ye 
viip" 1^^] of Marche then next folowinge, bevnge too wicks, at 
xiij» iiij** the wicke for hym selfe — ^xxvj» viij^ One keaper at 
V* the wicke — x». Fewell and candell at iiij» the wicke — ^viij*. 
Amountinge to the Some of — xliiij* viij^ 

M^ Hyde. Item for the dyett and chardgs of M" Hyde, late 
mother of the Males, b^;ynnynge the xx'^ of Marche, 1580, 
and endvnge the x'^ of June, 1580, beinge xj wickes, at 
xxv}» viij** the wicke. Amountinge to the Some of — xiiij" xiij» iiij<* 
Robert Johnson. Item for the dyett and chardgs of Robert 
Johnson begynnynge the xxv**» of Marche, 1581, and endinge 
the xxiiij^ of June then next folowinge, beinge xiij'*"" wicks, at 
yj* viij** the wicke — iiij*» vj« viij<*. Fewell and candell at ij* vj^ 
the wicke — ^xxxij» vj**. Amountinge to the Some of — v*' xfac* ij<* 
Thomas Cotham. Item &c, begynnynge xxv Mar. &c., xiij*^ — v" xix* ij^ 

Luhe Kirbie. Item &c xxv March &c., xiij^*" — v" xix* ij^ 

ReUfe Sheringe. Item &c xxv March &c., xiij^^ — v" xix» ij<* 

Htnry Orion. Item &c xxv March &c., xiij^^ — v^ xix» ij<> 

Christopher Tomson, Item &c .... xxv March &c., xiij^^ — v** xix» ij<* 

James Bosgrave. Item &c xxv March &c., xiij^"*» — v** xix» ij^ 

Thomas Briscoe. Item &c xxv March &c., xiij^^ — v'» xix» ij** 

John Hdrte. Item &c xxv March &c, xiij^^ — v" xix* ij** 

Alexander Bryan. Item &c xxv March &c., xiij^^ — v'» xix» ij** 

Thomas Mehoe. Item for the dyett and chardgs of Thomas 
Mehoe beginning vij^ of Marche, 1580, and endinge the 
xxv**" of June, 1581, being xvj*^ wickes, at vj* viij** the wicke — 
V* vj* viij**. Fewell and candell at ij» vj^ ye wicke — ^xK 
Amountinge to the Some of — vij*» vj* viij** 

Summa — Clxxxxvj** xj» iiij<* 


XIV. Lady Day, 1582. (No. 25.) 
The demaunds of Sir Owin Hopton &c. 
Richarde Craighe. In primis for the dyett and chardgs of Richarde 
Crayghe b^nninge the xxiiij'^ of I>ecemb., 1581, and endinge ye 


xxv^ of Marche, 1583, then next folowinge, beinge xiij^ wicks at 
xiij» iiij<> the wicke for hym selfe— viij" xiij* iiij<*. One keaper at v* 
y« widce — iij*» v*. Fewell and candell at iiij* the wicke— lip*. 
Amountinge to the Some of — ^xiiij^ x* iiij** 

/ohn PnstalL Item &c, beginninge xxiiij Dec' &c, xiij^"** — ^xiiij^ x» iiij** 

Anthonu FocaHo. Item &c xxiiij DeC &c., xiij^**— xiiij" x* iiij** 

TTiomas Mehoe. Item &c xxiiij DeC &c, xiij^'^— xiiij*| x« iiij** 

George Godshalle. Item &c. xxiiij DecF &c., xiij^'" — xiiij*" xf iiij** 

mort John Sharte. Item &c xxiiij Detf &c, xiij^'^*— xiiij*| x» iiij** 

mort John Paine. Item &c xxiiij Dec &c, xiij^"^ — ^xiiij** x* iiij** 

John Collington. Item &c xxiiij DeC &c., xiij^^^*— xiiij** x» iiij** 

Thomas Foorde^ mort Item &c . . . xxiiij DcC &a, xiij^^— xiiij" x* iiij** 
Robert Johnson^ mort Item for the dyett and chardges of Robert 
Johnson beginninge the xxiiij'^ of Dec, 1581, and endinge the 
xxv**> of Miux:he, 1583, then next folowinge, beinge xiij*** wicks, 
at yj* viij** the wicke — ^iiij** yj* viij**. Fewell and candell ij» vj** 
the wicke— xxxij» vj**. Amountinge to the Some of — ^v*^ xix* ij** 
Lucke Kirbie^man. Item &c.,beginninge xxiiij Dec' &c., xiij^*'* — v** xix* ij** 
WiUiam Fhilbie^ mort. Item &c . . . xxiiij DeC &c., xiij^"**— v** xix* ij** 

Benrie Orion^ mort. Item &c. xxiiij Dec' &c, xiij^*"— v** xfac* ij** 

Christopher Tomeson^ mort- Item &c . xxiiij DeC dec, xiij'^— v*| xix» ij** 

fames Bosgrave. Item &c xxiiij Dec' &c, xiij^*»— v*| xix» ij** 

Thomas Briscoe. Item &c xxiiij Dex^ &c, xiij^'^* — ^v** xix* ij** 

John Hartt. Item &c xxiiij Dec' &c., xiij^*" — ^v** xix* ij** 

FhilUpp Loes. Item &c xxiiij DeC &c. xiij'"'*^*— v*| xix* ij** 

Lawrence Richardson^ mort. Item &c, xxiiij Dec' &c, xiij^^^* — ^v*» xix* ij** 
James Negent. Item for the dyett and chardgs of James N^ent 
beginninge ye v^ of ffebruarie, 1581, and endinge the xxv^ of 
Marche, 1583, then next folowinjge, beinge vij^ wicks, at 
xiij* iiij** y* wicke for hymselfe — iiij** xiij* iiij**. One keap. at v* 
ye wicke — ^xxxv*. Fewell and candell at iiij* y« wicke — xxviij*. 
Amountinge to the Some of — vij^ xvj* iiij** 

Arthur Fetts. Item &c, beginninge v Feb^ &a, vij^"*« — ^vij** xyj* iiij** 

George Hadioche. Item &c v Feb^ &c., vij^^ — ^vij** xrf iiij** 

Thomcu Cotham^ mort Item &c. . xxiiij Dec' &c., xiij^"*" — v*" xix* ij** 
Summa totalis — ccxix^ xij* x** 


XV. Midsummer, 1583. (No. 37.) 

The demaunds of Sir Owin Hopton &c. 

Richarde Crayghe. In primis for the dyett and chardgs of Ricbarde 

Crayriie begynnjmge the xxv^ of Marche, 1583, and endinge the 

xxiiij* of June then next folowinge, beynge xiij*^ wicks, at xiij* iiij** 

the wicke for hym selfe^ — viij** xiij* iiij**. One keap. at v* y« wicke — 

jjjU yi^ Fewell and candell at iiij* y« wicke — lij*. Amountinge to the 

Some of — xiiij" x* iiij** 

John FrestaU. Item&c.,beg3mnynge xxv March &a, xiij^»*« — xiiij^* x* iiij** 

Thomas Mehoe. Item &c. xxv March &c, xiij''^ — xiiij" x* iiij** 

Georg/s Godshalle. Item &c . . . xxv March &c., xiij^^— xiiij^ x* iiij** 
fames Mtrngmt Item &c xxv March &c, xiij'"'*'^— xiiij** x* iiij** 


Arihur Petts. Item te. xxv liifarch Ac., xii|^"**— xiiij^ x» iiij<* 

George Haddacke. Item &c. .... xxv March &c., xiij^"*^ — ^xiiij" x* iiij<* 
ex. John Shorte^ mort Item for the dyett and chardgs of John 
Shcnrte beg3mnynge y* xxv*^ of Marche, 1582, and endinge the 
xxrij^ of Maye then next folowinge, beinge nyne widu, at 
xiij* iiij<* y« widce for hym selfe — vj**. One keap. at v* ye wicke 
— ^xlv*. Fewell and candell at iiij» ye wicke — xxxvj". Amount- 
inge to y* some of — x** xij** 

ex. Th(mas Forde^ mort Item &c., bqj^ynnynge xxv March &c, 

ix wicks — ^x** xij<* 

/okn CoUington, Item &c., begynnynge xxv March ^ajxiij^"** — ^xiiij^ x* iiij** 
mort John Payne. Item for the dyett and chardgs of John Payne 
begynnynge the xxv'^ of Marche, 1582, and endinge the laste 
daye of the same, beinge one wicke, at xiij* iiij<^ the wicke for 
h^ selfe. One keap. at 5" the wicke. Fewell and candell at 
iiij* the wicke. Amountinge to the Some of — xxij* iiij<* 

mort Thomas Cotham, Item for the dyett and chardgs of Thomas 
Cotham begynnynge the xxv^ of Marche, 1583, and endinge 
the xxvij''* of Maye then next folowinge, beinge nyne wicks, at 
yj» viij** the wicke — iij**. Fewell and candell at ij» vj** the wicke 
— ^xxij'vj**. Amountinge to the Some of — ^iiij*» ij» yj^ 

Roberie Johnson^ mort Item &c.,begynnynge xxv Mar.&c,ix^^^* — ^iiij*| ij* vj<* 
Luke KyrhU^ mort Item &c,xxv Mar. & ending xxx May,ix^"*» — iiij^ ij* vj** 
William PhUbie^ mort Item &c. . . xxv Mar.... xxx May,ix^'^ — iiij^ij»vj^ 
Lawrence Richardson^ mort Item&a,xxv Mar. . . xxx May,ix^^ — iiij** vf vj<* 
John Harte, Item for the dyett and chardgs of John Hartt 
begynnynge the xxv* of Marche, 1582, and endynge the xxiiij*** 
of June then next folowinge, beinge xiij'^ wicks, at vj» viij** the 
wick — iiij** vj* viij^. Fewell and candell at ij» yj^ the wicke — 
xxxij» \)\ Amounting to the some of — v*» xix* ij<* 

mort Christopher Tomson. Item &c., begynnynge xxv March &c., 
xiij wicks — v*' xix* ij<* 

mort Henrie Orton. Item &c xxv March &a, xiij*^*^* — v^ xix* ij** 

Janus Bosgrave, Item &c xxv March &c, xiij^"^ — v^ xix« ij<> 

Thomas Briscoe, Item &c xxv March &c., xiij^"^ — v** xix* ij<* 

Phillipp Loes. Item &c xxv March &c, xiij''^ — v" xix» ij<* 

Summa totalis — clxxxxiij" xiiij* vj<* 


XVI. Christmas, 1582. (No. 29.) 

The demaunds of Sir Owine Hopton from the feaste of 

S^ Michaell tharkhangell, 1582, vnto the feast of the byrthe of 
V Saviour Christe then nexte folowinge, viz.: — 
Richarde Craiyghe, Imprimis &c., begynnynge xxx Sep' to xxiij* 
Dec. &c, xij wicks — xiij** viij* 

John Prestall, Item &c xxx Sep' &c., xij^**"— xiij*» viij* 

Thomas Mehoe, Item &c xxx Sep' &c., xij^"^ — ^xiij^j viij* 

Geordge GodshalL Item &c xxx Sep' &c., xij^"*» — ^xiij*» viij* 

James Newgent Item &c xxx Sep' &c, xij^"^ — xiij*» viij* 

Arthur Petts. Item &c xxx Sep' &c, xij^^— xiij** viij* 


em &c . . 
Item &c 

2SS -«««•«. Item&" ^i^^'^'^C^'^t'^t 

y«*-A^. iSjfor S^ *!:• J •:••"« Sepr &c, xi -^xiiiB vii • 
?i«8« ye xxx^ ofW T* '^'^ ""^""^ of Jo**" »«» begin- 
liocemberlhen ne??^?"^'' 'l*'' *"<* en^^nge the xxH^of 
»icko^iiijU.%^^j/<;ow>nge, beinge xij wick!».at rj- 4" ye 

^ir ^SSV 1 "' ^- o?" '^^ '^ ^ '' widce-xxx.^^ ^ 
'^^* ^otgrtioe ^vHi!^ beginninge xxx Sep' &c, xij'*»— v« x* 

Jisr^' &lc ""^^^•"c-i'^ 

^jSZ^*^' Item &T XXX Sep' &c, xij-^-vB x' 

^ XXX Sep' — ^iiij» Not', v*** — xly* x** 

Summa Toulis — ClxxxxW xj» t^ 


Tho demaunds^"' Lai>v Day. 1583. (No. 30.) 

Christe, icV, ^^™ *e ffeaste of the birthe of o' Savior 

^^^ virffinf • o"^^ *^ f'^^e of ^e Annunciacon of o' Ladie 

if**"* CnSS ? ^' '^^~ 

« -^^ impnmis &c, beginninge xxiiij Dec &c., xiij^ 

Mn Prtxtaii n-, « — xiiij" x» iiij<* 

^1%mat M%hoe n ^ "^*"J ^^^^ ^^» xiij^'*^— xuij»i x« iiij^ 

{;#«ni!rir GodsjLii r *^ ^"J ^^^^ *^' ^J*~* 

J0ms Nnureni^ ^^ ^^ "^j ^^ &c., xii 

"^AriJ^r fieus r^^^ *^ xxiiij Dec &c, xii' 

O^^i^ Ifaddii^i^^ xxiiij Dec &a, xiij 

Mn C0i/in^^^\ ^tem &C. xxiiij Dec &c, xii; 

S*/A/ii# JP^^ Item&c xxiiij Dec &c, xii- 

Tkomas £ar^ i ^^^™ ^^ ^'"J ^^ *^» ^^J 

^*infc s^^ r^^^ *^ ^'"i ^^' *^<^» »*i 

ChHsiopker^^' ^^^^ &C. xxiiij Dec &c., xii] 

J^hn MofuU ^^' ^^^^ &c . . . xxiiij Dec &c., xii] .^.., 
beglnniif^''' J^^"^ ^*°'" ^^^ ^^^^ *"^ chardgs of John Monden 
of NJW?® *^ ^J*** of ffebmarie, 1582, andendinge the xxv**» 
hym t©lf^.?S83, beinge syx wickes at xiij» iiij<* ye wicke for 
candcH T^^^"' ^^^ ^^P* *^ ^ ^^ wicke— xxx«. Fewell and 
/0hn Hart *"^*y^^cke — xxiiij*. Amountinge to the Some of— vj"xiiij« 
ff^nrU Q*^: Item &c. . . beginninge xxiiij Dec &c., xiij^^— v»» xix» ij<> 

/•m€$ 3//^' Item &a xxiiij Dec &c., xiij^»»— v" xix« ij<* 

TMomas ^!^' Item &c xxiiij DeC &c., xiij'^— v" x«» ij^ 

/0km Jttu^^' ^^^ ^^ ™"^ ^^' *^' xiij^»'=^— v>^ xix« ij<i 

• Item &c xxiiij Dec' &c., xiij^^« — v^ xix» ij<* 

Summa toulis — CCx^» xiij* x^ 


^ — xiiij" x» iii]<* 
* — xiiij^ x» iiij<* 
' — xiiij*> X* iiij<* 
i^*"— xiiij*» x« iiij<> 
i^^ — xiiij** X* iiij*' 
i'^ — xiiij^l X* iiij«* 
•xiiij*» X* iiij<> 
^^ — xiiij^ X* iiij* 
'xiiij*» X* iiij*' 
xiiij^* X* iiij<* 


XVIII. Michaelmas, 1583. (No-ja.) 
The demaunds &c. 
Ruharde Craighe. In primis for the dyett and chardgs of Richarde 
Craighe beginninge the xxiiij^ of June, 1583, and endinge the xxix^ 
of September then next folowinge,.belnge xiiij'*^ wicks, at xiij^iiij' 
the wicke for hym selfe — ix** yj* viij*?, ,One keaper at v* ye wicke — 
iij" X*. Fewell and candell at iiij» ye wicke — ivj«. Amountinge to 
the Some of — ^xv" xij* viiH 

_«.-- n ^_f* T^ 1 • ; i"» ▼ o - •::*«.U« » _ ••• _•••*! 

une &c, xuij^"^ — xv** xij* viij<* 
une &c., xuij^** — ^xv*^ ixf viij** 
une &c., xiiij^^ — ^xv** xij» viij** 
une &c, xiiij^"^ — ^xv*^ xij* viij** 

John PrestalL Item &c, beginninge xxiiij Ji 

Geordge GodsheUL Item &c xxiiij Ji 

Arthur Petts. Item &c xxiiij 

Geordge Haddocke. Item &c .... xxiiij Ji 

fohn Collington, Item &c xxiiij June &c., xiiij^'^ — ^xv** xij* viij** 

Stephine J^awsham. Item &c xxiiij June &a, xiiij^ — xvj| xij» viij<| 

Thomas Barnes, Item &c xxiiij 

Richarde Slahe. Item &c. xxiiij Ji 

Christapher Tamson. Item &c. . . . xxiiij ~ 

une &C., xiiij^"** — xv*» xij» viij* 

une &c., xiiij''^ — xv*| xij» viij<* 

^ ^ une &c, xiiij^**" — xv** xij* viij<* 

John Monden. Item &c xxiiij June &a,xiiij^"*» — xv** xij* viij** 

William Carter. Item &c xxiiij June &c., xiiii""** — xv*« xij* viij** 

John Hartte, Item for the diett [6*r., Hme as a^oue\at vj* viij<* 
ye wicke — ^iiij** xiij* iiij<*. Fewell and candell at ij* vj^ the wicke 
— XXXV*. Amountinge to the Some of — vj^ viij* iiij** 

Henrie Orton. Item &c., beginninge xxiiij June &c., xiiij^»*» — ^yj** viij* iiij** 

James Bosgrave, Item &c xxiiij June &c., xiiij^"^ — vj** viij* iiij<* 

ITunnas Briscoe, Item &c xxiiij June &c., xiiij^*" — vj** viij* iiij** 

/ohnjetter. Item for the dyett and chardgs of John Jetter begin- 
ninge the xxiiij''^ of June, 1583, and endinge the xxiij^ of Julie 
then next folowinge, beinge fowre wicks, at vi» viij<* the wicke 
— ^xxvj* viij<*. Fewell and candell at ij* vj<* the wicke — x*. 
Amountinge to the Some of — xxxvj* viij* 

SA totall — CCxv*» ij* 


XIX, Christmas, 1583. (No. 33.) 

The demaunds of Sir Owin Hopton &c. 

Richard Craighe. Item &c, beginninge xxix Sep'&c,xiij^"^ — xiiij'* x* iiij<* 

John Prestall. Item &c xxix Sep' &c., xiij^"** — ^xiiij** x* iiij<* 

Geordge Godshall. Item &c xxix Sep' &c., xiij^'^ — xiiij" x* iiij<* 

Arthure Petts. Item &c xxix Sep"" &c., xiij^"^ — xxiiij** x* iiij* 

George Haddoche. Item &c xxix Sep' &c., xiij^**" — ^xiiij*» x* iiij** 

John Collington. Item &c xxix Sep' &c., xiij^"^ — xiiij** x* iiij<* 

Stephine Rowsham. Item &c xxix Sep' &c., xiij^*^* — xiiij" x* iiij<* 

Thomas Barnes. Item &c xxix Sep' &c., xiij^''^ — xiiij*» x* iiij<* 

Richarde Slahe. Item &c xxix Sep' &c, xiij*^*^* — ^xiiij** x* iiij* 

Christopher Tomson. Item &a xxix Sep' &c, xiij^"^ — ^xiiij*| x* iiij<* 

ex. John Monden. Item &c. xxix Sep' &c., xiij^*"— xiiij*" x* iiij<* 

ex. William Carter. Item for the dyett and chardgs of William 
Carter beginninge the xxix^ of September, 1583, and endinge 
the v'*^ of Januarie then next folowinge, beinge xiiij^ wicks, at 


xiij* iiij<* ye wicke for hym selfe — ix'* yj* viij<*. One keaper at 
v» the widce — ^iij^ x». Fewell and candell at iiij* ye wicke^ — Ivj*. 
Amountinge to the Some of — xv^ xiij* iiij^ 

/oAn HartU. Item &c . . • beginninge xxix Sep' &c, xiij'** — ^v*^ xfac* y^ 

Henrie Orton. Item &c xxix Sep' &c., xiij^"*« — ^v*^ xix» ij* 

James Bosgrave. Item &c xxix Sep^ &c., xiij**" — ^v*^ xix» ij*^ 

Thomas Briscoe Item &c xxix Sep' &c, xiij'** — ^v'* xix» ij* 

Item for the dyett and chardgs of John SomerviU^ esquier, 
beginninge the xxix^ of October, 1583, and endlnge the 
xix^ of December then next folowinge, bein^e seven wicks, 
at xxv}» viij** the wicke for hym selfe — ix^ yj* vuj^. One keaper 
at yj* viij<* the wicke — ^xlvj« viij<*. Fewdl and candeU at yj* viij* 
y* wicke — xlvj* viij**. Amowitinge to y« some of — ^xiiij^ 

Item for the dyett and chardgs of Edmonie Arden beginninge 
the yj^ of November, 1583, and endinge the xix*** of December 
then next folowinge, bemge vj wicks, at xxyj" viij^ the wicke 
for hym selfe — ^viij". One keaper at vj* viij<* the wicke — xl». 
Fewell and candell at yj* viij* the wicke — xl*. Amountinge to 
the Some of — ^xij** 

Summa totalis — CCxxv" iij* viij<* 


XX. Midsummer, 1584.3IK (No. 35.) 

The demaunds of Sir Owine [Hopton] 

Richarde Craighe. Inprimis for the dyett and chardgs of Richarde 
Craighe beginninge the xxvj<^ of Marche, 1584, and endinge the 
xx^^ of June next folowinge, beinge thirtine wicks, at [xi]ij* iiij*> the 
wicke for hym selfe — ^viij" xiij* iiij«*. One keaper at v* y« wicke^ 
iij" V*. Fewell and candell at iiij* ye wicke — Iij*. Amountmge to 
the Some of — xiiij*^ x* iiij<> 

John Pnstall. Item &c, beginninge xxvj March &c, xiij^ — xiiij" x* iiij«* 

Arthur Petts. Item &a xxvj March &c, xiij^^— xiiij" x* iiij<> 

John ColUngton, Item &c xxvj March &a, xiij^"'**— xiiij*| x* iiij** 

Thomas Barnes, Item &c xxvj March &c., xiij^^«— xiiij*» x* mf 

Richarde Slache. Item &c xxvj March &c., xiij^"**— xiiij*| x* iiij* 

Christopher Tomson. Item &c xxvj March &c, xiij^"**— xiiij" x* iiij<* 

Bughe Halle, Item &c xxvj March &c., xiij^''*— xiiij*» x* iiij<* 

Robert Nutter. Item &c xxvj March &c, xiij^**— xiiij** x* iiij* 

Jeroice Parpoynte. Item for the dyett and chardgs of Jaryice 
Parpoynte bqginninge y* xix**» of Januarie, 1583, and endinge 
the xxiij'^* of June, 1584, next folowinge, beinge xxij wicks, at 
[xiij]* iiij* ye wicke for hym selfe — xiiij" xiij* iiij*. One keaper 
at V* the wicke — v*» x*. Fewell and candell at iiij* y« wick— 
Hj* [corrected to iiij" viij*]. Amountinge to the Some of— xxiiij" xj* iiij* 
Edwarde More, Item for the dyett and chardgs of Edwarde 
More beginninge the fyrste of Januarie, 1583, and endinge the 
xxiiij*^ of June next folowinge, 1584, beinge xxv wicks, at 

if ThU paper much torn. 


xiij* iiij^ y« wicke for hym sclfe — xvj*" xiij* iiij<*. One keaper at 
▼• ye wicke — ^vj*" v*. Fewell and canddl at iiij* ye wick — ^v^. 
Amountinge to y« Some of — ^xxj^ xiiij* iiij<* 

[corrected to 27*" i8» 4*^] 
Jasper Haywoode. Item for the dyett and chardgs of Jasper 
Haywood beginninge the viij^ of ffebruarie, 1583, and endinge 
the jxf^ of June, 1584, neirt folowinge, beinge xix'*^ wicks, at 
xiij*'iiij* the wicke for hym selfe — xij" xiij* iiij<^. One keaper 
at V* the wicke — iiij^ xv*. Fewell and candell at iiij* y« wicke 
— iij^ xvj*. Amountinge to the Some of — ^xxvij*" xviij* iiij*^ 

[corrected to 21^ 4* 4^] 
Tkomas Stephenson. Item for the dyett and chardgs of Thomas 
Stejdiinson beginninge the xiij^of ffebruarie, 1583, and endinge 
the xxv^ of June, 1584, next folowinge, beinge xix^ wicks, at 
xiij* iiij<^ ye wicke for hym selfe — ^xij^ xiij* iiij<*. One keaper at 
▼• the wicke — iiij*" xv*. Fewell and candell at iiij* y* wicke — 
iij*" xvj*. Amountinge to the Some of — xxj^ iiij* iiij** 

Fraunds Arden. Item for the dyett and chardgs of Frauncis 
Arden beginninge the xxiij^ of fiebruarie, 1583, and endinge 
the xxj*** of June, 1584, nexte folowinge, beinge xvij'*" wicks, at 
xiij* iiij<* ye wicke for hym selfe — xj^ vj* viij<*. One keaper at 
V* the wicke— iiij^ v*. Fewell and candell at iiij* the wicke — 
iijM viij*, Amountinge to the Some of — ^xviij** xix* viij** 

William Bromium.^ Item for the dyett and chardgs of William 
Bromlimi beginninge the xxiij^of fiebruarie, 1583, and endynge 
the xxj^ of June, 1584, next folowinge, beinge xvij^° wicks, at 
vj* viij<* ye wicke — ^v** xiij* iiij**. Fewell and candell at ij* vj^ 
ye wicke — ^xlij* vj*. Amountinge to the Some of — ^vij^ xv* x** 

John Hartte. Item for the dyett and chardgs of John Hartte 
b^nninge ye xxvj'^ of Marche, 1584, and endinge the xxv*** 
of June next folowinge, beinge thirtine wicks, at vj* viij** the 
wycke — iiij** vj* viij**. Fewell and candell at ij* vj** the wicke — 
xxxij* vj**. Amountinge to the Some of — v*» xix* ij** 

Henrie Orton, Item &c., beginninge xxvj March &c., xiij^*^* — ^v^ xix* ij** 

James Bosgroue. Item &c xxvj March &c, xiij^^ — v** xix* ij** 

Marie Arden. Item for the dyett and chardgs of Marie [Arden 
beginninge the xxvj*^] of Marche, 1584, and endinge the xxv'** 
of Tune next folowinge, beinge thirtine wicks, at xxvj* iij** the 
wicke for her selfe — ^xvij** vj* viij**. Her keaper at vj* viij** ye 
wicke — iiij*» vj* viij**. Fewell and candell at vj* viij** ye wick — 
iiij** vj* viij**. Amountinge to the Some of — ^xxvj** 

Margarett SomervyUe.\Xtm^c.^htg\nn\ngQyaiiV] March &c, xiij^^— x5cvj*i 
Elitabethe Somerviie. Item &c xxvj March &c., xiij^*« — xxvj** 

Summa totalis — CCCxlviij** xiiij* iiij** 

a(t In/rat No. xxi &c, called " Cromlome," Le. Crombleholme. 


XXt Chrtstuas, 1584. (No. 36.)' 

The demaunds of Sir Owine Hopton, knighte . . . 

Richarde Croighe. In primis for tbe <fiett and chardgs of Richarde;^ 
Craighe beginninge the fjnte of October, 1584, and endin||e the 
xxiiij^ of December next folqwinge; beinge xij wicks, at xiij* iiij<i the 
wicke for hym selfe — ^viij*!. One keaper at v* the wicke— iijK Fewell 
and candell at \\\f the wycke — ^xlviif. Amouhtinge to the Some of 

— xigoyiij* 

John PrestaU. Item &c. b^;inninge j Oct' &c., xij^*"-— xiij'» viii* 

Hughe HtOk. Item &c ; . j OctF &a, xij'''*— xiij»i viy 

Edwardi Moore. Item &c. j OctF Jkc, xif^**— xKj** viij* 

JRraundi Arden. ItemAc . j Oct' &c, tij'^'*— xiip ▼iij* 

William CrmUmi. Item &c. . j Ocf &c< xlj^'k'— xiij» viij» 

William AfiHce. Item &c j Ocf &c.j xij'**— xiij^ Wij* 

farviee Farpoynte. Item &c j Oct' ftc, xij'**— xiij*^ fSj* 

Thomas Lc^ton. Item &c J Oct' &c, xij'**— xiij^^ tiij* 

Thomas Bryscoe. Item &c J Oct' &c, xij'''*— xiij« viij* 

Patriche Addk. Item fof the dyett and chardgs of Patricke Addie 
beginninge the xi^^ of September^ 15S4, and endinge the xxiiij^ 
of December next foloWynge^ beinse xiiij^ wicks, at xiif ihj<^ 
j-e wlcke for hym selfe— i? vj* viij**. One keaper at v* ^ 
wicke— iij'^ x". Fewdl and candell at iiij* ye widte— liiij* \siA. 
Amountinge to the Some of — ^xy*^x« vHj<» 

William Critton. Item &c.i beginninge xvj Sep' &a, xiiij'**— iv'* x* viij^ 
Margafttt Somerpylk. Item for the dyett and chardgs of KCaigarett 
Somervylle beginninge the Qrrste of October, 1584, and endinge 
the xxiiij^ of December next folowinge; beii^ xlj wicks^ at 
xxvj* viij<* ye widce for her selfe— xvj*^. One keaper at vj* toj* 
ye wycke — ^iiij". Fewell and candell at vj* viij<* ye wicke — ^iiijK 
Amomitinge to the Some of — ^xxiiij'' 

Arthur Pttts^ dismyned. Item for the dyett and chan%;s of Arthm« 
Petts beginninge the tyrste of October, 1584, and endinge V* 
xxj^ of Januarie next folowinge, beinge xvj^ wicfai, at xalf v&^ 
the wycke ^or hym selfe — ^xiiip xiij' iiij^^. One keaper at ^ ye 
wicke— liij*^. Fewiril and candell at illj* ye wicke— lij** iiij*. 
Amountinge to the Some of — xxj** xvij* iiij*" 

John ColUf^km^ dismytted. Item &c., b^ginnii^e j Oct* &c., xvi "^^ 

— xxj^ xviij* iiij** 
Richard Slahe, dismyned. Item &c. . . j Oct fee, xvj*'"— xxj" xvij» iiij^ 
Christopher Tomson^SMfmd. Item &c.,J Oct &c* xvj-'=*-'X3^" xvij» iiij'^ 
RaUrt Miiter^ dbmyaed. Item &C. . . . j Oct &a, ^cvj'^'"— xxj^' x^Y ^ 
Jasper Haywoode^ dnnysMd.. Item &c. . j Oct &c., xvj*''* — xxj^' xvij* iiij^ 
Thomas S^hituo^ dismytsed. Item &c, j Oct &c,, xvj*^'"— xxj" xvij* iiij^ 
Thomas Worthsngton,dkmfWied. Item &c, j Oct &c,, xvj*^— xxj^^ xvij* iiij'* 
Thomas Barms, ditmyMed. Item &c . . j Oct &a, xyj*""— xxj^i xvij* iiij^ 
John Hartte, dismyned. Item for the dyett and chardgs of John 
Hartte beginninge the fyrste of October, 1584, and endinge the 

zxjA €£ Jamiarie nest folowinge^ bcinge xyj^ wicks, at i^ Tiij^^ 
ye wkke for hym selfe — ^v^ vj* viij^. Fewell and canoell at 
ij* vj«* ye wicke. Amountinge to the Some of — ^vij^ vj« viij^ 

HcnrU Ortan^ dism7»ed. Item &c, beginainge j Oct' &c, xr&^ 

Jamet B^ggrave, dismyned. Item &c . . . . j Oct' &a, xvj^''^'*— Tij>* vj« viij** 
Summa totalw — CCCOij" xvij« iiij<* 


XXII. Midsummer, 1585. (No. 38.} 
The demaunds of Sir Owine Hopton, knighte . • • 

JHcharde Cra^he. In primis for the dyett and chardgs of Richarde 
Craighe beginninge the xxv^'^of Marche, 1585, and endinge the xxiiij'*' 
of June then next folowinge, beinge xiij'*^* wicks, at xiij* iiij<* the 
wicke for hym selfe — viij" xiij* iiij<*. One keaper at ▼• the wicke — 
iij^ ▼•. Fewell and candell at iiij* ye wicke — lij*. Amountinge to 
the Some of xiiij" x* iiii^ 

John Install. Item &c., beginninge xxr March &c., xiij^'*^ — xiiii'' %• iiiy* 

HmgAe Halle. Item &c xxv March &c., xiij^"*« — xiiij" x" iiij^ 

William Cramlome, Item &c xxv March &c, xiij^*« — ^xiiij^i x» iiij<^ 

William Price. Item &c xxv March &c., xiij^*^« — xiiij** x» liij<* 

Pairicke Addie. Item &c xxv March &c., xiij**" — xiiij** x* iiij<* 

William Criton. Item &c xxv March &c., xiij^^— xliij" x« \X\f 

Jfi§mas Laytan. Item &c xxv March &c., xiij^^'* — ^xiiij** x* iii ^ 

T'komas Briscoe. Item &c xxv March &c, xiij^*« — ^xiiij^ x" iii <* 

Fraumcis Arden. Item &c xxv March &c, xiij^'* — ^xiiij** x* iii <* 

nomas Alphilde. Item &c xxv March &c., xiij''^*— xiiij^ x« iiii<» 

Leonard Huyde. Item &c xxv March &c., xiij^*'" — xiiij** x* iilj^ 

Thomas Wi^ges. Item for ye dyett and chardgs of Thomas Wiggs 
beginmnge the xj^ of Marche, 1584, and endinge the xxiiij^^ 
of June, 1585, then next folowinge, beinge xv**" widks, at xiij* iiij<* 
jr* wicke for hym selfe — ^x'*. One keaper at v* the wicke — 
lij** XV". Fewell and candell at iiij" ye wicke — iij**. Amountinge 
to tiie Some of — tc^ xv" 

Rdwarde More. Item for ye dyett and chardgs of Edward More 
b^inninge the xxv**» of Marche, 1585, and endinge the xxvi**^ 
of Maye then next folowinge, beinge ix wicks, at xiij* iiij^' tne 
wicke for hym selfe — vj*». One keaper at v* the wicke — ^idv*. 
Fewell and candell at iiij* ye wicke — ^xxxyj*. Amountinge to 
the Some of — x*' xij<^ 

William Braye. Item &c. . . beginninge xxv March &c., ix**" — k*» xij* 
Christopher Roe. Item for the dyett and chardgs of Christopher 
Roe beginninge ye laste of Marche, 1585, and endinge the 
xxitij^ of June then next folowinge, beinge xij wicks, at xuj' iiij^ 
ye wicke for hym selfe — viij**. One keaper at v" ye wicke— 
v^f. Fewell and candell at itij* ye wicke — xlviij*. Amountinge 
to the Some of — mj^TOJ* 


Thofnas Jackson, Item for ye dyett and chardgs of Thomas 
Jackson b^nninge the xxv'^ of Marche, 1585, and endinge 
the xxviij^ of Aprill then next folowinge, beinge v wicks, at 
xiij* iiij<* y« wicke for hym sclfe — iij" vj» viij<". One keaper at 
V* y* wicke — xxv*. Fewell and candell at iiij» ye wycke — xx^. 
Amountinge to the Some of — ^v" xj« viij* 

Peter Sebearo,^ Item &c, b^nninge xn March &c., v^"^ — ^v^ xj* viij<* 
Margaret Somerville. Item for the dyett and chardgs of Margarett 
Somervylle beginninge the xxv* of Marche, 1585, and endinge 
the xxiiij**» of June then next folowinge, beinge xiij**" wickes, 
at xxvj* viij* ye wicke for her selfe — xvi]" vj* viij<*. One keaper 
at vj» viij<* the wicke — ^iiij** vj* viij*. Fewell and candell at vj* viij<* 
ye wicke [sic\ Amountinge to the Some of — ^xxvj*^ 

Summa totalis — CClxj>" xij« iiij<* 


XXIII. Michaelmas, 1585. (No. 39.) 

The demaunds of Sir Owine Hopton, knighte . . . 

Rkharde Craighe. In primis for the dyett and chardgs of Richarde 

Crayghe beginninge the xxiiij^ of June, 1585, and endinge the laste 

of September then next folowinge, beinge xiiij^ wicks, at xiij* iiij^ 

ye wicke for hym selfe — ix** vj* viij<*. One keaper at v* the wicke — 

iij** x*. Fewell and candell at iiij* ye wycke — Vi]\ Amountinge to 

the Some of — xv" xij» viij<* 

John Prestall. Item &c., beginninge xxiiij June &c., xiiij^"** — ^xv** xij» viij** 

Hughe Hawle, Item &c xxiiij June &c., xiiij^^ — ^xv** xij* viij** 

WilUam Cromlome. Item &c. . . . xxiiij June &c., xiiij^"^ — ^xv" xij* viij^ 

William Price. Item &c - xxiiij June &c., xiiij^*" — xv*" xij* viij<* 

Patricke Addie. Item &c xxiiij June &c, xiiij^^ — ^xv^ xij* viij** 

WilHam Crayton, Item &c xxiiij June &c., xiiij^*" — ^xv*» xij* viij* 

Thomas Brisco. Item &c xxiiij June &c, xiiij^*" — xv** xij* viij*^ 

William Braye, Item &c xxiiij June &c., xiiij^"^ — ^xv^ xij* viij** 

Edwarde Moore. Item &c xxiiij June &c, xiiij^^ — xv** xij* viij*^ 

Thames Jackson. Item &c xxiiij June &c., xiiij^^ — ^xv'» xij* viij* 

Peter Sebarowe. Item &c. xxiiij June &c., xiiij^*" — xv** xij* viij** 

Thomas Layton. Item &c xxiiij June &c, xiiij^^ — xv" xij* viij*" 

Christopher Roe} Item for ye dyett and chardgs of Chistopher 
Roe beginninge ye xxiiij* of June, 1585, and endinge ye iiij*** 
of Auguste then next folowinge, beinge vj wicks, at xiij* iiij^ 
ye wydte for hym selfe — iiij**. One keaper at v* ye wicke — 
XXX*. Fewell and candell at iiij* y« wycke — xxiiij*. Amountinge 
to the Some of — vj** xiiij* 

Christopher Bagshaw. Item for ye dyet and chardgs of Christopher 
Bagshawe bqgininge ye seconde of June, 1585, and endinge ye 
laste of September then next folowinge, beinge xvij^ wicks, at 
xiij* iiij* ye wicke for hym selfe — xf vj* viij<*. One keaper at 
V* ye wycke — iiij** v*. Fewell and candell at iiij* ye wicke — 
iij" viij*. Amountinge to the Some of — xviij** xix* viij** 

4( Abo writtea "Sebevro." 


Geardge Eringtan, Item &c, begininge ij June &c, xvij''^" — xviij" xix» viij<* 
Margaret SamervylL Item for ye dyett and chardgs of Margaret 
Somervyle beginningc ye xxiiij^ of June, 1585, and endinge 
ye laste of September then next folowinge, beinge xiiij^ wicl^ 
at xxvj* viij<* ye wycke for her selfe — xviij*» xiij* mf. One 
keaper at vj« viij<* ye wycke — iiij" xiij* iiij<*. Fewell and candell 
at vj* s\\f ye wycke — iiij'» xiij» \\\f, Amountinge to ye Some 
of — xxviip 

Summa totalis — CCbov^ xviij« 


XXIV. Christmas, 1585. (No. 40.) 
The demaunds of Sir Owine Hopton, knighte I . • « 

Ruharde Craighe, In primis for the dyett and chardgs of Richarde 
Craighe beginninge the xxix^ of September, 1585, and endinge the 
xxvij* of December then next folowinge, beinge xiij*»° wicks, at 
xiij» iiij** the wicke for hym selfe — viij^ xiij* iiij*^. One keaper at v* 
the wicke — iij" v*. Fewell and candell at iiij» the wicke — ^lij». 
Amountinge to the Some of — ^xiiij" x* iiij<* 

John PrestalL Item &c., beginninge xxix Sep' &c, xiij^^ — xiiij** x* iiij<* 

Pairicke Addie. Item &c xxix Sep' &c, xiij^*" — xiiij*" x» iiij* 

William Critton, Item &c xxix Sep' &c, xiij^"^^'* — xiiij^ x* iiij<* 

Thomas Briscoe, Item &c. xxix Sep' &c, xiij^^ — xiiij" x* iiij^ 

William Braye. Item &c xxix Sep' &c., xiij^^ — xiiij'> x* iiij<^ 

Edwarde Moore, Item &c xxix Sep' &c, xiij^"^ — ^xiiij*| x* iiij* 

Thomas Jackson, Item &c xxix Sep' &c., xiij^"'*'* — ^xiiij*| x* iiij^ 

Peter Sebarowe, Item &c xxix Sep' &c, xiij^«** — ^xiiij" x* iiij^ 

27um$as Layton. Item &c xxix Sep' &c, xiij^''" — xiiij^l x* iiij** 

Christopher Bagshcnve, Item &c. . . . xxix Sep' &c., xiij^'*^ — ^xiiij^ x* iiij<* 

Geordge Erington, Item &c xxix Sep' &c., xiij^"** — ^xiiij'^ x* iiij<* 

Thomas Belson. Item for the dyett and chardgis of Thomas Belson 
beginninge ye xxiiij'** of June, 1585, and endinge the xxvij*^ of 
December then next folowinse, beinge xxvj^ wicks, at xiij* iiij^ 
ye wicke for hym selfe— xvip vj* viij<*. One keaper at v* ye 
wycke — ^vj^ x*. Fewell and candell at iiij* ye wicke — v*" iiij*. 
Amountinge to the Some of — ^xxix" viij<* 

William Davies, Item for the dyett and chardgs of William Davies 
beginninge the thirde of Julie, 1585, and endinge the xxv*^ of 
December then next folowinge, beinge xxv** wicks, at xiij* iiij<^ 
ye wicke for hym selfe — xvj^ xiij* iiij<*. One keaper at v* the 
wicke — vj" V*. Fewell and candell at iiij* ye wicke — v*». Amount- 
inge to the Some of — ^xxvj" xviij* iiij<* 
\Christopher\ Burlade, Item for ye diett and chardgs of [Christo- 
pher] Burlade beginninge the xxj^^ of Aprill, 1585, and endinge 
the xxij'*^ of December 3ien next folowinjg;e, htxugt xxxv*" wicks, 
at xiij* iiij<* ye wicke for hym selfe — xxiij*> vj* viij^ One keaper 
at V* ye widte — ^viij" xv*. Fewell and candell at iiij* ye wicke 
— ^vijK Amountinge to the Some of — ^xxxix" xx<* 


J^imes Vaniermaste. Item Tor the dyett and chardgs of James 
Vandermaste b^miinge the xij^ of September, 158^, and 
ending the xxv» of Deceniber, being xv*»" wicks, at xiij» iiij<* 
jre wicke for hjrm selfe — ^x". One keaper at v* ye wicke — 
lij^ XV*. Fewell and candell at iitj* je wicke — ^iij^. Amountinge 
to die Some of — jNf xv* 

Hugh^ Hawk. Item for ye dyett and chardgs of Hughe Hawle 
beginninge ye xxix^ of September, 1585, and endinge the xiij^ 
of October then next folomnge, beinge too wicks, at xiij* iiij^ 
ye wicke for hym selfe — ^xxyj» viij*". One keaper at v* the wicke 
— ^x». Fewell and candell at iiij* ye wicke — viij*. Amountinge 
to the Some of — ^xliiij* viij** 

Margarttt Samervyk. Item for the dyett & chardgs of Margarett 
Somervyll beginninge the xxix^ of September, i$8s,and endinge 
the »tv^ of Deoemt>er then next folowii^ bemge xiij^ widu, 
at xwj* yiiH ye wicke for her selfe — ^xvij" yj» viij<". One keaper 
at if viij^ ye wicke — iiij** yj* viij**. Fewell and candell at 
▼)• viij<* ye widce — vif vj* yiij«. Amountinge to the Some of— xxvj^ 

Summa totalis — CCCxv*^ iiij» iiij^ 


XXV. Lady Day, 1586. (No. 42.) 
The demaunds of Sir Owine Hopton, knighte . . . 

Rukarde Cragke. In primis for the dyett and chardgs of Richaide 
Crayghe b^;inninge the xxvij^ of December, 1585, and endinge the 
xxviij*** of Marche, 1586, then next folowinge, being xiij*»~ wicks, at 
xiij* liij*" the wicke for hym selfe— viij" xiij* iiij<*. One keaper at ▼• 
the wicke — ^iij" ▼•. Fewell and candell at iiij* the wicke — ^lij*. 
Amountinge to the Some of — ^xiiij" x* iiij<" 

John Pn^lL Item &c., b^inninge xxvij DeC &c, xiij^***— xiiij*» x* iiij<* 

Fatridke Addie. Item &c. xxrij DeC &c., xiij^«*«— xiiij^ x* iiij* 

WilUam Crytton. Item &c xxvij Dec' &c., xiij^«*« — ^xiiij*> x» iiij<* 

Thomas Briscoe. Item &c xxvij Dec' &c., xiij***- xiiij^ x* iiij* 

Willimm Braye. Item &c xxvij Dec' &a, xiij'*'* — ^xiiij'* x* iiij<^ 

JPUer Sebaratoe. Item &c xxvij Dec' &c., xiij^^ — xiiij*| x« iiij<* 

Thomas Layton. Item &c xxvij Dec' &c, xiij^"** — ^xiiij" x* iiij<* 

Christopher Bagshawe. Item &c . . xxvij Dec &c., xiij***- xiiij^ x» iiij<* 

Georige Erington. Item &c. xxvij Dec' &a, xiij^"''^* — ^xiiij" x* iiij<* 

Thomas Belsone. Item &c xxvij DeC &c, xiij^"^ — ^xiiij^ x» iiij<* 

William Davies. Item &c xxvij DeC &c., xiij***— xiiij" x* iiij<* 

\Christopher\ Burlacie, Item &a . . xxvij DeC &c, xiij^"^ — xiiij'* x* iiij<* 
james Vandtrmaste. Item &c. .... xxvij Dec' &c., xiij^"** — ^xiiij** x* iiij** 
Thomas LoveUsse. Item for the djrett and chardgs of Thomas 
Lovelesse beginninge the xxvij^ of December, 1 585, and endinge 
the xv*** of ffebniarie then next folowinge, vij«" wicks, at 
xiij* lUj** ye wicke for hjrm selfe — ^iiij'* xiij* iiij<*. One keaper at 
V* ye wicke — xxxv*. Fewell and candell at iiij* the wicke — 
xxviij*. Amountinge to the Some of — ^viji^xTJ* iiij^ 

Margareit Sonurvile. Item for the dyett and chardgs of Margaret 
Somervyle beginninge the xxvij^ of December, 1585, and 
endinge the saij^ of ffebruarie then next folowinge, beinge eighte 
wicks, at xxvj* viij<* by ye wicke for her selfe— x^ xiij* iiij*. One 
keqwr at yj* viij^ by ye wicke— liij* iiij<*. Fewell and candell 
at vj« yiij4 by ye wicke. Amomitinge to ye Some of — ^xvj » 

ex. Summa totalis — CCxxvij^ yxf 


XXVI. Midsummer, 1586. (No. 43.) 
The demaunds of Sir Owen Hopton, knighte .... 

Ruharth Crofghe. In primis for the diett and charges of Richarde 
Cou^e b^grnnynge me xxv^ daie of Marche, 1586, and ending the 
xxifij* of June then next following, being xiij**»" weicks, at xiij» iilj<* 
tlie weicke for himself— viip xiij» iiij**. One keaper at v« the weidce 
— ^iij*^ t*. Fewell and candell at iiij* the weicke — ^lij*. Amonntin^e 
to the Some of — xiiij^ x» ihj** 

John Jprestall* Item &c, bq^rnnynge xxv Mar. &c., xiijj"^ — xiiiyl x* iiij<" 

Patrickjt Addie. Item &c. . xxv Mar. &c, xiij^"^ — ^x!iij>| x» iiij<* 

WiUiam Criiton. Item &c. xxv Mar. &c, xiij'^ — xiiij" x* iiij<* 

Thomas Briscoe. Item &c. . . . ^ . . . xxv Mar. &c., xiij^*" — xiiij** x* iiij<* 

HVilSam Braye. Item &c. xxv Mar. &c.,xiij^'=» — ^xiiij*| x» iiij*^ 

Peier Sebarawe. Item &c xxv Mar. &c, xiij^^— xiiij^ x* iiij<* 

Thomas Layt&n. Item &c. xxv Mar. &c, xiij^'" — xiiij^l x* iiij*^ 

Chrisi^her Bagshawe. Item &c . . . xxv Mar. &c., xiij''^ — ^xiiij^j x* iiij<* 

Geor4p Ermgton. Item &c xxv Mar. &c., xiij^^ — xiiij^ x« iiij<* 

nomas Belson, Item &c xxv Mar. &c, xiij^"''" — ^xiiij*! x* iiij<* 

WilUam Davies. Item &c xxv Mar. &c., xiij^"*« — ^xiiij>| x» iiij<* 

*jChrisiopher Burlacie. Item &a . . . . xxv Mar. &c, xiij^"*« — xiiij*» x* iiij* 

* James Vdmitrmcute. Item &c xxv Mar. &c., xiij^**"* — ^xiiij** x« iiij<* 

Maihfw Beamonde, Item for the diett and charges of Mathew 
'" Beainonde' begynn^s the last daie of Marche, 1586, aforesaid, 
and ending the xviij^ of Maie then next following, beinge vij 
weidu, at xiij* iiij* the weick for himself— iiij* xKj* iiij^. One 
keaper at v« the weicke — ^xxxv*. Fewell and candell at iiij* 
the weicke— lij*. Amountinge to the Some of — ^vij** xvj* \\\\^ 

William Wacheman. Item for the diett and charges of William 
Wakeman begynnyng the xiiij^ daie of April], 1586, aforesaid, 
and ending the xviij^*^ of Maie then next folowing, being vj 
weicks, at vj* viij<^ the weicke for himself— xl*. Fewell and 
candell at ij* vj<* the weicke — xv». Amountinge to the some of — lv» 
John Finder. Item for the diett and charges of John Pmder 
begynnyng the xxix^ daie of Aprill, 1586, aforesaid, and ending 
the xviij* daie of Maie then next following, being three weicks, 
at if viij* the weicke — xx«. Fewell and candell at yf vj<*tiie 
wcidce — vij*. vj<*. Amounting to the some of — ^xxvij* vj** 

Summa totalis — CCxv'* iij' vj** 

pwifN HoPi;9N. 


XXVIL Michaelmas, 1586. (No. 44.) 
The demaunds of Sir Owine Hopton, knighte, &c 

Richarde Craight, In primis for the diett and chardgs of Richarde 
Ciai^ie b^mninge the xxiiij^ daye of June, 1586, and endinge the 
laste daye of September then nexte folowinge, beinge xiiij^ wicks, 
at xiij* iiij<* the wicke for hym selfe — ix** vj* viij**. One keaper at v* 
die wicke — iij** x«. Fewell and candell at iiij* the wicke — lvj». 
Amoimtinge to the Some of — xv^| xij» viij* 

John PrtstaU. Item &c, b^inninge xxiiij June &c, xiiij^*" — xv^ xij* viij** 

Paitrkke Addie. Item &c xxiiij June &c, xiiij^'" — xv*| xij* viij** 

WilUam Crayton. Item &c. . . . . xxiiij June &a, xiiij^"^ — ^xv^ xij» viij<* 

WilUam Davies. Item &c xxiiij June &c., xiiij^^ — xv*" xij* viij<* 

ChriUopher Bagihawe. Item &c . . xxiiij June &c, xiiij^^ — xv*| xij* viij** 

Thomas BeUan. Item &c xxiiij June &c, xiiij^*" — ^xv*| xij» viij<* 

JoMta Vandtrmaste. Item &c . . . xxiiij June &c, xiiij^"** — ^xv" xij* viij* 
Feier Sebarrowe, Item for the dyett and chardgs of Peter 
Sebanowe b^nninge the xxiiij^ of June, 1586, andinge \su\ 
the xxiij*^ of September then next folowinge, beinge xiij'*^ wicks, 
at xiij» iiij<* the wicke for hym selfe — viij" xiij* [iiij**]. One 
keaper at v* the wicke — iij^ v*. Fewell and candell at iiij* the 
wicke — lij». Amountinge to the Some of — xiiij" x* iiij** 

ChrUiqpher Buriacie. Item for the diett and chardgis of Christo- 
pher Burlade beginninge the xxiiij^ of June, 1586, and endinge 
the xxTij'^ of Auguste then next folowinge, beinge ix wicks, at 
xiij* iiij<* the wicke for hjrm selfe — ^vj^. One keaper at v* the 
widce — ^xlv*. Fewell and candell at iiij* the wicke — xxxvj». 
Amountinge to the Somme of — x^ xjj** 

WilUam Braye. Item &a, beginninge xxiiij June &c,, ix^^ — x" xij<* 

Thomas Briscoe, Item &c. xxiiij June &c., ix^^— x^ xij<* 

Thomas Layton. Item &c xxiiij June &c, ix^"^ — ^x^ xij* 

Gtardge Eringion. Item &c xxiiij June &c., ix^'^' — ^x" xij<* 

/eromie Packdr. Item for the dyett and chardgs of Jeromie 
Packeir beginninge the seconde of September, 1586, and 
endinge the laste of ye same, beinge fure wicks, at xiij* iiij^ 
ye wicke for hym selfe — ^liij* iiij**. One keaper at v* the wicke 
— XX*. Fewell and candell at iiij» the wicke — xvj». Amount- 
inge to the Somme of — iiij^ ix» iiij* 
\Jam€s\ Tippinge, Item . . . b^;inninge the fyrste of September, 

1580 [iOM^ rcUe as above] — iiij^^ ix* iiij<^ 

RaierU Pawley, Item for the dyett and chardgs of Roberte 
Pawley beginninge the xviij*^ of Auguste, 1586, and endinge 
the laste ok September then next folowinge, beinge syx wicks, 
xiijP iiij<* the wicke for hym selfe — ^iiij**. One keaper at v* the 
wicke — XXX*. Fewell and candell at iiij* the wicke — xxiiij*. 
Amountinge to the Somme of — vj^ xiiij' 

Anihonie TyUhiner, Item for the dyett and chardgs of Anthonie 
'nu;hincr beginninge the xxvj'^ of Auguste, 1586, and endinge 
the laste of September then next folowinge, beinge fyve wicks. 


at xiij* iiij<* the wicke for hym selfe — iij** yj* viij<^. One keaper 
at V* the wicke — xxv«. Fewell and candell at iiij* the wicke — 
XX*. Amountinge to the Somme of — v^ xj* viij<^ 

Jerome Payne. Item &c. . . beginninge xxvj Aug. &c., v^^ — v" xj* viij** 
ex. Charles lyiney^ ar. Item for the dyett and chardgs of Charles 
Tylney b^inninge the xv^ of Auguste, 1586, and endinge the 
xx^ of September then next folowinge, beinge v wicks, at 
xxvj* viij<* the wycke for hym selfe — ^vj^ xiij* iiij^ One keaper 
at vj* viij* ye wycke — xxxiij* iiij<*. Fewell at \sic\ candell at 
vj* viij<* the wicke — xxxiij* iiij<*. Amountinge to the Some of — x^ 
en, John Chamoke, Item for the dyett and chardgs of John 
Chamoke beginninge the xv^ of Auguste, 1586, and endinge 
ye xx^ of September then next folowinge, beinge v wicks, at 
xiij* iiij** ye wicke for hym selfe — iij" vj* viij*^. One keaper at 
v» the wicke — xxv*. Fewell and candell at iiij" ye wicke — xx*. 
Amountinge to the Somme of — v" xj* viij** 

er. Robert Gadge. Item &c., beginninge xv Aug. &c., v^^ — v^* xj» viij** 

ex. Henrie Daaune, Item &c xv Aug. &c., v^^ — v*» xj* viij<^ 

^ji./ohn Ballarde, Item &c xv Aug. &c., v^^» — v" xj» viij** 

ex. Jeromie Belamie, Item &c xv Aug. &c., v^^ — v^» xj* viij*^ 

ex. Chideoke Tichbome, Item &c., begin« xxiiij Aug* to xx Sep', iiij^^ 

— iiij** ix* iiij** 

ex. Roberte BamewelL Item, &c — iiij'» ix* iiij<* 

ex. John Savadge^ esquier. Item for the dyett and chardgs of John 
Savadge beginninge the xxiiij*** of Auguste, 1586, and endinge 
the xx'** of September then next folowinge, beinge iiij***" wicks, 
at xxvj* viij** ye wicke for hym selfe — v** vj* viij<*. One keaper 
at vj* viij<* the wicke — xxvj* viij<*. Fewell & candell at vj* viij** 
ye wicke — xxvj* viij**. Amountinge to the Some of — viij'» 

ex. Thomas Salisburie^ ar. Item &c., beg^ xxv Aug. &c., to xxj Sep', iiij^*'* 

— viij** 
ex. Anthonie Babington^ ar. Item &c.,xxv Aug. &c., to xxj Sep', iii j^*" — viij** 
ex. Edwarde Abington^ ar. Item for the diett and chardgs of 
Edwarde Abington beginninge the vj*** of September, 1586, and 
endinge the xxj*** of the same, beinge too wicks, at xxvj* viij<* 
ye wicke for hym selfe — ^liij* iiij**. One keaper at vj* viij** ye 
wicke — xiij* iiij**. Fewell and candell at vj* viij** the wicke — 
xiij* iiij**. Amountinge to the Somme of — viij** [sic\ 

ex. John Troves. Item &c , beg« xxv*** Aug* to xxj*** Sep', iiij^*" — iiij** ix* iiij* 
ex. Edwarde Jones. Item for the diett and chardgs of Edwarde 
Jones beginninge the xij*** of September, 1586, and endinge the 
XX*** of the same, beinge one wicke, at xiij* iiij** for hym selfe. 
One keaper at v* ye wycke. Fewell and candell at iiij* ye 
wycke. Amountinge to the Some of — xxij* iiij** 

Summ. — CCCj*^ iiij** 


Another ^hUl, MioQg)i -^Qt iwjmaly * * Tow^r fiW.' .W ,W «» *^^?^ .?^" 
expenses were incmrea on be^Jf of the BaMngton conqaaratora. 

A note of suche money as is duwe .vntp-S' owioge Hopton, ki^ight, 
leuetenant of her Maiesdes Tower sfi Lcmdon,' for stuffe delj^vered 
to certaine prisoness lady executed of treason. 
Inprimk delyvered to Bamewdl, furniture for his owen chamber, with 
beddinge for two keperes to attend on him, by ocmmand of her 
maiesties pcyve couunseil, ^ xv*. 
Item && to &mge^ yf xij*; Salsbene^ xij^ iv^; Gagt^ 4^ 4^; Babbing^n^ 
r{\f ▼« 7^ \ Ihwtrs, 4^ v* if^ ; JEdward AbUMgUn, ^ xvij> a^ \ Bay ford, 
vj" X*; Jkanes^ iiij'» xvij«; lyjfuy^M}^; Doane^ vj**; lyMome^si^) 
Charnoek^ 'mf x*; Btliamie^:^^. 

Summa — bocxxp^ »rj* viij^ 
\Correcte4 io\ iiij^viij** xfj* viij*" 


Endorsed. 18 June, 1587. Money dew to the Lieutenant of the 
Towar for Prisoners. 

XXVni. Lady Day, 1588. (No. 47.) 

The demaundes of Sir Owin Hopton, knight . . . 

Imiu'imis for the diet and chardges of lohn PrestaU beginning the 
xxv*^ of December, 1587, and endinge the xxv^ of Mwche then next 
followinge, beeinge xiij'^^^® weekes, at xiij* iiij^ the weeke for himselfe 
— ^viij^ xiij* iiij**. One keeper at v* the wedce — iij^ v*. Fewell and 
candell at iiij» the weeke — lij*. Summa — wiij'* x* iiij<* 

Jacob Vanndermasa. Item&c,be£^nniog xxv Dec' &c., xiij*?" — xiiij" x» iiij<" 

Anthonie Titchinfr. Item &c xxv Dec. &c., xiij^"^ — xiiij*| x» iiij<* 

James lippinge. Item &c xxv Dec. &c., xiij*^ — xjiij" x» iiij<* 

William Bennett. Item &c xxv Dec. &c, xiij^*** — ^xiiij'| x» iiij<* 

William Davis. Item &c xxv Dec. &c, xiij^'^*— xiiij*' x» iiij** 

Edward Dixon. Item &a xxv Dec &c., xiij*^— xiiij*^ x* fiij<* 

Robert Poolie. Item &c xxv Dec. ^c, xiij'^— xiiij*^ x* iiij* 

Androgius Marline. Item &c xxv Dec &c, xiij'*»— xiiij" x» iiij* 

Raulpht Ithell. Item &c xxv Dec &c, xiij^^ — ^xiiij" x« iiij<* 

MichaeU Moodie. Item &c xxv Dec &c, xiij^— xiiij^ x« iiij^ 

John Ardent. Item &c xxv Dec &c, xiij^"*» — ^xiiij^ x* iiij<* 

Jerome Paine. Item &c xxv Dec. &c, xHj^^— xiiij" x" iiij<* 

Item for the diet and chardges of William Stoddard beginninge 

the xxv*'' of December, 1587, at xxvj* viij<* the weeke for 

himselfe — ^xvij" vj* viij<*. Two keepers at x* the weeke — vj^ x*. 
Fewdl and candell at iiij* the weeke — lij». Summa — ^xxyj" viij« yiij<> 
Item for the diet and chardges of Roger Ashton from the vj*" 
of Januarie, 1587, till the xxv**» of Marche then next followinge, 
beinge xj weekes [same rate as John PrestaU supra]. Summa 

— xij*» V* viij*^ 
Item for the diet and chardges oi John Stoughton from the xj*^ 
of Januarie, 1587, till the xxyi^ of Marche ^en next followinse, 
beinge x weekes \raU as last\ Summa — xj*^ iij» iiij<* 

Item ior the diet Md dwdga of Gm^ SMtt from die iiij* 
of Mmiie, 15S7, till the m^ of Msche then not ibiknr- 
inge^ beetnge vij veekes [#«lr as Imsil Sommft — vij^ xfj" iiij' 

Item for die diet and cfandges of Umfknr Smnn from the ij^ 
of Jaaiwiet 15S7, tiO die xn*^ of Much dien next idOamag^ 
beong X weda» at rtf [su\ ymj^ the veeke for faimseife — 
nj** Tj» viij*. One keepei; ij* ▼}* die veeke — xxr*. Fewell and 
candell at if die weeke— zx*. Somma —y^ vf ytv^f 

Item for the diet and chardges oi John Smamdem from the mv^ 
of Jannarie, 1587, till the tx^ of Ifaicfa then next fottovinge, 
being toj ipeeks \sawu rate as lmst\ Samma iiip ix* mf 

Somma totalis — COf? ix> m^ 

Ownr HoFrow. 
XXrX. Michaelmas, 1588. (Na 5a) 
The demaondes of Sir Owin Hoptoo, knight, &c 

Jacod Vandermmsk. Impcupis for the diet & chardges of Jacob Vander- 
maste beginning die xxiiij*^ of Jane, 1588, and endinge the xwi^ of 
Septembtf then next foUowinge, beicge xiiij***^ weekes, at xiij* iiij' 
the week, for him selfe — ix'' tj* tuj^. One keeper at v* the weeke — 
iij^ X*. Fewell & candell at iiij» the weeke. Summa — x^ xij* viij<* 

James T^^^mgL Item &a, beginning xxiiij 

Anthomu TkMUmer, Item &a . . . xxiiij 

Mima^Dixam. Item &c xxiiij 

RoUrtTMu. Item &c xxiiij 

Jermu JRgym. Item &c xxiiij 

Myehael Mitodye. Item &c. xxiiij 

Andfwwe Martme, Item &c. .... xxiiij 

J^An Ardinie. Item &c. xxiiij 

y^ix .SSmsC^Jteff. Item &c xxiiij 

Xifger AMoH. ^ Item &c. xniij 

Gi»rgs Siooker. Item &c. xxiiij 

Ham^ likeli. Item &c xxiiij 

WUUam Bennett. Item &c. xxiiij 

James Harysan, Item &c xxiiij 

Alexander Gerarde. Item &c . . . xxiiij 

Thomas Abingten. Item for the diet and chardges of Thomas 
Abington b^inninge the xxj^ of Aprill, 1587, and endinge the 
xxix* of September, 1588, beeing iij"xv*««»« weekes, at xxvj» viij<* 
the weeke for himselfe — C**. Two keepers at x* the weeke — 
xxxvij^ x». Fewell and candell at viij* the weeke — xxx**. 
Summa — Ciij**vij" x» 

WilUam Stqjfbarde, Item for the diet and chardges of William 
Stafiborde beginninge the xxiiij''^ of June, 1588, and endinge 
the xxix*** of September then next folowinge, beeing xiiij weekes 
[rate as last\ Summa — xxxj*» v* iiij* 

John Prestall. Item &c, beginninge the xxiiij**»of June, 1588, 
and endinge the xxij^ of Julye then next folowinge, bcinse 
iiij* weeks \raie as Vandermaste']. Summa — liiji* ix* iiij^ 

Hnmfrey FMermgt. -Item && \raie mmd time as iasi] — ^iiij^ is* iiij^ 

une AlC., xiiij**" — xw^ xij* viij^ 
une &C., xiiij**^* — xv^ xij» vii}«* 
une &c, xiiij*** — ^xv** xij» viij«* 
ime &c, xiiij^^ — ^xv** xij» nq* 
une &c, xiiij*** — ^xv*» xij* viif* 
une &c, xiiij*^ — ^xv^' xij* viij^ 
une &C., xiiij*^ — xv^ xij* viij<> 
une &a, xiiij*'^ — ^xv*" xij* viij** 
une &C., xiiij*** —xv^» xij* m'}^ 
une &c, xiiij*"^ — ^xv" xij* viij<* 
une &C., xiiij''^ — xv" xij* viij<* 
une &c., xiiij*"^ — ^xv*» xij* viij<* 
une &c, xiiij*** — xv*» xij* viij^ 
une &C., xiiij*"^ — xv*» xij* viij** 
une &c, xiiij''*" — xv" xij* viij<* 


Rychard Leighe. Item &c., beginninge the seconde of Julye, 
1588, and endinge the xxvj^ of August then next folowinge, 
beeing viij weekes [rate as last] — ^viij" xviij» viij** 

John sHawdentL Item &c., beginninge the xxiiij^ of June, 1588, 
and endinge the vij^ of September then next folowinge, beeing 
xj weekes \rate as last] — ^xij^ v* iiij** 

WilUam Davis. Item &c, b^. the xxiiij^ of June, 1588, and 
endinge the xiiij^ of Sept then next folowinge, beeinge xij 
weekes [rate as last] — xiij** viij* 

xd. Summa totalis amountinge — iiij<4iij**xij^ viij* viij** 


Here follows a note of the "chaxgies Uide vnto to the vae of M' James Garrolde," 
i,e, Fitzgerald, Earl of Kildare, bv the surgeon— oonsistixig of xij* iiij**, for " 2 BotteUs 
of 3 pints apeace "—of Serope, &c. &c. 

XXX, Lady Day, 1589. (No. 54.) 
The demaunds of Sir Owyn Hopton, knight .... 
Anthot^ Tutchiner, Imprimis for the dyet & other chardges of Anthony 
Tutchiner from the xxv**» of December, 1588, till the xxiiij'** of March 
then next folowinge, beeinge xiij weekes \rate as in last bilt], Summa 

— xiiij^ x» iiij<* 
Jerome Payne. Item &c, beginninge xxv Dec' &c., xiij^'" — ^xiiij^ x* iiij<* 

John Ardent, Item &c xxv DeC &c., xiij^^ — ^xiiij*" x* iiij<* 

Michaell Moody. Item &c xxv DeC &c., xiij''*'* — ^xiiij** x» iiij<* 

Edward Dixon. Item &c xxv Dec' &c, xiij^^ — xiiij^j x» iiij<* 

Andro Vanmetico. Item &c xxv Dec' &c., xiij^^ — ^xiiij" x* iiij* 

James Haryson. Item &c xxv Dec'^ &c., xiij'^ — xiiij^ x» iiij<^ 

James fitzGaralde. Item for the diett and other chardges of 
James Fitzgarrald from the xxv^ of December, 1588, till the 
xxiiij^ of Marche then next followinge, beeing xiij weeks, at 
XX* the weeke for himselfe — xiij**. For his apparell, at xxx** the 
yeare — vij** x*. For the dyet of his scholemaster, at xx*> the 
yeare — v*'. For the wages of his scholmaster, at xiij*> vj* viij<* 
the yeare — iij** vj* viij<*. For the wages of my servant attending 
on him — at v*" the yeare — ^xxv*. Summa — xxx*» xx^ [pence] 

florence MofCarty. Item for the dyet and chardges of Florence 
M*Carty from the x'*' of ffebruarie, 1588, till the xxiiij'*> of 
March then next following, beeing vj weeks, at xxvj* viij<* the 
weeke for himselfe — viij**. One keeper at v* the weeke — xxx*. 
Fewell and candell at iiij* the weeke — ^xxiiij*. Summa — x*> xiiij* 
Rychard Randall. Item &c., from the \\\^ of Marche, 1588, till 
the xxiiij^ of the same month followinge, beeinge iij weekes 
\raie as for Tiitchiner]. Summa — iij*» vij* 

Summa totalis — Cxlv** xv* 

Owyn Hopton. 

XXXL Porter's Demands, Lady Day, 1589. (No. 52.) 
A noate of such mony as is due to mee, John Phillies, yeoman, 
TOTter of the Tower, for the dyet and other chardges of Godfrey 
Barton, prisoniier in the Porten lodge in the said Tower. 


For the dyet and other chardges of Godfrey Barton beginninge the 
second day of July, 1588, and ending the xxv*^ day of Marche then 
next followinge, beeinge xxxviij weekes, at xx' the weeke. Amounteth 
to the summe of thirtie eight pownds — xxxviij." 


XXXIL Christmas, 1589. (No. 55.) (For the half-year.) 
The demaunds of Sir Owyn Hopton, knight, &c. 
Jerome Payne, In primis for the diett and chardges of Jerome Payne 
beg« the xxiiij*^ of June, 1589, and ending the xxiiij^ of December 
then next followinge, beeing xxyj weekes, at xiij» iiij<* the weeke for 
himselfe— xvij" vj* viij<*. One keeper at v* the weeke ^vj" x*. Fewell 
and candell at iiij' the weeke — v" iv*. Summa amountinge 

— xxix" viij** [pencel 
James lYppinge. Item &c, beginninge xxiiij June &c., xxvj^^ — xxix*| viij^ 

John Ardent Item &c xxiiij June &c, xxyj^^^* — xxix** viij<* 

Michaell Moodye, Item &c xxiiij June &c, xxyj^^ — xxix*| viij** 

James Hamson, Item &c. xxiiij June &c., xxvj^^ — xxix** viij* 

Andro Vdnmetico. Item &c xxiiij June &c, xxvj^^ — xxix" viij<* 

James FitzCrarralde, Item &a, beg« xxiiij'** of June &c., xxyj^*" 

\same rate as in his last bill\ Summa amountinge — iij"" iij* iiij* 
Thomas AHngton, Item &c, b^ xxiiij'^ of June &c. \rate as in 
his last biir\ —\mf xvf 

Florence Macarty. Item &c beg« xxiiij'** of June &c — lviij*» xvj<* 

Thomas Hbulson. Item &a, beg« the xxiiij'** of September, 1589, 
& endinge the xxiiij'** of DeC then next following, beeinge xiij 
weekes ]fate as Fbyne"] — xiiij** x* iiij<* 

John Hoskins. Item &c., beg8 the xij'** of September, 1589, and 
ending the xxiiij'** of December then next following, beeing xv 
weekes, at vj» viij** the weeke ffor himselfe — v'*. One keeper 
at V* the weeke — iij*' xv*. Fewell and candell at ij* the weeke 

— XXX» — X** V* 

John Hamonde, Item &c., beg8 the xxiiij'** of June, 1589, and 
endinge the vj'** of August then next following, beeinge vj 
weekes \rate as for Payne\ — vj** xiiij* 

Edward Dixon, Item &c., beg« the xxiiij*** of June, 1589, and 
endinge the xxij*** of July then next following, beeinge iiij^ 
weekes \rate as last entry] — iiij** ix* iiij<^ 

Ricluird Tankard, Item &c., begK the xxiiij'** of June, 1589, and 
endinge the first of July then next following, beeing one weeke 
Wate as last entry] — xxij* iiij* 

John Robarts, Item for the traueile and paynes of John Robarts, 
surgion, taken in the cure of M' James Fitzgarrald, of the 
disease in his eare, till the xxiiij^ of June last past, in anno 
domini 1589 — x** 

Summa totalis — iij«iiij««xvij*" xf 

Owyn Hopton. 
[To be continued,] 

No. III. 


PRIEST, 1616 

Thb vtaemble Thomai Maxfidd tuflered «l Tjrboni on Uie first of Jvly, 1616. Hk 
fcrtitude made a neat impression^ and letteis mving an account of his deatli 
were at once sent oy his finends in England to tSe Seminatjr at Donaj, whidi, in 
fact, he had bat lately left. At Dooair these aooovnts were recast as ^'relations," 
(hose intended for the foreign pnbfie being written in Latin. An early and fery 
brief form of soch a relation will be found m the Mnalhn^ §/ ike Akbktford Club 
(▼oL it p. 9J^)» printed from the Balfour MSS. in the Advocates'^ Library, Exlinburgh. 
lliere is also a very brief MS. relation amone the Westminster Archives (voL xv, 
^ 275)1 which is perhaps earlier stilt. It Is dated August li, 1616, being tbui 
endorsed; <*Relat]o Prxsidis Collegil Duaceni Anglorum de Martyrio K^Dmut 
D. Thoous Mazfieldi. Biusdem Collegii Alumni, pass JuUi xL— R. Aug. xi, 1616." 

As more news came in« a more ample history was put together, and on the 
15th of September, 1616, the censor's approbation was obtained for printing it. The 
title of the second edition shows that it was based on a letter sent nrom England by 
a priest, who had been a Douay student in past years. Tradition has ascribed to 
Dr. Kellison, then President of the (}oU(jge, tne credit of having given the story its 
final form and its Latin dress, though his name does not appear on the title pags, 
and the authorship seems to have remained unknown to the translator or ttie 
version now printed. The book itself was published before the end of the same year 
by the widow of Inwrence Kellaro, under the title i-^ 

ViM if Martpiim D. Tkoma Mtut-Fildmi^ ColUgU Anglorum Duaceni Saeer^ 
datis, Ltrnlim eb SaeenhHmm eapiiis ddmmUit 11 /uJ$i\ idw* Ex littms AngUce 
eHiHs aueUi^ et Latim reddita, Duaci, 1616, iSmc. 

It was reprinted in the following year, with accounts of three other Douay 
martyrs, who suffered in the same year as Maxfield. 

Exemplar LUeretrum a fuedam saeerdcte CelUgii AngUrum Duaceni quanda^ 
alumnc ex Angiim ad idem Ceikgium transmiscarum, De Martyriis fuaiuor 
eiusdem Collegii Alumnorum ob Sacerdotium koc anno i6i6, in Angiia morti 

Pretiosa in compectu Domini mors Sanctorum eius. PseU, tis* 
Dmci, typic Peiri Aural, mk Pelieemo amreo. Anno M.DCXVlh 
Small Svo, pp. 56, with the censor's approbation, dated Douay, 15 Sept, 1616. 

Except in their opening and closing paragraphs, there seems to be little differ- 
ence between the two editions. Both are works of great rarity. There is a copy 
of the latter in the British Museum, but not of the former, and I am indebted to 
Mr. Joseph GiUow, the fortunate possessor of one, for information concerning it, as 
wdl as for the identification of the translator's name and the genealpgical and 
bibliogiaphical notes which follow. 

'fte quaint English translation, now printed for the first time, was made, as 
we shall see, some years after the martyroom, at the request of the Rev. lioUier 
Fhmoes Stanford, Prioress of the English Augustinian convent at Bruges, who 
claimed a iunily ooonecdon with the martyr, inasmuch as the wife of his brother, 
Peter Blaocleifield (or Maxfield), was a sister of the grandmother of the orioress. 
Peter Macclesfield, the eldest son and heir of the mark's father, Williaa liaodes- 
field, Esq., of Maer Hall and Chesterton Hall, oow Stdlbrd, maivied loan, daua^ter 
of Thomas Levison, of Wolverhampton, Esq., and sister of Sir Walter Lcraon, 
Knt. Mrs. Macclesfield^ aister, Anne, was tlw wife of Sir Robert Stanford, of 
Peny Hall, in the same county, Knt., and his son Edward, of the same place, was 
the fsther of the prioress. This good religious was bom in 1596, and in 1619 
was professed at the English Augustinian convent of St. Monica's, Ijouvain, which 
Ium! been founded in i6(^ In twenty jears the number of postulants had become 
so great that it was determined to bqpn a filiation at Bruges, and thither nine of 
the rd%ioits pcoceeded on September 14, ifia^, under the direction of Mother 

THE un and' MhiriflttltAi 6i^ M. i/iM#iBLD, priest $f 

Fhmces Stanford. It is clear, therefore, that the translation was presented to the 
prioress sometime between i^, when she went to Bruges, and 1635, the dcfe of 
ner death. 

The translator, who signs himkelf ''1. B.," is efidentfy to be Bentified with the 
Rev. John Bolt, chaplain and ofiganist at St Monica's, Louvain, at the time of the 
martyrdom and for many years later. It was no doubt during her residence at 
Louvain that he was induced by Mother Frances to undertake the transUtion, which 
occupied him, as he owns in the dedication, for so manf years. . 

Even this delay is worthy of passimr notice. Bolt, indeed, speaks of ** tmf 
nnwoonted hardnesse of the Latin t^le^ having daunted his courage and qtiHe 
dejected him. This must bb taken with the proverbial grain of salt. Dr. Kellison*s 
Latin is not particular^ crabbed, as a pernsal of the text will show. Bolt's diffi- 
culty was subjective. He had come to his studies for the Church as a middle-aged 
man, and writing was not his strong point His genius was for music, and nis 
career as a musician needs some notice in this intfodoction to his only known 
literary production. 

John Bolt was bom about 1563, of a &mily of some account in Exeter, as he 
is said to have had a brother a knight. His natural genius for music obtained him 
such reputation that he was summoned to Court, where he spent two or three years, 
his talents being highly esteemed by Queen ^izabeth — no mean judge in such 
matters. When he £:ft.the Court in order to become a Catholic, the Queen was 
so much displeased that, soundiv rating her Master of Music, she threatened to 
throw "her pantoufle at his heaa for looking no better unto him." It is recorded 
that her Majesty even went the length of offering to overlook his conversion, and 
allow him to remain a Catholic, if he would return to Court. But Bolt preferred 
to live by teaching music in Catholic families, where he could practise his religion. 
In this way he resided with Sir John Petre at Thorndon in Essex, with Richard 
Vemev at Compton in Warwickshire, and with others, finally being domiciled with 
the Wisemans of Braddocks in Essex at the time of his arrest with William 
Wiseman in Golden Lane, London, in March, 1593-4. He was thrown into prisoo, 
and the infiimous Topcliffe Intended to torture hitn, but through the intercession of 
Lady Penelope Rich, who had known him at Court, he was released, and enabled 
to withdraw to the Continent. ^ After settling for some years at St. Omers Colle^, 
where he doubtless taught music and acted as organist, he removed to the Engli^ 
Benedictine Convent at Brussels, " to help their music, which hath been so &mous." 
After three years, these good nuns persuaded him to join the English Benedietines 
at St. Gregory's Monastery at Douay, where he assumed the alias of Johnson 
(probably derived from his fitther's Christian name), and was there recei^ as a 
novice. Finding, however, that the Benedictine rule did not suit him, he removed 
to Doua^ Colleee^ and was ordained priest in 1605. For some years he resided 
in the diocese of Cambray, bat in 1613, whilst on a visit to Louvain to attend the 
profession of Sister Magdalen Throckmorton at St Monica's, he was induced by 
ue Prioress Wiseman to remain and accept the position of chaplain and oiganist 
to the convent And there the venerable man passed the remamder of Ms me in 
peace, dying on Angnt 3, 1640, at the advanced age of 77. 

The manuscript itidf is of great interest. In his introductory letter Bok aam 
" I thoughl it best to be written with myne owne hand." This be has done. Tht 
initials ''I. B.," ^;ned to the Introdnclt!on, have a special character about them, 
whfth of Itself Sdttests an intograj^, and the 27 paces (6!n. by 4|in.) ake til hi 
the taitie neat artistic hand. The torn maiigins of ea<^ page are ruled, dioae of the 
titles of ita reverie, and of the first pige^ nave also pea-and-ink ornaments on the 
borders, tlie oridnal binding was m marbled paper, the sides of which have been 
renewed. CHer the title is Written, "To our ctoster of Nazaret "— peihaps in 
Mother Stafford's hand. At the hade of the title is a print of the martyr, peSrhapa 
unique, which is here reproAiced, so ttat no fmther description of it is neceMuji 
eaoept to sav that it bears the artist's signature, " P. Pettet, fe. i6ai." Holdii^ 
this to the bght, one resds at the back, "To Mr. Barber.^ 

When 'the cknft of Beatifleuidft of the martyr was begun, the MS. was pte- 
serited, fh Jbne, l8fo, by the Reverend Mother of the Angnsttnians at Bruges to Ae 
Ute Father John Morris, S.J., nnd h noiw preserved in the Postolator's Uhrary at 
Fitna^SiUeet. The MS. is no» jafed, tHit I have inserted into thetezt the pa^nfei- 
tioD of the Latsh eoiBon of 1617. j, h, p. 


[Outside.] ^ 




[Margin.] To our closter of Nazaret 

[TY/lg Page.] 77u life &» 

Martyrdame of M^ Max-Held 

Priest of the English CoUedge in Douay^ 

At London^ 

Condemned to death for his Priesthood^ 

the a of July i6i6. 

Gathered out of letters written in English^ 

but increased and turned into the 

Latin toung 

Pretiosa in conspectu Domini mors 

Sanctorum ejus. Psal. 118 [sic]. 

At Douay 

By I^urance Kellam's Widdow. 

At the signe of the lambe 


[Dedication.] To the 

Reverent & Religious 

Mother Francis Stanford 

Priorrsse of the English 

IN Brugis 

Bcberent ^oti^er* This work as it is translated for your sake so 
doth it offer itselfe to your Reverence's hand, without bearing any 
other ornament on the frontispice, but the life and death of a priest, 
any other recommendation then the worth of the subject, any other 
thing that might better befitt me to present y*^ Reuerence with, or that 
might best consorte with your condition, then the life & martyrdome 
of the same Priest & Martyr & your holy Cosen. Long indeed hath 
it been in acting, and therefore you might perhapps have sometyme 
despaired for euer hauing it presented to your view, seeing you so 
often desired it of me, & I promising but as yett not seen to per- 
forme it; but not at all to performe it I could not find in my hart, 
especialy considering the desier I saw you had to me thereof, & also 
my owne desier, longing to fulfill for your deare sake whatsoeuer was 
possible for my willing mind to procure & effect ; & although I thought 
it a thing most worthy my labour to bestowe sometyme in translating 
it, & to present your Reuerence with the first fruites thereof, yet 
taking it in hand both first and second tyme, the vnwoonted hardnesse 
of the Latin style daunted my courage, and had quite deiected me 
bad not the remembrance againe of your last wordes not long agoe 
vnto me concerning it, stirrd me vp to take hart to goe thourough 
with it though neuer so painefulL Wherefore at last by God's assis< 


tanoe I haue made an end, & euen now I present you with it in that 
manner & greatnesse as my hart doth wish, for if my loue could so 
effect it, it should yet be better & greater: accept thereof therefore, 
Dear Mother, not as it seemeth, but as I could wish. 

Many were the causes that dared me not to deliuer it into the 
presse, whereof on, & that the smalest was, least that the presse would 
haue so greedely demaunded for the printing as that I should haue 
had nothing left to pay for the binding; & therefore considering 
otherwise I thought it best for to be written with myne owne han^ 
that so your Reuerence might remember it, & in remembring it, might 
be mindfuU to pray for the wrighter, as he will not cease to pray 
for you. Your's in what he is able. 


Psalms 118. 
'* Princes haue persecuted me without cause, but I haue been afrayd 

of thy words." 
" lliey haue indeed threatning words, as, I banish, kill, racke, bume, 
I cast to the teeth of deuouring beasts and boucher the members. 
But thy words haue rather terrified me. 'Feare not them who kill 
' the body but cannot kill the soul ; but feare him who can cast both 
* body & soul into hel.' At these words my hart trembled, & I haue 
contemned a man my persecutor, & haue ouercome the Difel my 
deceiuer." ^ ^^^ . ^^ . ^^ ^^^ ^^ jj^ psalm. 

The life <^ Martyrdom of 
M^ MaX'filde Priest 

]&eitereiiti, who here professe the Catholike faith, are brought into 
great straights of all things, they are calumniated, spoyled of their 
goods, manickled with fetters, thrust into prison, & as it were guiltie 
of wicked crimes are vexed with most greeueous iniuries & calumniat 
ignominies, as heretofore by the letters of others yee haue vnderstood. 

That which I now thought good is to declare vnto you more 
exactly the famous Martyrdome of on of your foster children & Priest, as 
of late yee haue heard something thereof reported by many relatings. 

(p. 6) This man was caled Thomas Maxfilde, heretofore amongst 
you named only Filde, borne of a noble & auncient race in the County 
of Stafford. His Father was Catholike, a man of worthy pietie, con- 
stande & grauitie, & who under the raigne of two princes was much 
renowned for his patient sufferance of a long imprisonmet, confisca- 
tion of all his goods, & lastly the sentence of death for the profession 
of his faith. 

This Thomas was nurst & brought into the world, both parents 
being in prison, that the prison, being of his parents faith a witnesse, 
should give to him their Sonn both breath & life for to lay downe 
his soul for the same faith hereafter, & that he likewise being borne 
to the conflicts of the faith should euen from his in£uicy be instructed 


in the same combats through the deformitie & incommoditie of a 
prison^ neither indeed did he sooner taste the milk of his Nurce (p. 7) 
when as by suffering the labours of Martyrs he himself wore the 
badge of a Martyr. 

That pietie, that zeal of faith & those precepts of a vertuous life 
he learnt at home, which afterwards throughout the whole course of 
his life flourished in him to the proffit of others. Being instructed 
somewhat in the Rudiments of a scholler, (because with vs here now 
none can frequent the studies of higher Arts except he make ship- 
wracke of his faith & drink the furious poyson of heresie,) he betooke 
himselfe to Douay in Belgio [16 March, 1603] a most flourishing 
Academy of all good Arts and vertue. There in your English Colledge, 
a famous fountaihe & Seminary of many Martyrs in Christ, he lined 
& heard his course of philosophic & almost two yeares of school 
diuinitie, but at the length being vexed with a greeuous and long 
sicknesse he was forced to intermitt his studies & retoume into 
England for to recouer his health [17 May, 1610]. 

This wee have beheld sometymes and have greened thereat, to 
witt, how young youthes of an excellent witt, whilst they confirme 
their forces & strength of body with new temptations either to loose 
quite their souls health, or at least to haue greatly put it in hazard, 
for that they suffer themselues to be enticed & ensnared with idle- 
nesse, remissnesse & voluptuousnesse in banquetings & the flattering 
reconcilers and fauourits of vices. But this young man was of that 
courage & hardinesse of mind, & of that continence & vertuous dis- 
position, that neither the faire alurements by nature inbread in vs, 
nor the lubricke wayes of vnconstant youth, {p. 8) nor the varietie of 
delights could lull asleep his vertue & strength, or persuaide him the 
least to runne astray or reuoake him from his purpose of good life & 
vertuous course. As soone therefore as he recouered he determined 
to retoume to his studies in learning & vertue againe, where comming 
againe vnto you and receaued into your company, he absolued & made 
an eixl of the rest of his course in diuinitie & then at length hauing 
receaued holy orders, he was designed, after the manner of the 
Colledge, to retoume into this vineyvd of ours [17. lul. 1615]. 

As soone as he arrived at London he went vnto that prison which 
is caled the Gate-house for to visit a Priest a most intimate friend 
of his who then was there a prisoner, in which place he celebrated 
his first Masse in England. Herein surely the diuine Prouidence 
was shewen least that at any odier place he should vndertake his 
Apostolical function, then where for the discharge of the same effected 
he was to be shutt up himselfe not long after m a continual custodie, 
but thence to be lead forth againe vnto a sure end of his life & 
vnto a most glorious crowne. Scarce had he laboured in our Lord's 
vineyard three mounths when as vpon the feast of All Saints, hauing 
said Masse, he was by the Sergeants of the heretike Bishops taken 
praying & giving thanks to God before the Alter, who drawing him 
with great force presented him before their Maisters. 

They then questioned him concerning his priest-hood whence he 
had it ? & why being a Priest he came into the land against the lawes 


of the realme, also they demaunded of him concerning the oath of 
pretended fidelitie. But he boldly (p. 9) & freely confessed that he 
had receaved holy orders according to the Catholike rite & autoritie 
derived from the highest Bishop the Pope, & was likewise by his 
power confirmed whereby to stirr vp Catholikes to vertue & reduce 
those that were estraunged from the faith & from the Church vnto 
the vnion & communion of the same. Moreover he said that there 
were no lawes of princes which could abrogate or forbidd the lawefull 
mission of Priests which the supreame lawgiver Christ our Lord had 
established & confirmed, & as for the oath he quite refused it and 
did detest it for that it contained many things contrary to faith & 
that none could sweare it without daunger of his eternal saluation, 
neuerthelesse he said he was readie to exhibite all obedience to the 
king- in all ciuill matters that are due vnto him, or in all things 
belonging to right of princes. But all this was not according to their 
desier who preferre the Scepters of kings before the keys of the . 
Church; & whatsoeuer either right or wrong that they once shall 
determine to be against his Maiestie, they as it were with deceitfuU 
paintings doe colour with their counterfeit faith & false obedience of 
their princes, that thus at least their deeds might seeme lawfulL They 
therefore cast the Priest of Christ in prison at Westminster commonly 
caled the Gate-house, in which place he excelled those that were his 
fellow captiues for the faith, in his constancie in prayer to God, in 
his studie of conseruing peace with all, & in his often exercise of 
vertue ^ dailie labour for the gainening of soules to Christ, whence 
that plainely did shew itselfe vnto our eyes the which wee (p. 10) 
once redd in thecclesiasticall Annales, how that God is woont to 
chaunge prisons & stewes into temples & religious cloisters for his 
seruants, & that their feet may be in the stocks & fettered with 
chaines, & yet their mindes remaine fixed above tasting the heauenly 

Neither content with the paines that others afflicted him with for 
the sweet name of Jesus, he added of his owne mortifications of his 
bodie compassing it with a sharpe-pointed Iron chaine for a girdle, 
to the end he might according to the Apostle's counsel [i. Cor. 9] 
castigate his body & bring it vnto seruitude, thereby in what he was 
able to extinguish quite the wantonnesse & concupiscence of the 
flesh, for if thou n^lectest to punish it, it will rise against the spirit, 
& vnless thou bring it into subiection, it will shake of both yoake & 
bridle of reason, & fiercely lusting beyond all bonds of the diuine 
law, it will cast thy soul downe headlong for euer. 

His dedicated hart to Christ did bume with zeal for such soules 
as perished, & inwardly was much greeved to see men redeemed with 
the precious blood of God to runne headlong into eternal punishment. 
And although he reaped some fruites of such his laboures being in 
prison, yett that was all to little in regard of the greater proffite for 
which in desier he burned, wherefore after eight mounthes imprison- 
ment or thereabout, he constituted with himselfe this, which was, how 
he might try to gett out of prison by some occasion whereby traveling 
here & there be might freely exercise his priestly funaions to the 


greater ^ine of M>ule9, so to satisfie his longmg thirst he had of Aeir 
conuersion to God (p. ii) And this was & onelj canse that moaed 
him to attempt this his flight, as testified a reuerent Priest of the 
Hocietic of Jesus who was his Confessarius there. He first recom- 
mendeth the matter by many prayers vnto God togither with certaine 
(layes of fast, almesgiving & offering of the holy sacrifice of the Masse 
for that intention, praying earnestly that God would guide & direct 
this present businesse as also the whole course of his life for his 
diuine honour & glorie, & that he would graunt that event whidi 
might be best for the fulfilling of his diuine wilL 

These his godly desiers & holy puipose were receaued of the 
night designed for his flight [14 June, stiL vet, 1616I, & now it was 
come, therefore a barr of the windowe being broken ne attempted to 
escape, l)Ut alas, whilst he was descending from the vpper part of the 
house bv a rope and had scarce touched the ground wi& his feet, 
then a fellow caught him fast about the middle & cryed to the neigh- 
lK)urs for help. The watch being raised through his cry came hastily 
^ in a chafcmg & fretting humour they snatch the Priest & thrust 
him vndcr a table where he might not stand vpright, then putt about 
his ncckc an iron coller of twelve pound waight, to this hanging a chaine 
of a hundred nound waight, they compassed his body round there- 
with, Ac lastly sfuit him within the dungeon of the prison, where they 
Nctt his feet after that manner in the stocks that he could neither 
•taiul vp nor lyo downc, nor so much as tume himselfe, but hanging 
MS it wrrr between (p. is) heaven & earth he might sitt double with 
grmt tn>ublr ^ painc. There did they leave him from the dawning 
of Kiidny vntil Mutulay to be vexed & tormented in that manner for 
mort' than 70 lunicrs, |)ermitting neither hatt, cloake, blancket or strawe, 
no. not NO much as to exonerate his body. They that were in prison 
ftur o(hrr wickcnl crimes, though of another Religion, being moued to 
a>m|)ii»9ion wrnt \* opened the trap-doare of the dungeon & let 
downc a roucr UhhI <Sc taught him how he might ease himselfe & pull 
f\Hth \m fret out of the stocks. The Priest likewise of whom wee 
luendonixl Itcforr. eamc to the hole but not without ^reat daunger, 
Uuh to condole hist calamitic \' also to congratulate with him, & in 
wh^t he wiiii Able to yix^Ki him some comforte, but comming he found 
hini wry cheairfull of heauenly ioy & sweetnesse with gieat h<^ & 
\\M\Adeiuv u« Almi|(htie Tuxl Notwithstanding amongst others of his 
\l\xlvHir» v^ th^t which ntolcstcii him most of all were the wormes & 
v*iwp»n|l lH\\?ite» which that fiUhio place had engendred. The keepers 
vxt the |n<5\M\ \\>«\uninj; Arterwanb k^ finding him thus mercyfiiUy vsed, 
thcv tuuv'u^v tv\>ke K>n ;ii^ain$t this humaine courtoisie exhibited 
K*^*i\U hut^ ^^ wviv wrv Aiv^rie, snatcht away the corerleed, let downe 
j^ 'iHtit\s\i u\ the 5t\vk^ $v' ta^jit that they coukl n«.>c be opened of him 
At»\ wKvv Nv*<>*i5h^uuvUt\^ they cvHild not $^^ efiect ^God so pcouidiiig) 
*» \* ^Iw^tw tN^'i h<3i 3^^<\uou trvHU aU «« v^ v\>rpocaIl sohce. 

^x\ ly l-t :Nc «K^m* i>uK* the chcitt' ivrciltct of the prisoQ had a 
s\s'» ^^A'.N^ rVvvM :Nc vvu^kvI u^ t*<in^ him tv> New-^ie, a most ceftaine 
^nCv ^** >i.x v''».'i>*v«?*^ vUm;N. v'^it MvttKiav th^rrtM^ about ett nii ^ fr 
.V^ >ruH tN<^ t>:m< vHJtt v^^ the dvu^tjEcvm {xj Jtta» $ciL ineL^ bat ao 

OP klL kAXFISLD, t>ltlBSt 37 

deformed by reason of hunger, watching & filthinesse of the place, 
that yee could scarse know him. His feet were so benummed that 
for a great space he could neither stand nor walke. At length having 
receaued the vse of his feet, they pluck him along with his hands 
bound through the streets without either cloake or kitt into the other 
prison which was a good long mile from this he was in. The fellow 
who intercepted the Martyr in his flight behoulding what miseries he 
endured, wept & greeved that he had hindered him, & therefore gave 
him his cloake to the end he might more decently goe thrdugh the 
streetes; another Priest that was in the prison gave him his hatt 

When he was brought to New-gate they loaded him afresh with 
chaines, neither would they permitt him to be amongst the Catholikes, 
nor yet amongst the better sort of protestants, but thrust him within 
the filtheist place of the prison amongst the rogs & theeues, who were 
very many in number & kept in great miserie; being put there & 
sleeping on the bords, for all this he was not vnmindfull of his vocation, 
but reduced two condemned persons vnto the Catholike faith, which 
when the keepers vnderstood, least he should doe the like againe, 
they removed him & permitted (p. 14) him to be amongst the other 
Catholikes & Priests that were there in the prison. 

It was then nine a clock at night, at which tyme it was not lawfiiU 
for any bed to be brought into the prison for him. Notwithstanding 
on of his fellow-prisoners a Catholike gave his bed vnto him to rest 
his wearie body after so many dayes travil he endured. The same 
night it pleased Almightie God to show vnto him that had lent his 
bed what a great personage he was vnto whom he had exhibited that 
charitable deed, for he saw in his sleep a sonn enclosed within that 
narrow place which he could neither compasse for the greatnesse, 
nor yet behould for the brightnesse, in so much that he was faine to 
cover his face with a vaile. 

The dayes of sessions were at hand to which upon Wedensdaj 
being the 26 of June* the seruant of Christ was caled where being 
questioned againe like as before by the false Bishops concerning his 
priesthood & the oath of pretended fidelitie, he againe confessed that 
he was a Priest and consecrated according to the Catholike rite, also 
that by a legitimate vocation & autoritie he was designed from the 
Apostolical Sea vnto this vineyard of England; the oath he vtterly 
denyed, not for that he refused to obey civill fidelitie to the king, 
but for that he preferred his faith towards God & the Catholique 
religion before the precepts & statuts of men. 

There stood as the manner is, twelve swome men of the Jwry, 
(p. 15) who were asked of the Judge what their opinion is concerning 
this man, who going aside & discoursing amongst themselues about 
the matter, at their retoume pronounced him guiltie of high treason, 
wherevpon he was straitwayes lead back to the prison, loaded with 
fetters & so strictly kept that it was lawfull for none to speake with him. 
Notwithstanding he procured thanksgiving for this benefit receaved, & 
Te Deum to be sung by his fellow captiues. The next day he is 

^ Stylo veterL 


brought againe before the Judges who vpon their faith offer him his 
life if so be he will take the oath afore mentioned, neuerthelesse he 
constantly denyeth it as before he often did, & withall yeeldeth the 
reasons which declare it to be vnlawful for any Christian to take it 
vnlesse he will preiudice his faith & saluation of his soule, & then 
turning himselfe to the people that were about him, caleth them all to 
witnesse how free he was from treason for which they had condemned 
him, & how they had accused & iudged him for no other cause but 
for that he being a Priest, consecrated after the Catholike rite, was 
entered the land against the lawes of the kingdome, & that this 
crime (if so they will have it to be a crime), they would forgive him 
gratis if so he would prooue periurious to God and the Romaine 
Catholik foith. He would haue added many things more whereby to 
cleare his innocency, but the Judges would not permitt him to speake 
further, but rather gave sentence against him, w^ was that he should 
dye as a traytor. 

He is therefore sent againe to the prison, (p. i6) the Sergeants 
drawing, pressing & pushing him forwards through the streetes as he 
goeth, & at length haueing put chaines vpon him they thrust him into 
a comer of the priscm and strictly forbid any leave to come to speake 
with him, & in this manner was he kept vntil Munday. Neither yet 
would they permitt him to be at quiet, for all he was shut vp with so 
many bar-doars, for they sent vnderhand such as should search his 
chamber if they could find any letters whereby to attach him of scmie 
crime, & to look whither they could find any thing belonging to the 
Catholike faith. The Shyreus also brought in a Minister to trouble 
him with contention & wrangling for such seeke not to know the truth 
who come to Priests onely when they are to dye, & fly & abhorre to 
approach vnto those that are detained in prisons though prouoaked & 
challenged thereto. There were Catholikes who gave money to come 
to the Priest, but it was wounderfull vnto them to see him thus 
chaunged as they found him, for his eyes, face and countenance was 
very pleasant & chearfull ; constant in his hope & confidence towards 
God, & his discourse did breath forth an incredible (p. 17) feruour of 
the loue of God and his neighbour ; moreover all his speeches were so 
seasoned with diuine sweetnesse that now you might perceaue him to 
haue alreadie in his hart those ioyes which afterwards did expect him, 
for God is woont to visit such as are in tribulation for his name, yea 
rather to converse togither with them in their chaines & torments, also 
to proue the waight of the temptations & to taste the chalice of their 
passion, & according to the greatnesse & multitude of their torments to 
mfuse within their harts as much of his heauenly grace and sweetnesse 
as will wipe forth and blott out all feeling of greife and earthly 
tribulation. Whence may they lustly sing with the psalmist (psaL 93) 
Secundum muUituditum dolarutn meorum in corde meo, consolationes 
tua latificavtrunt animam meam, '^According to the multitude of my 
sorrowes in my hart, thy consolations have made my soul ioyfull." 

Amonst those that made entrance into the martyr there was 
a certaine gentlewoeman who was renowned not so much for the 
greatnesse of her gentrie as for her sanctitie of life. She hauing put 


on a poore habite, assumed for a companion another woeman conscius 
of her fact, & so entered the prison as if she had had some husband 
or father there to bring him some meate. When she was within what 
by humble entreatie & faire speeches vnto the keepers with liberal 
bestowing of money vpon them & promising more hereafter, she pro- 
cured so farr as that she wrested a licence to speake to the Martyr. 
This woeman declared vnto us afterward how after many most sweet 
discourses of heauenly matters she had togither with him talked 
concerning such necessaries as he wanted, the which she entreated 
him to demaund of her if he stood in need of any thing, either for 
his food and apparel, or for (p. i8) the discharge of his being at cost 
for any thing to the prison, or if he would haue any help from his 
freinds, or whatsoever els he thought necessarie, that he would speak 
vnto her for it, the which she would most willingly procure if it lay in 
her power, if not, she would effect it through the help of others ; but 
the Martyr, (as she tould vs,) rendred her great thanks & saied that 
as yet he had not asked any other thing then the daylie prayers of 
Catholikes that God would strengthen him with his grace, to the end 
he might be able to suffer the labour & undergoe the daunger of 
the combat which now he was to vndertake. Then she saied she 
somewhat feared least feare of death had layed hould on him, & 
therefore inculcated such motiues as she remembered of contemning 
death ; first that the whole life of man was composed and ordained to 
etemitie & [^lasted] but a moment; secondly that the most cruelest death 
is but one mstant of that same moment on which eternity did depend 
immediatly; thirdly that those torments which merit celestial loyes 
ought rather to be iudged pleasures & solaces then paines and torments; 
fourthly that they who lay vpon a soft feather-bed, sick of the $tone or 
pained with the ach of their sides or ioynts, would feel greater paipes 
then they who were wrested on the rack or hung vpon the gibbet for 
Christ his sake, for God doth mingle with the torments such comforts 
as doe take away the feeling of paine. Moreover she willed him to 
thinck on the victories of the Martyrs, & imitate the constant faith of 
them whose tryumphs & rewards he coueted; lastly she said that 
death was not to be feared vnto which an immortalitie did succeed, 
for by the shortnesse of a holy death, a blessed life should be had 
in possession, & that which in vs here is a light & momentary 
tribulation, the same doth worke in heauen an eternal (p. 19) waight of 
glorie. These she saied, & afterwards he made answere thus (as she 
declared vnto vs). There is cause indeed, renowned Mistresse, why I 
ought to yeeld great thanks vnto Almightie God for that through his 
grace I feare not either paines torments, or infamie of a traytor, or 
yet the very paine of death itselfe, nor ever will I feare in so good a 
cause. Of late that troubled me, least standing before the tribunal of 
the Judges something might have slipped from me, being questioned 
of so many, which the heretickes taking in the worst sense mi|;ht 
have found occasion thence to calumniate the Catholikes, but seeing 
through God Almightie's goodnesse all things happened according to 
my mind there is now no more cause why I should feare, yet this I 
remembered that X was man, that is, fraile & weake, & that for me 


to perseuer firme in &ith was altogither from the diuine help and 
assistance. Wherefore that I may crave the same hereafter, diffiding in 
myne owne prayers & merits I doe entreate earnestly to be assisted 
with the prayers of the good, for neither shall I endeauour sufficiently 
enough in the meriting of that benefit on which eternal saluation 
doth depend, yet I confesse my selfe most vnworthie thereof. 

The brother also of the Martyr came to the prison for to visite 
him, whom full of teares on his face and breaking of his wordes with 
sighes, a grave, constant Catholike a lay-man who had been long in 
prison did rebuke and chide, affirming him to be vnworthie of his 
Father, vnworthie of this his Brother, & d^enerating from the whole 
familie & race, also vngrateful of this diuine benefit the most noblest 
that might be bestowed vpon mortal men. (p. 20) Let me not liue, 
quoth the other, if I take not the greatest contentment and ioy as is 
possible for me ; neverthelesse I am not able to represse these teares 
which of their owne accord doe flowe for to pay the tribute of nature 
which naturaly is due to the death of a most deare Brother that so 
that truth may shew it selfe, which is, that the good can togither with 
a sensible and terrene greife, enioy a solide & celestial gladnesse of 
mind, as it is knowne the bad do walke reioycing with all their corporal 
mirths and worldly contentments, and yett enduer the most bitter 
vexations and afflictions in their minds. 

The rest who had been to see him were for the most part of the 
better sort of Spaniards that inhabited London, & amongst these was 
the Embassader's Sonn & Father Didacus de Fuente, on of the familie 
of St Dominike, & a man both pious, learned, prudent & charitable, & 
of life famous for the strict obseruance of the rule of his order; he 
was Ghostly-father to the Embassader. After these as the leaders of 
the companie, followed the rest of his excellence's familie & diuerse 
others who for other causes remained in the citty, who all came 
through the streets vnto the prison to see him that was a Priest & 
member of their owne religion & catholike faith & who seemed vnto 
them to be condemned to death for no other crime then for that 
he was a catholike Priest. When these had beheld the generous 
constancie of the designed Martyr and his chearfulnesse amidst so 
many calamities, they fell downe at his feet & kissed his hands, his 
chaines & the ground that toucht his sacred footsteps, desiering his 
benediction & vrgeing him incessantly with (p. 21) many entreaties 
that whatsoeuer he stood in need of he would enioyne them to 
procure it All which things the heretickes & Jaylors behoulding, were 
stroocken in amaze through this feruerous zeal & faith of theirs : This 
was on* Sonday in the euening. 

Afterwards retouming home, they, as they are of wounderous 
devotion & constancie towards God & the catholike faith, expose the 
Blessed Sacrament, institute supplications & keep a vigil throughout 
the whole night in prayer before the same, earnestly beseeching 
Almightie God to strengthen with his grace this their fellow partner 
of the Catholike communion, & make him inuincible against all 

s|( Vk: Jun: veteri stylo — 10 Jo: nooo. 

of the coBmw. Tbe EanbuBias: z znt Hmr sT Spamt. 
likewise went vdId our Kz%. taaxz id aec ^k: ?ri£5: ; psTdoz. u r 
is xepoitedt) or ds tibsi it sn^ be difiiEOTi rnil aann*-- rnnt. fc 
when as he coold rececae bo rrTtr- esfw^t^ s&ut tiiz: nt EhnuiL 
come a gain^ vpon ToesdiT lo ka?v hs Mzj^^siif > imii:. rrtt 3ns: 
was in the meane trme lead ior± to ztt px i: irgrr inij:: ZCun^ 

The ^faitfr cab^ to mind SiS beasfc :r j:»i r^ciaiKri ir.-:»2i:ti:iu: 
the whole coarse of has Sfc. tha; b^ tut msraun* ir ineni rit Tiiirin 
raise Tp«in t* M i i<j ^ ifr an mSbcmd of t!***' '' '"^ i^ ifr.[::ii£it l luir^ XT'oiri: 
fiafn#> of charitie, he bethocKh: '^nrr. of :bt parr rx nif Z/.ctj^ y:»:r 
CoUcd^ who had brooght iam rp frcci t =r.ui m Ttrrjt 2: i^srrmr 
& had esahed him mto the (fiesjtie ae Pnes±i:»:»i. t ninr liiif ssn: nui 
as a mnstied sooldiar of Caic rato a wzrr. > rr r>:»j:ri.-.iit n tbt 
ChmtA, ^kwioQs to God k. ascessan* :: nit r:»:»i :r s:>ijf< ir^r-.f 
furnished with those axmes the ▼bier: miis rit si?: iijfTi lvt^ r»* 
shook! not doobte bat to he a Coorixrer k leLrt iv^- iTit ^jci-.n* 
He was sorawfnl he had not ahg c wlil: t:- r*p£T rxt i rTre^-_l — ijl 
the piede of so good a Mother. T=25 :!j*re-':re clidt -t::: mi rmriit 
the whidi he thought would be a ^rj:c5 ^:r-c* f «.: bt b* Jtr: b*r 

Wherefore he p t u c m e ih a Priest t:; bt s*:=: f:r. vi-: -m i^ itj 
prison bat kept in another pSaoe, rnto -^-x:. Tit cicin.r^rf f.:? - ;• lis: 
petition to be written to the ErabLssLOer. VrJ:i ^1.1 :: :esetr-±t dt 
eamesdj entreate him by the bond? ^Tirrf^.-Ji r.t iri-, b:.:r.l ic br 
the death now at hand for the Ca."J^'.'J'tt iLib -bt- .-. *r\:»rciei b.n. 
that he woold, as moch as be cocld sbc^ hi? r.or: ;i-j:rivt 'dttrrr.jr. 
& good win towards the Collcdge of tbe Enrl:?b ir, L*:---!;. dtri-i.-ir.r 
how it was the first Seminahe <rf the Eriz'ish rjLi.'.r. w'-i'/r. ?':.:p ib'> 
second of £unoos memory, embraced wi± a father*.- siffr.isr- s.*rlst:r-i' 
it with a royal stipend, and being p-aced in his Etlri^'.inded 
to be a most strong refuge of religion [^now fallen] in Er.glajid. &: that 
whatsoeoer Seminaries at Rome, or inSp-aine irere tztr,*:t a::ersrard=, 
they aU did issue from this their fn::nV; mother: ri-.-.reouer that 
beades innumerable labourers, either now of Lite de-:eased, or as yet 
labouring in this our Lord's vineyard their hath proceecri ojt of this 
house more then one hundered Priests honored with the crowne of 
maityrdome, whose blood collected through the mainter.ance of the 
Catholike king hath been powered out vpon the earth for the glorie of 
Christ, whose prayers also in heauen to God most grateful! he dare 
assure doe invocate the diuine protection & aide for the encrease of 
the glorie, greatnesse & Maiestie of the Spanish Monarchic, (p. 23) 
also that if any aduerse chaunce did happen to this auncient fortresse 
against heretikes constituted vnder their eyes & conspect, the enemies 
of the faith would tryumphe, neither would they doubt but that the 
like destinies as happened to the mother might light also v]X)n her 
issue. Being therefore retoumed into his countrey with great honour 
as he wisheth & prayeth to God therefore, & being heighly re\*'arded 
for his Embassage vndertaken & effected in the name of Christ 
togither of his king, he would be sollicitous in as much as he was 
aUe to defend & preserue this colledge, & labour to his power as 


that what hitherto hath been the minde and bountie of the Catholike 
kinjg, the same might also hereafter continue vntil the end. The 
which iavour, if he might be permitted to obtaine & receaue, he 
would repaye it largely mth aboundant thankes from heauen. And 
that if he might be so bould, neither the Maiestie of his puissant 
Monarch would terrefie him, a poore Priest, himseUe would begg the 
same. Yea rather because the prison, his chaines, his condemnation 
&. instant death for the faith, the which expects him at the gates, doe 
commaund him to be so bould, neither his Maiestie terrefie him so 
much, as his benignitie and clemencie doth intice him; therefore 
doth he lye prostrate at his royal feet hartily desiering & beseeching 
him that he would as a Sonn worthie of such a Father cbnserue and 
defend this worke which his magnificent Father had begunne. And 
least his prayers should be refused & despised, he would alledge his 
Father who but lately is raigning in heauen, as he trusteth, & tpgither 
all those troupes of Martyrs which that house hath brought forth, to 
be intercessours to the Sonn: (p. 34) but God he would place before 
his eyes as a most liberal rewarder of such a good worke, &. which 
would be most profitable to the Church. 

With shortnes of tyme, as it is woont, there increased to the 
Martyr pietie of spirit ; & now hauing been long vigilant and intentive 
in prayer, he expected when he should be caled forth to dye.^ On 
Munday therefore, about five of the docke in the morning he is 
caled for by the Sergeants & hangmen who without the doares stood 
guarding both sides of the hurdle which was tyed to the hc^setaile, 
wh^eon was spread a little strawe. This was opposite to the place 
where the other Priests & Catholikes were shut vp in, with a double 
gate in the night, but in the day with a single one that had wooden 
barrs plated ouer with Iron for them to see through & take in their 
sustinance, or to speake to the keeper in their wants. But now the 
keepers were commaunded to shut-to the outward gates, which I 
suppose was done to the end that neither they that were within might 
haue that comforte graunted them to see or speak, & bid the Mart]rr 
fare-well, or he to them. Notwithstanding he as he was with his 
hands tyed, casting his eyes towards the dore of his companions 
where there was a very litUe windowe that looked into the street, & 
giving them a salutation & benediction, togither with the signe of the 
Crosse vpon himselfe, kissed the hurdle, & so layed himselfe vpon it 
with his face towards the horse's heels, & in this manner was he 
drawne through the stony streetes vnto Tibume, a gallowes some two 
miles & more (p. 35) beyond the prison. 

Besides a great multitude of others, there were others that were 
English gentlemen Catholikes on horse-back, who accompanied the 
Martyr vnto the place of execution, many also of those Embassaders 
(amilie whom Catholike kings & princes haue in England, but aboue 
all were the Spaniards who mounted vpon goodly horses, rode two by 
two in a long trayne both before & on ech side of the Martyr. All 
these did the Sergeants vse most shamefully, to the end they might 
driue them away, for oft tymes they sharply would beat their horses, 

s|( I Jttl: ret! ityk^— 13 nova 


& sometymes the riders themselves; who, nevertheless, by reason of 
their great multitude, gathered togither againe & accompanied the 
Priest bareheaded, and bowing them downe, prayed for him peace & 
constancie, but vnto themselves his benediction, the which he often 
did imparte vnto them; he made vpon them indeed though haidly, a 
Crosse, the signe of faith, but so much the more holy no doubt, by 
that it was formed with his hands bound. 

Without London there is a place in w^^ three wayes doe meet, on 
this there stands a Gallowes having three comers much nobilitated by 
the blood of Martyrs, though also it is true that many wicked persons 
for stealth & murder or the like crimes, being condemned at London, 
doe there end their life. This Gallowes at midnight before, the 
Catholikes had adorned & beset with garlands, flowers & brauncbes 
round about, & had strawed the ground vndemeath with bayes & 
sweet hearbs (p. 26) which if you had seene, you would have thought 
some solemn consecration of the place had been there celebrated, or 
indeed some great tryumphe, & not any punishment to haue been 
inflicted vpon a most innocent man. All the Catholikes here did 
reioyce & scarse could contayne themselves for ioy; the people of 
other kingdomes did wounder at the constancie & alacritie of the 
Catholikes of England that being wome ¥dth so many persecutions, 
should yet be so generous in mind as to triumphe in the death of 
those who were most deare vnto them. The executioners & Sergeants 
& publike ministers of Justice were abashed and dismaied, & fretted 
thereat, yea threatned those gentlemen that commended the fact; 
sometymes they cryed out. What monster is this? Will the papists 
worship this Gallowes which wee have made as they doe their Idol ? 
So hateful & odious a thing it is to the enemeys of the faith if so be 
any honour be exhibited vnto the most stout champions thereof. 

Now they had remoued the Priest from the hurdle & had sett him 
vpon the out, haueing put the rope about his necke they begine to 
pluck of his cloathes, when he casteth among the people his hand- 
kerchife, money, points, gloues, and such like guiftes, which euery one 
so greedily did catch & make so much esteeme of, that one of his 
kinn seeing nothing to fal to his share, cryed out with a loud voyce, 
saying, O Cosen Maxfilde, will you let me your cosen, goe without 
some smal guift or other from your hands ? These are most certaine 
tokens of his innocencie when as so many, not of the abiect sort, 
but men of sound and ripe iudgement doe esteeme of things of no 
moment by (p. 97) reason of the vertue of the giuer, & doe so much 
couet & desier them ; for there is none in whom is found any species 
of honestie that in the sight of all, will desier a vdcked felowne to 
bestowe a guifte vpon him, & much lesse to beg one of a traytor & 
an enemey to his countrey. 

There was present on horse-backe, I knowe not what heretical 
peacher, named Pourcase, who also, as it is reported, had written a 
ixx)k for the Atheisme against the romaine & catholike fait&4^ This 

^ This must have been Samnel Purchas, who was the author of Purtkas^ kis 
PiigHmoit^ and this is presumably the work whidi the writer of this tiact calls "a 
\Mk ibr the Atheisme against the lomaint & catboUkt /■tth.*' >fThft descriptioB is 


good-fellowe minister challenged, with a tumulteous clamor, him to 
dispute who nowe was at the point to dye & prepared therefore. The 
Priest of Christ reiected him, saying that he was not come hither to 
dispute, but to seal with his blood, as with a signet, the autoritie & 
faith of the Catholike Church. 

The minister because he refused the challenge, vpbraided him 
crying that he was rude & ignorant of all learning, & that he could 
yeeld no reason for his faith he professed. With that one of the 
common sorte stood vp & said Fie, get thou hence with thy calumnia- 
tions; as though the papists doe make their Priests such ignorant & 
vnfit men, & send them into this kingdome. But our Martyr more 
quietly answered the minister thus ; My freind, thou hast made tryal 
before now what I am in learning & schoole-disputation ; thou knowest 
also that these things are coyned by thyne owne braine: I beseech 
thee doe not before God & this people be-ly thyselfe, against me in 
any case especialy seeing thou art to give an account of these matters 
before the same tribund vnto which I am now to be presented as a 
witnesse that all these things are but meere calumniations, (p. 28) 
But the sensles minister was more instant & vrged further saying, that 
he would vndertake for to teach a block-headed dunce of twelve 
yeares ould for to knowe as much within fouerteene dayes as our 
Priest should. Then a certaine gentleman of the company swore with a 
great oath, To the end, quoth he, thou wilt performe on this condition 
thou promisest, I will procure thee forty schollers, & for cuery one a 
large stipend to be faithfully payed vnto thee. 

The behoulders had so compassed about the Gallowes that they 
pressed the Magistrate & Officers, but the Sergeants beating them 
backe, one of them strooke the Martyr's Brother a great blow, vnto 
whom he thus spake; If this man were as neere in blood vnto thee 
as he is to me, thou wouldst, though neuer so barbarous, take it ill to 
be beaten away from his company & embracement being a dying. 
Why, who art thou? answered the Sergeant I am, quoth he, this 
Priest's Brother ; he knew him therefore & bad him be of good cheare 
& goe neerer & take his Brother by the hand, also secretly to speake 
with him. 

Moreover from the tyme that this our Martyr was lead forth of 
prison vntil his death, his countenance was exceeding pleasant & 
chearful, as it becomelh such as are designed vnto Martyrdome, in 
so much that many protestants obseruing it, swore that he often did 
smyle for ioy and seemed to contemne his death now present at hand. 
Whatsomever he spake, he vttered with mildnesse & great courage. 
Now to the end (p. 29) he might close up the last and that most 

doubtless unjust, yet not without scms foundation in fact. Purchas treated of /i« 

lUaiJUMuAf Jewish^ and SaracenkaU rtligions with their several Opinions^ 

Idolst Oractes^^ &*c. On the other hand he is prolific in denunciations of^ Popbh 
'*drauns,'* "lies," "pharasaisme,** &c A catholic, who only professed to know the 
book through * ' report," might easily speak of it as above. Purchas, who was once praised 
as '* the English Ptolmey/' has been of late severely criticised by Professor Laughton 
in the Dictwnary of National Biograffy, He describes himself as "Minister of 
Eastwood in Essex." He is also laid to have held the Rectory of St. Martin's, 
f«1gitfg. R. Newooorty R^^nrtmrimm Beektmdcmm Fmr^ehitU Lmditunu^ I» i. 


happie period of his life, he turned himselfe to the multitude, (who 
were about fouer thousand persons, and amongst them certaine of our 
cheife Gentrie,) and spake thus: I, Coun trey-men, after many labours in 
studie vndertaken, retoumed into this my countrey with a mind not 
to peruert any, or to withdrawe them from their fidelitie towards their 
king, the which I alwaies coueted might be kept inviolable, euen with 
my blood ; but rather to reduce men's soules vnto the auncient faith 
of their predecessors & of the Catholike Church out of which there 
is no saluation. Neither did I intrude myselfe or came without any 
sending, or as a theefe & robber did I enter, as it is the condition 
& propertie of protestant-ministers so to doe; but I came fenced 
& confirmed with the sacred & that most heigh autoritie of the 
Apostolical sea from whence St Augustine & his company came in 
tymes-past, who first of all brought the light of the true faith into 
this kingdome of Saxons, being wrapt within the darknesse of Idolatrie. 
Judge yee now whither yee will accounte your first Apostles vnfaithfull 
& false traytors to this countrey, for neither can yee condemne me 
a man of the same faith & religion with them, confirmed with the 
same autoritie for to exercise the same function which they have 
exercised, but that also yee will accuse them to be guiltie of the same 
crime of treason as me yee have. Out of this exordium of his speech 
he seemed to be willing to add many things more whereby to cleere 
such Priests as are in England firom matters of treason, as also to 
shewe that that faith which our English now cal the ould religion, is 
(p. 30) the only saluation of soules, but the Shyreve commaunded him 
to silence, & the hangman to execute his office. Then conuerting 
himselfe to God he earnestly prayed him that he would protect the 
king, queene and royal progenie, togither with their kingdomes & 
people, that he would driue away & expel from them all euils as well 
spiritual as temporal, that liveing here in peace they might at length ^ 
enioy an eternal happines. He prayed likewise for his persecutors 
forgiuing them this their sinn against him, & confessed that he forgave 
all those willingly who had any hand or counsel ^n this shedding of 
his blood. Twice or thrice he gave his benediction vnto all that were 
about him, which the greatest part receaved with their heads vncouered 
& inclined downe. At last lifting up his eyes & hands towards 
heauen he inuocated the diuine assistance, the Catholikes aideing him 
with their prayers & teares, of which I am an eye-witnesse. But 
whilst he repeated often amongst others this saying: In manus tuas 
Damine cammendo spiritum meum ; vnder this prayer some of them 
drew from vnder him the cart wherein he stood & so left him hanging 
at the Gallowes. By & by the Sergeants were moueing their halberts 
to cut the rope, that so leaping downe on the grounde half-aliue he 
might feel the greater paine by their disboweling of him. But many 
of the Gentrie taking this hainously cryed out against them, saying it 
was barbarous & tyrannical to search with knife & hand the entrals 
of a liue man ; they should therefore let him hang vntil he was quite 
dead: (p. 31) wherefore after he had hung a quarter of an houer, the 
rope being cut he was disboweled, and his hart togither with al the 
rest of bis entrals, were cast into a ficr thereby; but his body quartered 

4^ ' THie imp Alf# ilAM»«Oiltt 

infotler'paits ft his head cut froia thie body wei^ all buried ne«e 
vnto the Gallowes. Whilst all these things were in acting, wee Catho- 
likes who had before implored for him the diuine assistance, did now 
beseech him, as being arived at the hauen of glorie, to render by his 
prayers the eternal maiestie propicius ynto vs. 

The Magistrate had proclamed vnder paine of imprisonment, that 
none should touch or presume to take with him any of the blood or 
flesh of the Priest, or so much as the strawe that was sprinkled with 
his blood, or any diing of his garments. Neither yet could they looke 
so narrowly to this comaund of his, but that many did expose them- 
sehies to the daunger of imprisonment to the end thejr might departe 
rich with such holy pledges & carry them away to their houses. 

The same morning & same place, thirteene other male-factours 
were hanged for other wickednesse. But when the martyrdome of the 
Priest was ended, almost al the whole multitud departed, as disdaining 
to be present at the deathe of others. Also very early in the morning 
before that our "Martyr was brought out of the prison, they had 
pronided a wooman who had kill^ her husband, to be burned in 
Smithfilde, to the end they might withdrawe many of the spectatours 
from this our tragedie; but all in vaine, (p. 32) for all that were of 
any condition & unto whom their necessarie businesse could give them 
leaue, did accompany the Martyr ft guarded him on each side vpon 
horses, others had occupied places in the streetes, others to see him 
dye went before into the fieldes. For naturally wee esteeme no sight 
more fietmous or goodly then to see a man, singular for his merits ft 
pietie, but compassed with most bad fortune to fight nevertheles 
with a most valiant ft heigh courage of minde, for there are battels 
fought which no doubte shall haue happie euents; there euery most 
paineful labour is a most ioyful matter of glorie; there to dye is to 
rise etemaly, ft there to merit to dye is the beginning of a life most 
fluent with the fellowship ft participation of all good things. 

The woonted fruits ft benefit of soules followed by this Martyrdome, 
for many by this example were inflamed to undergoe the like ; others 
made more courageous in their faith; those who wauered were con- 
firmed, who before beleeued not, now were moued to embrace the 
Catholike faith. To conclude, the tesrimonie of our true faith is seene 
for the most part vnto all, to be renowned, famous ft most firme : wee 
are brought indeed into these tymes that vnto many, most frequent 
examples are shewen of such deuorion ft constande towards God ft 
the Catholike Church. 

I cannot keep silent the singular pietie ft botildnesse of a certaine 
woeman. Some gaue vnto the Shyreue thanks for that he permitted 
the Priest to hang vntil he was dead; but she supposing also that 
thanks ought to be rendred by her, but vnto a better Maister, ft for 
a greater benefit, cryed out so that all might heare her; (p. 33) Gloria 
in Excelsis Deo ; for the Conuersion of England ; for the Conuersion of 
England. Certainly it seemed vnto Uiis pious woeman that next after 
the passion ft merits of Christ, such stones as were pulled by schisme 
away firom the Church, could not be conioyned againe by any other 
lime or iMrttr then by thesacied blood of theManyrsof Chritl; nor 

or yn( MAxrii^th; piftfei^'* 47«' 

could it be but that the earth being sowed & watered therewith most 
abundantly should in short space bring forth most delightful fruits of 
the true Catholike faith, togither with such solide vertues as therence 
doe proceede & bud forth. 

The Magistrate & Sergeants had vnderstood that Catholikes were 
very earnest & desierous of [the] holy Martyrs reliques. Therefore to 
deceaue them of their hope, they open a pit of a wounderous depth 
& therein cast the tome & severed body, & vpon it they laye two 
other putrified carkasses of two malefactors that had layne stincking 
in rottennesse & w^ a mounth before they had hanged & buried 
vnder ground; then upon these they pyle those thirteen bodys that 
were scene that day put to death, & so at last covered all with a 
great heape of earth, supposing by this meanes none would be so 
bcMild, or rather so mad, as Siey thought, to bestowe so great a 
labour, & to feel those stenches in digging out so many carkasses as 
there were put in, knowing it withall to be forbidden on paine of 
death. Notwithstanding the deuotion & bouldnesse of the faithful 
ouercame the counsel of the heretikes, for being inuironed with 
darknesse & defended with a strong arme, they dig forth the members 
with the head, & carrie them away to be kept with honour & 

It was reputed a wonder (p. 34) or indeed the prouidence of 
Almightie God, for when they had laboured al night & yet had not 
obtained their desiers, the white and beautiful dawning of the day 
appearing, did oppresse and terrefie these pious theeues, & fearing the 
morning labours of the husbandmen, as also the multitude of the 
passengers on the heigh way, their harts failed them & altogither 
despaired of ever obtaining what they desired. When therefore this 
they meditated onely, & how they might betake themselves safely 
into the citie, behould sodainly such a misty darknesse from aboue by 
the interposition of a most thidce cloud did compasse them, as that 
more through the vse of their eares then their sight they discerned 
on another. Being therefore thus secure of the diuine presence, they 
make an end of what was lefte of their labour; they dig forth the 
reliques and retoume ioyful & enriched with those sacred pledges. 
When they had now placed them in their houses out of all daunger, 
the mist straitwayes was dispersed as if it had thus onely serued 
with its darknesse to hide that pious thefte. God is woont to moderate 
every thing with that sweetnesse, that, whom he doth crowne with honor 
& glorie in heauen, the same these dumbe Elements & intercourses of 
things might waite vpon on earth, & this to the end he himselfe might 
be admirable in his Saints, & wee truely sing that of the psalmist 
Nimis honorati sunt amid tut Deus^ nimis confttrtmtus est prindpaius 
earum, — "Thy freindes, O God, are become honourable exceedingly, 
their principsditie is exceedingly strengthened.'* 

After that the Martyr was condemned he had begnne an Epistle the whieh he 
could netter absolue, by reason of many resorting then often vnto him, as also the 
Sergeants searching. Notwithstanding wee thought it worthy, least it should be lost, 
to add the fragment as a testament of the most holy Man, 




IVA^n now I had bid adue vnto the worlds &* onefy a Jewe houres 
dtsiayned me 6^ deaths thither doe I bestowe all my care &* thoughts^ that 
those to whom I was most conioyned by bloud in this life^ I might haue 
companions and partakers with me in an eternal^ vnto which I now goe. 
That therefore which I doe beseech 6* beg of you by the bowels of hue 6- 
perfect Charitie^ 6* by these last wordes of me your brother now laying 
dmvne his life for the faiths is, that ifyte hue your Soulds Salvation, or haue 
in esteeme God Almighties honour, yee haue care so to Hue in this world 
that yee may Hue also etemafy. Yee hould the best forme of all, embrace 
it therefore, folhwe after Justice 6* imitate the excellent pietie of a good 
Christian; abhorre ail vices &* sinnful staine of the minde: conserve peace 
w^ your neighbours, for whose life vertue doth accompanie, a sempiternal 
ghrie will folhwt their death. There is no need for me to pricke yee 
forewards with any other spurrs then with this, which though it be a 
domestical, yet is it a most cleere example of pietie, our father I meane, 
obserue him therefore before your eyes, who suffering frequent persecutions 
for faith ^justice did also at last undergoe with a chearful 6^ courageous 
minde the most vniust sentence of death 



Six Original Letters op the Martyr 
and an account of his reucs. 

FiTC of the leren autograph letters here printed, are now in the Archives of the 
See of Westminster, and have not yet been pabliaiied, or at least not integrally. 
Letters II» V, VI, and VII are kept apart in a small portfolio. The third and 
fourth are at St. Edmund's College, Ware, and have been printed by Dr. Burton in 
The Edmundian for January, 1903, but not in the original spelling in which, with his 
kind aid, they now appear. 

As might have M«n expected, they illustrate the generosity, piety and amiability 
of the Martyr in a way whicii no biographer could possibly do. They are, however, 
written with a certain studied obscurity, usual in Catholic correspondence of this 
date, for there was always the danger of a letter being intercepted, and proving fiital 
both to writer and friends if its meaning was too clear. A certain disaplina arcani 
was therefore used ; Catholics were generally mentioned under fdgned names, and 
Catholic institutions of all sorts are alluded to very indefinitely. This was found to 
be as a rule safer than the use of ciphers, which at once attracted attention and 
raised suspicions, even where they were not understood. Letters like our Martyr's 
mifiiit seem at first glance to contain no secrets at alL Nevertheless, the difficulty in 
onderstanding them is greater than appears, and a few words of introduction to each 
will be appropriate. 

The letters begin with the return of Mazfield from Donay. He landed, be says, 
on July 22, 161 5, at Ratdifie, a riverside hamlet, the name of which has gradually 
vanished since the fire of 1794. Limehouse Docks have swallowed up much of the 
site, and the once celebrated Ratcliffe Highway is now lost in the prosaic name of 
Commercial Road. The Martjrr at once oetook himself to a Mr. Harries, a priest 
and a prisoner in the Gatehouse, evidently "the most intimate friend" mentioned 
in the life, and, as apfiears Orom the close of thit letter and from Na IV, an inter* 


mediary between Maxfield and the Seminary at Douay. When the records of this 
period have been better arranged, we shall no doubt be able to identify him and 
most of the other persons referred to, though at present I cannot ascertain who he 
was, and believe the name to have been an alias. 

As Maxfield thinks it necessary to explain why he has stayed in London, we 
may perhaps assume that his original plan was the usual one of returning to his native 
county, in this case to Staffordshire. But he did not at first find "an opportunitie 
to traffic in his trade,** that is a vacant post or chaplaincy. So he patiently "set 
up his staff" in London because of certain business, and then found other good work 
to his hand. 

The business was in reality not his, but that of his correspondent, William 
Ferrar. This man afterwards rose to some distinction among the secular cler^, and 
was appointed their "agent** at Rome. (Dodd, Church History ^ vol. ii, p. 3^.) At 
present there were two cousins of his, Marie and Anne Golding, who desired to be 
nuns, though, because of the above-mentioned need of secrecy, this word is not once 
mentioned. The Goldings belonged to the Nottingham fainily of Coulston Basset 
The eldest brother, Edward, whose marriage with Eleanor Throgmorton is men- 
tioned later, was the first baronet of that line. In his old age he beaime a Capachin, 
and died at Rouen. Frances is mentioned in the Visitation of 16 14 (Harleian MSS.» 
1555 and 1400) as his eldest sister, of whom we now hear that she has marri^ a 
vounger son of the great Yorkshire family of Ingleby. Judging firom the tone of 
her conversation with our Martyr, she seems to have been a l^otestant, though "by 
nature a right Goulding.** He more or less reconciles her with the idea, vmich at 
first seemed " impossible," of the sisters becoming nuns, and hoped that he might 
be able to do her more good later. 

Marie and Anne both entered convents, Marie among the Carmelites at Gravelines, 
where she was professed in 161 7, being then 22 years of age, and was afterwards 
transferred to Aire. As to Anne, it would seem almost certain that she is to be 
identified with the Ursula Golding of whom a fairly long history is told in the 
Chronicle of St. Monicc^s at Lottvain (Ed. Hamilton, 1905, vol. i, p. 197), the more 
so as Sister Mary Alphonsus, to whom I am indebted for most of this information, 
tells me that from certain variants in another MS. copy of their chronicle, she 
surmises that Sister Theresa (as Ursula or Anne afterwards became) had actually 
been with the Carmelites before she came to Louvain. 

The connection of Ferrar with these Goldings I am unable to determine, nor 
that with "cousin Hughesbies," nor with the " two good cousins with you.*' (5«^ 
Letters HI and IV.) It would also be interesting to find the name of Ferrar*s 
brothers. The first mentioned of them, though he remained "steefe** in his 
Protestantism, was very kind to Maxfield, becommg an intermediary for his letters, 
and even visiting him when in prison. The " Panin's eamine of bakine eatine att 
Pimligoe *' would seem to be a sort of quaint password from brother to brother, 
piresamably referring to some joke or adventure. 

In the latter half of the letter comes a lament "concerning my boocks.'* 
Perhaps there is nothing more here than meets the eye ; not improbably, however, 
his whole store of vestments and "church stuffe** may have been racluded under this 
title. The reference to the " verie wise, prudent and religiose man, Mr. Carie,'* is 
probably also of greater importance than it may seem to be. The Martyr has 
niUierto made no allusion to the Archpriest and Assistants, under whose jurisdiction 
he had now passed. Perhaps one of these dignitaries is here alluded to, possibly 
Collington, wno is mentioned again in Letter VI. 

The following letter is from the Westminster Archives, voL xiv, p. 429:— 

Good M' Farare. 

As I haue once and againe from S^ Omers and Duncker 
writt vnto y», soe now the 3. time from London, wher on St Marie 
Magdaline day att night I and my copanion safly arrived, putting 
a shore att Ratclef Aora mma^ and since haue had soe good success 
in all my busines and freindly entertainment of those to whom by 


M' [? P]^ (whom always I most esteeme no other then my ffather) I 
was commended ; y* w**»out impeachment of a thankful! and grateful! 
mind I cannot but impute it to his sacred protection, in whose power 
I euer repossed a firme hope^ qma nunquam derdinquit presumentes 
in se. Hetherto I liaue no opportunie to trafficlc in my trade, but 
most liaue patience, as my frends te!l me, till time worke a way. I 
haue takin a Chamber in the Strand, wher M' Harries directed me ; 
fhigall I most be, yet honest means I hope I shall not want ; I haue 
resolued here to sett vp my stafe till micheelmasse terme. 

I haue M*^ fiarare bine more carefiill of the busines in y' Cosins 
behalfe then y" could haue desiered me, and but to day spooke w^^ 
f^ Brother informing him as much as y» requested me in that busines : 
how itt stands he will informe y" by letter. The munnie should haue 
bine payed y" three weecks since according to order taken by her 
freinds. I recommended y" to him in the best manner, he much 
wonders what y*' maine, as he sayeth to spend y' selfe in vnprofitable 
studies, when he thinketh y« are lemed enugh, as y' letter to him and 
his brother made good remonstrance. He vsed me as kindly as I had 
bine his Brother. I put him in mind of the Parsins gamine of 
bakine eatine att Pimligoe. 

I was lywise w^ y' Cosin Frances Go[uldling now a married wife 

to a Yorkshier Gentleman of ^ hundred a yeare. I saluted her 

from her sister Marie who writt to her by me, and certyfied her of all 
her sisters courses and resolution, as M*^ Marie willed me. Whereatt 
she sometime did sigh saying, Alas will she take such a course and 
not retume ? and much other good conference we had of her and her 
sister Anne, att w<^ she euer feched a deepe sigh : but I finding her 
by nature to be a right Goulding, and my selfe well disposed to talke, 
did vnfould to her their contentment and y^ albeit their worldly freinds 
might thinke them fooles to [? disposses] them selues of all good 
fortune and preferment ; yet soe Christ fooles y^ thei would not change 
their estates to be made Queens of the earth ; at w<^ she seemed to 
be amazed as vnpossible, yet exceeding glad to heare so well of them, 
she meaneth to writt backe to them. I shall peraduenture haue further 
occasion of [p. 430] more familiaritie w^^ her. Y' Cosin [. .] Edward 
is married some 8 mounth a goe to M"* Frogmorton, who brought 
him two thousand pounds as y' Brother tould me — y" shall here of 
these matters from such as can better informe y*' then I. 

Concerning my boocks, M' Farare, I was the [most] vnfortunate 
man aliue, who through foolish persuasion of diuers att St Omers 
obiecting the impossibilitie of conueance and theminent danger to 
hazard my selfe w'** them, leaft them at S* Omers with M' Acton, 
being promised to have them sent by safere means, but after thei 
certified me being att Duncker reddie to goe, y* thei could not procure 
any means, when in the mean time I lost the best opportunitie y^ euer 
was to haue passed them ouer. I am now in great hazard to lose 
them all, except by this bearer any thing may be done. TheiQ are 


Probably P^or " Pcmbcrton," i.#. Dr. Kcllison. 

MS. dcnctiTQu ^ MS.f tlKir* 


yet I suppose w**» M' Acton as I gaue direction from Dundter, if I 
can vse noe meane to procure them brought, I will writt heareafter 
that thei may be sent to y", and if their bee any charges in returning 
them backe to y", I will defray it I pray as not only a freind but 
as my brother of whom I most euer account, yt, if it so hapine out, 
y" haue specially care of them. I would make noe boones if I were 
a gayne to come ouer to conueaye a whole truncke full of bookes 
ouer, but nothing in such busines is a greater enimie then feare 
ingendred vpon some accident, yt happeneth once in 3 or 4 yeares. 
My copanion was att all shadoes soe fearfully distracted y* I would 
not for 20 powneds we had come in any danger, he would haue 
betread a loo men, soe much it importeth w^ whom a man cometh. 
I my selfe was thought by other passingares to be some panieos,^ 
though in English attire, or some other carelesse Fellow, as after the 
Sceeper being asked did answere. This for those matters. 

Newes here their is none, their is a Spanish ladyif" y^hath much 
labored for to [? delyver] some prisoners, but cannot preuayle, except 
she would passe her honorable word y* thei should not retume agayne 
into England. I was this day w^ M*" Carie whoe vsed me most 
respectedly, giueing me both good Counsell, aduise and direction w^ 
a Angell of Gould ; hereafter I shall haue much comfort from him as 
I hope surely he is a verie wise prudent and religiouse man. If y° 
aske why I should desier to liue in London I answere because it is 
a place whose abomination will make a man to abandon ye world, if 
any thing in the world will; for it will make any religiouse hart 
greeue to see, heere and obserue y* extreme impietie pride and iniquitie 
y^ reaigneth in London. And the greatest playge of all, as some wise 
men haue tould me, is y^ forreine Catholike princes seeme not to 
compassionate w'^ vs, or once to speake in our behaulfe for a mittiga- 
tion, such as Catholikes giue to sectaries in other nations. 

M*^ farare I presume to writt to y° these friuolous lines to desier 
y" as opportunitie shall seme to writt to me, and if in any thin^ I can 
plesure y^ y° know Thomas Field. What I say, if itt be possible He 
performe. It is time now to cease, wherfore I bid y^ farewell knowing 
y" will doe my commendations to all in particulare. Forgett not to pray 
for y' freinde, who since he parted w**» y», neuer hath had opportunitie 
to say ( )§ for him selfe or any other. A die, M' farare. Direct y' 
letter to y' brother or M*" Harries att gatehouse. Agane farewell. 

Julie the 16, w'^* y» 26, 
y' euer as his one Jhon Cleaton. 

Y'^Cosio Frauncise husbands name is Inglebie. A younger Brother 
but of verie good meanes. 

4e P«MWQr. Thif word is Tcry obscurely written. The italicised letters mig^ 
respectively be o, rt, d, us «r ur. The sense seems to reauire some contemptuous 
or fimiilimr Frendi word in au anglicised form, e,g. Pantaloon, Panuige, Panier (a 
senring man), &c. 

f Dofia Louisa de Carrajal died on January 2, 1614. So this must be some 
successor in her good work. 

( 5*1^ in MS. 


Addressed. To his highly respected Freinde M' Will Farare these 
giue, att his Chamber, 

Endorsed, i6. al. 26. Julij 161 5. 

[il " Letters writt by M' Maxfield the martyr." 
[ijj [In another hand] "Letters writt by M' Maxefielde 
our martyr to M' Farrare." 


The next letter, if read without tny comment, will seem a somewhat obscure 
effusion. The clue to it is given by Bbnop Challoner, who writes under the heading 
of Robert Sutton (the first of the two martyrs of that name) : *' I have at present 
before me a letter written from England by Mr. John Cleaton, an eye-witness 
[Challoner did not know this was an alias of our Martjr], concerning a person 
possened by a furious devil, who was wonderfully delivered by the relics of 
Mr. Robert Sutton." Challoner had before him not our original, but a copy sent 
him by Dr. Alban Butler, which is still preserved at Oscott Coll^, Birmingham, 
and ot which a copy has been kindly supplied me by the Rev. C. E. Evans. I 
cannot discover whether the Martyr ever sent the fuller "notice and intelligence" 
of the afbir, as he ''hoped'' to be able to do, or whether, if he did so, it sdll 

The most interesting point seems to be the connection between Maxfield and 
the martyr whose relics were used during the exorcism. The venerable Robert 
Sutton had been arrested, it seems, while visiting certain Catholic prisoners in 
Stafford Gaol, and amongst them, William Macclesfield (or Maxfield), our Martyr^s 
fiither. On this Sutton was condemned and executed, and Macclesfield sentenced 
to death, a sentence which was afterwards commuted to imprisonment for life, and 
this, in turn, led to our Martyr having been born in prison. It is therefore easy to 
conjecture with what earnestness he would have assistea at the weird scene, to which 
here, under the disciplina arcani of which we have spoken, he can only vaguely 

The mention of the relic of Sutton is also of interest, because it is highly 
probable that the identical relic b actually preserved amongst us stilL Father John 
Gerard relates that when one of Father Sutton's quarters was carried off by Catholics 
from the place where it had been exposed, it was found that the thumb and fore- 
finger, which had been anointed at his ordination, remained intact, though the rest 
of the bones had been picked clean by the birds. Father Gerard (who oy the way 
differs from the above quoted authority as to the place of Sutton's arrest, and states 
that it took place "in the house of a relative of mine") obtained the thumb, had 
it enclosed in a fine reliquaiy, which, with Gerard's authentication, is still preserved 
at Stonyhurst Colltf^e. Writing from abroad in 1630, Gerard says the relic was then 
still in England. \Acts 0/ En^ish Martyrs^ pp. 323-326.) It may therefore have 
been the identical relic referred to by Maxfiela. 

There exists also a smaller relic of the same martyr, a piece of bone 1} inches 
long, with the contemporary inscription, '* A reli(]ue of B. Fa. Sutton Mar.," enclosed 
in a silver reliquary, about 3 inches long, inscnbed '* Ven. F. Rob. Sutton Mar.,'* 
which belonged to the Blundells of Crosby. 

The names of Edward Johnson, who conducted the exorcism, and of Mr. Smith, 
who inauired into it, I have not been able to identify. In Letter IV he speaks 
again ot *' Mr. Edmonds, with you called Johnson," of whom ''the world ringeth." 

The letter is addresed to Mr. Mathew Pemberton #r Penberton, an alias for 
Dr. Kellison, of whose relations to the writer more must be said under Letter V. 
There is no date, but the mention of a letter from Kellison, shows that a month or 
so must have elapsed since Maxfield had come to England. 

The Oscott copy is found at page 339 of a volume with the title in Dr. Kirk's 
hand, " Alban Butler's ColUcti^ for Bp, CkalUmer's Lives of Missionary Priests. 
Given me by Charles Butler, Esq. The copy is not in Albian Butler's hand, but 
he has added the headline, *' From an origiiuU letter without any direction." 


WorshippftiU S' 

More then the remembrance of my loue and humble dutie 
w^ all harttie thankes for your worthy consell and admonitions (w^ I 
purpose euer by gods assistance to hyde in sinu meo and vigilently to 
obserue tanquam monita patema) it shall not be needfull at this 

E present to writt by this bearer, to whom^ I haue imparted the whole 
miserable]^ estate of my present condition and what else I desire y' 
worshipp to be made acquainted w'** all ; and especially of a wonder- 
full worke here latly effected by the great power and goodnesse of 
god, and by the merits mediation and reliques of his holy S^ and 
martyr of y** house (by name Robert Sutton) and also by the minis- 
terie of one Edward Jhonsonne schoUer and priest of y** house well 
known to many w'^ y", to the admiration and astonishment of all, and 
no lesse comfort to all well disposed y' ether saw it (w^ were many 
of good worth, vnderstanding and great pietie), for y' the businesse 
was halfe a yeare in hand, in w<* interim as many [came] as durst for 
the seeming* ineuitable danger through the horreble lowd noise and 
rowring of the Diuill as though he would haue raised the whole downe, 
but more to affright the spectatours as it proued, then the discreing^ 
of the businesse, w<* was his malicious purpose as after he confessed. 
And this truly was a wonder if not a miracle, y^ soe terrable and 
extreame noise should be confined w*^ in the precincts of a Chamber, 
all windows doores and other passiges lying open, on ether' hand of 
it : and the relation of the beginning progresse and issue together w^ 
most remarcable circumstances y' did occurre in the same businesse, 
all w^ haue bine so diligently examined by such as best might, I 
meane M*" Smith and others and confirmed w^ such vndeniable proofes 
as thei confesse to the glorie of god and confusion of his enimies: 
hie erat digitus dei. 

The rest I remitt to the bearers relation, till I can gett an exact 
copie of the whole w<* I hope wilbe shortly. What he shall tell y" 
from me I protest, being my selfe to the most an eye witnesse, to be 
true. And thus much I thought good in breefe to giue y" to vnder- 
stand of yS wherof hereafter I hope y" will haue a fuller notice and 
intelligence. Soe god protect y" w*^ all y" and make me partaker of 
y'goodpmyers. You«^euer most j^^n Beaton. 

Addressed, To the woH* : M** Mathew Pembertine these. 
Endorsed. W Maxfields Ire. 


A great change has come OTer our Martyr since the last letter. He was anested 
on November ist, and has now passed three weeks in prison. Nevertheless, he 
begins with a joke, was "verie merrie,*' and "never better content," for his cause 
made " the pressure of his prison verie pleasant" His lament is for the loss of his 

^ Oscott MS. befiips here. 

* MS. obscure. The Oscott MS. reads, "y« miserable state." 

* MS. obscure. Oscott MS. reads "as many as durst forseeing." 
*MS. obscure. Oscott MS., "deferring." 

« MS. obscure. Probably " eyer." Oscott : " nor yet heard of it" 


"church stufTe" and missal, and he begs Farrer to send him another. In the next 
note we hear that the missal has been sent, though Maxfield had not yet received it 

He complains also of being "polled" by tne prison keepers, and in the next 
note speaks of their " greedy exactions." The proof is clear. The regular fees for 
the Gatehouse charge in 1603 were 12s, 4d, the week for priests and ix)orer prisoners, 
and 16s. ^, for the well-toHlo, 3|c so that the charge of 20. a week imposed on our 
Martyr would seem to be exactly twice as much as could be justified. In his last 
letter Maxfield calls himself the "poor debtor" to Kellison, and the words seem to 
have been em|>loyed in their literal sense. Presumably he had to draw on the 
generosity of friends for his sustenance in prison. 

" Y' M'" seems to mean Your Master, i.e. Dr. Kellison, the President, to whom 
he probablv wrote by the same bearer. Mr. Bamame Mounke, the pursuivant 
Bonnie, and Hierome, Canterbury's man, are all unknown quantities. Mounk may 
perhaps be not a name, but a descriptive epithet, signifying that Mr. Barnham was 
a Benedictine. 

Good Mr. Farrare, 

Al health to y' person and libertie to me. I am now a 
poore prisoner att the Gatehouse, where y" may be sure to find me. 
The manner of my apprehention inquire of y' M'. I am verie merrie, 
thankes be to God, and never better content My cause releeveth 
all other aggreevances and maketh the pressure of prisonment verie 
pleasant Our c6pany is to our contentment Here is y' ould frend 
Mr. Bamame Mounke. We drink to y" often, although wee eate but 
once a day, and yet lye att 25X. charges a weeke, soe are we pould. 

Y' good brother vouchsafeth to visite us some times whom yet 
God's spirrite hath not visited, for y^ he remaineth steefe in his opinion. 
The pursuivant Bonnie tooke all my Church stuffe and w^ all my 
Missall w<* did most greeve me and more for y* it is not to be had 
agayne. All other things I hope to gett out of his hands by Hierome's 
meanes, Canterburie's man. If y« could send me at once such another 
of the best manner, I should thinke my selfe extreemely behoulding 
to y". I will defray the charges, God will, faithfully to y" or any other 
as y«* shall give me direction. Thuse wishing y« to doe my best 
coinendation to all good Frends, I end this 22 of Novem., 1615, 

Y*" poore bedsman Thomas Maxfield, for I am now 
become my selfe and confessed my name to London, for 
y* he knewe it before. 
I beseech y" forgett me not 
to yr two good cosins w*^ y«», and 
wish them to pray for me. 

To his very especially approved friend, 

Mr. Will. Farrare, these give. 


So far from ^tiling under the strain of imprisonment, the Martyr's spirits have 
now risen higher still. "This night" (words wnich indicate that the letter also was 
written at night stealthily) he has l)ecn cheered by good news from Dooay. The 
college had of late come under the vigorous administration of Dr. Kellison, Maxfield*s 
hero, and we may suppose that some new benefit of his rule had then declared 
itself. With regard to affairs in England, he was ''at the height of hopeful expecta- 
tion, for that boides Catholics are strongly confident, even the pillars of protestancy 
shake with fear, and, I hope, shortly will ruinate." It is hard to conjecture what 

3|c The Gatefaoose bills will appear in a intiire vohmie of ^bc CmiMu Record 
Socuty, together with the oootinuatioo of the Tower bills. 

or MR. ItAXnSLD, PRIB8T 5$ 

the Martyr had in mind here. The immediate future did not justify his hopes, and 
it was not for some years, when the n^odations for the Spanish match were well 
advanced, that the lot of the Catholics improved. On the contrary, the persecution 
was then nowing sharper ; blood had b^n to flow again on the scafTolds, and he 
was himself to suffer soon. 

Still, there were some grounds for the Martyr^s anticipations. Queen Anne of 
Denmark was becoming more earnest in her Catholicism, 3|c and King James had just 
made up his mind to prosecute the match with Spain. We have already seen in 
the Life and at the end of the first letter how much importance Max field attached 
(and rightly) to the intercession of foreign Catholic powers. 

Several of the persons to whom he here commends himself, can be identified. 
"My most dear Master Mr. Pemb." is of course Dr. Kellison. <*Mr. Rosse with 
all of your ranke," vrill be the same as the Gulielmus Rosseus who, with seven 
others, was of the same " ranke " or standing at Douay as Farrer, and had been 
ordained priest with him. {Douay Diaries^ p. 21.) *'Mr. Lowe and his sons*' (or 
at least the sons), will be the Gulielmus Lous and Joannes Leus [sic] mentioned in 
the same place. " Edmundus Stratford ** also occurs, but he is perhaps too late to be 
identified with " Mr. Starford." 

Rd. Sr. ^•^'^• 

This night I saw a letter of y" to Mr Harries wch gave me 
surely great cause of comfort to understand y' matters wth y" are come 
to so good an issue, and I hope God will verifie his pmise patientia 
pauperu non peribit in fine. Long we have suffered an almost un- 
supportable burden both here and ther, but I hope ere long our 
sorrowes will raeete in a point of joyfull exultation, for as y" writt, 
things goe well w'^ y", so certainly here matters were never att y* 
height of hopefull expectation as the are now. For y' besides Catholikes 
are strongly confident, even the pillers of protestancy shake wth feare 
and, I hope, shortly will ruinate. Comend the matter to God in yr 
good prayers and expect awhile wth patience. 

I have not yet, good Sr, the Miss: y" sent me, but I hope I shall 
shortly ; the monie howsoever, I will shortly send y". If I misse not 
in my purpose [y"] shall heare ere long of my libertie. It is well y' 
you receyved the gloves I sent y**. I would fitt you w^ more such 
comodities if my purse would speake or my keeppresse not too 
greedelie exact of me. 

Commend me, I beseech, first and cheefly to my most deare 
Master, Mr Pemb., to Mr Rosse wth all of y*" ranck. To Mr Lowe 
and his sonns, to Mr Starfort The newes is here y* for certaine the 
next week Sumersett is to be arayned att Westminster, were the scaf- 
foulds are all readdie made, for it should have bine the Wensday 
last, but the king caused it to be deferred, but it is not knowen 
wherfore yet 

Mr Edmonds wth y" called Johnsonn, the world ringeth of but 
wth diverse sounds for y^ his workes amaze the world. Y* shall here 
more hereafter to yr cofort, I doubt not, and soe farewell in Christ 
Jesus. Pray for me I beseech y". This 18 of Maye. 

Yours ever as his owne, Tho. Field, 
because soe it pleaseth y° 
still to style me. 

i$, A Pftpal brief praising her on this score, was sent her on May 12, 1616. 
(Vatican Aichivet, InikiiUrra, Scotia, Ibimia^ f. 158. See also Engiisk HisUricml 
Mmm. Dec, 1905.) 


Your Cosein Hughesbie is, thankes be to God, w**» child Her 

sister the youngest one was w*^ me almost a whole aiter- 

noune. She is now gone downe into the countrie and her father is 
thought to be about to marrie her, if he can pcure a good husband 
for her. 
Addressed, To his most approved good Mr Will. Farrare be these 


Perhaps the most significant sentence in the last letter was, "If I miss not in 
my purpose you shall hear ere long of my liberty.'' This open statement perhaps 
alludes to some attempt to gain freedom by open means ; but, however this may be, 
he soon after made an attempt to escape secretly, with the result already known, 
and now he writes as a doomed man. 

In Letters V and VI he bids adieu to Xellison and Farrer, the dearest friends 
he has in the world. Of his warm affection for Kellison every letter in this series 
speaks unaffectedly. In the first he is one "whom always I most esteem, no other 
ttian iny father." In the second he offers him "the remembrance of his love and 
humble dutie with all hearty thanks for his worthy counsel and admonitions." In 
the third and sixth the mention is not foigotten, though no comment is added. 
In the fourth, "my most dear Master." In this his devotion to his Alma Mater 
and to its most worthy President overflows. Never have they received a nobler 
tribute of praise. 

The youth here commended with so much kindly consideration, persevered in 
his vocation. Edward Kinsman, of London, was made priest at Donay on the 
24th of October, 1627. (Douay Diaries, p. 22.) 

This letter is partly printed in Chaihner, 

Most R* I- H. S. 

And deare ffather. As in duty I am bound neuer to forgett 
y«, who haue euer had so tender and fatherly care of me; so now 
especially I most in no waye omitt to writt to y°, being peraduenture 
the last time y' euer I most salute you: for y* now I expect w'^ some 
hope (if so an vnworthy a wreatch may presume to hope for so great 
a dignitie) to end my days in the iust quarrell of my lord and maister 
Christ Jesu. 

I suppose good S*" ere this it is come to y' notice of my attempt 
out of the gate house, and how it hath pleased god to dispose of 
me and deliuere me agayne into the hands of my enimies, who 
apprehending me put me to suffer some vnvsuall afliction and miserie, 
the particulare relation wherof I chouse rather to remitt to some other 
then my selfe to be the reporter. From thence I was remoued by 
speciall warrant to Newgate, whence as all men tell me I am to be 
produced to my answere vpon Wensday or Tursday next, ther to rece)rue 
my tryall on lyfe or death, the happiest newes and tydings y^ euer I 
hard. God giue me stremgth and courage, and make me worthy to 
glorifie his gloriouse ni by my death, and to fill vp the nuber of 
my glorified Brethren y^ are gone before me. I thinke my selfe most 
happie y' I branched out and still remeane a member of y^ blessed 
house of Dowaye, y* hath afforded to our poor barren Contrye so 
much good and happie seed. I am therfore yours and so will Hue 
and dye. Let me therfore deare flfather be made partaker of y** good 
prayers, and comend me I beseech y" to all my good and deare 
beloued Brethren, whose happinesse I wish euer as my owne, and I 
will neuer cease god willing to pray for you and them and the 


prosperitie of that house both in lyfe and after death. I am forced 
deare good S' to be breefe through the much copanie, y^ coeth to me 
att this present, and other necessarie businesse. But I hope y" will 
pardon me and accept of thes as a token of a great good will. I am 
your poore debter and if I Hue I will on day defray all, if otherways 
I know y^ will remitt it 

Deare S' I make bould in thes ensuing tymes hably to intreat and 
request y*' in the behaulfe of this bearer y^ it may y« please euen for 
god sake to intertaine him if it be possible y*' may. He is the sonne 
and child of m' Kinsman who hath surely deserued exceedingly both 
of our Country and y^ College and now sufTereth indurance in 
Newgate. M*^ CoUington hath writt in his comendation to you who I 
know can preuaile w**» y" in y' case why it shall not be needfuU for 
me to writt more but y* y" deare S' will doe him what fauour y" can. 
And so in haest being now called to the grate by the shiriffs man I 
bid y« deare fiather farewell in Christ Jesu. 

yours euer most dutyfull Thomas Maxfield. 

Addressed, To the wor" his assured good freind M' Mathewe 

Penberton thes giue. 
Endorsed, M*" Maxfeelds lettre written after his torments a litle 

before his arraignment 

Good M*^ Farare. I thinke I haue but short time to Hue yet shorter 
much to writt Wherfore deare S' rest satisfied w*** thes few lines a 
pleadge of my loue to y". I receyued y" when I was att the gale 
house, and retume y*' a thousand thankes for y' loue, beseech y* euer 
to continue the same and pray for me y' I may euer honor god. 

Inquire of M' Penberton how matter standeth w^ me at this 
present M' Farare I must be behoulding so much to y» as to take 
this bearer who is M*" Kinsmans child into y' charge and care, and I 
shall euer remaine y's most obliged. He is a verie good child in 
whose towardlenesse I doubt not but y" will take much content I 
beseech in all loue take a speciall care of him y' selfe or comitt him to 
some other such as y° may p'sume will carefullie looke to him, he is 
of a tender and fearefuU nature and not too much to be ouerawed. 
Y*^ frends good S' are here all well, comend me most kindly to all 
mine w**» y* ther. I haue verie little leasure, pardon therfore good S' 
my breuitie and hast in such disyonted [speche]^ so hastely scribled 
Farewell in Christ Jesu on sanct John day 

Yours for euer Tho . . . 
Commend me most kindly to my deare friend M*" Rosse and tell him 
I most be euer his in lyfe and death. 

Addressed, To his rerie good freind M' Wiall Farare 

giue thes. 
Endorsed. 24 Jua septem diebus ante martyrium. 

i$, The tetteiB are tmoertatD, sp . . ke. 



A Lttter to Mr. Harvey about the Martyr's Relics. 

The agnatitre of the writer (as well m one passage and three names) has been 
carefully blotted out All we can say is that he must have been a dependent 
(perhaps the chaplain) of some lord, the first letter of whose name would seem to 
be f.— except that there was no Catholic lord whose title had that initial. 

The late Father Stanton has endorsed the portfolio in which this letter is 
preserved with these words: "A letter enclosing a relic of V. Thomas Mazfield, 
viz: a flower which he carried in his hand to Tyburn. The flower is now in a 
rtd paper ^ and seems to be the calix of a pink." The packet of red paper, with 
its endosure, is still reverently preserved within the letter. 

The writer of this leUer was evidently unanure that the Maityr's body had 
been recovered by Catholics It should be here added that the Spanish Ambassador 
took it home with him when he left England. In Spain it was carefully preserved 
bv the descendants of the Count of Gondomar, and when, in recent years, Dom 
Gilbert Dolan re-identified the relics, the modem representative of that house gave 
him a huge share of the bones, which are now preserved at Downside. 

Most deare & respected S% haueinge y* oportunity, I could not neglect 
to wright vnto y°, to lett y° perceaue how continewallye I remember 
y°. I haue by y» bearer sent y"" hors, y* there may no cawse remayne 
(w<* lieth in my powrc to remooue) for to hinder y' cuminge hither. 

newse I can informe y° of none, but y* 

\Abai4t twenty words have been here carefully blotted out] 

is better, theare was a preeste 

martired y« same mominge (one M' Maxfielde) who died w^ greate 
edification, y^ Spanish & french imbasadors were suters vnto the kinge 
for his life, but thaie not obtayning of it weare much discontented, 
& seeame more then ordinarily to pittie y« state of our Engelish 
catherlickes. I haue heere inclosed a relicke, w<* was y* morning giuen 

me by my [lo: ] it is parte of y« same w<^^ y» blessed Marter 

carried in his hande whilste he wente to exiecution, and parted not 
w'^^all vntill his death; my lo: [f . . .] had it giuen to him, by sum y' 
came from y« executioa There was a proclymation pend very strictely, 
y^ none shewlde haue any of y« straw w<* came neere him, & great 
prouition y^ no relicke shewlde be had of his, therfore great care 
was taken y^ nobody shewlde cum neere vnto him, yett y« french but 
espetiallie y* spaynish imbasadors menn prest vnto him, and wrappinge 
relickes of him in theare handcerchers, wept much and complayned 
of y« kinges cruelty in publicke. Very shortly I will write to y» againe, 
therfore now I conclude 

y' most affectionate 
[Commend] me to & assured friende 
& my vnkle. [ n] 

Addressed. To M' Haruey. 
Endorsed. Flowers which M' Maxfeeld carryed in 
his hand to Tibum. 

No. IV. 

The account of the Edmund Pointz, vtre Malhew (Matthew, Mathews or Mathewes), 
here printed from a contemporary MS., was written purely "for edification." The 
biographer iust ^ves us the name of his hero, but otherwise says nothing as to who 
he was, and habitually calls him by a surname that was not his own. For what is 
boyish and merely human he has no care, which is the more to be regretted, as we 
are told that the boy " wanted not life and vigour at his play" (p. lo). The sketch 
is therefore devoid of much of the charm, which a more skilful artist would have 
impiarted to it, and the jewels of mystical language, with which our author has 
ornamented his pages, are in the rococo style, and can scxurcely be considered as 
an improvement 

Underneath these quaint mannerisms, however, there lies not a little of p^enaine 
history. It is perhac^ the earliest Englkh account of a Catholic boy of his yean 
which we poss^ Even the weak point of the book, its unskilful insistence on 
pietism, its over emphasised rejection of flesh and blood, tells us unmistakably of 
those hard times, when aloofness from this world was a stem necessity, when few 
other consolations could be counted on save those of prayer and spirituality. 

The notice also contains several references to the customs ana terms used in 
St. Omers Collie. These are interesting because many of them still survive at 
Stonyhurst, which maintains uninterrupted the school li^ which little Mathew so 
much appreciated more than two centuries ago. The Mass for health on the 
feast of St. Martina (the origin of which is, I believe, otherwise unknown), here finds 
its explanation {cf, MS., pp. i, i8, 20). There are many references to the "Sodality," 
in connection with which I may refer to the papers on the St. Omers Sodality in 
recent numbers of the Stonyhurst Magazine^ by Father Herbert Lucas, S.J. We 
find also the terms "composition days, as we terme them " (p. 20), "Study place" 
(p. 25), "school" for class in "Grammar Scole" (pp.6, 21, 30), before reaching which 
the boy passed through "little figures" (p. 16). \Vhether the word "line" is used 
for ' division ' on page 18, seems doubtful. There are of course frequent references to 
the somewhat Spartan discipline of those early days. Correction was given by 
"strokes over the hand ¥rith a rod" (p. 16). They went to bed at 9 and rose at 
5 (PP» >3» i^)» and during the heat of summer went to the "refuge," by which I 
suppose the villa-house is meant, of the English Jesuit Novices, which was at 
Watten, not iax off (p. 12). The boys were then (as ever) fond of cherries, Apples 
and sugar-plums (p. 18), and played much at ball and trap-ball (pp. 15, 19). The 
preparing " himself in thirty Psalms by his private diligence besides his schoole duties" 
gives us very much the same thing as the "extraordinary" of to-day (pp. 21, 30). 

Speaking Latin, and getting up Greek, "having neither Lexicon nor Radices 
Lingua Graca, books verv necessary for that enterprise" (p. 21), are forms of mental 
gymnastic, now happily abandoned, but "acting" (p. 43) is still deservedly held in 
honour at Stonyhurst 

It would also be well to gather together the data for determining the identity 
of the subject of our biography. Though his exact place in their genealogical tree 
remains uncertain, there can be no doubt that he belongs to the Mathews of Thurles, 
CO. Tipperary. This follows from the use of Pointz as his cUias, It was usual in 
those dSiys to use as an cUias the mother's name, or that of some other relative, and 
the Mathews of Thurles had intermarried with the Pointz family of Iron Acton in 
Gloucester. Captain George Mathew, son of Edward Mathews of Radyr [Reader] in 
Glamorgan, and progenitor of the Mathews of Thurles, Thomastown and Annfield, 
had gone to Ireland in 16 10. After the death of Thomas Butler, Viscount Thurles, 
heir to the Earl of Ormonde and Ossory, who was drowned 15 December, 1619, 
George Mathew married his ¥ridow Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John Pointz of Acton 
for Iron Acton), Gloucester. By her he had three children, Theobald, George and 
Frances, and eventually died at Thurles, May, 1673, aged 86. The daughter became 
m Poor Clare; Theobald, the heir, married a daughter of Sir Valentine Browne 


(ancestor of Lord Kennard), and he had an heir, George, who on the 6th of August, 
1677, was created LL.D. of Oxford, by the Chancellor, James, Duke of Ormonde, 
his uncle. This George is presumably the brother of our Edmund " Pointz.'' 

But Captain George also had various brothers : Edmund, who accompanied him 
to Ireland, and Anthony, William and David, who remained in England, the last 
named becoming Mayor of Cardiff. They seem to have all been Catholics. Thus 
it would seem that our boys may also have descended from Edmund, but the pre- 
sumption is that the "grandmother" mentioned on page 3 was the quondam 
Viscountess of Thurles. On pa^ 14 we hear that his mother was dead ; so when, 
00 page 10, we read of parents m the plural, we must take that word in die French 
rather than in the English sense. 

Edmund died on the 27th of September, 1667, after two and a half years at 
school, and was "scars past twelve years ould, when he came to College." Accordinjg; 
to this, he would have oeen bom early in 1653. His cousin George had died on his 
way home to Ireland, about 1666, and his brother George survived him. Perhaps 
this was the George Mathews who married Eleanor, widow of Lord Cahir. We 
also have on recoil that a George Mathew of Thurles married a Margaret Butler. 
Either of these (if indeed they are not the same person) might have been the George 
of our story. — Information furnished by Father Edmund Hogan, S.J., Mr. C. H. 
Mathews of Chelsfield. Lodge (ed. Archdall, 1789), voL iv, pp. 38, 39, vol. vii, 222, 
&c See also J. O'Hart, Insh Pedigrees (1881), p. 482. 

As to the author's name I cannot form any conjecture. He tells us that he 
"thought himself obliged to speak some part of what he knew"— so that he was 
evidenUy fiimiliar with the lad, but in what capacity does not appear. 

The manuscript b a small volume, 5} in. by 3} in., in black pigskin, unlettered. 
It contains three small treatises — (i) A Spiritumll Observalion on the ground layd 
by Si I^natiusy 18 ff.; (2) Aspirations of a contrite heart; (3) F. Landsius's JJfe of 
Mary aumaventura ; (4) 7 he relation of Edmund Poins, It is written in one con- 
temporary hand, with great care, the words here in italics being in red. The copyist 
was perhaps a foreigner, for he (or she) writes 'prouocque' for 'provoke' (p. 12), 
which an English person would hardly do. Some words are, if I may say so, ultra 
English, as 'dimb' for 'dim' (p. 30), ']rused,' 'yumour,' for 'used' and 'humour,' 
and 'wrater' and ' wrather' for 'rather.' 

At the beginning is written, "For the use of S'' Hellen with leave of Supe- 

riours." At the end, **This Book belongs To Sr Hellen." In one comer, in 

L. 9 
another hand, 7=oZf perhaps an old library mark. If a date, its coincidence with 

the French Revolution seems significant. The volume belonged to the late Father 
Tohn Morris, S.J., and is now in the Library of the Postulator of the English 
Martyrs at Farm Street. J.H.P. 


IN Edmund Foins who uued in ym En- 

glish Seminary of S* Omers like an An- 

gely and rested in our Lord the 

2J of September^ in the 

yeare i66j. 

Our English Seminary 
at Saint Omers, hath been very happy for the good example and 
vertuous Conuersation of three Youths of the family of the Mathews ; 
which is their true name, borne in Ireland and sent hither for their 
education. Two of them where Brothers, George and Edmund, who 
took heer the name of Poins, the third their Cosen German was 
George Mathews. The 2 Georges being dangerously sick in the 
bqgining of the yeare 1666 where very strangely cured by the inter- 
cession of the glorious vii^ Martyr S"^ Martina whose sacred 


relicques, that had been kept obscurely in our Sodality began about 
that time to be taken notice of, and to bee held in great honour and 
esteeme. George Mathews (for of George Poins who is living He 
forbeare to sp^dce) after so signal a favour received from his good 
Patronesse, it is wonderfull how grateful! he showed himself vnto her, 
and although he alwais had been very exemplar in his Conuersation, 
yet after his recouery he seemed to breath a new aire, to haue more 
lofty thoughts and to becom quite an other man. But nothing was 
so (p. 3) remarcable in him as a most louely and candid innocency 
and simplicity, which gaue occasion to him that gouemed his Con- 
sdens not onely often to say of him, but also to write once in 
Confidence to a freind, that he thought Almighty God woold soone 
call that youth to heauen, for that he perceiued him dayly more and 
more transformed into that happy and innocent state of Litle ones 
whom our Sauiour sais the kingdom of heauen belongs vnto: And 
so it fell out, for not long after when he was in perfect health, being 
caled back into his Country much against his will (for he desired to 
end the Cours of his studdies heere) he fell sick at London or 
wrather^ in the way at Ostend, where he expected a long while a 
secure passage and although he was on the mending hand when he 
departed from London to Ireland, yet the diuine goodnesse that 
pleased it self much in that precious soule woold not expose it to 
the hazard of this wicked age. 

The Letters that caled George from S' Omers intimated that in 
all probability the other two where soone to follow him, which afflicted 
them both very much, and litle Edmunds zeale proceeded so far as 
to say he woold not go if he were sent for, though being aduised by 
the Father to whom he expressed this resolution, that he was to obey 
his Parents, he presently conformed him self to Gods will and was 
reddy to do what his Parents should determine concerning him. 
Yet he wrott by his Cosen (p. 3) vnto his Grandmother, beseeching 
her to diuert his Father from his designe of taking him thence. Our 
Lord heard the prayers of both the brothers, for hither to they have 
not been sent for. And that litle Edmund might neuer exchange so 
good a place where in he found so great content for a wors, it 
pleased the diuine goodnesse, whose delight and aboade is (as a 
Gardeners is) amongst Lilys, to transport from the garden of this 
Seminary vnto the Paradise of heauen, this pure delicat and most 
fragrant flower, that it might neuer be in danger of being blasted by 
the pestilent aire of the World or nipped by the could frost of bad 
example. Of this Angel in flesh I thought myself obliged to speake 
some part of what I know. 

Edmund Poins fell sick on the 24 of September in the yeare 
on thousand six hundred sixty seuen, at half an hower after 5 in the 
morning whilst he was seruing the Common Masse (as they terme it) 
in the sodality : for the sweet Goodnesse of God woold inuite him to 
his Celestial Court on a Day^ at an Hower^ in a Plcue^ and in a 
function the most beseeming his pious yumour and disposition. The 
Day was Saterday particularly dedicated to the honour of the Blessed 

3f( MS. wrater [ef, p. 15]. 

6s MSifPUt 09 WMUIU) MA7H1EW 

Virgin Mary whom our Litle Edmund did tenderly loue, and confide 
in her as in his Mother, the Aazver was between 5 and six in the 
morning, the ordinary time alotted for our schollers to heer Masse in, 
which time he so exactly obserued that notwithstanding he was young 
and as tender as any Child in the house, (p. 4) yet in the sharpest 
winter he rose out of his bed Constantly with the rest, and not onely 
woold not of his owne accord, but not euen when it was offered him 
by the Prefect, he woold not sleep after that time. Yea, he often 
times vsed to rise at 4 of the Clock, preuenting by an hower the 
ordinary time. But whether he rose vp with the rest or where vp 
before^ and busy at his book, he disposed his affairs so as to be^ 
frequently the first in the Chappel a pretty while before the Clock 
struck, expecting the Priest that was to say masse. The P/ace was 
the sodality or Chappel of our Lady where the Blbssed Sacrament 
is kept alwais, and is wel furnished with pretious Relicques of Saints, 
in whidi place Passer inuenit sibi domum et T^irtur nidum siH: ' the 
Sparaw found a lodge and the Turtur a nest,^ This spirituall sparow 
was continually sweetly Chirping at his deuotions, and this litle Turtle- 
doue was solitaryly retired into a priuat Comer, mourning interiourly 
for the desire he had to bee vnited with God. And veryly you could 
neuer find him long^ to gether absent from this place, when the Order 
and Discipline of the house obliged him not to be otherwais imployed ; 
in fine for his function and exercise; at that time he was seruing 
Masse, which he yused to performe with such Contentment, alacrity 
and spiritual ioy, with such sweet, humble, and vnaffected modesty and 
deuotion, that Uiere was nothing (p. 5) more gratefull vnto him then 
to seme Masse, nor any more welcome to the Priest he serued, nor 
in fine did Domesticques or Externes meet with any more welcome 
or better spectacle, and more propper to delight edify and excite them 
to deuotion during these holy Ceremonies then when they beheld this 
pious Angel seruing holy Masse. Whilst then as I saied at this time 
and in this Place Edmund was deuoutly assisting the Priest, our Lord 
sent his messenger to him, which was a suddaine and sharp sicknesse, 
for to inuite him to the Kingdome of heauen, there to giue his maiesty 
thanks for his vnspeacable goodnesse and mercy to him, and to offer 
vnto him a perpetuall sacrifice of prayses. The sweet Child seazed 
vppon by a violent Feuer, fainted and became so weake that he was 
to be caried by his Companions from the Alter to the Infirmary. 
That day and the next following, which was sonday, he endured very 
great paine, hauing a Continual] Feuer, which notwithstanding on 
Sonday in the Euening began to relent, and a flux followed, which 
was troublesom to him that night, but on munday in the morning he 
was without a feuer, and the Doctour thought him out of danger, 
which exceedingly reioiced vs all, who had seen him the day before. 
In the aftemoone he had a Could fitt, but wee apprehended his dis- 
temper woold prooue no wors then a Tertian or quartan ague. But 
the burning feuer returned and was as violent as euer, affording him 
no rest or quiet all the night ; (p. 6) And towards morning it was 
iudged absolutely necessary to prepare him to death, [and] arme him 

i(^ MS.K{WiUUuf 

mifoiR OF EDmnfD maxhbw 63 

with the last Sacraments of the Church. He was perfectly present 
to himselfe, and had the liberty of his tongue for holy Confession, but 
became speechlesse soone after: so that though the B. Sacrament 
where brought thither and he shewed great signes of reuerence and 
deuotion vnto it, wee durst not giue him the holy viaticum, he being 
so farre spent, and excessiuely disquieted by the vehement pains ct 
his approaching death. Wee apprehended him to be besides himself, 
and therefore held his hands whilst the holy sacrament of extreme 
vnction was administred to him, yet it was not necessary, for as soone 
as those sacred Ceremonies were begun he Composed himself^ and 
held the same decent posture vntill all was ended, lying as qxiietly as 
a gentle sweet Lamb. He was admitted into the sodality of our 
B: Lady, the day before when he was fully capable to vnderstand 
that great happinesse, for vnlesse it where in this extremity he must 
baue expected yet some Months for that blessing, by reason of the 
schoole he was in, for he was newly entered into grammer. His ioy 
to see himself a SodaJis which he had long desired, and patiently 
expected, was singular great, though I cannot tell whether the whole 
body of the sodality did not reioice euen more than he, for hauing 
this occasion (confiding that he woold recouer of his sicknesse) to 
adopt so worthy a member (p. 7) and enrich their Congregation with so 
precious a Brother, so Constant and assiduous a worshipper of the 
Saints, Patrons, and Protectours of the Sodality, so dear a Child and 
Client of their Queen and Mother, and so great a Seruant of the 
diuine Maiestie; he was also admitted into the Societie of Jesus if 
so be he where capable of it by his age, as himself thought he was, 
although his Brother and wee do much doubt it, for our Reuerend 
Father Rector had this power to admitt in and pro artUulo mortis^ 
in and for the hcwre of death those of this CoUedge y^ do desire this 
fauour, as our Litle Edmund had proposed his most earnest desire 
of it about a yeare before, but what soeuer was his age, I persuade 
my selfe that wee shall meet him in heauen a Jesuit in sinu 
Sancti Ignatij^ in the bosom of S' Ignatious^ in testimony and 
proof whereof our Lord caled him vnto him on the 37 of September 
the feast of S^ Cosmas and Damian, which is the anniuersary day of 
the Confirmation of the Society, and as it where its birth day, and 
that early in the morning about a quarter after 4 of the Clock, that 
he might begin his eternall blisse with that ioyfull solemnity; for the 
innocency of his life makes it probable that he had no purgatory or 
a very short one. And who can question but that he is one of those 
of whome it is written Beati qui habitant in domo tua Domine^ in 
saoila siBculorum laudabunt tc ^Blessed are they O Lord who dweO 
in thy housCy for euer and etur shall they praise thee,^ (p. 8) Seing the 
time he seioumed in this life, his principall studdy was to performe 
what our Lord tells vs he doeth principally require of man, Solicitum 
ambulare cum Deo suo^ ^to be solicitous and carefuU to walhe with his 
God.' He behaued himself to our Lord God as a dutifull Child to 
his dearest Father, minding what his will and pleasure was, seeking 
in all things to Content him, and standing in great awe of giuing him 
the least ofience ; for the purity of his b^ was so aie and singular^ 


which made him to detest amnem spedem malt, *al signe and appearance 
of sin or euil.^ I heard on say, he wondered what this Child could 
say or find to accuse him selfe of in holy Confession, so irreprehen- 
sible was his demeaner, and this was one that from morning to night 
did ouersee all his actions. But this seruant of God litle Contenting 
himself with what is commendable in the eys of men, entred deeply 
into his haert for to serch wat was displeasing him, and what pleasing, 
whose fauour and commendation he onely sought for. Wherefore 
before confession, which he frequented on the Eeue of euery festiual 
day almost through out the year, he retired himself into the quietest 
place of the Chappell where for aboue half an hower he examined 
his Consciens with so serious attention and application as if he had 
been euery time preparing to make a generall Confession of al his 
life ; of this practis not onely (p. 9) some of the most mature, and 
deuout schoUers tooke notice, acknowledging that they where con- 
founded by his example, but also a Father, who was not his Confes- 
sarious but had his Confession seat ouer against the place where this 
litle Angel was kneeling, was wont to obserue it, and speake of it, 
much admiring to see that recollection, and so staid, and attentiue 
application in a litle boy ; and said of him that he did sweetly force 
Almighty God to attend to him, and graunt him his request And 
yet, though he spent so much time in examining his consciens, he 
was not the least scrupulous nor long at Confession; for in a cleere 
light discouered he the least stains of his soule, and cleerely explicated 
what he had to say. This purity of consciens made him to be very 
wary in his words, as well for to giue noe boddy any offense, as also 
for feare of speaking a material ly. When he was asked any question 
he woold stay some litle while, and pause, before he woold answer. 
It was very rare to heere him positiuely affirme, or deny any thing, 
but his words where */ thinke so*: */ Aope I shall doe so* and the 
Like. A Companion of his offered him once some sweet meats; 
Edmund being resolued to deny himself that litle pleasure, desiered 
to be excused, and said plainely he woold not take them, but his 
Companion pressed him stil, and requested him for Gods sake to 
accept of them : neuer appeared more (p. 10) euidently the fear this 
ChUd had of God, for he was in a strange perplexity, and trouble of 
minde, not knowing how to come of without displeasing him : for to 
accept of that offer he durst not for feare of telling a ly, hauing 
absolutely said he woold not accept them, and yet to refuse it he 
made a real scrouple, being desiered to admitt of that small present 
for the hue of God^ which was a motiue to his louing haert sufficient 
to make him ron through fier and water. The conclusion was he 
besought his Companion to vrge him no more. 

From the desire he had of contenting, and fear of euer dis- 
pleasing the diuine maiestie sprong that exactnesse and punctuality in 
domesticall discipline and order, which euery one admired in him, for 
though he was but a child scars past twelue years ould when he came 
to the Coledge, and died within two years and a half, and wanted 
not life and vigour at his play, and in other occasions, yet neither 
bis Prefects, Maisters or others vnder whose charge he was, found 


reason in any place of the CoUedge, or at any time to reprehend or 
chide him for any immodesty, lightnesse, childishnesse, breache of rule, 
or any disobedience. 

What was said to him by whay of aduice or councell by those that 
had care of him to direct him in his studdies or other duties was to 
him a precept and command; so (p. ii) that those who where best 
acquainted with his disposition where very wary what, and in what 
termes they spoke vnto him, for feare of putting a burthen or 
obligation on that franck and free minde, alwais reddy at a word or 
signe, to obey whatsoeuer employment he was caled to by either the 
bell or voice of his superiour. 

He went cheerfully, modestly, and speedyly and applyed himself 
to his pressent duty, Utle minding what his companions whoold either 
say or da He was obserued sometimes to rise vp at the first toule 
of the bell, and when he perceiued afterwards that the signe was not 
giuen to call him away (for that litle boys, either by chaunce, or out 
of childishnesse, are pulling sometimes at the bell rope), to retume 
againe with great peace, and quiet to his deuotions, as if he had not been 
interrupted, whereby appears as weU his great punctuality in obeying 
at the least signe, as also his deuotion in not loosing a moment of 
that time which was permitted him to spend in prayer, where as most 
of his companions where already gon out of the Church. He was 
neuer heard to speake an vnnecessary word in times and places silence 
was exacted of him. And in real truth, considering his exteriour 
cariadge, and knowing the interiour of his soule, I am persuaded he 
woold haue suffered Martyrdome, if occasion had been offered, rather 
than voluntaryly haue transgressed any one rule, or order of the house. 
I know that in the refectory particularly some of his Companions 
(p. 13) not out of malice, or ill will to him, but out of a childissh 
frolick woold often solicit and prouocque him to speak, and to remitt 
some what of his angelicall grauity and modesty; but he continued ^ 
still to be the same, and with much meekenesse bore patiently, and 
seemed not to minde their impertinency. One thing he was much 
troubled at, that sometimes with apish gesturs, they forced from him 
a smile or litle laughter against his will Wherefore vntill he was dis- 
abused of his innocent error, he had a scruple as if he had offended 
much against modesty. This last somer which was also the last of his 
life, it being thought vnhoulsome during the heats for our schoUers to 
ly many together in the dormitorys, it was agreed vppon that some of 
them shoold lodge in the refuge belonging to our Fathers at Watten. 
The lot fell vppon that schoole in which Edmund was in, and it was 
a diuertisement gratefull to litle children to go in the euening to the 
Refuge, and retume to the CoUedge in the morning, their Master 
accompanijng them. Here although the behauiour of them was such 
as those Fathers of Watten that resided there where wonderfully 
edified and well satisfied with them, yet the great silence which is 
kept in our CoUedge at those howers was not exacted nor indeed 
could be there expected of them. But this (p. 13) angelical yuth like 
the Turtle, qui semper idem canity quia semper idem amat^ ^hath alwais 
tki same note^ becaus it keeps alwais the same Ume^ thought that in the 

66 HBMont or Ksmvm> mathsw 

obseruance of holy rules diere t>aght to be no difference, and kept 
silence with y« same rigour at the Refuge, as at the CoUedge. This 
their night aboad lasted about a month, during which time Edmund 
constantly went in y^ euening and returned in the morning with the 
same grauity and modesty as if he had walked in a holy procession: 
as soone as he came to the Refuge he went immediatly to the 
chappell, and there expected the saijng of Litanies of the Saints, which 
being ended he retired into his chamber and putting himself pressently 
vppon his knees by his bed side, continued so long at his prayer, 
that he had iust time enough to be in bed at 9 of the clocke, after 
which none was to be vpp. In the morning he rose vp early, and 
praied half an hower before his companions raised, and this practis 
he kept all that while, to the great admiration of his Master, who 
obserued, and eyed constantly his actions. 

His fidelity and punctuality was no lesse remarcable, as may 
appeare by this. A certaine Father once recommended to EDBfUND 
and his Brother George, the care of filling two holy Water potts, by 
which, a continuall presse of a numerous family passing to and fro 
euery (p. 14) one sprinckling himself, though they where often filled 
yet they were frequently dry and empty. The Pot George had care of 
IS very litle and emptyed almost twice a day. Edmunds was somewhat 
larger, but farther distant from the place where he was to fetch his 
holy water. Now from the time they where willed to take this care 
vppon them till Edmunds most happy death, which wants not much 
of 3 years, I do not tjiink there has been one day, wherein at what 
soeuer hower you had come, you woold not haue found both pots full 
almost ; and when they chanced at any time to be sick or otherwise 
employed, they recommended to some freind to supply that duty for 
them ; or one Brother performed it for an other, which argues a strange 
goodnesse and fidelity in these two Angels ; and which many wondred 
at, they where so dexterous in watching their opportunity to bring holy 
water when none or few where there pressent, that although they did 
this euery day and sometimes more then once, you woold hardly euer 
meet them doing it Edmund tooke his charge vppon him for his 
Mothers sake, for the good of her soule departed, and thought he 
afforded her some comfort and ease (in case she where in purgatory) 
as often as he carried holy water to that pot ; and [he] was obserued 
when he thought himself to be alone in the sodality to sprinkle also 
water vppon the grauestones of those that are buried there. 

(p. 15) This most sweet childe was solidly vertuous; He was truely 
mortified, humble, Obedient, patient and meeke. It happened once 
that as he was playing at trap ball in the Guarden, one of his 
companions much against his will strudL the ball full vppon his ey, the 
pain certainly was most intense, and woold haue drawn some whord 
of indignation, or impatience, from an vnmortified and impatient man. 
But this sweet Lamb immediatly pronounces Jesus, Deo gratias, 
and for to show he was not in the least offended at him, by whose 
hand the sad chance happened; looked vppon him presently with a 
most lovely, and gratious ey, knowing that he stood more in need 
of comfort then him selfe. And indeed he did more resent his 


trouble then his owne smaert paine, and as soone as conuiniently he 
coold said a paire of beads for him. With the same or wrather 
greater meeknesse did he put vpp and dissemble other things, which 
he suffered as wee shall see afterwards. He had a horrour of the 
least faults, and a desire of the sharpest penalties. He chanced to 
come one day some what after his companions where setled to 
studdies, and the Prefect though he doubted not but that he had a 
laughfiill excuse ; yet for to try him for the example of others, with 
a graue and seuere countenance chid him for coming late, vnto whom 
he mildly replyed ^ray Father pennance me for my faulty and that he 
spoake it from his haert appears by that which he did another time ; 
for of his owne accord (p. 16) he went to the Prefects chamber and 
desired him to strike him five times ouer the hand with a rod, that 
he niight suffer sometimes for the souls in purgatory: a Pennance 
which I am confident woold neuer haue come into any mans head to 
impose vppon him, although he shoold now and then haue been 
ouerseen in his duty, being so obedient and tractable as he was ; and 
yet this tender child desirous to gather vp some leaues of the holy 
Crosse, and to communicat with our Sauiour in his passion persuaded 
the Prefect to correct him. True it is that whilst he was in litle 
figures, once bye mistake he was in danger of vndergoing the same 
pennalty, wherein for that his vertue did much appear. He sett it 
down as it is recounted by his owne schoole fellows, who do speake 
of it with great admiration. The Master vsed to give y« schollers 
a certaine exercise profitable indeed for them, but distastfull and 
tedious vnto those litle boys. He gaue it them out of a greek book 
which he willed them to bring to schoole, though none of tfiem woold 
bring it but Edmund, who was most punctually obedient to his 
Masters orders ; and although he suffred no litle persecution from his 
companions for it, who sometimes laughed at him, sometimes shewed 
themselues angry with him and threatned him, yet he constantly 
performed his duty, obeyed his Maister, and brought the book to 
schoole. One day some of those litle ones agreed amongst them- 
selues secretly to take away the book from him and hide it, as they 
did: such like (p. 17) passages wee reed in Surius in the lines of 
Saints; for not onely holy men suffer persecution by holy men, 
but also vertuous children (torn companions of their age. Then the 
master at lenght cals vppon Edmund for the book, who answered he 
had brought it with him to schoole, but that now it was gon, and 
knew not [what] was become of it, the master taking this to be but 
an excuse, spoke seuerely vnto him, and tould him that vnlesse he 
gaue him the book out of hand he was to expect a pennance. The 
good child fell a weeping and protested he knew not where it was; 
in fine the Master bids him go forth to the Prefect whose office it 
is to correct y« children. The innocent sweet child obeys forthwith, 
but as he was going forth, his companions who neuer wished him so 
much harme, rise vp and declare his Innocency to their Master, and 
bring forth the book ; so that Edmund was cleared ; though he woold 
not for all this absolue himself. For thinking it to be his fault that 
his Master had showed himself offended with him, after schoolsy 

^g imcont or edmuhd matrsw 

when all the schollers almost where mett to getfaer in their Masters 
chamber, he comes in, and before them all, faling vppon his knees, 
with many tears asketh forgiuenesse of his Master, for hauing putt 
him to trouble ; which argues profound humility to aske pardon when 
he had deseru^ praise for his heroicall obedience. 

(p. 1 8) Some time ^>efore his death he was mooued to mortify 
himself, and he yused of his owne accord some rigorous afflictions for 
the souls in Purgatory, which his ghosdy Father forbad him to vse any 
more. He was walking once with a vertuous companion on saterday 
in the evening, and vppon occasion of churries which they had had 
at supper, he said it was to sweet and delicious a fruit to be eaten 
vppon the Eeue of a Communion day. He tould an other companion 
that yused to cary aples in his pocket as he went abroad, and gaue 
him part of them, that he woold beare him company no more, if he 
gaue not ouer to proffer him apples. One woold ons haue bought 
of him the Plau he had, as they call it, in the line for to play at ball 
(a bargain very vsuall amongst children) for sugar plums. Edmund 
presently offers him his place but could not be persuaded to accept 
of the sweet pressent 

For about [a] yeare he abstained from drinking in the aftemoone, 
no litle mortification for a litle boy, and if at any time he went to 
drinke with the rest it was by obedience, in which vertue he was most 

He had a great desire to rise in the morning at 4 of the clocke, 
for to pane time both to pray and studdie, and he did rise for a 
great while ; but being willed by his prefect to giue it ouer, and sleep 
till fiue, he obeyed him presently. 

He was not onely wonderfully exact and obedient (p. 19) in collegial 
discipline, but also very zealous and industrious to aduance it in his 
companions. Hence he woold take an innocent liberty to wame of 
their duty euen those aboue him both in their school and age ; which 
ordinaryly was taken well at his hands. One day as the schollers 
^f^^re all abroad and very eager at their play, their Prefect perceiuing 
It was likely to raine, gaue a signe for them to giue ouer their sport, 
and retume home before the ordinary time, whereat many grumbled, 
3Im| muttered very much, and vsed some vnbeseeming and cUsrespectfull 
^igcds: but litle Edmund sweetly and calmly excused and iustified 
tlie pcocwdings of his superiour, and when in requitall of his charity, 
\^ woMued from some of them very peeuish, and biting tants, bore 
m^ patiently and meekly, which was a strange check vnto 
oiE Ae»c companions, and made them to enter into themselues. 
%;^i^i^ wh«re swne schoole fellows of his, vnnily and immodest boys, 
^^ ll>n>w«J hi* «eale and the desire he had of their good, when 
■t? 'J*^"****^ ^'^ ^^ haue some curious picture, some handsome 
,^^ ^i the like, woold come vnto him, and promise to become 
mJ(«4» ***^^ obseruant of their duty, if he woold giue them 
j,i»yr'"^**^ - which the sweet child woold do most freely, and 
^*^ ^^HM it and all he had to be well spent if thereby he 

^^ tVm^n become better. And (p. 20) this he did to 
himself, though they had also deceiued him 


before, and not stood to their promise. When he came first to the 
house he had many good things of that nature giuen him, and of 
most of them, he disposed in this manner. Some other things he 
lent to his OMnpanions that desired to borrow them, and when they 
forgott to restore them, he lett them alone and neuer demaunded 
them againe. 

His Master obsenied, and admired that on CompasiHom days^ as 
wee terme them, when our schollers compound and make themes for 
places in their school, which in figures are very frequent, he neuer 
complained of the lenght or difficulties of the themes, neuer was 
troubled when he could not find words he sought for in the dixionary, 
or when he was so pressed and straitened for time y^ he could not 
finish, reuieu, or correct his composition before it was to be giuen vp, 
though it appeared by the inflammation of his countenance that he 
laboured at it as much as any one of the most eager of his com- 
panions, but he boare it all sweetly, and calmely, and when the Master 
thought fit to call for the themes, he gaue vp his immediatly as it was, 
not houlding back, or demanding longer time to correct or alter what 
occurred vnto him, for which small and litle things in i^pearance, 
how solid and grounded vertue is required (especially for to hould the 
same tenour in (p. 21) them constantly) they know best who are 
acquainted with iht yumour of schollers, especially of litle boys in 
such occasions. 

The like vertue he showed when he was put vppon the explication 
of a haerd book, a greek Author hauing neither Lexicon nor Radius 
Lingua grcua^ books very necessary for that enterprise ; and yet all 
this last vacation from schools, was this obedient child with vnfatigable 
labour, and yet with wonderfuU calmnesse and quiet of minde, 
plodding vppon such a book and hewing as I may say a rock. Those 
whom now and then he addressed himself vnto for help, did admire 
him, and some of his owne schoole, litle boys seeing his patience and 
constant perseuerance, where in a manner amazed at it, and confessed 
they should haue cast the book quite away, had they been in his case. 
But its hardly credible how our Lord did blesse his Labours aboue 
his owne and others expectations, for he gaue a wonderfuU good 
account of his profit by interpreting Dauids Psalter out of greek into 
Lattin and answering to hard and intrecat questions publickly in our 
Refectory euen the first week he was in graiher, I meane some 
Psalmes of the Psalter ; and when he fell sick which was soone after 
he had prepared himself in thirty Psalmes by his priuat diligence, 
besides his schoole dutys: which seemed not a litle strange to those 
that knew him. The innocency of his life, did sharpen his vnder- 
standing; his prayer for the whole community (p. 22) drew light from 
Heauen, and his obedience merited him particular assistance of 
Almighty God. 

Nor could sicknesse alter the constant temper and harmonious 
temper of his vertuose soule, for he excepted all paine and siknesse 
gratefully from the fatherly hand of God, and bare it quietly and 
patiently, permitting himself to be ruled by those who attended him, 
and submitting to seueral things much against his mclinations. He 


had a very weak stomack and could not, though he forsed himself, 
cate certaine meats which he saw probably woold be oflfered him wilst 
he was sick, he demaunded of his ghostly father how he was to 
behaue himself if such motiues shoold be pressented to him. He 
woold say sometimes to the Infirmarian, that was most carefully 
attending him, that he had nothing where with to requite his charity 
besides his prayers, which he woold offer vp vnto Almighty God for 
him. In his last, short indeed, but sharp sickenesse, he had a minde 
to g^tt out of his bed, and was preparing for it hoping to find some 
ease by sitting vp. But as the Infirmarian perceiued he was offering 
to rise, he tould him t'was better to Lay still; whereuppon he cast 
downe his litle armes vppon the bead and resting his head said 
Gods will, be don and neuer offered more to rise. In the same 
diseaa he said to some that where (p. 23) sitting by him, and took 
great compassion of him in those his excessiue paines: if I kannot 


PURGATORY. 3 things afflicted him in this sicknesse, the one that he 
could not pray, the other that he thought he wanted patience, and 
was troublesome to the good religious Brother, that with charity 
assisted him, whereas notwithstanding his most sweet and calme 
patiens did wonderfully edify those tluit saw him, but becaus through 
the vehemency of his paine, he was forced often to tume himself from 
one side to the other, he often accused himself to those that where 
by of impatience. It is a comfort heere to reflect vppon the 
vniformity of Edmund with his Brother George, as before in health, 
so now in sicknesse. For when George a yeare and a half before 
this, lay sick of a violent feuer, his Ghostly Father comming to see 
him perceiued him to be saying his beads, which he held quietly in 
his hands vnder the bead-cloaths, and wondered that being in that case 
he woold pray vocally, and continue his accustomed deuotions, and the 
child complained that for the weaknesse of his head and importunity 
of troublesome fancys, he was almost half an houre in reciting 
one decade of his rosary. An other time his ghostly Father finding 
him to be in excessiue torment, caused by a paine in his side, besides 
his feuer; said vnto him, Gtorge^yau do heart this patiently (p. 24) far 
almighty Gods sake. To whom he replyed with tears. No indeed Father 
do I not. I woold faine be patient^ but the pain is so great that it wil 
not permitt me to be soe. And yet there he lay quiet, patient, resigned — 
like an AngeL 

Vertue in children for the most paert is like to a Primerose in the 
spring, sweet, and louely, but so soft and tender that a morning frost 
nipps it and kils it. Many children are deuout, modest, dilligent, 
obedient whilst they are cherished with the warme sunshine of fauour 
and vogue with their companions; but if they chance to be persecuted 
for doing well, then their vertue can not with stand this bront ; it is 
gon. Litle Edmund was no such fading flower, he was wrather one 
of those soUid and happy trees vnto which the spirit of God compares 
a iust man, which keep their verdure no lessc in a rough winter then 
in a pleasant sommer. It is an article of Faith declared by the 
Apostle that all who will hue vertuously in Jssus Christ shall suffer 


persecution! And this vertuous child suffered in paert, though he 
liued amongst Saincts. Yet no body can frame a true conceit of 
what he suffered, that doeth not know the sweetnesse of his yumour 
and disposition. In all the days of my life I do not remember to 
haue mett with one that was more wary, and had a greater feare of 
offending and displeasing any christian creature, then had this child. 
For (p. 25) if he did perceiue any one of his companions or whom- 
soeuer els to be disgusted and discontented with him, though he 
could not discouer any cause giuen on his paert, it was like a poniard 
driuen into his breast, which made his haert to bleed (the like is 
recorded of S^ Bernard, as I take it, in his youth) and he could find 
no rest vntil, discouering his grief vnto his Ghostly Father, he was 
assured by him he had no cause to bee troubled. But when he saw 
that for doing his duty, any body did take offense, and was displeased 
with him, onely God knows the affliction of that tender haert, to see 
him self the occasion of his companions grief and discontent And 
yet notwithstanding so deep a resentment, he woold haue quite broaken 
of with the most deare freind he had, rather then haue broaken any 
rule of the house, for to comply with him; as for example, to talke 
with them when silence was to be obserued. Our Lord permitted him 
for his greater meritt to haue a hard and long triall in this kind. A 
certaine yuth of a harsh and crabbed nature, quite different from 
Edmunds sweet temper, had a great desire to be insinuatly familiar 
with him, and requested one that had great power with Edmund to 
speake vnto him in his behalfl That meek Lamb was content to 
please any boddy, though I thinke he did not a litle mortify himself 
to keep him company, whose conditions where so rough. It happened 
(p. 36) not long after that they satt to gether in the studdy place 
this companion desirous to be a schoUer, and yet some what duU, 
requested Edmund with great eamestnesse to help him, which he did 
with singular charity at those times in which it is permitted to confer 
one with an other. But he, not satisfied with this, was still asking 
questions and proposing his doubts, euen at those times when all are 
to be quiet and to attend vnto them selues without speaking to any 
of their companions. Edmund who had rather a died then haue 
broaken the rule of silence took occasion sweetly to admonish him 
not to be troublesome at those times, as for other times when it was 
permitted he was reddy to seme him; notwithstanding this, that 
companion gaue not ouer to importune him to answer his questions 
and solue his doubts. And Edmund obliged himself inuiolably to 
obserue the rule of silence and not to answer so much as one word. 
Herevppon that churl became spightish and furious, changing all his 
former affection into spleen and malice and persecuted that litle 
Angell his benefactour, more outragiously then a man could beleeue. 
He striued to hinder him in his studdies, forged of him foolish 
storys and teals, and threatned to make him infamous amongst his 
companions, all which insolencys that harmelesse Doue void of gall 
dissembled and suffered with great Patience and meeknesse making 
his mone onely to Almighty God (p. 27) that knew the affliction of his 
haert and acquainting his ghostly Father with it not by way of 00m- 


plaint but to aske his direction how he shooid carry himself in this 
affaire, for he desired him neither to rebuke him for it nor to speake 
to the Prefect that had care of the studdy place for to keep him in 
his duty. And whereas in manifesting his other troubles he vsed to 
speake dolefully now when he was speaking of this his persecution he 
snewed as well in his speech as countenance much cheerfulnesse and 
alacrity as if he had been glad of so faire an occasion offered him 
for to suffer something for &e loue of our Lord. This storme was 
not blowne ouer in few days but continued a long while, and I do 
think that sweet Edmund [n]euer opened his lips about it to any of 
his companions, vnlesse it where once to his Brother, who first of his 
owne accord had taken notice of that lads impertinent behauiour 
towards him, and euen from his Brother he concealed a great paert 
of what he suffered. 

Yet there was none more fit for him to consult with all in such 
troubles, then his Brother, not onely for the neare coniunction of flesh 
ami blood, but also for that they had been partakers together before 
in/ healing with rude and vnciuil Persons ; for at their first coming to 
the house, being of an.actiue and vigorous spiritt and very dexterous 
and skilfiiU in plapng at ball, where glad to play in their tumes 
amongst their companions, and it happened sometimes (p. 28) when 
they had gotten a place and weare reddy to begin the game, that 
some bould vnmanerly boy (for in a great community the prouidence 
of Almighty God euer permitts that there be some for to exercise the 
vertue and patience of the good) woold come to dispute the place and 
chalenge it as his owne, and their answer was with much meekenesse 
indeed i thought tt was my place^ but seing you say its yai^rSy you shall 
haue it. And thus they yeelded vp their right, vnlesse others that 
where by and knew the equity of their cause, did controle the sacy 
and impudent companion. A worthy Personage that yused to be in the 
guarden whilst the schoUers where there playing, sometimes obserued 
Uiis, and often spoake of it with great admiration and edification. 

But notwithstanding such encounters, which he met with sometimes 
from certaine crosse companions, he was generally and vniuersally loued 
by all, and his sweet innocent company was very much desired. The 
grauer sort of schoUers where glad to be with him, for that they vnder- 
stood his worth, and expected no small blessings of our Lord by 
conuersing with a litle Sainct, whose soule they knew to be most 
precious in his maiestys sight His equals and schoolefellows that 
were vertuously giuen, took him for their patteme and mirrhor, and 
profitted very much by his company and discours. And euen many 
of the least obseruant (p. 29) took delight to be with him ; and he was 
redy for all, but woold sweetly warne such as these y' vnlesse they 
became more deuout and modest and obedient vnto superiours he 
woold forbear to be their companion. A certain youth vertuous and 
of good example in his owne schoole loued him most deerly, and had 
a mind to keep recreation in a manner alwais with him ; litle Edmund 
liked also his company very well, for their discours was neauer but 
innocent, and pious, but hearing it was not so sutable to the custome 
of the house to consort himself so often with the same Person in 


time allotted for recreation, he freindly and freely desired htm not to 
be vrgent to haue him so often for his companion. 

It was much that a litle boy of a most sweet disposition, gratious 
and good paerts vniuersally beloued and esteemed by all, yet was not 
fondly affected by any one; for the loue which all did beare him 
was euer with a respect and reuerence. Neither was he forward to 
insinuat himself into any mans affection, though out of true vertue he 
sought to content all. Our Lord seemed to be zealous of that purest 
soule, and took him away to himself when those talents, which migh[t] 
commend him more to the vogue and esteeme of men and conse- 
quently cause a lesse refind and spirituall affection, began to open 
and display themselfs, which hitherto for his age and loughnesse of 
his scool had (p. 30) not much appeared in him ; he began now to 
be looked on as the grace of the stage in acting. He was pretty 
forward for interpreting Greek authours and in all probabi[li]ty woold 
haue prooued a good disputant, for he had a pretty witt, and excellent 
iudgement, a cleare iterance and spoak lattin well for one of that 
scoole; and these are the Paerts that do most sett forth a youth 
especially of his age and bignesse in our seminary. But who knowes but 
y^ with Uiis exteriour lustre his inward lightnesse might bee obscured. 
For it commonly happens that the more one shines before the world, 
the more dimb and dull is the light which he casteth to heauen. 
This did our Lord preuent by taking away Edmund to himself when 
he had newly entered in Grammer scoole ; nor wood he expose so rich 
and radient a perle to be by prases of men sullied, which hitherto he 
had charily concealed and kept close from the eys and knowledge of 
him who had most right vnto it. My meaning is that this vertuous 
child did not know his owne worth, and litle thought there was any* 
thing extraordinary in him, much lesse that such treasurs weare con- 
fined to his soule; yea frequently when he merited most and did 
heroicall acts for the loue of God, he looked vppon himself in a 
manner as lost 

It is worthy [of] consideration (for to prays our Lord God in his 
mercys) how close his diuine Maiesty held this (p. 31) child by him, 
how he took him by the hand, and drew him after him in the strait 
and narrow path, according to the saying of the Royall profett: 
Adhasit anima mea post te^ me suscepit dextera tua ; ^my soule hoik 
clouen to thee^ and thy right hand taken me* : and againe deduxit me 
super semitas Justitke propter nomen suum^ ' he hath led me through 
the paths of Justice to glorify his name.' And how he hedged in Us 
way with thornes when there was danger for him to stepp aside, as he 
promises to do with his elect by the mouth of an other prophet A 
vertuous youth rons great hazard of relenting his feruour whilst he is 
in the infirmary, if he [bej but lightly sick and has noe great paine to 
quicken his spirit and put him in mind of God. For the liberty and 
indulgence graunted to that place, of laying long in bed, of sitting all 
the day by the fire side, of talking, playing, disporting and the like, 
makes him soone forgett his duty, to neglect his accustomed deuotions 
and to loose in the space of a few days what he had gained in many 
weeksi and perhaps will not recouer in twice as many. Our Litle 


Edmund might well haue ron this danger as being confined to y^ 
Infirmary for a long time, not by any ague or such like sharpe disease 
but by reason of a cathar or defluxion which faling vppon his stomack 
held him in a weake condition, yet so that he might talke play or 
(p. 32) go about, and entertaine himself meryly as he pleased ; but our 
ble^cd Lord euer carefiill to maintaine and conserue what he had 
ahready wrought in that choise vessel of his grace, held him so strictly 
to his duty that perhaps in that dangerous place and time, he in vertue 
profitted, and aduanced his merit to a higher (Ntch then without that 
occasion he woold haue arriued to in many a yeare. He permitted 
the diuel to trouble and disquiet his minde with scruples and strange 
fears amdetys and such thoughts that he neuer experienced the like 
in all his life time either before or after. What shoold this pure and 
faithfuU haert do in this occasion ? he feared more the offence of God 
then all the diuels of hell, though they shoold haue appeared in their 
most hidious shapes, and yet which way so euer he turned himself he 
stood as he thought vppon the very brim of that dismal pitt and 
sometimes doubted whether he weare not already falen into it He 
pressently retired into solitude seperated himself from company came 
not where the fier was and spent the greatest part of the day alone 
in the chappel, or (when he was wearied out with ouer long kneeling) 
at his bed side drawing the curtains vppon him for to be solitary. 
Heere he praied, wept, examined and serched euery comer of his mind, 
commended himself vnto his Patrons caled without intermission vppon 
almighty God, in a word he might well haue said with dolefuU Jeremie : 
(p. 33) non sedi in concilio Ludentium^ solus sedebam quoniam tommina" 
Hone rtpUsH me ; quart foetus est dolor meus perpetuus^ et plaga mea 
desperMUs renuit curari, '/ absent myself from those who laugh and 
play^ and sitt heere solitary alone because you haue filled me with terrours 
and threats of your Judgement How eomes it that my sorrow endures 
so long and that this woond of mine in a manner is desperat and kan 
find no cure* In the meane while the good Brother that had care of 
the sick, and dearely loued this child for his vertue, apprehending that 
some of his companions had contristated him, corns vnto him and 
sweetly cherishing him desires him to go sit by the fier and to be 
mery with the rest in the Infirmery; to whom he answers, that he 
could take no comfort being extremely afilicted in minde, vntill his 
ghostly Father were caled vnto him. But whether his ghostly Father 
where then from home, or otherwise employed, there passed some days. 
If I bee not mistaken, before he knew any thing of the childs trouble 
or affliction : and comming vnto him at lenght found him in that sad 
condition that it greiued him to the very haert He looked like one 
frighted and scared; you woold haue thought you had seen a little 
bird vnder a boosh panting and trembling, and eying the Kite that 
was houering about expecting for to catch it So strange a horrour 
had that (p. 34) innocent soule of the least shaddow of sin. After this 
(as he was most obedient) he cheered vpp, grew more confident and 
entertained himself more familiarly with his companions, and yet during 
the whole time of his aboade in the Infirmary a great paert of the 
same trouble remaiaedy which he sotight to allay t^ firequent prayer, 

mnom Of smiUND matrbw 75 

wherein he was so assiduous that he spent more time at his deuotions 
then could haue been permitted him had he bin well and out of the 
Infirmary. Thus did our mercifiill Lord, that by the intermission of 
his ordinary and domesticall exercises he shoold come to suffer no 
losse or detriment in spirit and deuotion. 

It was no lesse a mercy of God and more continually which made 
that become most bitter and ircksome vnto him which ordinaryly is 
vnto children and men also one of the sweetest contentments of the 
world, to witt the merry and free company of those that are alwais 
iesting for to cause sport and laughter, which as great S"^ Basil 
obserues doth quite dissolue the vigour of the soule and much 
interrupt the communication it hath wiUi God, but the difficulty which 
litle Edmund had therein, as it proceeded from a most candid 
sincerity, so it was a great incitement vnto him for to be in a manner 
continually praying. This sweet child, as he had a horrour and 
detestation of lying, so could he not easyly persuade him self that 
any woold euer tell (p. 35) him a ly, and therefore whatsoeuer was said 
vnto him, he took it as spoaken in sincerity. And as for mendacium 
iocosum, *a ly tauld in iesV hee did not know what it ment of w^ 
sort of ly S : Augustin says thus. In quo non magna culpa est, tamen 
non est sine culpa, Mendacium in iocando ideo non est pemiciosissimum^ 
quia non fallit^ nouit enim ille cui dicitur^ ioci causa esse dictum, ' Utere 
is no great fault in it, yet is it not without fault. A Ly spoken in iest is 
not extreamiy pernicious^ because it doth not deceiue; for he to whom it is 
spoaken knows it to be spoken in iest,^ But his innocency vnderstood 
not this; which caused him often great troubles; wherein our B* 
Lord who intended in a short time to perfect his happy soule, had 
2 great designes the one was to afford him matter of meritt by 
exercising his patience and meekenesse; for heering diuers things 
most improbable, said of him by his companions (as with children it 
sometimes happens), and not knowing that they iested with him but 
thinking such was the opinion they had of him, he woold not stand 
to iustifie himselfe, nor to contest with them, but quietly dissembled 
his grief by houlding his peace, though it stung him to the very 
haert To heere him sometimes in confidence lay open these his 
troubles (which he did now and then to his Ghostly Father) woold 
make anyone embrace and loue his sincerity and candor, tenderly 
resent his afflictions, and admire his vertue in bearing them, (p. 36) and 
yet to blesse himself to see his innocent mistakes. This his patient 
dissembling was in things that concerned himself; for when he 
thought Gods honour to be engaged, it was strange y^ a litle child 
shoold show so great zeale. A companion once let fall some words 
which signified that wrather then he woold loose all his means, and 
become a beggar, he woold temporise and go to church with hereticks. 
This was a to edged sword in Edmunds haert and he did so bestir 
him self to bring his companion to vnderstand the indignity of his 
saying and the danger he exposed himself to, that he being quite 
ashamed of his words said he spoak onely in iest, and not onely then 
endeauoured to persuade Edmund as much but also at other times 
came and excused his rash and inconnderal words. Another time it 


happened that Edmund being in the company of 3 or 4 that weare 
speaking of the pressent warrs, one of them by way of exaggeration 
said he woold kill himself before he woold come into the hands of 
the ennemy, for which an other graue yuth pressently rebuked him, 
but Edmund burst forth into tears which was a great check vnto 
him, and a most wholsom admonition as well to those that then saw 
him as also to all those whom they tould it vnto. The other designe 
of Almighty God was to make all company and conuersation that 
might haue caused the least blemish to the most singular purity and 
(p. 37) innocency of his consciens to become bitter and distastfiiU 
vnto him, and by this means sweetly to draw or euen to compell him 
to prayer and communication with his maiesty. For euen as the 
litle bird seing it self in danger flys vnto its nest; were it fears 
neither Hawke nor foulers snare, so this sweet bird of Paradise, this 
mysticall Turtle, finding litle comfort els weare was euer repairing to 
the sodality where he had his nest 7\irtur nidutn sibi vbi ponat pullos 
sues: altaria tua Domine virtutum. For heere weare his chast grones, 
his innocent sighs, his feruent prayers and strong resolutions, and he 
acknowledged to his Confessarious that our Lord did comfort him 
in prayer. In the church indeed he prayed not much but it was at 
those times when all the schoUers where to be there, and he was for 
the most part euer vppon his knees, though holy seruis at certaine 
times of the yeare lasteth three howers. Insomuch that his prefect 
did feare he woold endomage his health by so long and intens 
prayer; and was resolued if he had recouered of his last sicknesse 
to haue forbidden him to kneele so long together. But his deuotion 
appeared more in the sodality were his hart and tresor was amongst 
the relicques of Saints, which like to a crowne or diademe of glory 
did enuiron our B^ Sauiour vppon the Alter, where is verified that 
which the Prophet sings. Deus qui ghrificatur in consilio sanctorum 
magnus et ierribiiis super omnes qui in circuitu sunt * God is glorified in 
the assembly of Saints, and he appears great and full of maiesty ouer all 
that are round about himJ In this sodality it is scarce credible how 
often litle Edmund was praying when there was no obligation that 
caled him els were. Vppon holy days, and play days, the schollers 
haue many howers which they may dispose of as they please. It was 
a matter of great edification to see how prudently he disposed his 
time. A litle of it he allotted to play, or to entertaine himself with 
some companion, the rest he distributed between prayer and studdy; 
for to pray was vnto him as meat and drink, and yet hardly any one 
in the Colledge was more studious then he. At his prayers he knelt 
in a most decent, modest, quiet, sweet posture, without any affectation 
or ostentation of deuotion. Insomuch that you might haue knelt 
by him for a good space of time, and scars haue knowne that he 
was there, if you had not seen him. He had many innocent pious 
practises that came as sweetly, and naturally from him, as water flows 
from a fountaine. When he came to his Ghostly Fathers chamber, 
whatsoeuer his businesse was, in the first place, he alwaies asked him 
blessing vppon both knees with singular Reuerence, which he obserued 
also as he went out of his chambo:. 


As he passed along the galleries he woold kisse the picture 
hanging on the walls, which he could reach vnto, (p. 39) and those 
that are fastned to the doors. 

When he was to walke abroade (besides his inuiolable customs of 
visiting the sodality before he went out and againe as soone as he 
came home) he yused, if he had a companion that he could be 
confident with, to say our Ladys Litanies as soone as he was out of 
the towne; and neuer failed a litle before the signe was giuen for 
to call them all home to say the said littanies with some other 
prayers in thanksgiuing that our Lord had preserued him and the 
rest of his companions from all harme and badd encounter that day 
abroad, for which purpos he had agreed with one of his schoole 
fellows for to be redy at a signe, for to come out and walke out with 
him a litle from the rest, before they where caled home. Noe boddy 
could look vppon this child with a faithfull ey whilst he was at his 
deuotions, but he did lodge him in his very haert, and much desire 
to haue part in those innocent and feruent prayers. Some haue out 
of a kind of Reuerence vnto him kissed the place, and euen now 
kisse the ground where his knees were so often and so deuoutly 
planted in prayer. Wee do very particularly ascribe vnto his holy 
prayers two most precious and authentical Relicques of the Prime 
Virgin Martyrs Saincte Catherine and S: Agnes, which do now 
enrich our Sodality, for wilst we were negotiating for them, wee sett 
him a praying and (p. 40) wee found better successe then by human 
means could be expected, and we do confide by his intercession to 
obtain the holy relicque of the incomparable Si" Martina which with 
an impatient desire wee expect from Roome. 

Without question it is he who was receiued a most welcome guest 
to the whole congregation of Blessed Saincts, whom vppon earth as 
their humble client he had honoured and reuerenced with all dutiful! 
affection and deuotion. The Roman martyrologe he both heard at 
table, and red priuatly euery day, with much spirituall gust and 
contentment Before the solemnitys of his particular Patrons, which 
were very frequent, he was wont to desire his Freinds, with whom he 
was most confident, to pray for him and help him for to honour 
them, promising to do the like for them on their Patrons dayes ; his 
greatest comfort and recreation was to discours with one of his owne 
humoiu*, of the holy Saints, and particularly of the holy virgins and 
tender litle children, that adorned their innocency and virginity with 
an heroical fortitude and constancy in torments suffered for the loue 
and faith of Christ. These discourses offered his mind a continuall 
and festiuall banquet and he wel resembled those happy soules of 
whom wee read where represented in a vision as milke white Lambs 
feeding in a most sweet and delicious medow vppon the purest Lelys^ for he 
wanted not the innocent (p. 41) candour of a Lamb, and his cleane, 
generous, and lofty thoughts, which had a horror of a woridly and 
transitory thought or deUght, were euer entertained with the pure 
sweet akvais flourishing leHes of the mysteries of our Sauiour his life^ 
his incomprehensible loue to manhind^ the worthy actions and suffrinp of 
his saints and the etemall ioys ofheauen. 


He bore particular deuotion to the saints of his name, the 2 
S^ Edmunds to wit the King and Martyr, and the Bishop and Con- 
fessour, to the Apostle of his country S. Patricks, to those whose 
sacred relicques are kept in the Sodality^ and vnto Si" Procopius 
Martyr whose feast is on the 8 of July. R. F. Rectour that then 
was of the Colledge of liege^ sent vnto him and his Brother and cosen 
some sacred dust of the bones of the holy martyrs S^" Primus and 
Faustus fastened with gome to silke in forme of a crosse. These 
Relicques they all three receiued as an inestimable treasure with 
incredible ioy, and got them put and enclosed in syluer crosses with 
glasses before them for to weare them at their brests. Edmund highly 
reuerenced and deerly loued these saints and preferred his reliquary 
before scepters and crownes oi Kin^. Since his death his Brother 
entends to put it about his neck msteed of his owne, the saincts 
being the same, and this hauing some new veneration added to it by 
Edmunds constant deuotion thereunto. Wlierein it is not amisse to 
obserue that when their relicquaries were first made and brought vnto 
them Edmund as being the youngest gaue place vnto his Brother and 
Cosen contenting himself with what they had left, but now this is fax 
preferred and sought for before the other 2, and happy is he that can 
haue it 

But of all the saints, next to the Qub£nb of Saints, this saintly 
child did loue, esteem, honour and confide most in S"*" Encratides 
a glorius Virgin and Martyr otherwise caled Engratia, of whom 
the Church in the Roman martyrologe speaketh on the 16 of April 
The life and martyrdome of this dearest spouse of Christ was related 
vnto him about a yeare and [a] half befor his death, and he was willed 
to make choise of her for his speciall Patronesse, which he did as 
obediently as if he had been committed vnto her care and protection 
by the expresse commendation of our Sauiour. From that time he 
considered S^ Encratides as his Mother, euery day asked her blessing, 
committed all his affairs to her, and by her offered them vp vnto our 
B. Lady that she woold vouchsafe to offer them vnto her Sonna 
When he was to appeare in any publick exercise, as disputing, inter- 
preting Greek, acting and the like S*^ Encratides was most earnestly 
prayed vnto and desired to prosper his designes. Yet he was more carefuU 
to be gratefull vnto her for the good successe of the businesse when 
it was ouer then solicitous (p. 43) to obtaine her fauour when he was to 
sett about it. In euery theme he made, was written in his fairest hand 
Ad maiorsm Dei Dbipara et SANCTiC Encratidis gloriam. In 
euery place he stood in awfiill feare and respect of this good mother 
persuading himself that she took notice of his behauiour. His Master 
wondered to see this saints name, who is not much knowne or talked 
oi^ in euery theme he brought to schoole, but discoursing once with 
him about her, he did for more admire the iubily and exultation of 
haert with which the gratefull child did speake of his deare saint 
Mother. After which time his Master took now and then occasion to 
say something in the scoole of that most Louely Saint, and presently 

4c Ftlher John Stevens, S.J., was succeeded in the rcctoratc of Liege in October, 
1666, by Father Edward Couruiey. 


litle £dmunds countenanoe became almost seraphical, such m)» of a 
most innocent spiritual ioy and gladnesse did appear and shine therein. 
Where vppon his Maister for to feed himself and his scholiers with a 
spiritual contentment in his schoole action, wherein he represented the 
Martjnrdome of the two holy children S. Justus and S*^ Pastor (the 
Latter wereof lide Edmund acted most gratiously) the Master took 
occasion frequently to name Saint £ncratides, which he might wdl 
do, she being of the same country, to witt a Spanish Lady, and hauing 
suffered in the same Persecution and vnder the same bloody Tyrant 
with those 2 litle Brothers. And it was a pleasure to obserue the ioy 
whidi without affectation redounded into the face of this her moat 
gratefuU client, as often as her (p. 44) delightfull name occuned whetbcr 
himself pronounced it, or heard it from the Mouth of his companioiNt 
What fauours y« Blessed Virgin Martyr Saint Encratidbs returned 
ynto her dearest pupill, wee shall know when wee come to the place 
where this sweet child with his good Mother behoulds the face of Goa 

It seems not improbable ^though I will affirme nothing) that either 
Saint Encratides or some blessai spirit appeared visibly vnto him 
at his death ; for to recdue his thrice happy soule, and present it before 
the throne of God. For not long before he died, as he was lying on 
his left side, on a suddaine he turned himself on his right side, as if 
he were casting himself into the embracements of one that was come 
to receiue him, and this with so much eamestnesse that he had fallen 
out of his bed, had not he been helped and shoued back by the 
father that stood by, and yet still he made the same offer, and in 
fine so died with his armes, head and neck stretched out, and his ey 
directed to the same place. A man may thinke he was frighted; 
neither will I gainsay; for almighty God doth permitt some of the most 
innocent Persons to haue at dieir death hidious and horrid sights (as 
wel for the encrease of their merit by exercise of hope, and confidence 
in our deare God as also to purify and cleans their souls from that litle 
drosse which yet remains, and is to be scoured after death in Puigatoiy 
if it be not taken away by some great mercy of God graunted to 
certaine choise soules that haue been very exact and faithfuU in his 
holy seruice) to preuent in this manner their purgatory, that going forth 
of their boddies they may immediatly be admitted amongst the rest of 
the blessed in heauen. And it is likely enough Edmund was in this 
manner prooued, and exercised by some dreadfull sight, represented vnto 
him on the left side of liis bed which made him in a fright tume to 
the other : yet two things do persuade me that (Mressently after this vgly 
sight (if he had any such) he enioyed a comfortable vision of a blessed 
spirit For first, if this stretching out of his hands and head had been 
to flay away and secure himself from y^ dreadfull obiect he woold bane 
made towwls his ghostly Father that stood by his bed, as we saw many 
of vs to gether some years before a most vertuous youth lying vppon 
his death bed, who being in this manner affrighted during some howen, 
turned still towards him that was praying by him, catched hould of his 
^rdle held it fast with both his hands, and sought to shrowd himself 
into his bosome, being all this while so pressent to himself and so 
able that be often si^ied himself with the holy Crossb and both 


did, and spake, wat was prescribed and councelled: but title Edmund 
made not his addresse vnto the Priest, that was close by him in a veiy 
conspicious place, but to some other person inuisible to the Priests eys. 
Secondly pressently after he had suddainly turned from the left side his 
countenance which was before troubled and ghastly, became calme and 
sweet. And in fine that posture and those gesturs did not seeme to 
be of a Person pursued by an ennemy, but of [a] louing child running 
to the armes of his mother, who if it (p. 46) where the glorious Virgin 
S^ Encratides I shall not wonder, considering his constant duety 
▼nto her not intermitted euen in this his last sicknesse. For he caled 
amourously vppon her in his sharpest pains assuring himself of her 
help and protection. And, which aboue all is to be reflected vppon, 
made choise of her for his Mother and speciall patronesse yppon this 
confidence that she shoold assist and defend him in his last and most 
dangerous conflict. But of this, euery man as he thinks. Certain it 
is that, as his life was most innocent, so was his death most precious. 

When and by what means our Lord did first begin to draw him 
to so great perfection I know not : onely this that it was soone after 
his coming to our seminary of S' Omers, where in the space of 2 years 
and a half he arriued to an eminent degree of vertue; so much I 
can say that he and his Brother and aiso their cosen, (who came 
hither some while before them, and by the great commendations he 
gaue of the place was the cause of their coming) where in this all 
very happy, that pressently at their first arriuall they consorted 
themselues with vertuous and discreet companions, who by word and 
example fashioned and framed them (they being all three of an 
excellent temper) to the loue of order and obseruance, which is of 
infinite importance to children for their future carriadge. Edmunds 
Ghostly Father vsed to say of him when he was yet liuing and likely to 
Hue, and spoake it more than once or twice to the superiour of the 
house, that this child was truely and solidly vertuous and that he 
thought God was disposing to take him (p. 47) soone to heauen, or if 
he entended to haue him stay longer in the world had great designes 
ouer him. 

The night before his death there watched with him two of the 
grauest students, the one his schoolfellow; the other his Brothers and 
cosens intimat freind. Towards the morning were caled Father 
Minister and his ghostly Father and these 4 had occasion to be neare 
him and touch him, to take his breath and the like (wherein they were 
lesse wary, for that they apprehended not his disease to be contagious) 
and one of them, after it was euident what sicknesse he had, staid with 
him and was pressent when he died, and about a quarter after. And 
though the yuths that where with him weare fasting and not prouided 
of human preseruatiue or antidote, yett they litle feared they shoold 
euer bee the wors for him, as indeed they were not It happened also 
that one of our youths, a tender child, came in to the Roome where he 
died pressently after his boddy was conueyed thence, litle knowing that 
he was dead, and much lesse suspecting what disease he died of, and 
yet neuer ailed anything. To say nothing that the day before his death 
many schoUers and others where promiscuously with him, and that 


the chamber was such where in he died that the contagion might haue 
been spread from it to the greatest part of our house, as they indeed 
who carried his boddy away did much feare and suspect And ^et 
Almighty God be euer praised not one Person receiued harme by hun, 
for that innocent Boddy, fjEtithfuU partner of a holy soule (though for 
the common curse laid vppon Adam with all his (p. 48) Posterity, and 
for his owne greater merit was infected with the Plague) yet deriued 
not infection to any boddy els ; which in the circumstances, place, and 
time, oi his death was very wonderfull, and looked on, as an effect of 
his prayers and singular merit with God Almighty. And wee are 
confident wee haue in him a Patron in heauen, who draws many a 
spirituall and temporall blessing vppon oiu* house, moriafur anima mea 
marte huius et fiant nauissima mea huius Similia. ^God grant me to dy 
his happy deaths and first to Hue his blessed life that so my end may 
become like hisJ Amen. 

To the greater honnour of 

Almighty God, 

the euer imma- 
culat Virgin Mary, Saint 
Encratides, and her ho- 
ly Client 

Edmund Poins 

Na V. 


Ths Society b indebted to Mr. Gibbonsy of Hmitiiigtoo, Yoik, hoooniy coiiespoo* 
dent, for the txanacript taken from the Act Books of the Pecaliar Court of Masham. 
As second hand from a coDjr, which would seem not altogether correct, it most be 
taken with its defects and compared with other returns, of which there are, 
foftunatelT, sereral in existence. Tht RmuUnson MS. B. 452, in the Bodleian 

LUxary, printed by Mr. Edward Peacock, F.S.A., entitled **A fjist rf iJU Rm 
CmUMics im ike C^mUy of York m 1604^** familiarly known as *'Plmcoci^s Yorkshire 
Rocmamis" contains on pajges 73-77 a considerable list of Recusants of Maswim (or 
Masham). The North Ridmg Record Society has also published a valuable collection 
of Recusants of that Riding, unfortunately with more variety of indexing than is 
desindile. The following dates may be mentioned regarding Masham Recusants 
under the several volumes and pages: — 

II: 73, 12 July, 1614; 151, 9 July, 1616; 163, i Oct, 1617; 185, 6 Oct. 1618. 

III : 55, 10 July, 1612; 123, 2 Oct, 1621; 152, 8 Oct, 1622; 18^ 7 Oct, 
1823; 217, 5 Oct, 1624; 230, 27 April, 1625; 248, 12 Oct, 1625; : '^ 
6 Oct, 1626; 301, 3 Oct, 1628; 340, 3 Oct., 1632; 362, 2 Oct, 1633 

1823; 217, 5 Oct, 1624; 230, 27 April, 1625; 248, 12 Oct, 1625; 278, 
6 Oct, 1626; 301, 3 Oct, 1628; 340, 3 Oct, 1632; 362, 2 Oct, 1633. 
IV: 22, 8 Oct, 1634; 42, 30 Sept, 1635; 82, 3 Oct, 1637; 104. 3 Oct, 

1638; 123, 2 Oct, 1639; 210, 5 Oct, 1641. 

The Civil War followed, and '* Papistical Recusants " shared with some of their 
former persecutors a shorter shrift When the Commonwealth was established they 
suffered with other ** Delinquents," or more so, for Cromwell's toUrance did not 
embrace Catholics. Charles II would frdn have extended tolerance, had not the lies 
based on the |reat fire and the machinations of Titus Oates, and other miscreants, 
inflamed the mind of the ignorant and fanatical lower classes. Page 195 of volume vi 
bristles a^ain with Recusants at the Quarter Sessions of 20 Tany., 167], at Richmond ; 
but this IS beyond the time of the following extracts made by Mr. Gibbons, which 
teemed to him to relate to Recusants. It must be clearly understood that other 
indictments, as for non-pajrment of assessments and offences against the criminal law, 
are excluded as beyond the scope of the Catholic Record Society's undertaldng. 

A special feature in these returns is, that after all the harryingabout of 
Recusants at Quarter Sessions at Helmsley, Malton, Northallerton, Richmond, 
Stokesley, Thirsk, and special sessions elsewhere, with an occasional summons to the 
Assizes at York or London, they had their ** Peculiar Courts" near at home, to keep 
up the persecution between times. The Danbys and Wyvills mentioned were the 
most important families in the parish, having inherited the estate of Thomas, fifth 
Lord Scrope of Masham, through his second and third daughters, Margaret and 
Elizabeth, his four sons, Thomas, Henry, Ralph, and Geoffery, who each succeeded 
him in the baronv, having all died without issue. (Burk^z Rxtimt Peerage.) Some 
members of the lesser gentry appear in the list, but the bulk of the names are of 
yeomen, husbandmen, weavers or websters, cordwainers or shoemakers, tailors, 
colliers, &c, and their families. Many of the names are still found in the district.' 
High stationed or lowly, their names constantly recur in the rolls of Recusants. 

1589. March 31. 

Peter Mylner, William Wray and Richard Hanley for that they 
refuse to pay their sessments to the church. 

1618. April 8. 

Isabel U3L Christ Danbv gent, Constance ux. Rich«> Beckwyth. 
John Smerthwaite, Thos. Walker, Katherine ux. Rob* Norton gent 
mko and Haii^ Norton, Christ Reyner sen', Christ Theakston, Christ 


Watson, Marg^ ux. John Smyth, Dorothy Brunton, £dw<^ Brunton, R^ 
Atkinson & Agnes ux., Marg^ Atkinson widow & Marmaduke Atkinson 
her son, Lambert Wade, Rich^ Lucas and his wife, Agnes ux. Anthy. 
Crosbye, Eliz'** ux. W"» Kinge, Francis ux. Christ. Danbye of Leighton 
esq', John Curter, Lucy Jackson widow, Marmaduke Wintersgill & 
Janet ux. and son, John Gleadston, Thos. Jackson sen' & Ann ux., 
W" Cowper, Janet Jackson widow, Rob* Wivel gent & Alice ux., Luna 
(or Lucy)* Wyvel widow, Cuthb* Wivell & Eliz^ ux., John Win, Mary 
Redil, Thos. Spence & Luna (or Lucy)'f< ux., Julia ux. Christ Beck- 
with, Ann Hodgson widow & Ralph Wildman, presented for Recusants, 
and for standing excommunicate and not appearing to answer their 

Jane Wivel for harbouring many papistical recusants resorting to 
her house. 

W" Theakston for not receiving the Holy Communion. 

And also (separate case) for that they buried Cath. Langdale & 
Jane her dau. being excommunicate Recusants at time of death. 

16 1 9. Sept 2. Before John Lawrence. 

Hy. Chatter, W°» Theakston, Christ Reyner, Christ Clarke, John 
Awton sen', Rich<^ Hodgson, Christ de Swinton for not paying their 
sessments for bread & wine. 

John Beckwith of Massam for not paying his sessm* at 6^ in the 
pound and for taking on him to bury his mother being a Recusant 
and dying excommunicate. 

Rob* Preaveson for not paying his sessment of 4^ for bread & 
wine, (dismissed.) 

Charter widow for do. the like, (dismissed.) 

John Theakston of Ellingstring senior for bidding the ch. wardens 
do their worst against him £eing wished to go into the church. 

162 1. Sept: 5. At the church at Kirkby Malzeard. 

Thos. Salywicke alias W« John Winne and John Kirkby for not 
receiving the holy communion & for that they are Recusants. 

W°> Theakston for burying of Christ. Theakston a Recusant and 
Excommunicate in the night time. 

1623. Dec: 16. In Massam church. 

Thos. Teasdell, R<» Beckwith, W» Gray, Anthy. Horsman, Christ 
Thwaite, W°» Horsman sen', Hy. Browne, Jenetta Walker wid., W"» 
Mawer, Hy. Taylor gent, Hy. Chator, W« Gregg, Christ. Gregg, and 
Marmaduke Beckwith for not paying sessm** to the church, (excom- 

Isabella ux. Christ Danby, Margery Watson wid., Thos. Walker, 
Steph. Wintersgill & Cath. ux., Eliz*** Wilson, Alice Peake & Ralph 
Norton of Massam, popish recusants, (excommunicate.) 

John Scott & Dorothy Lucas for being present at Burial of Ralph 
Lucas an excommunicate person and a Recusant 

4c Jane wife of Chr. W. in 1604, Jane wife of Rob. in 1614. One of the icribes 
nay have written Jana, with an open top to the first ' a.* See also four lines lower, 
f In 1614 Jane, 


^Thompson of suspected to be a popish priest 

John Grainge for having a child christened with a popish priest 
called ^Thompson. 

Steph. Wintersgill of Massam blacksmith & Cath ux., John Smithson 
of Swinton webster & Eleanor ux., John Dawson of do. husbandman 
& Mary ux., Anna ux. Jo. Slater of do. husbandman, Thos. Gowland 
of do. webster & Marmiaduke his wife, Agnes ux. Jo. Clarke labourer, 
Jo. Ward of do. husb«*"»«, Frances Smith wid, Christ Watson of 
Swinton, Jo. Jackson of High Ellington yeom. & Jane ux., Geo. Braith- 
waite & Ann ux., Anthy. Lofthouse & Dorothy ux., Baine 

widow & Ann her dau., Jo. Burrill & ux., Maria ux. Peter Hanley, 
Tho. Hambleton & ux. & Matthew his son, Ralph King and Maig^ 
ux., the wife of W°> Kinge, Rob^ Jackson & Ellen ux., Qurist Johnson 
of Fearby, Eliz. ux. W« Bower, Marg* Lowson wid., Jo. Lowson & Anna 
ux., Thos. Malhersonal & Edith ux., Marmaduke Kirkeby & Anne ux., 
Majg^ ux. Sampson Horsman, and Eliz^ Baker, Recusants. 

W°^ Ripley for teaching children in his house without a license. 

Thos. Walker & Francis Walker for burying of Michael Walker 
an excommunicate person. 

Rob^ Armistead, Mallory NormanviUe & Lancelot Walton jun*" for 
burying of Dorothy Armistead an excommunicate person. 

W°^ Talbot for harbouring a popish priest in his house to say 
mass there. 

Hy. Duffield for having mass done in his house as is rep<Mrted. 

Hy. Duffield for having a child christened forth of his Parish 
Church and not known where. 

Thos. Bird for having superstitious crossings with towels at the 
burial of one of his children. 

Jo. Wiseman for the like when his wife was buried. 

W°^ Dawson, Christopher Hanson & Hy. Duffield for not paying 
their cessments. 

Catharine the wife of Leonard Leathley, Ann Richmond widow, 
Margaret Huille, Thos. Metcalfe, Thos. Walker jun' & Margaret his 
wife, Francis Atkinson, Ann the wife of Robert Fleetham, Margaret 
Winn, Ralph Burnett, Ann Smith widow, Margaret Rayner widow, 
Janetta the wife of Anthony Malthae, Jo. Waite & his wife, Marma- 
duke Blackburn & Ann his Daughter, Francis Beckwith & Janetta 
his wife, Gilbert Beckwith, Christopher Smyth, Catherine Heslintd, 
George Theakston, Isabella the wife of Gilbert Theakston, W» Talbott, 
Stephen Talbott & Mai^garet his present wife, Geoffirey East & Mai^garet 
Bumeston his servants, Bridgett Armistead, Eliz. Wells, Margaret wife 
of Thos. Birde, Stephen Fawcett, Eliz. his wife, Margaret wife of W» 
Gildar, Ann the wife of W" Marshall, Gilbert Smith & Ann his wife, 
Hy. Duffield & his wife, Dorothy Duffield wid., Ann wife of Nicholas 
Beckwith, Rob* Armistead, George Kirkby, Alice wife of W™ Abbott, 
Ann Braithwaite, Dorothy wife of Leonard Beckwith, Dorothy wife of 

:9c At th« Quarter Semoof at Richmond on 7 October, 1623, he is called 
**Tho. Thomptoo, Seminary Priest'* at Esk-head in Manam, where a Recusant, 
Edw. Eike, yeoman, then dwelt. 


Geoige Smith, Gilbert Atkinson & Margaret his wife, Barbara Foster, 
Margaret wife of Thomas Lambe, Maria Read, Eliz. Bell, Alice Ella, 
the wife of Lancelot Edon, Popish Recusants. 

1624. July 14. 

John darling of Healey & Anna Grainge alias Pinder his present 
wife, Robert Jackson of Ilton & Ellen Batty alias Jackson his present 
wife for being married clandestinely without license or banns asking 
forth of their Parish Church. 

John Carter & Ann Atkinson his present wife & Christ Beckwith 
of Nutwith Cote & Aim Smyth his present wife for the like. 

1624. August 18. Before Gilbert Horsman. 

John Scott & Dorothy Lucas for being present at a burial of 
Ralph Lucas a Recusant person and a Recusant 

John Scrowthorpe of Oldfield & Ann Beckwith alias Scrowthorpe 
of Nutwith Cote his supposed wife being married without license or 
banns asking not known where. 

Christ Beckwith of the same place & Aim Smith alias Beckwith 
being married in a priest's house without their Parish Church without 
license or banns asking. 

J. Barker & Ann Atkinson his concealed wife for the like. 

1624. Aug. 30. At the Church at Kirkby Malzeard. 

Stephen Wintersgill & Catherine ihis wife for not receiving the 
holy communion at Easter was twelve months. 

Hy. Lowson &, Ann Bayne of Fearby for standing excommimicate. 

Robert Theakston of Healey for not bringing his children to the 
church to be christened. 

Soloman Adamson of Swinton & Maigaret his wife, Jo. Ward of 
the same place, John Smith, John Gierke & his wife of the same 
place, William Theakston & his wife of the same place, Thos. 
Madderson & Ann his wife, John Jackson of Sourmire & his wife, 
Elizabeth the wife of Will"^ Baker of Wardermaske & Marg^ the wife 
of Sampson Horsman being Popish Recusants & lately fallen away. 

Dorothy Johnson of Ilton widow, Mary the wife of Peter Hanley 
of Pott, Thos. Hambleton, Rob^ Jackson & Ellen his wife of Moor- 
heads, Magdalen Jackson of the same place spinster, Rob' Theakston 
& his wife of Healey, Lucy Jackson widow of the same place. Manna- 
duke Ferbie of the same place, Francis Atkinson of Healey Coate, 
Barnabas Jackson of Healey, Thos. Kinge of Crabbetree house, Eliz. 
Bowes wife of Michael Bowes of Fearby, Alice Griswitt of the same 
place, Maigaret Baine of the same place spinster & Christ Johnson 
of the same place being Popish Recusants & lately fallen away. 

1626. Sept 13. In the church at Kirkby Malzeard. 

Sampson Butterfield & his wife of Massam, Eliz. the wife of Ralph 
Wilson of the same place, Thomas Theakston sen<^ & his wife of 
Ellington, Jacob Gleadston & his wife, Rob' Williamson & his wife, 
Eliz. Walker spinster of the same place for not receiving the holy 
communion at Easter last 


Christ Lodge & Eliz. Ward for standing excommunicate. 
Edward Blackhouse & his wife for the like. 
Steph. Wintersgill &" his wife for the like. 

1626. Nov. 6. In Kirkby Malzeard Church, before Edw<* Watkinson. 
- Hy. Pickard for not receiving the holy communion at Easter last 

Sampson Walker & Maig^ Horsman of Ilton for being unlawfully 
married together as is thought by an unlawful minister & yet living 
together as man & wife. 

Christ Beckwith jun^ of Massam & Maria Beckwith of Massam 
for the like. 

W°^ Johnson & Sarah Pickersgill for the like. 

Hy. Pickerd for abusing the minister & churchwardens. 

1627. Feby. 28. At Massam chUrch, before Edw** Watkinson. 
John Sanderson of Healey for teaching without license. 
Isabella Danby wife of Christ. Danby gent, Robert Thwaite & 

Frances his daughter, Margaret Smirthwaite spinster, Alice Peake 
spinster, Margaret Watson widow, John Winde, Richard Atkinson of 
Moorheads, Barnabas Jackson of Healey, Lucy Jackson widow, Mabel 
wife of Hy. Clarke of Healey, Thomas Gowland & his wife, John 
Jackson & his wife of Rawmore (Roomer), John Adamson and his 

wife of Swinton, Marmaduke Atkinson of head Batchellor 

presented for Popish Recusants. 

John Sanderson of Healey for saying in a bragin^ manner he 
would teach School without license & stand excommumcate & none 
come at the church. 

1628. Dec. 18. At Kirkby Malzeard Church, before Edw<* Watkinson. 
Christ Gristhwaite & . Jane Tuting his concealed wife for being 

married as is reported & the minister who married them not know 
& they having had a child together. 

Isabella Danby wife of Christ. Danby, Alice Peake spinster, 
Margaret Smirthwaite, Margery Watson, James Waite gent., Elizabeth 
wife of Myers Bowes, William Wintersgill & Isabel his wife, Ann wife 
of William Cowper, Isabella the wife of George Gierke, Lucy Jackson 
widow, Barnabas Jackson, Thomas Salwick, Ellenor Moore, Ralpherina 
wife of Robert Norton gent, Thos. Lowland & his wife, John Qerke 
& his wife, Ann Hodgson, John Adamson & his wife, John Slater, 
Rachel Hartte, William Theakston & his wife, John Jackson of Raw- 
moore, Thos. Matterson & his wife, Eliz*'» Baker & Ann Pickering for 
Popish Recusants & excommunicate persons. 

Christ Johnson of Ilton, Roger Atkinson & his wife, Rob^ Warde 
& his wife, Marmaduke Atkinson, Roger Atkinson jun' of Ashheads, 
Edward Ashe & his wife, Eliz**> Atkinson, Robert Jackson & his wife, 
Magdalen Jackson spinster, Lambert Ward & his wife, John Kirkby 
& his wife, Marmaduke Kirkbie, Thomas Kinge & his wife, ^diank] 
Lucas widow, Eliz^ Kinge, Robert Theakston & his wife, W"» Kinge 
& his wife, Ann the wife of John Astwith & John Warde for the like. 





Bodldan Labnry, MS. Ashmole Sa6, ff. 215, 217, 219. 

(f. 215.) Ifcs. 

All we the Catholick prisoners committed by speciall order from 
the LL* of his Ma'*" most honourable priuy Counsaile vnto the Castle 
of Wisbich there to be kept vnder the custody of M' Taylor the Constable 
therof according to the directions giuen by their LLJ* vnto the sayd 
Constable, vnfsdnedly protest that we are willing in all respectiue duty 
to submitt ourselues to their LLp* direction, so far forth as may stand 
w^ the safeguard of our Hues, immunity of our consciences, and safety 
of our frendes: but hauing diligently considered of the vnvsuall seuerity 
and rigorous strictnes of many of the proposed articles w'^ one consent 
we all conclude that they are morally impossible of vs to be obserued 
w'^ut y^ manifest danger of our liues, and vtter mine and decay both 
of our frends our healths and fortunes: For that our small meanes 
being already exhausted by a long and tedious restraint in other prisons, 
and we on the sudden conveyed hither not being able w'^ all our 
endeauo" to prooure our stay for some few dayes, w^ we earnestly 
craued to furnish o'selues of such meanes as were necessary to prolong 
our discomfortable Hues, are therby brought to those straights as we 
see no meane if these articles be as severely executed as they be strictly 
sett downe, but of necessity we must DeQI into extreame calamity of 
penury and fiamine, for that we cannot send to o' frends abroad for 
our necessary releefe either letter or message w^ut drawing them for 
their charity into y^ compasse of greater danger, neither can they repaire 
or send vnto vs w'^ut y^ like hazard : so that in no likelyhood we 
can find meanes to vndergoe the charge though it were very much 
diminished from what is sett downe. Yet for the present we are willing 
to giue 2' 4^ by the weeke for a bed, whether we lye together or seueralli 
and are desirous to content our selues w'^ such meane dyett as o' weake 
fortunes will allow vs, w^ we desire may be of our owne providing. 
For the fees we haue payd them allready in our former prisons, and 
are vnable now to satisfye so great a summe, besides that we are very 
credibly informed that our Predecessors whose meanes were much better 
and liberty far greater were neuer demaunded such dutyes, yet if their 
LLp^ shall be pleased to remoue or release vs at what time onely we 
are informed those duties if any such be are customaryly demaunded, 


we will giue to y« Keeper such content as we are able. Humbly crauing 
that in the meane time we be not abridged of the small Uberty of 
this house, and the mutuall comfort of one anothers conversation, 
being ready in all submissiue duty vpon better consideration to shew 
vnto their LLp* the reasons we haue to complaine of the burthen of 
diuerse other of (f. 215^) the articles, the like wherof haue neuer yet 
been heard to haue been prescribed to men of our profession and quality. 

(f. 217.) 

Most puisaunt and Orientafi Monarch. 

Sutch are the rare perfections and admirable giftes of wisdome 
prudence vallor and iustice wherw*** the bountifulnes of godes diuine 
Ma'^ is in y* depth of yowr prouident iudgement we doubt not but 
yow forsee what concerneth both the spirituaH and temporall gouerment 
of ait yowr kingdomes and dominions. Notw^tanding yowr graces 
most aflicted seruauntes and deuoted subiectes y^ Catholiques of England 
partely to preuent sinister informacions w<* happely maye possesse yowr 
sacred eares before our aunswears be heard, and partly as men ouer* 
whelmed w^ persecutions for our consciences, wear enforced to haue 
speedy recourse in hope of speedy redresse. And to present these 
humble lines vnto yowr royaii person to plead for vs commiseracion 
& fiauour. Alas what alleagaunce can any temporal!: prince desire or 
expect? How many noble men & gentlemen most zealous in the 
catholique religion haue endured, some losse of landes & liuinge, some 
exile, other imprisonment, some the effusion of bloud, and sdi for y* 
aduauncement of yowr blessed mother to y^ scepter of Albian Naie 
whose fingers did ake but catholiques of yowr Ma'»*» present titles and 
dominions, how many fled to yowr court oflringe themselues as hostages 
for ther freindes to liue and die in yowr graces quarrell, if euer aduersarie 
had opposed themselues against the equitye of yowr cause. Yf this 
attempted w'** ther Princes disgrace, and yowr graces fauour the menne 
of this Realme yf we respect religion setting pettie scectes aside con- 
sisteth in 4 partes : protestauntes who haue domineared aH y^ Queenes 
dayes : puritanes who haue crept apace amongest them, Atheistes or 
polliticians who wear bred vpon ther brawles and contencions in matters 
of faith. The Catholiques who as they weare opposite to aH so are 
they detested of aH because error was euer enuyingc to truth. Soe 
we beseech yowr maiestie to yeeld vs as mutch fauour of contrarie 
religion, as that w<^ shalbe publiquelye professed in England shall 
obtaine at yowr handes, for if our Suites be like, lesse, or none at all, 
in equitie our punishment ought to be like lesse or none at aH. The 
Gates Arches and Piramides of Fraunce proclaimed the present kinge 

Pater patriae is restitutor, because the kingdome being weH nighe 

tome in pieces w*** intestine and ciuitt warrs and made a praye of 
forraighne foes, was by his prouident wisedome gouerment and vallore 
acquieted in it self & hostile strangers exiled, the w^** he principally 
effected by condescendinge to tollerate them or any aduerse religion 
to that w<^ was openly professed. Questionles dread soueraighne y^ 


kingdome of England by ciuill: persecutions of catholiques hath bin 
odious almost to aH christian nations. Trades and traffiques are ex- 
ceedingly decayed, warrs and bloudshed hath seldome ceased Subsidies 
& taskes neuer so many, discontented mindes innumerable. Att w^ 
yowr Ma'^ princely countenaunce to yowr humble suppliaunt afflicted 
Catholiques wiH easylye redresse. Especially at this yowr Ma'^ ingresse. 
Si loquamur ad eos uerba laenia erunt tibi semi cunctis diebus saith 

the counsett of Salomon to Roboam for enl after afliction is 

like a pleasaunt gale after a vehement tempest, & a benefitt in distresse 
doub[les] the valewe therof. How gratefutt witt it be to sdi catholique 
princes and honorable to yowr Ma^ to vnderstand that Queene Elizabethes 
seuerityc is chaunged into yowr royati clemencie And y* lenitie of a 
man hath reedified that vr^ the misinformed anger of a woman hath 
destroyed. That y* Lyon rampaunt is passant, wheras the passant hath 
bin rampant How acceptable shatt yowr subiectes be to all catholique 
countries (who are now almost abhorde of aA men) when they shatt 
perceiue that yowr highnes prepareth not pikes & prisons for the 
professors of the faith: but permitteth them temples and altars for 
the vse of ther religion when we shaH see w**» our eyes and touch 
w*** our fingers that happie benediction of Esaye in this land 'that 
swordes are chaunged into plowes, & lances in to sythes and att nations 
admiring vs witt saye, hi sunt cui benedicit deus. We request no more 
fauour at yowr graces handes then that we maye securely beleeue & 
professe that catholique religion, w^ all our happie (f. 217^) predecessors 
professed, from Donaldus first conquerour vntitt yowr Ma**^ pearelesse 
mother last martired, a religion vennerable for antiquitye, maiesticatt 
for amplitude, constant for continewance Irreprehensible for doctrine, 
enducinge to att kind of vcrtue & piety, diswading from att sinne & 
wickednes, a religion beleeued of att primitiue apostles, established by 
att canonicatt counsells, vpheld by att auncient Doctors, maintayned by 
the first & last christian emperors, recorded almost in aB. ecclesiasticatt 
histories, sealed w'^ the bloud of Million of martirs, adorned w^ the 
vertues of so many professors bewtified w^ the puritie of thousandes 
of virgins, so comfortable to naturatt sence & reason, & finally most 
agreeable to the sacred text of godes word & gospell. The freenes 
of religion we request it not w* approbacion yet with toUeracion w^'^out 
molestacion. Assure vowr Ma*** that Howsoeuer somme protestauntes 
or puritanes incite w^ some morrsdi honestie of lyfe or instinct of 
nature or for feare of some temporatt punishment, pretend obedience 
to yowr highnes lawes ; yet certainly only the Catholiques for conscience 
sake obserue them. For protestauntes defend that princes preceptes 
& statutes oblige no subiectes vnder the penalty of sinne, w**» little 
care of conscience in conscience to transgresse the w^^ principally is 
tormented w^ gale of sinne. But catholiques confessing merrites in 
obeying or demerrites in transgressing in transgressing [j/Vit/IS.], cannot 
but he grieuously tormented for the preseruacion therof. Wherfore most 
mercifutt soueraighne we yowr lonjge aflicted subiectes in att dutifutt 
submission protest before the Ma^^ of god and att his holy angels as 
lawfutt obedience and immaculate seruice to yowr grace as euer did 
futhfiitt subiectes in England and Scotland & to yowr highnes pro- 


geniton, and ioteiid as sinoearly to senie vow w^ our goodes and liues 
aa euer did the Israelitos to king Dauio, or the Turkes alleagaimce 
to the romaine Emperor. And thua expectinge yowr Ma^^ conformarie 
fauor and gratious bounty we rest yowr deuoted subiectes in him whose 
handes can mannage the hartes of kinges & w^ recip[r]ocrate merrites 
. wiU acquite ye merdfuft 

Yowr Sacred Ma^**" most deuoted 
seruauntes the Catholiques of 

fr ^-^ \ The marginal notes are in a different hand. 

My verie Honorable good Lord, 

I ame bolde to solicite your Lopp w*** y« Occurrentes in Wisbeche 
Castell, concerning the Recusantes committed to my Charge, who y« 
first weeke of theire committem^ were dieted at my chaige whereof 
they haue paid me part, And the rest they haue promised so soone 
as dieire meanes and wantes are supplied, being so much as I disbursed 
for that weekes diett, And being not able to contmue that charge anie 
riu*- *k longer, desired that they might diett themselues, w<* I 
i3ScI? durst not yeld vnto before I know yoTa): Directions 

therein: But I haue putt them ouer to M'Blancke for 
theire next weekes Diett at y« rate of v» the man. But as for the 
Fees of theire Comittment they answeare they haue paid y^ once before, 
and are not able to paie anie more for the same ; And allso for theire 
Lodgeinges they haue paid me part: And the rest they will sadsfie 
after the rate of iij* a weeke, so soone as they haue anie money : And 
they intend to fumishe theire owne Chambers so fast as they are able: 
But (my good Lord) they hold them selues greatly Discontent in that 
Reaort ^^^^ ^^ barred from theire freindes Companie who are the 

them. ° onely meanes for theire maintenance. For except they 
maie Conferre w^ them about theire wantes, and haue such 
accesse vnto them as /Aey haue hadd in times paste^ they will haue no 
body Come to them for feare they should be brought in question for 
theire Religion : Therefore they are Like to contynue in greate want, 
except it please the Councell to giue a litle more Libertie then the 
strictnes of theire orders will extend, For they dare not write to theire 
freindes nor theire freindes to them because theire Lettres must be 
riewed by theire Keeper vppon what occasion soeuer, w<* they thinck 
to be vene strict, that the necessitie of theire busines must be knowne 
to others as well as to them selues. By reason whereof they will not 
write at all. And so by that meanes must lyue still in want. But if 
it pleaseth his Ma**« to allow them maintenance they are contente to 
endure anie straight keeping that it shall please his Ma^ to inflict 
vppon them : They allso thinck themselues greatlie wronged to haue 
theire bookes taken from them, being no other but such 
as they haue hadd allwaies allowed them in theire former 
ympriiQiiam*** and sttch as HUy say ar$ iolkraUd by the 


present State and are to he bought in Pautes Ckurche Yard: They 

account them selues as close prisoners in that they are 
L^^e^^** kept in theire Chambers vntill lo, or ii, of the Clocke 
momings. according to the articles, w<* I dare not anie waie enlardge 

except yt please (he Councell to gyue some tolleradon: 
Some frindes of theires haue come to Wisbeche, whoe hearing of the 
strictnes of y CouncelUs orders durst not come to them for feare of 
further daunger. 

(f. 219^) These theire discontentes, except they maie be somewhat 
qualified are likely to driue them into some desperate courses, w«*» my 
self not haueing aucthoride by Commission to bridle theire wilfulnes, 

but must be faine to praie the aide of the next Justices 
^e^P^ux. ^oyninge who peraduenture being then otherwise jrmploied 

shall not be neere hand to assist me vppon such occasions, 
I maie receiue great hurt and detrement by them : For except yt please 
the Councel to mittigate the orders, I shall not gett from them ante 
allowance neyther for Lodginges Chamber Dyett nor anie thing eUes 
by reason of theire wantes, and Discontentm^, As for the precedentes 
for the Orders of the Fleete, they are not able to performe anie of them : 
Thus I ame bold to impart vnto yo' Lordship the State of the Last 
weekes busines, And as further occasions shall seme, I will certifie 
Your Lpp of all proceedinges, being hardly sorie that yoiur Lpp (as I 
heare) hath beene sicke of an ague w<^ I praie God to asswage, and 
to send your Lpi** health to his diuine pleasure. Referring all these 
busines to your honorable wisedome and Discretion I humblie take 
my Leaue. 

Your Lordshippes in all 
Wisbeche Dutie to Commaunde. 

7° Maij 1615. Math: Taytor 

\Addressei\ To the Right Reverend Father in God my very Honorable 
good Lord my Lord Bishopp of Elye Deliuered. \Armor%al Seal: 
A cross flory, a rose in the chief dexter point]. 

No. VIL 


Transcribed and Translated by 
DoM Gilbert Dolan, O.S.B. 

Thb Nuntio at the Court of Brussels was in many ways more closely connected with 
England than any other Papal representative. The majority of the Enf^lish colleges 
and convents lay in Belgium, and he was geogntphioilly nearer to London tfim 
any other Nuntio. There were, therefore, many reasons for Dr. Harrison's (reqnent 
communication with this ecclesiastical centre. Unfortunately, the name ot the 
proposed agent does not appear. We only learn that he was the brother of the 
secretary to the Nuntio, who at this time was Monsignor Lucio Sanseverino, Arch- 
bishop of Salema The MS. from which this is printed is a contemporarr draft or 
copy oelonging to Miss Harting. Copied on the same sheet of paper and the first 
letter bearing the later date, it seems probable that it was a covering one to the others 
relating to the appointment of agent at the Curia Romana. The vacancy for the 
name of the agent in the letter-patent may have been left for the Nuntio to fill in 
correctly. These and other documents may throw light on one another. 

lUustiissimo Nuntio Belgico: 
Secretario ejus Agenti nostro fratri. 
13 Dec, 1618. 
Illustrissime Domine, 

Solitus sum vernali et aestivo tempore visitare partes remotiores 
r^ni, ut disciplinam ecclesiasticam (quantum fieri potest in his turbu- 
lentissimis temporibus) conservare, concordiam mutuam pacemque 
nutrire dissensiones et contentiones si quae fuerint compescere queam : 
quas causa fuit silentii mei, quo hucusque usus sum ut litteris vestris 
vemalibus, quae aliquantulo tardius ad me pervenerunt respondere 
nequivi. Nunc vero vel imprimis, tibi gratias quas potero ago exhibeo 
certe maximas pro ultimis ad me tuis litteris omni humanitate ac 
charitate plenis in quibus omnia amoris officia pro nobis hie in 
Anglia offerre ac praestare dignatus es, sicut de reipsa et de facto 
Reverendo Domino Matthaeo Kellisono praesidi meritissimo coll^i 
nostri Duaceni saepe contulisti, quod te protegente nunc reflorescere 
ac pristinum splendorem recuperare videtur. Ideoque de felici pro- 
gressu illius collegii spem maximam concipiens plura dicere super- 
sedeo, et ad miserabilem luctuosumque patriae nostrae Angliae statum 
redeo, de qua licet moerore ac squallore oppressa, in spem maximam 
tamen erectus sum, ut Deus tandem aliquando miseraturus populi sui 
afflicti, et persecutionis quae catholicis per universum regnum affligit : 
nuudme vero praefectus partium borealium saevit, qui sacerdotem 
saecularem crudeliter more solito trucidandum praecepit, die noctuque 
exploratores suos mittens qui catholicos deprehendere, incarcerare ac 
bonis suis spoliare domi forisque invigilant : fadnorisque ejus nephan- 


dum inter multa alia referam, quod me non longe distante condgit 
Cum unus ex hujus praefecd lictoribus cursitanduit, intravit in domum 
cujusdam catholici nocte, invenitque eum cum uxore qui strepitum 
audiendOy e lecto se erigebat sicque ilium interfecit, uxoremque mulds 
vulneribus ac plagis saudavit cumque nobilis quidam de hoc nephando 
scelere in comitiis conquasstus sit, respondebat homicida, quod surgere 
voluit ut gladium suum acciperet prope lectum, resisteretque magis- 
tratui, vel interficeret, unde iniquus judex, minas et terrores contra 
uxorem fulminans, interfectorem mariti sui facile liberavit, brevitatique 
studens data opera hujusmodi multa lubens .... enda In australi 
plaga prope Londinum mitiiis agitur ne nuptiae principis nostri cum 
Infanta Hispaniae impedirentur : nihilominus tamen in civitate Lon- 
dinensi lictores et exploratores quotidie cursitant, et in carceres more 
solito conjiciunt, quosdam vero adeo stricte ac severe custodiunt, ut 
nullus sit illis aditus aut colloquium, reliquos paulo liberiores detinent, 
ita tamen ut nullo modo ^r^li, quam urgente occasione queant, nee 
colloquium cum amicis permittitur, nisi audiente custode carceris. In 
oriente et occidente ac remotioribus austri partibus clamor ubique 
pro executione legum poenalium ac capitalium contra catholicos: 
Unde etiam nuper rumor ingens percrebuit de quibusdam interfidendis 
sacerdotibus sed jam evanuit, nihilominus inter spem metumque 
hsremus, quid in posterum fiet, magis tamen sperantes meliora. 
Interim Deum Optimum Maximum deprecor quicquid contigerit ut 
felix faustusque in suum bonorem nostramque salutem qui Illustris- 
simam Dominationem vestram quam diutissime nobis et ecdesiae suae 
servet incolumem. Datum Londini 13 Decembris, 1618. 

Illustrissimae dominationis vestrae amantissimus 

Gul : Har : Archipresbyter, Proton : Apostol : 

Reverende Domine, 

Recepi^ litteras a Reverendo Domino D. Matthaeo KeUsono praeside 
coU^ nostri Anglorum Duaceni in Belgio, ex quibus intellexi summum 
studium ac amorem quo lUustrissimus Nuntius Belgicus, gentem nostram 
prosequitur : autem praedictum Reverendum D. Praesidem coU^gii 

nostri Duaceni qui fratris tui etiam studium ac benevolentiam magnam 
erga nostros in Belgio narravit Unde Reverendus D. Praeses C^l^pi 
nostri significavit Illustrissimo Nuntio ac fratri tuo illius Secretano, 
quod res nostras in Curia bene suocedere nequeant, quod nullum habemus 
ibi Agentem, qui negotia nostra prosequeretur. Proinde conventum 
inter illos est, cum tu ipse in Curia bene notus, expertus ac commendatus 
sis ut n^otium istud in te susdperes ; ideoque R. D. Praeses coU^gii 
nostri mihi scripsit ut litteras meas ad Dominationem tuam mitterem, 
quibus authoritatem ac potestatem obeundi n^otia cleri Anglicani in 
Curia tibi conferrem, quod hisce meis litteris cum consensu fratrum 
assistentium tibi significandum duxi ; cumque consilium ac consensum 
quorundam intellexero de quibusdam nostris n^otiis te certiorem fadam 
de quibusdam in posterum agendis. Interim me plurimum in Domino 
commendo tuis precibus. Datum 9 Decemb., 1618. 
Dominationis tuae Studiosissimus 

Guliel: Har; Archipresb^er, Prot. Apost 


Noyerint universi per prsesentes, ad quos pnesens scriptum pervenerit, 
me Gulielmum Harisonum Archipresbytenim Anglias, Protonotarium 
Apostolicum cum consensu confratrum suorum assistentium constituisse 
Reverendum D. ^ Procuiatorem et agentem Cleri Anglican! 

in Curia ad prosequendam negotia sua. In cujus rei fidem ac testimonium 
his litteris nostris nomen meum ac sigillum nostrum publicum apposui 
9 Decembris, 1618. 

Reverende Domine, 

Tametsi in hoc raunere Archipresbyteratus mei pauca sint quse 
delectatione aut voluptate aliquem afficere queant, hoc prsesertim tempore 
quo status rerum nostrarum variis in novis persecutionum prooellis 
quotidie vexatur et affligitur : cumque provinciam banc mibi impositam 
contra voluntatem invitus susceperim, sicque Deo disponente ita visum 
ifiit et aliis, promptum tamen ac paratum his laboribus ac periculis 
conabor me praebere atque sic quodcumque est oneris Cbristi amore 
quoad vires suppetent perferre : vereorque ne oneri succumberem ne 
amicorum concursus et solicitudo, aliorumque bonorum studium con- 
junctum opem ferret: inter quos te merito numerandum fama nostratum 
mihi detulit. Ideoque non possum tibi referre gratias, gratissima memoria 
prosequendo ilia humanitatis ac charitatis officia, in quibus mihi ignoto 
longeque remoto, et R<^ Domino Praesidi coUegii nostri Duaceni 
vigilantissimo ac meritissimo necessariam ope^ram] pio ac parato animo 
in suis n^otiis ac necessitatibus illius coUegii contulistt quern amoris 
affectum licet in aliis rebus gravibus nostri collegii ssepe sumus experti 
nuperriitie tamen efficiendo ut frater tuus in curia (de quo bene audio) 
negotia nostra administranda in se susdperet Sicque ne longior sim 
me tuis precibus commendans, Deum optimum maximum deprecor te 
incolumem conservare. Datum Londini, 9 Decembris, 161 8. 
Dominationis tuas Studiosissimus 

Gul; Har: Archipresbyter Anglias, 

Protonotarius Apostolicus. 


To the most Illustrious the Nuntio in Flanders 
and to his Secretary, our agent's brother. 
Most Illustrious Lord, 

It is my custom during spring time and summer to visit the more 
distant parts of the kingdom, that I may labour (so far as is possible 
in these most disturbed times) for the preservation of ecclesiastical 
disdpline, for the strengthening of mutual concord and peace, and the 

auieting of dissensions and contentions should any such arise; and 
lb hi^ been the reason for the silence which I have up till now 
observed in regard to your spring letters, which reached me a little 
later than usual. And now to begm with, I tender you my best thanks 
for your last letters to me, full as they were of all that kindness and 
affection which prompts you to offer and to perform whatever your 

^ji A blank for the luune in the manuscript. 

umntK Of thk AitcMPkitti ftMnnoii 9S' 

love for us here in England can suggest ; as indeed you have alraadjr 
so often shown in your dealings with the Rev. D. Matthew Kellison, 
the most worthy President of our College at Douay, which under your 
protection seems now to flourish anew and to have recovered its 
former reputation. Feeling, as I do, so great a hope of the happy 
progress of that college, I need not say more on the point, but come 
back again to the sad and most distressing state of this England of 
ours ; but although it be borne down by oppression and misery, I am 
none the less full of a firm hope that God would at length take pi^ 
on His afflicted people, and put an end to the persecution which is 
waged on all the Catholics of the realm. The fiercest of our perse- 
cutors is the Prefect of the North, who (lately) caused a secular ptiest 
to be put to death in the usual cruel way, and who sends his pmv 
suivants by day and night, to be ever in readiness at home and abroad, 
to arrest the Catholics, put them into prison and despoil them of their 
goods. I will speak only of one of many among the disgraceful acts 
of his cruel treatment of us, which occurred at no great distance from 
the place where I was staying. One of the agents of this Prefect in 
the course of his rounds came one night to the house of a certain 
Catholic, and found both him and his wife in bed ; the wife, heannff 
the noise, sat up in bed, whereupon he slew her husband, and wounded 
the wife with many wounds and sores ; and when a certain nobleman 
complained of this wicked treatment at the assizes (?), the murderer 
replied that (his victim) had attempted to rise to take up his sword, 
which was near his bedside, and would have resisted the magistrate, 
or slain him ; whereupon the unjust judge, uttering threats and terrors 
against the widow, set her husband's muiderer at liberty without any 
further difficulty. But, for the sake of brevity, I will pass over manf 
occurrences of ttds nature. In the southern part of the country and 
nearer to London things go more smoothly, lest the projected match 
between our Prince ami the Infanta of Spain should be hindered; 
but all the same, in the city of London pursuivants and spies are daily 
at work, and many Catholics are still thrown into jail. Some are kept 
so strictly that none may have access to them, or communication of 
any sort ; some aw kept a little less closely, yet so that they may not 
leave the prison however uigent the necessity; nor are they allowed 
to have any talk with their Mends, save in the hearing of the keeper 
of the prison. Everywhere in the east and west, and in the moie 
remote parts of the south, there is a public cry for the execution of 
the penal laws and sentence of death against the Catholics ; hence a 
widely-spread rumour was in circulation lately about the probabk 
execution of certain priests, but now it has died down ; all the same^ 
we live in uncertain^ betwixt fear and hope as to what will happen, 
hoping however for better times. Meanwhile I ask Almighty God that 
whatever comes to pass may prove to be of happy import and to His 
honour and our safety ; and may He long preserve your most illustriou^ 
lordship to us and to His Church. 

Given at London this 13 day of December, 1618. 
Your most illustrious Lordship's very loving 

Will Har[rison], Archpriest, Protonotary Apostolic 


Reverend Sir, 

I have received letters from the Rev. Matthew Kelison, President 
of our English College at Douay in Flanders, and have learnt from 
them of the great interest and love which the most illustrious Nuntio 

in Belgium bears towards our nation : the aforesaid Rev. 

President, of our College at Douay, who also told me of the affection 
and goodwill of your brother towards us in Belgium. Hence the 
Rev. President of our College made known to the Most Illustrious 
Nuntio, and to your brother his secretary, that our affairs in the 
[Roman] Court cannot be brought to a successful issue because we 
nave no agent there to look after oiur interests, and accordingly it was 
arranged between them that, as you are well known at the Curia, 
accustomed to its ways and highly commended, you should be invited 
to undertake the work. And therefore the Rev. President of our 
College has written to me that I should forward my letters to your 
lordship, whereby I give you authority and power to execute the 
business of the English clergy in the Roman Ciuia ; and this, with the 
consent of my assistants, I hereby make known to you ; and when I 
shall have ascertained their opinion and obtained their consent on 
certain matters, I will let you know what has to be done in the future. 
Meanwhile I commend myself earnestly to your prayers. 

Given on the 9th of December, 16 18. 

Your Lordship's most affectionately, 

Wil. Har[rison], Archpriest, Proton. Apos. 

Be it known to all persons whom this letter may reach that I, 
William Harrison, Archpriest of England and Protonotary Apostolic, 
have, with the consent of my assistant brethren, appoint^ the Rev. 
,^ Procurator and Agent of the English Clergy, to 
attend to its business in the Roman Curia. To the truth and witness 
whereof I have to these letters affixed my name and my public official 
seal. December 9, 1618. 

Reverend Sir, 

Although there are few matters in this my office of Archpriest 
which bring with them any enjoyment or pleasure, especially at this 
time, when our condition is so uneasy by reason of the fresh storms 
of persecution which daily arise: and since I undertook this office 
grudgingly and against my will, but, God so disposing, according to the 
will of our most holy [Father the Pope] and of others, I must try to 
be ready and prompt m facing all dangers and labours, and as well 
as I can to bear my burden, heavy though it may be, for the love of 
Christ. I should be afraid of succumbing to its weight were I not 
supported by the assistance and solicitude of my friends and the kind 
services of others, among whom you must surely be reckoned if the 
report of ours speaks truly. And as I cannot (in person), I will ever 
hold in grateful memory those offices of kindness and charity which 
you have rendered to me, a stranger at a distance, and the most 

3|c Blank in MS. 


timely aid which you have given with kind and ready will to the 
watchful and worthy President of our College at Douay in the affiurs 
and needs of that institution. And although we have often experienced 
your affection in other weighty cases, we owe you a fresh debt of 
gratitude for so kindly arranging that your brother (who is so highly 
spoken of) should undertake to see to our afiairs in the Curia. Not 
to detain you longer, I commend myself to your prayers, begging 
Almighty God to have you in His safe keeping. 
Given at London December the 9th, 1618. 

Your Lordship's most obedient servant, 

William Har[rison], Archpriest of England and 
Protonotary Apostolic 


OCT. 1670 -FEB. 1678 


Contributed by Miss Louise F. Guiney 

The writer, the Rev. Alexander Holt alias Rieby, was secretary to the Chapter. 
He was a Lancashire man, beinf the son of Nicholas Holt and his wife Grace, who 
was probably a Rigby. He was born in 1629, entered the English College at Rome 
December 23, i6^a, was ordained priest December 17, 1656, and left the College for 
the Mission April 20, 1659. He was acting as secretary to the Chapter in 1667, 
in succession to John Sergeant. {VUU Bib. Diet. ▼, 491.) On November 14, 167 1, 
he was elected a canon, and in the following year he wrote **A Defence of the 
Chapter," the MS. of which is now at Oscott College. The date of his resigna- 
tion of the secretarjrshiD is not before me, but I find that Dr. John Betham and 
Dr. Bonaventure Giflbra were appointed canons and secretaries on May 29, 168 1. 
Mr. Holt died October 12, 1685. t Gillow. 

The names of those of ye CI: that dyed after M' Holts 
being Secretary. 
Anno 1670, Octob: ye 29 dyed M' Thomas Sommersett^ sonne to 
ye Ld. John Sommersett. 

In ye same yeare in ye month of November dyed M' Thomas 
Street of Herefordshire. 

December of ye same yeare dyed M' John Parry, Arch : of North wales. 

Anno 167 1, Feb: ye second dyed M' Robert Manley alias Chamocke," 
V. G: of ye North, at his house of Layland in Lancashire. 

In ye same month dyed M*" James Walton' of ye same Country. 

In ye month of March of ye same yeare dyed M'John Yong*of 
Yorkeshire: and then ye news arrived of ye death of M*^ Compton 
in Maryland. 

May 13 dyed M'Alban East alias Jemingham." 

June s dyed M' Stephen Lee,'Vr. G. in ye Midland; hee lived in 

^ Lord John Somerset was second son of Henry, first Marquis of Worcester. 
Another of Lord John's sons, Henry Somerset alicu Wintour, was admitted into the 
Eiylish College at Rome in 165 1. It does not appear where Thomas Somerset was 

* Robert Chamock alias Manley. ( Vide Gillow, Bib. Diet, i, 477.) 
•James Walton alias Thomas Cottam. (Vide Foley, Records SJ. vi.) 

* John Young was ordained priest at Dooay in 1632. 

' Alban West aliens East and Jemingham, was ordained priest at Valladolid, and 
died at Coughton Court, co. Warwick, aged nearly 8a 

* Stephen Lee or Ley was elected V.G. of Cheshire, Stafford, Derby, Notts., 
Rutland, Lincoln, Warwick, Leicester, Gloucester, and Worcester in April, 1657, and 
as such assisted in the General Assembly of the Chapter in that year ; but in order 


Abt ye same tyme was recomended also M' Will"* Whale^ who had 
lived att Longford, and going to see his friends in Norfolke, was supposed 
to bee murdered nigh Leycester. 

Sept: dyed old M' Thorogood' in Essex, whose name I could not 

Sept: 22 dyed M' Oliver Crouchley* in Lancashire. 

November dyed M' Francis Sakhield^ in ye district of M' John 
Metcalfe of Durham. 

December ye 26 dyed M' Peter Metcalfe* in Holbom, Lcmdon. 

1672 stilo novo. 

In ye midle of January, 1672, dyed M' Francis Smith* of Shropshize. 

In ye end of May dyed M' Andrew Skinner.' 

June ye 15 dyed M' James Dalton'in ye district of Durham, who 
was of an ancient Cath: family in Holdemesse called esq' Dalton of 
Swine; hee was a person of singular piety and exemplaiity of life, 
austere to himselfe and given much to studdy and contemplation; 
hee writt a booke but left it imprinted. 

June ye 24 dyed M' Thomas Ryding in ye same district of 
M' Metcalfe, ye Archd" of Durham. 

July ye 17 dyed M' Richard Perkins alias Hoskins* in ye district 
of Southwales, who was very ancient and learned and of good life ; 
hee dyed about 3 in the morning. 

to make way for Dr. Mich. Jennyns to oome into the Chapter, he volantarily divided 
his district at that Assembly, and the doctor was made V.G. of the four last counties. 
After the death of Dr. Jennyns, Mr. Ley " was unanimously reauested at the General 
Assembly in 1667" to reassume "what he out of his goodness haa divested himself oC" 
^William Whall alku Robinson, a Douay priest, was at Longford Hall, oo. 

* James Thorogood alias Mom, bom at Finchingfield, Essex, about 1607, was 
ordained priest at Rome in 1631. (FoUy^ ^i*) 

* Oliver Critchley» Croitchley, Crouchley, Cricklow, &c., the name being spelt in 
as many ways as that of ShiUcespeare, was son of Ralph Chricklow, senior, of 
Euxton, and Cath. TooteU, of Lower Healey Hall, his wife, and was bora in or 
about 1607. Whilst proceeding to Douav with his brother William, he was appre- 
hended, between London and Dover, and thrown into the Tower, from which bodi 
brothers effected their escape by means of a bribe of ;f 2a Oliver was ordained 
priest at Rome in 1634. He died at Clayton Hall, the seat of the Andertons, and 
was buried at Leyland August 29, 1671. (Leyland Register,) His brothers William 
and Chriitopher were also priests, and all three used the alias of Foster. 

^ Francis Salkeld alias Anderton, son of Thomas Salkeld and Mary Copeland 
his wife, was bom at Coniscliffe, co. Durham, in 1625. He was ordained pnest at 
Rome in 1652. 

■ Peter Metcalfe alias Bankes. (Vide Gillow, Lidon Register^ p. 231.) 

' Francis Smith alias Anderton, son of Valentine Smith and his wife Anne, wit 
bom in Essex 1608, and ordained priest at Rome 1632. 

^ Andrew Skinner alias Bentley, bora in Sussex, was ordained at Douay, like 
his brother, James Skinner alias Btentley. 

* James Dalton was ordained at the English College, Rome, but b omitted in 
Foley's defective version of the Diary. 

* Richard Perkins alias Anthony Hoskins, went to the English jCqllege at Rome 
in 1620 ; afterwards was ordained priest at Douay in 1627, and came la^tKe mission 
in 162S, ^ • -** 


August ye 14 dyed M<^ Edward Hughes^ in London above 74 yeares 
of age. 

September ye beginning dyed M' George Richardson alias Benison 
of Lancashire, who, converted from being a Parson, was ordained in 
Ireland by ye Ch«* dimissoryes given him by ye Vicar Gen": by whose 
paines and industry hee was fitted for PriesUiood y^ was M*^ Manley: 
afterwards hee spent ye Residue of his life in helping a part of y^ 
country calld ye fiyld; hee was a very vertuous and good labourer, 
and dying, was buryed in ye church where hee had formerly beene 

In ye begiimeing of October dyed M' Thomas Midleton alias 
GradwelP of Lancashire, who was bredd at Doway; hee was very 
vertuous, learned, etc, but happening to fsXP into melancolly was scarce 
himselfe for divers yeares, yet lived iimocently and was so well as 
sometymes to officiate. 

November ye 14 dyed M' Anthony Harris in London, a Dowebians, 
but much disturbed in his head. 

I>ecember ye 6 dyed M' William Pulton* — att yt tyme Treasurer of 
(f Body; hee was educated att Rome; a very vertuous person and 
usefiill in many respects to C body. 

1673 ^o novo. 

Aprill ye 17 dyed M' Francis Greene* in Holbome, a grave 
vertuous man. 

May ye seaventfa dyed M' John Metcalfe,* Archd*^ of Durham, 
Cumberland and Northumberland, a vertuous worthy man who had 
been educated att Doway. 

In ye b^^inning of June dyed M' Thomas Barker^ in Barkshire ; 
hee was very vertuous and good and had formerly been President of 
ye Coll: at Lisbo. 

M' Peter Curtis* of London, a very worthy person and canon of 
ye Ch': aged about 80 yeares, dyed in Holbome. 

July the the fift. 5. [sic]. 

M' John Pugh' of Northwales, who had studdyed at Lisbo, dyed 
att his Brothers house July ye third. 

^ An Edward Hughes, of the diocese of St Aiaph, took the oatk at Valladolid 
in IJ91, and thence went to the EngUsh College at Senile in 1593, where he was 
ordained priest, and left for England in 1602. He could not, howerer, have heen 
the same. 

* Thomas Gradell alias Middleton, son of Christopher Gradell, Esq., of Barbies 
More in Ulnes Walton, co. Lancaster, took the oaths at Douay in 1642 and 1644. 

* " Happened to bee unfort" scored through in the MS. 

* William Poulton alias Sachererell, entered the English College at Rome in 
165a, aged about Tf, and was ordained priest in 165^. He was son of Frands 
Poulton, of Irthlingborough, co. Northampton, Esq. He is said to have been chaplain 
to Lady Mary SomerMt. He was canon and secretary of the Chapter, and was 
appointed treasurer October i^, 1664. 

* Frands Greene, of the diocese of York, was ordained at Douay in 1611. 
Mohn Metcalfe, ordained priest at Douay in 1642, was elected archdeacon of 

the uhapter 16 Aufust, i6c8. 

V Thomas K^ly alias tturker. ( Fide Gillow, LisSm R^ter, p. 223.) 
" " ^ ■""■ '""" ■ ■ ~ * 187.) 

* Pteter.OiAis^o/Mx Clarence. ( Vide Gillow, Lisbam R^ister^ p. 
•John A^.' (VUi GiOow, Lithm Repsttr, p. 243.) 


M' John Fitzherbert,^ an aundent vertuous person, dyed in 
Worcestershire in ye same month of July. 

M' William Gerrard* of Lancashire, who had been a Student att 
Valliodelid, dyed Sept: 14; hee was an aundent person above 60, 
yertuous, and much given to contemplation. 

M' Michad Wak^ of Durham, an andent vertuous person, dyed 
on Christmas day, 1673 

M' Robert Quintin,^ a midle aged person who lived att Brussells 
for many yeares, there dyed in ye b^;inndng of Jan: 167}. 

M' Richard Moore,* Superiour y* Archd": of Lancashire, a very worthy 
person, dyed very old on ye 20 day of March, '7}. 

M' John Williams alias Hedlam being very old dyed in Yorke 
March 22. 

M' John Mullins,* a Rurall Deane in Lancashire, dyed March 30, 167I. 

M' John Skinner' dyed ye first of September in Norfolke, bemg 
aged and haveing beene long infirme. 

M' Thomas Salisbury,* a very hopefull and vertuous person who 
had beene Educated att Lisbo, after haveing beene cutt for ye stone 
divers tymes about foure yeares before and suffered extreamly att y* 
tyme, but especially for ye last ten weekes ; hee dyed ye 2o**» day of 
October about 4 a clocke in ye aftemoone at ye Rose in Holbome, 
in ye 32 yeare of his age, 1674, and was buryed att Sommerset house. 

M' Thomas Carre,' a very worthy and able man bred att Doway, 
who spent most of his tyme att Paris in assisting ye English monastery 
neere S^ Victors Gate, w^ hee had beene highly instrumentall in Erecting 
and preserving all along, and unto w^ as also to ye deigy hee was 
a good benefactour; dyed about the age of 80 yeares att ye same 
monastery where hee lived, the 31 day of October, 1674, haveing been 
long a canon of ye English Chapter. 

M' John Cousins^ son to ye Bp. of Durham, who had been educated 
att Rome in ye English coUedge, dyed Jan. ye 16, 167I, in London. 

^ John Fltzherbert o/w Giflbid aad B«lnes,oidAined priest at Room {Fule 

* William Gerard b not found under that name in the Valladolid Diary, bat there 
was one of his name at Seville. 

* Michael Merriman «/ia/ Wake, of an old Dnriuun funily, was orduned at 
Douay in 1631, and came to the mission in 1633, but returned to Douay in 1636 
to fill the office of prelect 

* Robert Quinton aiias Prannel, of the diocese of London, came to the missioa 
from Douay in 1644. His brother Geoige aiku Brooke (Rome) ob. at Richmond 1685. 

■ Richard Mossocke o/mt More, a younger son of Henry Mossocke, Esq., of 
Kennisoough [Cunscough] Hall in MelKng, ca Lane., by Jane, youngest daujriiter and 
coheiress of John More, of Banke Hall, Esq., took the oath at Dcway in 1644. He 
was elected archdeacon of Lancashire April 3, 1668. He was also treasurer of the 
Lancashire Clergy Fund. The fiunily was very ancient, and staunch to the fruth. 

* John Beesley aUas MoUyns, of an ancient Lancashire fiunily, was ordained priest 
at Douay. He was rural dean of West Derby and treasurer of the Lancashire Qogy 
Ftand, and was buried at liarkirk Cemetery March 31, 1671. 

^ John Skinner. (Vide Gillow, Lisdm Hgpsdr, p. 351.) 

* Thomas Sutton aUas Salisbury, {yikb GiUow, Lishm Rqisier^ p. 357.) 

* Miles Pfaikner miias Thomas Carre. {Vkh GiUow, Bib. Did. t, 313.) 

^® John Codn «&» Charles Bbddstoa, on^ son of John Cosu, Bishop of Durham, 
and fis wife Frances, daughter of Matthew BlaUston, of Newton Hall, a canon of 


M' William Moore,^ being very much in yeares, dyed in London 
Jan. 24, i67f 

M'John Watts' dyed in London March 17, 167I. 

M'ffrancis Turner* off Sussex, dyed April 29, 1675. 

M' Christopher Lawson dyed in Yorkeshire in the beginneing of 
July, 1675. „ , 

M' Robert Salisbury,* educated att Lisbo, dyed m or neere Yorke 
August 19, 1675. 

M' James Everard," being very olde, dyed October ye midle, 1675, 
in ye county of Suffolke. 

M' Mathias Harrison,' educated att Rome, dyed in Lancashire 
December 16, 1675, and was buryed att a village named Holland, 
neere Wiggan. 

M' Thomas Masey,' educated att Rome, dyed in London January 29, 

M' ffortescu Goulding alias Nicolas ffortescu,' borne at ye Hall of 
Winnicke, neere Warrington in Lancashire, educated first att S^ Omers 
next att Valliodalide, dyed in London May 5, 1676. 

M' George Warham,* Archdeacon of Kent and Surry, dyed near 
Dorkin May 25, 1676. 

M*^ Thomas White," a very learned pious man who was for many 
yeares a master of divinity att Doway ye place of his educaticm, and 
after printed many bookes and gott great fame for them, although 
they happened to bee prohibited; and being so disaprov'd att Rome, 
the Ch' and Clergy according to ye Bp of Chalcedons advice followed 
ye example of the supreme pastor in disaproveing and prohibiting ye 
sayd Bookes. Hee was commonly known by ye name of M"" Blacklow 
or Thomas ex Albijs, and dyed att his Lodging in Drury Lane the 

Durham, was converted by Father Richard Bradshaigh, SJ., uncle of Sir Roger 
Bradshaigh, first baronet, of Haigh Hall, near Wigan, and in consequence was 
didnherited by his Either. He entered the English College at Rome at the age of 
19, in 1652, and was ordained priest in 1658. {yide Foley, Records S*J. vi.) 

^ William Moore was ordained priest at Douay in 1624, and came to the mission 
in 1625. 

*John Watts aUas Richardson, of the diocese of Worcester, took the oath at 
Douay in 1648. 

* Francis Turner. (Vide Foley ^ vi.) 

* Robert Sutton alias Salisbury. ( Vide Gillow, Lisbon Register^ p. 257.) 
'James Everard went to Valladolid in 162 1, and was ordained priest in 1628. 

* Matthias Harrison. ( Vide Foley ^ vi.) 

^ Thos. Mascy alias Middleton, son of Hamlet Mascy, of Rixton ,Hall, Esq., and 
his wife Dorothy, daughter of Roger Bradsha^h, of Haigh Hall, co. Lane, Es(}., 
was ordained priest at Rome in 1647. His grandmother was a Middleton. [Vide 
Tempest, Mosey of Rixton, and FoUy, tL) 

'Fortescue Goulden alias Nicholas Fortescue, presumably one of the sons of 
Thomas Goulden and his wife Jane, of Winwick, staunch recusants, is not identified 
in the Valladolid Diary. Nicholas was a family name. 

* George Warham tUias Polewhele, of the diocese of Bristol, came to the mission 
from Douay in 1614. For a time he supplied the place of the Rev. Richard White 
alias Johnson at St Monica's Coovent, O.S.A., at Louvain. 

^•Thomas White olieu Blacklow. {Vide GiUow, Bib. Did. t, 578, and Lisbon 


6* day of July betwixt 3 and 4 aclocke in ye aftemoone — being ye 
octave day of St. Peter and St Paul. 

M"" Humphrey Wareing, D' of Divinity, Ex-president of Lisbo coUedge 
and Dean of ye Chapter for many years, a person both learned, of a 
mild nature, and of great vertue, dyed August 9, 1676, beloved and 
Hon"* generally by all y* knew him. 

M' John Robinson^ of Lancashire, a good zealous person bred att 
Lisbd, dyed about ye midle of August, 1676. 

M** John Metcalfe,* a Yorkshireman borne but bred att Rome, and 
who lived and dyed in Barkshiie Jan. 16, 167^. 

M*^ Henry Long,' borne in Lancashire, educated att Rome, being 
for some tyme consumptive, dyed in his own Country March 4, i67f. 

M' WilUam Hagar,^ a grave vertuous person, dyed in Essex in ye 
beginnein^ of April, 1677. 

M' Richard Gascoigne of Yorkeshire, dyed there in his own 
Country April 27, 1677. 

M** Christopher Clarke, a Herefordshire man bred first at Doway 
then att Valliodalid, dyed in Monmouthshire about ye age of 74, 
November 15, 1677. 

M** Charles Jennyns,' educated att Doway, a good missioner for 
some yeares, dyed about ye age of fifty att Paris ye 16 of December 
old style, 1677. 

M** Robert Edwards,* a Northwales man, dyed att Lisbo about his 
midle age, being then actually reader of Divinity; December, 1677. 

D' George Leybume,' ex-p'sident of Doway CoUedge, aged above 80, 
dyed att Chalon in Champaigne Decemb. 29, 1677. 

M** William Eliot" of Herefordshire, a good old Missioner who had 
studdyed att Rome, was towards y* later end of his dayes ap'hended 
for a P. by one Skudmore, committed to prison in Hereford, after 
removed to y* tower in London and then bamsht, after w^ hee lived at 
Roane in Normandy and there dyed Jan. 7, 167}. 

M*^ William ffromond* who had studdyed in fflanders and Spaine, 
dyed about ye age of 60 very piously att his lodging in Drury Lane 
January 17, 167I. 

M*^ John Woodward,^* borne not farr from Warder Castle, studdyed 
att Doway, and dyed in Lancashire January, 1677I. 

^ John Robimon. (Vidt Gillow, LisSm RigisUr^ p. 245.) 
•John Metcalfe alias Middleton. (Vide Foley, vi.) 

* Henry Longe alias Cansfield, died at StonyhursL ( Vide Gillow, iv, 325.) 
^ William Hagar was elected archdeacon September 13, 1661. 

* Charles Tennyns alias Newport. (Fide Gillow, UsIUm RegisUr, p. saa) 

* Robert Edwards. Vide for one of bis name, who died in Flintuire in 1685, 
according to the Chapter Records. There is possibly some coniusion in the Lisboo 
Register. ( Vide Gillow, Lisbon Register, p. 195.) 

^ George Leybume, D.D. (Vide Gillow, iv, 2ao.) 

* \\niliam Elliot alias Clifford, was elected archdeacon September 13, 1661, and 
in the following year u found ministering in Monmouthshire. (Vide Foley, vi, 328.) 

* William ffromond does not appear under that name in the Douay or ValladoUd 

^Mohn Woodward alias Tomson, took the oath at Douay in 1639, and u describd" 
as 01 the diootic of LoodoiL 


M' Phillippe Parry^^c borne in Monmouthshire, studdyed att Lisbo, 
dyed in Montgomeryshire in y* beginneing of ffebruary about ye age 
of 73, x67|. 

M' f Hardwicke of Yorkeshire, who opposed himselfe ag^ ye 

clergy, dyed in his own Country in ffebruary, 1677I. 

M' Henry Turberville,§ a worthy old clergyman who had beene 
educated att Doway, author of* that excellent Cathechisme w^ bore 
his name, of a booke called a . manuall of Controversy, etc., being 
Archd'' of Barkshire, dyed in Holbome ffebruary 20, Anno 167I, being 
aged about seaventy and haveing for some tyme beene infirme. 

4c Philip Ptory. (yidt Gillow, Us^m JUgisUr^ p. 237.) 

t Left blank in MS. 

S Henry Turberville. ( Vuk Gillcw, v, 559.) 

No. IX. 



Part I. "The Cross Keys" or Secular Mission 

Part II. " Y« Old Star" or Jesuit Mission 

The records of Holywell, though scanty, are of some interest from the fi^ct that this 
town, fiunous for many centuries for its miraculous Well, continued to be the letort 
of pious pilgrims eren during the worst days of persecution. Another unusual feature 
is mat, though hardly more than a village, there were in it at one time three, and 
for many generations two, missions. The Secular Qergy and Jesuits made Holrwdl 
a centre tor their long and arduous circuits amongst the remote towns and viUagei 
in North Wales. The Franciscans resolved to found a house here in 1687, and 
Father Michael Russel was appointed Preses, but the residence was soon given np^i 

The Secular and Jesuit priests during the penal times lived at the " Cross Keys " 
and the " Star " respectively. These inns were situate one on each lide of the present 
Catholic Church, and the clergy seem to have adopted this strange expedient to allay 
suspicion which might arise from the presence of strangers. The following is a Im 
of the clergy serving Holjrwell up to the Catholic Emancipation, the date to whidi 
I have contmued the Renters: — 

The '' Cross Keys." Secular Mission. 

f (i) John Plesington a/ias Scarisbrick, martyred at Chester 1679, served HolyweU 
for some time between 1665 and 1679, but was priest at Puddington HaU, Cbeuiire, 
at the time of his seizure and martyrdom. {. 

(2) John Price aiias Bryan, son of Richard Price of St. Asaph's, was born in 
or about the year 1647. He was sent to Douay College, and when twenty-two yean 
of age was admitted into the English College at Rome September 29, 1669, whcxe 
he was ordained priest April 16, 167a, but remained at the College till April, 1676, 
when he left for the English Mission, and if not in that year, came soon afterwards 
to the Cross Keys in Holywell, where he passed the remainder of his misaonarr 
career. He was alive in 1694, but the date of his death has not been asoertainea. 
During the reign of James II Mr. Price procured a lease of the ancient chapel over 
the Well, and nad possession given up to him by Sir Roger Mostyn, of M ottyn, 
Bart. It was the Queen's pleasure, however, that the Jesuits should have the clii|>d 
for their use, and they demanded the key from Mr. Pnce. On his refusal to deliver 
it, the door was broken open, and Mr. Price ejected. He appealed for redrev to 
Sir Roger Mostyn, who acknowledged that the lease was duly executed, but dedtned 
to incur her Majesty's displeasure oy opposing the proceedings, though he was in 
fiivour of the secular's claim to the right of patronage to the chapel. Upon this 
the Queen wrote to him from Whitehall, under date May 8, 1687, informii:^ nim that 
the King had been pleased by roval grant to bestow upon her Majesty the andent 
chapel Mjoining St. Winefrid^t Well, and desiring him to present possession in her 
name to Father Thomas Roberts, the Jesuit incumbent of the Star, who would 
deliver her Majesty's letter into Sir Roger's hands. This unfortunate dispute was 
the cause of lasting unpleasantness. 

(3) Peter Wynne a/uu Bod well, son of Griffin Wynne and his wife, Dorothy 
Parry, of Carnarvonshire. He studied at St. Omer's College and Ghent for five 
years, and was admitted into the English Collie at Rome September 28, 165c, at 
the age of eighteen. He was ordained priest November 21, i66a Two or three 

4c Thaddeus' Frandsctms in England^ p. 158. 

f John Bennett, a secular priest here in 1580, became a Jesuit, and his name 
will be found below. 

% Gillow's Bi^raphuai Dktkiuuy^ v, 32a. See also Chailoner's Mtmain, 


years later he left Rome for the English Mission, and eventually he seems to have 
succeeded Father Price to the Cross Keys, and is met with here in 1702 and about 

(4) William Wilmot, whose earlier career cannot be traced, as probably he 
passed under some other name, was pfesent at the Chapter of 1694, acting as deputy 
tor Mr. George Barrett, Archdeacon of Shropshire and part of Herefordshire. 
According to evidence before the Commissioners for Fodeited Estates in July, 17 18, 
Mr. Wilmot took up his residence at the Cross Keys Inn, Holywell, in 1716, and 
boarded with Thomas Parry, the innholder, at £fi per annum, the chapel bein^ in the 
house. Mr. Wilmot was arrested by the wretched apostate, Richard Hitchinough, 
in 1716, but was soon released, and continued to reside at the Cross Keys until his 
death, August 2, 1720. 

(5) John Roberts, son of William Roberts and his wife, Elizabeth Watkins, of 
Montgomeiyshire, was admitted into the English College, Rome, June 2J, 1705, 
aged 32, and was ordained priest 22 December, 1708, and left the College for England 
April 13, 1 7 13. He succeeded Mr. Wilmot, and remained at the Croas Keys tiu his 
death, January 6, 1753, aged 80. 

(6) John Gwillims ali4u VHlliams was admitted into the English College at 
Lisbon September 22, 1735, and was ordained priest in June, 1739, and came to 
England in 1743. He succeeded Mr. Roberts at the Cross Keys in 1753, and con- 
tinued here till his death, April 3, 1763. 

(7) Philip Jones, son of Edward Jones, of Clytha, and his wife, Clare Fitcgerald, 
born 29 September, 1722, became an alumnas at Douay in his first vear's philosophy, 
37 December, 1741, and was ordained priest December 17, 1740. He succeeded 
Mr. Gwillims here in 1763, and remained till his death, August 10, 1800, aged 
almost 78. He was a member of the old Chapter, and was held in the hiehest 
respect. He left a fund for the Secular Mission of Holywell in the hanos of 
Mr. George Gildart, his executor, who, on the advice of Bishop Sharrock, trans- 
ferred it to Monmouth, where it was more wanted Uian at Holywell, there being 
another chapel here, and but a small congregation. 

(8) George Thomas Gildart, born 1764, was sent to Sedgley Park School in 1774. 
and thence proceeded to the English College at Valladolid, where he was ordaineid 
priest On returning to Englana he was stationed for a time in London, Stonor 
Park (Oxon.), and Gloucester. Upon Mr. Jones' death he went to Holywell, and 
took possession of the effects of the Cross Keys Mission, but resided with Father 
Edward Wright, S.J., at the Star. Mr. Gildart commenced his registers in 1801. 
He sold the Cross Keys in 1802, and transferred the funds of the mission to Mon- 
mouth, where he served the mission for twenty years, sfe and opened the first public 
chapel in that town. He retired in ill-health to Usk, then to Brecon, and ended 
his days at Swansea February 17, 1827, aged 63. 

The " Star." Jesuit Mission. 

(i) John Bennett (alias Price, Floyd, and Baker), son of John Hugh Bennett, of 
Flintshire, ordained at Douay 1578, and sent on the mission 158a In 1582 he was 
tried before the Bishop of St. Asaph, and the next year, at the Assizes at Holywell, 
Mras condemned to death. This sentence having been commuted, he was taken to 
Ludlow Castle, and there imprisoned and cruefly tortured. A Protestant minister 
visited him when on the rack, and in an arrogant manner sought to argue with him. 
Father Bennett said, "Seeing nothing will satisfy this babbling fellow but a loqua- 
cious dispute, I pray you hoist him up on another rack, that from similar pulpits we 
may argue the matter on equal terms.*' Father Bennett was afterwards banished 
the kingdom, and entered the Society of Jesus in 1586 at Verdun. At the risk of 
his life ne returned to his former mission in 1590, and laboured with much fruit; 
*'the poor and meaner sort of people flocked to him in such multitudes to receive 
the spiritual cordials and divine food which he freely and copiously ministered to 
them, that in the depth of night he used to have an hundred of them in one 
assembly. In his liletime they commonly called him 'the SainL'*'f One of 
Father Bennett's converts was Ed. Morgan alias Singleton, of Bettisfield, co. Flint, 

41 (/. Cath. Rec. Soc. Misallatua^ vol. i, p. a9a 
f Foley's iimardst voL iv» p. 500 «r j»y. 


who went to the English G>Uege, Rome, and after his ordination was imprisoned in 
the Fleet for fourteen or fifteen years, and eventually martyred at Tyburn, April a6, 
1643. Father Bennett died in London December 25, 1625. 

(2) Humphrey Evans, SJ., alias Brown, u thought by ¥o\ey (Records, v, 936, 
▼ii. 2^2) to have succeeded Father Bennett, but it is doubtful. Father Evans was 
a native of Carnarvonshire, and after the usual course of studies at Rome became a 
Jesuit After fift^-three years of apostolic labour he was seized with apopleinr at 
Pool Hall, Cheshire, and the pursuivants of Shaftesbury and the Privy Council, in 
searching the manor on Christmas Day, 1678, dragged him out of bed and cruelly 
beat him, thus hastening his death, which occurred tr^ee weeks later, at the age of 82. 
^(3) Hu^h Owen, S.T., alias John Hughes, was bom in Anglesea 1615, ordained 
at the English Collie, Rome, i<hi, and became a Jesuit in 1648. He is mentioned 
in 1679 as one of the three Jesuits who had alone survived the storm of the Oates 
Plot persecution in North Wales. He published, among other works, a Welsh 
Catecnism, a prayer book, and an Imitation of Christ, ** Dilyniad Crist.*' He died 
in Holywell December 28, 1686, aged 71. > 

(4) Thomas or Roderick Roberts, a native of Carnarvonshire, bom 1645, was 
living at the Star the same time as Mr. John Price was at the Cross Keys. He 
went to Welshpool probably during the reign of James H, where his house was 
attacked and the chapel plundered during the Orange Revolution of 1688. Though 
a party of soldiers spent six weeks in the neighbourhood trying to find the priest, 
he escaped their hands, hiding in woods and ditches. It is recorded of him that 
for the greater part of two summers he slept in the open fields, rather than endanger 
the safety of his friends by seekinc^ their noroitality. * 

(John Floyd alias Fisher served the Welsh district from 1632, and died, possibly 
at Holywell, August 29, i(^a^] 

($) Ignatius Thorpe alias Stafford was here in December, 1698, and still here 
in July, 1699, as evidenced by his registers at Worcester (printed by Crisp as 
Worcester Registers).* 

(6) Edmund Thorold, senior, was superior of the district 1 701-4, and may have 
been here earlier. He was at Welshpool in 1688, when he was arrested and 
imprisoned for nine months. He died November 7, 1713, aged 58.* 

(7) George Griffith, bom in the county of Flint, 166&-9, was here probably for 
many vears. He died in Holywell August 2, 1718, aged 50.^ 

(8) Philip Leigh alias Layton and Metcalfe, was at Powis Castle in lyio^ and 
probably came to Holywell in 1 71 5. He died here 31 January, 1717.^ 

(9) Thomas Roberts, bom in Anglesea, 1673, served the mission of Holywell 
for many years. He died here May 2, 1727, a^ed 54.* 

(10) Richard Moore, a native of*^ Warwickshire, bom 1672, served Holywell from 
1727 to 1 73 1, and again from about 1740 until his death here, 1753, aged 81. 

(11) John Hill, bora in Montgomeryshire 1683, was here for some years. ^<* 

(12) John Williams, a native of Monmouthshire, served this mission for many 
years. He died at Holywell September 23, 1761, aged 70.^^ 

(ij^ Thomas Daniel alias West was missioner here for a short time, probably 
succe(Munfi| Father Williams, 

(14) John Sale, a native of Lancashire, served Holywell for a short time after 
Father DanieL 

^ Mr. Gillow is almost certain that Father Charles Gwynne alias Bodwell and 
Brown was at Holywell, and probably came as early as 1623. (See Foley's Records^ 
iv, vi, vii, 325.) 

• cf. Gillow's Bi^graphital Dictionary^ v, 222-3. 

• Foley's Records, v, 935, vii, 655. 
^Ibid. vii, 269. 

■ See p. 109. 

• Foley's Records, v, 609, vii, 774. 

^ Ibid, vii, 319. The Registers of the Parish Church, however, record his burial 
on July 27. 

® Ibid, vii, 449, and Gillow's Biographical Dictionary, iv, 193. 

*« Thomas Roberts a priest May ye 4^." (Parish Burial Registers.) 
*® Foley's Records, vii, 361. 
A^/UU: vii,846. 



(13) Joseph Tyrer was stadoned here from 1763 to 1768, mod again from 1776 
the date of his death.^ 

Michael Moseley, a native of Linoohishire, served this mission for some 
twelve vears. Died November 29, 1777, aged 57.' 

(17) Edward Wright, bom 1752, was here for manv years. He died in Holywell 
April 9, 1826, alter renewing his vows in the restored Society.* 

(i^ Henry Wright succeeded Father Edward Wright for a verv short time, 1825.* 
(19) Francis Lythgoe, a native of Cheshire, came to Holywell October 30, 1826. 
He baUt the new chapel, which was opened November 13, 1833.* 

It should be mentioned that even during the darkest days of persecution 
Catholics ooenly resorted to the Well, especially on St Win^rid's Feast An 
interesting aocument, preserved in the Public Record Office, endorsed "A note of 
Fftpisto and priests assembled at St Winefrid's Well on St Winelrid*s Day, 1629," 
gives the following names: — 

'*The Lord W« Howard ("Belted WiU"), the L. of Shrewsburie, Sir Tha 
Tarrett (Gerard), Sir W" Norris, Sir Cuthbert Qifton, M' Preston of ye 
Manner (Fumess), M' Anderton of Clerton (Qayton), M'Anderton of Foarste, 
M' Tarret (Gerard) of Ince, M' Bradshaw of Have (Haigh Hall), M' Harrington 
of Heighletonhye (Huyton Hey), M' Blundellof Crosbie, M' Scarisbricke of 
Scarisbricke, Sir John Talbot of Bradshaw (Bashall Hall), M' Latham of 
Mosborow (Mosborough Hall) and his ^rt brothers, who are all priests ; the 
Lady Foakeland (FaUcland), and with her M' Everard the priest; M' Price, 
M' Cleiton (Clayton), priesto; Sir Thomas Jarrett hath two priestes resident 
in hu house, namely Pettinger (Dom Dunstan Pettinger, O.S.^.) and Umpton. 
At Sir William Norris's house (Speke Hall) two, namely Richardson (Robert) 
and Holland ; at Sir Cuthbert Clifton's two priests, Anderton & Smith ; also 
M' Arrowsmith's clothes and the knife to cut him up are at Sir CuUibert 
Clifton's house. M' Preston of the Manner hath two priests at his house, 
viz. Michitt (? Tno. Mitchell) and Sefton (John), and M' Mayfield, the priest 
(? Wm. Maxfield), is archdeacon under the Bishop of Chaloedon, of Speake 
near the sea-side ; with divers other knights, lames, gentlemen and gentle- 
women of divers countries to ye number of fourteen or fifteen hundreth ; and 
the general estimation about a hundred and fifty more priestes, the most of 
them well known what they were." 

This note, eridently the work of a Government spy, shows that it would be 
wrong to infer, from such a public assembly of Catholics, that Holywell was exempt 
from those litUe marks of attention wherewith a Protestant Government sought to 
spread the new religion. These pilgrimages had been held before, and that the 
Government knew of them may be plainlv seen from the correspondence between 
Sir John Bridgman, Mayor of Poole in NIontgomeryshire, and the Privy CoundL 
Sir John's letter of October 23, 1626, explains the steps he had taken (according to 
instructions) to restrain the Holywell pilgrimages. That his efforts were unavafling 
we infer from another letter, dated Feoruary 10, 1636, in which he informs the Privv 
Conndl that he is suppressing all unnecessanr alehouses thereabouts, binding all 
innkeepers to take the names and addresses of'^ strangers who lodge with them, and 
keeping a strict watch on the Well, which, if necessary, he will wall up. 

Tms introduction has alreadv run to such a len{;th that it is impossible to refer 
in detail to the great frunilies, Mostyns of Talacre, Herberts, Earls of Powis, Petres 
of Basingwerk (Greenfield), Pues of Penrhyn, Carnarvonshire, and many others, who 
dk] so much to keep the lamp of the sanctuary burning during the dark night of 

The earliest rqrister begins 1730, and is not original, but seems to have been 
copied by Father Ed. Wright, SJ. The second volume is original A portion of 

^ /6id, vii, 791. 

• IHd. V, 932. vii, 530. 

•**Rev. Edward Wright, priest of the Roman Church, April 13, age 75." 
(Parish Burial Registers, anno 1826.) 

* Foley's /fetordi, vii, 869. 
■ /6ui, vii, 469. 


Father Wrigfat't reg^sten is found in eacb yolnme, as I have indicated on page ia6. 
The two Tolames are S^in. by 6} in., boand half sheep, and several pages have 
been cat or torn out, as noted later. Several pages are covered with housekeeping 

In conclusion, I wish to acknowledge mj great indebtedness to Mr. Joseph 
Gillow, who kindly placed at my disposal some of his invaluable notes on tne 
Hobrwell priests und the so-called ** Worcester Registers*' below, and who has 
kindly corrected this introduction. Paul Hook« 

St. Mary's College, 

Holywell, North Wales, 

February 5, 1906. 


Extracted from "The Catholic Registers of the City of 
Worcester, Privately printed for Frederick Arthur Crisp, 

** 1698. 

*'Bom loth, and bapt ii Dec. at Holywell, Edmond Coughlan: 

" Sponsors, M' Samuel Thorp and Jane Edwards. 

*'Bom 2ist and bapt 23 December at Holywell, Roger Tewson. 

" Sponsors, John Davis and Alice Ellis. 

" i699« 

** Reconciled to the Church. 

*' Mr. Fitz-geral, 23 April 

'* Margaret Hughs alias Brown, 26 April 

" Roger Davis, 3 May. 

" Edward Downs, y* son of Thomas and Winefrid Downs, was y* . . • 

"of April at Holiwell [sic], 

[Mr. Crisp suggests that this is a baptismal entry.] 
" M' Edmond Fits-Geral, Senior, 2 July. 
" Elizabeth Brown, 3 July." 

These lOHaUled * Worcester Resisten* were entered by Father Ignatius Thorpe 
aiias Stafford (and Potter and Xavier when at St Omer's CoUege and St Alban's 
College at Valladolid), S.T., in a little private volume, which he carried about with 
him from place to place during his missionary career. The entries commence May 9^ 
1685, whilst Father Stafford was stationed at the Jesuit house in Mounce Street, 
Monmouth, whence he would appear to have oocasiooally served High Meadow, 
ca Gloucester, the seat of the Halls, Lvdney, in the same county, the seat ol 
Sir Charles Wynter, Abergavenny, Ccmrtfield, in Welsh Bicknor, the seat of the 
Vaug^ian funihr, and Chepstow Grange, all in the county of Monmouth ; Rnardine, 
Whiteleeve, Woollaston Grange, and Brockweir, the two last seats of the Harris 
fiunily, all in Gloucestershire. Between November, 1689, and November, 1694, thane 
is a gap, the entries recommencing in the latter year with a baptism at Preitoo, 
probabnr the place of that name situated some five or six miles from T instead Lodfe^ 
kent, the propertv of Lord Teynham, to where Father Stafford was sent upon nis 
return to England ; for at the time of the Orange Revolution he was imprisoned, 
and after his release had sousht refuge on the Omtinent. From Linstead he served 
Dadmonds in June, 169C, and next appears as chaphdn to Ferdinand Poulton, Eaa., 
at Desborough, co. Northampton, in May, 1697. Early in 1698 he was at Writue 
Park in Essex, the seat of Lotd Petre, whom he probably accompanied to London, 
and was there in Tune of that year. Thence he removed to Homrell, as shown on 
page 107. From October, 1699, to July, 1700, he appears as chapudn to the Knights 
at Kingerby Hall, 00. Lincoln. There are no entries for 1701, and those for 170s 
mention no locali^. From the latter year there is a gap till November, 1706, when 
he appears as chapfaun to the Giffurds at Boaoobd, co. Staflbrd, till December, 1709, 



then at West Grinstead, Sussex, in March, 2709-10, prohablv sapplying fiur Father 
Livinius Brown, S.J., till May, 171 1. Then he became chaplain to Sir John Webb, 
Bart, at Great Canford, co. f>orset, whence he attended to families at Wimbome 
Minster, Langham, Kingston, Hampreston, and sometimes assisted at the Jesuit 
Mission at Stapdiill, in the same county, and attended at Week, just over the Iwrder 
in Hants., till his entries cease with June 12, 2718. He probaUy had to leave the 
county in consequence of the troublous times succeeding the appointment of Com- 
missioners of Enquixy into Estates given to Superstitious Puroosia about this time, 
and he is next found at Worcester, where he succeeded Fauer Alex. Leigh a/ias 
Layton, SJ., in the charge of that mission. There he diedjune 17, 1720, aged 68. 
Father Stafford did not make any entries in his register at Worcester, but his imme- 
diate successor, Father William Case alias Baxter, S.J., commenced the Worcester 
Registers on September 24, 1720, as a continuation of the previous ones, which 
hemseforward were looked upon as appertaining to that mission. 

This account has been thus fully detailed m order to illustrate the by no means 
uncommon occurrence of the private registers of a priest during his missionary career 
in various places having been continued by his successor in the last place that he 
served as the registers of that mission. 

Part I. Rsgisters op the Secular Mission. 

1730 Nov. 



1732 Nov. 


1734 Mar. 


1734 Jany. 




1736 Dec. 


i73i Mar. 


1739 June 





1740 Feb. 






1 741 Sept. 



1743 April 








1744 March 








174s Jan. 






1746 March 




1747 J»a 


Copy of Rev<* M' GwiUim's Register. 
Cross Keys. 
Peter Parry de Holywell, son of Joseph. 
John Wills, de Holywell, son of Thos. Williams. 
Mary Parry de Greenfield. 
Mary Hughes de Greenfield, daughter of Hugh. 
Edw. Parry de Holywell. 
Peter Parry de Greenfield, son of Simon. 
Peter Griffiths de Greenfield, son of John. 
Sam Griffiths de Nerquis, son of John. 
Jo" Loyd de Holywell, son of Hen. Loyd. 
Ann Hughes de Greenfield. 
Edw<* Isaac. 
10* Elizabeth Owen de Holywell, daughter of William. 
Joseph Griffiths de Mold, son of Jo^ 
Elizabeth Parry de Greenfield. 
Margaret Loyd de Holywell, daughter of Henry. 
Margaret Hughes daughter of Hugh Hughes. 
Cathe. Hughes daughter of Hugh Hughes de Stockin. 
Jo° Griffiths son of Edw^ de Coedmawr. 
Jo" Ellis de HolywelL 
James Bottom de Holywell, an Irishman's. 
Mary Owen daughter of Wm. de Hol)rwelL 
3d Thos. Isaac son of Thomas de Greenfield. 
Henry Parry son of Edwd. de Holywell. 
Margaret Parry de Holywell. 
Thomas, an Irishman's child. 
Roger, an Irishman's child. 
Ann daughter of Jon Griffiths of Vron. 
Mary daughter of Jon. Griffiths of Greenfield. 
Edward son of Edwd. Parry de Holjrwell 
Mary daughter of Hugh Parry de HolywelL 



1747 Mar. 

1748 Sep. 

1749 Aug. 

1750 Mar. 

1 75 1 Aug. 

1752 March 


1753 Jan. 

1754 Mar. 

1755 Jan- 








1756 March 


1757 Aug. 











Maiy daughter of Will"" Berry de Holywell 
Mary Kennedy. 

Mary daughter of Dorothy Parry de Greenfield. 
Jane daughter of W™ Owens de Holywell 
Jo° Bottom, an Irishman's child. 
Elizabeth daughter of Hugh Parry de Holywell 
Ann daughter of Wm. Berry de Holywell 
Margaret daughter of Hugh Hughes de Greenfield. 
Tho* Bottom, an Irishman's child. 
Marg^ daughter of W" Owen de Holywell. 
Marth. daughter of Jo° Williams de Holkin. 
Ann daughter of Wm. Coyney de Holywell. 
Eliz. daughter of Edwd. Hughes de Holway. 
Thos. & James sons of W" Berry de Holywell 
4* Robert son of Tho» Jones de Nerquis. 

8 John son of Robt. Griffiths de Nerquis. 
4 Mary Juliet daughter of W" Cojmey. 
2^ Daniel son of Daniel Malampy, Irish. 

Winefrid daughter of Hugh Hughes de Greenfield. 
Tho* son of Jo»> Will"" de Holkin. 
John son of Denis Kenedy, Irish. 
Tho» son of John Lester, Irish. 

9 William son of Will"* Owens de Holywell. 
16^ Eleanor daughter of Hugh Parry. 

23 John son of Will™ Berry de Holywell 
28 Will" son of Harry Parry de Holywell 
2i"< Robert son of Tho» Winstanley of Lanrwst* 
Mary daughter of Mary Spenser of Greenfield. 

14 John son of John WilUams of Holkin. 
7**> Jo° son of Hugh Hughes of Greenfield. 

Winefirid daughter of Peter Gordon. 
Ellen daughter of Robert Griffiths, Nerquis. 
Mary daughter of Tho* Keating de Holywell 
Philip son of Philip Ryan de Holywell 
At Wrexham, James the son of a breechesmaker. 
Jo" son of John Lester of Brinford, an Irishman. 
Tho* son of W» Berry de Holywell 
Jo" son of W" Owens de Holywell. 
Jo" Jones son of Jo" Jones de Stockin. 
Mary daughter of Edwd. Hughes de Holway. 
Arm daughter of May Spenser de Greenfield. 
Mary daughter of Tho* & Mary Jones de Nerquis. 
Sarah daughter of Hugh Parry de Holywell. 
Mary daughter of Tho* Winstanley, a clockmaker at 
28 Sarah daughter of Daniel Malampy, Holjrwell 

15 Eliz. daughter of Spencer & Mary his wife. 
15 Jane daughter of Robert Ellis de Bodfary.ifi 






9|e Denbighshire, 

f A village near Denbigh. 

1 75 7 Nov. 


1758 June 


1 7 59 Feb. 










I 76 I June 






1762 Oct 


1763 Jan. 



Ann daughter of W" & Dorothy Berry de Holywell. 
Mary daughter of Grace Hughes de Holywell. 
Michael son of Jo" Williams de Holkin. 
Ann daughter of Mary Spencer de Whitford* 
Edw<* son of Hugh Parry de Greenfield. 
Margaret daughter of Wm. & Dorothy Berry. 
Elizabeth daughter of Wm. & Teresa Coyney. 
Catharine daughter of W" & Dorothy Berry. 
Edwd. son of Wm. & Teresa Coyney. 
Mary daughter of Jo° Williams de Holkin. 
Elizabeth daughter of Edwd. Hughes de Greenfield. 
John son of Mary & John Foulks. 

Copy of Rev** M' Jones's Register. 
Baptised Cross Keys. 

1763 Oct 24. HugoForshaw. Patrini, Joan. Davies, Margarita Foulkes. 
Oct. 30. At Twysog, Sobieski Parry. Patrini, Joan. Giffard, Ann 

Giffard per delegatos Thom : Blount, Mar. Giffard. 

1764 Jan. 17. At Holywell, Mary Parry the daughter of John & Helen 

Parry. Patrini, David Hughes, Jane Parry. 
April 8. Timothy Kennedy the son of Dennis and P. (?) 

Kennedy. Patrini, James Bolton, Jane Parry. 
Dec. 2. William Cojmey son of William & Teresa Coyney. 

Patrini, William Dickenson, Esq., & Lady Mostyn of Greenfield 

per deleg: Joan Parry, Mary Price. 

1765 Jan. 14. Margaret Parry filia Patri. et Mariae Parry. Patrini, 

Simon Parry, Mary Lloyd. 
Jan. 24. Mary Hughes filia Edwardi et Gratiae Hughes de 

Greenfield. Patrin: Joan. Lloy, Maria Griffiths. 
July 7. Johannis Hughes filius David & Mariae Hughes de 

Greenfield. Patrin: Joan. Lloyd, Catharine Hughes. 
Sep. 12. Thomas Griffith filius Richardi et Dorothae Griffith de 

Twll in Bagilt. Patrin: Thos. Tomkins, Maria Jones. 
Oct. 12. Alicia Crow filia Dionysii et Winefridae Crow de 

Holywell. Patrin: Gulielmus Kennedy, Alicia Macgrah. 

1766 Feb. 9. Maria Parry filia Pet et Rosae Parry. Patrini, Joan, et 

Anna Giffard. 
Eodem die Rosa filia eorundem. Patrini, Phillipo Jones, Maria 

Feb. 25. Thomas Davies filius Joannis et Mariae Davies de 

Parthlymain. Patrin: Tho» Williams de Malvern, Elizabeth 

Feb. 26. Joannes Parry filius Joannis et Helenae Parry. Patrin : 

Georgius Smith, Maria Giffard. 
April 7. At Bryn Madin, Nicholaus Clanychan filius Thomae et 

Birgittae Clanychan. Patrini, Mauritio Hickey et Winefrid 


4c A village near Holjwell, noted as the birthplace of the anther (according to 
the best modm critics) 01 the fesus Psalter. 


1766 Apl. 14. At Talacre,Anna Potts filia Georgii et Mariae Potts. 

Patrin : Joseph et Maria Griffith. 
July II. Henricus Foulks filius Joannis et Margaritae Foulkes 

de Holywell Patrin : Joan. Ball, Maria Lloyd. 
Dec. 34. At Bodfari, Robertus Williams filius Hugonis et Annae 

Williams. Patrin : Joan. Williams et Helena. 

1767 Jan. 10. At Holywell, Henry Lloyd filius Joannis et Margaritae 

Lloyd. Patrin : GuL Berry, Margar. Lloyd. 
Feb. i»^. Joannes Hughes filius Edwardi et Gratiae Hughes de 
Greenfield. Patrin : Joan. Owens, Mar. Parry. 

1768 Nov. 7. Margarita Lloyd filia Joan, et Margar. Lloyd de 

Hol3rwell. Patrin: Joan. Baker, Margarita Foulks. 
Dec II. Joannis Parry filius Petri et Mar: Parry de Greenfield. 
Patrin : Joan. Potts, Eliz. Jones. 

1 769 May 2^. Charlotta Spencer filia Joan : et Mar. Spencer de 

Drainiog. Patrin: Hugh Parry et Catharina Roberts de 

Jan. 16. Apud Nerquis, Elizabeth Edwards filia [ ] et 

Mariae. Patrin : David et Maria Griffith. 
Feb. i»*. Apud Pen y Bryn, Henr: Lewellin filius Joan: et 

Mariae Lewellyn. Patrin: Joan. Winstanley, Mar. Downing. 
May 19. Apud Holywell, Hugo Hughes filius Joan : et Catharinae 

Hughes. Patrin: Hugh Parry, Mar. Goff. 
May 22. Joannes Parry filius Petri et Rosae Parry de Twysog. 

Patrin : Joan. Parry, Francesca Price. 
May 24. Apud Plas Ucha, Catharina Griffith filia Roberri et 

Eliz. Griffith. Patrin: David Griffith, Cath. Parry. 

1770 July 16. Apud Holywell, Catharina Simon filia Thomae et Mariae 

Simdn alias Maddocks. Patrin: Roland Blount, Mar. Coyle. 
July 26. Holywell, Rosa Parry filia Petri et Rosae Parry de 

Twysog. Patrin : Thomas Mostyn, Matrin : Maria Williams. 
Aug. 19. Tho» Lloyd filius Joannes et Margaritae Lloyd. Patrin : 

Edward Blount, Mar. Envies de Treabot 
Sep. 9. Holywell, Sarah Jones filia Oeni et Eliz. Jones de 

Greenfield. Patrin: Joan. Owens, Marg. Llewellin de Pen 

y Bryn. 
Sep. 16. Joannes Hughes filius David et Mar. Hughes de 

Greenfield. Patrin: Joan. Bell, Cath. Hughes. 
Oct 22. Apud Holywell, Henricus filius Elizabeth et Joannis 

Spencer filius nothus. Patrin: Joan, et Catharina Hughes. 
Dec 2. Apud Plas Ucha, Samuel Griffith filius Thomae et 

Doroth. Griffith. Patrin: Samuel Griffith, Helen. Morris. 

177 1 Mar. 13. Apud Holywell, Jacobus Spencer filius Joannis et 

Mariae Spencer. 
Mar. 18. Maria Hughes filia Joan, et Cath. Hughes de Garth y 
Voel. Patrin: Jac Berry, Mar. Griffith. 

1772 Mar. II. Gulielmus Jones filius Gul. et Eliz. Jones de Holywell. 

Patrin : Hugone Parry et Mar. Gifiard. 

1773 May 8. Apud Holywell, Jacobus filius Pet et Mariae Parry de 

Greenfield- Patrin: Edw: Blount, N. Potts, 


1773 ^&y I& Thomas filius Joi^n. et Mar. Spencer. Patrin: Hugh 

Parry, Mar. GifTard 
Aug. 7. Apud Star, Ann filia Oeni et Elizabeth Jones de 

Greenfidd. Patrin : Joan. Isaac, Mar. Day. 
Apud Vron Isa» Samuel Matthews filius nothus Sam. Griffith et 

Elizabeth Matthews. Patrin: Joseph et Anna Griffith. 
Oct 10. Apud Star, by I^' Moseley, Jpsephi^ Hughes filius Ed. 

et Gratiae Hughes. Patrin: Joan. Isaac, Mar. Day. 

1774 Jan^ 2^. Margarita Tomkins fiUa Jacobi et Susannae Tomkins. 

Patrin : GuL Berry, Mar. Tomkins. 
Feb. 28. Joanna Foulks filia Joan, et Maigaiitae. Patrin: 

Thomas Tomkins, Joanna Bostock. 
May 8. ^ud Holywell, Joannes Jones filius Gulielmi et Eliz. 

Jones de Twit. Patrin: E;dwardus Winstanley, Maig. Parry. 
Sep. 12. ^ud Holywell, Elizabeth Reynolds filia Patricii et 

Annae. Patrin: Edmun. Butlei^ Maig. Parry. 
Sep. 24. Apud Holywell, Matthaeus Hughes filiuK David et 

Mariae. Patrini, Jacob. Forshaw, Joanna Bostock. 

1775 May 25. By M' Edwd. Jones, apud Holywell, Hudi Spencer de 

Drainiog filius Joan, et Mariae. Patrin: liugn Parry, 
Cathaiina Hughes. 

1776 May 6. Apud Holywell, Gulielmus Tomkins filius Jacobi et 

Susannae Tomkins. Patrin : Thomas Tomkins et Sarah Parry. 
June i*^. At the Star, by M' Moseley, Maria Harris filia Petri et 

Helenae Harris alias Bottom. Patrin: Jaco. Berry, Eliz. 

June 24. Joannis Hughes filius Joannes et Catharina Hughes. 

Patrin: Jacob. Berry, Joanna BostocL 
Oct 17. Maria Reynolds filia Pebi et Annae Reynolds. Patrin: 

Jaco. et Eliz. Berry. 
Oct '•7. Joannes Jones filius Owen, et Eliz. Jones de Greenfield. 

Patrin: N. Winstanley, Catharina Hughes. 

1777 Jany. 20. Maria Jones filia Gulielmi et Eliz. Jones de Twll. 

Patrin: Patri. Rejmolds, Mary Forshaw. 
June 3a Thomas filius Thomae et Dorothae Griffith de Green* 
field. Patrin: David et Helen Griffith. 

1778 Mar. 16. Anna filia Petri et Helenae Harrison. Patrin: Thoma. 

Bottom et Alicia ElUs. 
May 19. Thos. Hickey filius Mauritii et Honorandae Hickey. 

Patrini, Pat Reynolds et Alicia Ellis. 
July I*'. Edwardus Tomkins filius Jac. et Susannae Tomkins. 

Patrin: Tho. Berry, Maria WilUams. 
Dec 26. Elizabeth Isaac filia Joan, et Ann Isaac de Greenfield. 

Patrin: Joan. Da vies, Joan. Bostock. 

1779 Feb. 15. Thos. Hughes filius Richardi et Barbarae Hughes. 

Patrin: Petro et Maria Parry de Greenfield. 
May 24. Thomas Foulkes filius Joannis et Margaritae Foulkes. 

Patrin : Edward Winstanley, Joanna Bostock, 
June 8. Maria Hickey filia Maur. et Honorandae Hickey. 

Patrin: Joseph Gittins et AUgia Ellis, 


177^ Dec. 13. Joan. Reynolds filius Patricii et Annae Rejmokb. 
Patrini, Edwar. Winstanley et Joan. Bostock« 

1780 Mar. 27. Joan. Hughes filius Joan, et Helenae Hughes de 

Holywell Patrin: Joan. Potts et Sarah Parry. 
May 9. Apud Talacre, Edward Jones filius Abraham et Helenae 

Jones de Gwespyr. Patrin: Joan. Jones et Eliz. Price. 
May 16. Apad Conway, Joseph Slater filius Edwardi et Mariae 

Slater. Patrin : Tho. et Marj^arita Bostock. 
May 21. Margarita Hughes filia David et Mar. Hughes de 

GreenfiekL Patrin: Tho. Winstanley, Maria Parry. 
[ ] Eliz. filia Petri et Helenae Harrison. Patrin: Patricius 

Reyiookls, Eliz. Williams. 

1781 Noy. 7. Robert Wynstanley filius Edward et Sara Wynstanley. 

Patrinis, Joan. Wynstanley, Anna Macmullin. 
Nov. 10. Joan. Forshaw filius Jac. et Joan. Forshaw. Patrin: 
Joan. Bostock, Eliz. Williams. 

1782 Apnl 28. Maria Isaac filia Joan, et Annae Isaac Patrin: 

Jaoobo Forshaw, Anna Macmullin, a R. Ddo Tyrer apud 

July 4« Jacobus Hughes filius Joan, et Helenae Hughes. Patrin: 

Tho* TcMnkins, Eliz. Williams. 
July 16. Apud Conway, Maria Slater filia Edwardi et Mariae 

Slater. Patrinis, Jacobo et Joanna Forshaw. 
178$ June la Maigarita filia Petri et Helenae Harrison. Patrin: 

Thos. Betry, Elizabeth Williams. 
June 13. Elizeibeth filia Joan, et Margaritae Thompson. Patrin: 

Tho. Berry, Eliz. Williams. 
Dec 14. Eliinbeth filia Gervasii et Mariae Jones de Halkin. 

Patrin: Edwardo Jones, ^iz. Williams. 
1784 Feb. 29. Thomas Isaac filius Joan, et Annae Isaac de Greenfield. 

Patrin: Thos. Tomkins, Eliz. Williams. 
Ai»il II. David Hughes filius Davidis et Mariae Hughes de 

Greenfield. Patrin: Joan, et Maria Lewellin. 
Oct [ ]. Apud Bodiary, Joan. Macgin. Patrin: [ ] Watson. 
^785 April 13. Margarita Harris filia Petri et Helen. Harris. Patrinis, 

Thos. Winstanley, Eliz. Berry. 
Sep. IS. GulieL Whitfield filius Gulielmi et Rebeccae Whitfield. 

Patrin : Joan. Thompson et Maria Glover. 
Nov* 3. JJACobus Forshaw fiUus Jacobi et Joan. Forshaw. Patrin: 

Joan. Winstanley, Ann Bingley. 
1786 Jan. 8. Joan. Thompson filius Joan, et Maigarita Thompson. 

Patrin: Jacobo et Joannae Forshaw. 
Jan. 8w George Hughes filius Joan, et Helenae Hughes. Patrin: 

Thos. Ellis, Mar. Williams. 
Mar. 23. Gruliel. Griffith filius Richardi et Margaritae Griffith de 

Bagilt. Patrin: Car. Winstanley, Eliz. Williams. 
Mar. 26. Eliz. Holland de Holywell filia Henr. et Elizabethae 

Holland. Patrin: Jacobo et Margarita Lancaster. 
May s& Maria filia Thomae et Sarae Berry. Patrin: Edwd. 

Jones, EUzabetba Beny. 


1786 July 12. Jacobus filius Joan, et Joannae Thompson. Patrin: 

Ric Hays, Maigarita Thompson. 
Dec. 25. Apud Talacre, Jacobus filius Abraham et Helenae 
Jones de Gwespyr. Patrin: Joan. Potts, Catherina Carter. 

1787 Jany. 2. Apud Pen y Ball, Hugo filius Ric et Eliz. Williams. 

Patrin: Tho. Berry, Eliz. Williams. 
[ ] Apud Talacre, filius aut filia Thomae et Mariae Jones. 

Patrin: [ ]. 

Feb. 13. Apud Talacre, [ ] Jones filius Edwardi et Margaritae 

Jones de Newmarket. Patrin : Thoma. Joqes, Cath. Carter. 
Mar. 12. Maria Holland filia Henrici et Eliz. Holland. Patrin: 

Thos. Lancaster, Maria Dwesghouse (? Dweryhouse). 
Mar. 15. Joaimes Slater filius Edwardi et Maria Slater. Patrin: 

Joan. Potts, Eliz. Williams. 
Oct 7. Joannes filius Edwardi et Mariae Lee. Patrin: Joan. 

Fletcher, Margarita Thompson, per procuratores Carol Slater, 

Eliz. Williams. 
Nov. 15. Anna Maria filia Joan, et Joannae Hughes. Patrin: 

Ricardo Henesey, Eliz. Williams. 

1788 Mar. 15. Apud Bryn, Catharina filia Joannis et Mariae Davies 

de Gwesbyr. Patrin : Joan. Jones, Eliz. Sturdy. 
Mar. 31. Helena filia Jacobi et Aimae Hull. Patrin: Joan. 

Fletcher, Mai]rarita Thompson. 
April 16. [ J filia Thomae et Sarae Berry. Patrin : Jacobo 

Forshaw, Sara Foulks. 
April 18. Petrus filius Henrici et Rebeccae Whitfield. Patrin: 

Joanna Thompson et Agnete Glover. 
March 2. Thomas filius Ricardi et Cath. Griffith. Patrin : Joan. 

Wjrnstanley, Margarita Tomkins. 
May 20. Margarita filia Joan, et Helenae Hughes. Patrin: 

Simon Parry, Margarita Thompson. 
July 27. Sara filia Edwardi Jones et Elizabeth Williams extra 

matrimonium nata. Patrin : Edwardo Slater, Eliz. Nangles. 
Oct. 19. Jacobus filius Joannis et Margaritae Thompson. Patrin: 

Joan. Rose, Maria Brown. 
Nov. 13. Carolus filius Richardi et Mariae Sankey. Patrin: 

Eliz. Berkeley jun. et Edwardo Blount, per procuratores Jacob. 

Forshaw, Ann Price. 

1789 May 4. Joan. Williams filius Joan, et Eliz. Williams de Holkin. 

Patrin : Thos. Williams, Maigarita Foulks. 
May 18. Richardus Williams filius Richardi et Eliz. Williams de 

Pen y ball. Patrin: Jacobo Forshaw, Maria Williams. 
June 22. Elizabeth filia Jaco. et Joannae Forshaw. Patrin: 

Joan. Rose, Eliz. Nangles. 

1790 Feb. 28. Gulielmus Berry filius Thomae et Sarae Berry. Patrin: 

Edward Jones, Mary Williams. 
Mar. 20. Gulielmus Hughes filius Joannis et Joannae Hughes. 

Patrin: Edwardo Jones, Maria Williams. 
Mar. 24. Joannes Slater filius Edwardi et Mariae Slater. Patrin : 

Carolo Wynstanley, Eliz, Nangles. 


1790 Mar. 30. Patricius Wilson filius Thomae Wilson, Hibemi, et 

Catharinae Wilson. Patrin: Carolo Slater, Eliz. Nangles. 
May 31. Alicia Bingley filia Thomae et Mariae Bingley. Patrin: 

Gulielmo Liptrot et Maria Lewellin. 
June 26. Joannes Holland filius Henrici et Mariae Holland 

Patrin: Jacobo Hewitt, Anna Leatherbarrow. 
Nov. 15. Maria Hughes filia Joan, et Helenae Hughes. Patrin: 

Edwardo Slater, Eliz. Nangles. 

1791 Jan. 16. Margarita filia Jolmnnis et Maigaritae Thompson. 

Patrin: Henrico et Maria Holland. 
Feb. 6. Gulielmus Fleetwood filius Gulielmi et Mariae Fleetwood. 

Patrin : Joannis Robinson, Maria Fleetwood. 
May 29. Elizabetha Proffit filia Thomae et Eliz. Proffit Patrin : 

Thoma. Wynstanley, Mar. Williams. 
July 13. Anna Robinson filia Josephi et Rachelis Robinson. 

Patrin: Gulielmo Fleetwood, Margarita Thompson. 
Aug. 17. Margarita Tomkins filia Thomae et Elizabethae 

Tomkins. Patrin: Thoma. Tomkins, Maria Jones. 

1792 Jan. 8. Richardus Holland filius Henrici et Annae Holland. 

Patrin : Josepho Holland, Eliz. Atherton. 
Mar. 10. N Bromley filius Georgii et Mariae Bromley. 

Patrin: Gulielmo Fleetwood, Maria Bingley. 
Mar. 31. Henricus filius Joan, et Joannae Hughes. Patrin: 

Richardus Henesey, Eliz. Nangles. 
Dec. 23. Alicia filia Pierci et Helenae Harrison. Patrin: 

Michaele Krichel, Eliz. Nangles. 
Dec. 30. N filia Joseph et Rachelis Robinson. Patrin: 

Henrico et Anna Holland. 

1793 Feb. 26. Jacobus Hull filius Jacob, et Annae Hull Patrin: 

Carolo Wynstanley, Sara Foulks. 
Mar. 3. Eliz. Fleetwood filia Gulielmi et Mariae Fleetwood. 

Patrin: Hennco Holland, Maria Bingley. 
May 4. Susannah Tomkins filia Thomae et Eliz. Tomkins. 

Patrin: Richardo Hennesey, El. Brown. 
May 26. Maria Anna Thompson filia Joannis et Margaritae 

Thompson. Patrin : Carolo Winstanley, Maria Bingley. 
Aug. 21. Thomas filius Gervasii et Mariae Jones. Patrin: 

Thoma. Tomkins, Maria Williams. 
Nov. 14. Apud Gronant, Joannes Whitehead filius Thomae et 

Sophiae Whitehead. Patrin : Jacobo et Maria Potts. 
Nov. 23. Joseph Holland filius Henrici et Annae Holland. 

Patrin : Ricardo Tristram, Margarita Thompson. 

1 794 Mar. 30. Joanna Hennesey filia Richardi et Annae Hennesey. 

Patrin : Joanne Wynstanley, Juliana Rodis. 
Sep. 3. Sarah Thompson filia Joan, et Margaritae Thompson. 

Patrin: Gulielmo Wynstanley, Eliz. Nangles. 
Dec. 7. Thomas Hughes filius Joan, et Joannae Hughes. 

Patrin: Richardo Hennesey, Juliana Roddis. 

1795 Mar. i*^ N . . . . Harris filia Petri et Helenae Harris. Patrin: 

Michaele Krichel et Eliz. Krichel 


179s May 3d. Esther Winstanley filia Joannis et Esther Winstaxdey. 

Patrin : Thoma. Winstanley et Eliz. Nangles. 
July 21. Margarita Berry film Thomae et Sarae Berry. Patrin: 

Richardo Hennesey, Margarita Thompson. 
Sep. 6. N filius Edward! et Joannae Lee. Patrin : 

Gulielmo Wynstanley, Maria Williams. 
Sep. 27. Catharina Jones filia Gervasii et Mariae Jones. Patrin : 

Thoma. et Maigarita Tomkins. 
Septr. 30. Elizabetha Holland filia Henrici et Annae Holland. 

Patrin: Ferdinand Krichel, Elizabetha Nangles. 
Oct I. Catharina Jones filia Thomae et Elizabethae Jones. 

Patrin: Thoma. Berry, Alicia Thompson. 
Dec 8. Gulielmus filius Thomae et Joannae Almond. Patrin: 

Rich. Sankey, Maria ^^liams. 
1796 Feb. 4. Georgius filius Comelii et Dorotheae Sullivan. Patrin: 

Richardo Hennesey, Eliz. Nangles. 
1798 Aug. II. Thomas Berry filius Thomae et Sarae Berry de Pen 

y Ball. Patrin: Thoma. et Eliz. Tomkins. 
Aug. 12. Esther filia Gulielmi et Caeciliae Liptrot Patrin: 

Ferdinando Krichel, Eliz. Nangles. 

Copy of Revd. M^ Gildares Raster. 
Baptised Cross Keys. 

1 80 1 Jacobus filius Michaelis et Manae Dunn (conjugum) natus die 

secundo Martii, anno 1801, et die octavo ejusdem mensis 
baptizatus est a me, sub conditione, Geo : Gildart. Sponsores, 
Simon Parry, Maria Cummings. 

Joannes Berry filius Thomae et Sarae Berry (conjugum) natus 
die decima octavo Junii, anno 1801, et die vigesima ejusdem 
mensis baptizatus est a me Geo: Gildart. Sponsores, Simon 
et Joanna Parry. 

Anna filia Thomae et Aimae Clinton (conjugum) nata die vigesima 
prima Novembris, anno 1801, et die vigesima noiia ejusdem 
mensis baptizatus est a me (jeo: Gildart Sponsores, 
Ferdinandus Krichel, Maria Williams. 

1802 Thomas filius Thomae et Sophiae Whitehead (conjugum) natus 

die tertia Julii, anno 1802, et duodecimo ejusdem mensis 
apud Gronant baptizatus est a me Geo: Gildart. Sponsores, 
Joannes Jones, Helena Potts. 

Copy of Rev. M'Tyrer's Raster. 

Old Star. 

[See page 105.] 

Part II. Registers of the Jesuit Mission. 

A list of Those baptised by M' Tyrer since he settled at 
ye old Star, Holywell. 
June 8, 1778. Was baptised Ann daughter of Patrick and 
Reynholds. Sponsors, M^ Gittins, M" Potts. 

kliGTStEltS or tiOLVt^hKLL tlQ 

dto. dto. dto. Was baptised Mary daughter of John and Caterine 

Hughes. Sponsors, Hugh Parry, Manr Spenser. 
June 3, 1 781. Was baptised Mary daughter of Wm. and Eliz. Jones. 

Sponsors, Rich** Henesey, Eliz. Williams. 
Aug. 7, 1781. Was baptised James son of James and Susan Tompkins. 

Sponsors, James Berry, Mary Kirkman. 
April 5, 1 783. Was baptised John son of Simon and Margaret Saresfield. 

Sponsors, Rev^ Jos. Tyrer, Honora Donovan. 
April 28, 1783. Was baptised Mary daughter of John and Ann Isaac 

Sponsors, James Forshaw, Ann Mcmullen. 
June 10, 1784. Was baptised Mary daughter of James and Jane 

Forshaw. Sponsors, W" Walton, Cathanne Hughes. 
Dec. 18, 1785. Was baptised Mary daughter of James and Ann Hoole. 

Sponsors, Charles Winstanley, Jane Hetiessey. 
June 26, 1 786. Was baptised Maiy daughter of Thos. and Ann Bingley. 

Sponsors, James and Jane Forshaw. 
Oct. 21, 1786. Was baptised N. N. son or daughter of James and 

Eliz: Ceasseir p] Sponsors, Franc. Mullony, Eliz. Williams. 
Oct 31, 1786. Was baptised Margaret daughter of Moses and N. N. 

Griffiths. Sponsors, James Potts, Eliz. Williams. 
April 22, 1787. Was baptised Catherine daughter of James and Jane 

Forshaw. Sponsors, David and Mary Hughes. 
Aug. 22, 1787. Was baptised Catherine daughter of Thos. and Cath" 

Thompsoa Sponsors, N. N. Holland, Eliz. Williams. 
March 30, 1788. Was baptised Thomas son of Peter and Ellen 

Harrison. Sponsors, John Winstanley, Ann Jones. 
Feb. 15, 1789. Was baptised at Gronan^^ Jane daughter of Abraham 

and Ellen Jones. Sponsors, Tho" Jones, Mary Davies. 
March 20, 1790. Was baptised (without y* ceremonies, being in danger) 

Jane daughter of James and Ann Hoole. 
March 21, 1790. Was baptised at Gronant, Ann daughter of Tho* 

and Molly Brown Jones. Sponsors, John Jones, Eliz. Sturdy. 
April <8, 1790. Was baptised at Gronant, John son of N. N. and 

Mairy Davies. Sponsors, John Jones, Eliz. Jones of Picton. 
May 1 9, 1 790. Was baptised at Lleweney bleachery, ^ Margaret daughter 

of Bernard and Eliz. McVeagh. Sponsors, Bernard Williamson, Ann 

Dec' 19, 1790. Was baptised James son of Pyers or Peter and Eliz. 
• Harrison. Sponsors, James Forshaw, Eliz. Nangles. 
April 24, 1 79 1. Was baptised N. N. son or daughter of Edmd. and 

Mary Lee. Sponsors, Joseph Robinson, Ann Jones. 
Septr. 22, 1 791. Was baptised at Picton, Edward son of Edw^ and 

Eliz: Sanders. Sponsors, John Jones, Eliz. Sturdy. 
April 24, 1792. Was baptised John son of William and Cecily liptrot 

Sponsors, Margaret Thompson, Nicholas Thompson. 
May 19, 1792. Was baptised at Gwespre, William son of John and 

Mi^ Davies. Sponsors, John Jones, Eliz. Sturdy. 

4( A Tillage near Talacre. 
f Llewenny is near Denbigh. 


Dec 25, 1792. Was baptised at Talacre, Teresa daughter of Robert 

and Alice Davies. Sponsors, Ric5* Whiteside, Mary Sturdy. 
Feb. 12, 1793. Was baptised Thomas son of Edward and Mary 

Roberts. Sponsors, Ferdinand Knichel,^ Eliz. Nangles. 
April 7, 1793. ^^ baptised at Talacre, Edward son of Thomas and 

Mary Jones. Sponsors, N. N. Brown, Mary Davies. 
July 29, 1793. ^^ baptised Joseph son of Michael and Elizabeth 

KreicheL Sponsors, James Shaw, Mary Roberts. 
March 30, 1794. Was baptised at Nerquisyifi James son of James and 

Ann Hoole. Sponsor, Mary Ball. 
June 21, 1794. Was baptised at Talacre, Elizabeth daughter of John 

and Mary Davies. Sponsors, John Jones, Eliz. Sturdy. 
July 5, 1795. ^^ baptised Hugh son of James and Jane Forshaw. 

Sponsors, Thomas Tomkins, Mary Williams. 
Mar. 8, 1795. ^^ baptised Margaret daughter of Edward and Mary 

Roberts. Sponsors, Eliz. Kreichel, Wm. Winstanley. 
April 8, 1795. ^^ baptised at Gronant, Elizabeth daughter of Robt. 

and Alice Davies. Sponsors, Tho^. Jones, Mary Jones. 
Oct. 4, 1795. ^^ baptised at Gronant, James son of Thomas and 

Sophia Whitehead. Sponsors, James Potts, Jane Potts. 
Oct. 18, 1795. Was baptised at Talacre, Elizabeth daughter of Thos. 

and Mary Jones. Sponsors, Jo* Jones, Alice Davies. 
Aug. II, 1796. Was baptised James son of James and Jane Forshaw. 

Sponsors, Richd. Henesey, N. N. Hughes. 
Sep. II, 1796. Was baptised Thomas son of Thomas and Sophia 

Whitehead. Sponsors, Simon Parry, M" Potts. 
Oct. 21, 1796. Was baptised Alice daughter of William and Cecily 

Liptrot. Sponsors, Alice and Nicholas Thompson. 
April 9, 1797. Was baptised Ellen daughter of John and Mary Downes. 

Sponsors, Rich* Henesey, Mary Hughes. 
May 7, 1797. Was baptised Hannah daughter of Richard and Hannah 

Henesey. Sponsors, John and Julia Winstanley. 
May 10, 1797. Was baptised at Talacre, Dorothy daughter of Robert 

and Alice Davies. Sponsors, John Jones, Eliz. Sanders represented 

by Mary Brown Jones. 
July 2, 1797. Was baptised Thomas son of John and Mary Williams. 

Sponsors, John and Julia Winstanley. 
July 9, 1797. Was baptised Lawrence son of Henry and Ann Holland. 

Sponsors, John Quirk, Elizabeth Nangles. 
Sep. 3, 1797. Was baptised (by Rev. M"" Williams of Little Malvern) 

Jane daughter of Cornelius and Dorothy Silavan. Sponsors, Simon 

and Jane Parry. 
Oct. 29, 1797. Was baptised at Gronant, Henry son of Thomas and 

Sophia Whitehead. Sponsors, Rev. Philip Jones (proxy John Jones 

of Gwespre), M"Jane Price. 
Nov. II, 1797. Was baptised Elizabeth daughter of Edward and 

Mary Roberts. Sponsors, Ferdinand Kreichel, Mary Johnson. 

4t A mistake in the registers for Kreichel. Sometimes spelled Krichel. 
r Near Mold. 


Jan. 31, 1798. Was baptised (sub conditione, privatim baptisatus fuerat 
in oppido Beaumans^ a Ministro Praedicante) John son of John 
and Julia Winstanley junior. Sponsors, John and N. N. Winstanley 

M' Wright's Register. 

Feb. 3, 1799. Was baptised in the chapel at the Old Star, Thomas 
son of Gervase Jones and Mary his Wife, bom on the 28 of January 
last The godfather was Thos. Tomkins, the godmother Margaret 
Tomkins. The Father of the child is a Protestant. Witness, 
Edward Wright. 

March 3, 1799. Was baptised in the chapel at the Old Star, Juliana 
Henesey daughter of Richard Henesey and Hannah his wife, bom 
on the 17^ of Feb'v last. The godfather W" Winstanley, the god- 
mother Esther Winstanley. Witness, Edw: Wright. 

April 28, 1799. Was baptised (sub conditione) in the chapel, Esther 

Winstanley daughter of John and Julia Winstanley, bom . 

Sponsors, William Winstanley and Esther Winstanley. Witness, 
Edw<» Wright 

June 6, 1 799. Was baptised in the chapel, Dorothy daughter of Cornelius 
Sullivan and Dorothy his wife, bom on the 2^ Inst. The godfather 
was Richard Henesey, the godmother Alice Ellis. Witness, Edw** 

June 17, 1799. Was baptised at their house at Gronant, Jane daughter 
of Thomas Whitehead and Sophia his wife, born on the 7*** Instant 
The godfather Edw<^ Wright, the godmother Mary Price. Witness, 
Edwd. Wright 

March 19, 1800. Was baptised in the Chapel at the Cross Keys (sub 
conditione), Lewis son of Lewis Thomas and Mary his wife, bom 
July 27, 1796. The godmother was Elizabeth Nangles. Witness, 
Edwd. Wright. 

May 31, 1800. Was baptised at Greenfield, "f" Catharine daughter of 
Joseph Sidebotham and Elizabeth his wife, bom May 29, 1800. 
The godfather David Hughes, the godmother Mary Hughes. The 
Father of the child is a Protestant. 

June I, 1800. Was baptised in the chapel at the Cross Keys, Mary 
daughter of Edward Roberts and Mary his wife, bom May 27. 
The Godfather was Thomas Tompkins, the Godmother Margaret 
Tompkins. The Father of the child is a Protestant. Witness, 
Edw. Wright. 

Oct 19, 1800. Was baptised in the Chapel at the Cross Keys, Ann 
daughter of Thomas Tomkins and Elizabeth his wife, bom on 17'** 
Inst. The godfather was Thomas Tomkins, the godmother Margaret 
Tomkins. Witnes, Edwd. Wright. 

Nov. 10, 1800. Was baptised in the chapel at the Cross Keys, Thomas 
son of Ferdinand Kreichel and Mary his wife, born on the lo*** of 
October last past. The godfather was Edward Winstanley. Witness, 
Edw. Wright 

4( In Anglesea. 

f Greenfield is the district between Holywell and the Dee. 

122 ttfiftlStSRS or HOLTWktX 

Dec I, 1800. Was baptised in their bOute in Gronant, Mary Anfie 
daughter of Thomas Whitehead arid Sophia his wife, bom od the 
22 of November last past The godmother was Marianne Potts. 
Witness, Edw. Wright 

1801. Dec. 29. Was baptised in the Chapel at the Cross Keys, Sarah 
daughter of Joseph Sidebothom and Elizabeth his wife^ bom on 
the 26 inst The godfather was Edw^' Roberts, the godmother 
Mary Roberts. Witness, Edw. Wright 

May 17, 1802. Was baptised in the chapel at the Cross Keys, Margaret 
daughter of Robert Price and Alice his wife, of Grcmant, bom on 6^^ 
inst The godmother was Margaret Tomkuis. Witness, Edw: Wri|^t 

July 26, 1802. Was baptised in the Chapel at the Cross Keys, Thomas 
son of Thomas Tomkins and Elizabeth his wife, bom on the 24^ 
inst The godfather was Thomas Tomkins, godmother Margaret 
Tomkins. Witness, Edw. Wright 

Dec. 20, 1802. Was baptised William son of Edward Roberts and 
Mary his wife, bom Dec i8<^. The godfiither was Thomas Tomldns, 
the godmother Margaret Tomkins. 

Feb. 5, 1803. Was baptised James son of William Tomkins and Aim 
his wife, bora 31 January. The god&ther was Thomas Tomkins, 
the godmother Margaret Tomkins. 

March 12, 1803. Was baptised John son of Thomas Barry and Sarah 
his wife, born io<^ Inst The godfather was Thomas Tomkinty the 
godmother was Mary Williams, Dolphin. 

May 30, 1803. Was baptised Maiy daughter of Richard Thompson 
and Eleanor his wife, bom on 27 inst The godmother was Cecily 

July 2**, 1786. Bishop Walmesley^ confirmed at y« Star, Edwd. Jones 
Carpenter, Charles Winstanley, John Hughes son of Dan. Hughes, 
Esther Winstanley, Mary Williams Miss GifTard's maid, Mary 
Winstanley Maid at y^ Star, Elizabeth Williams maid at y* Cross- 
keys, Mary Broun of Talacre, Peggy Barry of dta, Mary Owens 
and Mary Williams of Halkin, Jane Hennesey, Margaret Glover, 
Margaret Foulkes, Sarah Foulkes, Mary Parry maid at Castle hill. 

July 14, 1799. Were confirmed at the Star by Bishop Sharrockifi — 
Richard Henesey, Mary Sturdy, VS^lliam Winstanley, Edw. Winstanley, 
Elizabeth Tomkins, Sophia Whitehead, Mary Price, Mary Roberts, 
Mary Ann Potts, Jane Parry, Ferdiriand Critchel, Sarah Jones, 
Frances Davies, Thomas Mann, John Mann, Mary Mann. 

August 26, 18 10. Were confirmed at the Star by Bishop Collingridge§— 
Michael Ix>ughross, Eleanor Loughross, Margaret Loughross, Sarah 
Barry, Margaret Barry, Elizabeth Jones, Geoige Hughes, Anne 
Darbyshire, Catharine Crimmins. 

Nov. 21, 1 81 3. Were confirmed by Bishop Collingridge — Margaret 
Wilkinson, Mary Forshaw, Mary Berry, Thomas Jones, Mary Williams, 
Catharine SouthalL 

[Rest of page blank.] 

4k O.S.B., Bishop of /^ama i7S6-97- 

t O.S.B., Bishop of Telnussus 1780-1809. 

S O.S.F., Buhop of Thespiae 1807-29. 

XMl^TtlkS OF fi()t«YWKLL X23 

1803 Sep. 10. Was baptised Elizabeth datt^ter of Ferdinand Krichel 

and Mary his wife, bom 2^ inst. The godfather was Simon 
Parry, the godmother Ann Parry. Edw. Wright. 

1804 Mqr 14. Was baptised Lucy daughter of Joseph Sidebotham 

and ' Elizabeth his wife, bom i«* inst. The godfather was 
Simon Parry, the godmother Catherine Hughes. Edw: 

1805 ^^^' '<• ^^ baptised Robert son of William Tomkins and 

Ann his wife, Dom 4^ inst The god&ther was Thomas 

Berry, the godmother Eliz. Tomkins. Edw: Wright. 
1805 May 3. Was baptised Margaret daughter of Thomas Tomkins 

and Elizabeth his wife, bom April 29 last past. The godfother 

was Ferdinand iCrichd, the godmother Elizabeth Jones. 

Edw: Wright 
1805 Aug. 6. Was baptised Sarah daughter of Thomas Berry and 

Sarah his wife, bom 4^ inst. The godfather was Simon 

Parry, the godmother Elizabeth Jones. 
1805 Oct i*^ Was baptised Michael son of John Winstanley and 

Mary Ann his wife, bom Sep. 29 last past. The godfather 

was Ferdinand Krichel, the godmodier Elizabeth Jones. 
i8d5 Oct 4*^. Was baptised Phoebe daughter of Edward Roberts 

and Mary his wife, bom Sep. 28 last past The godmother 

was Mary Krichel. Edw. Wright 

1805 Dec [ ]. Was baptised Elizabeth daughter of Joseph 

Sidebodiam and Elizabeth his wife. The godmother was 
Elizabeth Jones. 

1806 Jan. [ 1 Was baptised Ann daughter of Richard Thompson 

and Eleanor his wife. The godfather was Simon Parry, the 
godmother T 1 Clutterbuck. Edw. Wright 

t8o6 Dec 12. Was baptised Mary Ann daughter of John Winstanley 
and Mary Ann his wife, bom 10^ inst The godfather was 
Simon Parry, the godmother Mary Williams Nailer. Edw. 

1807 April 5. Was baptised Elizabeth daughter of Richard Thompson 

and Eleanor his wife, bom March 28''* last past The god- 
father was Ferdinand Krichel, the godmother Mary Williams 
Nailer. Edw. Wright 
1807 Sep. 24. Were baptised Mary and Susannah tifin daughters of 
Robert Nettleyille, Esq., and Mary his wife, bom this day. 
The sponsors for both were John Bernard, Esq., and Martha 

1807 Oct 29. Was baptised Ann daughter of Thomas Tomkins and 

Elizabeth his wife, bom 26 inst. The sponsors were Thomas 
Berry and Elizabeth Jones. 

1808 Mar. 20. Was baptised Winefrid daughter of Ferdinand Krichel 

and Mary his wife, bom same day. The godmother was Ann 
1808 Apl 6. Was baptised Mary daughter of Jo^ph Sidebotham and 
Elizabeth his wife, bom i^ inst The sponsors were Charies 
Sankey and Anne Darbyshire. 


1808 June 14. Was baptised Edward son of William Tomkins and 

Ann his wife, bom 10^ inst The sponsors were Thomas 
Tomkins and Elizabeth Tomkins. 

1809 Feb. 16. Was baptised Catharine daughter of George Roskell 

and Mary Ann his wife, bom same day. The sponsors were 
Charles Sankey and Catharine RoskelL 

1810 Feb. 24. Was baptised Mary daughter of Ferdinand Krichel and 

Mary his wife, bom 1 7^ inst The sponsor was Ann Darbyshire. 
1 8 10 May 18. Was baptised Catherine daughter of Charles Hughes, 

a Scotchman, and Jane his wife, born March 6 last past 

The sponsor was Elizabeth Jones. 
1810 May 29. Was baptised Heniy son of Thomas Tomkins and 

Elizabeth his wife, bom 22°^ inst. The sponsors were George 

Hughes and Elizabeth Jones. 
1 810 July 22. Was baptised George son of George Roskell and 

Mary Ann his wife, bom the same day. Sponsors, Thomas 

Roskell and Elizabeth Roskell. 
1810 Aug. 7. Was baptised Margaret daughter of Edw: Roberts and 

Mary his wife, bom i** inst. Sponsor, Ann Darbyshire. 

18 10 Oct. 28. Was baptised William son of Will. Tomkins and Ann 

his wife, bom 24 inst Sponsors, Thomas Berry and Ann 
18 r 2 Dec. 12. Was baptised Alice daughter of R Thompson and 
Eleanor his wife, born 9^ inst, since dead. 

18 11 Apl. 23. Was baptised Ann daughter of William Kelly and Ann 

his wife, born Dec. 17, 18 10. 
1811 Oct 25. Was baptised Mary Ann daughter of George Roskell 
and Mary Ann his wife, bom 23 inst. Sponsors, Robert and 
Ann Roskell. 

181 1 Dec. 20. Was baptised Charles son of Joseph Sidebotham and 

Elizabeth his wife, born 1 7 inst. Sponsor, Elizabeth Davies, 
daughter of M'J. Davies, Liverpool. 

181 2 Jan. 24. Was baptised John son of Peter Kavanagh of Penybron 

and Mary his wife, born 7 inst Sponsors, Charles Sankey and 
Eleanor Loughran. 

1 81 2 Nov. 29. Was ^ptised Mary daughter of Thomas Tomkins and 

Elizabeth his wife, bom 26 inst Sponsors, George Hughes 
and Elizabeth Jones. 

181 3 Feb. 27. Were baptised Elizabeth and John twin children of 

George Roskell and Mary Ann his wife, born on this day. 

Sponsors to Elizabeth, Richd. Arrowsmith and Jane Eastwood ; 

to John, Mary Arrowsmith. 
18 1 3 July 10. Was baptised sub conditione (having been before 

baptised by a protestant Clergyman) John son of James 

Farrell and Pmdence his wife, bom May 4, 18 13. 
1813 July 25. Was baptised Richard son of Richard Thompson and 

Eleanor his wife, bom 22 inst. Sponsors, Robert Winstanley 

and Eliz. Jones. 
1813 Sep. 14. Was baptised Teresa daughter of Wm. Miller and 

Eleanor his wife, bom 12 inst Sponsor, Mary Harrison. 

OP HOLTWm. 115 

1813 ^<^' 14- Was baptised Charies son of Wm. Tomkins and Ann 

his wife, born 9 inst Sponsor, Th<^ Berry. 

1814 Jan. 14. Was bapdsed Margaret daughter of William Bums, an 

Irishman liTing at Denbigh, and Margaret his wife, bom 
4*^ inst Sponsors, George Hughes and Elizabeth Jones. 
[Memoranda of Rates and Taxes paid. Four pages cut out, 
two pages torn out] 
1814 May die 13*^. Was baptised Simon son of Thomas Morris and 
Catharine his wife, bora the same day. The god&ther was 
Simon Ptay, the godmother Elizabeth Jones Witness, Edw : 

1814 June r3. Was baptised John son of Thomas Band and Sarah 

his wife^ born the same day. Godmother was Margaret 
AVilkinson, by her proxy Elizabeth Jones. Witness, Edw. 

1815 Jan. 18. Was baptised Jane daughter of William Bum and 

Margaret his wife, bora Jan. 17, 1815. The godmother was 

Elizabeth Jones. 
181 5 Feb. 4^. Was bapdsed Thomas son of George Roskell and 

Mary Ann his wife, bom Feb. 3*^. Sponsors were Richard 

Sankey and Mary Sankey. 
1815 May 6^. Was baptised Mary daughter of George Hughes and 

Eleanor his wife, bora May 5*^. The godmother was Margaret 

1815 June 4^. Was baptised Sarah daughter of Morris Jones and 

Mary his wife, bom May 35, 18 15. The godfather was Simon 

Parry, the godmother Cath. SouthalL 
1S15 July 8'\ Was baptised Ann daughter of Joseph Sidebotham and 

Elizabeth his wife, bom June 25 preceding. The godmother 

was Mary Williams. 

1815 Septr. 39. Was baptised Eleanor daughter of Daniel Hughes 

and Margaret his wife, bom the 27 inst. The sponsors were 
George Hughes and Margaret Williams. Witness, Edw. 

1 8 16 June 27. Was baptised Jane daughter of Thomas Morris and 

Catharine his wife, bom on 26 inst Godfather was Robert 

Winstanley, the godmother Esther Liptrot 
1 816 Aug. 20. Was baptised Frances daughter of George Roskell and 

Mary Ann his wife, bora on 19^ inst The godfather was 

M*" Edward Grainger, Jun', the godmother Mary Ann Parry. 
1816 Aug. 23. Was baptised Thomas son of Thomas Band and Sandi 

his wife, bom on 18*** inst The godmother was Sarah 

1816 Sep. 23<^. Was baptised Elizabeth daughter of William King 

of Bagillt Hall and Margaret his wife, bom on 22 inst 

The godfather was Rob^ Winstanley, godmother Mary 

1816 Nov. 15. ^Was bi^tised Jane daughter of Thomas Parsons and 

Margaret his wife, bom on the 8**» inst. The godmother was 

Mary Williams, 

136 RjBawmift or HounaBx 

[Here a section, all but two pages, has been torn ont 

Only one entry remains, viz.: — ] 
Same day^l^ was baptised Esther daughter of William King and 

Maigaret his wife, bom the same day. The sponsors were 

James and Jane Hawksey. 

[Rest of the page blank. The remainder of the Register has 
been used as a day book, probably for portions of the years 1837-28. 
End of VoL 1.] 

i8i6^Nov. 17. Was baptised James son of Geoige Hughes and 
Eleanor his wife, bom on the 14 Inst Godmot^er^Catharine 
Nov. 29. Was baptised Helena daughter of Will<* Bums and 
Margaret his wife, bom Oct 2^ last past The sponsors, 
John Kelly, Eliz. Tomkins. 

1817 May 25. Was baptised Margaret daughter of Morris Jones and 

Mary his wife, bprh on the 23 Inst 
[One line left blank.] 

July 28. Was baptised Mary daughter of John Harford and 
his wife, bom the 4^ Inst The god&ther was Michael Lee. 

Sep. 5. Was baptised Robert John son of W» Williams and 
Ann his wife, bom July 13*** preceding. 

Sep. 10. Was baptised Thomas son of Joseph Sidebotham and 
Eliz. his wife, bom Aug. 14 last. The godmother was Mary 

Sep. 24. Was baptised Helen daug^hter of Thomas Jones a 
taylor from Preston and Agnes his wife, bom July 19^ pre- 
ceding. The godfather was Rich^ Drakeford. 

Nov. 15. Was baptised John son of Tho" Winstanley and Sarah 
his wife, bom Oct. 9*^ preceding. Sponsors, Charles Winstanley, 
Jane Whitehead. 

1 8 18 Jan^ 4. Was baptised Sarah Mary daughter of Daniel Hughes 

and Margaret his wife, bom on the 3^ Inst Sponsors, Simon 

Parry, Margaret Williams. 
Jany. 25. Was baptised John son of Thomas Morris and 

Catharine his wife, bom on the 22<^ Inst. Sponsors, Simon 

Parry, Jane Whitehead. 
April 3«. Was baptised John son of Will" King and Margaret 

his wife, bom on the 2^ Inst Sponsors, Simon Parry, 

Catharine Morris. 
July i»^. Was bi4)tised Joseph Peter son of Edw. Webster and 

Sarah his wife, bom June 29^ preceding. 
[Line left blank.l 
July io**». Was baptised Caroline Mary daughter of Charles 

Sankey and Mary Ann his wiCe^ bom the same day. Sponsors, 

Edw^ Wright, Eliz. Parry. 

4[ f./. November 26, 182a 

9 Tbete entries up to Nottmbcr. 17, i8a6, «ie found in volumes i and ii. 
After this date they ese continaed only in one volome. Both copies are probably 
in Father E, Wright's hand. 

KBOiSXBI^ or HOIfY|Wa« 127 

i&ji^ SepU 39. Was baptised Mary daughter of Geo. Hughes and 

Eleanor his wife, born 27^ Inst. Godmother, M^^ Williams. 
* July 25. Was baptised Samuel son of W" and Ann Tomkins, 

bom the same day. Sponsors, Geo. Wright and Eliz. Jones. 
Nov. 4. Was baptised Christopher son of Christopher McGiff 

and Mary his wife, bom Oct. 26 last past The godfather 

was. Henry Bradley. 
X&49 Jaa3^ 24. Was baptised Sarah Margaret daughter of Thomas 

Band and Sarah his wife, bom on the 17"^ Inst Sponsors, 

Geoige. Hughes, Maigaret Williams. 
Jan. 2& Was baptised (sub conditione) William tl^ infant son 

of Alexander Falls and Eliz. his wife, bom Aug. Io^^ 18 18. 
Jaa 30. Was baptised Cathapne daughter of W°^ Bums and 

Maigaret his wifei bom Dec. 23, 1818. Godmother, Susannah 

Febw 27, Was baptised Nicolas son^of Geo: Roskell and Mary 

Ann his wife^ bom the 24^^ Inst The sponsors, Nicolas 

Roskell, Eliz. RoskelL 
Aug. 3^. Was baptised Austia son of John Nairy and Ann his 

wi&, bom July 20^ preceding. Sponsors, Dominic Philipps 

and MaryWilUams. 
Sep. 12. Was baptised Mary daughter of Edward and Eliz. 

Hughes, bom on the 9^ Inst The sponsors were Charles 

Winstanley and Catharine Morris. 
Oct 3. Was baptised James son of John Kelly and Susannah 

his wife. The sponsors, Tho* Roberts, M^ Williams. 
Dec. 1 8. Was bapdsed Thomas son of Edward Webster and 

Sarah his wife» bom on the 17^ Inst Sponsors, Thomas and 

Mary BirchalL 
1820 Febw 3. Was baptised Mary Ann daughter of Charles Sankey 

and Mary Ann his wife, bom Jan. 31*^ last past The sponsors 

were Richard Sankey and Ann Parry by her proxy. 
April 15. Was baptised Sarah Elizabeth daughter of Samuel 

Bcadshaw and Mary his mfe, bom March 27^^ last Sponsors, 

Geo: Hughes, Elizabeth England. 
June II. Was baptised John son of Geo: Hughes and Ellen 

his wife, bom the 5^ Inst Sponsors, Tho* Roberts and 

Mary Williams. 
Sep. 10. Was baptised Thomas son of Thomas Morris and 

Catharine his wife, bom the 9^ Inst The sponsors were 

Charles Winstanley and Catharine SouthalL 
Nov. II. Was baptised Mary daughter of Edw^ Webster and 

Sarah his wife, bom Oct 27 last Sponsors, George Hughes, 

Mary Williams Nailer. 
Nov. 26. Was baptised Mary Ann daughter of J^^* Griffiths and 

EUen his wife, bom Sept 22^ last Sponsor, J°<> Nairy. 
Nov. 26. Was baptised Esther daughter of Will"> King and 

Margaret his wife, bom same day. Sponsors, James and Jane 


4( Thus in registers. 


1820 Dec. II. Was baptised Winefrid daughter of George Roskell 

and Mary his wife, bom the 4^ Inst. Sponsors, Ed?F<* 
Grainger [other omitted]. 
Dec. 24. Was baptised Isaac son of John Joynson and Juliana 
his wife, born Octr. 13 last past. Sponsors, E<* Winstanley, 
Sarah Berry. 

1 82 1 Jany 16. Was baptised Margaret daughter of William Bums and 

Margaret his wife, bom the 7* Inst. The sponsors were 

Dominic Philips and Ann Tomkins. 
Sep. 25. Was baptised Mary daughter of Math. Canavan and 

Maigaret his wife, bom May 10* last past. Sponsors, Patrick 

Mannix, Mary Redmond. 
Oct. 15. Was baptised Margaret daughter of Christopher 

M^feiff and Mary his wife, bom the 8**» Inst. Sponsors, 

Joseph Collins, Helen Collins. 
Nov. i". Was baptised John son of Morris Jones and Mary 

his wife, born Oct' 24 last past Sponsors, Tho« Roberts, 

Catharine SouthalL 
Nov. 25. Was baptised James son of Austin Nairy and Ann 

his wife, born the 21"* Inst. The sponsors were Ed?F<* Gibbin 

and Catharine Bolger. 
Dec. 12. Was baptised Mary Jane daughter of Cha* Sankey 

and Mary Ann his wife, born the 11^ Inst. Sponsors, £dw^ 

Grainger and Jane Hughes. 

1822 [ ] Was baptised Mary Ann daughter of W°^ Williams and 

Ann his wife, bom Feby the twenty-sixth preceding. 
March 10. Was baptised Charlotte daughter of Joseph Sidebotham 

and Elizabeth his wife, bom Feb^ 8 preceding. The sponsors 

were Tho* Roberts, Jane Hawksey. 
April 23^. Was baptised Mary daughter of John Oneale and 

Elizabeth his wife, bom Feb. 26 preceding. The sponsors 

were Thomas and Mary Roberts. 
30^. Was baptised Daniel son of Daniel Hughes and Margaret 

his wife, bom on the [ ] Inst. Sponsors, George Hughes, 

Mary Williams. 
May 19. Was baptised Thomas son of George Hughes and Helen 

his wife, bom on the 16^ preceding. Sponsors, [omitted]. 
♦Aug. 11^. Winefride daughter of W™ King and Mary, born 

10 Inst Sponsors, James Cavan, Alice Byby. 

1823 June 6**». Was baptised Richard son of Charles Sankey and 

Mary Ann his wife, bom the 4* Inst Sponsors, Thomas and 

Ann Lewis, by their proxies Edvi^ and Rose Grainger. 
»f« July 3**, 1822. Was baptised Joseph son of William Davies and 

Jane his wife, born June the 28, 1822. The sponsors were 

Thomas Jones and Ann Tomkins. 
•fi April 4*^. Was baptised Mary daughter of Michael Bolger and 

Catharine his wife, born on the i»* Inst Sponsors, Michael 

Kilmartin, Mary Connor. 

4k Inserted later. 

f ''Omitted in iti proper place." (Note in margin of reguter.) 


1823 July 24. Was baptised Bartholomew son of Pet Ellis (?) and 

Jane his wife, bom the 22<* Inst. Sponsor, Ann Williams. 
Nov. 2**. Was baptised Mai^garet daughter of Tho" Evans and 

Jane his wife, bom Septr. 29. Sponsors [omitted]. 

Nov. 4. Baptised Francis son of Augustin Nairy and Ann his wife, 

bom on the I*' Inst. Sponsors, Patrick May and Bridget Nairy. 

1824 Jan. 4^. Was baptised John Robert son of George Roskell 

and Mary Ann his wife, bom the i*' Inst. The sponsors 

were John Roskell and Ann Roskell. 
Jan. 18. Was baptised Mary daughter of W"* Connor and Mary 

his wife, bom on the i6"» Inst The sponsors were Bernard 

M'gee and Margaret Tomkins. 
Feb. 20. Was baptised Mary daughter of Will™ Davies and Jane 

his wife, bom the 4*** Inst. The sponsor was George Hughes. 
Feb. 28. Was baptised Teresa daughter of Morris Jones and 

Mary his wife, bom the 25 inst. The sponsors were Tho» 

Roberts and Sarah Berry. 
♦April 3<*. Eliz. Kelly D. of J° and Susannah Kelly, bom i** Inst 

Sponsors, Tho* Roberts and Marg. Williams. 
April 15. Was baptised (sub conditione) Catharine daughter 

of Bridget and Edw<* Jones, bom April 12*^, 1822. 
May 4^. Was baptised Francis son of W™ Thomas and Bridget 

his wife, bom December 9***, 1823. 
June 6*. Was baptised Charles son of John O'Neill and 

Elizabeth his wife, bom May 22** last. Sponsors, Tho* Roberts 

and Marg. Williams. 
July 25. Was baptised Winefrid daughter of Will" Williams 

and Ann his wife, bom on the 23 Inst. Sponsors, William 

O'Connors and Mary O'Hara. 
July 26. Was baptised Ann and Margery twin daughters of 

Will" King and Margaret his wife, bom the same day. 
•fiOct. !»'. Was baptised James son of Daniel and Marg. Hughes, 

bom Sept 25*^ preceding. Sponsors, Geo: Hughes and Mary 

Nov. 21. Thomas son of Michael May, bom on the 15 Inst 

Sponsors, Roger KeUy, Ann Williams. 
Dec' 19'^ Was baptised Thomas son of Tho* Parry and Margaret 

his wife, bom on the i6**» Inst Sponsors, James Gavin and 

Margaret WiUiams. 

1825 Feby 13. Was baptised Elizabeth daughter of W" Nicholson 

and Jane his wife, bom on the 6*^ Inst The sponsors were 

Tho« Roberts and Sarah Williams. 
Feb. 27. Was baptised Ann daughter of Austin Nairy and Ann 

his wife, bom the 2i*< Inst Sponsors, Hugh Haily and 

C^th. May. 
April 18^. Was baptised Mary Rose daughter of Charles Sankey 

and Mary Ann his wife, bom on the 15'** Inst The sponsors 

were Edward Grainger and Rose Grainger. 

4c Inserted Utter. f Inserted later. 

13^ i6S&ldifefe bF koiivHtLL 

162 s April 2f\ Was baptSfed Pdtecfe son of l^atricie itaiy Afid 

Jane his wife, bom on the it* Inst. Sponisdrs, Patarick Clerk 

and Sarah Williams. 
May i"^. Was baptised Midb^l son of John Dbolan and 

Catharine his wife, bom April 6* last 
May 15. Was baptised Thomas son of Charles Muldoon and 

Helen his wife, bom on the 10* Inst The sponsor i^ere 

Tho« Roberts and Matgaret Williams. 
June 15*. Was baptiseci Robert son of Tho* Morris and 

Catharine his wife, bom on the xi* Inst. The sponsors 

Were William and Matgaret King. 

[Father Henry Wrighf s entries begin here.] 
Aug. 21. Was baptised Hugh son of Thomas Holt and Jane 

his wife, bom on the 16^ day of March. The sponsors were 

James Baimon and Mary Baimon. Hy. Wright 
[One line left blank.] 
Sep. 5. Was baptised James son of Patrick and Margary Neri, 

bom Aug. 22^^. The sponsors were James Neri and Elizabeth 

Tomkins. By me H. Wright 
Sep. II. Was baptised Catherine daughter of James Dooly and 

Bridget his wife, bom Aug. 16. The sponsors were Hugh 

Haly and Nancy Mahon. By me H. Wright. 
Dec. 23. Was baptised Joseph Henry son of John and Mary 

Stephenson, bom Dec. i*'. The sponsors were William and 

Margaret King. By me H. Wright 
1826 Jan. 5. Was baptised without the ceremonies of the church, 

William son of W. Broderick and Eliz. his wife, at Coaddee^ 

Hall. By me H. Wr. 
Jan. 15. Was baptised Harriet daughter of Antony CVNeil and 

Helen his wife, bom Dec. 12. Sponsors, Michael Skelly and 

Martha Camaval. By me H. Wright 
Feb. 22. Was baptised Michael son of Arthur O'Hara and 

Mary his wife, bom Jan^ 2^. Sponsors, John Hanlon and 

Ann Tomkins. By me Edward Wright. 
Apr. 2. Was baptised Mary daoghter of John and Catherine 
^ Minthun, bom March 28. Sponsors, Tho' Parry and Sarah 

Carvagan. By H. Wright 
May 28. Was baptised John son of Charles O'Connor and 

Catherine his wife, born 16^ Inst. Sponsors, Thomas Parry 

and Mary Williams. H.Wright 
June 14. Was baptised by me sub conditions being previously 

baptised in the Protestant Church, Helen daughter of Jos. 

and Helen Woods, at Conway. She was born 19 of November, 

1825. H. W. 
June 15. Was baptised at Carnarvon, sub conditione, having been 

previously baptised by his mother, William the son of James 

and Martha Robinson, bora i6'*» April, 1822. Sponsors, 

Patrick Philips and Mary Ann Angelus. ^ 

4[ Coed Dda. f Father Henry Wrigbt'i writing. 

ftSGimntS OF lf01.tWBLL I'3I 

1 8 j6 1 5. Also the same day was baptised at Camanron, sub conditione, 

having being [su] preriously baptised bj her mother, Anna 

daughter of James and Martha Robinson, bom 27^ of June, 

1824. Sponsors, Patrick M^Namara and Mary Conolly. 

H. Wright. 
June 15. Also the same day at Carnarvon was baptised sub 

conditione, being previously baptised in the Protestant Church, 

Harrietta daughter of Peter and Mary Ann Angelus, bom 

4^ of September, 1824. Sponsors, John Levi and Martha 

Robinsoa By me H. Wr^t 
July 2. Was baptised by me, Thomas son of Thomas and Mary 

Jones, bom 28^ June. Sponsors, William Rimmer and Ann 

Tomkdns. By me H. W. 
Sep. 3. Was baptised Margaret the daughter of William and 

Margaret King, born on the 27 of August. Sponsors, Mary 

Williams and William Rimmer. H. W. 
omit'd fr. July 23. Was baptised Lucy the daughter of Mathew 

and Ann Angel. Sponsors, Joseph Orpatli and Ann Tomkins. 

By John Reeve, of Chipping.^ 
Sept II. Was baptised John son of John and Elizabeth O'Neil, 

bom 9^ July. Sponsors, Edward and Faby Roberts. By 

me H. W. 
Sep* 20. Was baptised Thomas son of John and Nancy Neary, 

bom Sep. 13^. Sponsors, Catherine Mayer and James 

Gallagher. By me H. W. 
Sept' 24. Was baptised Michael son of Patrick Kelly and Jane 

his wife, bom on the ii*^ Inst. Sponsors, Terence Johnson 

and Ann Tomkins. H. W. 
Oct 6. Was baptised John son of Calmuc and Rose MuUagan, 

bom this day. Sponsors, Cha^ Muldoon and Lucy Johnson. 

By me H. W. 
Oct. 21. Was baptised Edward son of W" and Jane Nicholson, 

bom on this day. Sponsors, Joseph Stender and Sarah 

Berry. By me H. W. 

M' Lythgoe's Register. 
1827 Jan. 17. Was baptised by me, Edward the son of James and 

Isabella Styche (Bateman), at Talacre, bom Jan. 16"^. The 

sponsors were Sir Ed. and Lady Mostyn. Proxies were 

M' Bonne and Eliz. Bateman. 
■f March 4. Was baptised bv me, Mary the daughter of Hugh and 

Ann Haly Johnson, bom Mar. 3**. The sponsors were 

C. and Hellen Muldoone. 
Mar. II. Was baptized by me F. L., Patrick the son of Th. and 

Mary Flynn (Nicholson), bom Feb. 25***. Sponsors, Mich* 

Murray and Ann Nery. 
Mar. 18. Was baptized b^ me F. L, Anthony the son of Anthony 

Rafa, an Italian, bom 16 Inst Sponsors, John Kean and 

Marg. Tomkins. 

4c He was a Secular priest. Died at Ross Herefordshire, 1845, '^ ^* 
f Probably not Father Lythgoe's writing. 


1827 Mar. 20. Was baptized by me F. L., Francis the son of Patrick 

and Eliz. Flynn (Pritchard), at Gwespar. Sponsor, Jas. Maden. 
Apr. 22. Was baptized by me F. L., Joseph the son of Thos. 

and Marg. Parry (Parry) of Bagilt Sponsors, Thos. Roberts 

and Cathu Maye. 
May 13. Was baptized by me F. L., Catharine the daughter of 

Pat. and Mary Haly (Clarke). Sponsors, Jas. Ryan and Sar. 

May 18. Was baptized by me F. L., Anna the daughter of Thos. 

and Jane Evans (Henesy). Sponsors, Mic. and Mary Ann 

May 25. Was baptized by me F. L., John the son of W™ and 

Jane Davies (Dillon). Sponsors were M' Bateman and Jas. 

July 21. Was baptized by me F. L., Mary Elizabeth the 

daughter of Ch. and Mary Ann Sankey (Parry), Born 18 Inst 

Sponsors, Alfred and Adelle Grainger. 
Aug. 15. Was baptized by me F. L., Joseph the son of W"* 

and Alice Williams (Stephenson) of Manchester. Sponsors, 

W" and Marg. King. 
Aug. 19. Was iMiptized by me F. L., Winefride the daughter of 

Peter and Ann ConoUy, bom 14 Inst Sponsors, Thos. 

Roberts and Mary Williams. 
Aug. 25. Was baptized by me F. L., Winefride the daughter of 

Charles and Rose Mullaghan (Naven), bom 16 Inst. Spons. 

Rich, and Cath. Evans. 
Oct 7. Was baptized by me F. L., Margaret the daughter of 

Dan and Marg. Hughes (Hughes), bom Sept 29. Sponsors, 

Geo: Hughes and Marg. King. 
Oct 21. Was baptized by me F. L., Francis the son of Ch. and 

Hellen Muldoone (Boume), bom 10 Inst. Sponsors, W™ and 

Mary Tomkins. 

1828 Feb. 3. Was baptized by me F. L., Peter the son of James and 

Smh Diffly, bom Jan. 28. Sponsors, Jas. GoUaghar and 

Cath. Maye. 
Feb. 10. Was baptized by me F. L., Bridget the daughter of 

Pat. and Nancy Hopkins (Robinson) of Mold, bom Jan. 31. 

Sponsors, Jas. Melvan and Ann Reynolds. 
Mar. 6. Was baptized by me F. L., sub conditione, having been 

first baptised by a Protestant minister, Mary the daughter of 

Pat and Eliz. Flynn of Gwesper. 
Mar. 30. Was baptized by me F. L., Michael the son of W"* 

and Jane Nicholson (Mullaghan), born 28 Inst Spons. 

Peter Connors and Rose Mullaghan. 
May 9. Was baptized by me F. L., Bartholomew the son of 

Barth. and Ann Kaaffe (Andrews) of Denbigh. Sponsors, 

Jas. Cassody and Marg. Tomkins. 
May 22. Was baptized by me F. L., Mary the daughter of John 

and Mary Stephenson, bom Apr. 25'**. Sponsors, Peter and 

Mary Williams. 


1828 June I. Was baptized by me F. L., James the son of Pat and 

Jane Kelly (Bruce), bom May 26. Sponsors, Thos. Flynn 

and Cath. Comer. 
June 15. Was baptized by me F. L., Richard the son of John 

and Julian Joynson (Henessy), bom 8 Inst. Sponsors, W" 

Tomkins and Anna Hughes. 
July 16. Was baptized by me F. L., Peter the son of Peter 

and Mary MuUaghan, bom 14 Inst. Spons. W^^ and Jane 

Aug. 17. Were baptized by me F. L., Francis and Eliz. son 

and daughter of Rich, and Eliz. Hedge, bom 14 Inst 

Spons. to Fran., Ch. and Hell. Muldoon; to Eliz., Edward and 

Marg. Tompkins. 
Aug. 17. Was baptized by me F. L., Mary Ann the daughter 

of W" and Ann Williams, bom 12 Inst Spons. B. Rooney 

and Sarah Berry. 
Aug. 17. Was baptized by me F. L., John the son of Mich. 

and Mary Maye, bom a fortnight ago. Sponsors, C. Clarke 

and Cath. Maye. 
Aug. 29. Was baptized by me F. L., James the son of W"and 

Eliz. Broderick of Coadde* Hall, bom 8 of Dec. last 

Sponsors, C. and HeL Muldoone. 
Sep. 15. Was baptized by me F. L., Mary the daughter of Mich. 

and Rebecca Mullen, bom 14 Inst Sponsors, C Mullaghan 

and Brid. Derken. 
Sep. 17. Was baptized by me F. L., Ann the daughter of 

W. Kilfeather and Elizabeth his wife. Sponsors, BsMe and 

Ann Kafe, Denbigh. 
Oct 10. Was baptized by me F. L., Margaret the daughter of 

Mich, and Bridget Macnolty (Preston), bom 8*** Inst Sponsors, 

Rog. Kelly and Mary Maye. 
Oct 20. Was baptized by me F. L., John the son of John 

Kelly and Susanna (Tomkins) his wife, born 16 Inst. Sponsors, 
W. and Mary Tomkins. 
Oct 26. Was baptized by me F. L., Bridget the daughter of 

Peter and Bridget Farrel, bom 23 Inst. Sponsors, W™ Berry 

and Ann Hobem. 
Nov. 15. Was baptized Ann the daughter of James and Ann 

McDonald (Mullen), bom last year. Sponsors, Michael Mullen 

and Ann Williams. 
Nov. 28. Was baptized at Flint by me F. L., Margaret the 

daughter of [ ] Roberts and Phoebe (Roberts) his wife. 

Sponsors, Thos. and Margaret Roberts. 
Dec. 19. Was baptized by me F. Lythgoe, Bridget the daughter 

of Martin and Hel. Mahon (Collins) his wife, bom Dec 15. 

Spons. Bry. Kane and Cath. Maye. 

1829 Feb. 7. Was baptized by me F. L., Arthur the son of John 

O'Neil and Eliz. his wife, bom Nov. 16, 1829 [sic']. Sponsors, 
T. and Mary Roberts. 

9|c Coed Ddu. 


i8a9 Feb. 22. Was baptized by me F. L., Mary the daughter of W*^ 

and Mary King, born 15^ Inst. Sponsor^, Rob^ Wynstanley 

and Marg. his wife. 
Feb. 22. Was baptized by me F. L., John Minshun the Bon of 

John and Mary his wife, bom 10 Inst Sponsors, Thos. 

Parry and Mary Tomkins. 
May xo. Was baptized by me F. L., John the son of Morris 

Jones and Mary (Barry) his wife, bom on the 5*^ Inst. Spons. 

Th. Roberts and Sarah Berry. 
June ]^7. Was baptized by me F. L., Catharin the daughter of 

W^Q and Catharine Shone, bom 3 months qgo at Denbigh 

green. Sponsors, W"' and Ellen Burns. 
June 21. Was baptized by me F. L., Mary Frances the daughter 

of Charles Sankey and Mary Ann Sankey, born three weeks 

since last Monday. Sponsors, M'^ and M" Berrington, per 

proxies Rev*^ F. Lythgoe and Miss Parry. 
June 21. Was baptized by me F. L., John the «on of Tho* 

and Marg. Perry, born 15 Inst Sponsors, Tho* Roberts and 

Sarah Berry. 
June 24. Was baptized by me F. L., Ann the daughter of 

Thomas and Jane Evans, bom 4 Inst. Sponsors, Charles 

and Hel. Muldoone. 
^ Oct I. Was baptized in per. mortis by me F. L., Peter the 

son of John Comer of Flint and Catherine his wife, bom 

this mors. 3 mens, ante temp. 
Nov. 29. Was baptized by me F. L., Mary the daughter of Geo. 

and Sarah Hughes of Flint Turnpike gate. Sponsors [ ] 

O'Neil and Miss Roskell. Born 4 years ago. 6. Was baptized by me F. L., Winefride the daughter of 

Ch. and Hellen Muldoone, bom on the 5 Inst Sponsors, 

W" Tomkins sen. and Eliz. Tomkins. 
Dec 2S, Was baptized by me (sub conditione, baptizatus prius 

a ministro Prot), William the son of Geo. and Sar. Hughes 

of Flint gate. 

Fr. Lythgoe's registers continue to Oct. 23, 1842. 

No. X. 

N.R. OF YORK, 1780-1823. 

Tux entries are made in a small, thin note-book, size about 6iin. by 7 in., which 
descended to the late Mr. Charles James Bymand Tkappes, who gave a oopv of it 
to the Bishop of Leeds. The 6rst few P>j^ urc apparently torn out. It only 
contains baptisms— no marriages or deaths. The writing, as far as I can see, is mi 
in one hand, bat from 10 December, 1803 (inclusive), a different system begins to be 
followed. Prior to that date the entries are in Latin, and go right across the page, 
but from that time (with exceptions) the page is divided into two columns; in the 
left the entry in Latin, in the right an English translation, both si^ed "Jot: 
Roulhac" I guess from ibis that Roulhac began his duties as chaplain m i&>3, aad 
started his own system, and that the similarity in the handwriting is accountable for 
by the supposition that he copied out the earlier entries from some old book. The 
first few pages, from 1763 to 1780, have been torn out. Roulhac is traceable at 
Cajrton Grange and Masham. He went back to France after the Restoration. 

^r. Gillow has provided me with the following account, compiled fi[om his 
historical collections. 

There is much obscurity about the early history of Nidd HalL The martyred 
priest, Peter Snow, would appear to have resided with Ralph Grimston at Nidd, «nfl 
m 1598 was arrested in that gentleman's company. They were both martvred at 
York on June 15 of that year. On February 23, 1606, the manor and lonuhip dP 
Nidd was transferred by Lord William Howard and others, apparently acting as 
trustees, to Sir William Mallory and Sir William Ingleby, probably trustees to the 
Bymand estate for Sir Francis Trappes-Byrnand, whose £iitner, Frtmds Trappes, ef 
London, had married Anne, daughter and heir of Robert Bvmand, Esq., of Knares- 
borough, whose wife, Anne, was a granddaughter of Richara Neville, Lord Latimer, 
a descendant of King Edward III. Sir Fnuids Trappes, who was knitted at 
Windsor in 1603, assumed the additional surname of Bvrnand, and was the first of 
his family to reside at Nidd Hall. The estate continued in the Trappes fiunily until 
its sale, about 1 821, by Francis Michael Trappes, Esq., but some impediments to • 
legal title delayed the conve^ce, and hence the chapel, which was in the house, 
appears to have been used till the autumn of 1823. The congregation then merged 
into adjoining missions, and the priest, P^re Roulhac, remov^ to Cayton Giai^pe, 
a few miles north-west of Nidd. 

We have only occasional glimpses of the priests serving Nidd during its tenure 
by the Trappes (amiiy, but they tend to indicate that the maintenance of^the chapel 
was continuous. The two Franciscans who came over to England from their convent 
at Donay-— Father Joseph k S. Teresia Trappes in 1674, and Father Richard Trappes 
alias Braitbwaite in 1087 — mav well have served Nidd for some time. Mioiael 
Trappes-Bvmand, second son of Francis Trappes- Bymand and his mSt Jane, daughter 
of Michael Wharton, of Beverley, Esq., by Catherine, daughter and oohetresk of 
Christopher Maltby, of Maltby-in-Cleveland, Esq., who was at Douay Coll^ in 
1678, possibly became a priest, and if so, would doubtless be at Nidd at timet. 
But the first name of a chaplain supported by positive evidence is that of the 
Rev. Augustine Smithson. He belonged to an anaent family long seated at News- 
ham in the North Riding of Yorkshire, was educated at Douay College, though Us 
name does not appear in the published diaries, and came on the mission about 1663. 
He is stated to have lived with Mr. Trappes at Nidd for many years. He was 
apparently there in 1698, when he signed a declaration, in the presence of Bishop 
Sinitb, V.A«-N.D., to leave to the Qiurch what he had acquired during his minis- 
tration. Later he removed to Long Villiers, where he died about August or 
September, 17 17. A capitular, writing about 1693, gave him the following character: 

" No want c2f parts, but of charity a gicat want a declared enemy of the 


The next priest met with is the Rev. John Dunn aHas Carr, bom in May, 1692, 
son of John Dunn and his wife Jane Carre, of the diocese of Dyiham. He took 


the oath at Douay G>llege February 14, 17 12, probably came to the mission about 
17 1 7, and was chaplain to Mr. Trappes at Niad when Bishop Williams made his 
visitation in May, 1728, and gave connrmation to fifty of the congregation. Mr.Carr 
died in Yorkshire, possibly at Nidd, January 29, 174a 

No other name is recorded till that of the Rev. Robert Bullen, but it is most 
probable that his immediate predecessor went to Nidd in 1763, and commenced the 
missing registers from 1 763-1 780. He was the second son of Robert Bullen and his 
wife Helen Cockshed of Lancashire, and was bom July 31, 1740. He was admitted 
into the English College at Rome February 26, 1755, and placed in the third class 
of grammar. He was ordained priest December 22, 1764, and left Rome for England 
Apnl 25, 1765. His missionary labours are said to have been principally in York- 
shire, and he is found at Nidd in 1773 and again in 1781, when hb consregatioQ 
was returned at fifty communicants. He died October 9, 1792, probably at Nidd. 

P^re Joshua Roulhac, a French emigr^, and the last priest to say Mass at Nidd, 
came from Bishop Thornton about the autumn of 1803, and continued to attend to 
the congregation till the chapel was closed, in the autumn of 1823. He then 
appears to have removed to Cayton Grange, a seat of the Messenger fiunily, the 
former owners of Fountains Hall and the rums of the famous abbey. 

Richard Trappbs-Lomax. 

Ikscriptio Baptisatorum in parochia Niddi ab anno 1763. 

[^TTte ab(yoe is written on the first page^ then a few pages have 
been torn out^ and at the top of the next page the entries commence 
as follows^ 

Die 10 Aug., 1780, natus est et die 13 ejusdem mensis baptisatus 
fuit Thomas Trapps* filius Francisci et Margaritae Trapps. 

Die 2 Junii, 17S3, nata est et die 4 ejusdem mensis baptisata fuit 
Catharina Trapps filia Francisci et Margaretae Trapps. 

Die 12 Januarii, 1787, baptisatus fuit Richardus Wood filius 
Richardi et Susannae Wood. 

Die I Aprilis, 1787, baptisata fuit Isabella Jaret filia Ambrosii et 
Annae Jaret. 

Die 2 Decembris, 1787, baptisata fuit Joanna Shann filia Guillelmi 
et Elennae Shann. 

Die 17 Februarii, 1788, baptisata fuit Maria Verity filia Guillelmi 
et Annae Verity. 

Die 5 Aprilis, 1788, baptisata fuit Elizabeth Elsworth filia Jonathan 
et Mariae Elsworth. 

Die I Octobris, 1788, baptisata fuit Francisca Hockwood filia "f^N. 
et Annae Hockwood. 

Die 4 Octobris, 1788, baptisata fuit Catherina Reed filia Caroli et 
Mariae Reed. 

Die 4 Novembris, 1788, baptisata fuit Maria Shann filia Joannis et 
N. Shann. 

Mense elapso, 1788, baptisata fuit Francisca Haxby filia N. et 
Graciae Haxby. 

if Thomas, sixth son of Francis Trappes, Esq., of Nidd, and his wife Margaret, 
youngest daughter and coheiress of William Witham, of Preston-upon-Tees, Ewj. 

f N., apparently standing for Nullius, occurs frequenUy, and signifies that the 
writer did not know the name. 


die 4 Januarii, 1789, baptisatus fuit Thomas Damborough filius N. 
et N. Damborough. 

die 22 Februarii, 1789, baptisatus fuit Guillelmus Smith filius 
Thomae et N. Smith. 

die 19 Martii, 1789, baptisata fuit Elizabeth Verity filia Guillebni et 
Annae Verity. 

die 19 Aprilis, 1789, baptisata fuit £llena Brown filia Mathaei et 
N. Brown. 

die 28 ejusdem menses, 1789, baptisata fuit Hanna Raper filia 
Guillelmi et N. Raper. 

die 10 Maii, 1789, baptisata fuit Elizabeth Kettlewell filia Henrici 
et Elizabeth Kettlewell. 

die 22 Mail, 1789, baptisata fuit Martha Simpson filia Frandsci et 
Catherinae Simpson. 

die 13 Julii, 1789, baptisatus fuit Guillelmus Matson filius Guillelmi 
et Elizabeth Matson. 

die 30 Julii, 1789, baptisata fuit Maria Grimstone filia Roberti et 
Sarae Grimstone. 

die 3 Novembris, 1789, baptisata fuit Maria Hardcastle filia N. et 
Elizabeth Hardcastle. 

die 24 Januarii, 1790, baptisata fuit Elizabeth Jerrard filia Ambrosii 
et Annae Jerrard. 

die 10 Martii, 1790, baptisata fuit Maria filia Roberti et Elizabeth 
Eidson. Patrinus Jacobus Harrison, Matrina Maria Trapps. 

die 4 Mail, 1790, baptisatus fuit Guillelmus filius Guillelmi et Mariae 
Colliers. Patrinus Thomas Forest, Matrina Joanna Forest. 

die 6 Junii, 1790, baptisatus fuit Carolus filius Joannis et Mariae 
Dawson. Patrinus Thomas Rudd, Matrina Margareta Watson. 

die 10 Novembris, 1790, baptisata fuit Anna filia Guillelmi et 
Annae Verity. Patrinus Thomas Chapman, Matrina Anna Matson. 

Die 2 Octobris, 1791, baptisata fuit Maria filia Joannis et Annae 
Ingleson. Patrinus Raphael Matson, Matrina Isabella Grimeston. 

die 17 Octobris, 1791, baptisata fuit Elizabeth filia Guillelmi et 
Elizabeth Matson. Patrinus Ambrosius Jerrard, Matrina Maria Cradock. 

die 30 Junii, 1794, baptisata fuit Maria filia Thomae Middleton et 
Mariae uxoris Ejus. Patrinus Guillelmus Matson, Matrina Maria 

die 22 Martii, 1795, baptisatus fuit Thomas filius Caroli et Mariae 
Rudd. Patrinus Thomas Rudd, Matrina Catherina Simpson. 

die 3 Martii 1795, baptisata fuit Elizabeth filia Guillelmi et Annae 
Cots. Patrinus Thomas AUaison, Matrina Maria Cradock. 

die 29 Augusti, 1795, baptisatus fuit Petrus filius Thomae et Helenat 
Allason. Patrinus Ambrosius Jarret, Matrina Maria Cradock. 

die 7 Aprilis, 1796, baptisata est Anna filia Catharinae Simpson. 
Patrinus Carolus Rud, Matrina Elizabeth Dickinson. 


Die 7 Junii, 1798, baptisau fuit £li2»beth fiUa GuU^Uni et ^ae 
Blackburn nata fuerat die i ejusdeni meninsi Patrinus Q^9t^8 jpifui^fey^ 
Matpna Elizabeth TunstalL 

die 30 Septembris, 1798, baptisatus fuit Petrus fiUus Thomae et 
Helenae Allanson^ Matrina Maria Tiapps. 

die 4 Novembris, 1799, baptisatus fuit Thomas filius Josepbi et N. 
Kendal Matrina Anna Gamblin. 

die 2 Octobris, 1802, baptisatus fuit Robertus Gibson filius Thomae 
et Annae Gibson. Obiit infans. 

die 12 Octobris, 1802, baptisata fuit Maria Stoiles filia E^wardi et 
Mariae Stoiles. Patrinus Thomas Grimstone et Matrina Helena 
AUanspn. Obiit infisuis. 

die 20 Februarii, 1803, baptisatus fuit Thomas Sanderson filius 
Joannis et Isabellae Sanderson. Patrinus Josephus Coldbeck, Matrina 
Maria Coldbeck. 

die I Martii, 1803, baptisatus fuit Thomas fiHus Joannis et Annae 
Howorth. Patrinus Jacobus Ackerley, Matrina Anna GKbson. 

die 12 Maii, 1803, baptisata fuit Maria Monson aetatis suae 35. 
Patrinus Rogerius Green. Matrina N. Green. 

die 29 Jdii, 1803, baptisata fuit Maria Anna filia Josephi et Annae 
Ken^l. Patrinus Josephus Kendal, Matrina Anna Gamblin. 

[Frpm this point all the entries are in I^tin aod English in parallel 
columns, except the entries of i Dec, 1804, and 20 May, 1805, which 
are in Latin only. They are all signed by Jos. Roulhac, qxcept the 
two above-mentioned. I have omitted the translation.] 

die 10 Decembris, 1803, natus et baptisatus fuit Joannes Middleton 
filius Thomae et Mariae Middleton. Patrinus fuit Joannes Raper et 
Matrina Joanna Middleton — a me Jos. Roulhac. 

Die 4 Martii, 1804, nata est et die 7 ejusdem mensis baptisata fiiit 
Isabella filia Thomae et Mariae Gibson conjugum. Patrinus fuit 
Thomas Allanson et Matrina Helena Allanson — a me Jos. Roulhac 

die 14 Julii, natus est et die sequenti baptisatus fuit Thomas 
Lancaster filius Guillelmi et Elizabeth Lancaster conjugum. Patrinus 
fuit Guillelmus King et Matrina Maria Duffield — a me Jos. Roulhac. 

die I Decembris, 1804^ nata est et die 14 ejusdem mensis baptisata 
fuit Joanna Rudd filia Guillelmi et Mariae Rudd conjugum. Patrinus 
fuit Vincentius Wheelhouse et Matrina Helena Rudd. 

die 20 Maii, 1805, nata et baptisata fuit Maria Gallon filia Thoipae 
et Isabellae Gallon conjugum. Patrinus fuit Joannes Raper et Matrina 
Anna Grundy. 

Die 20 Junii, 1805,^ natus et baptisatus est Henricus Trappes filius 
Francisci Michaelis et Elizabeth Trappes conjugum. Patrmus fuit 
Thomas Tunstall et Matrina Brigitta Langdale — ^a me Jos. Roulhac 

4c Henry, son of Francis Michael Trappes, Esq., of Nidd, and his wife Elizabeth, 
daughter of James Lomax, of Clayton llall, 00. Lancaster, Eaq, Their grandson, 
Lieut. -Colonel Thomas Bymaod Trappes, married, January 10, 1866, Helen, daughter 
and oobeireit of Thomai Loouui, Eiq. 

Qk 3 Julii, 1805, naUis ^t b^p(isatus fuit Jo^n^^ Hart filius 
|&ichf(QU8 et Annae Hart conjugum. Patrinus fiiit JoaDues Bickeidick 
et Matrina Maria Pinclpiey — a me J06. Roulhac. 

die 12 Augusti, 1805, oatus et die 16 ejusdem mensis baptisatus est 
Jacobus Smith filius Georgii et Mariae Smith conjugum. Patrinus fuit 
Jacobus Making et Matrina Margarita Grondey — a me Jos. Roulhac 

die 5 Septembris, 1805, natus est et baptisatus fuit Michael Jackson 
filius Johannis et Mariae Jackson coi^ugum. Patrmus fuit Miphael 
Hart et Matrina Anna Hart — a me Jos. Roulhac. 

Die 5 Novembris, 1805, nata et baptisata fuit Martha filia Thomae 
et Rachelis Swaile conjugum. Patrinus fuit Carolus Rudd et Matrina 
Elizabeth Lancaster — a me Jos. Roulhac. 

Die II Novembris, 1805, natus est et die 15 ejusdem mensis 
baptisatus fuit Jacobus Howorth filius Annae et Joannis Howorth 
conjugum. Patrinus fuit Christopherus Middleton et Matrina Anna 
Garrot — a me Jos. Roulhac. 

Die t6 Novembris, 1805, nata et baptisata fuit Maria Wells filia 
Guillelmi et Catharinae Wells conjugum. Patrinus fuit Edwardus 
Stoiles et Matrina Margarita Grondey — a me Jos. Roulhac. 

die 16 Februarii, anno 1806, baptisata fuit Dorothea Lancaster naj^ 
die 10 ejusdem mensis filia Guillelmi et Elizabeth I^ncaster conjugum- 
Patrinus fuit Joannes Brigg et Matrina Helena King— -a me Jos. Roi&ac. 

Die 13 dctobris, amio 1806, natus et baptisatus fuit Joannes Galloa 
filius Thomae et Isabellae Gallon conjugum. Patrinus fuit Jose|^ii8 
Ferby et Matrina Maria Smith--a me Jos. Roulhac. 

Die 9 Januarii, 1807, natus est et die 12 ejusdem m^n3is baptisatus 
fuit Thomas filius Thomae et Mariae Gibson conjugum. Patrinus fuit 
Thomas Grims^ne et Matrina Isabella Grimstone— a me Jos. Roulhac 

Die 19 Februarii, 1807, nata et baptisata fuit Maria Swaile filia 
Marci et Annae Swaile conjugum. Patrinus fuit Joannes Raper et 
Matripa Isabella Gerratt— a me Jos. Roulhac. 

Die 3 Aprilis, 1807, natus et baptisatus fuit Jacobus Carolus Jai^uoa 
filius Joannis et Mariae Jackson conjugum. Patrinus fuit Carolus 
Rudd tt Matrina Anna Rudd — a me Jos. Roulhac 

Die 7 Junii, 1807, natus et baptisatus fuit Rogerus Milton filius 
Francioci Michaelis et Elizabeth Trappes conjugum. Patrinus fuit Fran- 
kiscus (s$c) Trappes^ et Matrina Barbara Welson — a me Jos. Roulhac 

4c A brief memoir of the last holder of the remnant of the Nidd estate will 
90t be out of place. The Rev. Francis Trappes, bom January 38, 1790, was the 
eMest son of Francis Michael Trappes, and a small portion of the estate— about jf aoo 
a year — was settled upon him when Nidd was sold by his father, but this he parted 
with in 1849. He went to Stonyhurst June 16, 1798; in 1 83 1 was ordained priest, 
and sent to the mission at Pontefnct, as dominus atixiiiarius Societaiis, 1 nence 
he removed to St Wilfrid's, Preston, in 1824 ; but in 1827 he joined the secular 
mission, and was appointed to Lee House in Thomley, near Chipping, of which 
township he was overseer and constable in 1835-6. In 1840 he became engaged in 
litigation with his bishop, Dr. George Brovm, Vicar-Apostolic of the Lancashire 
District, which, after beiiig carried to the Roman Courts, eventually ended in his 
ftivour, though meanwhile, from 1841 to 1859, the chapel at Lee House was cloaed. 
lo 1853 Mr. 'Tappet was appointed to the mission at Chepstow, co. MoQmo«th« 


Die 21 Junii, 1807, nata est et die 24 ejusdem mensis baptisata fiiil 
Anna filia Jacobi et Margaritae Nawlan conjugum. Patrinus fiiit 
Thomas Leo et Matrina Cat]>arina Moor — ^a me Jos. Roulhac. 

Die 22 Augusti, 1807, natus est et die 31 ejusdem mensis baptisatus 
fuit Joannes filius Jacobi et Mariae Sharkey conjugum. Patrinus fuit 
Dionisius O'Brian et Matrina Maria Dothorey — a me Jos. Roulhac 

Die 20 Novembris, 1807, nata est et die 21 ejusdem mensis 
baptisata fuit Hannah filia Guillelmi et Annae Johnson. Patrinus fiiit 
Cajrolus Rudd et Matrina Rachel Swailes — a me Jos. Roulhac. 

die 27 Januarii, 1808, natus est et die 26 Februarii baptisatus fuit 
Thomas filius Josephi et Johannae Kendal. Patrinus fuit Josephus 
Kendal et Matrina Anna Gambling — a me Jos. Roulhac 

Die 8 Maii, 1808, nata est et dUe 15 ejusdem mensis baptisata fiiit 
Dorothea filia Joannis et Annae Howorth. Patrinus fuit Thomas 
Allison et Matrina Joanna Middleton — a me Jos. Roulhac 

Die i^ Maii, nata est et die 30 ejusdem mensis 1808 baptisata fiiit 
Maria filia Guillelmi et Annae Ssmderson. Patrinus fuit Jacobus 
Sanderson et Matrina Isabella Sanderson — a me Jos. Roulhac 

Die Prima Junii, 1808, natus est et die 7 ejusdem mensis baptisatus 
fiiit Joannes filius Annae Swaile. Patrinus fuit Joannes Swaile, Matrina 
Rachel Swaile — a me Jos. Roulhac 

Die 13 Junii, 1808, baptisata est Joanna Rudd nata die S ejusdem 
mensis filia Elizabeth et Caroli Rudd. Patrinus fiiit Thomas Middleton 
et Matrina Anna Rudd — a me Jos. Roulhac. 

Die 20 Junii, 1808, natus et baptisatus fuit Robertus filius Guillelmi 
et Elizabeth Lancaster Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Thomas Middleton 
et Matrina Anna Johnson — a me Jos. Roulhac. 

whence in 1856 he removed to Cheesebnrn Grange, Northumberland, as chaplain to 
Edw. Riddell, Esq., and there he spent the remainder of his missionary career, 
retiring in 1870 to Clitheroe, where he died February 10, 1871, aged 81. He was 
interrra beside his old confrires in the priests' burial-ground at Stonyhurst. In his 
defence he wrote: "An Account of the Suspension of the Rev. Francis Trappes; 
with Remarks on the System of Jurisprudence exercised by some Vicars-Apostolic 
in England." London, 1S41, Sto. He also wrote anonymously in support of his 
friends, Edw. Riddell, Esq., and the Rev. Charles Brigham— *' A Letter to the Right 
Rev. Francis Mostyn, Bishop of Abydos, and Vicar to the Pope in the Northern 
District of England, on the Right of Nomination in the Incumbency of Doddin Green» 
in the county of Westmoreland, together with A Short Digest of Church Doctrine 
concerning Ecclesiastical Censures. ''^ Lond.: Edw. Lumley, 1S42, 8vo, pp. 32, signed 
"April, 1842, S[acerdos] **; and "A Statement of the Doddin Green Dispute, proving 
the Necessity of some Le^ Enactment to protect the Temporal Rights of the Lay 
Patrons of Roman Catholic Chapels in England." Lond.: £. Lumley, 1S46, 8vo» 

Bu 18, signed ** Catholic Priest." He finally published '* A Translation of Liturgical 
ymns for the Chief Festivals of the Year. Selected from the Offices of the Cath<4ic 
Church, and so translated into English as to be adapted to Old and New Church 
Music The music edited by Wm. J. Maher, S.J." London, 1867. 

His younger brother, the Rev. Michael Trappes, bom April 23, 1797, went to 
Crook Hall in 1808, and was ordained priest at Ushaw December 21, 182 1. He 
successively served the following missions: Monk-Wearmouth for six months, 1821-2; 
St Mary's, Manchester, as assistant to the Rev. Henry Gillow, 1822-6; Rochdale, 
whence he served Bury, 1826-7 f Broughton Hall, Yorkshire, as chaplain to the 
Tempests, 1827-38; Huddersfield, 1838-48; and St. Charles', Hull, 1848, till his 
death, June 7, 1873, aged 76. He was buried at Ushaw College, where his portrait 

ii pffCSCfT6d* 


Die 27 Octobris, iSo8, natus est et die 30 ejusdem mensis bapdsatas 
fiiit Guillelmus filius Mard et Annae Swsule conjugum. Patrinus fiiit 
Joannes Gerritt et Matrina Anna Allanson — a me Jos. Roulhac. 

Die 16 Novembris, 1808, natus et baptisatus fuit Richardus^^ filius 
Frandsci Michaelis et Elzabethae Trappes conjugum. Patronus fuit 
Carolus Trappes et Matrina Dorothea Witham — a me Jos. Roulhac. 

Die 4 Septembris, 1809, nata fuit et die 5 ejusdem mensis baptisata 
fiiit Maria filia Guillelmi et Annae Johnson conjugum. Patrinus sunt 
Joannes Bickerdick et Matrina Maria Bickerdick — a me Jos. Roulhac. 

die 28 Februarii, natus fuit et die 10 Martii, 1810, baptisatus fuit 
Georgius filius Caroli et Elizabeth Rudd conjugum. Patrinus fuit 
Frandscus Matson et Matrina Martha Matson — a me Jos. Roulhac. 

Die 27 August!, 1810, natus fuit et die 30 ejusdem mensis baptisatus 
fuit Radolphus filius Thomae et Mariae Gibson conjugum. Patrinus 
fiiit Marcus Swaile et Matrina Maria Grimstone — a me Jos. Roulhac. 

die 7 Octobris, 1810, nata est et die 8 ejusdem mensis baptisata fuit 
Maria filia Sarae Coates. Patrinus fuit Guillelmus Coates et Matrina 
Elzabeth Coates — a me Jos. Roulhac. 

die 24 Januarii, 181 1, natus est et die 27 ejusdem mensis baptisatus 
fuit Jacobus filius Marci et Annae Swaile. Patrinus fuit Thomas Allison 
et Matrina Susanna Young — a me Jos. Roulhac 

die 23 Mali, 181 1, natus et baptisatus fuit Petrus filius Gurllelmi et 
Annae Johnson. Patrinus fuit Petrus Bickerdick et Matrina Isabella 
Baltch — a me Jos. Roulhac. 

Die 18 Septembris, 181 1, natus fuit et die 22 ejusdem mensis 
baptisatus fuit Mathaeus filius Thomae et Isabella Gallon conjugum. 
Patrinus fuit Mathaeus Avery et Matrina Maria Procter 

— a me Jos. Roulhac. 

Die 2 Octobris, 181 1, nata fuit et die 6 ejusdem mensis baptisata 
fuit Elizabeth filia Gulielmi et Elizabeth Lancaster. Patrinus fuit 
Georgius MacDonough et Matrina Elizabeth Matson — a me Jos. Roulhaa 

die 28 Julii, 181 2, natus fuit et die 30 ejusdem mensis baptisatus 
fuit Samuel filius Caroli et Elizabeth Rudd. Patrinus fuit Thomas 
Swailes et Matrina Anna Johnson — a me Jos. Roulhac 

Die prima Decembris, A^ 181 2, natus fuit et die 6 ejusdem mensis 
baptisatus fuit Joannes Morel filius Josephi et Isabellae Morel. Patrinus 
fuit Thomas Gibson et Matrina Elizabeth Jarret — a me Jos. Roulhac 

die 20 Aprilis, A^ 1813, nata fuit et die 27 ejusdem mensis baptisata 
fuit Aima filia Mard et Aimae Swaile. Patrinus fuit Joannes Jarret et 
Matrina Maria Shepherd — a me Jos. Roulhac 

die 28 Aprilis, anno ' 181 3, natus et baptisatus fuit Mathaeus filius 
Joannis et Mariae Jackson. Patrinus fuit Thomas Hart et Matrina 
Isabella Baltch — a me Jos. Roulhac 

4c Richard Trappes married Marjr Anne, daughter of George Roskell,of Holywell, 
CO. Flint, Esq^ and died in 1849. His uncle and godfather, Colonel Charles Trappes, 
died at Worcester, Cape Colony, in 1828, of which he was ' Landrost.' 

i4i MtMsTlERd 6t iltDO fUttL 

die f^rima Juilii, A<> 1813:, nittal et bopti^iiEtf f^ BficsANeAr filia 
Gtiilelmi et Aimae Johnson. Putrinus fuit Mlchaet Hart et kterinil 
Catharine Rudd — a me Jos Roulhac. 

Die 30 Junii, nata fiiit et die 6^ Julii, anno i8t j, baptisais fuit 
Blieabeth fifia Roberti et Helenae Chapman. Patiinus fuit Thomiift 
Body et Matrina Hannah Body — fl me Jos. Roulh^. 

die 6 Maii, natus est et die 18 Augusti, anno 18 13, baptisatus fuit 
iThomas filius Martini et Mariae Hoyn (olim Foster). Matrina fuit 
Ottharina Rudd — a me Jos. Roulhac. 

die 20 Martii, nata est et die 24 ejusdem mensis anno 1814 baptisata 
ftrit Anna filia Ouillelmi et Elizabeth Lancastet domjupiM (olim Ring). 
Pittriiftis fuit Thomas Hart et Matrina Catharine Rudd 

— a roe Jof. Rottlhac. 

Die 21 ApriHs, 181 4, natus et die prima Mali baptisatus est Guilefanus 
filius Thomae et Isabellae Gallon (olim Grey) coniugum. Patrimis fiiif 
Christopherus Middleton et Matrina Joanna MicMletoh 

— a me Jos. Roulhac. 

die 31 Octobris, 1814, natus est et die 6 Novembris baptisatus fM 
Josephus Georgius filius Joseph! et Isabellae Morel (<rfito Jahet). 
Patrinus fuit Thomas Allison et Matrina Anna Jarret — a me Jos. Roulhac. 

die 29 Novembris, 18 14, nata est et die 29 baptisata fuit Anna filia 
Joannis et Annae Chambers (olim Smith). Patrinus fuit Anthonias 
Hall et Matrina Elizabeth Rudd — a me Jos. Roulhac. 

Die a6 Decembris, 1815, natus est et ,die 28 Januarii, 1816^ 

Fbaptisatus fuit] Jacobus filius Mariae Procter Patrinus fuit ThotfiiS 
riart et Matrina Anna Grey — a me Jos. Roulhac. 

die 27 Februarii, 1816, natus est et die 28 ejusdem mensis baptisatus 
est Jacobus filius Guillelmi et Annae Johnson conjugum. Patrinus fuit 
Thomas Hart et Matrina Catharina Brown — a me Jos. Roulhac. 

die secundo Decembris, natus est et die 9 ejusdem mensis, anno 
18 16, baptisatus est Guillelmus filius Josephi et Isabellae Morel (olim 
Jarret). Patrinus fuit Petrus Allison et Matrina Maria Gibson 

— a me Jos. Roulhac. 

die 28 Novembris, 18 16, natus est et die 3 Januarii, 181 7, baptisatua 
est Johannes filius Johannis et Sarae Jarret (olim Kays). Patrinus fuit 
Marcus et Matrina Anna Swailes — a me Jos. Roulhac. 

Die 28 Martii, nata est et die 27 ejusdem mensis anno 181 7 
baptisata fuit Agnes filia Guillelmi et Elizabeth Lancaster (olim King). 
Patrinus fuit Georgius Johnson et Matrina Catharina Brown 

— a me Jos. Roulhac. 

die 9 Maii, 181 7, natus et baptisatus fuit Franciscus filius Joannes 
et A^nae Chamber (olim Smith). Patrinus fuit Thomas Hart et 
Matnna Anna Swell— a me Jos. Roulhac. 

die 14 Januarii, A^ 18 18, nata et baptisata fuit Francisca Dorothea 
filia Thomae et Mariae Isabellae Tunstall* (olim Trappes). Patrinus 
fdit Brianus Salvin et Matrina Francisca Tayler — z me Jos. Roulhac 

4c Thomas TanstAll, Esq., of Preston-apOD-Skeme, married Mary Isabel, fottrth 
daughter of Fnuids Tn|>pcs, Esq., of Nidd. 


die 30 Julii, anno 1818, nata et die 31 ejusdem mensis baptisata fuit 
Sara filia Guilelmi et Annae Johnson conjugum. Patrinus fuit Joannes 
Gueldard et Matrina Maria Walker. 

die 6 Junii, anno 18 18, natus*et dte 9 Augusti ejusdem anni baptisatus 
est Gulielmus filius Guillelmi et Mariae Allanson (olim Cooper) con- 
jugum. Patrinus fuit Thomas et Matrina Helena Allanson 

— a me Jos. Ronlhat. 
die 29 Aprilis, A^' 1819, natus et baptisatus fuit Georgius filius Joannis 
et Annae Chamber (olim Smith). Patrinus fuit Joannes Gueldart et 
Matrina Joanna Blacklock — a me Jos. Roulhac. 

die 22 Augusti, anno 1819, nata et baptisata fuit Isabella filia 
Guilelmi et Elizabeth Lancaster (olim King). Patrinus fuit Guilelmus 
Hart et Matrina Maria Scott — a me Jos. Roulhac. 

die 21 Januarii, anno 1820, natus est et die 22 Mali ejusdem anrii 
baptisatus est Carolus filius Guilelmi et Mariae Allanson (olim Cooper) 
conjugum. Patrinus fuit Thomas et Matrina Helenii Allanson 

— a me Jos. Roulhac 

die 25 Maii, anno 1820, natus et baptisatus fuit Thomas fiUvii 
Petri et Elizabeth Allanson (olim Lambert) conjugum. Patrinus fuit 
Thomas Allanson et Matrina Joanna Simpson — a me Jos. Roulhac 

Die 19 Junii, 1820, iiatus est et die 9 Julii baptisatus fuit Ambrosius 
filius Joannis et Sarae Jarret (61im Kay). Patrinus fuit Jacobus Peacock 
et Matrina Anna Jarret Anno 1820— a me Jos. Roulhac 

die 5 Septembris^ 1820, nata est et die 10 baptisata est Henrietta 
filii Oeorgii et Mariae Johnson (olim Walker). Patrinus fuit Thonutt 
Hart et Matrina Anna Thirsby. A.D. 1820 — a me Jos. Roulhac. 

die 4 Octobris, 1820, nati sunt et die 12 ejusdem mensis baptisati 

sunt Nathan et Samuel fratres gemini filii et Marthae Blake 

(oUm Moorhouse) conjugum. Matrina fuit Maria Moorhouse 

— a mt Jos. Roulhac 

die 15 Februariif anno 1821, natus est et die 16 ejusdem mensis 
baptisatus est Georgius filius Joannis et Annae Chamber (olim Smith). 
Pfttrinus fuit Petrus Bickerdick et Matrina Maria Lancaster 

— a me Jos. Roulhac 

die 23 Augusti, natus est et die 11 Septembris, anno 1821, baptisatus 
est Marcus filius Marci et Annae Swaill (olim Jarret). Patrinus fuit 
Guilelmus Shepherd et Matrina Aiina Shepherd-— a me Jos. Roulhac 

die 24 Aprilis, 182 s, nata et baptisata fuit Martha filia Ricardi et 
Annae Body (olim Thirsby). Patrinus fuit Tho» Body et MatritlA 
Hannah Body — a me Jos. Roulhac 

die 24 Aprilis, 1822, nata et baptisata fuit Maria filia Ricardi et 
Annae Body (olim Thirsby). Patrinus fuit Thomas Thirsby et Matrina 
Sara Body. 

die 3 Novembris, anno 182^^ natus est et die 4 ejusdem meiirfi 
baptisatus est Joannes filius Thomae et Helenae Arker (olim Habesher) 
conjugum. Matrina fiiit Malf;^ta Habesher— a me JoS. RouttnKx 

die 28 Septembris anno 1823, natus et baptisatus est Thoinas filius 

}ohanni8,^t Annae Shepherd (olim Swailej conjugum. Patrinus fuit 
oannes Chapman et Matrina Joanna Blacklock — a me Jos. ftoiilhac 

[N.B, — AU apparently in same iandwrUing.] 

No. XL 



MONMOUTH, 1781-1838 

Transcribed by John Hobson Matthews from the 
Original Manuscripts at Llanarth 

Two square 8vo paper books, the first bound in stiff vellum, the second in boards. 
The first has on the outside of the cover: — "Bishop Sharrock*s Baptismal Register 
to be kept at Perthyre, Monmouth or Uanarth.— P. Thespien. Jan. 25, 1813." 

The Mission of Llanarth has had a more or less continuous existence ever since 
the ancient church of that parish was finally diverted to Protestant uses in the reigp 
of Elizabeth. For this continuance throuehout the period of Penal legislati<Hi it is 
indebted to the Catholic fidelitv of the family of Herbert, who have been Lords 
of the Manor of Llanarth from the year 1456. Down to the middle of the eighteenth 
century Mass was said only in the domestic chapel of their mansion of Hendreobeth 
(now odled Llanarth Court); but for the last 150 years the Catholics have assembled 
in the chapel which stands in the grounds at a wort distance from the house. 

For the benefit of genealogical readers of this Register it should be explained 
that the descendants of John Wifiiam Thomas of Treowen and Llanarth, High Sheriff 
1587, followed the Welsh custom by using his Christian name as their surname, 
lliat b to say, they bore the cognomen Jones for nine generations, until in 1848 
the late Mr. John Arthur Edward Jones of Llanarth assumed by Royal Licence 
the surname Herbert in lieu of Jones. This was a reversion to the clan name^ 
which had meantime been borne only by cadet branches. 

The first Volume is entirely in the neat, bold, cursive handwriting of Bishop 
Sharrock, and nearly all the entries appear to have been written at one and the 
nme time — probably copied from roueh memoranda, as was usually done. The 
second Volume is in the handwriting of the Rev. William Gerard throughout, with 
the exception of about the last six Baptisms. 

The Rev. Edward Tones served the Llanarth Mission 1774-1799, in which latter 
year he died there and was buried in the parish churchyard. 

The Rev. William Gerard served Llanarth during 39 years, and died there 
23 May 1830, aged 78. He was buried in the Jones* (Herbeits*) family vault in the 

The Rev. W. F. Bevan wasofl&dating at Llanarth in 1832, and the Rev. G. F. Beavan 

The Rev. Samuel Fisher was priest of the Mission 1835-1865. He died at 
the Monastery, Pontypool, 14 January 1875, *%^ 84 years, and was buried in the 
OithoUc cemetery at Usk. 

The Rev. Edmund Dderue commenced his ministry at Llanarth 1865, and in 
1902 was still rector of the Mission. His curate in 1901 for a few months was 
the Rev. Paul Hook, who has been succeeded by the Rev. Joseph Exton. 

Most if not all of these were also domestic chaplains to the Jones (now Herbert) 

First Book 

(i) Catalogus Baptisatorum. 


Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo primo, die 

decimi Octav& Mensis Novembris, Ego Gregorius Sharrock, Episcopus 

Telmessen., lUustrissimi Ramatensis in districtu Occidentali Coadjutor, 

apud Lanarth bapdsavi in&ntem die decimi quintA dicti Mensis natum 


ex Elisabethi Williams, et (ut ipsa declarat) ex Thomi Hidgins,* cui 
impositum est nomen Richardus. Patrini fuerunt Gulielmus Adams 
et Maria Morgan. 


Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo Secundo, Die 
tertii Mensis Februarii, Ego Gregorius Sharrock, qui supra, apud Lanarth 
baptisavi infantem die trigesima primi Januarii ejusdem Anni natam 
ex Samuele & Anni James Conjugibus Parochiae Penrose, cui im- 
positum est nomen Anna. Patrini fuerunt Joannes & Maria Morgan. 
(2^ Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo Secundo, 
Die Septimi Mensis Aprilis, Ego Gregorius Sharrock, qui supra, apud 
Lanarth baptisavi infantem Die secundk ejusdem Mensis & anni natum 
ex Gulielmo & Maria Evans conjugibus de Clytha, cui impositum est 
nomen Jacobus. Patrini fudre Jacobus Lloyd & Elisabeth Cartwright. 

Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo Secundo, die 
Quarts Decima Mensis Aprilis, Ego Gregorius Sharrock qui supra, apud 
Lanarth baptisavi infantem ante quatuor circiter menses natam, ut 
declaravit Mater, ex Thomi et Elisabethi Jenkins Conjugibus de 
Brungwin, cui impositum est nomen Margarita. Susceptrix fuit Maria 

Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo Secundo, die 
Vigesimi Octavi Mensis Aprilis, Ego Gregorius Sharrock qui supra, 
in domo (3) Richardi Fordej^f" Parochiae Lanarth, sacris precibus ac 
cceremoniis praetermissis, baptisavi infantem ante quindecim circiter dies 
ut videbatur natum ex praefato Richardo et Anni Forde Conjugibus, 
cui impositum est nomen Richardus. 

Die Nona Dedmi Mensis Maii ejusdem Anni sacras preces ac 
coeremonias omissas supra praedictum infantem Richardi & Annas Forde 
supplevit R. Dom. Edwardus Jones Presbyter, me praesente, quod Testor. 
Greg. Sharrock Telmessen. Susceptores fu^re Joannes Morgan & 
Elisabetha Cartwright. 

Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo secundo, die 
Sexti Mensis Novembris, Ego Gregorius Sharrock, qui supra, in domo 
Edwardi Morgan, de Clytha, sacris precibus ac cceremoniis praetermissis, 
baptisavi infantem die primi Mensis ejusdem natam ex praefato Edwardo 
& Winefrida Morgan conjugibus (4) Catholicis, cui impositum est 
nomen Maria. 

Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo secundo, die 
Novembris decimi. Ego Gregorius Sharrock, qui supra, sacras preces 
ac coeremonias omissas supra praedictam infantem Edwardi & Winefridae 
Morgan supplevi. Susceptores fuere Joannes Morgan & Maria Evans. 

Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo Tertio, Die 
Junii Dedmi Quinti, Ego Gregorius Sharrock, qui supra, in domo 

4c The parents seem to have married before 1787 (vuU post). 

f Richard Forde, or Foord, of an old Catholic family of Chepstow &c., was 
Agent or Steward to Mr. Jones of Llanartfa. Baptism seems to have beea in many 
cases conferred in the house of the parents, leaving the christening (and often the 
naming) of the child to be tabaeqnently performed at church. 


Philippi Williams de Ragland, sacris precibus ac coeremoniis praeter- 
missis, baptisavi filiam dicti Philippi et Elisabeth ejus Conjugis, natam 
paucis ante diebus. 

Anno Domini Millesimo Septingcntesimo Octogesimo Tertio, Die 
Vigesimft Noni Septembris, Ego Gregorius Sharrodk, qui supra, apud 
Rotherwas Dicecesis (5) Herefordiensis baptisavi infantem natum die 
Trigesim& Novembris Anni praecedentis ex Benjamino & Anna Cooper 
Conjugibus de Tupsley in Parochii Hampton,^ Susceptoribus Antonio 
Rosser & Teresii Gosden. Nomen infanti impositum est Gulielmus. 
Prsefatus fienjaminus Religionem Pseudo-reformatam profitebatur. 

Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo Tertio, Die 
VigesimA Novembris, Ego Gregorius Sharrock qui supra, apud Lanarth 
Dioecesis Landavensis in domo Richardi Jones baptisavi infiemtem 
natum secundi die dicti Mensis & Aimi, in Parochia Lanarth praefatft 
ex Maria Kneller et ut ipsa testatur Patre Philippo Powell Protestantibus. 
Nomen Puero impositum est Philippus, Richardo Jones & Joarmi e^us 
uxore Susceptoribus. 


(6) Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo Quarto, TXe 
Septimi Februarii, Ego Gregorius Sharrock qui supra, apud Lanihangelif* 
Dioecesis Landavensis, in domo Gulielmi Parry, sacris precibus ac 
cceremoniis praetermissis, baptisavi filiam, pridie natam, dicti Gulielmi 
& Elisabeth Conjugis ejus ; quorum ille Protestans, ista Catholica. 

Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo Quarto, Die 
septima Martii, Ego Gregorius Sharrock qui supra, apud Lanarth 
Dioecesis Landavensis, baptisavi filiam Joannis & Annas Jones conjugum 
in Parochii Penrose commorantium, tribus circiter hebdomadibus antea 
natam, cui impositum est nomen Margarita. Susceptrix fuit Joanna 
Jones. Parentes ambo Protestantes. 

(7) Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo quarto, Die 
Martii undecim^ Ego Gregorius Sharrock qui supra, apud Lanarth 
Dioecesis Landavensis, in domor Davidis Morgan, sacris precibus ac 
coeremoniis praetermissis, baptisavi infantem dicti Davidis & Annae 
Uxoris ejus die noni ejusdem mensis natum. Patre Protestante, Matre 

Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo quarto. Die 
Martii Vigesimi quintA, Ego Gregorius Sharrock apud Lanarth Dioecesis 
Landavensis sacras preces ac coeremonias omissas supplevi supra infantem 
praedictum Davidis & Annae Morgan, cui nomen impositum est David, 
Patrino Joanne Morgan. 

(8) Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo quarto, die 
Aprilis Tertia Decimi, Ego Gregorius Sharrock apud Lansoye in domo 
Joannis Howell, sacris precibus ac coeremoniis praetermissis, baptisavi 
filium dicti Joannis & Annae conjugis ejus, octo circiter diebus antea 
natum, referente Patre. Mater Catholica, Pater Acatholicus. 

Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo quarto, die 
Novembris Quinti, Ego Gregorius Sharrock apud Lanarth baptisavi 

4^ Herefordshire. 

f Uanfihangel-yttem-lkwern ; the HnU or Poot-jrr-jrdicfi, to that parish. 


filiam li^timam Joannis et Sarae Prichard Conjugum, Catholicoram 
Paroedae de Lanarth Dicecesis Landavensis, natam die Tertid ejusdem 
Mensis et anni. Nomen parvulae impositum est Maria, Suscipientibus 
Jacobo Croft & AnnA Prosser. 

, Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo quarto, Die 
Novembris Vigesimo secundo, Ego Gregorius (9) Shamrock apud Gwema 
Courts Parochiae Brungwin Dicecesis Landavensis in domo Joannis 
Moigan sacris precibus ac coeremoniis praetermissis, baptisavi filium 
dicti Joannis &^ Mariae Conjugis ejus, natum Nona Deciml die ejusdem 
Mensis & Anni. Ambo Parentes Acatholici. 


Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo quinto, die 
Januarii Septima-decima, Ego Gregorius Sharrock in domo Davidis 
Williams in Oppido Uske, Comitat(is Monemuthensis baptisavi duos 
fiUos legitimos dicti Davidis & Caeciliae Williams Conjugum natos die 
q^inta-decima ejusdem mensis. Nomen seniori impositum est Abraham 
Joannes, Jacobo Scudamore & MariH Williams Suscipientibus: nomen 
junior! Isaac Jacobus quem susceperunt Richardus Davis & Sara 
Howels. Mater parvulorum Catholica, Pater vero Acatholicus. 
(xo) Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo Quinto, die 
Februarii Vigesima Quinti, Ego Gregorius Sharrock apud Lanarth 
baptisavi filium legitimum Georgii & Annas Jenkins Conjugum de 
Parochii Dingistow, nunc vero in Parochii Brungwin degentium, pridie 
Natum. Nomen impositum est parvulo Gulielmus, quem susceperunt 
Jacobus Croft & Maria Evans. Parentes Ambo fidei Catholicae 
addiscendae jampridem operam dant 

, .^inno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo Quinto, die 
Martii Sexti, Ego Gregorius Sharrock apud Lanarth baptisavi filiam 
ill^timam Annas Bell de Abeigavenny et ut ipsa declanit N. Morris 
ante se^ Menses plus minus natam. Infanti impositum est nomen 
Elisabeth, suscipiente AnnA Charles. Ambo Parentes Acatholici ni 

Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo fii) Quinto 
dif Aprilis noni, Ego Gregorius Sharrock apud Lanartn Dicecesis 
Landavensis sacras preces ac cceremonias omissas supplevi super filium 
Joannis & Mariae Morgan, de quo pag. 8^ & 9^ cui impositum est 
nomen Gulielmus, Patnno Joanne Prichard. 

Ahno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo Quinto, die 
secundft Septembris, Ego Gregorius Sharrock apud Lanarth Dicecesis 
Landavensis baptisavi filiam legitimam Richardi & Annae Forde Con- 
jugum dictae Parochiae natam die Vigesima primi Mensis AugustL 
Nomen impositum est Maria, Susceptrice Marii uxore Gulielmi Jones. 
Mater infantis Catholicae fidei addiscendae operam dare desiderat, 
Fkter Acatholicus. 


Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo (12) Sexto» 
die quinta-decimi Mensis Januarii, Ego Gregorius Shanrock apud Lanarth 

i(( Gwern-y-cwrt in the p«rish of Biyugw^n. 


l^uYHYsis Uindarensis, baptisavi filiam legitimam Davidis & Joanne 
M\M)ian Conjugum in Parochia Brungwine degentium, natam die dedmft 
\th'ii Mcnxis & Anni. Nomen impositum est Maria, Susceptrice Anna 
lUm» dc Clytha pro tempore. Mater parvulae fidei Catholioe 
addisct^ndie operam dat 

Annvi Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo Sexto, die 
Vi|Srsima*primi Mensis Aprilis, Ego Gregorius Sharrock apud Lanarth 
OuvHTsis I^ndavensis, baptisavi filiam legitimam Gulielmi & Maii« 
Ko)>crts Conjugum in pago Clytha degentium, natam Octavi-dedmi 
\lir liicti Mensis & Anni. Nomen impositum fuit Esther, Susceptrice 
Su!mnn& Evans. Mater infantis (13) fidei Catholicse addisc^ide 
oi^rani dat. 

Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo Sexto, die 
IVi^simfl Mensis Maii, Ego Gregorius Sharrock, apud Lanarth Dioeoesis 
lAudavensis, baptisavi filiam legitimam Samuelis & Annas James de 
l\Kr\x'hi& Penrose, natam die Vigesimi septimi ejusdem Mensis & AnnL 
Nomen impositum est Elizabetha, Susceptrice Anni Watkins. BCater 
rtdcm Catholicam profitetur, Pater Acatholicus. 

Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo Sexto, die 
Vigcsima quinti Julii, Ego Gregorius Sharrock in domo Davidis Moigan 
Panxrhise Lanarth, Dicecesis Landavensis, praetermissis coeremoniis, 
Iviptisavi filiam legitimam dicti Davidis & Annse Morgan, eodem die 
natam : cum obstetrix metueret de vita parvulae. Mater fidem Catholicam, 
|>rofitctur. Pater Acatholicus. 

(14) ^787 

Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo Septimo, die 
Fcbruarii Septima Decimi, Ego Gregorius Sharrock in domo Thomse 
Hidgins, Parochiae Penrose Dicecesis Landavensis, praetermissis coere- 
moniis, baptisavi filiam legitimam dicti Thomae & Elizabeth Hidgins 
pridie natam; cum obstetrix metueret de N-ita parvulae. Pater fidem 
Catholicam profitetur: eidem addiscendae operam dat Mater. 

Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo Septimo, die 
Martii Duodecimo, Ego Gregorius Sharrock, in domo Ludovid Dayis 
Parochiae Landewy Dicecesis Landavensis, praetermissis coeremoniis, 
baptisavi filium Icgitimum dicti Ludovici & Annae Davis, die (i5)Octavi 
pnefati Mensis natum, cum periclitari videretur infans. Ambo Parentes 

Acatholici. , . ^ . ^ . • ^. 

Anno Domini Millesimo Septmgentesimo Octogesimo Septimo, 
die Junii decimi. Ego Gregorius Sharrock apud Lanarth, Dicecesis 
Landavensis, sacras preces ac coeremonias Baptismi omissas supplevi 
super filiam Thomae & Elisabethae Hidgins : nomen parvulae impositum 
est Anna : Susceptores, Joannes Morgan & Elisabeth I^yd. 

Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo Septimo, Die 
Junii Octava-decimi, Ego Gregorius Sharrock apud Lanarth Ehoecesis 
Landavensis baptisavi filium legitimum Georgu & Annae Jenkins m 
Parochia Bryngwyn degentium, natam die Quarta^iecima dicti Mensis. 
(16) Nomen impositum est Joannes quern suscepit Elizabetha Hams. 
Parentes fidei Catholicae addiscendae operam dant. . ^ . _. 

Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo Septimo, Die 
primi Julii Ego Gregorius Sharrock apud Lanarth in Dioecesi Landavensi, 


baptisavi filium legidmum Joannis & Marise Williams in Parochii 
Ragland commorantium, natum septimi die Junii Anni praefatL Nomen 
impositum est Joannes. Infantem de fonte levavenint Philippus Williams 
& Maria Davis. Pater parvuli fidem Catholicam profitetur, secus Mater. 

Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo septimo, Die 
Novembris undecima, Ego Gregorius Sharrock apud Lanarth in Dioecesi 
Landavensi sacras preces &. coeremonias Baptismi supplevi (17) super 
filium illegitimum Elizabethae Davis de Penrose, et ut ipsa declarat 
Gualterii Watkins quem in periculo baptisaverat Thomas Hidgins. 
Natus est infans die quintd Mensis praefati. Susceptores, Gulielmus 
Morgan & Anna Watkins. Ambo Parentes Acatholici. Nomen im- 
positum Gulielmus Watkins. 


Die decima Januarii Anni Domini Millesimi Septingentesimi 
Nonagesimi primi Nata, & die decima-septim^ Mensis ejusdem Baptisata 
fuit, Maria kawlanSy filia Thomae & Eleonorae Rowlans (olim Jones) 
Conjugum. Matrina fuit Dorothea Thomas — a me D. Gregorio Sharrock 

N.B. Deletum est cognomen Bright^ quod per errorem scriptum 
fuerat Dabam in oppido Monmouth die 17* Januarii 1791. Parentes 
ambo Acatholici a loco dicto Kilson prope Welsh-Pool in comitatu 
de Mongomery. 

(18) Die Quinta-decimi Maii, Anni Millesimi Septingentesimi Nona- 
gesimi primi, nata, et die Septimi-decimi ejusdem mensis baptisata 
fuit Anna Hall, filia Gulielmi & Mariae Hall (olim Rosser) conjugum, 
in domo patem4 Parochiae Llangarran.^ Matrina fuit Elisabetha Morgan 
de Tredoughan — a me G. Sharrock Telmessen. 

Die noni Martii, Anni Millesimi Septingentesimi Nonagesimi primi, 
natus, et die secundi Junii baptisatus fuit Joannes Ellis, filius Joannis 
& Annae Ellis (olim James) de Parochia Cwm-Carvan, Conjugum, in 
Capella de Monmouth, ifi Patrinus fuit Joannes Watkins, Matrina 
Elisabetha Watkins— a me G. Sharrock Telmessen. 

(19) Die quarti Junii, Anni Millesimi Septingentesimi Nonagesimi 
primi, nata et die quintd ejusdem mensis baptisata fuit Elisabetha 
Watkins, filia Joannis et Mariae Watkins (olim Greenway) Conjugum, 
in Parochia Monmouth commorantium. Patrinus fuit Thomas Powell 
Lorymer,§ Matrina Maria Powell Lorymer, mater dicti Thomae — a me 
G. Sharrock Telmessen. 

Die tertii-decimi Augusti, Anni Millesimi Septingentesimi Nonagesimi 
primi, natus, et die Vigesimi prima ejusdem mensis baptisatus fiiit 
Josephus Watkins, filius Josephi et Elisabethae Watkins (olim Prichard) 
de Parochia Llangarran Conjugum, in Capella de Monmouth. Patrinus 
fuit Jacobus Roberts, Matrina Elisabetha (Uxor Michaelis) Watkins — . 
a me G. Sharrock Telmessen. 

(20) Die Octava-Decimi Septembris, Anni Millesimi Septingentesimi 
Nonagesimi primi, natus et baptisatus fuit Joannes WooUett, filius 

if Herefordshire. 

f Monmouth chapel was opened this year. 

S Lofymer of Perthlr. 


Joannis Spenceri & Dorotheas Wollett (olim Jones) Conjugum, in dome 
parterni Oppidi Monmouth. Patrinus fiiit Gulielmus ^Qiaiiiy Matffna 
Margarita Langdale — a me G. Sharrock TelmesseiL 

Die Vicesima-tertia Novembns, Anni Millesimi Septmgentesimi 
Nonagesimi primi, nata et die Vigesima-septimi ejusdem Mensis bapliaata 
fuit Elisabetha Watkins, Rlia Joannis et Elisabeths Watkins (olim etiam 
Watkins) Conjugum, in Parochii Monmouth commorantium. Fktrinus 
fuit GuUelmus Kingston, Matrina Maria Merrie — a me G. Shaixock 
(21) 1792 

Die Vigesimi Secundi Martii, Anni Millesimi Septing^tesimi 
Nonagesimi Secundi, nata, et die Vigesimi Quinti ejusdem MesitSi 
baptisata fuit Maria Philips, filia Thomae & Mariae Plulips '(olim 
Morgan) Conjugum, in Parochii Monmouth commorantiuoL Patiiniis 
fuit Gulielmus Gwyllim. Matrina Catharina Treame — a me G. Sharrock 

Die Vigesimi quarta Junii, Anni Millesimi SeptingentesinQd 
Nonagesimi secundi, nata, et die Vigesimi-sexti ejusdem menidi^ 
baptizata fuit Anna Gailey, filia Gulielmi et Elisabethae Gailey (dim 
Vaughan) Conjugum, in Parochii Monmouth commorantium. Patrinus 
fuit Gulielmus Gwyllim, Matrina Joanna Payne — (22) cujus tamen vices 
gessit Dorothea Thomas — a me G. Sharrock Telmessen. 

Die undecima Julii, Anni Millesimi Septingentesimi Nonagesimi 
secundi, nata; et die duo-decimi ejusdem mensis baptisata fuS filia 
Joannis & Marthae Vaughan (olim Lewis) conjugum, in Parochia 
Rockfield commorantium, a Maria Morgan, cum infanti mors immtneret 
Adveniens & timens ne quid non rit6 peractum foret, baptismum 
iteravi sub conditione si viveret (jam enim mortua videbatur,) et si 
nondum baptisata fuisset^ die decima-tertia Julii anni prae^ti — G. 
Sharrock Telmessen. 

Die quarti-decima Julii, Anni Millesimi Septingentesimi (23) Nona- 
gesimi secundi, natus, & die Quinti-decimi ejusdem mensis baptisatus 
fuit Jacobus Watkins, filius Joannis & Joannae Watkins (olim Pardoe) 
Conjugum, in Parochia Rockfield commorantium. Patrinus fuit Joannes 
Rosser, Matrina Maria Williams— a me G. Sharrock Telmessen. 

Die Quinta Octobris, Anni Millesimi Septingentesimi Nonagesimi 
Secundi natus, et die non^-decima ejusdem mensis baptisatus fuit 
Jacobus Dugmore, filius Thomae & Annae Sarae Dugmore (olim 
J^illington) Conjugum in Parochia Monmouth commorantium. Patrinus 
fuit Joannes Billington, Matrina Maria Billington — a me G. Sharrock 

(24) Die decimi Decembris, Anni Millesimi Septingentesimi Nona- 
gesimi Secundi, nata et Die Duodecimi ejusdem mensis baptisata fuit, 
Maria Watkins filia Michaelis & Elisabethae Watkins (olim Prosser) 
Conjugum, in Paroecia Monmouth commorantium. Patrinus fuit Petrus 
Price, Matrina Maria Merrie, Quorum tamen vices gesserunt Joannes 
Watkins & Dorothea Thomas — a me G. Sharrock Telmessen. 


(25) Catalogus Mortuorttm. 


Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo pnmo, Die 
octavi Mensis Decembris Thomas Nichols aetatis anno Quadiagesimo 
quarto in domo Nob. Dom. Phillippi Jones Armigeri in communione 
Sanctse Matris Ecclesise animam Deo reddidit: cujus corpus die decim& 
dicti Mensis sepultum est in coemeterio Parochiali Uanarth. Sacra-, 
menta Poenitentise Eudiaristiae et extremae Unctionis compos mentis 
perceperat — D. G. Sharrock Telmessen, Coadj. 


Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo Tertio^ Die 
secundi Mensis Januarii, Benjamin Davis anno suae astatis aliquanto 
supra quadrasesimum (de parochii Lanfojrst) in domo Jeremiae Leonard 
apud Lanartib, in communione Sanctas Matris Ecclesiae animam D^ 
reddidit: cujus corpus uno aut altero post die sepultum est in (26) 
Coemeterio Parochiali de Lanarth. Sacramenta Poenitentiae, EucharistiflD 
& Extremae Unctionis compos mentis perceperat — D. G. Sharrock 
Telm., Goad. 

Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo Tertio, Die 
Non& Mensis Februarii Robertus Hidgins anno aetatis cirdter 
Septuagesimo in domo fiilii sui Thomae Hidgins apud Penrose, quo ex 
comitatu Glocestriae advenerat, supremum diem obiit Uno aut altero 
post die sepultus est in Coemeteno Parochiali de Penrose. Surdus et 
prae infirmitate loqui non valens, imo forsan mentis impos Absolutionem 
& Extremam Unctionem perceperat — D. G. Sharrock Telm., Coadj. 

Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo Tertio, Pie , 
VigesimA primi Mensis Octobris, Anna Jones Vidua aetatis anno cirdter 
Sexagesimo Octavo, ut creditur, defuncta (27) est apud locum Gwenu^ . 
Court in Parochii Bryngwin et sepulta in coemeteno Bettous^ die 
dicti Mensis Vi^esim& quarti. Sacramenta Poenitentiae Eucharistiae & 
Extremae Unctionis Mentis compos perceperat — D. G. Sharrock 
Telmessen., Coad. ^ . 

Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo Tertio, Die 
Tertia-dedmi Mensis Decembris, Maria Price Vidua aetatis anno 
Nonagesimo quinto, ut ipsa dictitare solebat, defuncta est apud Qytha 
& septiHa in loco Bettous die quints decimi dicti Mensis. Sacra- 
menta Poenitentiae, Eucharistiae & Extremae Unctionis mentis compos 
perceperat — D. G. Sharrock Telmessen., Coadj. 

[1784] . 

Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo Quarto, Die 
Vigesimi Nona Aprilis, Joannes Evans aetatis anno [^^m^J defUnctus 
est apud Ragland, ibidemque sepultus die primo Maii. (25) Ecdesiae 
reconciliatus Morbi tempore a quA puer per Matrem fuerat abductu^, 
Sacramenta Poenitentiae, Eucharistiae et Extremae Unctionis Mentis 
compos perceperat — D. G. Sharrock Telmessen. , 

Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo Quarto, Die 
(at credo) quartA-dedma Maii, Franciscus Fllius Francisci Sheldon 

3|c The parish chorchyard of Bettws Newydd. 


infans quinque fere annorum mortuus est in domo patemft et die 
Sexta decimi mensis ejusdem sepultus apud Lanarth — D. G. Sharrock 

Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo'^ quarto, Die 
decimi Decembris, in domo Joannis Powell, in Parochia Landewy^^ 
mortua est Maria uxor Edwardi Lewis, aetatis anno ut creditor 
Vigesimo primo, omnibus Ecclesiae sacramentis, Poenitentiae scilicet, 
Eucharistiss & Extremae Unctionis matur^ perceptis. In Coemeterio 
de Lanarth sepulta est Die Duodecimo ejusdem Mensis — D. G. Sharrock 

(39) Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo quarto. Die 
Decembris Octavi decimIL, mortua est in Parochia Landewy Anna 
Lewis Vidua, aetatis anno, ut creditur, tertio aut quarto supra sexa- 
gesimum. Sacramenta Poenitentiae & Extremae Unctionis mentis 
compos perceperat, Sacram vero Eucharistiam sumere non audebat ob 
difficultatem deglutiendi. In Coemeterio de Lanarth sepulta est 
Vigesimi die Mensis ejusdem — D. G. Sharrock Telmessen. 

Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo Quinto die 
Vigesima-nona Maii, mortua est in Parochia Ragland Anna Thomas 
Vidua aetatis anno circiter sexagesimo, ut creditur. Sacramenta mentis 
compos perceperat. Sepulta est uni aut alteri post die in Coemeterio 
Landenny — G. D. Sharrock Telmessen. 

Eodem Anno, die Octobris quinta, mortuus est Joannes Davis, filius 
Gulielmi & Esther Davis (30) in Parochia de Penrose, ibidemque 
sepultus die septima Mensis praefati. Agebat annum aetatis septimum 
decimum. Sacramenta Poenitentiae & Unctionis Mentis compos 
perceperat — D. G. Sharrock Telmessen. 

Eodem anno, die Tertii Novembris, morte subiti praerepta est Anna 
Jones Vidua aetatis incertae, satis provectae, in Parochia Lanarth & 
ibidem sepulta quinti die ejusdem Mensis & Anni — D. G. Sharrock 

Eodem anno, die Sexta-decima Novembris, morte subit4 erepta est 
in Parochia Ragland, Anna uxor Joannis Williams annos nata [^^ii>^] 
et in Oppido Uske uno aut altero post die sepulta — D. G. Sharrock 
(31) [1786] 

Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo Sexto, Die 
secundi Februarii, Mortua est in Parochia Brungwin Hannah Emlam 
Vidua, aetatis anno sexto, aut circiter, supra Octogesimum, et in coemeterio 
ibidem sequenti die sepulta. Sacramenta Poenitentiae, Eucharistiae 
& Extremae Unctionis, mentis compos perceperat — D. G. Sharrock 

Eodem anno, die Februarii nonIL, mortua est Maria filia Davidis 
& Joannae Morgan in Parochii Brungwin, infans unius mensis, et in 
coemeterio ibidem die undecimi mensis ejusdem sepulta — D. G. Sharrock 

3|c Uanddewi Rhydderch. 


Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo sexto, die 
Maii Octavi-decimi, Mortuus est in Parochia de Dingestow Joannes 
Rowlans, aetatis anno septimo vel octavo, ut creditur, supra Octogesimum, 
et in dicta Parochii sepultus, die vigesimi, ni fallor, dicti mensis. 
Inopinato in agoniam lapsus, absolutionem jam (32) impos mentis 
percepit Ad sacramenta suscipienda se parabat antequam deficeret 
mens — D. G. Sharrock Telmessen. 

Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo Sexto, die 
duo-decimH Septembris in Parochia Penrose, mortua est Anna, uxor 
Danielis Morgan de Parochia Rockfield, annos nata quadraginta 
septem. Sepiilta est sequenti die in Coemeterio Penrose, Sacramenta 
Poenitentiae, Eucharistiae et Unctionis Extremae, mente integri per- 
ceperat — D. G. Sharrock Telmessen. 

Eodem anno, die Septembris octava decimi, in Parochia Ragland, 
mortua est Elizabetha, filia Thomae & Elisabethae Powell, annos nata 
Octodecim. Sepulta est ibidem die mensis vigesiml Sacramenta 
Poenitentiae, Eucharistiae, et Unctionis Extremae mente integri per- 
ceperat — D. G. Sharrock Telmessen. 

(33) Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo Sexto, die 
Novembris undecimi mortuus est in Parochia Penrose Joannes Reece, 
annos natus ut videbatur Sexaginta & ibidem sepultus die Mensis 
decima-quarta. Vix compos mentis Presbyterum appellari desideraverat; 
aliquantulum firmior mente se ad omnia quae suggererem paratum 
iterato declaravit Subito tandem voce & forsan sensu privatus, datis 
tamen aliqualibus intelligentiac & Poenitentiae signis, absolutus est a 
censuris & peccatis — D. G. Sharrock Telmessen. 

Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo Septimo, die 
Februarii Octavi, subito mortuus est Thomas Lowe, alias Hawkins, in 
Parochii de Lanarth Dioecesis Landavensis. Ad Sacramenta suscipienda 
se parabat Ibidem in Coemeterio sepultus est die dicti Mensis decimi, 
aetatis anno, ut creditur Vigesimo Sexto aut Septimo — D. G. Sharrock 

(34) Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo septimo, 
die [blank] Aprilis, mortuus est puerulus Ludovici & Annae Davis in 
parochii Landewy & ibidem sepultus die [blank] ejusdem Mensis & 
Anni — D. Greg. Sharrock Telmessen. 

Die Tertii-decimi dicti Mensis & Anni mortua est in Parochia 
Lanvapley Maria Morgan Vidua supra Octoginta Annos nata. Sacra- 
menta Poenitentiae, Eucharistiae, et Unctionis Extremae perceperat 
Sepulta est die Aprilis Quintd-decimi in Coemeterio Lanarth — D. Greg. 
Sharrock Telmessen. 

Die Vigesimi primi praefati Mensis & Anni mortuus est in Parochia 
Brungwine, Thomas filius Philippi & Mariae Paske, Annos natus Viginti 
& aliquot menses. Perceperat Sacramenta (35) Poenitentiae, Eucharistiae, 
& Unctionis Extremae. Sepultus est in Coemeterio Brungwine die 
Vigesima-quarti praefati mensis — D. G. Sharrock Telmessen. 


Anno Domini Miliesimo Sepringentesimo Octogesiiiio Octaio, dm 
OuintMrdtcimsL Februarii mortua est in ParochiA Monmouth DiceGens 
mrcfordimHi, Catberina, uxor Gulielmi Rosser, onmibus EcdesiaB 
Macnunentui prsemunita. Sepulta est, ni Mor, in Coemeterio Dixon — 
I). G» Sharrock Telmessen. 

Anno Domini Miliesimo Septingentesimo Nonagesimo-quarto, die 
Vif(6itma SextA Octobris mortuus est in Parochii Monmouth Gulielmus 
l^ewfi omnibus Ecclesiae Sacramentis munitus. Sepultus est in Coemeterio 
de Monmouth, die VigesimA Octava dlcti Mensis, Anno aetatis Octogesimo 
qu«fU>— D. G. Sharrock Telmessen. 

(yi) Anno Domini Miliesimo Septingentesimo Nonagesiroo Quarto^ Die 
Octobris Vigcsimi^nonft apud Monmouth inopinatb, sine SacrameotiSy 
mortua est Kacheli uxor Matthiae Morgan da Llanvihangel,^^ aetatis anno 
Hexi^imo secundo, & apud Llanvihangel sepulta die tngesimA-priml 
cjttsdem Mentis — D. G. Sharrock Tehnessen. 

Anno Domini Miliesimo Septingentesimo Nonagesimo Quinto Corpus 
Gulielmi Williams, Agricolae, qui obierat in Parochia de Mitchel TVoy 
die Maii .Sexta-decimi, sepultum est ritu Catholico ibidem die Octavft- 
dedmi ejusdem Mensis, cum vixisset annos [Mank]— a me D. G. 
Mharrock Telmessen. 

Cm 37-50 ^lank.'\ 



Anno Domini Miliesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo secundo. Die 
Martii DecimA Octavi haeresim abjuravit Maria, uxor Gulielmi Jones, 
Ludimagistri de Lanarth — D. G. Sharrock £p. Telmessen., Coadj. 

Anno Domini Miliesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo secundo^ Die 
Novembris Vigesimi tertii hseresim abjuravit Benjamin Davies de 
Parochii Lanfoyst — D. G. Sharrock Ep. Telmessen., Coadj. 


Anno Domini Miliesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo quarto Die 
Pebruarij primi haeresim abjuravit Anna, uxor Davidis Morgan de 
Parochia Lanarth — D. G. Sharrock qui supra. 

Eodem anno, Mense Aprilis, Joannes Evans de Ragland aegrotus — 
D. G. Sharrock. 

Eodem anno, Die Maii Sexti decimi, haeresim abjuravit Maria 
Morgan Vidua Parochiae Lanarth — D. G. Sharrock. 

(52) Anno Domini Miliesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo Quarto, die 
Junii Quinta-decima, haeresim abjuravit Anna Jenkins, Vidua. Degebat 
apud filiam suam in Parochia Ragland — D. G. Sharrock. 

4c Matthias Morgan was a wheelwright and resided at the Onnen in Llanfihangel* 
yitern-llewem. lie married RacM Lewis at the parteh chofch there, 27 Feb. 1755. 

Eodem anno Mense Novembris Ecclesiae fidem amplexa est Maria, 
uxor Joannis Price, de Parochia Brungwin, aegrotans periculosi— * 
D. G. Sharrock. 

Eodem anno & Mense Maria uxor Edwardi Lewis periculosfc 
decumbens in Parochia Landewy — D. G. Sharrock. 


Mense Februano, Anna Thomas Vidua, periculose decumbeosi in 
Parochia Landenny, vel Ragland — D. G. Sharrock. 

Mense Martio, Anna Jones Vidua, periculos^ aegrotans, in Parochia 
Lanarth — D. G. Sharrock. 

(53) Mense Octobri, Anna uxor Joannis Williams, periculosi aegrotans 
in Parochia Ragland^ — D. 6. Sharrock. 

Mense Decembri, Esther Davis Vidua in Parochia Penrose — 
D. G« Sharrock. 


Mense Martio, Anastasia, Uxor Gulielmi Roberts, periculos^ aegrotansi 
in Parochia Penrose — D. G. Sharrock. 

Die trigesimi Mensis August!, Margarita, Uxor Philippi Matthews^, 
in Parochia Lanarth, pericul^ aegrotans — D. G. Sharrock. 

Die tertii Septembris, Anna, Uxor Danielis Morgan, in ParochiA 
Penrose, periculosfe aegrotans — D. G. Sharrock. 

Die tertia-decima Septembris, Elizabetha Powell, in Parochia Ragland, 
periculos^ aegrotans, Recondliationem sana petierat — D. G. Sharrock. 

(54) 1787 

Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo OctogesmuhSep^uno^ Die 
Aprilis Octav& fidem amplexus est Thomas, filius Philippi & Mjuiae 
Paske, in PSrochii Bryngwinj phtisi periclitans — D. G. Sharrock. 

£He Aprilis Undecimi, Mana Morgan Vidua in Parochia Lanyapley, 
paralysi laborans — D. G. Sharrock. 

Die Junii Octavi-decimd, Rachel,^^ uxor Matthiae Morgan, in Parochia 
Lanihangeli ex morbo periclitans — D. G. Sharrock. 

Die Augusti Quarta, Maria Evans Vidua, in Parochia Penrose, ex 
morbo periclitans — D. G. Sharrock. 

Die Novembris Sexta dedxkij^ M^uria James, Vidua, in Parochia 
Penrose, a^otans, reconciliationem dudum petierat— D. G. Sharrock. 


(55) Anno Millesimo Septingentesimo Nonagesimo secundo, Ecclesiae 
reddita est Anna uxor Gualterii Jenkins, die Febniarii Vigesimi secundA. 
Demoratur in Parochia de Welsh-Newton. Verius farsoH Dixon^\p.s,'\ 
— D. G. Sharrock. 

Anno Millesimo Septingentesimo Nonagesimo quarto, die Octobris 
VigesimA tertiA, EUxlesiae pad redditus est Gulielmus Lewis, in Monmouth . 
oppidor— D. G. Sharrock. 

(56) [blank,] 

3|c And lee CaiaUpis Mftmrum^ 1794 (ante), 

f The parishes bt Welsh "^^ewtoQ in Herefordshire, and Dixton in Monmouth- 
■hire, adjoin each other. Dixton is a very large and strafgling parfih. 

156 registers of llamarth 

(57) Catalogus Conpirmatorum. 


Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo secundo, Die 
Junii Non^ Sacramentum Confirniationis perceperunt, Ministrante lUho 
ac Re&o Dno Carolo Walmesley, Epo Ramatensi ac Vicario ApliSo in 
Occidentali Angliae Districtu, 

Elizabetha Cartwright Edwardus\ rp,^^^^ 

Susanna Evans. Maria / ^^^mas. 

Maria Yarnold. Margarita, Maria, Daniel. 

Sara 1 Anna, Elizabetha, George. 

Johanna > Crofts. Catharina Jenkins. 

Blancha, Maria,] Maria Young. 

Apud Lanarth in praedicto Districtu, quod Testor — G. Sharrock 

(58) [1794] 

Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Nonagesimo Quarto, die 
Octava-decimi Maii, apud Rotherwas,^^ Sacramentum Confinnationis 
receperunt, me Ministro, 

Elisabeth, Teresa, Roddis. "f" Helena, Lucia, 1 p . 

Caroletta, Anna, ^ g. , Gulielmus, Josephus,/ ^^^ 

Edwardus, Carolus,/ Josephus, Thomas, Kemp. 

Joannes Jackson. Maria, Anna, James. 

Thomas, Petrus, Dimes. Gulielmus\ ^. , , 

Elisabeth, Maria, Perry. Anna / ^^^noias. 

Maria, Anna, '\ ^^y^^ (S9) Joanna, Maria, Williams. 

Joannes, Josephus, / ' Thomas ^p 

Joannes, Josephus, Rogers. Richardus, Jacobus,/ ^^^^^P^^' 

Robertus, Thomas, Terry. Jacobus Jenkins. 
Hannah, Maria, LillwalL 

Quod Testor— G. Sharrock Telmessen. 

Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Nonagesimo Quinto, Die 
Quinti-dedma Novembris, Sacramentum Confirmationis receperunt 
Quadraginta tres persons in oppido Abergavenny, me ministro. Quod 
testor — G. Sharrock Telmessen. 


Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Nonagesimo Sexto, Die 
quintd Junii, Sacramentum Confirmationis receperunt undecim persons 
in Oppido Brecknock, me ministro, quod testor — G. Sharrock Telmessen. 

Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Nonagesimo Sexto, Die 
duodecimi Junii, Sacram-(6o)entum Confirmationis receperunt Viginti 
Sex Persons in Sacello de Lanarth, me ministro, quod testor — 
G. Sharrock Telmessen. 

4c Rotherwas, Herefordshire, the seat of the old Catholic family of Bodenham. 
f Qmtrg Addis. 


Scilicet obtulit 18 R: D: G: Gerard^ Nomina sequuntur 6- locus 

Thomas Evans 

Margarita Jones 

Edwardus, Joannes, Morgan \ Lanarth. 

Elisabeth, Maria, Thomas 

Catharina, Elisabeth, Williams 
Maria Meredith \ Michael, Georgius,! t^ It * 

Joannes \ Georgia;. Paulus.r^"''|^"°^y°- 

Philippus j-Charles pj , Petrus, Joannes, Roberts; Landilo.* 

Winifrida, Maria, J • 3a a. gijg^ijeth, Maria, Higgins; Penrose, 

Maria, Catharina, Morgan (61) Joannes Evans; Panty Goitre. 

Gualterius Evans ' Anna, Maria, Hughes; Tregaire. 

Maria, Catharina, Morgan; Lanvihangel.' 

Octo sequentes adduxit R: D: E: Jones, 

Jacobum Davis. Mariam Brown. 

Gulielmum \ ^ Saram Howel. 

EUsabetham/ ^^"^- Mariam Croft. 

Mariam James. Annam Williams. 

Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Nonagesimo Sexto, Die 
decimi Julii ; Sacramentum Confirmationis receperunt Quinque Personam 
in oppido Chepstow, me ministro. Quod testor — G. Sharrock Telmessen. 
(62) Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Nonagesimo Sexto, die 
prima Octobris, Sacramentum Confirmationis in Oppido Monmouth 
suscepit Elisabetha Sophia Kelly, alias \hlanfi\ me ministro, quod testor — 
G. Sharrock Telmessen. 

Anno Domini Millesimo Septingentesimo Nonagesimo Septimo, die 
August! Octavi-decimi, Sacramentum Confirmationis in Oppido Mon- 
mouth susceperunt, me ministro, 

Elisabeth,^ Maria, uxor Michaelis \ Watkins 

/ de 

Elisabeth, uxor Joannis / de Monmouth 

Anna \ 

Maria, filia Joannis j- Watkins de Monmouth 

Elisabeth, filia Joannis j de Rockfield. 
Maria Edmunds. 

Elisabeth^ x Gratia Briggs.* 

Hannah ]^ * Joannes Lewellin. 

Quod Testor— G. Sharrock Telmessen. 
\pp. 63 and 64 blank?^ 

^In the parish of Usk. 
« Liantilio Croseny. 

^The baptism of Manr, daughter of Matthew and Rachel Morgan, is recorded 
in the Parish Register of Llanfihangel-ystem-llewem, 15 Nov. 1776. 

* Nata Prosser, of Monmouth ; she was at this time 28 years of age, and a 
convert of some 12 vears' standing. She died 1851. Michael Watkins (1750-1808) 
was a brother to John. 

• Daughter of Sir John Briggs of Blackbrook, bart« 


Baptisms {continued), 

0^' ^793 

tV dei^imd-septimi Januarii Ann! Millesimi SeptiDjgentesimi Nona- 
^>:jwu Tcrtii, nata, et die Vigesimi ejusdem mensis bapdsata fuit 
^hid(N>chA Jenkins, filia Gualterii et Anna Jenkins (olim Thomas) 
xX^^Vv"^'**"^* in Paroecia Welsh Newton vei rectius Dixton {p.s,) commor- 
4^K'l;iU Tdtrinus fuit Joannes Billington, Matrina Elisabetha Watkins — 
t wir i«- ShAiTock Telmessen. 

IV IVvimA-nona Octobris Anni Millesimi Septingentesimi Nona- 
jc«i^t tVrtii haptisata fuit Maria Morgan, filia Gulielmi & Manse Moiigan 
A'JM Rv>$$er) conj^gum, in Paroecia Monmouth commorantium — a me 
vw StUrtvX'k. Patrinus fuit Jacobus Rosser, Matrina Francisca Price. 
\;4lA M |>arvula die Vigesimi quinti (66) Septembris ejusdem anni, 
^ it^ulorunt praefeti Susceptores— G. Sharrock Telmessen. Qui supra. 
W iUH:ima-noni Decembris, Anni Millesimi Septingentesimi Nona- 
^««ktui tortii, natus, & die Vigesima-noni ejusdem mensis baptissitus fuit 
Ikn^us Watkins, filius Josephi & Elisabetha Watldns (olim Prichard) 
H\^iU|lum, in Paroecia Llangarran degentium. Patrinus fuit Joannes 
K^^^r* Malrina Maria Williams— a me G. Sharrock Telmessen. 


)>ic decima-noni Januarii, Anni Millesimi Septingentesimi Nona- 
Minu Quarti, natus, et die Vigesimi ejusdem mensis baptisatus fuit, 
Mih conditione (quia baptismus jam collatus aliquatenus incertus 
^lohAtur) Gulielmus (67) Hall filius Thoma & Sara Hall (olim Lewis) 
wyilipi'tti in Paroecia S. Weonardi* degentium. Matrina fuit Maria 
\\m A '"C G. Sharrock Telmessen. 

Pic Vigesimi-tertii Februarii, anni Millesimi Septingentesimi Nona- 

S^mi Quarti, natus, et die Vigesima Sexti ejusdem mensis baptisatus 
\X ifulielmus Dugmore, filius Thoma & Anna Sara Dugmore (olim 
HiUington) conjugum, in Paroecii Monmouth degentium. Patrinus fuit 
\iuHcIinus Kingston, Matrina Hannah Pitt — a me G. Sharrock Telmessen. 
Die Vigesima-quartA Martii natus, Anni Millesimi Septingentesimi 
J^oiuigcsimi Quarti^ et die Vigesima-quinta ejusdem Mensis baptisatus 
t\iit. pnetermissis Cceremoniis, filius Joannis & Martha (68) Vaughan 
uUim I-»cwis) conjugum, in loco dicto Three-brooks, prope Broad-Oak "f" 
Jftfcntium — a me G. Sharrock Telmessen. 

Die undecimi Aprilis, Anni Millesimi Septingentesimi Nonagesimi 
iiuarti, natus, et die tertid-decimi ejusdem mensis baptisatus fuit Jacobus 
\Vatkins,9 filius Joannis & Elisabetha Watkins (olim etiam Watkins) 
\x>njugum, in Parochia Monmouth degentium. Patrinus fuit Joannes 
BSIlington, Matrina Maria Stead— a me G. Sharrock Telmessen. 

Die sextd Aprilis, Anni Millesimi Septingentesimi Nonagesimi 
quarti, nata, et die undccimd Maii baptisata fuit Elisabetha Ellis, filia 
Joannis & Anna Ellis (olim James) conjugum, in Parochia Cwm- 
Carvan degentium. Patrinus fuit Jacobus (69) Ellis, Matrina Maria 
§leed — a me G. Sharrock Telmessen. 

]|( Herefordshire. 

I In the parish of Gar way, Herefordshire. 
James Watkins became a priest and a foreign missionary. He died at 
j^|i0igaTcnny, i86a (Vids post^ Monmouth Chapel Anniversaries.) 


Die VigesimA-octavi Augusti, Anni Millesifni Septingentesimi Noila- 
gesimi quarti, nata, et die Trige8im& ejusdem Mensis baptisata fuit 
Sara Watkins, filia Joannis & Joannae Watkins (olitn Pardee) Cortju- 
gum, in Parochia Rockfield commorantium. Patrinas fait Ja6obus 
Powell, Matrina Anna Bailey, cujus rices gessit Anna Prichard — a me 
G. Shaxrock Telmessen. 

Die Quinti-decimd Norembris, Anni MiHesimi Septingentesimi 
Nonagesimi Quarti, natus, et die Septim&-decimi ejusdem Menms 
baptisatus fuit Gulielmus Gailey, filius Gulielmi & Elisabethae Gailey 
(oUm Vaughan) Conjugum, in Parochia Monmouth (70) commcmn^ 
tium. Patrinus fuit Gulielmus Williams, Matrina DoroCh^ Thoidas — 
a me G. Sharrack Telmessen^ 

Die Quint&rdedma Norembris, Anni Millesimi Septingentesitti 
Nonagesimi Quarti, nata, et die Vigesimi-nona ejusdem mensis hse^ 
tiaata fuit, Maria Jenkins, filia Gualterii & Annae Jenkins (oliiifi 
Thomas) conjugum, in Parochia Dixton degentium. Patrinas f^ 
Joannes Powell Lorymer, Matrina Maria Embcy-^-A me G. Sharrock 

Die quintil Decembris, Anni Millesimi Septingentesimi Nonagesimi 
Quarti, nata, et die quartdrdedmA ejusdem mensis baptisata fuU 
Elisabetha Pitt, filia Daridis dc Hannah Pitt (olim (71) Billington) 
conjugum, in oppido Monmouth degentium. Patrinus & Matrina fuere 
Joannes et Sara Billington conjuges — a me G. Sharrock Telmessen. 

Die undecimi Januani, Anni Millesimi Septingentesimi Nonagesimi 
Quinti, natus, & die tertii-decimft ejusdem mensis baptisatuS ftdt 
Michael Watkins, filius Michaelis & Elisabethse Watkins (olim Prossei^ 
conjugum, in oppido Monmouth degentium. Patrinus fuit Antonius 
Rosser, Matrina Catharina Williams — a me G. Sharrock Telmessen. 

Die rigesim&-septim& Martii, Anni Millesimi Septingentesimi Nona- 
gesimi Quinti, natus, et die Secund& Aprilis ejusdem anni, baptisatas 
ftiit in domo Patemi David Watkins, filius Jacobi & Rachelis Watkins 
(olim Lloyd) conjugum, in Parochia Dingestow degentium. (7Sf) Patrinus 
fuit Thomas Lloyd, Matrina Elisabeth Powell, quorum vices egit Maria 
Watkins — a me G. Sharrock Telmessen. 

Die quinta-dedmi Maii, Anni Millesimi Septingentesimi Nonagetimi 
Quinti, nata, et die octavardecimi ^usdem mentis, baptisata fuit Sara 
liall, ^ia Thorns & Sarae Hall (oUm Lewis) conjugum, in P^rodw 
S. Weonardi degentium. Matrina fuit Maria Hfldl*-a me D. G« 
Sharrock Telmess. 

Die Octava-decim& Martii^ Anai Millesimi Sepdngentasimi Nona- 
gesimi Quinti, natus, et die Noni Junii baptisatus fiiit Carolus Jones, 
fUius Joannis & Maris Jones (olim Watkins) conjugum, in Parochia 
Langattock4( degentium. Patrinus fuit Jacobus Jones, Matrina Wine- 
frida Lambert — a me G. Sharrock Telmessen. 

^3) Die Octavi Julii, Anni Millesimi Septingentesimi Nonagesimi 
Quinti, nata, et die sexta-decimi ejusdem mensis baptisata fuit Maria 
Dugmore, filia Thonse & Anns Sar8» Dugmoie (oKm Billington) 

^ LUngfttoc-feibioQ-AfeL 


conjugum, in Parochia Monmouth degentium. Patrinus fuit Joannes 
Powell Lorymer, Matrina Maria PoweU Lorymer (dicti Joannis Mater) 
— a me G. Sharrock Telmessen. 

Die secundi Octobris, Anni Millesimi Septingentesimi Nonagesimi 
Quinti, natus, et die primi Novembris ejusdem anni baptisatus fait 
Joannes Watkins, RUus Evani & Rosettae Watkins (olim James) con- 
jugum, in Parochia Monmouth degentium.4( Patrinus fiiit Joannes 
Lambert, Matrina Dorothea Thomas — a me D. G. Sharrock Telmessen. 

(74) 1796. 

Die duodecimi Maii, Anni Millesimi Septingentesimi Nonagesimi 
Sexti, nata, et die Secundi Junii baptisata fuit Maria Allen, filia 
Joannis & Catharinae Allen (olim Treharne) conjugum, in Parochia 
de Mitchel Troy degentium. Patrinus fuit Joannes Spencer Woollett, 
cujus vices supplevit Joannes Powell Lorymer — a me G. Shanodc 

Die VigesimH-sextd Decembris, Anni Millesimi Septingentesimi 
Nonagesimi Sexti, nata, et die Vigesimi-septim& ejusdem mensis bap- 
tisata fuit Elisabetha Galley, filia Gulielmi & Elisabethae Gailey (olim 
Vaughan) conjugum, in Oppido Monmouth degentium. Patrinus fiiit 
Richardus Lawford, Matrina Elisabetha Watkins — ^a me G. Sharrock 


Die primi Septembris, aut circiter, Anni Millesimi Septingentesimi 
Nonagesimi Sexti, natus, et die Secundi (75) Januarii Anni Millesimi 
Septingentesimi Nonagesimi Septimi baptisatus fuit Josephus Roberts, 
filius Joannis et Joannae Roberts (olim Williams) Conjugum, in 
Parochia Langattock degentium — (omissis coeremoniis) a me G. 
Sharrock Telmessen. 

Die Vigesimi Octavi Januarii, Anni Millesimi Septingentesimi 
Nonagesimi Septimi nata et baptisata fuit Elisabetha Dugmore, filia 
Thomae et Annae Sarae Dugmore (olim Billington) conjugum, in 
Oppido Monmouth degentium. Patrinus fuit Joannes Billington, 
Matrina Maria Billington — a me G. Sharrock Telmessen. 

Die Nona-decimi Decembris, Anni Millesimi Septingentesimi 
Nonagesimi Sexti, natus, et die duodecimi Februarii Anni Millesimi 
Septingentesimi Nonagesimi (76) Septimi baptisatus fuit Jacobus Ellis, 
filius Joannis & Annas Ellis (olim James) conjugum, in Parochia 
Cwm-Carvan degentium. Patrinus fuit Jacobus Rosser, Matrina 
Elisabetha Ellis — a me G. Sharrock Telmessen. 

Die Vigesimi primd Martii, Anni Millesimi Septingentesimi Nona- 
gesimi Septimi, nata, et die vigesima-sexti ejusdem mensis baptisatm 
fuit (omissis coeremoniis) Agnes Hall, filia Thomae & Sarae Hall (olim 
liewis) conjugum, in Parochia S. Weonardi degentium — a me G. 
Sharrock Telmessen. 

[TA€ rest of the book is blank.] 

3|( They lived at Mansion's Cross, a hamlet near Monmouth. 


Second Book. 

The p«ges are unnumbered. The flv-leaf bears the following inscription, which, 
like the whole book, is in the handwriting of the Rev. William Gerard : " Register 
of Baptisms In the Parish of Lanarth, &c. in Monmouthshire.'* 

Catalogus Baptismorum. 

Die 5 natus et die 8 Augusti 1790 baptizatus fuit Joannes Jones 4^ 
filius Joannis et Mariae Jones (olim Lee)'f' conjugum a me Gulielmo 
Gerard Mis® Ap®. Patrinus fuit Daniel Creagh, Matrina Maria Lee. 


Die 7 natus et die 10 Decembris 1791 baptizatus fuit Phillipus 
Jones filius Joannis et Mariae Jones (olim Lee) Conjugum a me Gul. 
Gerard Mis^Ap**. Patrinus fuit Robertus Berkeley,8 Matrina [d/ank] 

Mortua [su] est die Septembris anno 1807 [p.s,'] 


Die 23 nata et die 27 Martii 1793 baptizata fuit Maria Jones 
filia Joannis et Mariae Jones (olim Lee) conjugum a me Gul. Gerard 
Mis® Ap®. Patrinus fuit Richardus Lee, Matrina [d/ank] Jones. 

Die 30 nata et die 25 Junii 1793 baptizata fuit Maria Morgan 
filia Joannis et Elizabethae Morgan (olim Jones) conjugum a me GuL 
Gerard Mis® Ap®. Patrinus fuit Thomas Hitchins, Matrina Sara 

Die 6 natus et die 9 Octobris 1793 baptizatus fuit Thomas James 
filius Thomae et Mariae James (olim Linton) conjugum a me Gul. 
Gerard. Patrinus fuit [i^/ank], Matnna [d/ank], 


Die 2 nata et die 4 Novembris 1794 baptizata fuit Elizabeth Jones 
filia Joannis et Mariae Jones (olim Lee) Conjugum a me GuL Gerard 
Mis®Ap®. Patrinus fuit Thomas Weld, Matrina [blank] Berkeley. 

Die 7 nata et die 11 Novembris 1794 baptizata fuit Francisca 
Morgan filia Joannis et Elizabethae Morgan (olim Jones) conjugum 
a me Gul. Gerard Mis® Ap®. Patrinus fuit Thomas Evans, Matrina 
Susanna Evans. 


Die 16 natus et die 22 Maii 1796 baptizatus fuit Joannes Morgan 
filius Joannis et Elizabethae Morgan (olim Jones) conjugum a me 
GuL Gerard Mis® Ap®. Patrinus fuit Joannes Persal, Matrina Maria 

Die 3 nata et die 5 Februarii 1796 baptizata fuit Florencia Jones 
filia Joannis et Mariae Jones (olim Lee) conjugum a me Gul. Gerard 
Mis® Ap®. Patrinus fuit Robertus Berkeley Jun', Matrina Florencia 

Die 23 natus et die 30 Decembris 1796 baptizatus fuit Edwardus 
Fisher filius Edwardi et Mariae Fisher (olim Maddox) conjugum a me 
Gul. Gerard Mis® Ap®. Matrina fuit Maria Cope. 

3|c Father of the late Mr. John Arthur Edward Herbert of Llanarth. 
^ Daughter of Richard Lee of Clytha, esq., by Mary, daughter of John Jones 
of Llanarth. % Berkeley of Spetchley. 


Die 14 nata et die 16 Junii 1797 baptinta fuit Maria Ann Jones 
fffik Joannis et Mariae Jones (olim Lee) conjugum a me GuL Geraid 
Mis^ Ap^. Patrinus fuit GuUelmus Jones de Clytha, et Matrina [UanK] 

Mortua est anno 1808 Ip.s,] 


Die 25 natus et die 30 Aprilis 1798 baptizatus fdit Jacobus Movgn 
filius Joannis et Elizabethan Morgan (olim Jones) conjugum a me 
GuL Gerard Mis<> Ap<>. Matrina fuit Lucia Kane.* 

Die I natus et die 3 Decembris 1798 baptizatus fiiit GuUdmus 
Jones filius Joannis et Marias Jones (olim Lee) conjugum a me GuL 
Gerard Mis<> Ap^ Patrinus fuit Carolus Bodenham,>Ti et Matrina Joamia 

Die I natus et die 6 Decembris 1798 baptizatus fuit Joaimes Gowks 
filius Gulielmi et Aliciae Cowles (olim Underwood) conjugum a me 
Gul. Gerard Mis® Ap^ 

Mortuus est. 


Die 13 nata et die 19 Octobris 1799 baptizata fuit Maria Gaine 
filia Thomae et Catharinae Gaine (olim Price) conjugum a me GuL 
Gerard Mis<>Ap<>. Matrina fuit Joanna Jones. 

Die 18 natus et die 20 Decembris 1799 baptizatus fuit Benjamin 
James filius Thomae et Mariae James (olim Linton) conjugum a me 
GuL Gerard Mis® Ap®. Patrinus fuit Gul. Evans, et Matrina Anna Linton. 

Mortuus est. 

Die 25 Februarii natus et die 2 Martii 1800 baptizatus fuit Thomas 
Walbeoff filius Thomae et Mariae Walbeoff (olim Williams) conjugum 
a me Gul. Gerard Mis® Ap®. Matrina fuit Maria Lloyd. 

Die 7 natus et die 15 Martii 1800 baptizatus fuit GuUelmus Harris 
filius Gulielmi et Elizabethae Harris (olim Evans) conjugum a me GuL 
Gerard Mis® Ap®. Patrinus fuit Gualterius Lewis, et Matrina Maria 

Die 25 nata et die 27 Martii 1800 baptizata fuit Rachel fiUa 
Gulielmi et Mariae Wathan (olim Morgan) conjugum a me GuL 
Gerard Mis® Ap®. Patrinus llf/anX], 

Die 7 nata et die 22 Aprilis 1800 baptizata fuit Catharina Edwards 
filia Caroli et Catharinae Mariae Edwards (olim Ferrersf) conjugum a 
me Gul. Gerard Mis® Ap®. Patrinus fuit Thomas Ferrers, et Matrina 
Hester Ferrers. 

Die 14 natus et die 17 Junii 1800 baptizatus fuit Edwardus Basflius 
Jones filius Joannis et Mariae Jones (olim Lee) conjugum a me GuL 
Gerard Mis® Ap®. Patrinus fuit Joannes Jones de Clytha Cottage, et 
Matrina [i^/ank] Butler de 

4c Kane of Monmouth, of Irish origin. f Bodenham of Rotherwts. 

i The Christian name of the father should read Thomas, and it is odd how it 
appears here more than once as Charles. Mrs. Eklwards was the daughter of Edward 
Ferrers of Baddesley Clinton, esq. 

5 Ballyraggett, 


Die 20 flatus et die 25 Aprilis 1800 baptizatus fuit GuHelmus 
Morgan filius Joannis et Elizabethse Morgan (olim Jones) conjugum 
a me Gul. Gerard Mis® Ap®. Patrinus fuit Edvardus Morgan, et 
Matrina Anna Morgan. 

Die 24 nata et die 27 Decembris 1800 baptizata fuit Maria Lewis 
filia Jacobi et Annae I.ewis (olim Evans) conjugum a me Gul. Gerard 
Mis* Ap*. Patrinus fuit Edvardus Morgan, et Matrina Anna Prosser. 

[N.B. — Henceforward in this copy the child's surname will be 
omitted after his Christian name ; as also will the second '* die," and 

the words, " conjugum," " patrinus fuit et matrina " — for 

which latter the word " patrini " will be substituted. The name and 
style of Father Gerard will also in general be left out, as it continues 
through the book.—J.H.M.] 

Die 27 Januarii nata et 17 Februarii 1801 baptizata fuit Maria filia 
Joannis et Elizabethae Powell (olim Thomas). Matrina, Elizabeth Jones. 

Die 9 nata et 26 Maii 1801 baptizata fuit Elizabeth filia Thomae 
et Catharinae Gaine (olim Price). Patrini, Thomas Morgan et Margaritta 

Die 24 nata et 28 Junii 1801 baptizata fuit Maria filia Gulielmi 
et Mariae Wathan (olim Morgan). 

Die 25 natus et 29 Julii 1801 baptizatus fuit Joannes filius Gulielmi 
et Aliciae Cowles (olim Underwood). 

Die 26 nata et 29 Septembris 1801 baptizata fuit Joanna filia 
Joannis et Mariae Jones (ohm Lee). Patrini, Carolus Mostyn Brown 
et Catbarina Sturton. 

Die 21 nata et 30 Decembris 1801 baptizata fuit Maria filia 
Edvardi et Mariae Fisher (olim Maddox). Patrini, Thomas Morgan 
et [UanJt], 

Die 30 Aprilis nata et 10 Maii 1802 baptizata fuit Anna filia 
Jacobi et Annae Lewis (olim Evans). Matrina, Joanna Jones. 

Die 13 nata est et 18 Junii 1802 baptizata fuit Elizabeth filia 
Joannis et Elizabeth Moigan (olim Jones). Patrini, Thomas Williams 
et Maria Prichard 

Die t6 natus et 29 Julii 1802 baptizatus fuit Georgius filius Thomae 
et Mariae James (olim Linton). 

Die 13 nata et 18 Augusti 1802 baptizata fuit Anna filia Gulielmi 
et Annae Evans. 

Die 14 natus et 17 Martii 1803 baptizatus fuit Henricus Wy borne 
filiiis Joannis et Mariae Jones (olim Lee). Patrini, [dlank] Acton et 
AppokKiia Berkeley. 

Die [^/ank] nata et [ManA] 1803 baptizata fuit Catharina filia 
Thomae et Catharinae Gaine (olim Price). Matrina, Teresa Vaughan.^ 

Die 6 nata et 9 Maii 1803 baptizata fuit Maria Anna filia Joannis 
•t liaiftiittae Stanley (olim Thomas). 

Die le natus et 23 Maii 1803 baptizatus fuit Thomas filius Francisci 
et Elizabethae Adams (olim Williams). Patrini, Gulielmus Evans et 
Anna Prichard, 

1$ VMghan of Coqrtficld, 


Die [d/ank] natus et 3 Junii 1803 baptizatus fuit Thomas Ferrers 
filius Caroli et Catharins Edwards (olim Ferrers). Patrini, Joannes 
Gerard de Mount, Chepstow, et Elizabeth Ferrers. 

Die 20 natus et 28 Novembris 1803 baptizatus fuit Gulielmus filius 
Joannis et Elizabethae Powell (olim Thomas). Matrina, Maria Meredith. 

Die 13 natus et 17 Januarii 1804 baptizatus est Gulielmus filius 
Gulielmi et Mariae Wathan (olim Morgan). 

Die 21 natus et 24 Aprilis 1804 baptizatus fuit Joannes filius Joannis 
Charles et Maris Evans. [The word "conjugum" does not occur here 
in the original] 

Die 17 natus et 23 Julii 1804 baptizatus fuit Joannes TurberviUe 
filius Joannis et Blanchise Tudor (olim Croft).* Patrini, Jacobus Croft 
et Sarah Croft. 

Die 22 natus et 24 Julii 1804 baptizatus fuit Thomas filius Gulielmi 
et Aliciae Cowles (olim Underwood). 

Die 23 nata et 30 Septembris 1804 baptizata fuit Maria filia 
Gulielmi et Annae Evans (olim Bills). Patrini, Joannes Evans et Maria 

Die 29 nata et 30 Septembris 1804 baptizata fuit Apollonia filia 
Joannis et Maris Jones (olim Lee). Patrini, Josephus Weld de Pilewell, 
et Teresa Vaughan de Courtfield. 

Die 13 nata et 15 Januarii 1805 baptizata fuit Maria filia Thorns 
et Maris James (olim Linton). Patrini, Robertus Jones et Maria 

Die 26 nata et 28 Februarii 1805 baptizata fuit Elizabeth filia 
Joannis et Elizabeths Gerard (olim Ferrers). Patrini, Thomas Stanley 
de Id/ank"] et Catharina Gerard, ^f^ 

Die 5 nata et 10 Martii 1805 baptizata fuit Anna filia [^/a^i] et 
Marths Somers (olim Sheldon). Patrinus, Thomas Tancred. 

Die 7 nata et 19 Martii 1805 baptizata fuit Anna filia Joannis & 
Maris Charles (olim Evans). Matrina, Anna Charles. 

Die 10 Aprilis natus et 2 Maii 1805 baptizatus fuit sub conditione 
Alexander filius Caroli et Catharins Edwards (olim Ferrers). 

Die 22 natus et 24 Junii 1805 baptizatus fuit Albanus Josephus 
filius Jacobi et Anns Croft (olim Hyde). Patrini, Gulielmus Lorymer 
et Maria Hyde. 

Die 3 natus et 8 Augusti 1805 baptizatus fuit Joannes filius Joannis 
et Maris Evans (olim Tasker). Patrini, Thomas Evans et Maria Cope. 

Die I natus et 13 Novembris 1805 baptizatus fuit Thomas filius 
Thoms et Catharins Gaine (olim Price). Patrinus, Gulielmus Hitchins. 

Die 15 Novembris nati et eadem die 1805 baptizati fuerunt Michael 
et Susanna, gemmini, filius et filia Michaelis et Maris Lewis (olim 
Evans). Matrina, Susanna Evans. 

Die 7 Aprilis natus et 5 Maii 1806 baptizatus fuit Gulielmus filius 
Jacobi et Anns Lewis (olim Evans). Patrini, Richardus Morgan et 
Anna Morgan. 

4c Croft of LUm{ur-cil(i;oed. 

f Thomas Strickland Standisb married Catharine, sister of John Gerard. 


Die 1 8 natus et 21 Mali 1806 baptizatus fuit Gulielmus filius 
Joannis^c et Elizabethae Gerard (olim Ferrers) de Mount, Chepstow. 
Patrini, Thomas Gage de [^/a«^], et Anna Maria Gerard. 

Die 2$ nata et 27 Junii 1806 baptizata fuit Anna filia Gulielmi 
et Maria Wathan (olim Morgan). 

Die 26 natus et 30 Junii 1806 baptizatus fuit Jacobus filius Edvardi 
et Mariae Fisher (olim Maddox). Patrinus, Thomas Evans. 

Die II Julii natus et 2 Augusti 1806 baptizatus fuit Gulielmus 
filius Gulielmi et Annae Evans (olim Bills). Patrini, Thomas Evans 
et Maria Lewis. 

Die 16 Julii nata et 3 Augusti 1806 baptizata fuit Joanna filia 
Joannis et Elizabethae Powell (olim Thomas). Matrina, Maria Thomas. 

Die 18 natus et 22 Augusti 1806 baptizatus fuit Richardus filius 
Toannis et Mariae Jones (ohm Lee). Patrini, Gulielmus Vaughan et 
[dlank) Stanford. 

Die I natus et 5 Septembris 1806 baptizatus est Richardus filius 
Gulielmi et Aliciae Cowles (olim Underwood). Matrina, Anna Cowles. 

Die 9 nata et 19 Septembris 1806 baptizata fuit Anna filia Joannis 
et Elizabethae Morgan (olim Jones). Patrini, Joannes Prichard et Anna 

Die [dianJk] nata et [d/ank'] 1806 baptizata fuit Maria filia Caroli 
et Catharinae Edwards (olim Ferrers). Patrini, Thomas Ferrers et 
Maria Drewes. 

Die 9 nata et 14 Novembris 1806 baptizata fuit Margarita filia 
Davidis et Annae Morgan (olim Parry). 

Die 17 natus et 26 Januarii 1807 baptizatus fuit Philippus filius 
Joannis et Mariae Charles (olim Lewis). Matrina, Anna Charles. 

Die 19 natus et 21 Martii 1807 baptizatus fuit Josephus filius 
Gulielmi et Rachaelis Hughes (olim Lloyd). Patrini, Gulielmus Jones 
de Llanarth, et Maria Anna Jones. 

Die 21 nata et 23 Martii 1807 baptizata fuit Anna filia Thomae 
et Mariae Evans (olim Cope). Patrini, Jacobus Evans et [blank] Lloyd. 

Die 30 Julii natus et 3 Augusti 1807 baptizatus fuit Gulielmus 
filius Gulielmi et Annae Jones (olim Parry). Matrina, Elizabeth Parry 
de Pantt 

Die 26 nata et 29 Septembris 1807 baptizata fuit Elizabetha filia 
Gulielmi et Mariae Evans (olim Bills). Patrini, Gualterius Evans et 
Maria Jones. 

Die 12 natus et 14 Novembris 1807 baptizatus fuit Richardus 
filius Joannis et Marthae Somers (olim Sheldon). 

Die 4 natus et 11 Aprilis 1808 baptizatus fuit Robertus filius 
Joannis et Mariae Evans (olim Tasker). Patrini, Gulielmus Evans et 
Susanna Evans. 

4c Third son of Sir Robert Gerard, 9th baronet. His third son, Robert, was 
created Lord Gerard. 

f In the parish of Llanfihangel-ystem-llewern. 


Die 4 nata et 12 Aprilis 1808 bapdzata fuit Joanna Mam filia 
Jacob! et Annse Croft (olim Hyde). Patrini, Thomas WiJceman^c et 
Anna Hyde. 

Die 17 natus et eadem die Aprilis 1808 baptizatns ftiit TKomas 
filius Joannis et Mariae Jones (olim Lee). Patrini, Thomas WeM 
junior, et Florencia Jones. 

Die II nata et 15 Mali 1808 baptizata fuit Elizabetha filia Jonnis 
et Marise Charles (olim Evans). Matrina, Anna Charles. 

Die 29 Julii nata et 9 Augusti 1808 baptizata fuit Joaima fiKa 
Thomae et Catharinae Gaine (olim Price). 

Die 29 Octobris nata et 7 Novembris 1808 baptizata ftiit Maria 
filia Thomae et Mariae Evans (olim Cope). Patrini, Thomas Williaiiis 
et Susanna Evans. 

Die 23 Octobris nata et 20 Novembris 1808 baptizata fuit Elizabetfia 
filia Gulielmi et Annae Evans (olim Bills). Patrini, Jacobus Evans et 
Maria Jones. 

Die 29 Novembris nata et 6 Decembris 1808 baptizata fait AdeHna 
Lucia filia Caroli et Catharinae Edwards (olim Ferrers). MiOrina, 
[biank] Ferrers. 

Die 23 nata et 28 Januarii 1809 baptizata fuit Teresa filia Guolteri 
et Saras Evans (olim Croft). Patrini, Thomas Croft et Elizabetha Croft 

Die 19 nata et 24 Julii 1809 baptizata fuit Rachael fiKa GuHdnii 
et Mariae Wathan (olim Morgan). 

Die 28 Maii natus et 12 Junii 1809 baptizatus fuit Philippus filius 
Joannis et Elizabethae Morgan (olim Jones). Patrini, Robertus Jones 
et Anna Prosser. 

Die 9 nata et 11 Februarii 1810 baptizata fuit Maria filia Joannis 
et Blanchiae Tudor (olim Croft). Patrini, G. Gerard (cujus vicem getait 
Thomas Osborne) et Maria Croft. 

Die 8 natus et 13 Februarii 1810 baptisatus fuit Gulielmus filius 
Joannis et Mariae Jones (olim Andrew). Patrini, Thomas Osborne et 
Maria Jones. 

Die II nata et 13 Februarii 1810 baptizata fuit Joanna filia Richardi 
et Margarita; Edmonds (olim Jones). Patrini, Thomas Gaine et 
Catherina Gaine. 

Die II natus et 17 Aprilis 1810 baptizatus fuit Richardus filius 
Gulielmi et Aliciae Cowles (olim Underwood). 

Die 22 Aprilis natus et i Maii 1810 baptizatus fuit Jacobus filius 
Walteri et Sarae Evans (olim Croft). Patrini, Jacobus Evans et Sara 

Die 13 nata et 16 Aprilis 18 10 baptizata fuit Martha filia Joannb 
et Marthas Somers (olim Sheldon). 

Die 9 nata et 11 Julii 18 10 baptizata fuit Maria filia Joannis el 
Mariae Evans (olim Tasker). Patrini, Gulielmus Evans et ElisabellMi 

4k The Monmouthshire antiquary, son of Charles Wakcman, the Llaoarth aee&t* 
descended from Wakeman of Kipon, Beckford and Perdiswell ; afterwards of the 
Grmig, in LkntiUo-groseny. 


Die 17 Februarii nata et 7 Martii 181 1 baptizata fuit Susanna filia 
Joazmis et Susanns Hatch (dim Evans) in Parochia Bryngwyn. 
Patrini, Jacobus Evans et Sara Evans. 

Die a2 natus et eadem die 181 1 baptizatus fuit Joannes filius 
Andreas et Elizabethae Byrne (olim Morgan) in parochia Bryngwyn. 

Die 8 natus et 16 Julii 181 1 baptizatus fuit Walterus filius Walteri 
et Sarae Evans (olim Qroft) in pago Clytha. Patrini, GuUeUnus Evans 
et Elizabetha Iiarris. 

Die 29 nata et 31 Augusti 181 1 baptizata fuit Maria filia Jacob! 
et Mariae Jenkins (olim Meredith). Matrina, Maria Meredith. 

Die 29 Octobris natus et 9 Novembris 181 1 baptizatus fuit 
Gulielmus filius Thomae et Marthas Shipton (olim Townsend) in 
parochia BryngwyiL 

Die 4 natus et 6 Decembris 181 1 baptizatus fuit Joannes Thomas 
filius Joannis et Blanchiae Tudor (olim Croft) in parochia Lanarth. 
Patrini, Joannes Jones junior de Laiiarth, et Maxia Jones de Lanarth. 

Die I nata et 12 Decembris 18x1 baptizata fuit Maria filia Joannis 
et Marias Davis (olim James). Matrina, Joanna Jones. 

Die 25 Novembris natus et 18 Decembris 181 1 baptizatus fuit 
Moyses Gulielmus filius N.N. et Marias Williams, ["Conjugum" does 
not occur here in the original] 

Die 15 Februarii natus et 15 Martii 181 2 baptizatus fuit Joannes 
filius Joannis et Marias Paske (olim Christopher) de parochia Bryngwyn. 
Patrini, Joannes Jones de Pitt, et Catharina Smith de Lanover. 

Die 25 natus et eadem die Aprilis 181 2 baptizatus fuit Frandscus 
filius Joannis et Marthas Somers (olim Sheldon) in parochia Bryngwyn. 
Matrina, Margarita Stanley. 

Die 6 natus et die 11 Maii 181 2 baptizatus fuit Gulielmus filius 
Thomas et Annas Williams (olim Jefferies). Patrini, Philippus Williams 
et Maria Williams. 

Die 8 nata et 10 Junii 181 2 baptizata fuit Elizabetha filia Gulielmi 
et Marias Wathan (olim Morgan). 

Die 20 natus et eadem £e Junii 181 2 baptizatus fuit Gulielmus 
filius Gulielmi et Saras Lewis (olim Jasper) in parochia Bryngwyn. 
Matrina, Anna Cowles. 

Die 29 Maii natus est et 5 Julii 181 2 baptizatus fuit Gulielmus 
filius Gulielmi et Casias Jones (olim Smith). Patrinus, Petrus Quade.^ 

Die 28 Junii nata et 15 Augusti 181 2 baptizata fuit Maria filia 
Joannis Prichard et Marias Lewis. Matrina, Joanna Jones. [The 
word "Conjugum" is omitted.] 

Die 5 natus et 8 Septembris 181 2 baptizatus fuit Gulielmus filius 
Gulielmi et Annas Morgan (olim Thompson) in parochia Bryngwyn. 
Patrini, Benjamin Thompson et Isabella Thompson. 

Die 7 natus et 13 Septembris 181 2 baptizatus fuit Thomas filius 
Alexandri et Marias Mac Donald (olim Phillips) in pago Clytha. 
Patrini, Alexander MacDonald et Hester Price. 

4c Peter Quade died 1842, aged 70, and is buried in Llanarth churchyard. His 
tombstone bears the inscription (now very fidnt) : " An honest truthful servant in tho 
fiunily of liaiMurth Court Requieacat in pace.** 



Die lo xbris 1812 nata et die 7 Januarii 1813 baptizata fuit Sarah 
filia Walteri et Sarae Evans (olim Croft) in pago Clytha. Patrini, 
Jacobus Davis et Maria Evans. 

Die 6 Junii natus et eadem die 1813 baptizatus fuit Thomas filius 
Andreae et Elizabethse Byrne (olim Morgan) in parochia Bryngwyn. 
Patrini, Alexander MacDonald et Anna Roberts. 

Die 8 natus et 20 Julii 1813 baptizatus fuit Robertus filius Thonue 
et Marthae Shepton (olim Townsend) in parochia Lanartb. Patrini, 
Thomas Gaine et Maria Prichard. 

Die 14 nata et 17 Augusti 181 3 baptizata fuit Maria filia Gulielmi 
et Aliciae Cowles (olim Underwood) in parochia Bryngwyn. Patrini, 
Patricius [? Petrus] Quade et Sarah Taylor. 

pie 12 nata et 16 Septembris 18 13 baptizata fuit Anna filia 
Gulielmi et Annse Jones (olim Parry) in parochia Lanarth. Patrini, 
Thomas Williams et Anna Prosser. 

Die II nata et 16 Octobris 18 13 baptizata fuit Maria filia Gulielmi 
et Sarae Lewis (olim Jasper) in parochia Bryngwyn. Matrina, Anna 

Die I nata et 3 Decembris 181 3 baptizata fuit Anna [filia N. et N.]* 
Madley (olim Parry). Matrina, Elizabeth Parry. 

Die 28 gbris nata et $ xbris 18 13 baptizata fuit Maria filia 
Alexandri et Mariae MacDonald (olim Phillips) in pago Clytha. Patrini, 
Petrus Quade et Sarah Taylor. 

Die 31 Decembris 18 13 natus et 3 Januarii 181 4 baptizatus fuit 
Walterus filius Gulielmi et Mariae [leie Annae] Morgan (olim Thompson) 
in pago Clytha. Patrini, Gul. Gerard et Elizabetha Jones de Llanarth. 

Die II nata et 31 Januarii 1814 baptizata fuit Elizabetha filia 
Thomae et Anns Williams (olim Jeofferies). Patrini, Jacobus Evans 
et Anna Williams. 

Die 30 Januarii natus et 28 Februarii 1814 baptizatus fuit Samuel 
filius Thomae et Mariae Bladen (olim James) in parochia B^mgwyn. 
Patrini, P. Quade et Hesther Price. 

Die 25 Martii nata et 25 Aprilis 18 14 baptizata fuit Maria filia 
Walteri et Sarah Evans (olim Croft) in pago Clytha. Patrini, Thomas 
Evans et Hannah Croft. 

Die 27 natus et 30 Maii 18 14 baptizatus fuit Joannes filius 
Gulielmi et Elizabethae Morgan (olim Leonard) in parochia Lanarth. 
Patrini, Thomas Roberts et Anna Piers. 

Die 29 Julii nata et 31 Julii 1814 baptizata fuit Maria Catharina 
filia Joannis et Catharinae Jones (olim Smith). Patrini, Jacobus Lloyd 
et Maria Elizabeth Jones. A me Edwardo Richards Miss<> Ap<=*>. 
[This is the first entry signed by another person than 
William Gerard.] 

Die 24 Augusti nata et 11 Septembris 18 14 baptizata fuit Maria 
Anna filia Thomae et Annae Morgan (olim Meredith, olim Cowles). 
Patrini, Thomas Roberts et Elizabetha Jones. Gul. Gerard. 

♦ She was daughter of John Madley and Elizabeth (Parry), and died 18 May 
'906 » ssed 92 ; buried at the Baptist chapel, Taly-cocd. She was a Dissenter, as 
oUier memben of the family. She married a man named Webb. 


Die 19 natus et a; Novembris 1814 baptizatus fuit Gulielmus fUius 
Josephi et Annae Hunt (olim CoUings). Patrini, Thomas Croft et 
Blanca Tudor. Edw. Richards. 

Die 19 nala et 29 Januarii 1815 baptizata fuit Margarita filia 
Alexandri et Mariae MacDonald (olim Phillips). Patrini, Jacobus 
Kelly et Maria Porter. Edw. Richards. 

Die 5 natus et 15 Februarii 18 15 baptizatus fuit Samuel filius 
Gulielmi et Sarah Lewis (olim Jasper). Patrini, Andreas Byrne et 
Maria Pearce. Edw. Richards. 

Die II nata et 12 Martii 1815 baptizata fuit Bertha filia Thome 
et Joannas Mathews (olim Morgan) in pago Clytha. Matrina, Anna 
Morgan. Edw. Richards. 

Die 24 nata et 26 Martii 1815 baptizata fuit Elisabetha filia 
Gulielmi et Annae Morgan (olim Thomson) in pago Clytha. Patrini, 
Jacobus Lloyd et Maria Jones. Edw. Richards. 

Die 14 nata et 23 Aprilis 18 15 baptizata fuit Sarah filia Gulielmi 
et Mariae Wathen (ohm Morgan). Patrinus, Joannes Morgan. Edw. 

Die 4 natus et 29 Junii 181 5 baptizatus fuit Joannes filius Thomae 
et Marthae Hefrin* (olim Davies). Patrini, Andreas Byrne et Brigitta 
Cane. Edw. Richards. 

Die 30 Septembris nati et 2 Octobris 181 5 baptizati fuerunt 
Jacobus et Gulielmus filii Jacobi et Mariae Jenkins (olim Meredith). 
Patrinus, Petrus Quade. Edw. Richards. 

Die 7 nata et 15 Octobris 18 15 baptizata fuit Elisabetha filia Andreas 
et Elizabethae Byrne (olim Powell). Patrini, Petrus Quade et Maria 
Pearce. Edw. Richards. 

Die II natus et die 26 Novembris 1815 baptizatus fuit Thomas 
filius Walteri et Sarae Evans (olim Croft). Patrini, Josephus Hunt et 
Anna Hunt. Edw. Richards. 

Die 24 nata et 28 Junii 18 16 baptizata fuit Elizabeth filia Gulielmi 
et Annae Jones (olim Parry). Patrini, Georgius Parry et Elizabeth 
Parry. Edw. Richards. 

Die 9 nata et 28 Octobris 18 16 baptizata fuit Susanna filia Gulielmi 
et Susannas Smith (olim Williams). Matrina fuit Anna Piers. A me 
Edw. Richards Miss** Ap<». 

"Ego Gulielmus Gerard, Missionarius Apostolicus in Districtu 
Occidentali, attestor praedicta extracta esse e registro baptismali Rev*"* 
D* Edwardi Richards Capellae apud Lanarth, et in omnibus esse con- 
formia cum Registro. In cujus Fidem hoc testimonium mea manu 
scripsi die 24 Octobris 1823. 

Gul. Gerard Miss~ Ap"*." 

[Henceforward the entries are all signed by the said 
Mr. Gerard.] 
Die 7 natus et die 11 Februarii 18 16 baptizatus fuit Thomas filius 
Gulielmi et Elizabethae Morgan (olim Leonard) in parochia Lanarth. 
Patrini, Andreas Byrne et Joanna Jones. 

3|K HefTeran. 


Die lo natus et 14 Febniarii 1816 bapdzatus fiiit Gulielmiis filius 
Thomse et Annae Moigan (olim Meredith, olim Cowles). Faiiiiii» 
Petrus Quade et Martha Somers. 

Die 20 Junii nata et 11 Julii 1816 baptizata fuit Susanna filia 
Thomae et Mariae Bladen (olim James) in parochia Bryngwyn. Matrina, 
Margarita Stanley. 

Die 17 August! natus et 2 Septembris 18 16 baptizatus fuit Jacobus 
filius Joannis et Catharinae Jones (olim Smith). Patrini, Robertus 
Jones et Maria Prichard. 

Die 30 Januarii natus et 2 Febniarii 181 7 baptizatus fiiit Joannes 
Jacobus filius Josephi et Annas Hunt (olim Collins). Patrini, Jaoobus 
Hunt et Elizabetha Croft. 

Die 12 nata et 16 Aprilis 1817 baptizata fuit Sara filia GuUeimi 
et Anne [? Sarae] Lewis (olim Jasper) in parochia Bryngwyn. Patrini, 
Thomas Roberts et Sara Loyns. 

Die 20 natus et 22 Maii 18 17 baptizatus fuit Michael filius Jaoobi 
et Margaritas Yates (olim Jones). Patrini, Jacobus Lloyd et Eliiaberha 

Die 10 natus et 13 Julii 181 7 baptizatus fuit Joannes filius GuUelmi 
et Annae Morgan (olim Thompson) in pago Clytha. Patrini, Philij^nia 
Parker et Maria Parker. 

Die 13 natus et 24 Augusti 18 17 baptizatus fiiit Richardus filius 
Gulielmi et Annae Evans (olim Bills) in pago Clytha. Patrini, TimoUieus 
Slater et Maria Porter. 

Die 21 natus et 26 Octobris 181 7 baptizatus fuit Franciscus filius 
Andreae et Elisabethae Byrne (olim Powell) in parochia Bryngwyn 
degentium. Patrini, Thomas Jones et Maria Somers. 

Die 5 natus et 28 Decembris 181 7 baptizatus fuit Thomas filius 
Thomae et Annae Morgan (olim Cowles). Patrini, Joannes Stanley et 
Anna Piers. 

Die 16 natus et 20 Febniarii 181 8 baptizatus fuit Joannes filius 
Joannis et Mariae Taylor (olim Jones) in parochia Bryngwyn. Patrini, 
Philippus Parker et Maria Jones. 

Die 21 Martii nata et 20 Aprilis 18 18 baptizata fuit Elisabetha 
filia Gualterii et Sarae Evans (olim Croft) in pago Clytha. Patrini, 
Josephus Beaumont et Elisabetha Jones. 

Die 22 nata et 26 Maii 181 8 baptizata fuit Maria filia Josephi et 
Franciscae Beaumont (olim Tatlock) in parochia Llanarth. Patrini, 
Henricus Beaumont et Maria Tatlock ; quorum vices gesserunt Jacobus 
Davis et Maria Prichard. 

Die 27 natus et 28 Junii 181 8 baptizatus fuit Richardus filius 
Richardi et Margaritae Exlmons (olim Jones) in pago Clytha degentium. 
Patrini, Thomas Williams et Maria Prichard. 

Die 20 Junii nata et 2 Julii 1818 baptizata fuit Priscilla filia Georgii 
et Mariae Parry (olim Jones) in parochia Lanarth degentium. Patrini, 
Jacobus Williams et Elizabetha Parry. 

Die 21 nata et 28 Augusti 18 18 baprizata fuit Martha filia Gulielmi 
et Mariae Wathan (olim Morgan). Patrini, Gulielmus Wathan et Maria 

nmsTBRS OF LLANAftra 171 

Dit s mtiM et 3 OctoMs 1818 bapdzatus fuit Joannes filius 
GttlMmi et Anns Morgan (olim Morgan) in parochia Bryngwyn 
degendam. Patrini, Trmotlieus Slater et Sarah Loyns. 

*'i8i8 Hora nndecimi post meridium diei 13 natus et die 16 
Octobris 1818 baptizatus fiiit Joannes Arthur Eduardus Jones' filius 
Joaimifi et Harriettae' Jones (olim Plunkett) conjugum. Patrinus 
fiiit Joannes Jones, armiger; Matrina, Francisca, Comitis Fingall 
Uxor. A me GuL Gerard Miss<> Ap**." 

Die 13 natus et 21 Octobris 18 18 baptizatus fuit Joannes filius 
Gulielmi et Annae Jones (olim Parry). Patrini, Jacobus Rosser et 
Elizabetha Parry. 

Die I natus et 4 Novembris 18 18 baptizatus fuit Eduardus filius 
Gulielmi et Sarse Lewis (olim Jasper) in parochia Bryngwyn degentium. 
Patrini, Andreas Byrne et Elizabetha Harris. 

Die 7 Octobris nata et 9 Nov~ 18 18 baptizata fuit Helena filia 
Davidis et Winefridae Havard (olim Powell). Patrini, Ludovicus Havard 
et Margarita Price. Apud Brecon a me Gul. Gerard. 

Die 4 natus et 5 Februarii 1819 baptizatus fuit Robertus filius 
Joannis et Catbarinse Jones (olim Smith). Patrini, Jacobus Lloyd et 
Maria Jones. 

Die 93 natus et 36 Aprilis 1819 baptizatus fuit Josephus' filius 
Joiepbi^ k Fianciscse Beaumont (olim Tatlock) in parochia Lanarth. 
Patrini, Jacobus Lancaster et Margarita Beaumont; quorum vices 
gesserunt Jacobus Davis et [dlank] Hunt. 

Die 26 natus et 28 Julii 18 19 baptizatus fuit Joannes filius Jacobi 
et Maris Jenkins (olim Meredith). Patrini, Thomas Meredith et 
Elizabeth Meredith. 

Die 2 nata et 15 Octobris 18 19 baptizata fuit Anna Teresia filia 
Andreae et Elizabethan Byrne (olim Morgan) in parochia Bryngwyn. 
Patrini, Timotheus Josephus Slater et Elisabeth Jones de Lanarth 

Die 17 natus et 30 Octobris 18 19 baptizatus fuit Gulielmus filius 
Gulielmi et Elisabethae Morgan (olim Leonard) in parochia Lanarth 
degentium. Patrini, Timotheus Josephus Slater et Maria Morgan. 

*'i8«o Die 21 hor& quinti P.M. natus et die 25 Januarii 1820 
baptuatus foit Arthuriua Jacobus Jones' filius Joannis et Harriettae 
Jones (olim Plunket) conjugum. A me Gul. Gerard Mis^* Apo^. Patrinus 
fuit Jacobus* Comes Fin^ cujus vicem gessit Eduardus Basilius Jones ; 
Matrina, Maria Jones." 

Die 27 nata et 30 Januarii 1820 baptizata fuit Anna filia Gulielmi 
et Anoae Moi^an (olim Thompson) in pago Clytha. • Patrini, Gulielmus 
Gerard et Elisabetha Jones. A me Geo. Gildart Miss^ Ap*^ 

^ Afterwards John Arthur Edward Herbert of Lhnarth, Esq. 
^ Altered from ** Henrietta." The Lady Harriet Jones was daughter of Arthur 
Jflnes, Sth Ead of F^eall, K.T. 
* Died the following year. 

^ Joseph Beaunont was Agent to Mr. Jones of Llanarth. 
'^ Afterwards General Sir Aithuir Herbert, K.C.B. 


Die 32 nata et 23 Decembris 18 19 urgente mortis periculo bapdzata 
fuit Angelina filia Gualterii et Sarae Evans (olim Croft) in pago Cl]rtba. 
Et die 14 Februarii 1820 omissa omnia suppleta fiierunt a me G. Gerard. 
Patrini, Joannes Taylor et Anna I^ewis. 

Die 20 natus et 22 Februarii 1820 baptizatus fuit Thomas Josephus 
filius Thorns et Mariae Morgan (olim Prichard) in parochia Lanarth. 
Patrini, Georgius James et Catharina Gaine. 

Die 21 natus et 26 Februarii 1820 baptizatus fuit Eduardus filius 
Joannis et Mariae Taylor (olim Jones) in parochia Bryngwyn. Patrini, 
[blanks probably "Petrus"] Walsh et Joanna Jones. 

Die 23 Februarii nata et 2 Martii 1820 baptizata fuit Maria Aiuia 
filia Georgii et Mariae Annas Parry (olim Jones) in parochia Lanarth. 
Patrini, Thomas Croft et Elisabeth Croft. 

"Die 13 nata et die 14 Martii 1820 baptizata fuit Winefnda Maria 
filia Thomae et Margaritas Haggerston (olim Robertson) in domo Dom. 
Gulielmi Jones commorantium apud Clytha in comitatu Monmouth. ^ 
Patrinus fuit Edvardus Charlton de Sandoe in comitatu Northumberland ; 
Matrina, Maria Webb Weston de Sutton Place in comitatu [blank'\.^ 
Quorum tamen vices gesserunt Thomas Haggerston et Maria Jones 
de Lanarth. A me Gul. Gerard Mis$<> Ap®." 

Die 20 Aprilis natus et die 11 Maii 1820 baptizatus fuit Richardus 
filius Edwardi et Mariae Gwillyn (olim Edwards). Patrini, Cardus 
Gwillyn et Anna Smith. 

Die 6 nata et 7 Julii 1820 baptizata fuit Maria Anna Susanna 
filia Timothei Josephi et Mariae Slater (olim Porter) in parochia 
Bryngwyn degentium. Patrini, Petrus Walsh ^f^ et Maria Gaine. 

" Catharina filia Thomae et Annae Williams (olim Jefferies) conjugum, 
in pago Clytha, nata die 24 mensis Junii 1820 et die 26 mensis Julii 
eodem anno baptizata est apud Llanarth a me Geo. Gildart Mis<^ App<=^. 
Patrinus Geo[rgius] Ross, Matrina Elisabetha Harris. Quod testor 
G. Gerard." 

Die 28 Augusti natus et die 3 Septembris 1820 baptizatus fiiit 
Gulielmus filius Gulielmi et Annae Morgan (olim Morgan) in parochia 
Bryngwyn. Patrini, Petrus Quade et Maria Watkins. 

Die 12 nata et 23 Octobris 1820 baptizata fuit Elisabetha filia 
Edwardi Ross et Annae Lewis. Patrini, Gualterius Evans et Elisabeth 
Harris. [No " conjugum " written.] 

Die 26 Octobris natus et i Novembris 1820 baptizatus fuit Josephus 
filius Josephi et Elisabethae Thomas (olim Porter) in parochia B^mgwyn. 
Patrini, Timotheus Josephus Slater et Maria James. 

Die 5 Novembris nata et $ Decembris 1820 baptizata fuit Hester 
filia Jacobi et Margaritae Yeates (olim Jones). Patrini, Frandscus 
Quade et Maria Gaine. 

j|c Near Guildford, Surrey. 

f Peter Walsh died 1847, aged 77, and is buried in Llanarth churchyard. His 
tombstone bears the inscription (now rery faint) : *' He was for 30 years butler at 
Llanarth Court and was a tnilv honest and good servant. May he rest in peace. 
Out oif the depths have I cried onto thee, O Lord.** 


Die 18 natus et 33 Januarii 1831 baptizatus fuit Georgius filius 
Thomae et Matildas Jones (olim Baldwin). Patrini, Georgius Baldwin 
et Susanna Taylor. 

Die 10 nata et 14 Februarii 182 1 baptizata fuit Francisca filia 
Josephi et Franciscas Beaumont (olim Tatlock) in parochia Lanarth. 
Patrini, Gulielmus Stephens et Francisca Beaumont; quorum vices 
gessenmt Henricus Beaumont et Elisabeth Hunt. 

Die 5 nata et 11 Martii 1821 baptizata fuit Elisa filia Georgii et 
Sarae Ross (olim Loynes) in pago Clytha degentium. Patrini, Michael 
Quinlan et Maria Anna Robinson. 

Die 16 Martii natus et eadem die 182 1 baptizatus fuit Gulielmus 
filius Gulielmi et Annae [Sarah] Lewis (olim Jasper) in parochia 
Brjmgwyn degentium. Matrina, Elisabetha Harris. 

Die 5 nata et 21 Martii 1821 baptizata fuit Maria filia Thomas et 
Joannas Mathews (olim Morgan) in pago Clytha. Patrini, Georgius 
Morgan et Maria Morgan. 

Die 2 natus et 7 Junii 182 1 baptizatus fuit Jacobus filius Gulielmi 
et Annas Evans (olim Bills) in pago Clytha degentium. Patrini, 
Gualterius Evans et Elisabetha Harris. 

"Die 24 nata et die 26 Junii 182 1 baptizata fuit Francisca Maria 
filia Joannis et Harriettas Jones (olim Pluncket) conjugum. Patrinus 
fuit Arthur Pluncket, Lord Calen; Matrina, Maria Scroope, quorum 
vicem gesserunt Anna Scroope et Pilip [?] Jones, a me Gul. Gerard 
Misso Ap*>." 

Die 10 natas et 11 Julii 1821 baptizatas fuerunt Margaretta Sarah 
et Elisabetha Hesther filias Georgii et Marias Annas Parry (olim Jones). 
Patrini, Jacobus Williams et Elisabetha Parry. 

Die 21 Septembris nata et eodem die 1821 baptizata fuit Maria 
filia Andreas et Elisabethas Byrne (olim Powell). Patrini, Joannes 
Bjrme et Maria Watkins. 

Die 4 Septembris nata et 29 Sept. 1821 baptizata fuit Elisabeth 
filia Gulielmi et Elisabethas Pew (olim Davis). Patrini, Franciscus 
Quade et Elisabeth Harris. 

Die 12 nata et 16 Januarii 1822 baptizata fuit Maria Mersey filia 
Thomas et Marias Morgan (olim Pritchard). Patrini, Joannes Pritchard 
et Maria James. 

Die 24 nata et 28 Februarii 1822 baptizata fuit Sarah filia Joannis 
et Marias Morgan (olim Williams). Patrini, Philippus Williams et 
Francisca Watkins. 

Die II nata et eodem die Julii 1821 urgente mortis periculo 
baptizata fuit Elisabeth filia Rowlandi et Lydias Rowlands folim 
Howells). Et omissa die 28 Januarii 1822 suppleta fuerunt super 
baptizatam a me. Patrini, Philippus Howells et Maria Howells. 

1822 die 7 nata et die 9 Martii 1822 baptizata fuit Martha filia 
Timothei Josephi et Marias Slater (olim Porter). Patrini, Petrus Quade 
et Anna Porter. 

Die 18 Martii natus et 2 Aprilis 1822 baptizatus fuit Joannes filius 
Walterii et Saras Evans (olim Croft). Patrinus, Gulielmus Evans et 
[d/anA] Euston^ cujus vicem gessit Elizabeth Harris. 


Die 24 Martii natns ct 6 Aprilis i8ss bfl|)tizAtus fut Thomat filius 
Joannis et Charolettas Heyden (olim Preece). Fttrini, FnndKiiB 
Quade et Anna Watkins. 

Die 97 Aprilis natus et die i Mail 1822 bapdzatus ftiit Simon 
Thomas filius Simonis Thomae et Marise Scirope (olim Jones). 
Patrinus fuit Simon Scroope de Danby, cujus vicem gessit Joaaaes 
Jones de Lansanfread; et matrina, Mana Jones de IJfl^anh. 

Die 18 natae et 19 Junii 1822 bapdzatae fiierunt Martba et Maria 
filiae Gulielmi et Annae Morgan (olim Thompson) in pago Chtha. 
Patrini Marthae fuerunt Gulielmus Jones de Clytha et ApoUonia Jones 
de Lanarth. Patrini, Mariae fuerunt Petrus Quade et Win^da Led- 

Die 24 natus et 28 Julii 1822 baptizatus fuit Gulielmus tOSas 
Gulielmi et Sarae Lewis (olim Jaspar). Patrini, Jacobus fi?ans et 
Anna Porter. 

Die 24 natus et 25 Augusti 1822 baptizatus fuit Thomas filius 
Joseph! et Elisabethae Thomas (olim Porter). Patrini, Geoigius James 
et Maria Morgan. 

Maria filia Andreae et Elizabethae Byrne nata die 11 Sept. anno 
1822 et 21 ejusdem mensis et anni baptizata est a Geoigio Gildait 
M? A^. Sponsores, John Byrne et Elizabeth Harris. Quod testor 
GuL Gerard. 

Die 24 natus et 28 Januarii 1823 baptizatus fuit Edmundus 
Philippus * filius Joannis et Harriettae Jones (olim Plunkett). Patrinii 
Philippus Jones et Caroletta Maria Dease; quorum vices gesserunt 
Edvardus Jones et Maria Jones de Lanarth. 

Die 26 Januarii natus et i Februarii 1823 baptizatus fuit Jacobus 
filius Josephi et Franciscae Beaumont (olim Tatlock). Patrini, Tosephus 
Fleetwood et Margaretta Tatlock; quorum vices gesserunt Henricus 
Beaumont et Elizabeth Hunt. 

Die 2 Maij 1823 natus et eodem die baptizatus fuit Thomas filius 
Gulielmi et Mariae Wathan (olim Morgan). Patrini, Gulielmus Wathan 
et Elisabetha Wathan. 

Die 15 nata et 29 Maii 1823 baptizata fuit Emma filia Georgii et 
Mariae Parry (olim Jones). Patrini, Jacobus Williams et Elisabetha 

Die 4 natus et eodem die Julii 1823 baptizatus fuit Georgius filius 
Gulielmi et Margaretae Jones (olim Williams). 

Die 18 Augusti 1823 apud Lanarth sacras preces et coeremonias 
baptismi supplevi super praedictum Georgium Jones de Cock a roosting. 
Matrina fuit Anna Porter. 

Die 23 nata et 24 Octobris 1823 baptizata fuit Maria Catharina 
filia Simonis et Mariae Scroope (olim Jones). Patrini, Joannes Jones 
de Llanarth Court et Catharina Scroope de Danby Hall. 

Die 7 nata et 12 Martii 1824 baptizata fuit Joanna filia Joannis 
et Mariae Taylor (olim Jones). Matnna, [d/ank] Mahon. 

4e Major Edmund Heibeit, J.P., a menber of tlie Catliolic Record Society, 

mioiflfrBits op iXANAiltlfi 175 

Die 25 FebruarH mrttrs et 25 Martii 1824 baptizatus fuit Henricus 
ffios Henrici et Mariae Williams (olim Parry). Patrini, Michael 
WiHiams et Elisabetha Harris. 

Die 5 nata et 7 Aprilis 1824 baptizata fuit Elisabeth filia Timdthei 
Josepiri et Maria Slater (olim Porter). Patrini, Josias Thomas et 
Ifisna James. 

Die 1$ nata et eadem die Aprilis 1824 baptizata fuit Joanna filia 
Josiae et Elisabetha Thomas (olim Porter). Patrini, Andreas Byrne 
et Anna Morgan. 

Die 22 nata et 25 Aprilis 1824 baptizata fuit Maria Luis& filia 
Joannis et Harietta Jones (olim Pluhkett). Patrini, Gulielmus Jones 
de Qytha et Luisa Killeen de Killeen Castle ; quorum vices gesserunt 
Philippus Jones et Apollonia Jones de Lanarth Court. 

Die 20 nata et 26 Julii 1824 baptizata fuit Maria filia Gulielmi 
et Elisabetha Pew (olim Davis). Patrini, Jacobus Evans et Maria 

Die 3 natus et 5 Augusti 1824 baptizatus fuit Evan Philippus filius 
Ghilielmi^c et Anna Morgan (olim Thomson). Patrini, Georgius Ross 
et Maria Teresa Mahon. 

Die 14 Junii nata et 16 Augusti 1824 baptizata fuit Hannah filia 
Gulielmi et Anna Jones (olim Parry). Patrini, Thomas Kayes et 
Elisabetha Parry. 

Die 8 nata et 21 Octobris 1824 baptizata fuit Teresa filia Walterii 
et Sara Evans (olim Croft). Patrini, Thomas Evans et Sara Beale. 

Die 23 nata et 27 Octobris 1824 baptizata fuit Elizabetha filia 
Gulielmi et Anna Lewis (olim Jasper). Patrini, Timotheus Josephus 
Slater et Apollonia Jones. 

Die 10 natus et 19 Decembris 1824 baptizatus fuit Georgius 
Edvardus filius Georgii et Sara Ross (olim Loyns). Patrini, Ralph 
CunlifT et Elisabeth Hewston. 

Die 20 nata et 30 Januarii 1825 baptizata fuit Helena filia Joannis 
et Charoletta Heyden (olim Preece). Patrini, Michael Quinlan et 
Maria Cadwallader. 

Die 20 nata et 24 Februarii 1825 baptizata fuit Maria filia Josephi 
et Elisabetha Thomas (olim Porter). Patrini, Georgius Price et 
Elizabeth Harris. 

Die t8 nata et 29 Aprilis 1825 baptizata fuit Florence Mary filia 
Simonis Thoma et Maria Scroope (olim Jones). Patrini, Joannes 
Jones junior de Lansanfread et Catharina Scroope de Danby, York- 

Die 20 Maii natus et 5 Junii 1825 baptizatus fuit Jacobus filius 
Thoma et Anna Williams (olim JefTeries). Patrini, Ralph Cunliff et 
Maria Cadwallader. 

Die 15 Junii natus et 23 Junii 1825 baptizatus fuit Trevor Gulielmus ^f^ 
filius Geoiigii et Maria Anna Parry (olim Jones). Patrini, Jacobus 
Rosser et Anna Rosser; cujus vicem gessit Elizabetha Party. 

4e Morgan of Qytha Fach. Evan Ftiilip Morgan lived for many years at 

t Trevor William Parry owned, and lived at the IVtal in UMifiiiMi^l-yiteni- 
Ikwem, ai di^ his father before him. 


Die 9 natus et 11 Februarii i8a6 bapdzatus fuit Herbert Geraldus 
filius Joannis et Harriettae Jones (olim Plunkett). Patrini, Geraldus 
Deace et Harrietta Berkeley de Spetchley; quorum vices gessenint 
Comes Fingall et Joanna Jones de Llanarth Court 

Die 13 nata et eodem die Februarii 1826 baptizata fuit Harrietta 
filia Jacobi et Elisabethae Cowles (olim Christopher). Patrini, Andreas 
Byrne et Anna Cowles. 

Die 4 natus et 7 Martii 1826 baptizatus fuit Thomas filius Gulielmi 
et Elizabethan Pew (olim Davis). Matrina, Maria Cadwallader. 

Die 31 Maii nata et 4 Junii 1826 baptizata fuit Mary Anne filia 
Joannis et Sarse Stanley (olim Jones). Matrina, Mar^^aritta Summers. 

Die 6 natus et 10 Augusti 1826 baptizatus ^it Tunotheus Xystus 
filius Timothei Josephi et Mariae Slater (olim Porter). Patrini, 
Georgius Price et Anna Porter. 

Die 29 nata et 30 Octobris 1826 baptizata fuit Adelaide Maria 
Elisabeth^ filia Simonis T. & Mariae Scroope (olim Jones). Patrini, 
Henricus Scroope ifi de Danby, et Elisabeth Jones de Llanarth; quorum 
vices gessenint Thomas Jones de Lanarth et Joanna Jones de Lanarth. 

Die 19 Novembris natus et 27 baptizatus fuit Gulielmus filius 
Joannis et Hannah Cowles (olim Miles) de Clytha. Patrini, Gulielmus 
Evans et Elizabeth Morgan. A me J. G. Hendren Miss. Ap. 

Die II nata et 17 Decembris 1826 baptizata fuit Emma Joanna 
filia Georgii et Sarae Ross (olim Loyns) de Clytha. Patrini, Gulielmus 
Gerard et Apollonia Jones. A me GuL Gerard Miss. Ap. 

Die 23 nata et 26 Januarii 1827 baptizata fuit Elizabeth filia Josephi 
et Franciscae Beaumont (olim Tadock). Patrini, Carolus Orrell et Eliza 
Orrell; quorum vicem gessit Elisabeth Hunt. 

Die 16 Februarii nata et eadem die 1827 baptizata fuit Margareta 
filia Gulielmi et Annae Morgan (olim Thompson). Patrini, Gulielmus 
Gerard et Anna Thomson. 

Die 16 natus et 17 Februarii 1827 baptizatus fuit Gulielmus Edwin 
filius Joannis et Mariae Taylor (olim Jones). Patrini, Joannes Jones 
et Jane Woolly. 

Die 5 Octobris 1826 natus et 18 Februarii 1827 baptizatus fuit 
Joannes filius Joannis et Annae Haly (olim Roberts). Patrini, Georgius 
Price et Maria Ford. 

Die II natus et 26 Martii 1827 baptizatus fuit Joannes filius Jacobi 
et Rachaelis Yates (olim blank). Patrini, Andreas Byrne et Susanna 

Die 22 Junii nata et 3 Julii 1827 baptizata fuit Luisa filia Georgii 
et Mariae Annae Parry (olim Jones). Patrini, Jacobus Williams et 
Elizabetha Parry. 

Die 24 natus et 27 Martii 1828 baptizatus fuit Jacobus filius 
Jacobi et Sarae Morgan (olim Beale). Patrini, Thomas Croft et 
Joanna Morgan. 

]|K Married the Hon. Alexander Fiummnrice and lives at Llangatoc-nigh-Usk. 
f Generally spelt Scrope now, but pronounced Scroop. Scrope of Danby is one 
si the oldest numlics in the kingdonu 


Die 20 natus et 29 Mail 1828 lx4>tizatiis fiiit Franciscus Josephus 
fiKos Josephi et Franciscae Beaumont (olim Tatlock). Patrini, Franciscus 
MacDonnell et Elisabeth Fleetwood; quonun rices gessit Margaretta 

Die 13 Maii nata et 15 Junii i8a8 bapdzata fuit Maria filia Joannis 
et Elisabethae MacKenna (olim Haines), Vertest ^ Works near Ponty 
Pool Patrini, Gulielmus Dunn et Margarita Somers. 

Die 12 nata et 14 Decembris 1828 be^ytizata fuit Elisabeth filia 
Joannis et Sarae Stanley (olim Jones). Patrini, Gulielmus Morgan et 
Margaretta Somers. 

Die 30 [? I>ecembris] 1828 nata et 13 Januarii 1829 baptizata fuit 
Elisabeth filia Joannis et Charolottae Heyden (olim Price). Patrini, 
Jacobus Williams et Maria Williams. 

Die 18 Martii nata et 4 Aprilis 1829 baptizata fuit Maria filia 
Jacobi et Birgittae Rogers (olim Calagahan) de Lemireck.if« Patrini, 
Josephus Shepton et Anna Thompson. 

Die 9 nata et 13 Aprilis 1829 baptizata fuit Anna filia Michaelis 
et Mariae Williams (olim Prichard), Place-venor,§ Landilo Cressenny. 
Patrini, Gulielmus Williams et Maria Williams ; quorum vicem gessit 
[Hank) WUliams. 

Die 21 nata et 25 Aprilis 1829 baptizata fuit Sara filia Timothei 
Josephi et Mariae Slater (olim Porter). Patrini, Joannes Gallett et 
Elizabeth Haris. 

Die 28 Maii nata et i Junii 1829 baptizata fuit Sara filia Joannis 
et Mariae Taylor (olim Jones). Patrini, Gulielmus Hunt et Anna 

Die 26 Octobris natus et 2 Novembris 1829 baptizatus fuit Edvardus 
filius Josephi et Franciscae Beaumont (olim Tatlock). Patrini, Edvardus 
Jones et Maria Jones [ambo] de Llanarth Court 

1832. Die 15^ Novembris natus et die 21^ ejusdem baptizatus 
fiiit GulielmusH filius Josephi et Franciscae Beaumont (olim Tatlock). 
Patrini, Guglielmus Jones, Clytha ; et Jane Jones, l^narth. W. F. Bevan 
Miss~ Apost"*. 

Mary Elisabeth Morgan was bom July 31**, 1832, and the ist of 
August the same year was baptized by me. W. F. Bevan, Chaplain. 

1833. Die 2 Martii natus et die 3 ejusdem baptizatus fuit Thomas 
filius Thomae et Mariae Steed (olim Watkins). Patrini, J. Beaumont, 
Tump ; et D"» M. Jones, Lanartk G. F. Beavan, Capellanus. 

1835. ^^ 7 Martii natus et die 16 ejusdem baptizatus fuit 
Michael filius Josephi et F. Beaumont (olim Tatlock). Patrini, P. Jones 
et F. Jones, Clytha. G. F. Beavan. 

" Charles Williams son of Michael and Mary Williams, maiden name 
Prichard, born 16'^ of March, 1831. Sponsors, Charles Williams and 
Mary WUliams." 

3|K Should read Varteg. { Should read Pl&slvor. 

f Callaghao, of Limerick. H Obiit eodem anno. 


f ! |liWgiH 4 f^9bt yfauL ^tfTBocaxsm. CtntTma pimg rr -urTiiig it : 

ft|l^ y4f^m4m^.'jm J^ Ttf^arn Jlptica jx Orrzdesiaai Ja|^ DiaQacta» 

W4f9tHift, WpHta^ Tadokhl SCsca. Wjaeffsi^ P r iaJmA . 

W4i VO^^Hidmn. Mara. Anna, Licyd. 

Qood nestrx GoL Goazd Mis^ ApF^. 

4«/ofr4ff A«i^iHil^ Hfi/^amentom Omfirmationts receperunt in Sftc^Io de 
tMft^ffhf Mtm¥fMffUi tWhfp ar, ft<:<fco f^no GatKhno Gfcgorio Shwrock 
Rfi^r 'tf^ftt^mfifm nt, Vttjuiff Af/ko m f^istnctn Occkiefitafi An^ne, 
Afrff*, f 'Hflh/nrirwi, Vrfjimrr. Anna, Maria, Parry. 

OMli/JrrMii^ ftm^iMuHf UtUh'mif, Joannes, Jacobus, Prichard. 
'*rtfff, Miin«, Tnjrl//f, Joannes Jones. 

'rif^ffriAH, jtrntrntn, (itttnc. Robcrtus, Joannes, Jones. 

timmm^ .'Wijf If iff, f</ibrru. Jacobus Evans. 

KDmIh'IIin, Maria, l)avis. 
Wliin^rUlw, Ontharina, Jones \ . », 
WMinrrlrltt. Mttfia. Powell / ^^ Brecon- 
AiMin, ICIiMibnthA, Driver 1 . ,,. 
Tli..i.m«. Micliiifl. (iaakcll / ''^* ^^^epstow. 
MiMtiitilm, KmnciNca, Williams 

tUiMlM>(ll|l DMViH 

riuMMrt*, lonrphuH, lUrrctl i , ,, , 

IvOwmmImx. Itmnnrn, DavIm [ ^ 

liwuiMi**!. |oMiphu)i« Williams 
\UiU« KlinAUUm^ Willimm ' 

QuiHl UUur iiul. Cieiard Mi»» Ap^. 

ttBOfSms OF LLAHARTIt 17$ 


Anno Domini Millesimo Octingentesimo Octavo, Die Junii decima 
sexta, Saciamentum Confirmationis perceperunt in Sacello de Lanarth, 
Ministiante ILfio ac Remo Dno Petro Bernardino CoUingridge Epo 
Thespiensi ac Vicario Apo in Occidentali Angliae Districtu, 

Jacobus, Michael, Stone. Joanna, Maria, Jones. 

Thomas, Josephus, Williams. Elizabetha, Maria, Williams. 

Anna, Maria, Elisabetha, Lloyd. Martha, Elisabetha, Somers. 
Sara, Maria, Embrey. Maria, EHsabetha, Morgan. 

Anna, Maria, Griffin. 

Quod tester Gul. Gerard Miss«« Ap°». 

Anno Domini Millesimo Octingentesimo duodecimo, die vigesima 
tcrtia Junii, Sacramentum Confirmationis perceperunt in Sacello de 
Lanarth, Ministrante Ilmo ac Reftio Dno Petro Bernardino CoUingridge 
Epo Thispiensi ac Vicario Apo in Occidentali Angliae Districtu, 

Timotheus, Josephus, Slater. Elisabetha, Catherina, Somers. 

Thomas, Joseph, James. Anna, Maria, Lewis. 

Joannes Morgan. Martha, Lucia, Leonard. 

Alicia, Maria, Cowles. Sara, Catherina, Allen. 

Elisabetha, Maria, Leonard. Maria, Lucia, Gaine. 
Francisca Morgan. 

Quod testor Gul. Gerard Miss«« Ap"*. 

Anno Domini Millesimo Octingentesimo Decimo Octavo, die Maii 
vigesima Sexta, Sacramentum Confirmationis perceperunt in Sacello de 
lanarth, Ministrante Ilmo ac Reifio Dno Petro Bernardino CoUingridge 
Epo Thispiensi ac Vicario Apo in Occidentali Angliae Districtu, 

Elisabetha Lloyd. Maria, Anna, Lewis. 

Anna, Maria, Jones. Catharina, Agatha, Gaine. 

Maria, Anna, Thompson. Gulielmus, Joannes, Morgan. 

Priscilla, Maria, Jones. Georgius, Josephus, James. 

Anna, Maria, Morgan. Gulielmus, Josephus, Hunt. 

Sara, Anna, Maria, Loyns. Edvardus, Michael, Wilcox. 

Maria, Anna, Watkins. Joannes, Baptista, Stanley. 

Elisabetha, Maria, Gane. Gulielmus Wathan. 

Maria, Anna, Jenkins. Joannes, Jacobus, Hatch. 

Elisabetha, Maria, Byrne. Gulielmus, Joannes, Powell. 

Maria, Lucia, Hatch. Joannes Jenkins. 

Elisabetha, Teresa, Hatch. Franciscus, Josephus, Quade. 

Anna, Elisabetha, Charles. Jacobus, Thomas, Watkins. 

Quod testor Gul. Gerard Miss~ Ap"*. 

\The following is writ ten on a loose leaf,] 
Anno Domini Millesimo Octingentesimo vigesimo primo, die Octobris 
septima, Sacramentum Confirmationis perceperunt in Sacello de Lanarth, 


ynissnuTtg Zmc ic T.^'ne .w ^btt Bassarano CoOingridge Epo 

Hiri'isnii^ jaoneaL CnrnrifT 3£Ka» -^Tm. FonL 

T^rrm J'Sbuks. 'lam*^ J-zkiol HaenoL Guie. 

FnniracL XKai. ^^^^r-jn-wc fdnnasL Jjcocmbl Howard. 

JLmsL CisfcCKsa. r-sxsL »>sxpn^ Joannes; Williaiiis. 

Qni^i %sc3r Gmasmns Gesard Mis^Ap* 

A=cc IN amzL ^dasssrm: (yczacBBsesmtz ir-ars i iai octurc^ die derima 
w^r rrnx >eccsncc3L ^'tm-^^m**'-^!'" Coccx 'TBirccas pBccpcniiit in Saodlo 
5± Uasirrr. >Cizzaazcf Dnc jc Ram? I>dl^ A tattadno Baines Ejto 
^c£L a: Vxanc Arc izi Ocdoencu A"ngOT I>e«tkxu. 

T3S~az=aL Aqr^sdzrcsi. Cazks. >Lini&L Fraadsca, Slater. 

VCarprxL >Li:^ Carke. Jc«epc»& S(qpliaiHB» Thomas. 

T^arnif^ Tboous. Xorse. Ecsabethi. >Lina, Stephens. 

\UraL LoossL J^izaes. Fr.a, Mizia. MarrfialL 

Toodsaa^ jQsepcc& WZi^izs. Jv»3aes Hatch. 

Icarrrs, GG.'Cimasw M .tzi3. F.'^ahrcbk Anna, Ross^ 

Anrjk MiTT^ Moc^is. Jjcohas Covles. 

TbofDJs Morgan. Eliabctka* Anna^ Covles. 

NLirli. Tereszj. SUier. W^K^da. Maria, HaTard. 

''For manT o( ibese fooc-wxes the editor is indebced to the kindness 
of Mr. T. A. Bradncy of Tal-j-coc4 Audwr of the "* History of 

No. XII. 



Boor I 

Unlike the country missions, supported by the local gentry, that at Bristol must be 
attributed to the requirements of resident and floating populations, attracted by the 
position of the great western port for South Wales, Ireland, and America, from not 
only the United Kingdom but the Continent 

The first book is of paper, 7} in. by 6| in., bound in skin, exclusive of the flyleaf 
at each end, and consists of 162 pages of births and baptisms written from the 
beginning, and 18 pages of marriages and deaths written from the end. It has 1)een 
ruled for dates and money columns, which have been partially used for tabulating 
entries. The Society is indebted to Father Francis Grene, S.J., for facilities in 
transcribing the registers, which has been done by Mrs. Seymour Spencer and myself. 

I am indebted to our Recorder, Mr. Joseph Gillow, for the following notes of 
the resuscitation of Catholicity in Bristol since tne penal days, and of the priests who 
served the mission. When further books of the Registers are printed, they will be 
supplemented by further information. 

Dr. Oliver (Collections for the Western Counties, y, 108) tells us that "from the 
so<alled Reformation until the accession of George 1 1, in no commercial city of the 
British Empire was Catholic faith and practice more discouraged and depressed than 
in Bristol. Mons. Jorevin assures us, that towards the end of Charles IPs reign, 
"no one can hear Mass at Bristol, though it is a port frequented by many Catholics 
— Flemish, and French, and Spaniards, and Portuguese." Sir John Bramston in his 
Autobiography (Camden Soc, 1045) mentions the arrest of a priest whilst saying Mass 
in a house in Bristol on Sunday, April 2C, 1686, who was brought to the King's bar 
on the following May 10, and remanded to the King's Bench prison. Notwith- 
standing the former assertions, it is probable that the Catholics in Bristol were 
attended by priests from nei|g;hbouring missions, and occa<iionally had the opportunity 
of attending Mass in the dtv during a great part of the penal times. In or about 
1724, Father Joseph Marshall, S.T.» was residmg with Mr. Fermor in Earl Street, 
Jobbing's Lays. He left in or before 1727. Father John Baptist Beaumont, O.S.F., 
was titular guardian of Bristol from 1734-7, and probably resided near the city and 
attended to its spiritual wants. About the same time, or a little earlier, Father John 
Baptist LAlart alias Peters, S.J., was, here for a time, and the next Jesuit on record 
is Father John Busby alias Brown, who settled in Bristol some years before his death, 
which Yo\ey (Records S,/,) thought might have occurred there, though Dr. Oliver 
diitioctly says that he died at Boulogne, Julv 20, 1743. He was succeeded by Father 
John Scudamore, S.J., of the ancient family of Penibridge Castle, who had a little 
chapel in the upper part of a house at Hook's Mills, near the Orphan Asylum on 
Aiihley Down. Father Ignatius Grant (Licture on tygo) says that he came in 1738, 
bat this b obviously a rather hasty conclusion drawn from Dr. Oliver's statement 
that Father Scudamore was here about forty years. In 1743 he removed to St. James* 
Back, where he opened a chapel, which he continued to serve till his death, April 8, 
1778, aged 82. He was buried opposite to the porch of St. James' Church. Previous 
to his death he was given a socius in the person of Father John liaptist Fontaine, 
S.J., in 1777, and it was he who commenced the registers. He left after the Gordon 
Riots of 1780, and was replaced by Father Thomas Brewer, .S.J., who remained till 
his death, April 18, 1787, aged 44. His elder brother. Father John Brewer, S.J., 
of Shepton Mallet, occasionally supplied for him. During Father Brewer's time the 
want of better accommodation was seriously felt by the congregation, and he com- 
menced to raise subscriptions towards a new house and chapel, and had accumulated 
considerable funds when death prevented him from carrying out his purpose. His 
successor v»as Father Robert Plowden, S.J., who is said to have taken possession of 


KiGisrmss or 

the mhrirm in October, 1787. He provided x caovenient and roocnj house, and 
opened Sc Joaeph's Chapel in Trencfaafd Street 00 June 27, 179a He also purchased 
property at the west end af the chapei on wfakh to erect poor-schools, at an expense 
6t owcx jCirOaa, In celefantiaQ oJF the rmttmarj of the opening of this chapel. 
Father Grant gsve a way intercstiDg ** Lectare on I79(\" in whidi he traced the 
history of the misrina, and gave a fi^ of one hundred and thirty-three priests who 
had ministered to tiie Brklol Cariwirt diMni to i8fa The dafees of the first three 
priests, however, cannot be a c ceiUcd as accnrate, and Tary sonaewhat frnn the above 
acco«nt. With thb '*LectiBe''was pobfished a very excellent portrait of Father 
Plowden. During this worthy ex-Jeaal's tiiK, for the Society had been suppressed 
in 1773, ^ ^v*^ often assisted by I^re Jean Marc Romain Mooder, a French emigr^ 
who had settled in Bristol as a teacher of IIk French langnaf^ in 1797, and remained 
tin his appointnaent as diaplain to the Chichester fiunily at Calferieig^ in Angust, 1823. 
Another oocasiooal asMstant in 1810 was Pcre Amator Vakntin Le Villain, who tike- 
wise taught French in Bristol. From July 181 1 to November 1812, Father Plowden 
had an assistant in the person of the ex-Jesait« Father John Reeve alims Power, who 
did not rqoin the Society ; and from November 1812 mi Father Plowden's departure 
from Bristol in 181 5, Father Joseph Tate, S.J., was his san'us^ and then assoi 
charge of the mission until 1&2. i, S^ n^ 

[On the ccvcr is wrUUn\ 

7-31 May 1794 
\The first part being caoered by a labels on which «] 

'oL Charch Bapdsas 




I Bristol I>ec7. 1777 

May 30. 1786 

Dec 15. 1787 

Nov. 4.1787 

Mission 1 790 




S« 1790 




Joseph's Jane 8. 1 794 

Apr. 28. 1793 


JanT2. I79S 

[On the front flyleaf ^ 


A Catalogue of the Christenings performed in the Catholic Congre- 
gation of Bristol Somersetsh by me John Fountain their Pastor 

Euntes docete omnes gentes, Baptizantes eos in nomine Patris et 
filii et Spiritus Sancti 

J. Christus in Matth. 28. v. 19. 

Going teach all nations, Baptizing them in the name of the Father, 
and of the Son and of the holy ghost 

I. C. Matt. 28. 19 
[The bach bianh] 

(page i) ^ 

Registerium Baptizatorum in Congregatione Catholici Bristol, 
ab anno 1777 baptized 

Day I 



Baptizatus fuit Guillelmus Bromley 

Baptizatus guillelmus More; natus erat 
2^ mensis ejusdem 

Mauritius hennegen 
Catharina Oliver 















Baptizatus Th* Collands filius Dionisii 

et helenae ; Natus 14* ejusdem. 
Johannes Herley 
Catharina Hays 
[75bi is the usual form^ but the description is here made consecutively^ 

and punctuated,^ 
1777 Bap^ Margareta Spencer lilia Jacobi et item 14 
Margaretae, Nata 6^ ejusdem. Spon- 
sores, Jacobus Keley, Eiizabetha 

Bap^ Maria Barning filia Joannis et item 26 24 
Brigittae, nata 24^ ejusdem. Spon- 
sores, Dionisius £^en, Catharina 

(2) Bap'»« Minus Th» Keef, Natus 5* Dec^"* 28 
ejusdem, filius Mini et Susannas. Spon- 
sores Johannes et Anna Winter 

Catharina Carter filia guillelmi et Eliz., Januarii 
nata pridie. Sponsores, Guillelmus 
Jackson, Sarah Rolland 

Bap<* Catharina Duval filia Legit, item 24 
Joannis Bap*" et Elizabethae, nata. 
Sponsores [blank'] 

Bap'^ Brigitta Kerebon filia Jacobi et item 24 21 
helenae, nata 21 mensis ejusdem. 
Sponsores, Jacobus Ryan, Maria 

Bap^"* Timotheus Buckle filius Th« et item 25 8 

Mariae natus 8* ejusdem. Sponsores, 
Daniel Donavan, Maria Fit^erald 
177^ (3) Baptizatus henricus Cookaen filius febr. 8' 23 Jan. 
henrici et Johannae; natus 23 Janu- 
arii. Sponsores, Joannes Duggen, 
helena Birding 

Bap'^ Joannes Lynch, filius Guillelmi item item 13 Jan. 
et Annae: natus 13* Januarii. Spon- 
sores, Richardus Welsh, Susanna 

Bap** Margareta Crowley, filia Joannis item [15 31 Jan. 
et Annae, nata 31 Januarii. Spon- 1 

sores, Jeremia Carter, Anna Morphew I 

Bap^ Richardus Barry filius Jacobi et item 15 10 
Margaretae, natus 10^ febr. Spon- 
sores, Frandscus Moynan, Maria 

Bap'^ Josephus hutson filius Matthaei Martii 11 24 febr. 
et Annae, natus 24 februarii. Spon- 
I sores, N. Tool, Maria reardon [This 




eniry crossti out and obiit wriiUn 

tfAm. See third entry Mow.'] 
177^ (4) Bapdzata Susanna Mayston, filia 

Joannis et Joannse ; nata 8* ejusdem 

Mensis febr. Sponsores, Joannes 

inchiny Catfaarina NeaU 
Bap^ Gurolina Farguss filia Joannis et 

Annse; nata erat 13* mensis Febniarii. 

Sponsores, Patritius liCac-Donough, 

Johanna Griffiths 
Bap^ Joseph Hutson fiUus Matth. et 

anne, natus 24 febr. Sponsores, N. 

Tool, Maria Reardon 
Bap^ Th" hill filius N. et Eliz., 

Natus 5* ejusdem Mensis Martii. 

Sponsores, Maria Starman, Patricius 

Bap^ Elizabetha Kinchen filia Guillehni 

et Maris, Nata 10^ ejusdem. Spon- 
sores, Josephus Armor, Maria Glenden 
1773 (5) Guillelmus Tool filius Guillelmi et 

Catharinae, natus pridie 6* Aprilis. 

Sponsores, Edmundus Barry, Maria 

Maigareta Dugfi;en filia Joannis et 

Nburise, nata ? ejusdem. Sponsores, 

Gurolus Cannel, Maria Burice 
Maria Murry filia Legit Jo°^ et Eliz : 

nata 25 Aprilis. Sponsores, Joannes 

Winter, Anna Winter 
Bap^ Jacobus Welce filius Leg. philippi 

et Anns: natus 3 Aprilis. Sponsores, 

Jacobus Spencer, Maria Keafield 
Bap*"* Samuel Volantine filius Th« et 

Eliz: natus 11 Maii. Sponsores, 

Joannes Winter, Sarah Nolland 

Month Bom ■ 

Maii 28< (6) Catharina Harriss filia Guillelmi et ' 
Marise, Nata erat 5*. Sponsores, Daniel ' 
Sullevan, Johanna Sullevan I 

Junii 8 Daniel SuUevan filius Danielis et Marias, > 
natus 19 Mail Sponsores, Timotheus 1 
Morphew, Catharina Morphew 

item 18 Joannes Merrick filius Nathanielis et . 
Annae, natus 23 Mail Sponsores, 
Joannes Winter, Francisca Brown 

item 18 Sarah Lucia Till- Adams filia guilelmi et , 
Mariae^ nata 9^ Junil Sponsores, guil- 
lelmus plant, Catharina Vaughn 

item 18 MargareU Dunnaran filia Diooisii et | 
























5 Mart 

























August! 4 

ybrw 29 

Octo^* 18 


Oct»>^« 26 


Oct»»^' 3o« 





Catharinae, nata i* ejusdem. Sponsores, 
Jeremias Carty, Honora Cantey 

(7) Bap** Maria Anna Winter filia Joannis 
et Marise, nata 15 ejusdem. Sponsores, 
Guillelmus Adams, Anna Winter 

David Jacobus Welsh filius Jo*"* et Annae, 
natus 22* ejusdem. Sponsor, Catharina 

Honora Sulivan filia philippi et Sarah, 
nata pridie 3* ejusdem. Sponsores, 
Daniel Shale, Margareta Cartey 

Maria Whiting (ilia Isaaci et Eleonorae, 
nata 2 1 Junii. Sponsor, Agnes Quinlan 

Joannes Lewis filius Jo"** et Mariae, natus 
11^ ejusdem. Sponsores, Joannes et 
Martha Ryan 

Edwardus Joannes Gary filius Edw.* et 
Camillae, natus pridie 3* ejusdem. Spon- 
sores, Jo"** Chichester, Eques, Catharina 

(8) Cornelia Keef filia Th« et Mariae, nata 
26* Julii. Sponsores, Andreas Carew, 
Anna Welsh 

Jacobus Daily filius Mauritii et Brigittae, 

natus II* ejusdem. Sponsores, Jacobus 

Doren, Margareta Clinton 
Bap** Elizabetha Mackarti filia Danielis 

et Elizabethae, nata pridie. Sponsores, 

Carolus Daily, Maria Daily 
Maria Purcell filia Nicolai et Mariae, nata 

1 6* ejusdem Mensis Augusti. Sponsores, 

Walter Costelloe, Margareta Costelloe 
Sophia Dixon filia Joannis et Annae, nata 

24 7^ Sponsores, Joannes Ryan, 

Maria Starman 

(9) Joannes Dunn filius hugh et mariae, 
natus 16* ejusdem. Sponsores, Patricius 
Long, Maria Long 

Maria Ragen filia Jeremiae et Catharinae, 

nata 17* ejusdem. Sponsores, Th» Farril, 

Maria Jone 
Elizabetha Ranquetti filia Th« et Eliza- 

bethae, nata 12* ejusdem. Sponsores, 

petrus Donatti, Sarah N. 
Jeremias Carty filius Jeremiae et Mariae, 

natus 18 ejusdem. SiK)nsores, N. Kerby, 

helena Morphew 






























a|e Edward Gary of Follaton, grandson of Edward Gary of Torr Abbey, mar. 
Camilla Annabella, dau. of Gilbert Fane Fleming bv Lady Camilla Bennet, dau. of 
Charles, 2nd Earl of TankerviUc. The child is said to have died uomar. 

i86 itsoisTBRS or Bristol 

Mootn Bom 

item Margareta Shihand filk Danidis et anittc, 

nata i6^ ejusdem. Sponsores, Philippus 
Sulivan, honora Colens 
Nov^*«» ( I o) Thomas Bowen filius Th« ct Rebeccse, 
33^ natus 2^ ejusdem. Sponsores, Johannes 

Fleming, Maria Laffin 
Decembris Richardus Welsh filius Ricardi et Maris, 
9* Natus 5* Dec****. Sponsores, Timotheus 

Morphew, Susanna Powel 
Decembris Anna Sulivan filia Danielis et Mariae, 
9^ Nata 9^ Decembris anni 1776. Spon- 

sores, Timotheus Morphew, Catharina 
Decembris helena Plunket filia Georgii et Catharine. 
13^ Sponsores, Th» Carney, Maria Harelin 

Dec^* Margareta Conneley filia Danielis et Mariae. 
20 Sponsores, Edmundus Buttler, Mar- 

gareta Dunn 
Dec^' Maria Cannavon filia Jeremiae et Eliza- 

26 bethae. Sponsores, Joannes Cotter, 
Anna Ruebottom 

Dec**" (11) Joanna Leonard filia Moysi et Mar- 

27 garetae. Sponsores, Daniel Boss, Maria 

Januani Thos Daniel Corcoran filius Th* et annae. 
3* Sponsores, Th* Keef, Maria Stormont 

[0// crossed out'] 
Januarii Michael Welsh filius Jacobi et Eliz. Spon- 

14* sores, Jo~ White, Maria Dwire 

Januarii Jo^ Lynch filius Jois et helenae. Spon- 

9^ sores, Joes Manning, Maria hurley 

item Maria Mackarty filia Jeremiae et Mariae. 

Sponsores, Petrus Barry, Maria Shep- 
Januar. Jacobus Flyn filius Joannis et Joannae. 
10 Sponsores, Thos Roberts, Maria Mor- 

Januarii (12) Jacobus Hanglin filius Timothei et 
1 7 Susannas, a 3. annis lUUus 30* Januarii 

privatim Bap^ et Sub Conditione. 
iCvft praesente 
item Bap*"* Willelmus Burk filius Patricii et 

Eleonorse, natus erat 5 Januarii duobus 
annis ante. Sponsores, Timotheus 
Morphew, Maria Sulivan 
februarii Brigitta Barry filia Jacobi et Mariae. Spon- 
2 sores, Joannes Cotter, Anna Ruebottom 

febru. Maria Stack filia Michaelis et helenae. 
1* SponsoreSi Jeremiah hurley, helena 







[3* eras 
















Januarii ' 34 



Month Bora . Month Day 

id^febr. Thomas Shanon filius Jois et helenae. | februarii 

Sponsores, Thomas Farr, Maria Ball 12 

6 Martii Joannes Hirley filius Jdis et Catharinse. 1 Martii 

Sponsores, Cornelius Coning, helena 

Ehmavan I 

Martii (13) Anna hill (ilia Laurentii et Mariae. | Martii 
7^ Sponsores, Joannes heney, Brigitta 

item Patricius Neale et Jeremiah Neal, gemini. Martii 

Sponsores, Joannes Macdonel utrique, 

Maria Stormont Patricio, Catharina 

Regan Jeremiae 
14^ Martii Sarah Maria Redmond filia Marci et februarii 19^ 

Sarah. Sponsores, Guillelmus Buttler, 

Catharina M<^Donough 
25 Martii Anna Trotter filia Alexandris et annse. 

Sponsores, Daniel Sulivan, Joanna heiley 
[Interiined^ Vide postea [two leares under erased^ probably because 
two pages later all referring to the following^ 

3 Maii 

k Dno Gul. 



9* Aprilis 

Julii 7 
^ D. Gul. 
Julii 10 
k Dno 
Julii 20 





Catharina Donnovan filia Oweni et Cath- 
arinae. Sponsores, Thomas Murphy, 
Joanna Fling \all crossed out] 

Bap*«5 Th» Golden filius Michaelis et 
Elizabethae, natus die eadem. Spon- 
sores, Guillelmus Tool, hanna Keef 

(14) [IVntfen at top] Vide hos inferius 
ut servetur ordo. 

Gulielmus Power filius Gulielmi et Mar- 
garitae. Sponsores, Jeremiah Donogan, 
Catharina Donogan [all crossed out] 







Maria Brennen filia Jeremiae et Mariae. Junii 

Sponsor, Eleonora M<=Graugh Sola [all 29 

crossed out] 
Anna Maria Canavan filia Mauricii et N , 

Nata I* ejusdem. Sponsores, Jacobus 

Scott, Anna hopkins [all crossed out] 
Thomas Bradding filius Joannis et Eliza- Natus 

bethae. Sponsores, Th« Yetts, Maria 

Bap^ Sarah Constantina Constantine filia 

Jacobi et N. Sponsores, Mauricius 

Conavan, Emilia Creey 
(15) Bap^ Martha et Maria Morgan filiae 

Joannis et Mariae. Sponsores utrique, 

Jacobus Stacpoole, Joanna Maurice 
Bap** Margareta Jarviss filia Richardi 

et Cath^nae. Sponsores, Guillelmus 

Spread, Catharina King 


























Julii 20^ 

Julii 25^ 




item 10^ 

item 15 



Bap^ Josephos Bagnd filhis Joumis d 

EfeoooneL Spoosovt% Rittnchis fowler, 

BngittE hsjs 
Cadunmi Dooswan Oneni d Cjithaniyr, 

^ionsore s » IV Moqibev [ste aAmfe 

Mmph j^ JottUtt Fliog 
helena Boss filn Duudis et heknae. 

SpOQSores^ DicMushB Cintj, Mark 

Bap**^ Joannes Winter filhis Thomae et 

Brigittae. Sponsores» Joi" Winter, Anna 


(16) Maria Jeary filia Danielis et Eliza- 
beths. Sponsores, Daniel Groaning, 
Maria Stannan 

Catharina Daly filia Anthonii et helenae. 

Sponsores, Dionisius I>onavan, Anna 

Anna Clery filia guillelmi et Mariae. 

Sponsores, Bartholomeus Bryan, Joanna 

heUy [? keUy] 
Guillelmus Power filius Guillelmi et Mar- 
garitas Sponsores, Jeremiah Donogan, 

Catharina I>onogan 
Maria Brennen filia Jeremiae et Mariae. 

Sponsor Eleonora M^raugh Sola j 

Thomas Carew filius Andrew et Mar- ; 

garitae. Sponsores, Tho* Mullowney, 

Catharina M*^Donough 

(17) Maria Cotter filia Patricii et Eleonoris. 
Susceptores, Guillelmus Hays, Joanna 

Anna Maria Canavan filia Mauricii et N. 

Sponsores, Jacobus Scott, Anna hopkins 
Guillelmus Fitzgerald filius guillelmi et 

Joannae. Sponsores, Dionisius Collins, 

Maria French 
Margareta Powel filia illegitima et adul- 

terina Roberti et N. liberae. Sponsores, 

Edmundus Morphew, Eleonora heiley 
Joannes I>onavan filius Patricii et Marian. 

Sponsores, Patricius Lynch, Maria hem 
Thomas Shanon filius Th* et Mariae. 

Sponsores, Jo** M<^mahon, Joanna M<^lin 
Stephanus Pumphrey filius Edmund! et 

Eleonorae. Sponsores, fianciscus greily, 

Margareta Adams 

( 1 8) Joanna Colnor filia Jo^ et Margaretae. 
Sponsores, Georgius Manns, Joanna 



































Augusti I 8^ 

Month Born 

item Martha Kean filia Petri et Elizab. Spon- 

sores, Jacobus et Maria Clerck 
item 1 8^ Josephus Anderson filius Josephi et 

Joannae. Sponsores, guillelmus Shinick, 

Margareta Duffy 
item 24^ Thomas Adams filius guillelmi et Brigittae. 

Sponsores, Jacobus Doneley, Maria 

item 28 Daniel Farrell filius Danielis et Mariae. 

Sponsores, Joannes Dwyer, Elizabetha 

Sept^* Joannes Farguss filius Joannis et Annas. 

Susceptores, Guill. Till Adams, Eliz 

M<^Donough [obiit interlined at top] 
Octobris Hanna Mullins filia Danielis et Hannae. 
10* Susceptores, Michael Keys, Maria 

Oct^^ (19) Daniel Lyons filius Jo** et Joannae. 
17* Susceptores, Jo«* Murry, helena gerald 

Item Maria Buttler filia Edmundi et Catharinae. 

Susceptores, Dionisius Colins, Maria 

item Willelmus Josephus Winter filius Joannis 

et Mariae. Susceptores, Willelmus Tool, 

Maria Conneley 
item 21^ Anna Buckley filia Patricii et Eleonorae. 

Susceptores, Jo** Murry, Juliana Dono- 

item 25 Elizabetha Dillen filia Patricii et Eliz. 

Susceptores, Thomas Farrell, Maria 

item 31 Thomas Smith filius Silvestri et Sarah. 

Susceptores, Martinus Cook, Sarah 

Nov*»™4* Carolus Nale filius Danielis et Sarah. 

Susceptores, Daniel Sulivan, Maria 

[blank] (20) Maria Anna Mara filia Michaelis et 

Annae. Susceptores, Lucas Daroular, 

Sarah Heagerty 
^Qybris Bap^ Joannes Bams filius Roberti et 
25* Sarah Annae, natus die eadem. Spon- 

sores, Jacobus Cugnone, Maria Cugnone 
j^Qybrisj^th Elizabetha Torbes filia guillelmi et Annae, 

nata 2* ejusdem. Sponsores, Patricius 

Higgins, Maria Caverley 
Dec*^* Joannes hinchin filius Timothei et Mariae. 
i^ I Sponsores, Daniel Lane, [Margarita 
i crossed out'] Catharina Norguet 
Dec*^ 3* ! Eleonora Hall filia Laurentii et Mariae. 














































item 19 

J«n'« 3* 

Sponsores, Joannes Lyons, Margareta 

(21) Anna Adams filia guillelmi Till- 

Adams et Mariae. Sponsores, Robertus 

Bams, Anna Byrn 
Maria et Brigitta Scully filke Danielis et 

helenae. Maria nata erat 8^ Martii 

1777, Brigitta nata erat 8* Novembris 

1779. Sponsores: Mariae, Joannes 

Dugan, Maria French; Brigittae, Patri- 

cius lawton, Catharina Fitzmaurice 
Judith Maria Millbum filia francisd et 

Mariae, nata 4* Nov**™ 1779. Sponsores, 

Andreas Morphew, Maria Long 
item 19 i Maria Barrey (ilia Philippi et Eleonorae. 

Sponsores, Mauricius Dulea (?), Maria 
I Redden 
[InterHmd in pencil: N.B. Anno 1779 baptizati 
Thomas Lafiing filius Eduardi et Mariae. 

S|X)nsores, guillelmus Hays, Sarah 
' Hegcrty 
Jrtu"^ 6* (ia) Ji>sephus Keef filius Th» et Mariae. 

S|>onsore$, Patricius Fitzhenry, Maria 
J Willick 
Timothrus Harriss filius guillelmi et 

Mariw. Sponsores, Edmundus Fitz- 

j;orald, Mari;i SuU\-an 
MAr^^arcta |R*irk A-rassed mit] Burk filia 

j;u\>bi et |auina\ Sponsores, Antonius 

l\iK\ i^uhArina lo\-cc 
Abi^cl i\*(lK\rina MoWns filia l^anielis et 

holrt^ir. SjH^nsi^fvs, Jo^ Herley, Juliana 

I Vnuhou 
K>Ann.4 %|uinUn (iIm Jtunnis et Agathae. 

SjH>nMMrs |M\*hws Haf)iman, Maria 

v.\0 I'h* IVrm^v tiUus "11^ ei Margaritae. 

Nu>\x^^t\Mrs, rh* Kf^ct. Hir^tta Bennett 
\tuvA IVMwon niv* lUnieUs et Honone, 

>ks*vvt^vMt^ lV\nwl S. Kelly. Mar^rweta 

Kn\v^ K\vt "*-.i \l<\ini vH Susjinnx. Suscep- 
uvvv 1 \VH> K,if\;uKAr, Wt\:«u Hax-s 




NoTi'ri. I' 44 


i:)ec*~ I 11^ 

Item 1} 


•f Mrin ^^* 

•f uoin I* 



sunt 60]. 






I)ec»»^ I 28 

Jan"* • 29 



tebr. 14 

♦ \' 

*^s«'Vrt *- k .x'TvMik^ 5 ix* ii \\ gk c\>trecu !<«n> 10 rereal the 
, . .4 ' ,^»A, ,i*,,\ *^^«-.r^ \M A >I;j* v^f xnenioiy. See 4 Jmn. 

Maitii 26 



item S^ 

hem 13* 
item 24 

Mail 7* 


item 9* 
Mail 14* 

Item 20* 


Junii I* 
Junii 22^ { 

Julii 9^ , 

item 10^ 

Julii 16^ 

item 30^ 

Coraetts Couib 


Ffcalirtlue. Spcasorev Coniedns Haj% 

Steak Mada Bock^er fi]&a Th* ec Mam. 

SfioQSQres;, Jacobss Boik, Joaoat Coooei 
Bm^ Midad Hetfem ffiios Taoocm ec 

Anns. Sponsorcs^ R ttiki cs bokvao, 

Mazia Dviie 
Bri^kta Fkz ELerim ffia fv<tonndi et Jalbe. 

S p oo a oie v Taoobas Canada, Maria 

Matthanis Coiber dtios Jo* el Judith. 

Spoosoccs. Edmondos Tltdi^boQ, 

Julian llarooej 
Joamxs Murry filios Pitncii et Marise. 

SpQD9ores» ]cf* Oxidoo, Catharina 

Joamies green filius Jo^ et Maris. Spon- 

sons, ]<f* Winter, Joanna Kalahan 

(25) Matthaeus Bryan filius Matthsei et 
Cathariiue. Sponsores, Georgius Burk, 
Maria fouley 

Maria Horgan filia Matthsei et helens. 

Sponsores, Joannes Morgan, Elizabetha 

Maria Muttho filia Jo^ et Eliz : Sponsores, 

Dionisius et Maria Agen 
Robertas Goulding filius Michaelis et 

Elizabethan. Sponsores Michael et Eliz : 

Richardus £)onovan filius Dionisii et 
Catharinae. Sponsores, Joannes Dwire, 1 
Maria Prettey j 

Honora Donogan filia Eduardi et Cath- 
arinae. Sponsores, guillelmus Power, , 
Honora Crowney 

(26) Margareta M^Kerty filia Timothei et 
Julianas. Sponsores, Patricius Donan, 
Maria Farrell 

Margareta Mahoney filia Dionisii et 
Brigittae. Sponsores, Thomas Bowen, 
Catharina Lawten 



&Dem l>ec*^ 



Item I X* 

Martii 24^ 

April is 



Mail o^ 


Junii (>* 




Julii i3'*» 

item ,27* 

190 UGItmtB or BRISTOL 

Sponsores, Joannes Lyonsi Bifaigareta 

Dec^" (21) Anna Adams filia guillelini Till- 
7^ Adams et Manse. Sponiotes, Robertus 

Bams, Anna Bjrm 
Dec^^ Maria et Brigitta Scully fiUe Danielis et 
7* helense. Maria nata eiat 8* Martii 

1777, Brigitta nata erat 8^ Novembris 

1779. Sponsores: MaiisBi Joannes 

Dugan, Maria French; Brigittse, Patri- 

dus Lawton, Catharina Fitzmaurice 
item 19 Judith Maria MiUbam filia ftandsd et 

Marise, nata 4* Nov*** 1779. Sponsores, 

Andreas Morphew, Maria Long 
item 19 Maria Barrey filia Philippi et Eleonorse. 

Sponsores, Mauricius Diilea(?), Maria 


[InUrHmd in peneil: N.B. Anno 1779 baptisati 
Jan"^ 3^ Thomas Laffing filius Eduardi et Marise. 

Sponsores, guillelmus Hays, Sarah 

Jan*" 6* (22) Josephus Keef filius Th« et Marise. 

Sponsores, Patricius Fitihenry, Maria 

item 9^ Timotheus Harriss filius guillelmi et 

Marise. Sponsores, Edmundus Fitz- 
gerald, Maria Sulivan 
item Margareta [Bark crossed out] Burk filia 

Jacobi et Joannae. Sponsores, Antonius 

Daly, Catharina Joyce 
■fiitem 3^ Abigel Catharina Molens filia Danielis et 

helense. Sponsores, Jo^ Herley, Juliana 

■fiitem 4^ Joanna quinlan filia Joannis et Agathae. 

Sponsores, Jacobus Haffiman, Maria 
j Redding 
fehr. 6^ (23) Th» Tiemey filius Th« et Margaritse. 

Susceptores, Th" Keef, Birgitta Bennett 
item Maria Desmon filia Danielis et Honone. 

Susceptores, Daniel S. Kelly, Margareta 


item 20^ i Rosa Keef filia Meani et Susannae. Suscep- 
tores, Lucas Farquhar, Birgitta Plays 

Momh 1 Dky 



sunt 60]. 








I Jan^" 








4c The end cipher is somewhat indisUoct ; but if it is correct, seems to reveal the 
dale of copy as not earlier than that date, allowing for a slip of memory. See 4 Jan. 
or Feb. below. 

f Query February, or else some coafusioo in dates. 

S There is no miOake about thti being " 1790''' See Jan. j aho. 


[Jan. 15 
crossed 9ui\ 
febr. 27 
March 5'** 

item 6* 
Martii 26 

Item 8* 

item 13* 

item 24 

Maii 7* 

item 9* 
Maii 14^ 

item 20'^ 

Junii i^ 
Junii 22^ 

Julii 9^ 


Born I 

Rachel Watkins filia Marias et Jo**. ' 
Susceptores Guillelmus et Susanna ! 

georgius Roberts filius Oweni et Eleonorae. 
Susceptores Jo«* Broadrib et Sarah i 

Cornelius Collins filius Dionisii et Eleon- 
orae. Susceptores, Dionysius Donovan, 
Elizabeth Donovan 

(24) Joannes Adams filius georgii et 
Elizabethan Sponsores, Cornelius Hays, 
Sarah Clerk 

Sarah Maria Buckley filia Th^ et Mariae. 

Sponsores, Jacobus Burk, Joanna Connel 
Bap'"* Michael Heffern filius Jacobi et 

Annae. Sponsores, Patricius holoran, 

Maria Dwire 
Brigitta Fitz Kevins filia Edmundi et Juliae. 

Sponsores, Jacobus Canada, Maria 

Neagle [?] 
Matthaeus Colher filius Jo»* et Judith. 

Sponsores, Edmundus Titchgubon, 

Julian Maroney 
Joannes Murry filius Patricii et Mariae. 

Sponsores, Jo** Condon, Catharina 

Joannes green filius Jo*» et Mariae. Spon- 
sores, Jo" Winter, Joanna Kalahan 

(25) Matthaeus Bryan filius Matthaei et 
Catharinae. Sponsores, Georgius Burk, 
Maria fouley 

Maria Horgan filia Matthaei et helenae. 

Sponsores, Joannes Morgan, Elizabetha 

Maria Muttho filia Jo** et Eliz: Sponsores, 

Dionisius et Maria Agen 
Robertus Goulding filius Michaelis et 

Elizabethan. Sponsores Michael et Ehz : 



Richardus Donovan filius Dionisii et 
Catharinae. Sponsores, Joannes Dwire, 
Maria Prettey 
item 10^ Honora Donogan filia Eduardi et Cath- 
arinae. Sponsores, guillelmus Power, 
Honora Crowney 
Julii 16^ (26) Margareta M<^Kerty filia Timothei et 
, Julianae. Sponsores, Patricius Donan, 
i Maria Farrell 
item 30^ Margareta Mahoney filia Dionisii et 
I Brigittae. Sponsores, Thomas Bowen, 
, Catharina Lawten 



Natus ci rci 
finem Dec**"* 























item I 27* 


M«niK f Bon, 

ilcm 30* Joannes Canavan filius Jeremiae et Eliza- 
bethae. Sponsores, Georgius Robotham, 
Margareta Ree 

Uem 28* guillelmus Farguss filius Joannis et Annae 
Conjugum. Sponsores, guillelmus Till- 
Adams, Eliz: M<^donough 

Item 31 Jacobus Robotham filius Georgii et Annae, 
natus 30* Mensis ejusdem. Sponsores, 
Mauricius Kanney, Maria Dwire 

Augusti Margarita Sarsfield filia Simonis (Equitis) 
33* et Margaritas, nata 20* Julii. Sponsores 

Jacobus MuUowney et Margarita 

Se|>t*«* (27) Maria Bagnel filia Jo^'et helenae, Nata 
3* 19*^ Augusti. Sponsores, Dionisius 

Welsh, Maria Johnson 

item 3* Eleonora Norman filia Eduardi et Mariae, 
nata 18* Julii. Sponsores, Timotheus 
Nunan, honora Murrey [Interlined: hie 
omissio Vide infra y^*^** 7*] 

item 24"* Jacobus Cronin filius Danielis et Mariae 
Annae, natus [blank], Sponsores 
Joannes Coghlan et Maria Ryan 

Octobris Jonas Sparks filius Jo" et N., natus 27^ 
Sept^*. Sponsores Jacobus et Joanna 
Hayby L?] 

Item Guillelmus Reddens filius guillelmi et N., 

Natus Sept**"* 24*. Sponsores hieroni- 
mus Buckley et Agnes Quinland 

item 8* guillelmus Hekkey filius Jo" et Catharinae, 
natus 2* ejusdem. Sponsores, Jeremiah 
Buckley, Maria Morphey 
Oct*^» 12 (28) Joannes Vaughn filius Roberti et 
Catharinae, natus 7* ejusdem. Spon- 
sores Re\^"* Jo** Bap** Fountain et 
Ava pueri Anna Bym 

ybri» yA Baptus David Welch filius Richardi et 
Mariae, natus 26^ Augusti. Sponsores, 
Joannes Onale, Catharina Murphew 

Octobris Bap^ helena Dunley filia Bartholomaei et 

29* Abigelis, nata 2* Mensis ejusdem. Spon 

sores [Matthaeus Breen, Eliz. Goulden, 

crossed out\ Arthur Samuel, Helena 

I Hooper 

item I N. Kourke filia Nicholai et Margaretae, 
Nata 10^ Mensis ejusdem. Sponsores 
[Arthur Samuel smudged out\ Matthaeus 
I Breen, Eliz. goulden 

Oct. 14* Joannes Groaning filius Michaelis et Eliz: 
natus die eidem. Sponsores, Guillelmus 
, Tool, Maria Winter 
























item 30* 


item 17* 









(29) Jacobus Ryan filius Antonii et Mariae, 
natus die eidem. Sponsores, Daniel 
Gueran, Maria farrell 

Georgius Bowles filius Joannis et Mariae, 
Natus 21 Octobris anni ejusdem. Spon- 
sor, Jo** Winter 
[Interlined: htc est omissio. Vide infri] 

henricus Daly filius Antonii et helenae, 
natus 2^ ejusdem. Sponsores, Patricius 
Desmond, Maria Morphew 

henricus Mahonv filius Joannis et Cath- 
arinae, natus 3^ Mensis ejusdem. Spon- 
sores, guillelmus Hays, anna Morphew 

Maria Bym filia guillelmi et Mariae, nata 
6^ Mensis ejusdem. Sponsores, Dionisius 
Lary p], Eleonora Stack 

Baptizati sunt 

Elizabetha Morriss filia N. et Elizabethan, 

3 o O cr b 

S ^ S w X 
S g^S ^ o 

S* p i-i r> 
TJ 5. 3. rt 

ii 4* 1769 

nata Januarii 29^ 1766 

francisca Heynes, nata Mart 
Anna Heynes, nata 17^ Dec 
^ Lucas He3rnes, natus Maii i 
Joannes Heynes, Martii 13* 
Jacobus Heynes, Maii 12* 
Petrus Heynes, natus febrularii 20^ 17 















Petrus Heley, Maria Stafford 
Joannes Winter, Joanna Griffiths 
Bap** geminae Maria et Anna Night filiae |Th« et Joa 
natae die eidem qu4 Bap^* Sponsores : Mariae, 
Patricius Morphew, Maria Punch ; Annae, Thomas 
Buckley, Matha Neal 
(31) Bap^ Richardus Regan filius Jeremiael et Cath- 
arinae, natus 12* ejusdem. Sponsores, Dec**"* 
franciscus Dwire, Anna Herfernan 
[Interlined in pencil: 1 780 baptizati sunt 57] 
[From this point the margins are written over^ but the dates of both 
repeated in them^ and here omitted,'] 
Bap'* Maria Anna Ashley filia N. N. aetatis unius anni 

Bap^ Elizabetha Morphew filia Andreae et helenae, na 
II* Decembris 1780. Sponsores, Timo- Dec**" 
theus Harrington, Brigittae Dohorty 17 

Maria Lawton filia Patricii et Mariae. nataDec**»* 

Sponsores, Lucas Farquar, Maria Dwire 1780 

Susanna Keef filia Manus et Susannae. nata 
Sponsores Jo**et Maria Winter Januarii 






Month Born 

[1781. The year is unchanged till top of 

P- 33] 
Januarii Mauritius Canavan filius Mauritii et Mable 
14^ Canavan olim Hopkin. Sponsores, 

Mauritius Hanigan, Eleonora Mullen 
Januarii (32) Bap** Catharina Skdndle filia Jacobi 
21^ et Marias. Sponsores, Michael nata 

Treci, Judith Gibbons 
item Jo^" quin filius Hugonis et Elizabethan, natus 

Sponsores, Audustanus Donovan, 
Catharina Donovan 
Januarii Joannes Tierney filius Thomae et Mar- 
21 garetae, natus 20^ ejusdem. Sponsores, 

Jo«* Thomey, Elizabetha Carew 
Januarii Daniel Dreskil filius Comelii et Joannae. 
2(i^ Sponsores, Jo** Gorman, Maria Natus 

Jan : 28^ Lucia Magtilda Keef filia Th« et Mariae. 
Sponsores, Jo«* Thomey, nata 

Elizabetha Carew 

(33) 1782 

Januarii Bap'* Johanna Waters filia Thomae et 
28^ Sponsores, Jo«* Stafford, Eleonora nata 

Januarii Johanna Desmod filia Danielis et Honorae. 
30^ Sponsores, Edmundus Fitzgerald, Nata 

Eliz: Homett 
februarii Patricius Bokely filius Jeremiae et Eliz: 
4^ Sponsores, Andreas Morphew, Natus 

Helena Conor 
\blanK\ Maria Dedy filia [illeg : interlined'] Davidis 

et Sarah. Nata 

Sponsores, Jacobus Mullyn, Maria Ferris 
febr. 4» Joannes Baptista Poli filia Jo*» Baptae et 

Mariae. Nata 

Sponsores, Jacobus Solivan, Helena Ryan 

(34) W^' [? 1782. The pages continue to 

be headed 1781 //// p. 42.] 
[blank'] Bap*^ Thomas Deveson filius [illegit : inter- 
lined] Joannis et Helenae. Natus 
Sponsores, Dionisius Carroll, Maria Ball 
6 Die Bap'»»* Edmundus Pumphry filius Edmundi 
Aprilis et Helenae. Sponsores, Simeon Lamport 

et Catharina Cook 
Martii Bap^ Joannes Desmond filius Patricii et 
25 Joannae. Sponsores Edwardus Keho et 

Margarita Canty [or Conty] 
6 Aprilis Bap'"* Gulielmus Buckley filius Thomae et 
Mariae. Sponsores Edmundus Power et 
Maria Punch 


Dies nativ 



31 Dec^"* 









10^ 1780 






Januarii ' 

285 I 







Die 3* 




15* Die 


22* Die 

29 Die 

29 Die 


Die 3* 

16 Die 

20 Maii 

6* Die 
27 Maii 

3» Junii 

Julii Die 

Die 2* 



Rora I 

[Bap^ inieriifud'] Calharina CondoD filia 
Joannis et Mariae. Sponsores Geoigius 
Manno et Caterina Sulliran 

(35) [il^2 cr9ssed out] 1781 
[Bap** inierkned] anna Hely filia Petri et 

marise. Sponsiwes Joannes Winter et 

Margarela Brown 
Bap^ Eleonora Buckley filia Andreae et 

Maigaretae, nata 2* Die ejusdem mensis. 

Sponsores Bartolomaeus Dunley et 

Joanna Dismon 
Bap*^ Joannes Fitzgerald filius Gul. et 

Joannae. Sponsores Petrus Pren- natus 

dergest et Eleonora Mullen 
[Bap** interlined] Maria Morrison filia 

Rogerii et Manae. Sponsores nata 

Timotheus Noland et Anna Morgan 
Bap*^ Joannes Murray filius Joannis et 

Eliz : Sponsores, Georg : Manno natus 

[or Manns], Cat : Sulliran 
Bap*"* Joannes Douherty filius Laurentii 

et Brigittae. Sponsores Patricius natus 

Holland et maria Dwire 

(36) i78i[?] 

Georgius Davis filius Gul : et Eliz: Spon- 
sores, Timotheus Nuland, Joanna Powel 
Coroletta Kennedy filia Joannis et Wene- 

fridae. Sponsores, Caterina Pontinge 

\no godfathef^s name] 
Joannes filius Gul: et manse Till-Adams. 

Sponsores, Thomas Brewer et Francisca 

maria Deally [originally Dally, with "a" 

crossed out] filia Comelii et mariae, Bapta 

Sponsores Joannes Winter et maria 

Eliz. N«de filia Jeremiae et Caterinae, Bap*» 

Sponsores Gul: Toole et maria Cerew 
Joannes Powell filius Gul. et margaritae. 

Sponsores Joannes Desmon Bap*"* 

et anna Caldweld 
Caterina mannan filia Joannis et Heleonorae, 

Sponsores Joan Jouler [?] et Bap** 

Caterina Borrett 

(37) maria Johnson filia Petri et annae, Bap*» 
Sponsores Thomas Farr et Joanna 

nata maria Curtin filia Dyonisii et Caterinae. 
Sponsores Edmundus Fitzgerarld Bap** 
et Sara Preston 





nata Martii 
16^ Die 




23 Die 


Maii Die 

21* maii 

27 ejusd 

Die 5' J 

Die 10* J 

Die 8* 
1 5 Die ejus 






15 ejusde 








Die 7* 

1 8* Die 

17* Die 




7* Die 


8* Die 

9* Die 

9' Aug. 

9* Die 


4* Die 

9* Die 


bris i2» 


28» Die 





et mariae, 



Laurentius Doyle filius Joann. 

Sponsores Richardus Keefe 

et maria Keefe 
Carolus Lewis fUius Joannis et mariae. 

Sponsores Jacobus Ryan et Bap^ 

maria Welleck 
maria Donavan filia Patricii et Elizabethan 

Sponsores Mauricius Hussey et Bap^ 

Caterina Donavan 
Joannes Wallace filius Jacob! et 

Sponsores Nicolaus Bourke et 

anna Frobus filia Gulielmi et 

Sponsores David Miland et 


(38) 1781P] 

Margarita MuUoney filia Hugonis et Mariae. 

Sponsores Daniel Murphy et Bap^» 

Anna Sheehan 
Eliz. Farrel filia Francisci et mariae. Spon- 
sores Jacobus Hely et Caterina Bap^ 

Jeremia Harrinton filius Bartho: et Mariae. 

Sponsores Jacobus Flinet maria Donavan 

Jacobus Dugan filius Joannis et Mariae. 

Sponsores Patricius Lynch et Helena 

Connald Bap'^'^ 

Gul: Mollens filius Danielis et Annae. 

Sponsores Joannes Flemming et Caterina 

margarita Sullivan filia Joannis et mariae. 

Sponsores Stephanus Griflin Bap'* 

et maria Kelly 
Francisca Edgar filia Jacobi et Helenne. 

Sponsores Caterina Murphy [J.C.] Bap** 
Jerimia Sullivan filius Danielis et Mariae. 

Sponsores Dyonisius Murphy Bap*"' 

et Caterina Murphy 

(39) 1 781 p] 

Maria Hitchin filia Tymothaei et mariae. 

Sponsores Stephanus Smith Bap** 

et Maria Parry 
Lucia Lynch filia Gul : et Annae. Bap** 

Sponsores Daniel Neal et sara Peters 
maria Dawn filia Joan, et mariae. Spon- 
sores Petrus Heley et Anna Bap** 

maria adams filia Gul : et Bridge. Bap** 

Sponsores Jacobus Dopnelly et Eleonora 





18* ejusd 
22* Junii 
22* ejusd 

29* ejusd 
2» Augus 

5* Die ejusdem 




1 2* ejusd 
13 ejusd 

19 Augus 

2 Die 


6* Die 


6* Die 

1 5* ejusd 
Septem br 
Die 27* 

Die 30* 
Oct. Die 















Die 30* 
Oct. Die 


13* Die 


Die 21* 

9* Die 

Die 16* 

Die 15 

Die 19* 


7* Die 

Dec: 9» 


Julii i7» 

15 Die 



7* Die 

begin to put marginal notes in brackets from here.'] 

Sara Harris filia Gul : et mariae (Bap'* Oct. Die 7*). Spon- 

sores Dyonisius Curtin et Cat : Jeky. 
Maria Welton filia Danielis et Honoriae (Bap** Oct: Die 

13*). Sponsores Joannes Bowen et Maria Condon. 
(40) 17S1 [?] 

Michael Devericks filius Richardi et Juliae (Bap'"* Oct : Die 

22*). Sponsores Daniel Sullivan et Eliz. Renolds. 
Anna Herley filia Joannis et Caterinae (Bap** Oct: 28* Die). 

Sponsores, Joan : Lane, anna Crowley. 
Dyonisius French filius Dyonisii et mariae (Bap*^ nov: Die 

6*). \Nd sponsors named.] 
Dyonisius et Cornelius Hayes filii Gul: et Emiliae (Bap** 

Die 21* ejusdem mensis). Sponsores Mauricius et Maria 

Eleonora Bagdnell filia Joannis et Eleonorae (Bap** Oct : 

Die 28*). Sponsores, Jacobus Carew, maria Tyler. 
Tymotheus Bayley filius Tymothei et mariae, Baptizatus 

sub condidone (Die Oct: 28*). Sponsores, Terentius 

Sheehy et anna Rawbottom. 
Nic. Cutter filius Jacobi et Catharinae (Nov:**" Die i8»). 

Sponsores Tim: Sullivan et Eliz: Davis. 
(40 1 781 [?] 

Richardus Fitz: Gibbons filius Edwardi et Judith (25 ejusdem 

mensis). Sponsores martinus Ellis et Eleonora Ryan. 
Richardus Broadrick filius Joannis et Sarae (30* Die ejusd : 

mensis). Sponsores Tho: Forret et Eliz: Hill. 
Catharina Pluncket filia Georgii et Catharinae (Decembris 

Die 16*). Sponsores Timotheus Numan et Joanna 

Thomas Neal filius Danielis et Sarae ( 1 7 ejusdem). Spon- 
sores Ed : Power et Judith Weeler. 

[/if pencil: N.B. Anno 1781 baptizati sunt 66.] 

Pauca nomina desunt 


Bap*°» Matthaeus Connor fil : Joan : et Margar : Natus Junii 

(17* Die). Sponsores, Gul. Charles, Joanna Beaumont 
Bap** anna Cane filia Petri et Eliz : nata 7* Die ejusdem. 

Sponsores Georgius Monno et anna Farley. 
(42) Dyonisius Connel filius Hieronimi et Eleonoriae (20* 

Die ejusdem mensis). Sponsores Antonius Daly et Eliz : 

Helena Linch filia Patricii et Helenae (20* ejusdem). 

Sponsores Cornelius Collins et maria Hussy. 
Gul. Bowen filius Thomae et Rebeccae (31 ejusd.) Spon- 
sores Terentius Sheehy et Joanna CantL 
andreas Winter filius Joannis et mariae (martii i* Die). 

Sponsores Gul. Adams et Joanna Griffiths. 
antonius Eari filius Joannis et Caterinae (Martii Die io»). 

Sponsores et Maria Barry. 



Martii Honoria Murphy filia Danielis et Rebeccae (17* Die 

Die 7* ejusdem mensis). Sponsores Jeremia Buckley et Bridgitta 
Martii Patricius Hall fil : Patricii et marie (24 ejusdem mensis). 

Die 17^ Sponsores Dyonisius Mahoney et Margarita Houghen. 
Martii (43*) Eliz: Keefe filia Thomae et mariae (28 Die ejusdem 

17 mensis). Sponsores Joannes Commins et Eliz: Carew. 

Martii Eliz: Fargus filius Joannis et Mariae (25^ Die ejusdem 

5* Die mensis). Sponsores Thomas Brewer et Eliz: M^^Donough. 
Martii Thomas Welch filius Davidis et Joannae (31 ejusdem 

29 mensis). Sponsores, Michael Murphy, Henela Connoley. 

Feb"* Jacobus Connely filius Jacobi et mariae (19 Die ejusdem 

17* Die mensis). Sponsores Jacobus Leo et Caterina Leo. 
Martii maria Dismon filia Patricii et Joannae (Aprilis i* Die). 

17 Sponsores Joannes Whealan et maria Brown. 

Martii Thomas Smith filius Thomas et mariae (Aprilis 2» Die). 

25 Sponsor Caterina Bryan. 

Aprilis Jacobus HefTeran filius Jacobi et annae (28 ejusdem). 

18 Sponsores Tho: P[r]endergras et maria White. 

Die 2 1 Baptus Matthaeus Savage fil : Josephi et annae, natus die 
Julii 16 ejusd : Sponsores, David Melone, Cat : White. 

[43^ being a leaf fastened in by four bits of sealing wax between 
pages 42 and 43*, evidently intended to give baptisms after the latter 
page^ although no year is given. There is no page 43 simple. The 
sheet is double folded^ in part faded^ has been wet^ so as to make the ink 
alm0St invisible^ and has had ink spilt on it/] 

[No year given on obverse but 1782.] 
Natus Apri: 19 

Joannes Driskill fil: Cornelii et Joannae, B*"* Maii 3. Sponsores 

Gul : Tool et maria Evans. 
Natus 1* Maii 

Helena Sullivan filia Dominici et Caterinae, bap** 5* ejusdem. 

Sponsores Edmundus Fitzgerald et Maria Conely. 
Natus maii 8 

Dyonisius Do\_erasure "w" ?]nnegan filius Edwardi et Caterinae, 

Bap*^ 1 9. Spon : Cornelius Collins, Maria M<=Carthy. 
Natus Maii 12 

Maria Powel filia Roberti et Susannae, B*» 20 ejudem. Sponsores 

Gul : Connel et Henen Haly. 

[On the dorse of 43^] 
Nata 31 Maii 1782 

Maria Hackett filia Joannis et mariae, Bap** Junii 2* Die. Spon- 
sores Laurentius [after two attempts to write the name] Dohherty 

et Bridgittae Dayly. 
Natus Maii 23 

Jacobus Cronin fil: Macaelis et Eliz: bap**" 10 Junii. Sponsores 

Jacobus Tool et [Cat:] Tool. 
26 Maii 
Nata Eleonora mullen filia Danielis et Eleonorae, Bap^ J[unii i 

/mk spilt]6. Sponsor Eleonora Murphy. 



[T/u rest following has evidently been wet, the ink run, and very faint.'] 
natus Joan : Donnav[an] Junii 23 filius Dyonisii et Caterinse, 
Bap^"* 7 Julii. Sponsores Ric**" [erasure ? M'guire] M'eguire [?] et 
marise Dwire. 

Na**» Junii 28 Ada[mus] [Dillon] fil : Patri : et Eliz. Spon : 
Dyonisius Curtis. 

[^ffere ends this partly undecipherable sheet,] 

(44) Bap*^ GuL Power fil. Gul. et [H. ^r &c.], natus 27 Dec: 
anno Domini 1781. Sponsores Jacobus Anderson et 
maria Corbet. 

Bap'*" [Gul. crossed out] Joan: filius lUegitimus Gualterii 

Kelly et Elonora Burke, natus 26 ejusdem. Sponsores 

Joannes Flinn et Hannah Leigh. 
Baptus Richardus Chronin filius Joannis et Mariae, natus die 

23*^ maii. Sponsores Patricius Clark et Margarita Keeffe. 
Bapta Joanna Donovan filia Joannis et Margaritas, nata 

aug: 16 ejusd: Sponsores Dyonisius Donovan et 

Honoria Tynay. 
Bapta anna Flynn fil : Joannis et Joannae, nata 15 ejusdem. 

Sponsores Tho* Brownan et Eleonora Ryan. 

(45) Baptus Joannes Bonnar fil : Richardi et Joannas, natus 
20 ejusdem. Sponsores, Nicolaus Henrath, Emilia Hiliar 

Baptus anna Nugent fil : Jacobi et mariae, nata 25 ejusdem. 

Sponsores Jacobus Bryan et Judith Gibbins. 
Bapta et nata eddem die Helena Haleran filia Jacobi et 
Helenas. Sponsores Dyonisius Mahony et maria Connor. 
Caterina Cronin filia I)anielis et Marias, nata 2* die Sept: Bap** 
29 ejusdem. Sponsores Daniel Sullivan et maria green. 

(natus) Sept: ii» die Joannis O'Bryan fil. Joannis et Judith, Baptus 
29 ejusdem. Sponsores Nicolaus Roach et Cat: Connel. 

(natus Sept. 25) Joannes Bowen fil : Joan : et Caterinas, Baptus 
1 3 oct : Sponsores Hennericus Nevil et maria Boaman. 

(natus 13 oct) Daniel Nunan fil. Timothei et Joannas (Baptus 

20 ejusd:) Sponsores Patricius Dillon et Joan : Hawkins. 

(46) (Natus oct : 16) Gul. Carney fil : Thomas et Saras, Baptus 27 ejusdem 
mcnsis. Sponsores Gul. Toole et Bridg : Welch. 

(Nata oct : 7* Die) Maria Donovan fil : Oweni et Cat : Bapta 
27 ejusdem. Sponsores Bartho: Dunley et Agnes Quinland. 

(Nata oct: 18 Die) Maria Doyle fil: Patricii et Eleonoras Bapta 
29 ejusd: Sponsores Gul. Toole et maria Busby. 

(NaU 25 Die Nov^ Eleonora Ball fil: Thoaj et marias, Bapta 
1* Die decembris. Sponsores Gul. Toole et margareta Linch. 

(Natus Die nov: 28) Joannes Corbet fil: Gul. et Julianas, Bap^ 
Decembris Die 8*. Sponsores Patricius Dismon et Cat. Wilson. 

(Natus Die i* Decmbris) Timotheus Hinchin fil : Thomas et nMuias, 
Baptus 15 Die ejusdem. Sponsores Joan : Donogan et Cat Toole. 

(Nata Die nov: 27) Margarita Carew fil: Jacobi et marias. Bap'* 

2 1 Decem^ Sponsores Gul. Toole et Bride. Doharty. 

(nata oct : 10) Eleonora Jarvis fil: Ric^» et Cat: Bapta 27 ejusd: 
Sponsores, GuL Toole, margarita Glindon. 

Julii die 

28 Die 

Aug. 9* 

Aug. 18 


Aug. 18 

Aug" 22 

aug: 30 

aug. 5* 


Eleonora Gearay naU [ge?] filia Thomae et Maigaritae, BapU 
a7 decembris. Sponsores [ge?] blank, 

(Natus nov. 25) Jacobus anderson fil: Jacobi et Mariae, Baptus 
27 decembris. Sponsores, matt: Sullivan, anna Hoskins. 

^Nata nov. 27) Cat: [Sullivan crossed out] anderson filia Jacobi et 
manae, BapU 27 Dec: Sponsores matt Sullivan et Maigarite M'guire. 

(Dec: 24 natus) Thomas Holmes fil: Thomae et Cat: Baptus 
29 ejusdem. Sponsores Thomas Pendegra^ et maria. 
. [In pencil: Anno 1782 baptizati sunt 49.] 


(Jan"> natus 20 die) David Robinson fil: Davidis et Joannae, Baptus 
31 ejusdem. Spon: Joannes Barry. 

(Feb"> 6^ die) Helena Mahony filia Dyonisii et Bridg: Bapta 
16 ejusdem. Sponsores Joannes Bryan et maria Farrel. 
(48) (nata Feb™ 20* Die) maria Roache fil: Thoae et mariae, BapU 
martii 2* Die. Sponsor, Jacobus Wallice. 

(naU martii 27) maria Carr filia Georgii et Caterinae, BapU 
AprUis 7* Die. Sponsores, Jacobus Carew, Cat. Sullivan. 

(aprilis Die 15 naU) Lucia Connell fil: Jeremiae et Honoriae, 
Bap'* Aprilis 25. Sponsores mauritius Connel et maria Conner. 

(aprilis 29) natus Joannes Collins fil. Dyonisii et Heleonorae, 
Baptus maii 7* Die. Sponsores Cornelius Donovan et Catarina. 

(natus martii 20^ Die) Gul. Pattin fil: GuL et mariae, Baptus 7* Maii. 
Spon : Ric"» folly et anna Forbus. 

(natus maii 3* Die) Joannes Fargus fil: Joannis et annae, Bap*~ 
7* qusdem. Sponsores Gul. Coombes et Joanna Griffiths. 

(naU 28 aprilis) maria Fitzgerald fil: Gul. et Joannae, BapU 
maii 11^ Die. Sponsores Jacobus Hefiferin et margariu Glendon. 

(49) (naU martii 28) Eliz: Bryan fil: matt: et Cat: BapU 11 die maii. 
Sponsores mauritius Joyce et Juliana Barber. 

(natus apr: 26) Josephus Daly fil Comelii et mariae, baptus maii 12. 
Sponsores Gul Farr et Joanna. 

(naU maii 18 die) maria anna Frere fil: Joannis et Margaritas, 
BapU 20* ejusdem : Sponsores Tho* Brewer et Margariu Hawkins. 

(natus 25 maii) Joannes Castelly fil: matthasi, baptus 26 ejusd: 
Sponsores Julianus Collins et anna Winter. 

(naU 2* die maii) Elizabetha morison fil: Rogeri et mariae, bap^ 
2* Junii. Sponsores Gul. Toole et anna morgan. 

(natus maii 23) Tho* Lewis fil: Joan: et mariae, Bap: junii 16. 
Spon : Martha Ryonet, Gul. Till-adams. 

(naU Junii 17) Honoria M'Cauliff fil: Patricii et Caterinae, BapU 
19 ejusdem. Sponsores Gul. Tool et Heleonora Roach. 

(natus I* Junii) Tho. White fil: Tho: et annae, baptus 22 ejusdem 
mensis. Sponsor, Gul. Toole. 

(50) (naU 27 martii) Cat: Murray fil: Joan: et Eliz: BapU Junii 27. 
Sponsores Patricius Hany et Bridg. Sullivan. 

(natus junii 17) Jacobus Fulford fil: Gul: et Abig: baptus Julii 17 
[or 19]. Sponsores Gul. Toole et maria Calvert. 

(naU 16 Julii) Maria Miller fil: Jac: et Eliz: bapU Aug: 4* die. 
Sponsores Gul Poole et Anna Faxgus. 


(nata 7* aug.) Maria Anna Morgan fil: Thoas et Eliz., BapU 17 aug: 
Spons: Michael Heney et Maria Butler. 

(natus 12 aug.) The' Coghlan fil: Mic: et margaritas, baptus 
27 ejusdem. Sponsores Daniel CyLeary et Cat. Harley. 

(nata aug. 18) maria Canavah fil: Joan: et Mariae, bapta 27 ejusdem. 
Spon: Joannes Jones et Maria Calvert 

(nata aug. 25) maria Runchetti fil: Thoae et Eliz: Bapta 8* die 
Septembris. Sponsores Petrus Catoni et Cat. Toole. 

(nata 18 aug:) anna Johnson fil: Petri et annae, bapta 17 Septembris. 
Sponsores Tho» Yeates et Joan: Farr. 

(51) (natus et nata 16 Sept:) michael et maria Reerden filius et 
fil la Joannis et Cat: Bapt: 21 ejusdem mensis. Sponsores Jacobus 
Toole et anna Winter. 

(nata 17 Sept:) Joanna Quinland fil: Dyonisii et Cat, Bapta 
21 ejusdem. Spons: Jacobus Comelly et maria. 

(nata aug: 26) maria Bradden fil: Joan: et Eliz: Bapta Sept: 26. 
Sponsores Joannes Winter et martha Ryan. 

(nata Sept 29) anna Bowen fil: Thoae et Rebeccae, Bapta oct: 5 die. 
Sponsores .... Dohorti et Eliz: Renolds. 

(natus Sept 18) Gul: Dunn fil: Richardi et Eliz: Bap: 6''die oct: 
Sponsores Jacobus Toole et Caterina Toole. 

(nata Julii 29) Caterina [/A^ writer began to write fi[lia] and it 
reads like fCia] Dismon fil: Joannis ct Eliz: Bapta aug: Die 2*. 
Sponsores mat: Bryan et Cat Joyce. 

(nata 17 oct) Eliz: Lane filia Tymothaei et Eliz: Bapta 2* novembris. 
Sponsores Gul. Sugar et Hel: Conner. 

(nata 23 nov:) maria Harding fil: Francisci et marias, Bapta 
27 ejusdem. Spon: Tho*: MuUowney et et Constantia Brooks. 
{On this page the margins are not used."] 

(52) nic: Hickey fil: nic: et margaritae, baptus ii sacerdote Hispano 
die sexto feb: Sponsor A. Black. 

Ric**"» Collins Keough fil: Georgii et Mariae, natus 17 Jan: baptus 
7 die feb: 1783. Spon: moyses Keough et maria Doyle. 

Sarah Ross fil: Jacobi, nata 31 Januarii, bapta 7 die feb: 
Sponsores, M: N: 

Juliana et anna Heagarty filias gemellae Joannis et Joannac, natae 
Die 7^ feb: Baptas eadem die die. Sponsores micael Fracey et maria 

maria Reily fil : Edwardi et Alliciae, nata die 3* feb : bapta 1 7 ejusdem. 
Spons: Joannes [Doyle crossed out^ Dayton et Cat Toole. 
[In pencil: N.B. Anno 1783 baptizati sunt 37.] 

(53) (March y« 9'**) maria Jeamey fil : Tho* et Margaritas, nata 7*** march, 
bapta 9 ejusdem. Sponsores Joannes Cummins et Joan: Keefe. 

Jacobus Vaughan, natus Feb. 19, Bap^ 20 ejusdem. Sponsores 
Jacobus Byon et Elizabetha filius Roberti et Caterinae. 

Rebecca [interlined Till-] Adams fil : Gul : et Marias, nata 4* die 
aprilis, Bapta 5* die ejusdem. Sponsores Jacobus Ryon et Martha. 

margarita Corbet, nata Feb>^ 26, Bapta 29 Feb: fil: Gul: et Julianas. 
Sponsores Dyonisius mahoni et maria FarreL 

2QE1E iHjfJt S: Jasnms el mmx^ nata cicfam 16 [?]• 1783, Bap^ 
mard: 11^ ck 17^4. SpooBcxn Peons Ciju i miw ci Oo. Fonn. 

nEH BcTui fi: Joas: et Jnditfa, ntta 4* die Feb: 10 martiL 
fccmBxes Tbo" Faird et Ehz: Djrsaxm. 

SBaL Crocin fA: Mkfaaelis et Elk: nata maitii 7^ die, bap^ 
:: c TO^r^- ^pocsores Jacobus HoDand ct nxah. 

1BCU Pover fil: Gul: el maigaiitae:, nata ixxxrto die, BapU 
:; 2iiEt=. ^ponsor^ GuL F'ltzgcxarld ci mai^ginia Glendon. 

P ain dia Cornell)' fil: Jacobi et manae, natss maitzi die i6» Bap^ 
^ ricuem. :^paIlsore5 Patri: Hogan et EmUia Croain. 

Gel: Ccitin fil: I>>-oni5ii et (Jat: natos martii 15, bap^ 28 ejosdem. 
^BCVKves Oven Sullivan et Eliz: Buckley. 

Gel Hackett fil: Joan: et maiia:, naius maxtii 31, Baptus aprilis 
^ 4». Sponsores Edwardus Condon et maiia Dinre. 

GuL Hayes, natus 3"^ die aprilis, fil: GuL et Emiliar, Bap*"^ 
II ejosdem. S{)onsores GuL Hutcbesoo et EUz: Cerew. 

xoicae^ Golden fil: micaelis et Eliz: natos maitii 27, B^)tus 
jfBte 12. Sponsores iJaniel Brown et Eleonora Murphy. 

Bi^gitu Winepress fi\ : Jac : et Eleonone, natae 1 7 aprilis, Bap^ 
iS CTOsdem. Sponvjres Jercmia Reordon et maria Connelly. 
^^^ Jacobus Ncal, natus 15 aprilis, Bap^^ 18 ejusdem, fil: Jacobi et 
ll^eiue. Sponsores, KiC'* Keough, maria Shay. 

Eleonora Gay fil: micaelis ct maris, nata Feb. 26, Bapta aprilis 25. 
^oonsores Franciscus Leonard ct maria Gouldin. 

Edwardus Comelly fil: Pat: et Cat: natus aprilis 18, Baptus 
*^ ciusdcm. Sf^^nsorcs Oul Corny et Eliz: I)e[onrcy]. 

suLTia Richardson fil: Ridiardi ct E!iz : nata aprilis 14, Bap** 
mtii 29. Sponsores Gul : liuller et (Jat Cook. 

Rridgitta Curtcn fil : Cornelii ct BridgittA-e, nata 1 1 die martii, Bap^ 
miii 12, 1784. Sjionsorcs Gul. Toole ct Eleonora mac mahaen. 

Henricus Plutknotc fil: Hen. ct Eliz: natus 26 apr: Bap*"* 18 maii. 
j^uisores Gul. Trx^lc ct Sahina Sullivan. 

lacobus Hallaron fil : illegittimus Jacobi et Sara?, natus Augusti 
i*<fie, 1783, Bap**»^ maii 18, 1784. Sponsores GuL Toole et Afarg^ta 

Henricus Quinland fil: Joan: et Agnctis, natus 15 Junii, Bap*"* 
Ml qusdem. Sponsores, Jac: andcrson, sarah neaL 
1^6) Gul: Donovan fil: Dyon: et Cat: natus maii 20, Bap*"» 27 Junii. 
S|ionsorcs Gul : Sullivan ct maria Dwire. 

Eliz : ^Vallacc fil: Jacobi ct maria:, nata 15 Junii, Bap»* 27 ejusdem. 
^^lonsores andrcw Kowlcy tt Cat. Keo. 

Joannes Flavcn fil: Joan: ct Cat. natus 28 Junii, l>ap*'- Julii die 4*. 
j^cnsores Patricius Buckley ct Joanna Sullivan. 

Franciscus Seragu.s fil. Fran: ct anncX*, natus Jul ii 14, l>ap*"* 2» die 
^lyinti Sponsores Joannes Hassct ct Margarita Kelly. 

Maria Donovan fil: (Jornclii ct Eliz: nata 2* augusti. Bap** 3* die 

gdem. Sponsores Joannes Bryan ct Cat. Toole. 

Joannes Farrcl fil: Fran: ct maria:, natus Junii 10 die. Bap*"* 
^gggm 4* dJc. Sj)onsorcs Joannes Flyn ct Cat. Bam. 
?^ micacl Hoddeat fil: micaelis et maria^ natus 9* die augusti, 
(1^ 19. Sponsores Dominicus Leone et margariu PcowelL 


Johannes Fargus fil : Joan: et annae, natus aug. 17, Baptus 
20 ejusdem. Sponsores, Gul. Butler, Dorothea O'Bryan. 

Joannes Bowen, natus Julii die 8*, filius Joannis ct Cat., Bap*»*» 
augusti 15. Sponsores Henricus Neville et N. Boamam. 

Lucia Lynch fil : GuL et annas, nata Junii incerto die, Bapta 
23 augusti. Sponsores Eliz: Corbet tX blank [maria Fower crossed ouf^ 
see below], 

Gul: Mullowney, natus Julii 13, Bap'»» aug. 30, fil: Gul: et Lsetitiae. 
Sponsores Joannes Winter et anna Royden. 

maria Power fil: Guil. et [H.], nata i* die Junii, Bap^ septembris 
13* die: Sponsor Sabina Sullivan. 

maria Hicky fil: Gul. et Julianae, nata 10 Septem., bap** 13. 
Sponsores Ed: Holoran et margarita Glindon. 

(58) Dyonisius Hinchin fil: Timothaei ct mariae, natus Septembris 
I* die, bap'"* 13 ejusdem. Sponsores Joannes Donogan ct maria 

Elizabeth Deal fil: Those et Eliz: nata augusti 22, Bapta Sept ai. 
Sponsor Sabina Sullivan. 

Caterina Kidney fil: Dyonisii et Joannae, nata oct: 3* die. Bap** 
18 ejusdem. Sponsores Edmundus Fitzgerald et Eliz: Buckley. 

maria mahoni fil : Dyonisii et Bridgittae, nata oct : 1 2, bap** 
18 ejusdem. Sponsores Tymothaeus Corbet et anna Hefferan. 

maria Reagan fil : Patri : et mariae, nata aug. 26, Bapta oct : 18. 
Sponsores Edouardus Butler et Maria Lynch. 

Sarah Newman fil: Tymothaei et Joannse, nata oct. 3* die, bap^ 

18 ejusdem. Sponsores Andreas Foley et anna Morgan. 

Elizabeth [Dayley crossed out] Delay fil: mauritii et Brigittae, nata 
oct: 17, bap** 24 ejusd: Sponsores Joannes Winter et Cat: Wilkinson. 

Dyonisius Keefe fil : Jacobi et annae, natus oct : 23, bap*^ 
1 2 decembris. Sponsores, GuL Hayes, Caterinae Tool. 

Joanna Canavon fil: Jeremiae et Eliz: nata Sept: 2* die, Bapta 
9* die octobris. Sponsores ambrosius Connor et Joanna Workman. 

maria et anna Foley, nata 30 novembris. Bap'* 15 decembris. 
Sponsores Gul. Butler et Eliz: Cerew. 

anna Donovan fil: oweni et Cat: nata 23 Decern: bap** 26 ejusd: 
Sponsores Gul. Toole et Cat Donovan. 

[In pencil: N.B. Anno 1784 baptizati sunt 47.] 

Joannes Lacy fil : Patricii et Eliz : natus 10 Januarii, Bap'*** 
17 ejusdem. Sponsores Gul: Toole et Cat Toole. 

Jacobus Carew fil : Jac : et Mariae, natus Dec : 30 die 1784, Baptus 

19 Januarii 1785. Sponsores, Jacobus Lombar, Cat Toole. 

Helena Lombar fil: Dominici et Eliz: nata Januarii 8* die, bapta 
22 ejusdem. Sponsores N. N. 

maria et anna Morgan, nata 15 Jan: Bapta 30 ejusdem. Sponsores 
Michael Butler et Maria Butler. 

Margarita Brown fil: Jacobi et Margaritae, nata 7» die Januarii, 
Bapta 14 Feb: Sponsores Dyonisius Sullivan et Eliz: Bryon. 

Sarah maria fil : Dominici Besana et annae, nata 7* Feb : Bapta 
17 ejusdem. Spon: Dominicus Leone et Cat Toole. 


(60) Florentius Driskey, natus 3* die Januarii, Bap*«* 19 Feb: fil: 
Dyonisii et Eleonorae. Sponsores Haw et Helena Ahren. 

Daniel Hern fil: Gul et Margaritae, natus 22 Feb: Baptus 27 ejusd: 
Sp:antonius Jones et maria M'guire. 

Eliz: Cane fil Petri et Eliz: naU Feb. 27, Bap** martii 6* die. 
Sp: Georgius Mono et anna Farley. 

matthaeus Connor fil: Joan: et Margaritas, n: Feb. 28, Bap: 6 Martii. 
Spons: Gul: Birch, Sarah Noland. 

Isabella Benan fil: Ric: et Joannae, nata 10 Feb: Bap: martii 6*. 
Spon: Ant: Jones et Joanna Murphy. 

Jacobus Tate fil: Gul. et Eliz: natus Jan: 13, Bap: martii 11. Spon: 
Mauritius Welch et maria Connor. 

Joannes Coppinger fil: Patricii et annae, natus 2* die aprilis, 1784, 
Baptus aprilis 4* (Se, 1785. Spons: Franciscus Harden et anna 

Sarah Haly fil: Joan: et annae, Nata 27 Feb: Bap<> 4* die aprilis. 
Spon: Henri: Reordon et maria Shay. 

Patricius Donagan fil: Edm: et Cat: Natus martii 17, Baptus 
10 aprilis. Sp: Rid^ Kensellaugh et Cat Connelly. 

anna Millard fil : Joan : et mariae, nata martii incerto die, Bapta 

10 aprilis. Sponsores Joannes Miles et Margarita Sullivan. 

maria Bryan fil: Matt: et Cat: nata 22 Januarii, bapta eodem anno 
1785. Spon: Gul: Fitzgerald et Cat: navin. 

(61) Jacobus Wolf fil: Gul: et mariae, natus 15 martii, Baptus 

1 1 aprilis. Sp : Daniel Lary et Hel : Connel. 

Josephus Cery fil : Hier : et Cat : natus 9 apri : Bap**** 1 1 ejusd : 
Spons : Jacobus Connely et Helen Cery. 

Thomas Lynch fil: Patri: et Eleonorae, N. Martii 28, Bap: 17 aprilis. 
Spon : Ric**"* Carr et anna Johnson. 

Joannes Johnson fil: Petri et annae, N: martii 20, bap: 17 aprilis. 
Spon:Tho» Devis et anna maria Farley. 

Cornelius Daly fil: Com: et mariae, n: 18 aprilis, bap: i® die maii. 
Spon : Tim : Newman et anna Roydem. 

Gulielmus Corbet fil: Gul: et Julianae, natus maii 30, bap: i* die 
junii. Spon: Patricius Coghlan et maria Flynn. 

Filiae Gemellae Maria el Anastasia Taylor filiae Jacobi et Anastasiae, 
natae 2^ die Junii, baptae 3^ ejusdem mensis. Sponsores Gul. Butler et 
Anastasia Butler. 

Joannes Jenkins fil: Gul: et Ezabella^ natus maii 23, Baptus 5 junii. 
Spon: Petrus Kean et Eliz: Bayley. 

Francisca Cadell fil: Gul. et Mariae, nata 11 Maii, Bapta 12 junii. 
Sponsores, Eliz. Maddock, N: 

Caterina Daly fil: Dyonisii et Mariae, nata 7 Junii, Bapta 12 ejusdem 
mensis. Sponsores Daniel Daly et Bridgitta Sullivan. 

(62) Joanna Fitzgerarld fil: Gul. et Joannas, Nata 28 Aprilis, Bapta 
19 Junii. Spons: Dyon: Donavan, maria Connor. 

Daniel Sullivan fil: Oweni et Cat, N: 13 junii, Baptus 19 ejusdem 
mensis. Sponsores Daniel Hem et maria M'guire. 

Eliz: Ball fil: Those et mariae, N: 17 Junii, Bapta 24 ejusdem. 
Spon: Joannes Winter et margarita Lynch. 


Maria Macmaan fil : Petri et Joanna, N : 20 junii, Bapta 4 JuliL 
Spon: Domin: Leone, sarah Neal. 

Joannes Till Adams fil: Gul: et mariae, natus junii 23, baptus eodem 
die. Sponsores Tho» Brewer et Francisca Ryon. 

maria Collins fil: micaelis et Eleonorse, nata 21 Julii, Bapta 

29 ejusdem. Sponsores Timothaeus Corbet et Cat. Boulstone. 

maria anna Vaughan fil : Roberti et Cat : nata 30 Julii, bapta i* die 
August!. Spon : Jacobus Byrn et anna Toone. 

Honoria Kennelly fil: Patricii et Cat, nata Julii 31, Bapta aug: la 
Spon : Joannes moUens et Joanna Kidney. 

Maria Craty fil: and: et aliciae, nata Junii 29, bap^ 8* Augustl 
Sponsor Gul: Toole. 

(63) Juliana Forest fil: Joannis et Julianas, nata aug. 7* die, Bapta 
15 ejusdem. Sponsores Joannes Lynch et Eleonora Hanley. 

Margarita Power fil: Gul: et Margaritas, nata Sept: 9* die, B^)** 
oct: 3» die. Sponsores Dominicus Leone et Cat: Toole. 

Joanna Kelly filia Joan: et Marg^. Sponsores Joannes et Cat: 

Micael Keaton fil: Gul. et Bridge, natus natus oct: y« 16, bap^ 28 
ejusdem mensis. Spons: Joannes Connor et maria Corbet 

Maria Keough fil : Ricardi et Caterinae, nata 19 oct: Bapta 28 ejusdem 
mensis. Sponsores Joannes Roach et Maria Corbet. 

Stephanus Winter Joan: et Mariae Winter, natus oct: 20 die, baptus 

30 ejusdem mensis. Spon. Jacobus Doran et anna Riding. 

miria Dismon fil: Joan et Eliz^ nata oct 24, Bapta 30. Sponsores 
Thomas Farrel et Bridge Killfoy. 

(64) Eliz^^ Jones fil: Joannis et annae, nata oct. 28, bapta 30 ejusdem. 
Sponsores Micael Turner et maria Agan. 

Gul: Gready filius GuL et annae, natus 28 oct: Baptus Nov: 6* die. 
Sponsores Petrus Neillawlea et Cat. Tool. 

Maria Lewis fil: Joan: et Mariae, nata oct 21, Bapta nov. 6* die. 
Sponsores Jacobus Ryan et Martha Ryan. 

Henericus Forest Foley, natus 3* die nov**", Biqptus 16 die ejusdem 
mensis, filius andraei et Cidliae. Sponsores Edwardus Lant et Cat 

Joseptus Fowller fil: GuL et Mariae, natus 21 nov: baptus 30 die 
ejusdem. Spon : Petrus Haly et Joanna Jackson. 

Patricius Foran fil: Micaelis et Caterinae, Natus 4* die Decembris, 
Baptus 7* ejusdem mensis. Sponsores Patricius Foran et Lucinda Foran. 

(65) Joannes Connelly fil: Jacob! et mariae, natus 6* die decembris, 
baptus 7* ejusdem. Spons: Petrus Fitzgerald et Joanna Fitzgerald. 

Joannes Doyle fil: Joannis et mariae, natus 18 nov: baptus 21* die 
Decembris. Sponsores Patricius Fitzhenry et Eleonora Everet 

Cat: Hayden fil: Danielis et Cat: nata Dec: die 2\ bapta 26 ejusdem. 
Sponsores Jacobus Doran et Cat. Delahunt. 

maria Driskel filia Comelii et Joannae, nata 1 1 Dec : bapta 26 ejusdem. 
Sponsores Daniel O^Leary et Marga: Connor. 

[Inpendi: N.B. Anno 1785 baptizati fu^re 54.] 

Eleonora Joyce fil : Mauricii et Cat : nata 14 die Januarii, bapta 23 
die ejusdem mensis. Sponsores Dyonisius Mahoney et agnes Quintan. 


Susanna Cronin fil: Micaelis et Eliz., nata i6 Januaiiiy bapta 
23 ejusdem mensis. Sponsores Joannes Connor et Elamoim Ryan. 

(66) Dyonisius Curtin fil : Dyonisii et Cat : natus 4* die Feb : baptus 23. 
Sponsores Jacobus Heffeman et Eleonora Adams. 

Maria Flynn filia Illegittima marias, nata i* die Feb: bapta 6*. 
Spon: Joannes Flynn et Marga: Sullivan. 

Eliz: Stead fil: Petri et Marias, nata Janu: 20, bapta 13 Feb: 
Spon: Cat Toole. 

Jacobus Halaran fil: Illegit: Jacobi et Sarah Witten, natus mense 
aprUis 1785, baptus 20 Februarii, 1786. Sponsores Dyonisius Sullivan 
et Maigarita Connor. 

anna I>onovan fil : Com : et Eliz : na. 20 Feb : bapta 13 die martii. 
Sponsores Thomas pendegrass et maria Fitzgerald. 

Joannes Wallace fil : Jacobi et Marias, natus die 8^ Feb : baptus 
20 martii Sponsores Jacobus Mullowney et Rebecca Bowen. 

Thomas Regenaldus Reagan, natus martii 7* die, baptus 27 ejusd: 
fil: Patridi et mariae. Spon: Cornelius Mynihan et Joanna Fitzgerald. 

(67) Joannes Turner fil : Micaelis et Judith, natus incerto die Februarii, 
baptus 29 martii, 1786. Spons: Daniel M'ecawley et maria Dwire. 

Joannes Gay fil: MicaeUs et N. N., natus 1786, baptus eodem anno. 
Spons :Tho: Donovan et Margarita Kelly. 

Maria Shehan fil : Tymothaei et mariae, nata martii 30, bapta aprilis 
6* die. Sponsores ant. Jones et Sabina Sullivan. 

[Maria Fargus crossed out] 

Caterina Fargus fil: Joannis et annae, nata aprilis die I9^ bapta 

23 ejusdem. Sponsores Jacobus White et Eliz : Cerew. 

[Tki handwriting of the following lines on this page changes,] 

Desunt Caeteri usq ad 5 Junii, 1786. 
JuUona Crowley, natus Aprilis 18, Baptizatus 5^ Junii. Sponsores 
John Carty et Maria Clemens. 

John Foley Filius lUegitimus Aliciae, Natus 4^ Die Junii, Baptizatus 

24 Ejusdem. Sponsores John Connor et Bridg: Sullivan. 

Anna Lacy fil: Patri: et Elizabethae, nata 25 Junii, Baptiz: 26 ejus. 
Sponsores Simon Lampoat et Brigg: Bennet. 

Henricus Coile fil : Hen : et Cat : natus Junii 5^ Die, Baptz : 28 ejusdem. 
Spons: Tim: Daly et Maria Macklen. 

(68) The names of y* Catholics confirmed in Bristol by Bishop 
Walmsley in y« year of our Lord 1786, May ye 30'**. 

Stephen Stringer Eliz: Stringer 

Ricd"* Dillon Marg. Hyppsley. 

John Stringer Maria Johnson 

Joseph Spering Maria Jinkins 

. Peter Pleasant Eleonora Twitcher 

Simon Hunt Maria Flynn 

Ambrose Primm Maria Coombes 

Joseph Toole Eleonora Knipe 

Thos: Mullowney Sarah Stringer 

Matt : M^^Carthy Clara Till : Adams 

Will : Wilkinson Clara Hutcheson 

Tymot: Daly Brig** Winter 

Maria Daly 

Anna Cerew 


(69) The names of y* Cat: confirined in Bristol by Bishop Walmsley in 
y® year of our Lord 1786, may y* 3o^^ 

Maria Hembury Wnfda Beaver 

Clara Toole Eliz : Duggin 

In all 30 Persons (32 in pencil.) 

(70) 30 Julii. Joannes Mahoney fil: Dyonisii et Brdg: natus 16 Julii, 
baptas 30 ejusd: Spons: Jacobus Hefferan et Joanes Broderick et 
Maria Farrel. 

3 Julii. Margarita Bowen filia Joan: et Cat: nata 27 Junii, baptizata 
3 Julii. Sponsores Martinus Staleraffe et Margarita Kelly. 

9 Julii. Elizabeth Withenbury fil: Thomae et Annae, nata 21^ die 
Junii, baptiz: 9^ die Julii. Sponsores Jacobus White et Eliz: Moore. 

24 Julii. Jacobus Conner fili: Thomae et Mariae, natus 20 Julii, 
Baptiz. 24 Ejusd: Sponsores Joannes Conner et Brig. Sullivan. 

Cornelius Quinlan, natus 27 Julii, Baptiz. 16 Aug: fil: Joan Agnetes. 
Sponsores, Gul. Tool, Eleonora M'^Carty. 

Eliz : Tobyn filia Joannis et Joannae, nata 20 Augusti, Bapdz* 
25 Ejusdem. Sponsor Catharina Donavan. 

Eliz: Richardson filia Ric** et [Pigv\Q crossed ouil^ Eliz., nata 7^ Aug: 
baptiz: 3'<» Sept. Spons: Captain Barry et Marg: Glindon. 

Maria Dale filia Those et Eliz., nata 1 7 Aug : Bapta 20 Septm : 
Sponsores Gul : Toole et Sabina Sullivan. 

Maria Diana Pippy Filia Francisci et Eliz: nata 17: baptiz. 
21 Ejusdem mensis Septm: Sponsores Timotheus Holland et Eleonora 

(71) Franciscus Harding filius Fran : et Mariae, Natus Aug : 23, Baptizatus 
Septm: 22°. Sponsores Gul. Butler et Maria Winter. 

Jacobus Matravers Hippisly Filius Jacobi et Mariae, Natus 18 Septem: 
Baptiz. 22. Sponsores Rev^ Joannes Brewer et Maria KeefTe. 

Jacobus Corbet Filius Gul. et Julianae, natus Sept: die 7% Baptus 

24 Ejusdem. Spons: Antonius Jones et Anna Haly. 

Thomas Vaughan Filius Roberti Walteri et Cat: Natus 22 Sept: 
Baptiz. 25 Ejusdem. Sponsores Revds. Micael Sullivan et Eliz: Bym. 

Edwardus Barlow, natus 19 Oct: Filius Simonis ct Mariae, Baptiz. 
13 Nov. Sponsores Thomas Brenan et Margarita Wilkinson. 

Andreas Foley Andreae et Caeciliae, natus 10 Nov., Baptizatus 20 
Ejusdem. Sponsores Nicolaus Copin et Martha Copin. 

Anna Hallaran Filia ill^tima Jacobi, Nata 5^ die Junii, Baptiz. 
27 Novembris. Sponsores Joannes Connor et Margarita Byrn. 

Franciscus Farrel Filius Mariae et Fran : Natus aliquo die Novembris, 
baptus 29 Ejusdem Mensis. Sponsor Timotheus Holland et Eliz. Quin. 

Martinus Howland fil: Thoae et Eleonorae, natus 21 Nov: Baptiz* 
I** Die Decembris. Sponsores Michael Hickey et Eliz: 

(72) Eliz: Spillerd fil : Andrae et Annae, nata 5 Nov., baptiz. i^ die Decern: 
Sponsores Joannes Morrison et Maria Walton. 

Esther Pimm fil: Ambrosii et Eliz., nata 24 Nov: Baptizata 10 decern: 
Sponsores Petrus Johnson et Annae Johnson. 

Judith Carey fil: Gerardi et Cat, Nata aliquo die Nov: baptizta 

25 Ejusdem. Sponsores [vo crossed out] Donnauan [the last three 
tetters are written over a mistahe^ and are indistinct"] Eliz. Conning. 


I^Mense Aprilis crossed out in margin,] Joanna Hacket fil : Joann : et 
Manse, nata 23 Aprilis, bapta eodem mense. Sponsores, Murphy, 
Catt: Rowlstone. 

Joanna Houton fil: David et Margaret, nata 7^ Die Decern. Bapta 
II Ejusdem Mensis. Spon: Hugo Doron et Brid. Daly. 
[In penal: N.B. Anno 1786 baptizati fudre 40.] 

Eliz: Tilladams fil: Gul: et Mariae, nata i^ Die Januarii, Baptiz* 
7^ Ejusdem. Spon: Jacobus Ryan, Francisca Ryan. 

Franciscus Rosano Fil: Dominici et Annae, natus i^ Die Januarii, 
baptus 8 Ejusdem Mensis. Sponsores Dominicus L^on et Cat: Toole. 

Petrus Long fil. Pet et Cat: Natus Nov: 4^ Die 1786, Baptiztus 
Januarii 26, 1787. Sponsores Dom: Leone et Cat: Toole. 

Twitcher Maria Anna, nata 30* Die Dec: 1786, filia Thoae 
[& inUriined] Eleonorae, Bapta 4 Februarii, 1787. Sponsores Ant Jones 
et Mtfia Corbet 

Hierimiah Morrison, Natus 31* Dec., Filius Joannis (73) et Eliz., 
BafStus 4^ Die Feb. Sponsores Joannes Johnson et Anna Spellard. 

Joannes Dunford fil: Joannis et Margaritae, natus 13 Feb: Baptus 

20 ejusdem. Sponsores Joannes Connor et Cat Toole. 
Franciscus Haly fil: Joannis et Annae, natus 10^ Die Januarii, Baptus 

Feb: 25. Sponsores Step: Stringer et An: Caverly. 

Mary Wool, baptized the 29^ Ap*, 1787, the Daughter of W" and 
Mary Wool. Godfather Ter : Crone & Godm : Jul : Corbet. 

Andreas Crathy, natus 30 Martii et Baptiztus 30 April : 1787. 
Suscep: Dionysius Maran et Marg: McCarthy. 

Elizabetha Johnson, nata 17^ Martii et baptizta 30 April, 1787. 
Suscep: Andreas Pirn et Brig: Sullavan. 

Maria Mullens Filia Hier et Eliz: Mullens, nata 16 April: 1787, et 
baptiz. 1 1 Maii Ejusdem anni. Suscep: Jac: FitzPatrick et Anna Collins. 

Guliel : FitzGerald filius Guli et Joan : FitzGerald, natus circiter 
16 Martii an: 1787, et baptiz. 13 Maii Ejusdem Anni. Suscep: Joan: 
Conner et Maria Murphy. 

Guliel: Hicky Filius Michaelis et Eliz. Hicky, natus 23 Martii an: 
1787, et Baptiz: 20 Maii Ejusdem an: Suscep: Hen: Dugan, Hele: 

Edwardus Smith filius Silvestri & Sarae Smith, natus 3 Jan: et Baptiz: 

21 Maii, 1787. Suscep: Tho* Prendergass, Helen Ryan. 

Michael Kenelly Filius Patricii et Catharinae, natus 23 die Maii, 
Baptiz: Junii 3, 1787. Suscept, Dionysius Daily, Eleonor Workings. 
(74) Eleonora McCarthy Filia Caroli el Marg: M<^Carthy, nata 21 Maii, 
1787, et Baptizata 11 Junii Ejusdem Anni. Suscept: Dionysio et 
Catharina Curtin. 

1787. Junii 14, Natus est Richardus Winter Filius Joannis et Mariae 
Winter, Baptiz. i Julii Ejusdem Anni. Suscept Thos. et Ann : Tatlock. 

1787. Maria Anna Magrath, nata fuit 30 Maii, filia Edwardi et 
Cath: Magrath & Baptiz. i Julii Ejusdem anni. Suscep : Joan : Cath : 

1787. Joan: Powel filius Spurius Roberti Powel et Susannae, natus 
7 Junii et Baptiz. i Julii. Suscep. Dominico Raisono et Joan: Lions, 


1787. Joan: Conner Filius Joan: et Margtre Conner, natus 26 Junii 
et Baptiz. i Julii. Suscept: Joan: Dunavan et Cath. Tool. 

1787. Joannes Courcy filius Joannis et Elizabethae Courcy, natus 
26 Junii et baptizatus 8 Julii Ejusdem Anni. Suscept. Guliel. Sc 
Susanna Burchis. [Interlined^ N.B. Joannis hie est filius illegitimus 
Elizabethae Fearis et Richardi De Corsey.] 

1787. Cath. Jackson filia Tho* et Eliz: Jackson, nata 11 Junii et 
Baptiz. 8 Julii Ejusdem. Suscept: Franciscus Evans et Marg: Sulliven. 

1787. Eliza Hutchinson Filia Gulie: et Francises Hutchinson, 
nata 16 Junii an: 1787, et baptizata 29 Julii Ejusdem anni. Susceptores 
David M*=Donal et Eleonora Everet. 

(75) 17^7* Maria Anna Pulsford Filia Henrici et Mariae Pulsford, nata 
23 Julii et baptizata 15 Aug: an: 1787. Susceptor Andreas Winter et 
Marg: De Courcy. 

26 Aug., 1787. Mag[u]ata Courtney Filia Joan: Courtney et Maris 
Courtney, nata 29 Dec: 1785, baptiz. Augti 27 (26) anni 1787. Suscept: 
Dionys: Doile et Cath: Burk. 

9 Septem: 1787. Catharina Thomas Filia Enoch et Catharinae 
Thomas, nata 19 Aug: et Baytiz. 9 Sep*^ Ejusdem Anni. Susccp. Michael 
M^Donnald et Maria Carpenter. 

17 Aug., 1787. Nata fuit Maria Power Filia Gulielmi et Mai^g: 
Power et Baptiz. 19 Sep"» Ejusdem Anni. Suscep. Dionysius Spencer 
et Maria Pennington. 

22 Septem*. Thomas Josephus Boruwlaski Filius Thomae et Antoniae 
Boruwlaski, Natus 13 Sep: anni 1787 et Baptiz: 22 Ejusdem Mensis & 
an : Suscep : Th : Hembury. 

25 Sept., 1787. Catharina Jenkins Filia GuL et Isabellas Jenkins, 
Nata fuit 25 Aug: Baptizata 25 Sep: Ejusdem anni. Suscep: Dionysius 
Sullivan et Cath: Tool. 

30 Sept., 1787. Maria Collins filia Michaelis et Eleonorae Collins, 
nata 14 Sep' & Baptiz. 30 Sep"* Ejusdem Anni. Suscept: Jacobus 
Heffeiran et Anna Farr. 

16 Sep^ 1787, [nata interlined^ Aim [\Vhi is crossed out^ Withinbury 
Filia Thomae et Ajinae Withinbury & Baptiz. 14 Oct: Ejusdem AnnL 
Suscep: Guliel: Butler & Cath: Cook. 

(76) 27 Sep*^ Natus fuit Michael Kidney filius Diony: et Joannae Kidney 
et Baptiz. 14 Oct an: 1787. Suscep: Michael Murphy & Marg. Doyer. 

21 Oct, 1787. Jeremiah Donnagan Filius Edwardi Et Catharinae 

Donnagan, Baptiz: 21 Oct, 1787. Suscep: Cornel: Downey et Brig: Daly. 

Hue usq Extracta sunt Nomina Baptizatorum me4 manu Descripta 

ex Antiquis Pncdecessorum meoram Registris. Q*' Attestor 

Robertus Plowden, Pastor hdc prima Die Decembris, 1788. 

1787. 3 Oct: Nata Eleonora Filia Jacohi et Margaritae Brown, 

Baptiz. 28 Olct Suscep : Antonius Jones et Eleonora Cross. 

1787. 20 Oct: Natus Harry Joannes Hunt Filius Joannis et 
Sobieski Hunt: Baptiz. 2® Nov: Suscep: Jacobus Green et Catharina 

1787. 2° Oct Nata Sobieski Filia Antonii et Polly Carrol, Baptiz* 
privatim Eodem Die propter Periculum: Suppletae Ceremoniae Baptismt 
2** Novembris. 


Aut octovo aut Decimo Martii, 1786, Natus Justus M<<;:harty 
Filius Justini et Joannae M«Charty, Baptiz. 60 Nov: 1787. Suscep: 
Jeremias Murphy et Eliz: Cony. 

1787. II Nov* Nato Anna GriflSs Filia Gulielmi et Birgittae 
Griffis, Baptiz. 18. Suscept : Anna Farley. 

1787. II Sept Nata Maria Filia Joannis et Franciscae M«Mahon, 
Baptiz. 21 Nov: Suscepit: Simmes. 

1787. 19 Nov : Natus Timotheus Sullivan Filius Oweni et Catharinae 
Sullivan, Baptiz' 22 Nov. Susceperunt Thomas Davies et Ally Cratty. 

(77) 1787. 22 Octob: Natus Gulielmus Filius Gulielmi et Maria Fowler, 
Baptiz. 27 Nov: Suscep[tores designati interlined^ Rob. Plowden 
(cujus vicem supplere Jussus est) \interlinei: quamvis per errorem 
In&ntem non tetegit] Joan: Toole et Joanna Heney. 

1787. 15 Sept: Natus Thomas Filius Edmundi et Elizabethae 
FitzMorris, Baptiz. 9® Dec: Suscep: Dominico Resano et Anna 

1^87. I Nov: Nata Anna Filia Bartholomaei et Abigail Dunly, 
Baptiz.\6 Dec. Suscep: Sylvester Smyth et Maria Dusman. 

1787.' 17 Nov: circa Horam Nonam Matutinam Nata Francisca 
Filia Joannis et Maria Doyle, Baptiz. 19 Dec. Suscep: Andreas Foley 
et Ehzabetha Carew. 

1787. 4 Dec: circa horam 4»* matutinam Nata Maria Filia 
Richardi et Mariae Brewer, Baptiz. 23 Dec: Suscep: Patricius Toole 
et Anna Downton. 

1787. 16 Dec: circa horam io"» vespertinam Natus Petrus Filius 
Petri et Elizabethan Cain, Baptiz. 25. Suscep: Antonius Jones et Anna 

1787. 27 Dec: Suppletae sunt ceremoniae Baptismi Supra Thomam 
Filium Joannis et Eleonorae Roche, baptizatum in periculo Mortis 
circa initium Julii, 1786, natum autem 13 Junii inter horam 5*™ & 6*'» 

\In pencil: N.B. Anno 1787 baptizati fu^re 47.] 

[1787 crossed cuf.] 1788 

1787. 9* Dec: circa horam i*" meridianam Nata Maria Heyden 
Filia Danielis et Catharinae Heyden, Baptiz. 4® Jan: 1788. Suscep: 
Petrus Haly et Eleonora Cross. 

(78) 1788. [vide priorem Paginam written over the following.^ 
1787-9. Dec: circa horam i*" meridianam nata Maria Heyden 

Filia Danielis et Catharinae Heyden, Baptiz. 4 Jan., 1788. Suscep: 
[tf repetition crossed out]. 

1787. 23 Dec: intra horam 7*™ & octavam vespertinam nata Joanna 
Filia Andreae et Caeciliae Foley, Baptiz. 8 Januarii, 1788. Suscep: 
Joannes Barnes et Catharina Roach. 

1786. 19 Junii circa horam 4*^ matutinam Nata Alicia Filia 
Lauren tii Baptizata 10 Januarii, 1788. Suscep: Jacobus Lamy 
et Elizabeth M<<5uire. 

1787. 24 Dec: intra horam 7*" & octavam vespertinam nata 
Margarita Filia Dominici et Elizabethae Lombard, Baptiz: 30 Jan., 1788. 
Suscep: Jacobus Sheen et Maria Dwyer. 

1788. 6 Feb: circa horam 3*^ Matutinam Natus Patricius Filius 


Gulielmi et Julianae Corbet, Bap* 17 Febni: Suscep. Antonius Jones 
et Eleonora Donoghue 

1785. 16 Dec: circa horam 3"*" pomeri dianam Natus Thomas 
Filius Antonii et Elizabethae James, Baptiz: 17 Feb: 1788. Suscep: 
Michael Tracy et Maria Foley. 

1788. 6 Janu: circa horam 10^ matutinam Nata Honoria Filia 
Joannis et Mariae Countenay, Baptiz. 24 Feb. Suscep: Timotheus 
Holland et Elizabeth Quin. 

1788. 30 Jan: intra horam 4^ & 5^ matutinam Natus Jacobus 
Filius Richardi et Elizabethae Philips, Bap* 25 Feb: Suscep. Thomas 
Jackson et Honora Reardon. 

1786. 16 Maii circa horam Septimam matutinam Natus Thomas 
Filius Patricii et Mariae Dennis, Bap* 16 Martii [1788 interlined]. 
Suscep. Petrus Cain et Anna Farley. 

1788. 15 Jan: circa horam sextam Matuti. Nata Maria Filia 
Danielis et Julias Leary, Bap* 7 Aprilis. Suscep. Joannes Brian & 
Maria Keleher. 

(79) 1788. 22 Jan: hor& noni vespertine Nata Elizabeth Filia illegitima 
Catharinae Holmes, Baptiz: 10 Apr: Suscep. Lacon Spiring et Eleonora 

1 788. 28 : Martii Natus Joannes Filius Jeremiae et Mariae Harington, 
Bap** 13 Aprilis. Suscep : Joannes Hore et Birgitta Sullivan. 

17^7* 27junii circa horam Decimam matutinam Natus Antonius 
Surregus Filius Francisci et Franciscae, Baptz* 13 Aprilis, 1788. 
Suscep: Josephus Ireton et Margarita Thomas. 

1788. 10 Aprilis circa horam 5^™ pomeridianam nata Maria Filia 
Jacobi et Annae Sheen, Baptza 27 Aprilis. Suscep. Michael Murphy et 
Elizabetha Lumbard. 

1788. 18 Aprilis circa Horam 4*°* Matutinam Nata Helena Filia 
Josephi et Catharinae Williams, Baptza 27 Aprilis. Suscep: Michael 
Callanan & Birgitta Walsh. 

1788. 31 Martii circa horam 3**" matutinam Natus Jacobus Filius 
Cornelii et Mariae Donna van, Bapt* 27 Aprilis. Suscep: Edwardus 
Holland et Margarita Power. 

1788. I Feb: intra horam i*™ & 2*" matutinam Nata Catharina 
Filia Joannis et Judithae Brien, Baptiz' 11^ Maii. Suscep: Thomas 
Brenan et Catharina Joyce. 

17^7- 5 Junii circa horam 4*" Matutinam Natus Joannes Filius 
Dionysii et Helenae Driskel [Driscol written adave], Baptiz' 12** Maii, 
1788. Suscep: Michael Canty & Joanna Canty. 

1788. 7 Maii intra horam octavam et nonam vespertinam Natus 
Daniel Filius Gulielmi et Mariae Harris, Baptz' 12** Maii. Suscep: 
Edmundus FitzGerald et Maria FitzGerald. 

(80) 1788. 23 Aprilis circa aut paulo ante horam octavam matutinam 
Natus Gulielmus Henericus Filius Samuelis et Mariae Tripe, Baptiz* 
19° Maii. Suscep: Patricius FitzHenry et Anastasia Butler. 

1788. 20 Maii intra horam 6^ & 7*^ matutinam Natus Thomas 
Josephus Davis Filius Caroli et Annae Wakeman, Baptiz* 2$^ Mail. 
Suscep: per Procuratores Thomas Porter et Apollonia Wakeman. 

1788. 3*® Martii circa Horam 3**^ pomeridianam Natus Joannes 


Fnias Joannis et Elizabethae Leary, Baptii^ 25 Mail. Suscep: Cornelius 
Donntvan et Catharina Donnivan. 

1788. 21 Mail circa horam Sepdmam matutinam Nata Lucia 
Magdalena Filia Dominici et Annae Rezano, Baptiz* i^ Junii. Suscep: 
Andreas Lawley & Susanna PoweL 

1 788. 1 2^ Mali intra horam 2*" & 3«"" pomeridianam Natus Jacobus 
Filius Dionysii et Birgittas Mahoni, Baptiz* i Jnnii. Suscep: Gulielmus 
Corbet & Bfaria Conner. 

1 771. 16 Augusti Nata Maria Anna Filia Joannis et Birgittae 
Hutchinson, Baptiz* sub conditione propter dubium de Baptismo in 
In&ntii i^ Junii, 1788. Suscep: Lacon Lamb Joseph Spirings & 
Catherina Toole. 

1788. 2 Junii circa horam 5*™ pomeridianam Nata Margarita Filia 
Geoigii et Catharinae Ducass, Baptiz* 4 Junii. Suscep: Dominicus 
I>oni^;ano et Maria Walton. 

1788. 20 Aprilis circa horam 2*™ pomeridianam Nata Margarita 
Filia Joannis et Margaritas MK^arthy, Baptiz* 23 Junii. Suscep: 
Franciscus Andrew et Anna Skoldfield. 

(81) 1788. 16 Junii intra horam 10*" & 1 1*" Noctumam Natus Cornelius 
Filius Comelii et Mariae Daly, Baptiz" 29 Junii. Suscep: Joannes Ford 
et (Hester Addison Haeretica admissa per errorem loco Annae Daly 
Cauiolicae designatae, quae tamen ut postea repertum est, vere Prolem 

1788. 24 Junii intra horam 10"* & 11*°^ Noctumam Natus Joannes 
Filius Comelii et Margaritas McCarthy, Baptiz* 13 Julii. Suscept : 
Joannes Bastable & Anna Doyle. 

1788. 9 Julii circa horam 8*" vespertinam Natus Gulielmus Filius 
Joannis et Elizabethae Randalls, Baptiz* 24 Julii. Suscep: Joannes 
Dwyer et Joanna Morris. 

17S8. 26 Maii circa horam 7*™ matutinam Nata Elizabetha Filia 
Gulielmi et Mariae Pennington, Baptiz* 24 Julii. Suscep: Joannes 
Dwyer et Catherina Groves. 

1788. 23 Julii circa horam 5*" matutinam Nata Maria Filia 
Dionysii et Eleonorae Keily, Baptiz* 25 Julii. Suscept. Eleonora 

1788. 14 Julii paulo ante horam 8*°» vespertinam Natus Jeremias 
Filius Michaelis et Eleonorae Murphy, Baptiz* 27 Julii. Suscep: 
Gulielmus Power et Anna Sheean. 

1788. 4 Aug: hora 2^ pomeridiani Natus Thomas Filius Joannis 
et Mariae Lewis, Baptiz* 4® Aug: in domo privata propter periculum, 
sed completis ceremoniis Baptismi. Suscep: Joannes Toole et 
Francisca Browne. 

1788. 7 Aug: circa horam nonam vespertinam Natus Josephus 
Filius Jacobi et Elizabethae Doran, Baptiz* 13 .\ug. Suscept: Josephus 
Cook et Sarah Stringer. 

(82) 1788. 18 Julii paulo post Meridiem Nata Catharina Filia Joannis 
et Catharinae Bowen, Baptiz* 18 Aug. Suscep: Margarita Smith 
(Gabriel Stringer a Parentibus Designatus quia in Baptismate Infantem 
non teligit vere Susceptor non fuit). 

1788. 23 Julii intra horam 11*" & 12*" diumam Natus Henricus 


Shellard Filius illegitimus Marise Wellick et Henrici Shellard, Baptiz* 
19 Aug. Suscep: Patricius Dillon et Elizabetha Hawker. 

1788. 7 Mali intra horam 5*™ & 6'" pomeridianam Nata Elizabetha 
Filia Comelii et Birgittae Curtin, Baptiz* 31 Aug: Suscep: Timotheus 
Dusmond et Maria Dusmond. 

1788. 31 Julii circa horam 8*" vespertinam Natus Jacobus Filius 
Jacobi et Catharinae Johnston, Baptiz* 3 Sept*. Suscep: Lacon Lamb 
Spiring et Joaima Heame. 

1787. io<>Januarii circa horam 10*™ vespertinam Natus Robertus 
Filius Jacobi et Mariae Carew, Baptiz* 8<> Sept: 1788. Suscep: Lacon 
Lamb Spiring. 

1788. 30 Aug: intra horam ii"»& 12*™ Noctumam Nata Rosa 
Hannah Filia Philippi et Marthae Rogers, Baptiz* 8<» Septembris. 
Suscep: Jacobus Doran et Eleonora Toole. 

1788. 12 Septm: quadrante Post 8*" matutinam Nata Catharina 
Filia Roberti Walters et Catharinae Vaughan, Baptiz* 14 Septm: (in 
domo privata, sed completis caeremoniis Baptismi interlined), Suscep : 
Georgius Mahoni Absens (per Catharinam Norket Procuratricem) et 
Catharina Byrne. 

1788. 30 Julii Natus Daniel Filius Danielis et Elizabethan 
Leonards, Baptiz' 19° Septembris in domo private propter periculum, 
sed completis caeremonius Baptismi. Suscep: (83) Rev*** Domnus 
Joannes Geary absens (per Procuratorem Danielem Leonards) et 
Elizabetha Smallwood. 

1788. 4® Septem: circa horam 3**°* matutinam Nata Helena Filia 
Joannis et Helenas Callanan, Baptiz^ 21 Sept. Suscep: Jeremias 
Dannaven et Birgitta Mahoni. 

1788. 3»° Febr: circa horam 11*" Nocturnam Natus Thomas Filius 
Joannis et Judith Thomas, Baptiz* [23 Sept: interlined'] completis 
ceremonius, in domo privata propter periculum. Suscep : Petrus Letac 
et Sabina Sullivan. 

1788. 2 Oct. circa horam 2^ matutinam Nata Catharina Filia 
Joannis et Catharinae Flynn, Baptiz* 3*° Oct. sub conditione, si non 
fuerit ab Obstetrice baptiz*. Suscep : Joannes Casshin [or Caphin] 
et Elizabetha Goolding. 

1788. 26 Sept: intra horam 10*™ & 11*™ antemeridianam Nata 
Catharina Filia Dionysii et Quinlan [Baptizata interlined], 

Suscep: Daniel Hollans et Eliz. Quin. 

1788. 8 Septm: intra horam 7*™ & 8*" vespertinam Nata Maria 
Filia Thomae et Elizabethae Jackson, Baptiz* 8<> Oct : Suscep: Lacon 
Lamb Spiring & Anna Farley. 

1788. 28 Septm: circa medium Nonae Vespertinae Nata Maria 
Filia Oweni et Mariae Caffry, Baptiz* 12^ Oct. Suscep: Gulielmus 
Coony et Joanna Croan. 

1783. 7 Augusti paulb ante horam 2*" pomeridianam Natus 
Joannes Filius Danielis et Mariae Sullivan, Baptiz* 13 Oct: Suscep: 
Lacon Lamb Spiring & Susanna Powel. 

1788. 18 Oct: paulb ante 12*^ Nocturnam Natus Edwardus Filius 
Edwardi et Annae Lander, Baptiz* 24 Oct: Suscep: Dion/sius Sullivan 
et Eleonora Cross. 


(84) Pro Gulielmo Powel vid an: 1790 mense Novembris [post entry], 
1787- 25 Novemb* Natus Jacobus Filius illegitimus 

Jacobi Dwyer et Marthae Rail, Baptizatus 26 Oct: 1788. Suscep : 
Joannes Gill et Joanna Kidney. 

1788. 13 Oct: circa horam 9*" vespertinam Nata Catharina Filia 
Danielis et Annae Sullivan, Baptiz^ 26 Oct : Suscep : Gulielmus Lannagan 
et Margarita Sullivan. 

1788. 21 Oct: circa medium 2« pomeridianae Natus Gulielmus 
Filius Michaelis et Elizabethae Cronin, Baptiz^ 26 Oct: Suscep: 
Philippus Rogers et Maria Williams. 

178S. 9<> Oct: circa horam 11*" matutinam Nata Anna Mercy 
Filia Andreae et Sarah Winter, Baptiz^ 28 Oct. Suscep: Gulielmus 
Adams et Maria Winter. 

1788. 26 Oct: circa horam 7^ matutinam Natus Henricus Filius 
Joannis et Agnetis Quinlan, Baptiz* 2 Nov : Suscep : Dionysius Quinlan 
et Catharina Joice. 

1788. 23 Oct: circa medium Nonas Matutinae nata in Clifton 
Maria Anna Filia Thomae et Mariae Ball, Baptiz* 7® Nov: in domo 
private propter periculum, completis ceremoniis Baptismi. Suscep: 
Dominicus Leone et Catharina Pitt. 

1788. 20: Oct: circa horam primam meridianam Nata Sarah Filia 
Josephi & Susannas Bulger, Baptiz* 1 1<> Novem : Suscepit Maria 

1788. 22 Oct: circa Quadrantem ante Octavam Matutinam Nata 
Maria Elizabctha Filia Antonii et Polly Carrol, Baptiz* 18 Nov: 
Suscep: Cornelius Daly et Maria Morgan. 

1 77 1. 26 Oct: Natus Josephus Filius Josephi et Mariae Norton, 
Baptiz* 23 Nov: 1788. Suscep: Joannes Bowen. 

(85) 1788. 5 Nov: circa medium primas Nocturnae Natus Patricius 
Filius Henerici et Catharinae Coyl, Baptiz: 24 Nov: Suscep: Georgius 

1788. 19 Nov: circa horam 7*^ matutinam Natus Carolus Filius 
Richardi et Eleonorae Carr, Baptiz* 30 Nov: Suscep: Patricius Farrel, 
Eleonora McCarthy. 

1788. 23 Nov: paulo post horam i*" Noctumam Natus Joannes 
Filius Ambrosii et Elizabethae Pimm, Baptiz» 30 Nov: Suscep: 
Franciscus Harding et Birgitta Sullivan. 

1788. 2 Dec: Quadrante post 11*™ Noctumam Nata Catharina 
Filia Dionysii et Catharinae Curten, Baptiz* in domo prirata propter 
Periculum, sed completis ceremoniis, Baptismi 9* Dec : Suscep : 
Dionysius Mahoni et Birgitta Adams. 

1788. 5 Dec: circa horam 2*™ matutinam Natus Georgius Filius 
Patricii et Mariae Ragan [or Regan?], Baptiz* 21 Dec: Suscep: 
Edmundus Morris et Birgitta Sullivan. 

[In pencil: N.B. Anno 1788 baptizati fuere 66.] 

1788. 9 Sep: hori noni vespertini Natus Joannes Filius Sylvestri 
et Sarae Smyth, Baptiz. 4 Jan., 1789. Suscep: Thomas Prendergast et 
Eleonora Ryan. 

1788,. .13: Dec: circa horam 6**" matutinam Natus Joannes Filius 


Danielis et Mariae Kennedy, Baptiz: 5 Jan: 1789. Suscep: Andreas 
Foley, Margarita Glindon. 

1788. 20 Septem: circa horam 7*°^ matutinam Nata Anna Filia 
Alexandri et Elizabethae Richardson, Baptiz: 18 Jan., 1789. Suscep: 
Thomas Prendergast et Margarita Simson. 

(86) 1789. 18^ Januarii paulo Post Nonam Vespertinam Nata Eleonora 
Filia Joannis et Joannas Flinn, Baptiz: 25 Jan. Suscep: Franciscus 
Farrell, Catharina Byrn. 

1788. 3^ Octob: paulb post la'" meridianam Nata Elizabetha Filia 
Francisci et Mariae Harding, Bapt: i^ Febni: 1789. Suscep: Thomas 
Bamfill, Catharina Toole. 

1789. 21 [Febri. crossed aut\ Januarii paulo ante horam nonam 
matutinam Nata Maria Agnes Filia illegitima Annae Mariae Caverly, et 
Arthuris.seu Athanasii Nagle, qui falsi specie matrimonii [eande crossed 
ou/] public^ contracti eandem deceperat, Baptiz. i^ Februarii. Suscep: 
Elizabetha Maddox. 

1789. I Februarii hori 3*^ matutini Nata Anna Filia Gulielmi et 
Margaritas Power, Baptiz : in domo privati propter [immineus inleriiMid'^ 
periculum 1 1 Feb : Suscep : Maria Haye. Suppletae ceremonial Baptismi 
4 Martii, vicem Patrinae supplente Elizabetha Quin. 

1789. 10 Martii Baptiz* sub conditione in dubio de valore 
prioris Baptismi Gulielmus Hutchenson Filius Joannis et Bridgittae 
Hutchenson, Natus 6 Julii, 1764. 

1789. 16 Februarii [paulb crossed out] intra horam 12"* & !■■ 
Nocturnam Natus Joannes Filius Thomae et Eleonorae Rowland, Baptiz* 
12 Martii. Suscepit: Richardus White et Catharina Hayse. 

1 788. 3»» Octobris intra horam 7*" & 8*«» Vespertinam Natus Michael 
Filius Edwardi et Mariae Hayes, Baptiz' 22 Martii, 1789. Suscep: 
Daniel Leary et Elizabetha Crane. 

(87) 1789. 20 Martii circa horam quartam matutinam Nata Bridgitta 
Filia Joannis et Marias Ryan, Baptiz* 22 Martii: Suscep: Michad 
Buckley et Elizabetha Mullens. 

1789. 2 Martii circa horam nonam vespertinam Nata Maria Filia 
Patricii et Margaritas Casey, Baptiz* 22 Martii. Suscep: Michael Hickey 
et Margarita Wall. 

1 789. 9 Martii intra horam 5*" & 6*« vespertinam Natus Mauritius 
Filius Patricii et Catharinae Kenely, Baptiziis 25 Martii. Suscep: 
Jeremias Sheen et Elizabetha Golding. 

1789. ii<> Martii circa horam 10*°^ matutinam Natus Samuel Filius 
Henrici et Mariae Pulsford, Bap* 29 Martii. Suscep: Andreas Winter 
et Elizabetha [H. Underhayes crossed out] Hundereas. 

1789. 20 Feb: circa horam 11*" matutinam Nata Maria Aima Filia 
Petri et Catharinae Long, Baptiz* 12 Aprilis. Suscep: Patricius Ireland 
et Margarita Lowden. 

1 789. 17 Apr: circa medium nonae matutinae Natus Matthaeus Filius 
Andreae et Caeciliae Foley, Baptiz. 22 Ap: Suscep: Josephus Cooke et 
Maria Doyle. 

1789. 18 Aprilis circa horam 7*^ matutinam Natus Jacobus Filius 
Michaelis et Margaritas Elliot, Baptiz* 3^^^ Maii. Suscep: Bartholomeua 
Dunly et Maria M^^Manus. 


(88) 1789. 7 Feb: medio Quartae matutinae Natus Thomas Filius 
Thomse et Elizabethae Dale, Baptiz* 14 Mail. Sucep: Lawrence Hickey 
et Catharina Coyle. 

1789. 4 Mali intra horam 5*" et 6*" matutinam Natus Petrus Filius 
Thomae et Bridgittae Power, Baptiz* 15 Maii. Suscep: Jacobus Clare 
et Elizabetha Keeffe. 

1788. 16 Junii Quadrante ante sextam matutinam Nata Margarita 
Filia [illegitima tnUr/ined] Elizabethae Reynolds et Cornelii Donnavan, 
Baptiz^ 20 Maii, 1789. Suscep : Joannes Touheg et Catharina Donnavan. 

1789. 4 [Feb. crossed w^/ J [Maii inter/infd] quadrante post 10*™ 
Noctumam Nata Francisca FUia Gulielmi et Margaritas Thomas, 
Baptizata 24* Ejusdem Maii. Suscep : Joan : Flinn et Catharina Holmes. 

1789 [9 over 8 ?J. 2 Januarii circa horam octavam vespertinam Nata 
Helena Filia Michaelis et Mariae Bodtate, Baptizata 27 Maii, 1789. 
Suscep: Michael Murphy et Anna Murphy. 

1789. 13 Maii hori 7^ matutini Natus Owenus Filius Joannis et 
Mariae Sullivan, Baptiz* 8 Junii. Suscep: Timotheus Sullivan et 
Elizabetha Dunnivan. 

1789. 16 Junii intra horam 8*™ & 9*" matutinam Natus Gulielmus 
Filius Gulielmi et Franciscae Hutcheson, Baptiz* 21 Junii. Susceper: 
Petrus Haly et Eleonora Everet. 

1789. I Maii circa medium i*^ noctumae Natus Thomas Filius 
Thomae et Annae Tatlock, Baptiz* 28 Junii. Suscep: Joannes et Maria 

(89) 1789. 29 Junii Baptizatus Joannes Franciscus Xaverius (Vulgo 
dictus Jack Williams) Niger, adultus et africi oriundus triginta quartuor 
circiter annorum aetatis. Susceperunt Nicolaus Duff et Catharina 

1789. 14 Aprilis intra horam i*™ & 2»" matutinam Natus Franciscus 
Filius Richardi et Elizabethae Philips, Baptiz^ [/wo blotched numbers^ 
Julii, Suscep : Richard us Miles et Catharina Coyle. 

1789. 12 Junii circa horam 2*™ pomeridianam Natus Carolus Filius 
Danielis et Catharinae Heyden, Baptiz* 7° Julii. Susceperunt Carolus 
M<=Charty p Procuratorem et Elizabeth Keougho. 

1789. 29 Junii circa horam 3**™ pomeridianam Natus Joannes 
Filius Joannis et Annae Caroll, Baptiz* 7* Julii. Suscepit Andreas 

1770. 8 Novembris circa horam 3**™ matutinam Nata Elizabetha 
Catharina Filia Evan et Annae Giles, Baptizata 14 Julii, 1789. Suscepit 
Elizabetha Stringer. 

1782. circa 25 Novembris hori fere Nona matutina Natus Daniel 
Filius Joannis et Honone Molen, Baptiz* 15 Julii, 1789. Suscep: 
Michael Tracy et Eleonora Nary. 

1789. 16 Julii circa horam 11*™ matutinam nata Maria Filia 
Cornelii et Catharinae Allen, Baptiz* 16 Julii. Suscep: Joannes Dryan 
et Catharina Donnivan. 

(90) 1789. 5 Julii circa horam 2*™ matutinam Nata Helena Filia 
Thomae et Catharinae Casey, Baptiz* 19. Suscep: Owenus Caffry et 
Margarita Grimes. 

1788. 4^^ Decembris circa meridiem Nata Elizabetha Filia Richardi 


et Annae wSkoldfield, Baptiz» 21 Julii, 1789. Suscep: Joannes Paris et 

Eleonora Nary. 

[TAe next two entries art written in another hand^ with only the year in 
the date margin. After thai the margin is written over as before^ 
1789. 28 Julii circa horam Sext: Pom: natus Joannes Chalahan 

Macarty Filius Car : & Marg : Macarty & bap : 6 aug : ejusd : an : 

Suscep: Mich: Tracey & Mar: Foley. 

1789. 21 [Aug: crossed out] Jul: hora ter: Mat: natus Joannes 

Downton Filius Georg: & Annae Downton et bapt 9 Augusti. Suscep. 

Guliel: Trent & Mar: Connel. 

1788. 23 Martii hori [f^re interlined] undecima matutini Natus 
Gulielmus Filius Thomae et Barbae Dundon, Baptiz* 17 Aug: 1789. 
Suscep : Antonius Jones et Catharina Axford. 

1789. 20 Aug: circa quadrantem ante 12*™ noctumam Natus 
Thomas Filius Jacobi et Mariae Murrey, Baptiz* 23. Suscep: Nicholaus 
et Margarita Roach. 

1789. 2 Aug: circa horam 4**" pomeridianam Natus Daniel Filius 
Danielis et Annae Daly, Baptiz: 23. Susceperunt Michael Murphy et 
Joanna Fitzgerald. 

1789. 6 Septembris circa medium tertiae matutinae Natus Joannes 
Filius Dyonisii et Catharinae Quinlan, Bapts. 20. Suscep: Thomas 
Donnivan et Margarita Power. 

(91) 1788. 29 Oct: circa medium tertiae matutinae Natus Gulielmus 
Filius Richardi et Elizabethae Power. Bap» 5 Oct., 1789. Suscep: 
Joannes Walsh et Anna Downton. 

N.B. Post collatum Baptismum huic Gulielmo repertum est Eundem 
prius privatim ab assistente Nutrice rite esse baptizatum. 

1789. 8 Octobris paulb ante horam meridiei Natus Franciscus 
Filius Abrahae Baynham et Sarae Baynham, Baptiz* 18 Oct: Suscep: 
Thomas Donnivan et Catharina Allen. 

1787. 3 Martii circa horam 6*^ matutinam Natus Samuel Filius 
Abrahae et Sarae Baynham, Baptiz* privatim a Ministro Protestante. 
Suppletae Caeremoniae Baptismi 18 Oct*, 1789. 

[The next two entries are written in another hand^ with only date of year 

in margin.] 

1789. Natus Michael O'Bryan circa horam primam pomd: filius 
Andreae et Hest. O'Brian, baptiz. 23 eju: menis & An: Suscep: Mich. 
Ryan, Kath. Bonhan. 

1782 [?]. Nata Eleonora Grove Filia Edward & Cathar: Grove, 
baptiz. 26 Ejusd. mensis. Suscep. Francis Dwyer & Maria [Rjeading 
& Eliz. Palmer. 

(92) 1789. 26 Oct: Nata Anna Filia Joannis et Mariae Cambel, 
Baptiza. 29. Suscepit Margarita Maddick. 

^789. 23 Oct: paulo ante mediani Noctem Natus Dionysius Filius 
Dionysii et Catharinae Regan, Baptiz* 8 Nov: Suscept [Dionysius 
crossed out] Timotheus Sullivan et Martha Leary. 

1789. 2 Nov: circa medium 7* matutinae Nata Margarita Filia 
Patricii et Honorae Carney, Baptz* 8 Nov: Suscept Dionysius Driscal 
et Maria NeviL 

[754^ next entry is written with the year in the margin. It is in a 
diffennt hand to those before and after,] 


1788. 5 Decembris circa horam 3*^ matutinam Natus Ephraim 
Filius Gulielmi et Elizabethae Pugh, Bap* privatitn sine caeremoniis in 
periculo mortis Die ii*Nov: 1789. 

1789. 20 Nov: circa horam 5 matut: nata e Eleonora Collins 
Filia legitima Michaelis & Eleonorae Collins, Baptizata vero die 29 Nov. 
Sponsoribus Edwardo Dunneghan & Elizabetha Kehough. 

p me Hugonem Heatley, O.S.B. 

(93) *7^9' ^ic 15 Nov. [circa interlined'] hora 11 [noctis interlined] 
nata S Charlotta Johnson filia l^tima Petri & Annse Johnson. 
Sponsoribus Petro Cain & Anna Farley. 

p me Hugonem Heatley, O.S.B. 
^The writing resumes as fourth entry above,] 

1789. Die 29 Nov. Jul: horam octavam A. M. Nata est Catharina 
M<Can filia Johannis et Catharinae Conjugum, baptizata Die 6* Decembris. 
Sponsoribus, Mauritio Healy, Susanni Powel. 

1789. Dec: 6 medio primae meridianse nata Maria Filia Oweni et 
Mariae CafTry, Baptiza. 13^ Dec: Suscep: Patricius Walsh et Margarita 

1789. Die 27 Nov: medio 7* vespertinae Nata Maria Filia Joannis 
et Margaritas Bowden, Baptiz^ 20 Dec: Suscep: Jacobus HefTern et 
Maria Powrie. 

1789. Dec. 26 circa horam 3**™ matutinam Nata Maria Filia Patricii 
et Catharinae Manning, Baptiz* 27^. Suscep : Joannes Toole et Amelia 

1788. Die 2* Augusti hori 3** pomeridiani Nata Sarah Filia 
Illegitima Sarah Whitten et James Hallaran, Baptiz* 29* Dec: 1789. 
Suscep : Edward Dogherty et Eliz» Dogherty. 

\^In pencil: N.B. Anno 1789 baptizata sunt 56.] 

(94) 1790 

1789. 14 Nov: circa medium 5* pomeridianse Nata Maria Filia 
Thomae et Elizabethae Jackson, Baptiza. 3»<» Jan", 1790. Susceperunt 
Petrus Long et Maria M<^Carthy. 

'7^9- '3 Nov: circa medium tertiae pomeridianae Nata Maria Filia 
Philippi et Marthas Rogers, Bapz* 3»<* Jan', 1790. Susceperunt, 
Dionysius Kelly et Eleonora Toole. 

1790. 8 Jan: paulo post horam 5*™ pomer: Nata Elizabetha 

[illegitima interlined] Filia Patricius [Lacy interlined] et Elizabethae 
Lacy crossed out arid Underwood interlined]^ Baptiz* i o*^. Suscepere : 
Philippus Rogers et Margarita Wilkinson. 

1789. 5 Oct: medio quintae pomeridianae Nata Elizabeth Filia 
Michaelis et Elizabethae Crangle, Baptiz* in Necessitate k Ministro 
Protestante circa nonum Ejusdem mensis. Suppleta^ Caeremoniai 
Ecclesiae Cath: 21 Jan., 1790. Assisentibus tanquam Sponsoribus 
Jac: White et Francisca Cannon. \Tfun follows this note in very small 
writing] Orto postea dubio de valere prioris baptismi rebaptizata est 
conditionaliter Elizabeth 30-^ Januarii, 1795. 

1789. 26 Novembris quadrante post sextam matutinam Natus 
Petrus Filius Patricii et Eleonora Doyle, Baptiz^ 24 Jan., 1790. Suscep: 
Jacobus Palmer et Maria Stacy. 

1790. 22 Jan"* paulo post horam 5^ pomeridianam Nata Eleonora 


Filia Jacobi et Eleonorae Rookby, Baptiz* 24 Jan™. Suscep : Patricius 
Dill et Judith Bently. 

(95) > 790- 24 Jan"» hori 9* antemeridiani Natus Daniel Filius Owcni 
et Catharinae Sullivan, Baptiz* eodem Die. Suscep: Dionysius et 
Maria Daly. 

1790. 18 Jan"» quadrante ante 4*™ matutinam natus Henricus 
Paulus Filius Joannis et Marias Winter, Bapz^ ^i^, Susceperunt Joannes 
et Elizabetha Winter. 

1790. 14 Feb: circa medium quartse pomeridianae nata Elizabetha 
Filia Joannis et Marias Wallis, Baptiz^ 17^ Susceperunt Dionysius 
Byrne et Eleonora Cross. 

1790. 19 Jan" paulo post quadrantem post io»™ nocturnam Natus 
Samuel Filius Samuelis et Marias Tripe, Baptiz* 18® Feb: Suscepenmt 
Patricius et Elizabeth M^Donough. 

1790. 2 Feb: circa medium octavas matutinas Nata Catharina Filia 
Samuelis et Catharinae Holmes, Baptiz* 23. Susceper: Franciscus 
Kelly et Eleonora Toole, p. Procuratricem Catharinam Toole. 

1790. 20 Januarii quadrante ante 7*" matutinam Nata Birgitta 
Filia Timothei et Marias Dusmond, Baptiz* 3»<> Martii. Susceperunt 
Patricius Sullivan et Maria Reardon. 

(96) 1790. 21 Feb: circa horam 4"" pomeridianam Nata Anna Filia 
Patricii et Marias Lanigan, Baptiz* 14 Martii. Susceperunt Patricius 
Walsh and Anastasia Walsh. 

1 7^9- 25 Octobris circa horam 3*»" pomeridianam Natus Paulus 
Filius Pauli et Eleonoras Little, Baptiz* 14 Martii, 1790. Susceperunt 
Jacobus Davies et Catharina Coyle. 

1790. 27 Jan"» circa horam 7*« vespertinam Natus Joannes Filius 
Josephi et Margaritas Bray, Baptiz* 25 Martii: Suscep' Thomas Winter. 

1790. 3»o Martii quadrante ante ii»™ Nocturnam Nata Honora 
Filia Jeremias et Honoras Donigan ["a" is written over the ^^V^ in faint 
/«^], Baptiz* 2* Aprilis. Susceperunt Cornelius Downey et Elizabetha 

1790. 28 Martii paulo ante mediam Noctem Nata Mai^arita Filia 
Joannis et Franciscas M^Mahon, Baptiz* 26 Aprilis. Suscepit Catharina 

1790. 13 Mirtii paulo ante Meridiem Nata Margarita Filia 
illegitima Eleonoras Glindon et Josephi Donnivan, Baptiz* 27 Aprilis. 
Suscepit Margarita Glindon. 

1790. 14 Aprilis intra horam 5*" & 6*™ pomeridianam Nata Maria 
Filia Gulielmi et Judithas Bentley, Baptiz* 29. Suscep: Michael 
Callanan et Marearita Hurley. 

(97) '7?°' ' ^^' paul6 ante 7"" vespertinam natus Richardus 
Seager Filius Antonii et Polly Carroll, Baptiz* 9*. Susceperunt Jacobus 
Ford et Margrita Ragan. 

1 790. 8^ Aprilis paul6 post horam 4^ matutinam natus Thomas 
Filius Thomas et Eleonoras Howland, Baptiz* 9* Mail. Susceperunt 
Joannes Spencer et Martha Harding. 

1790. 19 Maii Natas prima Elizabetha Eupham [paulb antfc interli$iid'\ 
secunda Catharina paulb post horam 4^ pomeridianam Filias gemellse 
Georgii et Catharinae Duchars. i*>* Suscepit Maigarita, 2*>* Maria 


1790. 23^ [Mail g'nfer/ined] circa medium 7* matutinae nata 
catharina Filia Thomae et Catharinae Donovan, Baptiz* eodem Die. 
Suscep: Daniel Sullivan et Margarita Elliot. 

1790. 3*Aprilis circa horam 10*" Noctis Natus Franciscus Filius 
Francisci et Sarae Kelly, Baptiz* 24? Maii. Suscep™* Joannes Mills et 
Brigitta Daunt. 

1790. 22 Maii circa medium 7* vespertinae Nata Maria Filia 
Michaelis et Marian Donoghue, Baptiza. 30. Suscep: Patricius Kean 
et Catharina Curtan. 

1790. 4° Junii circa horam 2*" matutinam Nata Anna Filia Joan: 
et Helenas Callann, Baptiza. eodem Die privatim sine caeremoniis 
Eccliae propter Periculum. Suscep^ Jercmias et Anastasia Donnovan. 
Suppletae Caeremoniae Ecclesiae 20* Julii. 

(98) 1790. 3 Junii circa horam ii**» nocturnam Nata Maria Filia 
Jacobi et Eleonora Oliver, Baptiz* 5 Julii. Suscepit Maria Reardon. 

1790. 12 Junii paulb ante horam 5^ pomeridianam Nata Maria 
Filia Emmanuelis [Hugneri crossed out'\ [Oliverii interlined'\ et Catharinae 
Nugnez, Baptiza. 7^ Julii. Susceperunt Gulielmus Toole et Maria 

1790. 17 Junii medio 5^ matutinae nata Carolina Elizabetha Filia 
Francisci et Elizae Molloy, Baptiz* 11* Julii. Susceperunt Nicholaus 
Copin et Maria Anna Copin. 

1790. 3»® Julii circa medium 9* vespertinae natus Gulielmus Filius 
Calaghan [et Annae inierlined'\ M*^Charty, Baptizatus ii» Julii. 
Susceperunt Patricius Cunningham et Catharina Donnivan. 

1790. 28 Junii quadrante post i*™ meridianam nata Margarita 
Hartless (per errorem sic dicta pro Hartley) Filia Neale et Elizabethai 
Clarke, Baptiz* 13 Julii. Suscepit Elizabetha Reynolds. 

1790. 23 Julii intra horam 6*^ & 7*" matutinam natus Michael 
Filius Guliclmi et Margaritae Power, Baptiz* 30. Susceperunt Gulielmus 
et Elenora Carney. 

(99) 1790- Maii circa horam 5^ matutinam Nata Catharina Filia 
Michaelis et Judithae Turner, Baptiz* 30 Julii. Suscepit Maria 

1790. 14 Junii circa medium quartae pomeridianai natus Paulus 
Williams Filius illegitimus Davidis Williams et Sarh^e Stringer, Bapz" 
31 Julii. Susceperunt Petrus Smith Hill et Elizabetha Stringer. 

1790. 30 Julii circa medium 2* pomeridianae natus Joseph Filius 
Josephi Holloran et Margaritae Holloran, Baptiz^ i* Augusti. Susceperunt 
Jacobus et Birgitta Sullivan. 

1790. 15 Julii intra horam 5*™ et 6*" vespertinam Natus Gulielmus 
Filius Caroli et Maria; Waltirn, Baptiz* 6° Augusti. Suscepit Matthaeus 

'7^9- 3*® Junii intra horam 10*" & 11*" nocturnam natus Nicolaus 
Filius Nicolai et Elizabethae Copin. Privatim Baptizatus a ministro 
Protestante. Suppletae caeremoniae Ecclesiae a me Roberto Plowden 
8** Aug: 1790. Locum Patrinorum tenuerunt Andreas Foley et Birgitta 

(100) 1790. 15 Aug: circa horam 2*" pomeridianam Nata Elizabetha 
Filia Joannis et Mariae Lewis. Baptiz* domi privatim propter Periculum 


cum omnibus Ecclesiae caeremoniis. Susceperunt Gulielmus Toole et 
Francisca Browne. 

1790. 6° Aug: circa horam nonam matutinam Nata Elizabetha 
Filia Davidis et Margarita Handling, Baptiza 17*. Sucep* Joanna Canty. 

1790. i**Julii circa medium secundaj pomeridianae Nata Anna Filia 
Francisci et Mariae Harding, Baptiz* 19 Augusti. Suscepit Maria Jordan. 

1790. 9** Junii hora [fere crossed out\ [circiter interlined] tertii 
matutind Natus Joannes Filius Danielis et Elizabethae Leonards, 
Baptiz* 2'*^ Septembris. Suscepit Thomas Reading. 

1790. 3»o Septembris circa horam 2*™ matutinam Natus Gulielmus 
Filius Jonathae et Mariae Gage, Baptiz* 10. Susceperunt Gulielmus et 
Catharina Toole. 

1790. 4» Septembris hori 7^ vespertini nata Elizabetha Filia 
Joannis et Margarita McCarthy, Baptiza. 19. Susceperunt Franciscus 
Evans et Elizabetha Power. 

(loi) 1790. 230 Septembris intra Horam 8*" & 9*™ vespertinam 
Natus Gulielmus Filius Joannis et Brigittae Mara, Baptiz^ 24^. Suscep- 
erunt Jacobus Evrett et Elizabetha FitzMorris. 

1790. 22 Septembris paulb ante Meridiem Natus Michael Filius 
Andreae et Caeciliae Foley, Baptiz* 25. Susceperunt Nicholaus Copin 
et Birgilta Daunt. 

1790- 13 Septembris circa horam 5*"* matutinam natus Daniel 
Filius illegitimus Comelii [Donavan crossed out] [Donovan interlined] 
et Elizabethae Reynolds, Baptizatus 26*. Susceperunt Jeremias Reed 
et Maria Connor. 

1790. 23<» Septem*^ circa medium nonae matutinae nata Caroletta 
Filia Dionysii et Catharinae Byrn, Baptiz* 3'° Octobris. Susperunt 
Martinus Londrigan et Eleonora M^Charty. 

1790. 10 Oct: intra horam i2*"et i*" Noctumam natus Michael 
Filius Joannis et Joannae Crowley, Baptiz" eodem die. Susceperunt 
Josephus Dempsy et Eleonora Coyne. 

1790. 8 Septembris intra horam 6*™ & 7**" vespertinam nata 
Anna Filia Thomae et Annae Regan, Bapz* 10 Octobris. Susceperunt 
Dionysius Regan et Maria Hayes. 

(102) 1790. 16 Augusti paulo post horam 12*™ nocturnam Natus 
Thomas Filius Thomae et Annae Withenbury, Baptiz* 17 Oct. Suscep- 
erunt Josephus Moore et Francisca Hucheson. 

1790. 3»° Octobris circa horam 7*" vespertinam Natus Gulielmus 
Filius Gulielmi et Birgittae Keaton, Baptiz* 24. Susceperunt Joannes 
M*^Carthy et Juliana Corbet 

1790. 27® Septembris circa horam ii*°* antemeridianam Nata 
Elizabetha Filia Gulielmi [VVooU crossed out] et Mariae Wooll, Baptiz* 
24 Octobris. Susceperunt Jeremias Dacey et Elizabetha Blackburne. 

1790. 27 Oct^"" circa Quadrantem post 10*'" nocturnam Nata 
Margarita Filia Philippi et Mariae Reed, Baptiz* 31. Susceperunt 
Daniel Sullivan et Joanna Sullivan. 

1786. 21 Feb: medio Octavae matutinae Natus Richardus Filius 
Richardi et Sarae Griffith, Baptiz' 2* Nov: 1790. Susceperunt Michael 
Cronin et Catharina [Coy crossed out] Cahal. 

1790. 31^ Oct' intra horam 7™ & 8*" vespertinam nata Catharina 


Filia Comelii et Catharinse Hurley, Baptiz* 7* Novem : Suscepenmt 
Joannes Drynan et Maria Caffry. 

(103) 1788. 29^^ Oct* hori fer^ secundd matutini Natus Gulielmus 
Filius Richard! et Elizabethae Powel, Baptiz* k PersonA privati in 
rNecessito crossed out] Periculo mortis. Susceperunt Richardus et 
Elizabetha Smith acatholici. 

1790. 4» Oct: intra horam 9*® & io»» vespertinam Natus Gulielmus 
Filius Dionysii et Eleonorse Kelly, Baptiz* 14^' Nov'. Susceperunt 
Michael Keller et Catharina StacL 

1790. 26* Nov* medio octavae vespertinae Nata Maria Filia 
Michaelis et Elizabethae Cronin, Baptiz* 28^. Susceperunt Thomas 
Donivan et Anna Evans. 

1790. 6* Septembris hor^ quarts matutini Natus Jacobus Filius 
Jacobi et Margaritas Wilkins, Baptiz" i* Decembris. Susceperunt 
Robertus Phelan et Maria Kennedy. 

1^90. 29 Novembris hori fer^ primd matutini Natus Georgius Filius 
[iUegitimus inierlined] Georgii Holmes et Elizabethae Yeates, Baptiz* 
4* Decem*. Susceperunt Joannes Mills et Anna Farley. 

iio4) 1790. 5* Octobris circa horam 2*°* matutinam Nata Eleonora 
Ilia Michaelis et Marias Buddet, Baptiz* 5* Decem*. Susceperunt 
Edwardus Donegal et Joanna Mahoni. 

1790. 21 Novembris paulb ante horam 5*" matutinam Nata Maria 
Filia Patricii et Catharinae Kenelly, Baptiz* 9^ Decembris. Suscep- 
erunt Patricius Cunnigham et Mana Daly. 

1790. 2* Decembris intra horam 9*°* et lo*™ vespertinam nata 
Anna Filia Danielis et Elizabethae Gorman, Baptiz* 12*. Susceperunt 
Owenus Caffry et Anna Miles. 

1790. II* Decembris paulb post 5*°* matutinam natus Jacobus 
Filius Jacobi et Elizabethae Doran, Baptiz* [12'^ ejusdem Mensis inter- 
lined] propter Periculum in domo privati completis Caeremoniis. 
Susceperunt Robertus et Anna Evans. 

i7^7« 13** Augusti circa horam S*" vespertinam Natus Thomas 
Filius Petri et [Mariae Mulli, Honori, crossed out] Honorae Mulligan, 
Babtiz* 21 Dec: 1790. Susceperunt Joannes Miles et Margarita Donoghue. 

1790. 16 Novembris paulo post 11*" matutinam Nata Elizabeth 
Filia Joannis et Elizabeth Bird, Baptiz* 22 Decem: Susceperunt 
Joannes Miles et Anna Davis. 

(105) 1790. 9* Decembris paulb post nonam matutinam Natus 
Joannes [Filius interlined] Joannis et Brigittae Bourke, Baptiz* 25*. 
Susceperunt Jacobus Barry et Maria Jordan. 

1790. 6* Decembris hor^ quarts pomeridiana Nata Hannah Filia 
Henerici et Mariae Pulsford, Baptiz* 26*. Susceperunt Daniel Sullivan 
et Elizabetha Hunderreas. 

1790- 5* Octobris hori quintd matutini Natus Joannes Filius 
Comelii et Mariae Donnivan, Baptz* 28 Decem : Susceperunt Dionysiiis 
Loury et Catharina Clark. 

[In pencil: N.B. Anno 1790 baptizati fu^re 69.] 

1790. 19^ Nov. intra horam 6*"*& 7*" vespertinam Natus Joannes 
Filius [illegitimus interlined] Jacobi Hallaran et Sahrae Whittan, 
Baptiz* I Januariiy 1791. Suacepit Patricius Lynch. 


1790. 19^ Decembris hor^ 2^ postmeridiani Nata Maria Anna 
Filia Andreae et Sarhae Winter, Baptiz* a^ Januarii, 1791. Susceperont 
Thomas et Elizabetha Winter. 

1790. 28 Decembris medio 7* vespertinae Natus Joannes Filius 
Thomae et Catharinae Moody, Baptiz* 4 Jan: 1791. Susceperunt 
Michael DriscoU et Maria Wallace. 

(106) 17S8. 29^ Februarii hor^ Nata Juditha Filia Michaeli^ et 

Judithae Turner, Baptizata 8* Jan™, 1791. Suscepenmt Jacobus 
Meagher et Maria Connor. 

1790. 31^ Decembris hori 5^ matutini Nata Hanna Filia Ambrosii 
et Elizabethae Pimm, Baptiz* 9* Januarii, 1791. Suscepenmt Owen 
Caffry et Maria Shea. 

1 79 1. 16 Januarii circa medium quartae pomeridianae Nata Brigitta 
Filia Danielis et Catharinae Sullivan, Baptiz* 23. Susceperunt Joannes 
Tobyn et Maria Coimor. 

1 79 1. 4 Jan*^ Hori quarti matutini Nata Catharina Filia Joannis et 
Mariae Ryan, Baptiz* 25. Susceperunt Dionysius Mahoni et Maria Wool. 

1790. 28 Decembris intra horam 8*" & 9*" vespertinam Nata 
Joanna Filia Joannis et Joannae Connel, Baptiz* 25 Jan: 1791. Suscep- 
erunt Patricius Cunningham et Maria Jordan. 

1791* 13 Jan™ medio Sextae vespertinae nata Anna Maria Filia 
Roberti et Annae Evans, Baptiz* sine caeremoniis 15* propter Periculum, 
Suppletae (107) dein caeremoniae 30*. Patrinum agente Fideli Lawley, 
Matrinam Elizabeth^ Doran. N.B. Eodem Tempore imposita supradicta 
Nomina quorum inipso Baptismo propter nimiam festinantiam nulla 
facta est mentio. 

1 79 1. 26 Jan™ hori 4^ matutin^ Natus Joannes Filius Joannis et 
Mariae Sullivan, Baptiz* 6* Februarii Susceperunt Philippus Reed et 
Eleonora Leary. 

1 791. i^ Februarii Hori 2^ pomeridiand Nata Maria Filia illegitima 
Mariae Nevin et Petri Grant, Baptiz* 6*. Susceperunt Gulielmus Griffin 
et Maria Golden, 

1 79 1. 18 Jan: medio 4* pomeridianae nata Maria Filia illegitima 
Margaritae Maddox et Georgii M<^Carthy, Baptiz* 7* Feb. Suscepit 
Elizabeth Maddox. 

1791- 23 Jan: medio 3** matutinae nata Eleonora Filia Patricii 
et Joannae Hickey, Bapz* 11 Feb: Suscepit Catharina Thomas. 

1 791. 8* Februarii hord 7^ pomeridiana nata Helena Filia Gulielmi 
et JuUanae Corbett, Baptiz* 9*. Susceperunt Laurentius Doyle et 
Catharina Curtin. 

(108) 1 79 1. 17^ Februarii (erh medio 7* vespertinae Nata Maria 
Filia Patricii et Mariae Regan, Baptiz* 6^ Martii. Susceperunt Edmundus 
FitzMaurice et Maria Dwyer. 

1 79 1. I Martii intra horam 4*"et 5*" pomeridianam nata Margarita 
Filia Gulielmi et Iviargaritae Thomas, Baptiz* 1 2\ Susceperunt Thomas 
Magrath et Alice Fisher. 

1790. 29 Septem* [circa hor crossed out^ paul6 post horam 7*" 
vespertinam natus Timotheus Filius Timothei et Eleonorae Crowley, 
Baptiz' 13 Martii, 1791. Susceperunt Daniel Leary et Juliana Leary. 

1 791. 22 Feb. Nata Eleonora circa horam octavam matutinam 

Tn i ,' i rfrm t 

HMims « Mbk Zmtt. Ibdibi^ ::* -fioiniB. 

<c Cntannr Cnnwu. Isdid:^ ^. 

s'f^. as^ MebxL cncL iiJuii i ^one: iiai i iniiur : 
TKBoam CimiiiiSiiMUL s: *«-» ''^ 

faEBCflDBDIK W I ITHH. 2^. ^IIW iffjlt CjilHH' UiX. . tTiahiini*- 

1791. 5 \|rTiit nraimwnf poK .<* nucoEioBni 
FSEm }uBtfka cs SmmoK liu^cc. Ziacos* rj^. 
K«ak « Ifant Fzum. 

1791. 15 AyTiff ;Ani; zrjc. hsxxxh 

J791. 16 MjDLCxr^ bdaac j^^pocntniiiLSLZL zuoa ICmifaai 
Petn ei Eiiabedaat Cxb. l>«pa* 22^ >:;:sn^ier=i: Gssar^sm 
et Axma Daiis. 

1792. 24' Mid: nKK£o 4* mi: ;i; ■'tr^ t-lths Mirrss FiSiB Jaanaii 
et MMXjs^riute Conocr, Bapriamf 29c. Ss^i^tgt^r::::: £cvudi» Hyde 
tt Oahafifut DooDhiuDL 

(lii) 1791. 23^ MaH ix)ri ii^marstini. Xii£ Hi:s;£? FiiU Edmoiidi 
eC FJirubcthat FluzDaunct, fia}/d^ 29^. S:a^rrper-.:n: Piuidns cc Jiaiii 

1791, 16 ApriJis [oKadio pnnue nocr^'nse imifrlzmeJ^ lums Joomna 
Kliitt iliejpUinus Thomx Gre>- et Eliulicchae Browiy^, 'Rapdz* ?iiena i 
Mini»tro FroCesUnU:, sed nippletae caur^monis: Eo:l:-\r die i7^JiiiiiL 

1791. 16 Junii Enedio sexta: nututinaer njuus Jokinncs Filius Thonue 
#5t M«;OfKX»: Bills, Ba^itiz* 1 7. Suscepenint JoaniKS Elliot et Ekonon 

iT)i. 25 AfMilis circa mcdiuni 5* pomeridiana: natus Gutieknui 
Mltii^ ^juli'rliiii et ^^[larirue Atkinson, liaptiz* 22 JuniL Suscepemnl 
j<Mnn«:« Klli'it i.-t Tathcrina Jo)'Cc. 

1791. 3 Junii circa medium dccimae noctumae nata Sarah Filia 
Oirnelii et Maria; Ladyman iJaly, Baptiz* 26. Suscepcnint Jeremiaa 
Ryan ct Anna iMly. 


(112) 1791. 23 Junii quadrante ante 5"* matutinam Nata Margarita 
Filia Jacobi [Gleeson crossed out] et Eleonora Gleeson, Baptiz* 3»» Julii. 
Susceperunt Patricius Creamor et Maria Keaten. 

1 79 1. 30 Junii circa horam ii»™ noctumam Natus Jacobus Filius 
Joannis et Margarita Connel, Baptiz* 5* Julii. Suscepit Joannes Hoare. 

'79^- 15 Julii circa horam 6*™ pomeridianam Natus Carolus Filius 
Danielis et Catharinae Hayden, Baptiz' 17. Susceperunt Joannes Winter 
et Elizabeth Mullowney. 

'791- 25 Julii paul6 post 7*« matutinam Natus Gulielmus Filius 
Thomae et Mariae Roach, Baptiz* eodem die. Susceperunt Joannes 
Elliot et Maria Kely. 

1 791. 4 Martii Quadrante ante 12 meridianara Nata Catharina 
Filia Emmanuelis et Sarah [DX interlined] Gami, Baptiz* 31 Julii. 
Susceperunt Joannes Cadou et Anna Downton. 

(113) 1 791. 16 Junii circa medium 5^ pomeridianae Natus Jacobus 
Randal Filius Jacobi et Joannae McDonald, Baptiz* 4 Aug: Suscep- 
erunt Philippus Rogers et Elizabethae Maddox. Eodem Tempore 
suppletae sunt Caeremoniae Eccliae super Catharinam et Elizabetham 
prius baptizatas a roinistrb Protestante, filias praedictorum Jacobi et 
Joannae. Catharina nata 3" Februarii circa horam 2*" matutinam 
an: 1786. Elizabetha nata 4^ Decem: circa horam 4»"» matutinam 
an: 1788. 

1 79 1. 2* Aug: fer^ medio octavae vespertinae natus Patricius Filius 
Patricii et Margaritas Buckley, Baptiz* 7*. Susceperunt Jeremias Sheen 
et Joanna Kidney. 

179^* 31 Jul^^ ^^^ i^ matutini natus Joannes Filius Joannis et 
Catharinae Fitzgerald, Baptiz* 7* Augusti. Susceperunt Joannes Fitz- 
gerald et Margarita Buckley. 

(114) 1 791. 7* Aug: circa horam 8*" matutinam Natus Antonius 
Filius Antonii et Polly Carroll, Baptiz* 14**. Susceperunt Gulielmus 
et Margarita Wilkinson. 

1 791. 5^ Aug: hori 2^ post meridiem Nata Margarita Filia Thomae 
et Annae Leonard, Baptiz* 14*. Susceperunt Owenus Caffry et Elizabetha 

1 791. 22* Julii circa horam i**" matutinam Nata Catharina Filia 
Matthiae et Sarae Daly, Baptiz* 14* Aug: Susceperunt Josephus Norton 
et Maria Norton. 

1790- 15 Maii circa horam quintam matutinam Natus Joannes 
Filius Thomae et Esther Purdy, Baptiz"* 18 Aug: 1791. Susceperunt 
Joannes Elliot et Elizabetha Golding. 

1789. 22 Feb: circa horam primam matutinam Nata Anna Filia 
Thomae et Esther Purdy, Baptiz* 18 Aug: 1791. Susceperunt Joannes 
Elliot et Elizabetha Golding. 

1 791. 17 Aug: circa medium 5" matutinae Nata Maria Filia Joannis 
et Amy Toeg, Baptiz* 19. Susceperunt Jeremias Donnivan et Catharina 

(115) 1791. 28 Aug : paulo ante medium 9*^ vespertinae Nata Silvyana 
Maria Filia Roberti Walteri et Catharinae Vaughan, Baptiz* in domo 
private 29^, completis Eccliae caeremoniis. Suscepit Elizabetha Byrn. 

1790. 5 Septembris hoxk 6^ vespertinft Natus Richardus FUiui 


Richard! et Elizabeths Richardson, Baptizs. 30* Augasd, 1791. 
enint Joannes Elliot et Brigitta Parrel 

1790. 22^ Octobris circa horam i^ diumam nata AnnR Fflk 
illegitima Jacobi Gillam et Elizabethae Ovens, Baptiz* 7^ Septembm^ 
1 79 1. Suscepit Catharina [Kenely crossed ouf^ Conely. 

1 791. 9^ Septembris paul6 ante 12^ mendianam Natus Mkduid 
Filius Josephi et Annae Walker, Baptiz* 16. Susceperunt Joumes 
Nowland et Margarita Mahoni. 

1790. 9^ Junii circa horam i^ noctumam natus Gulielmus Filias 
Gulielmi et Mariae M^Evoy, Baptiz« 16 Sep^. Susceperunt Joannes 
Elliot et Elizabetha Maddox. 

(116) 1 791. 16^ Septembris circa medium 4* pomeridianae natus 
Gulielmus Filius Michaelis et Margaritas Elliot, Baptiz* 18^. Suscep- 
erunt l*homas M^^Manus et Maria I3aly. 

1 791. 31 Augusti circa horam 9*^ vespertinam Nata Catharina 
Filia Patricii et Annae Skannel, Baptiz* 19* Septembris. Susceperunt 
Carolus Cullinan et Honora Sheehen. 

1 79 1. 4^ Septem"* circa medium 10* noctumae Nata Catharina 
Filia Thomae et Brigittae Power, Baptiz* 20^. Susceperunt Joannes 
Whalen et Maria MK^rath. 

1 791. 29*Septem'^ circa medium i' noctumae Natus Michael Filiui 
Sylvestri et Sarhae Smith, Baptiz" 4^ Oct: Susceperunt Michad 
Cunningham et Elizabetha Maddox. 

1 791. 4^ Octobris paulo post 3**°^ pomeridianam Nata Maria 
Anna Filia Joannis ct Maria; Winter, Baptiz^ 9^. Susceperunt Gulielmus 
et Anna Green. 

EI 17) 1791. 30^ Septem* hora 5^ pomeridiana [natus crossed oui\ 
nata interlined^ [Franciscus Filius crossed out] [Francisca Filia interlined] 
Gulielmi et Franciscae Hutchcsoii, [Baptizs. crossed out and Baptia* 
interlined^ 9* Octobris. Suscei^erunt Thomas \Vithenbur>' et Elizabetha 

1790. 30^ Octobris circa horam 4^ matutinam natus Richardus 
Filius Danielis et Elizabethse Condon, Baptiz'^ 16 Oct*, 1791. Suscep- 
erunt Gulielmus Ryan et Elizabetha Hundcreas. 

1 791. 9^ Oct^ circa quadrantcm ante 6^'" matutinam nata Anna 
Filia Dionysii et Catharinae Quinlan, Baptiz*^ 17^ Susceperunt Daniel 
Quinkin et Abigail Dunley. 

1 79 1. 17^ Septembris [circa hor crossed out"] paulo ante ii*" 
matutinam natus Timotheus Filius Morgani Edwardi et Margaritas 
O'Brien, Baptiz' 18 Octobris. Susceperunt Jacobus Colman ct Joanna 

1784. 3*^ Martii [intra crossed out"] circa horam 3**™ ix)mendianam 
Natus Jacobus Filius Jacobi et Joannx Powell, Baptz** 20 Oct*, 1791. 
Suscepernt Joannes Elliot & Catharina Toole. 

(118) 178& 16^ Junii circa horam 2*" pomeridianam Natus Joannes 
Filius Jacobi ct Joannae Powell, Baptz* 20 Oct', 1791. Susceperunt 
Joannes Elliot et Catharina Toole. 

1 79 1. 8 Nov^ circa horam 12"" meridianam natus Joannes Filius 
Joannis ct Barry, Baptiz* eodem die. Susceperunt Joannes 

Hyland ct Juditha Bently. 


1 79 1. 6* Nov: circa horam ii*» nocturnam nata Maria FiUa 
Jacobi et Joannae M^Cauly, Baptiz* 8* Novembris. Susceperunt Brien 
Clark et Maria Dachy. 

1 791. 20 Nov: circa Horam i»" Mend: nata est Maria Macdermott 
filia Martini & Brigittae Macdermott, Baptiz praedicta puella 27 Ejusd: 
mens: & Ann. Suscep: Patri. Powel & Maria Doud. 

1 791. 10* Novembris circa medium 5* matutinse natus Antonius 
Filius Joannis et Emiliae Marche, Baptiz" in periculo a proprio Parente 
13* Suppletae Caeremoniae Ecclesiae 14* Decembris. 

(119) 1791. 15 Decembris circa medium i2"meridianae nata Alicia 
Maria filia Michaelis et Mariae Cunningham, Baptiz* eodem die a Parente 
propter Periculum, Suppletae Caeremoniae Ecclesiae 18. Sponsores 
Agentibus Gulielmo Farr et Eleonor^ Henesy. 

1 791. II Decem: [circa crossed out and paul6 ante interlined^ 
horam 9"" matutinam Natus Richardus Filius Richardi et Mariae 
Brewer, Baptiz* in periculo 22*, Suppletae caeremoniae Eccliae 23. 
Sponsorem Agente Joanne Elliot 

1 791. 25 Dec: paulo post 9^ matutinam Natus Joannes Filius 
Joannis & Mariae Dalling, Baptiz" Statim ab Obstetrice, sed propter 
dubium in forma, rebaptiz* sub conditione [eodem die interlined]. 
Sponsores agentibus Patricio Ryan et Catharini Barry, 

[^/n Pencii: N.B. Anno 1791 baptizati fufere 73.] 
[/« Pencil: 1792.] 

1791. 19* Novembris hori 1 1^ antemeridiani Natus Carolus Filius 
Joannes et Annae Connel. Baptiz" 1 Januarii, 1792. Susceperunt 
Jeremias Ryan et Elizabeth Caverley. 

(120) 1791. 16 Dec* hori 10* matutini nata Catharina Filia Joannis et 
Catharinae Bowen, Baptiz* 2 Jan: 1792. Suscepit Bridgitta Daunt 

1 791. 21 Decembris circa medium 4«pomeridie nata Maria Filia 
nilegitima interlined] Petri [Farril interlined] et Mariae [Farrill crossed out] 
[Weber interlined], Baptiza. 7* Januarii, 1792. Susceperunt Patricius 
Farrill et Joanna Evans. 

1 79 1. 14 Novembris circa medium octavae matutinae nata Catharina 
filia Comelii et Bridgittae Curtin, Baptiz* 8 Jan: 1792. Susceperunt 
Joannes Curtin et Susanna I^wis. 

1792. II* Jan" circa medium ii« Matutinae nata Anna Cassandra 
filia Thomae et Catharinae Donovan, Baptiz* eodem die. Susceperunt 
Patricius Cunningham et Honora Donogan. 

1792. 8* Januarii paulo post 5*" pomeridianam nata Maria filia 
Timothei et Sarhae Noonan, Baptiz* 154. Susceperunt Joannes Hoare 
et Elizabetha Jackson. 

1792. 28* Jan^ circa horam 4*°* pomeridianam nata Catharina filia 
Edwardi et Mariae Butler, Baptiz* 29*. Susceperunt Michael Cunningham 
et Catharina Patterson. 

(121) 1792. 20 Jan^> circa medium 3^ matutinae natus Jos^ines filius 
Petri et Eleonorae Doyle, Baptix^ 29. Susceperunt Patricius Regan et 
Elizabetha Palmer. 

1792. 26 Jan^ circa horam 8** vespertinam natus Richardus Filius 

Sillegitimus interlined] Richardi [et Annae crossed out] [Pierce et Joannae 
nter lined] [Pierce crossed out and Sterick tifriiien in the wMrgin\ Baptiz" 
3^ Febi Susceperunt Maurice Murphy et Ally Flood 


1792. 27 Jan" circa horam 7*" matutinam nata Maria Filia Patricii 
et Margaritae Holland^ Baptiz* 1 2* Feb : Susceperunt Timotheus o'Driscal 
et Eleonora Clary. 

1792. 12^ Feb: paulb ante horam 10^™ matutinam nata Maria Filia 
Danielis et Mariae Crowley, Baptiz* 19*. Susceperunt David Scannell 
et Margarita Casey. 

1792. I* Martii circa medium 3»*matutinae natus Joannes Filius 
Danielis et Mariae Toeg, Baptiz* 4*. Susceperunt Edwardes Fitz-Patrick 
et Maria Hayes. 

1792. 6^ Martii circa quadrantem ante 8^ vespertinam nata Maria 
Filia Joannis et Catharinae Walsh, Baptiz* 11. Suscepernt Dion3rsius 
M*=Carthy et Maria Murphy. 

(122) 1792. 7* Martii circa horam 7*" matutinam nata Maria Filia 
Roberti et Mariae Parker, Baptiz* ii». Susceperunt Thomas Russel 
et Maria Dacy. 

1792. 8^ Martii circa medium i2«b meridianae natus Jeremias 
Filius Jeremiae et Margaritae Mullins, Baptiz* 1 1». Susceperunt Joannes 
Donoghue et Birgittae Magrath. 

1792. 8* Martii circa horam i»" noctumam nata Birgitta filia 
Gulielmi et Joannae Cunningham. Baptiz* 1 1^. Susceperunt Patricius 
et Maria Cunningham. 

1792. II* Martii hori 9* matutind natus Timotheus Filius 
Michaelis et Mariae Donoghue, Baptiz* Eodem Die. Susceperunt 
Gulielmus Griffin et Margarita Power. 

1792. 12* Martii circa horam 7*"* matutinam natus Joannes Filius 
Patricii et Catharinae M*=Cann, Baptiz* 14*. Susceperunt Edraundus et 
Elizabetha FitzMaurice. 

1792. 17''^ Martii hord ^^ matutind natus Patricius Filius Joannis 
et Estherae Daly, Baptiz* 25*. Susceperunt Joannes Tyrell et Maria 

^23) 1792. Marctii 28 circa horam 10*" matutinam natus est Jacobus 
Caffry filius oweni & mariae Conjugum, babtizatus eodem Die. Suscep- 
erunt Thomas Brian & Catharina Hurley. 

1792. [29 crossed out, and 22* interli9ied\ Marctii circa horam 8»™ 
matutinam natus Andreas Filius Thomas ct Elconorae Howland, 
Baptiz* i^ Aprilis. Susceperunt Andreas Kerwin [a written ax^er the i] 
et Joanna Pitts. 

1792. 26'"^ Martii paulo ante horam 2*™ pomeridianam nata Maria 
Catharina Filia Thomae ct Annae Withenbury, Baptiza. 3* Aprilis in 
domo private propter periculum completis, Eccliae caeremoniis. Suscepit 
Catharina Withenbury. 

1792. i*^ Aprilis circa medium quartae matutinx nata Maria filia 
Philippi et Marthae Rogers, Baptiza. Octava. Susceperunt Thomas 
Donovan et Anna Sullivan. 

1792. 7* Aprilis hord 5* pomeridiand nata Maria filia Davidis et 
Mariae Dowd. Baptiz* 9*. Susceperunt Joannes Ryan et Maria Connor. 
(124) 1792. 10 Aprilis circa horam 3^*" matutinam natus Thomas 
filius Thomae et Catharinae Riley, Baptiz* 15. Susceperunt Andreas 
Foley et Margarita Wilkinson. 

1792. 15 Aprilis quadrante ante 4^"^ pomeridianam nata Juliana 


filia Danielis et Margaritae Sullivan, Baptiz* eodem die. Susceperunt 
Carolus M«=Carthy et Maria Murphy. 

1792. 18 Martii circa horam 10*" matutinam natus Andreas Filius 
Andreae et Estherae Briant, Baptiz»'2i Aprilis. Susceperunt Joannes 
Byrne et Catharina Riley. 

1792. 16 Aprilis fere quadrante ante 7*™ matutinam natus Nicolaus 
filius Andreae et Caeciliae Foley, Baptiz' 22. Susceperunt Joannes Roach 
et Joanna Murphy. 

1792. 22 Aprilis paul6 post 5^*" matutinam nata Margarita filia 
Laurentii et Catharinae Grimes, Baptiz* i* Mail Susceperunt Daniel 
Buckley et Catharina Fitzgerald. 

1792. 15 Aprilis circa medium 7*^ matutinae natus Dionysius filius 
Joannis et Mariae Foley, (125) Baptizatus 6^ Mail Susceperunt 
Gulielmus Ryan et Joanna Collins. 

1792. 6^ Maii circa horam 2^™ matutinam nata Maria filia Patricii 
et Catharinae Murphy, Baptiz* 10&. Susceperunt Joannes Crouch et 
Sarah Williams. 

1792. 4^ Maii hora noni matutini nata Maria filia Joannis et 
Marire [Duggan, with i»* g. interlined^ crossed out] [Duggan interlined]^ 
Baptiz* 13^ Susceperunt Petrus Brian et Maria Dwyer. 

1792. 4^ Aprilis circa medium 2« matutinae natus Dionysius filius 
Joannis et Hanhae Connel, Baptiz* 14 [Aprilis crossed out^ and Maii 
interlined], Susceperunt Daniel Gorman et Catharina Quinlan. 

1792. 28^ Aprilis hord 2* matutind natus Jacobus filius Danielis 
et Judithae Leary, Baptiz* 16 Maii. Susceperunt Patricius Coghlan et 
Catharina Burke. 

1792. 11^ Maii circa horam 7*°^ matutinam natus David filius 
Gulielmi et Annae Browne, Baptiz* 20. Susceperunt Mauricius Cushion 
et Maria Foley. 

(126) 1792. 26 Maii circa horam 11^ nocturnam natus Daniel Filius 
Timothei et Marias Macdonnel, Baptiz* 4* Junii. Susceperunt Thomas 
et Catharina Casey. 

1792. 16 Junii hori 6^ matutini nata Joanna [filia interlined] 
Comelii et Catharinae Allen, Baptizata 17*. Susceperunt Joannes 
Crowley et Maria Fox. 

Omitted [referring to the next entry onlyj. 

1 791. 12^ Jan: hori 5^ matutini nata Maria Filia Michaelis et 
Elizabethae Cringle, Baptiz* sine caeremoniis in domo privati 19 ejusdem. 
Suscepit Maria Cannon. 

1792. 17 Junii medio 12*^ nocturnae nata Eleonora Filia Mauritii et 
Catharinae Cleary, Baptiz* 24. Susceperunt Kerry Sextan et Maria Riley. 

1792. 8^ Junii circa horam 8*°* vespertinam nata Sara filia Jacobi 
et Sarae Holland, Baptiz* 25. Susceperunt Patricius Lynch et Margarita 

(127) 1792. 25^ Junii medio i*Bnocturnae nata Catharina filia Thomse 
et Catharinae Casey, Baptiz* i* JuliL Susceperunt Patricius Ryan et 
Maria Dogherty. 

1792. 21* Feb: hord 3** pomeridiand nata Isabelh Filia Antonii 
et Mariae Brien, Baptiz* 5* Junii in domo privatd completis caeremoniis 
ecclesiae. Suscepit Catharina Duker. 


1792. 9^ Junii herd 12* meridian^ natus Timotheus filius Timothei 
et Helenae Crowley, Baptiz* 8* Julii Suscepenint Callaghan McCarthy 
et Eleonora McCarthy. 

1792. 2^ Julii hori 1 1^ antemeridiani nata Eleonora filia Antonii 
et Polly Carrol, Baptiz* 8* Julil Suscepenint Joannes Reading et 
Eleonora Adams. 

1792. 2^ Julii circa horam i*™ nocturnam natus Daniel filius 
Jeremiae et Margaritae Donovan, Baptiz* 8*. Susceperunt Joannes 
Corkaran et Catharina Donovan. 

(128) 1792. 9* Junii post medium io« vespertinae nata Eleonora Filia 
Thomae et Joannae Prendergast, Baptiz* 8 Julii. Susceperunt Michael 
Power et Joanna Kidney. 

1792. 3*^ Junii quadrante ante 5*°* matutinam natus Dionysius 
filius Danielis et Mariae Quinlan, Baptizus. 10^ Julii. Susceperunt 
Thomas Fan* et Catharina Toole. 

1792. 16^ Junii hord octavd vespertind nata Elizabetha filia Thomae 
et Elizabethae Jackson, Baptiz* 18 Julii. Susceperunt Timotheus 
Newnan et Maria Sculley. 

1792. i^ Julii hori 6* matutini nata Anna filia Jacobi ( ) 

et Aiinae Roberts, Baptiz* 19*. Susceperunt Jacobus Browne et 
Eleonora Cross. 

1792. 17* Julii hori impost meridiem nata Maria filia Danielis et 
Mariae Hickey, Baptiz* 22*. Susceperunt Daniel Sullivan et Maria Reed. 

1792. 24^ Julii circa horam 10*" vespertinam nata Elizabetha filia 
Patridi et Elizabethae Butler, Baptiz* 27*. Suscepit Catharina Hangling. 

E129) 1792. 27^ Julii circa medium 5*^ matutinae natus Joannes filius 
illqptimus interlined^ Roberti [et Annae crossed oui^ Kennedy [Baptiz* 
crossed out] et Annae Summers, Baptiz' 28^. Susceperunt Joannes 
Crouch et Dorothea 0*neal. 

1792. 19^ Julii circa medium 7* vespcrtinae nata Elizabetha Anna 
filia Samuelis et Annae Philips, Baptiz* 4* Aug : Susceperunt Jacobus 
Murphy et Elizabetha Mitchel, vicem ejus supplente Marii Lee 
[g crossed out], 

1792. 26* Julii hori 5* matutini natus Joannes filius Thomae et 
Mariae Driscol, Baptiz* 5* Aug : Susceperunt Jacobus Egon et Catharina 

1792. 24 Julii medid post 11*™ nocturnam nata Maria filia Edwardi 
et Catharinae Groves, Baptiza. 13^ Aug; Susceperunt Jacobus Heffran 
et Maria Dwyer. 

1792. 13 Aug : quadrante antemeridiem natus Jacobus filius Thomae 
et Annae Leonards, Baptiz* 15*. Susceperunt Dionysius & Maria Daly. 
(130) 1792. 12* Aug: paul6 ante 3**" ponieridianam nata Honora 
Anna filia Timothei et Catharinae Harrington, Baptiz* 19*. Susceperunt 
Daniel Donovan et Maria Doury. 

1792. 10 Aug: circa medium iK)st 1 1*"* nocturnam nata Birgitta 
filia Joannis et Mariae Casey, Baptiza. 19*. Susceperunt Jacobus Clancy 
et Anna Dunlay. 

1792. 30 [Septembris crossed out] Augusti herd 4* matutini nata 
Eleonora filia Joannis et Helenae Callanan, Baptiz* 9^ Septem*. 
Susceperunt GuUelmus Collins et Elizabetha Sdmin. 


1792. 20 Augusti paulb ante horam S*» matutinam natus Jacobus 
filius Danielis et Elizabethae Gorman, Baptiz* 9* Septem*. Susceperunt 
Michael Fitzhenry et Maria McCarthy. 

1792. 2* Septem* hor^ ii^noctumi natus Joannes filius Thomae 
et Birgittae Canvey, Baptiz* 10* Septem*. Susceperunt Jacobus Mahoni 
et Honora Jacobs. 

(131) 1792. 9* Septem* circa 7*" vcspertinam nata Maria filia Patridi 
et Margaritae Farrell, Baptiz* 15*. Susceperunt Tho* Donovan et 
Margarita Sullivan. 

1792. 9^ Septem* circa horam matutinam natus Jacobus filius 
Joannes et Margaritae Power, Baptiz* 16. Susceperunt Jacobus Joice 
et Maria Toole. 

1792. 9*Septembris circa medium 9* vespertinae nata Margarita 
filia Timothei et Margaritae McCarthy, Baptiz* 18. Susceperunt Morgan 
M*=Evoy et Juliana Corbet. 

1 79 1. 12* Januarii circa medium 5*matutinae nata Maria filia 
Michaelis et Elizabethae Crangle, Baptiz* privatim sine caeremoniis 19*. 
Suscepit Maria Cannon. Suppletae Caeremoniae 20 Septembris 1792, 
Patrinae et Matrinae vices supplentibus Jacobo Murphy et Elizabeth^ 

(132) 1792. 17^ Septembris paulb post medium lo^matutinae natus 
Joannes Filius Jacobi et Eleonorae Gleeson, Baptiz* 23. Susceperunt 
Jacobus Holland et Maria Daly. 

1792. 10^ Augusti medio 4* pomeridianae natus Gulielmus Filius 
Comelii et Elizabethae Buckley, Baptiz* 23. Suscei>erunt Patridus et 
Maria Regan. 

1792. 16* Septem* circa 12*^ meridianam nata Catharina filia 
Danielis et Catharinae Cormor, Baptiz* 23. Susceperunt Joannes 
Sullivan et Maria Keler. 

1756. Circa finem octobris natus Joannes filius Alexandri et 
Agnetis Dalling, Baptiz" sub conditione 27 Septembris 1792. Suscepit 
Joannes Crouch. 

1792. Septem* circa medium 2« pomeridianae natus Michael 
Gulielmus filius Gulielmi et Mariae Wool, Baptiz* 30 Septem". 
Susceperunt Mauridus Hickey et Margarita Westbrook. 

(133) 1792. 30 Septem* circa [medium interlined^ horae [erasure'] 
I' pomeridianae natus David filius Davidis et Mariae Hefiieman, Baptiz* 
7^ Octobris. Suscepemt Dion3rsius Walsh et Susanna [Nickols cratad 
out] Nettle, 

1792. II* Septem* medio duodecimae nocturnae natus Edwardus 
filius Petri Smith [Hill crossed tmt] et Elizabeth Hill [conjugum inier- 
lined\ Baptiz* 8* Octobris. Susceperunt Franciscus Maria D'Arechaga 
[written aver D'Arichoga] et Mana Tilladams. 

1792. 25 Septem* circa medium 1 1* nocturnae natus Richardus filiu^ 

[illegitimus interlined] Comelii [et Elizabethae crossed out] Donovan 
et Elizabethae Reynolds initri$ned\ Baptiz. 8^ Octobris. Susceperunt 
Joannes Cotter et Bridgitta KeatoiL 

1792. 24 Septem* circa horam 5*" matutinam nata Elizabetha 
filia Joannis et Margaritae Bowden, Baptiza. 14 Oct*. Susceperunt 
Joannes Murphy et Frandsca M^Mahon. 


1792. 16 Ocl^ hori sexti matutini nata Maria filia illegitima 
Maria Kennedy et Zadock Tillton, Baptiz* 19a, Susceperunt Dionysius 
Hayes et Maria McCarthy. 

(134) 1792. 13 Septera* quadrante ante 4*°* matutinam natus Joannes 
filius Petri et Catharinae Long, Baptiz* 21 Oct*. Susceperunt Dominicus 
Leoni et Catharina Toole. 

1792. 18 Octobris circa horam 2"°* matutinam natus Gulielmus 
filius Gulielmi et Julianas Bentley, Baptiz* 28. Susceperunt Michael 
Buckley et Maria Buckley. 

1792. 17 Octobris circa horam 8*™ matutinam nata Elizabetha 
filia Patricii et Eleonorae Brien, Baptiz* 28. Susceperunt Nicolaus 
Barry et Lucia Donovan. 

1792. 27 Oct: circa medium 8* matutinae nata Caroletta filia 
Joannis et [Rosae crossed out'] [Rosannae interlined] Leary, Baptiz* 28. 
Susceperunt David Roche et Catharina Byrn. 

1792. 30 Octobris hora 8^ matutina natus Jacobus filius Jacobi 
et Mariae M<=Daniel, Baptiz» eodem die. Susceperunt Jercmias McCarthy 
et Eleonora MKZarthy. 

1792. 28 Octobris circa horam 6*°» matutinam natus Joannes filius 
Joannis et Joannae Henesy, Baptiz* 31. Susceperunt Gulielmus Hamill 
et Maria Regan. 

('3S) *792. 23 Oct: medio 10* vespertinae natus Joannes Filius 
Joannis & Joannae Connell, Baptiz'' 4^ Novem : Susceperunt Andreas 
Foley et Juditha Thomas. 

1 734- 6^ Novembris intra horam 4*™ & 5*" matutinam natus 
Josephus Filius Jacobi et Elizabethae Norton, Baptiz* 6* Nov. 1792. 
Suscepit Joannes Crouch. 

1792. 6^ Novembris circa horam 2^^ matutinam nati gemelli 
Thomas et Catharina filius et filia [T. illegitimi crossed ou/] Thomae 
[Connoughton crossed out] et Eleonorae [Conaghten />f/^r//>i^^J [Mahoni 
interlined and crossed out, and another name beginning with C, crossed 
out and illegible^ Baptiz' eodem die in domo privatd propter periculum 
completis ecclesiae caeremoniis. Suscepemt Timotheus et Maria Mullens. 

1792. 24 Julii intra 11*^ & 12*" nocturnam nata Catharina filia 
Henoch et Catharinae Thomas, Baptiz* 1 7^ Novembris. Susceperunt 
Michael Murphy et Catharina M^Daniel. 

1792. 13 Novem: circa medium i2*nocturnae natus Edwardus 
filius Jeremiae et Honorae Donogan, Baptiz* 18. Susceperunt Daniel 
et Catharina Donovan. 

(136) 1792. 14 Novem* medio 10* nocturnae nata Catharina filia 
Dionysii et Helenae Coleman, Baptiz* i8^ Susceperunt Patricius Lacy 
et Catharina Toole. 

1792. 10 Novem* medio 2* matutinae natus Jacobus filius illegiti- 
mus Patricii Lacy et Elizabethae Underwood, Baptiz* 18. Susceperunt 
Philippus Rogers et Catharina Toole. 

1792. 15 Novembris hora 5* pomeridiana natus Joannes filius 
Martini et Elizabethae Landrogan, Baptiz' 19. Suscei)erunt Joannes 
Crouch et Catharina Coyle. 

1789 [?]• 13^ Octobris medio septimae matutinam natus Gulielmus 
Alius Joannis et Elizabethae Murray, Baptiz' 1^ Decembris 1792. 
Suscepit Ambrosius Pimm. 


1792. 25 Novem* quadrante post 9^ vespertinam nata Elizabetha 
filia Joannis et Elizabethse Murray, Baptiz* i^ Decern*. Suscepenint 
Joannes Crouch et Hannah Callaghan. 

1792. 2» Decembris circa horam 8*" vespertinam nata Catharina 
filia Roberti et Honorae Allen, Baptiz* 5^. Suscepenint Timotheus 
Cronin et Maria Foley. 

(137) 1792. 10* Dec* circa medium 5* pomeridiame natus Joannes 
filius Joannis et Julianae Crowly, Baptiz* [duodecima crossed au/] 
undecimi. Susceperunt Gulielmus Carney et Eleonora Brien. 

1792. 14 Dec* circa medium 3*matutinae natus Gulielmus filius 
Jacobi et Elizabethae Doran, Baptiz* 21. Susceperunt Gulielmus Butler 
et Birgitta Farrel. 

1792. 9* Dec* intra horam 3»*™ & 4*" pomeridianam nata Sarah 
filia Thomae et Mariae Donovan, Baptiz* 23. Susceperunt Thomas 
Maghar et Maria MCarthy. 

1792. 21^ Dec* circa medium 6« matutin* natus Thomas filius 
Thomae et Annae Regan, Baptiz* 25A. Susceperunt Edwardus Seymour 
et Eleonora Spillard. 

[In pencil: N.B. Anno 1792 baptizati fuere 97.] 

^793- 3* Januarii paulb ante 10*™ matutinam nata Theresia filia 
Gulielmi et Annae Green, Baptiz* 6^ Susceperunt Joannes Connary 
et Eleonora White. 

1792. 12* Decem* circa horam 3**" matutinam nata Margarita filia 
Reynold [M^Clean crossed out'\ et Catharinae M^^Clean, Baptiz* 6^ Jan: 
1793. Susceperunt Joannes Doran et Anna Allen. 

(138) 1793. 3* J**^" circa medium 12* meridianae natus Jeremias 
Filius Timothei et Mariae Cronin, Baptiz^ 6^. Susceperunt Patricius 
Cunningham et Laetitia King. 

'79.3- 31^ Jan: medio 2* pomeridianae natus Georgius filius 
Roberti Walteri et Catharinae Vaughan, Baptiz* in domo private 
propter periculum, completis caeremoniis Eccliae. Susceperunt R<** 
Robertus Plowden, vicem ejus supplente Joanne Bowen, et Elizabetha 

1792. 29* Dec: hord 5* vespertina natus Gulielmus filius Joannis 
et Mariae Sullivan, Baptiz* 5* Feb : 1 793. Susceperunt Matthaeus Doran 
et Maria Reed. 

'793- 7^ Feb: circa horam 1 1*™ matutinam natus Jacobus Filius 
[illegitimus interlined^ Thomae [Roach interlined] et Mariae Driscoll, 
Baptiz* 9*. Susceperunt Joannes Crouch et Maria Dunn. 

1793. 13^ Jan: circa horain 3**" |)omeridianam natus Jacobus 
filius [illegitimus Mariae crossed out] Joan : [nis Dacy in margin] [nis 
and Dacy interlined^ crossed out] et Mariae [Mungomery interlined and 
Dacy crossed out], Baptiz* 10 Feb. Susceperunt Joannes Russel et 
Margarita Neal. 

1793. I* Febrii : circa medium ii*nocturnae natus Michael filius 
Danielis et Elizabethae Donovan, Bap* 10^. Susceperunt Mauricius 
Kerwan et Debora Kerwan. 

(139) 1793- 12 Feb: paulo ante 9*^ matutinam nata I^ura filia 
Jeremiae et Mariae Lean, Baptiz* eodem die in domo privati, completis 
caeremoniis Eccliae. Susceperunt Petrus Blake et Eleonora Rice. 


1793. ^ ^^^' paulo ante i^ nocturnam nata Catharina (ilia 
Gulielmi et Catharinae Trant, Baptiz* 15^. Suscepenint Marcus [Rowe 
et crossed ou/'] Roe et Rachel Murphy. 

1793. 10 Fc^ • circa medium 5" pomeridianas natus Georgius filius 
Jeremia et Eleonorae Driscoll, Baptiz* 17. Suscepenint Jeremks 
Brien & Mary Connor. 

1793* I J^n ' paulo ante 6^ matutinam nata Maria filia Frandsd 
et Mariae Harding, Baptz* 18 Feb: Suscepenint Joannes Crouch et 
Sara FitzPatrick. 

1792. 25 Dec: fer^ quadrante post 10^ nocturnam nata Sarah 
filia Samuelis ct Margaritas Packnum, Baptiz^ 25 Feb: 1793. Suscepenint 
Daniel Driscol et Maria M<^Can. 

'793- 3 ^€b: circa medium 7* vespertinae nata Henrietta filia 
Petri et Annae Johnson, Baptz* i« Martii. Suscepenint Joannes Crouch 
et Hannah Callagan. 

(140) 1793. 23 Feb: hord i2*Meridiani natus [in Wick inteHimed^ 
Robertus Ludovicus filius Roberti et Caeciliae Willoughby, Bapti^ 
ibidem in domo privata 2^ Martii, completis caeremoniis. Suscepit 
Caroletta Gratien. 

1 793* 27 Feb: circa horam 5*" matutinam natus Jacobus fiUus 
Thomae et Catharinae Russel, Baptiz* 3** Martii. Suscepenint Gulielmus 
Cunningham et Maria Butler. 

1793. 20 Feb: circa horam 5*" pomeridianam nata Maria filia 
Joannis et Mariae McCarthy, Baptiz* 3** Martii. Suscepenint Gulielmus 
Cunningham et Eleonora Meany, 

1793. 20 Feb: circa medium io« matutinae natus Joannes filius 
Michaelis ct Margaritae Hagerty, Baptiz* 4^ Martii. Susceperunt Daniel 
Lcary et Margarita Farr. 

1793- 24 Feb: circa horam io»" matutinam nata Eleonora filia 
Dionysii et Eleonora Hayes, Baptizata 7^ Martii. Susceperunt Michael 
Cunningham et Eleonora Connel. 

1792. 18 Feb: circa horam 4*" pomeridianam nata Maria filia 
Pauli et Eleonora Little, Baptiz* 14 Martii 1793. Suscepit Catharina 

(141) 1793. 12 Martii quadrante 12*" Meridianam natus Joannes 
filius Joannis ct Margaritae Connel, Baptiz^ 16. Susceperunt David 
Morris et Joanna Henesy. 

1793. 13 Martii horA i^ noctuma nata Maria filia Gulielmi et 
Franciscac Hutcheson, Baptiz* 17. Susceperunt Joannes Fargus et 
Anna Green. 

1792. 3»«> Novembris circa horam 4**" matutinam natus Gulielmus 
filius Gulielmi et Mariae Byrnes, Baptiz* [17 Martii crossed out and in 
periculo interlined'^ a matre 24^ ejusdem mensis. Caeremoniae ecclesiae 
suppletae 17 Martii 1793 patrinum agente Joanne Crouch. 

1793. 10'^ Martii circa medium 3** matutinae natus Richardus filius 
Richardi et Eleonorae Manning, Baptiz* 21. Susceperunt Daniel Egan 
ct Catharina Mahoni. 

1793. 21* Martii hora 4^ pomeridiana natus Georgius filius Thomae 
et Mariae Meagher, Baptiz* 25. Suscepenint Christopherus Dunn et 
Maria Ca£fry. 


1793- 20 Feb: hori 8*vespertini natus Joannes filius Joannis et 
Margaritae Connor, Baptiz* 28 Martii. Suscepcrunt Jeremias Murphy 
et Elizabeth Hamilton. 

1793. 26 Martii circa horam i»" nocturnam natus Robertus filius 
Joannis et Elizabethae Sweeny, Baptiz' 31. Suscepcrunt Daniel Sheehan 
et Maria Browne. 

(142) 1793. 9^Aprilis natus [intra horam 9*^ et io*°» matutinam 
interlined'] Joannes filius Joannis [How crossed out] et Marije Howland, 
Baptiz* 13* Susceperunt Thomas et Birgitta Howland. 

1793- 13* Aprilis circa horam 2*™ matutinam nata Elizabetha filla 
Francisci et Mariae M«=Kee [a very blotched name], Baptiz* 2 1 . Susceperunt 
Edmundus Fitzgerald et Catharina McCarthy. 

1793. 16* Aprilis circa horam 5*™ matutinam nata Francisca filia 
Jacobi et Joannas Graham, Baptiz* 22. Suscepit Elizabetha Donovan. 

i793« 23^ Aprilis fer^ hori 12* noctumd natus Georgius filius 
ComeUi et Marias Donovan, Baptiz' 25^. Susceperunt Thomas Donovan 
et Rosanna Leary. 

1793. 21 Aprilis hori 5^ pomeridiana nata Carolina filia Cornelii et 
Annas Clear, Baptiz* 28*. Susceperunt David Scannell et Gratia Goold. 

1793. 28^ Januarii circa horam 9*™ vespertinam nata Elizabetha 
Gulielmi et Annas Bluett, Baptiz* 28 Aprilis. Suscepit Anna Burges. 

1793. 23 Aprilis hori 7^ matutina natus Georgius Michael filius 
Patricii et Franciscas Lacy, Baptiz* 28. Susceperunt Gulielmus Farr 
et Joanna Porter. 

1790. 8^ Septem* circa horam 8*°> vespertinam natus filius 
illegitimus Richardi Walsh et Mariae Frazer, Baptiz* 9^ Maii, 1793. 
Susceperunt Thomas Donovan et Susanna Lewis. [No name for child 
given in register,] 

(143) A List of Persons Confirmed in the Chapel in Trenchard Lane 
on Sunday, April 28'^ 1793, ^X our R» Rev^ Lord Charles VValmesley, 
Bishop of Rama. 

General Godfather of the Men, William Heney. Godmother of 
the Women, Ann Fargus; except of her daughter, Elizabeth Fargus. 

Names of th« Persons Names received Names of the Persons Names received 

Confirmed. in Coofirmation. Confimied. in Confirmation. 

Jeremy Cunningham Jeremy Elizabeth Kean Elizabeth 

Patrick Cunningham Patrick William Fargus John 

Peter Johnson Peter Elizabeth Fargus Ann 

Ann Johnson Mary (Godfather, R^ Robt. Plowden) 

Catherine Johnson Martha William Green Joseph 

Mary Johnson Ann James Browne James 

John Tilladams William William Toole John 

Sarah Tilladams Sarah Frances M^^Mahon Mary 

Ann Tilladams Ann Bridget Farrel Mary 
[/« the margin, in pencil: *M. 8 . F. 9 = 17.] 

(144) Eleonora Disten Anastasia John Crowch Michael 
William Adams William Dennis Wiley, alias 
Thomas Adams John Donoghue Michael 

4k Indicating Diamben uf males, fiemaki, and lotalg. 












Naacs of tbe Persons 

James Davis 
Ann Copinger 
John Copinger 
Elizabeth Doran 
Timothy Corbet 
John Lee 
Ann Philips 
Catherine Sullivan 
Thomas Carew 

[/n margin, in ptncil : 

(145) Mary Harding Mary 
Eli^Eibeth Jones, alias 

DiUon Elizabeth 

\Villiam Jones Frappell Joseph 
Elizabeth Frappell Mary 
James Corcoran James 

Frances Morgan Mary 

Margaret Donoghue Mary 
Margaret Wilkinson Margaret 
Joseph Norton James 

Thomas Winter Frederic 

Margaret Parfitt Mectilda 

Margaret Mahoni Margaret 

[/« margin, in pencil: 

(146) Eleonora Creamer Mary 
Matthew Doran Edward 
Margaret Casey 
Mary Roach 
James Dugan 
James Burke 
George Lyons 
William Dennis Hayes 
Margaret Powell 

Honora Donagan 
Joanna Donagan 
Sarah Smith 
John Giles 
Margaret Heyden 













\In margin, in penal: 
(147) Mary Rathbone Catherine 
Ann Jenkins Ann 

Margaret Westbrook Margaret 
Ann Miles Ann 

Mary Mahoni Mary 

Catherine Donagan Mary 
Daniel Driscol Joseph 

Mary Murphy Mary 

Thomas Haly Joseph 

M«»o of die PfenoM 

Robert Evans 
Catherine Chapman 
Catherine Watson 
Anastasia Watson 
John Charles 
Ann Wiggan 
Catherine Jones 
Martha Harding 

M. II . F. 11 = 22.] 

Mary Donagan 
Thomas Neal 
Thomas Smith 
John Kerwan 
William Hacket 
Daniel Lyons 
William Smith 
Frances Bradden 
Elizabeth Hunderreas 
Ann Sullivan 
Eleonora Butler 
Mary Hacket 
July Ann Wheeler 
M. 10. F. 15 = 25.] 

Margaret Buddet 
Michael Heyden 
Mary Donoghue 
Mary Regan 
Cornelia Kecff 
Charles Lewis 
Dennis Donagan 
Daniel Hayes 
Robert James 
Honora Donagan, 

Catherine Donovan 
Margaret McCarthy, 1° 

M. II . F. 15 = 26.] 

John Jordan William 

Eleonora Sullivan Eleonora 

Joanna M<Cann Joanna 

Elizabeth Browne Elizabeth 

Mary Burke Mary 

John Tudor Philip 

Hannah Tudor Mary 

Mary Tudor Ann 

Elizabeth Tudor Frances 


































Names of the Persons Names received 

Names of the Persons 

Names received 

Confirmed. in Coofirmation. 


in Confirmation. 

Joseph Fowkes Joseph 

Edward Donagan 


Eleonora Connor, alias 

Michael Heffernan 


Fowkes Eleonora 

Mary Buckley 


Margaret McCarthy, 2^ Margaret 

Mary Creamor 


Joanna Kidney Mary 

[Jn margin, in pencil: 7 . 19 = 26.] 

(148) John Hernan John 

Elizabeth Donovan 


Jereraiah Driscol John 

Richard Dwyer 


Mary M^Cann Mary 


Females Total 

\ln margin, in pencil^ 8 , 

9 . 17 


II 22 


15 • 25 


. 15 . 26 


19 . 26 


. 2 . 5 

Total, 50 . 71 .121 

1793- 9* Maii circa horam 3**'" pomeridianam natus Timotheus 
filius Danielis et Catharinae Donovan, Baptiz* io3. Susceperunt 
Thomas Donovan et Honora Donagan. 

1 748. est creditur natus Josephus CEthiops Africanus Vulg6 dictus 
Pope, Baptiz* 22* Maii, 1793. Suscepit Thomas Donovan. 

1793- 9^ Maii fer^ quadrante post ii*"noctumam natus Joannes 
filius Comelii et Catharinae Hurley, Baptiz* 23*. Susceperunt Anthony 
Caffry et Catharine Taaffe. 

1793. 22^ Maii circa medium 11" nocturnae natus Petrus filius 
Jacobi et Mariae Walsh, Baptiz* 26^. Susceperunt Cornelius M*^Carthy 
et Margarita Power. 

^793- ^* Januarii hora 11* noctumd natus Joannes filius Jacobi 
et Elizabethae Dear, Baptiz* 30 Maii. Susceperunt Josephus et Maria 

1793. 22'^ Maii hori 10^ nocturnd natus Owenus filius Martini 
et Brigittae Darmendy, Bapt* 30. Susceperunt Thomas Connoughton 
et Maria Connor. 

(149) 1793. 5* Junii circa horam 9*" matutinam natus Jereraias filius 
Joannis et Mariae Donovan, Baptiz* eodem die. Susceperunt Timotheus 
Harrington et Hannah Mullens. 

1 793- 4'^ Maii paulo ante 9*" matutinam nata Maria filia Joannis 
et Catharinae Connel, Baptiz* 9* Junii. Susceperunt Joannes Hoare et 
Catharina Fitzgerald. 

W93- 27* Junii circa 9*"* matutinam natus Joannes filius Thomas 
et Honorae Roach, Baptiz* 30*. Susceperunt Matthaeus Leary et 
Catharina Groves. 

1793. 12* Julii [paulb interlined^ [ante written over circa] horam 
9*™ matutinam natus Gulielmus filius Oweni et Catharinae Meany, 
Baptiz* 16. Susceperunt Thomas Kirk et Joanna Donagan. 

^793- 1 5 Jul'^ c\K2i horam 2*™ matutinam nata Catharina filia 
Patricii et Catharinae Kenely, Baptiz 17^ Susceperunt Joannes Crowcb 
et Maria Butler. 


1793. 16 Julii circa horam 9»" vespertinam nata Elizabetha et 
Sarah filiae gemellae Andreae et Sarae Winter, Baptiz* 21. Susceperunt 
Thomas et Maria Winter. 

(150) 1793. 5^ Julii circa horam 3»»" matutinam natus Richardus 
filius Mauri tii et Joannae Roche, Baptiz* 23. Susceperunt Joannes 
Curtin et Sarah Grannel. 

1793. 21^ Julii quadrante ante 4^ matutinam natus Georgius filius 
Gulielmi et Mariae Pierce, Baptiz' 28. Susceperunt Joannes Ryan et 
Joanna Kidney. 

1793. 26 Julii hori 11* noctumA nata Margarita filia Joannis et 
Mariae Roche, Baptiz* 28. Susceperunt Joannes Walsh et Maria 

1793. 9^ Augusti paul6 ante i*"* [nocturnam crossed ouf] [ante- 
meridianam vi/er/ined] natus Edwardus filius Patricii et Annae Sullivan, 
Baptiz' 13^. Susceperunt, Gulielmus Corbet, Margarita Ryley. 

1793. 4'^ Augusti circa medium 8* vespertine nata Maria Abigail 
filia Joannis [Stephens inUrlined^ et Margaritas Dunn [Stephens crossed 
aut\ Baptiz* 13^. Suscepit Abigail Dunn. 

'793- S^ Jul" paul6 post 9*™ matutinam nata Maria filia Jacob! 
et Judithae Carew, Baptiz* 28 Augusti. Susceperunt Joannes Crane et 
Maria Parker. 

(151) 1793. nata Joanna filia Richardi et Elizabethae 
Norris, Baptiz* 31* Augusti. Suscepit Mary Downing. 

'793- 29-^ Julii [post interlined and post blotted^ horam ii** 
[vespertinam crossed ouf] [nocturnam interlined] natus Thomas filius 
Gulielmi et Alias Fisher, Baptiz'' ^^ Septem*. Suscepit Patricius Farrell 
et Margarita Thomas. 

1793. 20-'^ Aug: intra 2*"" & 3**"* pomeridianam nata Anna filia 
illegitima Mariae Flanagan et Thomae I^ndo, Baptiz* 8* Septem*. 
Suscepit Catharina Toole. 

1793. 21 Aug: paul6 ante 1 2*" nocturnam nata Joanna filia Joannis 
et Joannae Scot, Baptiz* 11^ Septem*. Suscepit Eleonora Foye. 

1793. 12* Aug: circa horam 4*"* matutinam nata Joanna filia 
Michaelis et Mariae [Kelher crossed out] [Caleher interlined and crossed 
out, also a blotched word like Kaleher] [Caleher crossed out again] 
[Keleher interlined]^ Baptiz* eodem die. Suscepit Joanna Henesy. 

1793. 20* Septem* circa medium 9* vespertinae nata Margarita 
filia Timothei et Eleonorae Donavan, Baptiz* 21. Susceperunt Pierce 
Comyns et Margarita Casey. 

1791. 5^ octobris circa 11*™ matutinam natus Gulielmus filius 
Joannis et Mariae Kingsbury, Bapt* 24 Septem. 1793. Susceperunt 
Joannes Crowch et Maria Dwyer. 

(152) 1793. 20 Septem* [herd interlined and paul6 post crossed out] 
io*"> nocturna nata Eleonora [filia interlined] Nicolai et MargariUe 
Cullen, Baptiz* 29^. Susceperunt Gulielmus Fortune et Maria Bradbury. 

1793. 28'^ Septem" medio 11* matutinae natus Joannes filius Petri 
et Sarae Fitzpatrick, Baptiz* 30^. Susceperunt Josephus Bulger et 
Joanna Henesy. 

1793. 22^ Septem* hord 9* matutind natus Joannes filius Joannis 
et Mariae Duggan, Baptiz* 2^ Octobris. Suscepit Joannes Quinlan. 


1790. y^ [Aprilis crossed aut^ [Mali interlined^ circa horam 3»»°* 
pomeridianam nata Elizabetha filia Thomas et Manae Jenkins, Baptiz* 
6* Octobris, 1793. Suscepenint Kerry Sexton et Catharina Eionovan. 

1793. ^* Septembris circa horam 9*™ vespertinam nata Elizabetha 
filia Hugonis et Elizabethae Doyle, Baptiz* 6^ Octobris. Suscepenint 
Patridus Briant et Catharina Donovan. 

'793- 3*^ Octobris circa 7«" vespertinam natus Joannes filius 
Thomae et Catharinae Ryley, Baptiz* 13**. Suscepenint Thomas 
Donovan et Maria Carew. 

1793. 10^ Octobris circa 7»" vespertinam nata Maria filia Davidis 
et Mariae Maurice, Baptiz* 13**. Suscepenint Joannes Mahoni et Joanna 

(153) 1793* 10^ Octobris circa medium 9* matutinae nata Maria 
filia Joannis et Mariae Power, Baptiz* i3»^. Suscepenint Joannes Toeg 
et Catharina Toumey. 

1793- 1 4* Octobris medio 7" vespertinae nata Elizabeth filia Joannis 
et Joannae Roberts, Baptiz* 20*. Suscepenint Joannes Fitzgerald et 
Anna Walsh. 

1793- 3* Octobris hori 12* meridian^ natus Joannes filius Philippi 
et Mariae Reed, Baptiz" 22^ Suscepenint Matthaeus Doran et Elizabeth 

1793. 24 Oct* paulo post 2»" pomeridianam nata Joanna filia 
Joannis et Hannah Driscol, Baptiz* 27. Suscepenint Timotheus Driscol 
et Eleonora Sullivan. 

1793. 20 Oct* hori 6^ matutini nata Maria filia Sylvestri et Sarae 
Smith, Baptiz* 27^. Susceperunt Jacobus Heflfeman et Anna Power. 

1793. 26 Oct* quadrante ante 11*™ noctuniam natus Jacobus filius 
Jacobi et Joannae M^Couliflf. Baptiz^ 2* Nov*. Susceperunt Gulielmus 
Heame et Anna Jenkins. 

1793* 30 ^^' ^o<^ 7^ matutini nata Maria filia Simonis et 
Catharinae Ivory, Baptiz* 3 Nov*. Susceperunt Gulielmus Ryan et 
Margarita Connor. 

(154) 1793. 25 Oct* intra horam i^ et 4^" pomeridianam nata 
Maria filia Jacobi et Eleonorae Glceson, Baptiz* 3'* Novembris. Suscep- 
erunt Michael Nowlan et Catharina Driscol. 

1793. 2^ ^^S* &"^^ 1750 natus Georgius filius Thomae et 
Margaritae Deuchar, Baptiz*sub conditione 5 Novembris, 1793. Suscepit 
Joannes Crouch. 

1 793- '^ Novembris circa 9*"matutinam nata Maria filia Danielis 
et Margaritae Quinlan, Baptiz* 10*. Susceperunt Joannes Donovan et 
Margarita Millard. N.B. Matrimonium hoc [Danielis et Margaritae 
inUriined] quamvis contractum coram ministro protestante est invalidum 
propter culti^ disparitatem^ Margarita enim Quinlan verib Millardy 
hactenus caruit baptismo. 

1793. II* Nov: intra 9»" & 10*" matutinam natus Jacobus filius 
Jacobi et Elizabethae Doran, Baptiz* I3^ Susceperunt Gulielmus Green 
et Elizabetha Carew. 

1793. 7* Novem* paul6 ante 6»" vespertinam nata Hannah filia 
Patricii et Mariae Quin, Baptiz* 171 Susceperunt Patricius Power et 
Maria Hacket. 


179s- 19 ^ov« <^f^ medium 3** matutinae nata Maria filia 
Mkhaelis et Elizabetbae Byrne, Baptiz* 28. Suscepit Margarita Buckkj. 

(155) 1793- 10* Novem" medio 2* matutirue natus Gulidmus fiUus 
Timothei et Gratis Sheehan, Bapti2* i^ Dec. Sosceperunt Thomas 
Prendergast et Maria MahooL 

1 793- 25 Novem* circa medium 5* pomendianae natus Josephos 
fiUus Benjamini et Joannae Simmes, Baptiz* 5^ Decern*. Suscepenint 
Joannes Crouch et Maria Ryan. 

[In pencil: N.B. Anno 1793, baptizati fiiere 84.] 
[/« pencil: 1794.] 

1793- 30 Decembris mc^io 8* matutinae natus Daniel filius 
illegitimus Danielis Murphy et Elizabethan Downing, Baptiz* 9^ Januarii, 
1794. Suscepenint Daniel Mullins et Maria Jones. 

1793. 22^ Decembris hori 2^ matutini natus Thomas Adams 
filius Thomae et Eleonorae Distin, Baptiz* 12^ Jan: 1794. Suscepenint 
Gulielrous Adams et Maria Delany. 

1794. 11^ Januarii circa medium 2* pomeridianae natus Joannes 
filius Joannis et Helenas Murphy. Baptiz'' 12^. Susceperunt Jacobus 
Walsh et Catharina Walsh. 

1794. 4^ Januarii circa horam 3**" matutinam natus Edmundus 
filius Laurentii et Mariae Holden. Baptiz* 12^. Susceperunt Michael 
Nowlan et Catharina Donogan. 

(156) 1794. 13^ Januarii paulo post 6^ matutinam natus Joannes 
Fargus [Green interlined^ filius Gulielmi et Annae Green. Baptiz* in 
domo privati completis caeremoniis 14^. Susceperunt Thomas Green 
per procuratorem et Maria Fargus. 

1794. 16^ Januarii circa medium 6* matutinae natus Dionysius 
filius Gulielmi et Juiianae Corbet, Baptiz* 19^. Susceperunt Morgan 
M*^Evoy et Catharina Curtin. 

1794. 21* Januarii fer^ hora 8* vespertina natus Joannes filius 
Petri et Elizabethae Kean. Baptiz* 26^. Susceperunt Georgius Manno 
et Susanna Lewis 

1794. 26 Januarii circa horam 6*™ matutinam nata Anna filia 
Joannis et Catharinae Murray. Baptiz* 1^ Februarii. Susceperunt 
Joannes Pursel et Margarita Mahoni. 

1794. 20 Januarii hori 3*^ matutind nata Ester filia Comelii et 
Mariae [Dely crossed ouf^ Daly. Baptiz* 2'* Februarii. Susceperunt 
Thomas et Elizabetha Wmter. 

1794. 1^ Januarii circa horam 2*" matutinam natus Jacobus filius 
Dionysii ct Margaritae Halloran. Baptiz* 2^ Februarii. Susceperunt 
Joannes (ircen ct Eleonora Sullivan. 

0S7) 1794- 26 Januarii paul6 ante horam \2^^ meridianam natus 
Gulielmus filius Davidis et Mariae M^^Daniel, Baptiz* 3** Feb : Suscep- 
erunt Dionysius Wiley ct Hannah Callaghan. 

1794. r"* Februarii hori 5* vespertina nata Elizabetha filia 
Richardi et Mariae Brewer. Baptz* 4*. Susceperunt Joanna MOan et 
Georgius Lyons. 

1794. 30 Januarii circa medium 5* matutinac nata Maria Anna 
filia Thomae et Rachielis Murphy. Baptiz* 7^ Februarii. Susceperunt 
Edmundus Connel et Maria Mahoni. 


1794* 30 Januarii medio 2"^ matutinae natus Gulielmus filius 
Joannis et Mariae I^wis. Baptiz* 10* Februarii in domo private propter 
periculum, completis caeremoniis. Suscepit Elizabetha Halker. 

1794. 15 Januarii circa medium 8* vespertinae natus Michael 
filius Dionysii et Elizabethae Sullivan. Baptiz* 16^ Feb: Susceperunt 
Jacobus Josephus Haly et Maria Agnes Burke. 

1794. 22 Jan" intra 2»"> et 3*^ matutinam nata Catharina filia 
illegitima Petri Grant et Mariae Naven. Baptiz* 23 Feb: Susceperunt 
Edmundus Mulcahy et Juliana Corbet. 

(158) 1794. 15 Februarii ante medium primae matutinae natus 
Thomas filius Thomae et Catharinae Walsh. Baptiz* 23. Susceperunt 
Richardus Barry et Anna Galway. 

1 794. 22 Februarii intra horam s»" et 6*"* matutinam nata Eleonora 
filia Joannis et Brigittas Hickey. Baptiz* 26^. Susceperunt Joannes 
Downey et Eleonora Many. 

1794. 22 Februarii medio ii' nocturnae nata Elizabeth filia 
illegitima Jacobi Holland et Sarhae Whitten. Baptiz* 2* Martii. Suscep- 
erunt Michael Cunningham et Margarita Connor. 

1794. 13 Februarii hori 10* matutini natus Joannes filius Josephi 
et Annae Criley. Baptiz* 6* Martii. Susceperunt Thomas Donovan et 
Brigitta Curtin. 

1794. 9^ Februarii circa medium 2^ matutinae natus Michael filius 
Joannis et Esther Daly. Baptiz* 6* Martii. Susceperunt Joannes 
M^^Mahon et Maria Creamor. 

1794. 12^ Martii circa 6**" vespertinam nata Anna ill^tima filia 
Joannis Williams et Sarae Roche; Baptiz* 14^ Suscepit Margarita 

(159) i794« 10^ Martii circa horam 10*"* nocturnam nata Anna filia 
Thomae et Eleonorae Conaghten. Baptiz* 16*. Susceperunt Thomas 
o'brien et Maria Caffry. 

1794* 13*^ Martii paulo post 7*°* matutinam nata Maria filia Jacobi 
et Mariae Gamble. Baptiz* 16*. Susceperunt Maurice Clery et Margarita 

1 7 93- ^^ Januarii hord 4^ A. M. nata fuit Carolina filia 

Jacobi et Annae Dwyer. Baptiz* 25* Martii [1794 interlined\ Suscep- 
erunt Jacobus HafTerman et Maria Dwyer. 

1794. 10^ Martii circa horam 10*" matutinam natus Patridus filius 
Petri et Sarhae Dogherty. Baptiz* 6* Aprilis. Susceperunt Dionysius 
Regan et Catharina Regan. 

1794. 24^ Januarii hori 6^ matutinA natus Edmundus filius Davidis 
et Catharinae Hathy. Baptiz* a ministro Protestante 7^ Februarii Suscep- 
erunt David Hathy et Maria Daly. Suppletae caeremoniae Ecclesiae 
[Catholicae interlined^ 6* Aprilis. 

1794. 11^ Aprihs circa 9*" vespertinam natus Georgius filius 
Georgii et Catharinae Duchar. Baptiz* 13*. Susceperunt Thomas Donovan 
et Allice Power. 

(160) 1794. 28 Februarii hor& 2^ matutind nata Elizabeth filia 
Gulielmi et Elizabethae Philips. Baptiz* 13 Aprilis. Susceperunt 
Dionysius Curten et Sarha Smith. 

L793. 28 Julii hori i^ noctumA natus Carolus Joannis et Margaritae 


McCarthy, Bapdz" 14^ Aprilis, 1794. Susceperunt Michad et Jc 

1 794. 16 Aprilis circa medium i* diumse natus Hugo filius Jc 
[et Margaritas interlined^ Mullane. Baptiz* 20. Susceperunt Thomas 
Nugent et Joanna Daly. 

1794. 25^ Martii circa medium c* matutinae natus Thomas fiUus 
Thomae et Gratiae Gold. Baptiz* 20^ Aprilis. Susceperunt Dionjsius 
Wiley et Maria MahonL 

1794. 21 Aprilis circa medium 7* matutinae nata Hon<xa Cathaiina 
filia Comelii et Catharinae Allen. Baptiz* eodem die. Suscepit Joanna 

1794. 18 Aprilis quadrante post 4**° matutinam nata Elizabetha 
filia Petri et *Annae Gately, Baptiz* 27*. Susceperunt Martinus Daly 
et Elizabeth Foyal. 

(161)1 794. 2 1 Aprilis circa medium 6*^ matutinae nata Maria filia Patricii 
et Margaritas Casey, Baptiz* 27^. Susceperunt Thomas Donovan et 
Anna I^ng. 

1794 omitted. 5 Aprilis paul6 post 11*"^ matutinam nata Catharina 
filia Philippi et Elizabethae Williams. Baptiz* 9^ in domo privati propter 
periculum in parochid S^ Philippi et Jacobi Bristolae. Susceperunt 
Joannis Charles et Rosanna Williams. 

1794. 26^ Aprilis circa 9*™ vespertinam natus Jacobus filius 
Michaelis et Eleonorae Farrel, Baptiz" 4^ Maii. Susceperunt Thomas 
Prendergast et Maria Dunnagan. 

1793* 4' Decembris hor& 5* matutind natus Carolus filius Carc^ et 
Annae Daly. Baptiz* 12^ Maii, 1794. Susceperunt Thomas et Bridgitta 

1740. 25* Dec. (G: V) intra horam i2»*" & i*™ noctumam nata 
Maria filia Douggle et Mariae M^Kalpin. Baptiz^ brev^ post nativitatem 
k ministro Presbyteriano. Propter Dubium [de valore interHmd] 
baptismi rebaptiz^ conditionaliter 14^ Maii 1794 in domo privat^ 
completis caeremoniis Eccliae. Suscepit Margarita Kirk. 
(162) 1794. I Maii hord 3^* matutini nata Catharina filia Jacobi et 
Margaritas Carey. Baptiz* 23^ Suscepit Hutchenson. 

1 794- ^5 Aprilis circa medium 2"^ matutinae nata Henrietta filia 
Philippi et Marthae Rogers. Baptiz* 25 Maii. Susceperunt Thomas 
Nugent et Margarita Donoghue. 

1794. 13 Maii hord meridian^ natus Gulielmus filius [erotsed 
outf illegitimus Elizabethae Silk et] [inieriined^ illegitimus Elizabethae 
Shoehan ut postea compertium et Gulielmi] [et Elizabethae inierUned 
and crossed out^ O'neal. Baptiz" i^ JuniL Susceperunt Michael Fitz: henry 
et Maria Pierce. 

1794- 23 Maii medio 2^ matutinae nata Maria filia Michaelis et 
Mariae Sutton. Baptiz* 2^ JuniL Susceperunt Jacobus Burke et Margarita 

1794. i^ Maii hor& 2^ matutin^ nata Anna filia Thomae et Eliza- 
bethae Jackson. Baptiz* 6^ Junii. Suscepit Catharina Walsh. 

1794- 31 Maii quadrante post 4*" pomeridianam natus Franciscus 
filius Thomae et Gratiae O'Brien, Baptiz* 8' Junii. Susceperunt Sylvester 
Smith et Anna Daly. 










[TAi en/riis ceasi ai Ms pagi (162), and the book is used from the 
reverse end, the pages being (r i) to (r 18), €Md finishing on the page 
apposite (162), a toted of 180 peig^^ 
(R i)|mensis 

1787 Dec. Matrimonium inienint Gulieimus Daunt Acath- 

15 olicus et Birgitta Bennet Catholica in domo 

' 26 Matr : inienint Carolus Throckmorton et Maria 

Josephina Plowden in domo privati 

1788 Aug. Matrimonium inienint Bartholomeus Casesy et 
26 Catharina Keefie 

Sep. Matrimonium inierunt Franciscus Hutton et 

22 Maria Clara Stafibrd in domo privata, coram 

[signed^ Mary Stafford 

1 7891 Mar: 2 Matrimonium inierunt Patricius Dennis et Maria 


Mail 24 Matrimonium inierunt Patricius Redmond 

I [Catholicus iniorlined^ et Elizabeth Weber 

I Acatholica in domo private prassenti Susanna 

I Julii 14 Matrimonium inierunt Stephanus Stringer et 
Elizabetha Catharina Giles. 

Witness Elizabeth Stringer 
' Gabril Stringer 

(r 2) 1 789. 8 Septembris matrimonium inienint Petrus Smith Hill et 
Elizabetha Vigor. 

Sep: \2^ Matrimonium inierunt Gulieimus Guillam et Eleonora 
Michaels, in presence of the marie of Catherine Toole + 

30° Septembris matrimonium inierunt Richardus Skolfield et Anna 

1790* 7 J^n: Matrimonium inierunt Gulieimus Green et Anna 
Fargus. Witness, Jn^ Fargus, P. M. Donough. 

1 791. 23 Feb: Matrimonium inierunt Michael Cunningham et 
Maria Power. 

1 79 1. 7 Martii Matrimonium inierunt Joannes Connel et Anna 

1 79 1. 9* Martii matrimonium inierunt Gulieimus Cunnin^m et 
Joanna M<^Hue. 

1 791. 30* Maii matrimonium inienint Daniel Quinlan et Maffia 
Desmond. Witness by Mark of Catherine Toole + 
(r 3) 1 79 1. 13 Junii matrimonium inierunt Thomas Jones & Sarah 

23 Junii matrimonium inierunt Dionysius Daly et Maria Daly, 
prius datd Dispensatione ex Licentid Revdissimi Doi supra 4^ gradu 

1 79 1. 5^ Septembris matrimonium Edmundus Power et Eleonora 

1792. i' Julii matrimonium inierunt Patricius Lacy et Francisca 
Cannon. Witnesses, Mich. Cannon, Ann Riding. 

'^ TUf is repeated in the maigin on all tbe pifes of OMUrriafes. 


17 Septembris matrimonium inierunt Gulielmus Pritchard et Maria 
Evans. John Crouch, Hannah Callaghan. 

6 Nov : matrimonium inierunt Josephus Norton et Maria Sullivan. 
Witness John Crouch. 

(R4) 1793. I Septembris matrimonium inierunt Patricius Hartnett 
et Henela Cotter. 

1793* 23 Septembris matrimonium inierunt Jeremias DriscoU et 
Catharina M*Omn. Witnesses, John Crouch, Jane Farr. 

1 794- *3 Junii matrimonium inierunt Robertus* Willoughby et 
Lucia Ferrars. Witnesses Frances Ferrers 

1794. 6 Augusti matrimonium inierunt Joannes Connery et Maria 
Fargus. Witnesses, W"» Green, John Bowen. 

1794. 10 Augusti matrimonium inierunt Patricius Whelain et 
Anna Murphy. Witnesses, John Crouch, x mark of John Mahoni. 

1794. 8 Septembris matrimonium inierunt Thomas Godwin et 
Francisca Ryan. Witnesses, Eliz^ Smith, Mary Till Adam. 

1795. 22 Februarii matrimonium inierunt Carolus Pensa et Anna 
Copinger. Witness, John Crouch, mark of Rosanna Williams < 

(r 5) 1795. 19 Augusti matrimonium inierunt Joannes Murphy et 
Martha Keeffe. Witnesses, James MuUowney, Margrit Keefe. 

1796. 9 Februarii matrimonium inierunt Joannes Crowch et 
Elizabetha CuUen. Witnesses, Charles Slade, mark of Mary Regan x 

1796. 16 Martii matrimonium inierunt David Stephanus Quesnel 
de S** Marie et I^uisa Rognon. Witness Jane Henessy. 

1796. 24 Aprilis matrimonium inierunt Robertus Nelson et Fran- 
cisca Bradin. witness Thomas Darcy. 

'797' * JuJii matrimonium inierunt Thomas Josephus Moore et 
Elizabeth Theresa Smallwood. Witnesses, Jac : N., W. Brander. 

1797. 16 Oct* matrimonium inierunt Edwardus Supple et Maria 
Kelly. Witnesses, W"» Tool, W. Brander. 

(r6) 1798. 16 Julii matrimonium inierunt Samuel Perdue et Mar- 
garita Connor. Witnesses, David Conner, Mary Mahony. 

1798. 19 Augusti matrimonium inierunt Joannes Edmunds et 
Martha White. Witnesses, William Green, Ann Green. 

1798. 2*Octobris matrimonium inierunt (coram R^*** D5o Jacobo 
Newton) Isaac Jacob et Joanna Henesy. Witnesses [now], 

1798. 10 Decembris matrimonium inierunt Joannes Baptista 
Rollandus De Vassor et Jacoba Maria Aimee de Vassor (prius dati 
Dispensatione ex licentid Reverendissimi Doi G. Gul: Sharrock Epi 
Telmessensis supra 3*** gradu consanguinitatis in lined sequali). 
Witnesses, J. H. I^vassor, ch. mqs de Montazet, Jos*» alxd'* de 
poussain C** de tremons, Du Bergier, de Leyritz. 

(r 7) An account of Those of this Congregation departed this life. 

1787 Dec. 29 Margaret Grosvenor 5 

Nov. 4 Bridget Daly 

Dec. 5 [Ann crossed ou/]}^, Wehh 
8 Thomas Conner 
20 Daniel O I-,eary 

Jan. 8 Hester Elmore 
Feb. 5 Mary Racket 

9 John Courtenay 

3|t Robert Willooghby of Cliff married, for his third wife, Luqr, daughter of 
Edward Fenm of Baddetky CUntoii. 



Feb. 6 


Martii 9 


April 17 

May I 



July 3 

Aug. 18 

Sept. 7 
Oct. I 

Nov. 8 


Dec. 2 




Jan. 3 


1 1 

March 4 

Ap: I 


May I 




John Donoghue 

John Matthews 10 

James Brien 

Andrew Kleiser 

Mary Yeates 

M" Jane Egan 

William Stanner 15 

John M*^Manus 

M" Ann Middleton 

M" Martha Copin 

Maria Butler 

Cornelius Collins 20 

M" Bathoe x sine sacra- 

William FitzGerald 
James M^Fadden 
Daniel Collins 
Mary Ashford 25 

Joannes Toole 
Eleonora Bedgood 
Dionysius McCarthy 
18 Elizabeth Donoghue 
Eliza: Crowley 30 

Carolus Cooke 
Thomas Carew 
Ann Barret 
Dennis Callahan 
Thomas Jones 35 

Susanna Birch 
Ann Mercy Winter 
Michael Pfeiffer 

Elizabeth Murphy 
Catherine White 40 

John Salamon 
Nathaniel Worral 
Richard Flinn 
Charles L. Diller 
Thomas Lyons 45 

Francis Coghlan 
John Conner 
Maurice Joice 
Hannah Brunnock 
John Hughes 50 


Catherine Hurly 
Thomas Goss 
John Flemroing 
Thomas M'Ghcc 55 

M" Eliz^ Maig^'O Reyly 
Michael Stevenson 



Jan : 

May 12 Elizabeth Leary 
June 18 James Anger 

22 Mary Green 60 

23 Eleonor Lauden 

25 John Russel 
28 Mary Collins 


Aug. 17 James Conolly 

21 Arthur Coyle 65 

26 Eleonora Simmons 
30 Birgitta Hill 

20 Daniel Holland sine sacr. 
2 Elizabeth Jones 

12 Mary Anster 70 

24 Maurice Hickey 
9 Jane Gammon 

30 Francis Gammon 

16 M' James Ryan 

22 John Walsh 75 

22 Elizabeth Baker 

21 Thrustian Brigs 

23 Mary Farrel 

6 Elizabeth F. 
28 Mary Forbus So 

March i James Daly 

6 Mary M<=Guirc 

8 Ann Cockran 
X 5 William Reading 
(r 10) March 1 1 Jeremiah Mullins 85 
April 9 M' William White 

24 Patrick Dennis 
May 4 M' Edmund Kelly 

20 Margarita Toyne 

22 Esther Donilan 90 
Junii 2^ Patrick Dillon 

17 M" Martha Ryan 
Julii 10 Joanna FitzGerald 

13 Dennis Morphy 

15 Elizabeth Dale ' 95 

31 Patricius Doyle 
Aug: 14 Margarita Holleran 
Sep' 4 Mary Durrant 

17 Francis Callan 

21 M** Joseph Cook 100 
Oct' 15 James Buckley 

24 Margaret Power 
24 M" Catharine Cook 
Nov. 8 Thomas Boot 

12 Ann Hall 105 

22 M'John Vaughan 



Nov. 22 Mary Sehnan 


Dec. 24 

(r 1 1) Dec. 2 M*- Geofge WeUick | 


4 M" Elizabeth Keough 

5 Eleonora Neptune 


Jan: 5 

Mary Smith 


29 William Thomas 


31 Bridget Hayes 


31 M' John Bum 


Tim: Donoghue. Die et 


mense ignotis 




Feb. 5 

Jaa I N. Dwyer 


16 M" Elizabeth Symmons 


19 John Desmond 

March 4 

Feb. 13 Timothy Desmond 


16 M" Mary Evans 


March 9 David Moylan 

April 4 

15 M" Eleonor Bromley 


26 Jeremiah McCarthy (mar- 


ried to Mary Louby 




29 Sarah Adley 

May 12 

April 1 Richard Miles 



2 Sibilla Sullivan 


22 [?] M' James Curley 


23 M" Margaret Thomas 


(ri2)24 Patrick Buckley 

24 Margaret MKjuire 



25 James Dunn 

June 2 

25 Philip Goggin alias 



May 4 Peter Clark 


10 Timothy Leigh 

July 16 

II Edmund Butler 


Aug. 4 

13 Margarite Glindon 


22 Eleonora Murphy 


July 17 Matthew Haggerty 


22 Thomas Hennerty 

Sep: 30 

Aug : 26 Mary Baldwyn 


Octob : 2 

Sep' 13 Ann Farley 

Nov. 3 

17 Paul Hierom Fonemaide 


Oct' I M" Ann Evans 


13 Michael Arnold 


25 Eleonora Power 



Nov. 8 James Wheeler 


Honor Farr 


10 John Shannon 


Dec 3 Mary Hussey 


17 Thomas Farrel 



(r 13) 20 Ann Murphy 

Dec 18 

Thomas Yates 
Mary Kirk 
Michael Reynolds 
Antonio (a Negro) 155 
Timothy Sullivan 
Joan oLeary 
Dennis Spencer 
Margaret Manser 
William Harris 160 

John Brian 
M" Mary Pennington 
M' John Kenny 
James Byrne 
Francis Leigh 

(Portuguese) 165 
Rev<> M' Charies Nevill 
Thomas Mahan 
Richard Sullivan 
Daniel Donovan 
Matthew Keimy 170 

Catharine Murphy 
Francis Leonards 
Patrick M<:ann 
Edward Chamberlaine 
Cornelius Dusmond 175 
George Clansy 
Timothy M<Carthy 
Philip Riley 
M" Catharine Stringer 
M" Susanna Bulger 180 
Elizabeth Bullard 
M' James Haslin 
M" Mary Cannon 
Thomas Nicholson 
Margarita Norman 185 
Eleonora Moone 
John Dalling 
26 James Dennie 
William Power 
Catherine Oliver 190 

Mary Quinlan 
Garret Fitzgerald 
Bridget Chapman 
Elonora Glindon 
Ann Dunnagan 195 

Bernard Maganity 
Eleonora Cleary 
Mary Leary 
M' William Hutcheson 



Decern. 1 9 Mary Anderson 

[Zasf two added at the side] 
Dec. 20 Francis Kelly 

30 William Wallace 200 

30 Margaret Guichamp. sine 

Jan: 4 John Honan [interlined] 
Jan. 8 Dennis Byrne, sine sacra- 
10 John Kennedy sine sacra- 

14 Catharine Hamilton sine 

sacramentis 205 

15 Mary Peters 

20 David Lynche sine sacra- 


25 Edward Butler 

26 Mary Buckley 

Feb. 5 John Codou 210 

6 Thomas Brenan 
12 Geoffry Walsh 
12 Richard Walsh 

21 Daniel Mullens 

23 Patrick Power 215 

March i Thomas Blake 
2 Eleonora Walsh 

6 George Kelly 

7 Patrick M<^I>onough 

(r 16) Martii 12 Dennis Mahoni 220 

25 Charles Flood 

26 Edmund HoUey 

April : 8 Edward Robarts sine sac- 
30 Catharine Manning 
May 7 M" Ann Reynolds 225 
9 M" [Petra interlined] 
Oecilia Willoughby 

20 M" Catharine Howard 
June 7 Sarah Briggs 

9 Patrick Doran 

16 Margarita Walters 230 

21 M' William Mitchel 
26 M' James Harper 

July 3 William Philips 
5 Margarite Lynch 

Aug. 2 Joanna Norman 235 

10 Eleonora Lynche 
18 M" Margarite Carew 
28 John Daly 

Aug. 30 Mary Leonards 

31 Michael Donoghue 240 
Sep' 20 M" Elizabeth Morgan 
Oct. 13 M" Judith Thomas 

25 John Coppinger 

28 Dennis Murphy 

(r 17) Nov. I Bridget Sullivan 245 

19 M" Anastasia Kinch 
Dec 5 Susanna Michael 

15 John Cummings 

Jan" 8 M" Elizabeth Vaughan 

11 Catharina Sullivan 250 
22 Henry Hegan 

Feb. 6 M" Mary McCarthy 
March 7 Timothy Harrington 

20 Philip Sullivan 

26 Mary Lewis 255 
April 7 John M^Daniel 

17 Edward Kelly 

July 20 Mary Antrobus 

30 R^ M' Francis Lynham 

29 Mary Butler 260 

30 Samuel Dudley (sine sac- 

Aug. I Mary Nowland 
22 James O'Reyly 
Sep' 22 William Corbet 
Oct' 23 M" Margarita Williams 265 
Nov. 24 William Delahunty(soklier) 
Dec. 5 Cornelius Driscol 

12 Thomas Kelly 
(ri8)is Dennis Doyle 

16 Patrick Kelly 270 

16 John Coony, sine sacra- 


18 William Matthews 

18 John Murphy 

19 John [James crossed mit] 


19 Patrick Clancy [Robert 

Clancy crossed out] 975 

17 John Hayes 

20 Owen Canavan 

20 Edward Patterson 

21 [Edward O'Melia crossed 

out] Tim9thy O'Mealy 
21 Patrick Kelly a9 


et Elconora Hutchinson. Item 3i Julii circa medium a'roatutinas 
nata Catharina (gemella) filia ejusdem Thomas et Bngittae Power. 
Baptiz* eodem die. Susceperunt Tho* Donovan et Anna Murphy. 

1794. 24 Julii circa medium i2«nocturnae natus Thomas filius 
Thomae et Mariae Roche. Baptiz* 31. Susceperunt Daniel Driscol et 
Margarita Lean. 

1794. 30^ Julii medio ii"^noctumae natus Gulielmus filius Oweni 
et Mariae CafTry. Baptiz* 3* AugustL Susceperunt Joannes Hickey et 
Maria Mahoni. 

1794. 2*^ Julii medio 3"=matutinas natus Thomas filius Thomae et 
Joannae Prendergast. Baptiz* 3** Augusti. Susceperunt Jacobus Carew 
et Honora Donogan. 

(3) 1794* 4^ Augusti medio 2^ pomeridianae natus Jacobus filius 
Richardi Pierce illegitimus et Joannae Sterick. Baptiz* 10*. Susceperunt 
Joannes Bunce et Eleonora Sullivan. 

1794. 22^ Augusti medio lo'noctumae nata Helena filia Joannis 
et Mariae CyCallaghan. Baptiz* 24*. Su.scepit Maria Donovan. 

1794. 22^ Augusti nati gemelli Edwardus medio 5* et Jacobus 
quadrante ante 5*™ matutinam filii Edwardi et Catharinae Groves. 
Baptiz^ 24*. Susceperunt: Edwardum Jacobus Flood et Eleonora 
Neal; Jacobum Michael Cunningham et Anna Heffernan. 

1794. 6*Septem* circa medium i«diumae natus Gulielmus filius 
Jeremiae et Catharinae Driscol. Baptiz* 7ft. Susceperunt Michael 
Hogan et Maria Dalling. 

1794* 15^ Septem* circa 4"^ pomeridianae natus Michael filius 
Patricii et Margaritae Farrell. Baptiz* 19*. Susceperunt Joannes 
Broddrick et Joanna Murphy. 

1794. i9^Septem* medio 6« vespertinae natus Thomas filius Jacobi 
et Mariae Murray. Baptiz* 21. Susceperunt Nicholaus Roach et 
Margarita Roach. 

1794. 23* Septembris circa medium 2* pomeridianae nata Catharina 
filia Joannis et Judithae Crane. Baptiz* eodem die. Susceperunt 
Jacobus Carew et Maria Parker. 

1794. 21" Septem* circa medium 6" matutinae nata Catharina filia 
Jacobi et Mariae Callaghan. Baptiz* 28^ Susceperunt Thomas O'brien 
et Maria Mahoni. 

1 794' 5* Septem* hori 2* pomeridiani natus Gulielmus filius 
Richardi et Catharinae [? Fry erased^ Foy [sub conditione interlinid\ 
Bapt* 29* [sub dubio pnoris baptismi int€rlined\ Suscepit Richardus 

1794. 26* Septem* hora 1* post meridiem natus Daniel filius 
Danielis et Maria Hickey. Baptiz* 1 2* Octobris. Susceperunt Timotheus 
Reardon et Catharina Joice, 

1794. 6* Octobris circa horam 3**" matutinam natus Jacobus filius 
Thomae Nugent et Mariae Evans illegitimus. Baptiz* 13*. Susceperunt 
Joh(a)n(nes) [letters within brcuhets interlined^ Shea et Honora Kenny. 

1794* 27* Septembris circa medium io*^noctumae nata Elizabetha 
filia illegitima Elizabethae Fearis et Richardi de Corsey. Baptiz* 30 
Oct*. Susceperunt Michael Cunningham et Eleonora Hutchinson. 

1793. 30* Junii circa horam 4*" matutinam nata Maria Anna 


1794. #9^ Octobrif jMHilb lalB t 
BBm Joftonis el Jotmm wmuL Bapdif 9^ Nov*, 
et lf«i|tfiui ThonM. 

li* Nov* JPM1I& aole it-" nodnnii 
«C ElixftbeCte Cnmkj. Bap6^ i6i. 
DoDflffm «C Citlitrim Dompn. 

1794* 14 Nofwii* cjio honwi jr*"* iiMrtwfiiiiiii 
Gulidiiii et Elixabethte BMrnham. Bapi^sj^. ' 
MidMiel Traeir eC M«y LeuT. 

1704* f f* NovMi* cbct hoimm 3^ 
fifini Vhemm\ eC Orthar ine Q ainhiL Bapti^ sK 
Riviiit eC MMttrita Hegor^* 

1794. f 5* Norem* quadntite poit 1 1*" 
filhis Jacobi eC ElifAbeClMe I)oimn« Bsptufao^. 
Otfoltif HttienbeCh ei BUnbetha Ridiudton. 

1794. 4* Deoenf quadnuite tate 9^ matutinuii tnta Ab^pB Mmk 
filia Joannis et Mariae Caiey. Baptuf 7*. Suscepenmt Pieroe V«m 
et Amelia Too^ 

1794* J** uecem" drca horam 7*" vespertinam naloe Jaoobna Wm 
Gulieimi et Mariae Frazer. Baptu^ 91. Susceperont R^^ DoAmm 
Jacobus Newton et Martha White. 

(6) 1794. 22^ Nofembris cuca mediam noctem natus Thomas fiHai 
Petri et BrigittaB Taaffe. Baptiz*i4^. Suscepit Joannes jmuviv] CiDWch. 

1794. Decern* horft 11^ noctit mmis Thomas fflios Gnlidni et 
MarisB Wool Baptist 14^. Suscepenmt Michael Fanell et Mugvila 

1794. 18^ Decem* drca horam 10^ antemeridiem nata Maria Anna 
fiUa Thome et Amue Galloway. Baptist 21^ Suscepenmt Dioaqfrios 
et Joanna Kidney. 

I794* S^ Decem* circa horam 4"" matutinam nata Catherimi filia 
Thomse et Mariae Donovan. Bapti2* as^. Suscepit Bfaria M^Gatthy. 

1794. 5^ Decern* hoiA 7^ matutini natus Matthaeus filius Timolbel 
et Mariac Dwyer. Baptize 29^. Susoepenmt Joannes Crowch et T 

1794. 19* Decern* hor& 7^ matutina nata Maria Anna filia Jo 
et Catharinae Bowen. Baptiz* 31^. Suscepenmt Guilielmus Green et 
Eleonora Bveret 
[In the margin is (84).] 

1794 [p* ^rasid\ 25 DecemF paulo post 12*" nocturoam natm 
Maria filia Gulieimi et Annas Naven. Baptiz* in domo privati sine 
caeremoniis 6^ Jan. 1795. Susoepenmt Cajetanus Teroni et Ca lh a r ina 
Lyons Suppletai ca B r e u io ni ss is^Febniarii 1795. 

KkonnitS OP BMSIOL 9$! 

(7) 1794* 15^ Decern* hoii lo^ tnatiitini naim Maiguitt (ilia MkhadUs 
et Mariae DeUtny. Baptize 13^ Jan. 1795. SiMoeperant Joannes Ann- 
strong et Eleonora Hutcheson. 

1794. 31 Septem* drca horam i"* mertdianam nata Maria (ilia 
Danielis et Annae McCarthy. Baptiz^ 17 Januarii 1795. SusGepit Maria 

179.5* 18^ Januarii hori s^ matutini nata Sarah Robinson Ulia 
Philippi et Mai]garitse Conoeley. Baptizata i8^ Suscepenint Joannes 
Leary et Sarah Robinson. 

1795* 39^ Januarii circa quadrantem post 9*" matutinam natus 
Antonius iilius Antonii et Polly Carrol Baptiz* 6^ Febniarii. Suscep- 
erunt Lucas Dillon per procuratorem et Catharina Toole. 

1 795* 1 5^ Febniarii hord 1 1* noctumi nata Margarita Alia Gnlielmi 
et Margaritae Keeffe. Baptiz* 18^. Suscepenint Thomas Bams et 
Bridgittae Esher. « 

1795. 8* Febniarii medio 10" matutinae natus Patricius Alius Patricii 
et Eleonone Mullens. Baptiz* so^. Suscepenint Michael Tiacey et 
Eleonora ^^'Brien. 

1795* 25^ Febniarii [erasun] paul6 ante medium 10" matutinK 
nata Catherina (ilia Andreae [CaTanaugh? erased] et Eliiabethae 
Cavanaugh. Baptiz* 8^ Martii. Suscepenint Jacobus Cafanaugh et 
Eleonora Hutchinson. 

1795. 11^ Martii circa medium 6*matutina6 nata Elizabetha filia 
Thomae et Mariae Ball. Baptiz* 14^. Susceperunt Joannes Crowch et 
Rosanna Williams. 

(8) 1794. 34 Decembris hori 4^ matutini natus Henericus Stephanus 
Alius Joannis et Elizabethan Winter. Baptiz* 15 Febniarii 1795. 
Susceperunt Thomas et Elizabetha Winter. 

1 795* 1 1^ Martii circa medium 9* vespertinac nata Joanna (ilia 
[Franc M erased] illegitima Mariae Nugent et Francisci Macchee. 
Baptiz^ 15^. Susceperunt Michael Nowlan et Abigail Moore. 

1795. ^^ Februarii medio s" matutinae natus Samuel Johnson filius 
Samuelis et [Aug erased] Annae Augustinae Philips. Baptiz* 15^ [Feb- 
ruarii erased] Martii. Susceperunt Jacobus Malony et Maria Lee. 

1795* 15^ Martii circa medium 6* matutinae natus Joannes iilius 

foannis et Catherinae Harrington. Baptiz* 18^. Susceperunt Joannes 
Dowl erased] Downan et Eleanora Hutchinson. 

1795. i^ Martii hord ii^noctis natus Georgius filius Richardi et 
Mariae England. Baptiz* 2I^ Susceperunt Michael M<Ora et Christina 

1795* 18* Martii medio i* diumae nata Maria filia Gulielmi et 
Ann^e Green. Baptiz* 22K Susceperunt Joannes Fargus et Anastasia 

1795. 16^ Martii hori 5^ matutina nata Joanna filia Joannis et 
Judithae Bryan [t erased], Susceperunt Jeremias Regui et Joanna 
Lyons. Baptiz* 25*. 

1 795. 1 6^ Martii medio 4* matutinae nata [Mara fil erased] Margarita 
filia Joannis et Sarhae Sheasty. Baptis* in penculo Sl privata personA, sed 
propter dubium de forma rebaptiz* conditionaliter 28. Susceperunt in 
hoc baptismo conditiooali Jacobus Makmi et Maria Reardon. 



(9) 1795- ^3^ Martii circa medium 6" Tespertinae natus Joaimes fiUtis 
Joannis et Agneds Quinlan. Baptiz* 39^. Susceperunt Ihmiel Sullivan 
et Helena M<<:aithy. 

1795. 31^ Martii circa medium ii« matutinae nata Maria filia Jacobi 
el Judithae Carew. Baptiz* 39^. Susceperunt Michael Power et Abigail 
[Hasset crossed ouf'j Hasset. 

1795. 3'** Martii circa horam 6^ vespertinam natus Cornelius filius 
Comeiii et Joannae Coghlan. Baptiz* 2^ Aprilis. Susceperunt Joannes 
Henesy et Elizabetha Collins. 

1795* 3^ Martii hori 3*^ matutini nata Maria Oliver iilia Emanuelis 
el Sarhae [da interlined'\ Gaml Suscepit Anne Riding. Bapdz^ 
a* Aprilis. 

1795. 13'Januarii hori i^nocturna natus Jacobus filius Joannis 
et Mariae Henesy. Baptiz^ 4^ Aprilis. Susceperunt Patridus Kidney 
et Catharina Burke. 

1795* 3'^ Martii ante medium 3>' matutinae nata Eleonora filia 
Thomae et Eleonorae Howland. Baptiz^ privatim sine ceremonius 
16 Aprilis. Suppletae caeremoniae 26 Aprilis, in quibus susceplmes 
egerunt Nicolaus Howland and Eleonora Hutcheson. 

1795. 24 Aprilis horA 8^ vespertind natus Henricus filius Henrid 
et Margaritae Lloyd. Baptiz* 3*^ Maii. Susceperunt Jacobus Cassbian el 
Maria Mahoni. 

(10) 1793. 16 Aprilis horA i^ nocturnA natus Georgius filius Samuelis 
et Elizabethae Thomas. Baptiz* 12^ Maii 1795. Susceperunt Joannes 
Shea p procuratorem, et Catherina Watson. 

Eodem tempore suppletie sunt caeremoniae baptismi supra Mariam 
filiam eorundem Samuelis et Elizabethae natam 1790, 7 Aprilis drca 
medium i2*nocturnae et antea rite baptiz*« il Ministro Protestante. 

iT9[su:\ natus Joannes filius Richardi et 

Margaritae England. Baptiz' conditionate sub dubio prions baptismi 
14^ Maii 1795. Susceperunt Dionysius Wiley ct Catharina Walsh. 

1795- '7* ^^" *"^''* S*"" & 6*" horam vespertinam natus Bartholo- 
maeus filius Davidis et Mariae Dowd. Baptiz* 19-^ Susceperunt Joannes 
Henesy et Margarita Power. 

1795. 19^ Maii circa horam s»" vespertinam nata Eleonora filia 
Nicolai et Margarita Cullen. Baptiz^ 31^. Susceperunt Joannes Crowch 
et Maria Regan. 

1795. 1 8* Maii circa horam 7*" vespertinam natus Georgius filius 
Jacobi et Mariae Granner. Baptiz^ 4^ Junii. Suscepit Antonius Caffry. 

1794. 16* Octobris fere quadrante ante 9*"* matutinam nata Honora 
Maria filia illegitima Anne Collins et Comeiii Clear. Baptiz^ 7* Junii 
1795. Susceperunt Ambrosius Pimm et Eleonora Hutcheson. 

(11) 1795- 6'^ Junii circa horam 7»" vespertinam nata Margarita filia 
Dionysii et Annae Kallaher. Baptiz* 9*. Susceperunt Joannes Torg 
et Maria Casey. 

1795. 14'* Maii circa horam 10*" vespertinam natus Ellick filius 
lllegitimus Elizabeth.-e Keeffe et Ellick Brien. Baptiz* a Ministre 
protestante in Hospitali, vulg6 dicto Mint. Supletne S* caercmonise 
Eccliae 18 Junii. 

1795. 16^ Junii quadrante ante 4**" matutinam nata Maria filia 
Josephi el Annae Crelly. Bapliz^ 33. Suscepit Margariu MHJarthy. 


1795. 30 Junii hord i' post meridiem natus Gulietmus filius Luc» 
et Judithae Scully. Baptiz' 26. Suscepit Juditha Wheeler. 

1795- 25* Junii circa horam 6*" vespertinam nata Anna filia 
Jacobi et Annae Kilkenny. BapCiz* eodem die a ministro protestante, 
Suppletje caeremoniae die 26*. 

1 795- 23^ Junii fere quadrante ante 10^ matutinam natus Joannes 
filius Joannis et Catharinae Downy. Baptiz* 28. Susceperunt Petrus 
Smith et Maria Fitzgerald. 

1795. 18^ Junii intra horam 2*™ & 3*^ pomeridianam natus Joannes 
filius Jacobi et Joannae M^Cauly. Baptiz* 28. Susceperunt Gulielmus 
Keeflfe et Maria Connor. 

1795. 20^ Junii circa horam 6^ matutinam nata Catharina filia 
Joannis et Catharinae Connel. Baptiz* 28^. Susceperunt Patricius 
O'brien et Catharina Walsh. 

(12) i6» Junii quadrante ante 7*" matutinam natus Joannes Filius 
Jacobi et Susannas Casshin. Baptiz* 5* Julii. Susceperunt Henericus 
Doyle et Maria Mahoni. 

1795- 8* J"^" circa 2*»» matutinam nata Catherina filia Gulielmi 
et Elizabethje Hannobury. Baptiz* in domo privati completis caere- 
moniis 9-**. Suscepit Joannes Crowch. 

'795- 5* Julii circa medium post 11*" matutinam natus Franciscus 
filius [Emmanuelis interlined] Oliverii et Catherinse Nugnez. Baptiz* 
12*. Susceperunt Garret Rivines et Catharina Sullivan. 

1795. 16* Julii hord fere 10^ matutind natus Edmundus filius 
Michaelis et Mariae Morrisy. Baptiz* 18*. Susceperunt Franciscus 
Connor et Maria Byrne. 

1795- 1^ Julii circa nonam vespertinam nata Maria filia Georgii 
et Catharinae Shaw. Baptiz' in navi in Pill sine caeremonius. Susceperunt 
Gulielmus Gray et Maria Dunn. 

1 795- 13 Julii intra 6*« & 7*" matutinam nata Elizabetha filia 
Thomae et Joannae Monk. Baptiz* in Navi in Pill sine caeremoniis. 
Suscepit Maria Cole. 

1795- 7* Julii quadrante ante 5**" matutinam nata Maria filia 
Michaelis et Judithae Malony. Baptiz* 19^. Suscepit Alicia King. 

1725. 15^ Septembris nata Margariu Acton filia Abrahae et Susannae 
Acton. Baptiz* in infantii a ministro praedicante, propter dubium re- 
baptiz* sub conditione 22 Julii 1795. Suscepit Rosanna Williams. 

(13) 1795. *9' Julii circa horam 2*" pomeridianam natus Joannes 
Gulielmus filius Joannis et Mariae Connery. Baptiz* 23. Susceperunt 
Joannes Gulielmus et Elizabeth Fargus. 

1795- S Augusti intra horam 6*« & 7*" vespertinam natus Patricius 
filius Edwardi et Abigail Moore. Baptiz* eodem die. Suscepit Catharina 

1794. 2' Novembris hori ii^ noctumi nata Elizabetha filia Comdii 
et Elizabethae Buckley. Baptiz* 16* Augusti 1795. Susceperunt 
Dionysius et Joanna Kidney. 

1795- 17* Aug : quadrante ante 4*"* matutinam nata Catherina filia 
Joannis et Catharinae Murrey. Baptize 23. Susceperunt Joannes Cleary 
et Bridgitta Mahoni. 

1795* 11^ Augusti circa horam 9*^ matutinam nata Maria Alia 
Michaelis et Elixabetha CarroL Baptis^^ 24. Suscepit Anna Oifsol i 


1795* 19^ Augiuti ante medium 5* matotiiiae lutta Mam lilit 
Thomse et Mariae Driscol. Bapdz* 30. Suscepeniitt Jeieniias el 
Catherina Driscol. 

1795. 26^ Aug: quadrante ante 6^ vespertinam nakus Joaiwet 
Alius Imchaelis et Eleanorae FarreL Baptic* 30. Suacepenint is^wmmi^ 
Mountain et Elunbetha Goolding. 

1795. 12^ Februarii circa medium ii'nocturnae nakus ^'^JMiri 
Alius Patricii et Annae Sullivan. Baptiz* 6^ Septembris. Suscqpenwl 
Philtpfms Connelly et Anna Allen. 

I79S* 9^ Scptem* hoii NonA Te^)ertinA natus Petrus filius Joannis 
et Isabellse Hoar. Baptiz*eodem die. Suscepit Matthseos DonHib 

(14) 1795. 14 Septem* circa homm 9^ matutinam nata ^Mfiwrmfi 
alia Laurentii et Mariae Houlden. Baptiz* ao. Susceperunt Jaoobos 
Casey et Maria Pearce. 

17^5. as^ Septem* circa medium 6* Tespertinae nata Eleonon iilia 
Patricii et Eleonone Briant Baptis^ a;^ Susceperunt Joannes Comid 
et Margarita Power. 

1795. '^ Septem' circa 6^ vespertinam natus Michael filius Oweni 
et BloooorsD Haire. Baptiz^ 30. Susceperunt Stephanus Banagor et 
Elconora Ryan. 

1795. s6* Septem* (juadrante pest meridiem nata Sarah Alia Petri 
el Aniuc Johnson. Baptix^ 4^ Octobris. Susceperunt Michael Cunnii^ 
ham et Eleonora Hutchinson. 

I79S* 14^ Septem. circa horam i^ pomeridianam natus Joannes 
Alius Thomas et Elizabethan RendoL Baptiz* 7^ Octobris. Susceperunt 
Joannes Crowch ct Anna Pensa. 

1795* >9^ Septem* hord lo' matutind natus Edwardus Alius 
Michaelis [Pendergras crossed throngk] et Annae Prendergast. Baptiz* 
7* Octobris. Susceperunt Joannes Crowch et Bridgitta Derham. 

1795. 10 Octobris circa horam a*" pomeridianam nata in BrisUngton 
Maria Anna Alia Jacobi Haly et Sophiae Pritchard. Baptize la* in dono 

Srivatd complctis caeremoniis. Suscepit per procuratricem Mar. Agnes 

1795. 19* Septem* hord 9^ vespertine nata Anna Alia Joannes et 
Marias M'Namara. Baptiz* 4^ Octob*. Susceperunt Gulielmus et Sarah 

(15) 1795* 13^ Octbris intra la^ & i^ noctumam natus Jeiemias 
Alius Comelii et Mariae Donovan. Baptiz* ai. Susceperunt Franciacus 
Castellache et Margarita Connelly. 

1795. a3^ Septem* circa horam i^ noctumam nata Margiarita 
Alia Joannis Dacy et Mariae [Mu crossed out] Mungomery. Baptiz* 
a5^ Octobris. Susceperunt Joannis et Margarita M^^Carthy. 

1795. 26 Septem* quadrante post 8^ matutinam natus Joannes 
Alius Joannis et Amelia Toeg. Baptiz* eodem die. Susceperunt Joannes 
Casey et Sarah Dagg. 

1795. 19^ Octobris circa medium octavae matutinae nata Anna fiUa 
Edwaidi et Winefridae Meghan. Baptiz^ 8 Novembris. Susceperunt 
Patricius Stapleton et Rosanna Williams. 

1 7 18. Mense et hor& ignotis natus Joannes Alius N.N. 

dfc N.N. CambeL Baptize sub conditione 4^ Novembris 1795. Suscepit 
• Curtia. 

OP HtlSTOI. 255 

1795* >9^ Mail circa 3**^ matntinam natus Franciscus fiUus Jacobi 
et Ann Dwycr. Baptiz> 10* Novembris. Suscqnt Maria Dwyer. 

1795* 15 Novem* medie 5* matutiiise natus Jacobus filius Georgii 
et Hannae Murphy. Baptiz* eodem die. Susceperunt Jacobus Bmy 
et Maria Holden. 

1795. 16^ Novembris paul6 post 9^ matutinain natus Aloysius 
Alius Patricii et Franciscae Lacey. Baptiz* 19*. Suscepenmt Joannes 
Roach et Anna Riding. 

(16) 1795. 35 Novem* medio 5* pomeridianae id est medio post 4^ 
Natus Gfeorgius filius Georgii et Catherinae Brawdey. Baptist 26. 
Susceperunt Petrus Long et Maria Harden. 

1795. 2^ Novem. circa medium is^noctumae nata Eleoiior% el 
paul6 ante i2*» noctumam nata Margarita, filiae gemellae Michaelis et 
Elizabethae Byrne. Baptize 29*. Susceperunt Eleonoram Jeremias 
Sheean et Joanna Kidney; Margaritam Joannes Reardon et Eleonora 

1795; ii^Decembris hor& 1 1< antemeridiem natus Joannes filius 
Michaelis et Elizabethae Power. Baptiz* 20^. Susceperunt Jacobus et 
Judith Carew. 

1795* 14^ Decembris intra 7^ & 8^ vespertinam natus Jacobus 
filius Jacobi et Joannas Murphy. Baptize 21, Susceperunt Carolus 
Slade et Alicia Power. 
[(75) '« margin,] 

1796. Intra 2*»& 3**"* Januarii hor& i2^noctum& natus Carolus 
filius Danielis et Catherinae Hayden. Baptiz* in domo privatft eodem 
die [suppletae caereroomae 15* Februarii inieriined^ 

1796. 8 Januarii curca is*"' meridianam [erasure] nata Maria fiUa 
Joannis et Mairiae Quigly. Baptiz* 13 Januarii 1796. Suscepit Eleonora 

1 796. 1 3* Januarii quadiante ante 2*» matutinam natus Gabriel filius 
Jacobi et Elizabethan Doran. Bapciz. 17^. Susceperunt Joannes Bowen 
et Brigitta Daunt 

1795* 31^ Decembris medio post 3**^ matutinam nata (17) Maria 
Anna fUia Joannis et Catherinae Flood. Suscepit Petrus Archdeacon. 
Baptiz* 18* Jan" 1796. 

1796. 15^ Januarii horft 9^vespertind nata Joanna filia Gulielmi 
et Rebeccas Noonan« Baptiz* 20A. Susceperunt Michael Cunningham 
et Catharina Sweney. 

1795* 5^ Aprilis horil 9^matutini nata Joanna filia Downingi et 
Elizabethae Anderson. Bq>tiz* 21 Jan^ 1796. Suscepit Maryirila 
[Foristoll crossed aut^^ Foristall. 

1796. 8' Januam medio post 4*^ pomeridianam nata Maria filia 
Joannis et Helenae Murphy. Baptist 3ii. Suscepit Catharina Walsh. 

1796. 27 Januarii paul6 post ^^ pomeridianam natus Fredericus 
filius [Jose{^ cros$9d <nU\ Joadumi Antonii tt Joaanae De Melo. 
Baptiz* I Februarii. Snacepit Maria Flood. 

1796c i^ Februarii circa 8^ matutinam nata Maria fiUa Gulielmi 
et Mariee Pearce. Baptize 7*. Susceperunt EMooysius Kidney et Maria 

1796. 14* Febsuarii medio port 4** pomeridianam natus Robertus 



fijius Thomae et Catherinae Reilly. Bapliz* 17* Susceperunt Joannes 
'^elly et Joanna Murphy. 

179^' 1 9* Feb: hori i* noctumi nata Catherina filia Jacobi ct 
Manae Hickcy. Baptiz* i* Martil Suscepit Joanna Henesy. 

1789. 6* Junii drca 11*" noctumam nata Maria filia Jacobi et 
Ann« Dwyer. Baptiz* privatima ministro protestante. Suppletae 
cseremoniae die 7* Martii 1 796. 

(18) 1796. 7* Martii intra 9*" et 10^ noctumam nata Anna filia 
Samuelis et Mariae Walters. Baptiz* 13*. Susceperunt Calaghan 
MOarthy et Joanna Kidney. 

'794 [4 comctian aver 6], 31* Decembris medio post octavam 
vespertinam nata Sarah filia Jacobi Casey ct Sarae Lewellin. Baptiz* 
15* Martii 1796. Susceperunt in baptismo privato Owenus Meany et 
Margarita Butler. 

'796. 13^ Martii hori y^ post merediem natus Jacobus filius Thomae 
et Margaritae Pendergast. Baptiz* 20. Susceperunt Thomas Galway et 
Juditha Hanaphan. 

1796. 1 1* Martii intra 7*" & 8*" horam matutinam nata Catharina 
filia Timothei et Mariae Mullens. Baptiz* 6^ Aprilis. Susceperunt 
Michael Nowlan et Margarita Power. 

1796. 15* Aprilis paul6 ante 5*" pomeridianam natus Thomas filius 
Joannis et Mariae Donovan. Baptiz* 17*. Susceperunt Pierce Cummings 
et Margarita Hegerty. 

1796. 24* Januarii hord 5^ matutind nata Elizabeth filia Thomae et 
Elizabethae Stock. Baptiz* 18^ Aprilis. Suscepit Maria Ball. 

1796. 10 Aprilis hord 2* matutini nata Anna filia Gulielmi et 
Annae Leonard. Baptiz* 30S. Suscepit Anne Lloyd. 

1794 [4 written aver 6], 6^ Julii circa horam 3"™ pomeridianam 
natus Petrus filius Petri et Mariae Parrel. Baptiz* nondiu post nativitatem 
h, ministro protestante. Suppletae caeremoniae i^ Maii 1796, patrinum 
agente Daniele Parrel. Baptiz* sub conditione die 18^ Junii 1804 k me 
Rob'o Plowden, Miss*' Apos~. 

(19) 1796. 2* Mail intra 5*" & 6*™ horam pomeridianam natus Jacobus 
filius Sylvestri et Sarhae Smith. Baptiz* 8^. Susceperunt Michael et 
Maria Cunningham. 

1796. 6* Maii hori 2^ matutind nata Maria filia Dionysii et Mar- 
garitae Holland. Baptiz* 9^. Susceperunt Philippi Connelly et Mariae 

1 796. 4* Aprilis circa horam 6*™ vespertinam natus Georgius filius 
Thomae et Joannae Prendergast. Baptiz* 15^ Maii. Susceperunt Patricias 
Regan et Emy Toeg. 

1796. 30* Maii paul6 ante lo*" vespertinam natus Fredericus 
Jacobus^ filius Frederici Caroli et Elizabethae Husenbeth. Baptiz* 
5* Junii. Susceperunt Georgius Heitzman et Francisca Lacy. 

1796. 29* Maii circa horam 7*" matutinam natus Robertus filius 
Joannis et Rebeccae Richards. Baptiz* 13* Junii. Suscepit Jacobus Burke. 

1795. 2^ Septembris circa horam 4*"* pomeridianam natus 

Joannes filius Joannis et Eleonorae O'Neal. Baptiz* [die ?] a ministro 

4c The Very Rev. Frederick (Charles?) Provost Husenbeth, D.D., the talented 
writer, to whom Gillow fytek fifty-two references. (Gilhu^s BibL Did, iii, 492.) 


Protestante. Suppletae caeremoniae ecdesiae 20 Junii 1796. patrini 
TJcem supplente Gulielmo Brander. 

1 795 IP^ 6 ?]. 3* Junii [area, interHned'\ quadrantem ante 1 1»" ante- 
meridianam natus Dionysius filius Patricii et Catharinae Manning. 
Baptiz* 25^. Susceperunt Michael Farrel et Maria Reed. 

1796. 3"^ Junii medio post 6*™ Tespertinam natus Joannes filius 
Archibald et Esther Sanderson. Baptiz* 6^ JuliL Suscepit Sarah 

(20) 1796. i^ Junii Circa medium post 8^ vespertinam nata Maria 
filia Bemardi et Mariae Kelly. Baptiz* 26^. Susceperunt Patridus 
Power et Margarita Foristal. 

179^* 15* Julii circa horam [12^ interlined^ meridianam nata 
Elizabeth filia Joannis et Brigittae Long. Baptiz* 24*. Susceperunt 
Dionysius Sullivan et Maria Connor. 

1796. I* Augusti circa horam 9*" matutinam natus Josephus 
[Emman crossed out] filius Emmanuelis et Catherinae Nugnez OUver. 
Baptiz' 2i. Susceperunt Thomas Prendergast et Elizabetha Blanch 
[e crossed outX 

1796. 21^ Julii fer& medio post 12*" noctumam nata Margarita 
filia Joannis et Juliae Marra. Baptiz* 3*^ Augusti. Suscepit Alicia King. 

1796. 4' Julii paul6 ante horam i*°> noctumam natus Gulielmus 
filius Davidis et Mariae M'Donald. Baptiz* 22* Augusti. Susceperunt 
Dionysius Wiley ali^ Donoghue et Margarita ForistalL 

1790. 25^ Dec* intra horam 2*™ et 3*™ matutinam nata Anna filia 
Thomae et Mariae Llewellin. Baptiz* sub conditione 12* Sep* 1796, in 
domo privati completis caeremoniis. Suscepit Anna Heffeman. 

1796. 21' \over 23?] Augusti hor& 7^ pomeridiani natus Henricus 
filius Henrici et Annae Commerford. Baptiz* 13* Sep*. Suscepit 
Lawrentius Gorman. 

1796. 17* Septem* intra horam 11*" et 12*" meridianam natus 
Thomas filius Gulielmi et Catharinae Fleming. Baptz* eodem die in 
domo privatd, completis caeremoniis. Suscepit Rebecca Noonan. 

(21) 1796. II* Septem* hor& 5' matutind natus Joannes filius Joannis 
et Mariae Harris. Baptiz* 18. Susceperunt Joannes Harrington et 
Maria Creamor. 

1796. i^ Septembris drca horam 3**°^ pomeridianam nata Margarita 
filia Michaelis et Mariae Delany. Bi^>tiz* 18^. Suscepit Maria Cavanagh. 

1796. 16* Septem* circa horam 8*™ vespertinam natus Jacobus 
filius Edwardi et Catharinae Bulger. Baptiz* 19^ Susceperunt Dionysius 
Sullivan et Joanna Graham. 

1796. 10 Julii circa horam a*™ matutinam natus Joamies filius 
Joannis et Catharinae M<<jinnis. Baptiz* a ministro Protestante 31*. 
Suppletae Caeremoniae 27* Septembris. 

1793. 28* Augusti intra horam 5*" & 6*" vespertinam natus Petnis 
Filius Patricii et Sophiae Sullivan. Baptiz* 17' Oct* 1796. Susceperunt 
Patricius et Eleonora Creamer. 

1 796. 20^ Oct* paul6 post 9** vespertinam nata Elizabetha filia 
Jeremiae et Mariae M<Otfthy. Baptiz* 25*. Susceperunt Joannes 
Murphy et Maria Reardon. 

1796. 17* Oct* quadrante ante i*" meridianam natus Jacobus filius 


Philippi et Marthae Rogers. Bapdzf 6^ Nov*. Suscepenint Jacobus 
M'Grath et Maria Regan. 

1736. 25* Oct* circa horam 10** matutinam natus Joannes filius 
Alexandri [Reed crossed out] et Annse Reed. Baptiz* 10* NoTembris. 
Suscepenint Joannes Young et Maria Davies. 

1 796. 24 Nov* circa horam 7^ vespertinam natus Joannes filius 
Comelii et Brigittse Brenan. Baptiz* 27. Suscepenint Jacobus Casey 
et Margarite Cook. 

(22) 1796. i4*Novem' drca horam 5"* vespertinam natus Gulielmus 
Henricus filius Philippi et Mariae Annse Wright Bi^tiz* 21. Suscepit 
Maria Hugo. 

1796. 21' Novem. medio post 4*™ pomeridianam natus Patricius4( 
filius Patricii et Maigaritse FarreL Baptiz"^ 23. Suscepenint Patricias 
Dillon et Maria Lee. 

1796. 25*hor& 5* matutind nata Elizabetha filia Danielis et Eliza- 
bethae Crowley. Bapdz^ eodem die. Suscepenint Joannes Pursd et 
Maria Hayes. 

1796. Dec 2* medio post 12^ noctumam nata Maria filia Oweni 
et Catharinse Swinney. Baptiz* 5^ Suscepenint Philippus Connelly 
et Maria Donovan. 

1796. 2* Dec^ horft 2' pomeridian& natus Thomas filius Christo- 
phori Darby et Catherinae Smith coram Magistratu saeculari Diuikerce 
conjugatorum.'f* Baptiz* 8*. Suscepenint Patricius Cunningham et Mar- 
garita Foristall. 

1796. 5* Dec* quadrante ante 4^ pomeridianam natus Jacobus fiUiis 
Joannis et Mariae Kelly. Baptiz* 12^. Suscepit Patricius Cunningham. 

1796. 23 Decem* quadrante ante 10*°^ matutinam nata Ludovica 
filia Gulielmi et Annae Green. Baptiz* 26. Suscepenint Gulielmus 
Fargus et Maria Tilladams. 

(23) 1796. 16 Decem* hori 5^ pomeridiand nata Maria Alicia filia 
illegitima [crossed out and interlined] Jacobi [Carew crossed out and 
interiined] et Judithae [Carew Burke crossed out] [Burke inter/med], 
Baptiz* 26*. Susceperunt Joannes Kelly et Maria Mahoni. 

[(53) *« the margin.] 

1797. 3** Januarii paul6 post 3>»" matutinam natus David films 
Oweni et Mariae Caflfry. Baptiz. 8<. Susceperunt Patricius Burke et 
Eleonora Connoughton. 

1797. 2* Januarii hori 2* matutini natus Joannes filius Michaelis 
et Meuiae Delany. Baptiz* 15*. Susceperunt Joannes Crane et Mar- 
garita Deane. 

1797. 12* Jan" paul6 post 9*" vespertinam nata Helena filia Thomae 
et Manae Donovan. Baptiz* 17'. Susceperunt Daniel Sullivan et Maria 

1797. 18* Jan" nati paul6 post 12*" noctumam Dionysius et paul6 
ante i*" nocttimam David gemelli filii Dionysii et Margaritas SulUvan. 
Baptiz* completis caeremoniis in domo privati in parochii S^ Stephen! 
eodem die. Susceperunt Jacobus Duggan et Juditha Wheeler. 

4c The Rev. Patrick OTerrall, O.S.F. (Oliver's Collections, p. 302.) 
f An instance of dril marriages in France. 


1797. 7* Feb: quadrante ante ii*" noctumam natus Joannes filius 
Joannis ct Franciscae M^Mahon. Baptiz* 14*. Susceperunt Jacobus 
Toole et Maria Powrie. 

1796. 3^ Decern* quadrante ante 4*"" matutinam natus Joannes 
filius Richardi et Mariae [Veare crossed cut and Ver interKned\ Baptiaf 
6^ Martii 1797. Suscepit Gulielmus Brander. 

1797. 10^ Martii circa horam 9^ matutinam natus Jeremian filius 
Francisci ct Mariae M^^Key. Baptizf 19* Susceperunt Cornelius Sullivan 
et Maria Pearce. 

1796. i^ Martii medio post 10^ matutinam nata Anna filia Thomae 
et Aimae Philips. Baptiz** 19^ Martii 1797. Susceperunt Henricus 
Coyle et Anna Kelly. 

(24) 1797. 17* Martii nati intra horam 6*" & 7»" Josephus et circa 
2*" vespertinas Franciscus gemelli filii Francisci et Annae Friday. Baptiz* 
19*. Susceperunt Josephum Jacobus et Maria Burke; Franciscum 
Gulielmus Brander et Bridgitta Power. 

1797. 19^ Martii medio post 4^ matutinam natus Jacobus filius 
Joannis et Mariae Ryan. Baptiz* 22. Susceperunt Thomas Galway et 
Catharina Downan. 

1797. 24 Martii circa horam 7^ matutinam natus Thomas filius 
Jacobi et Elizabethae Doran. Baptiz* 26. Susceperunt Gulielmus Till- 
adams et Margarita Wilkinson. 

1797. 26 Februarii hori 4* pomeridiani nata Elizabetha filia Thomae 
et Elizabethae Jackson. Baptis* 26 Martii. Susceperunt Callaghan 
McCarthy et Catherina Walsh. 

1797. 16* Martii medio post 8^ matutinam natus Richardus 
Bradden filius Roberti et Franciscae Nelson. Baptiz' 27'. Susceperunt 
Patricius Cunningham et Elizabetha Alker. 

1797. 24* Martii quadrante post 11^ noctumam nata Maria filia 
Timothei et Margaritae Crawley. Baptiz* 27^. Susceperunt Edwardus 
Walsh et Maria Davis. 

1797. 28* Martii quadrante post 7^ vespertinam nata Maria Anna 
filia Michaelis et Bridgettae Coghlan. Baptiz* 3^ Aprilis. Susceperunt 
Philippus Connelly et Eleonora Cunningham. 

1797. 30^ Martii medio post primam diumam nata Anna filia 
Joannis [Buynar crossed oui^ Buynan et Elizabethae . Baptize 

6^ Aprilis. Susceperunt Michael Tracey & Maria Burke. 

(25) 1797. 3i» Martii circa medium post 6« vespertinae natus Henricus 
filius Timothei et Mariae Dwyer. Baptiz* 9^ Aprilis. Susceperunt 
Michael Coghlan et Maria Conway. 

1797. i^ Aprilis quadrante post 5^ vespertinam nata Eleonora filia 
Gulielmi et Mariae Wool. Baptiz* 9*. Susceperunt Edwardus Corbet 
et Mai^rita Westbrook. 

1797. 3^^ Aprilis hord 6*vespertin& natus in \fBXOc)\\k interlined] 
Brislingtoniae Thomas-Ferrers filius Roberti et Luciae Mariae Willoughby. 
Baptiz* in domo privatA, completis caeremoniis ecclesise 1^ Mail. 
Susceperunt Thomas vicem ejus supplentae Franciscd et Esther Ferrers. 

1797. 27^ Aprilis circa horam 10^ antemeridianam nata Amelia 
filia Joannis et Mariae Casey. Baptist 3*^ Maii. Susceperunt Dionysius 
Holland et Sarah D^g. 


17^7. 2^ Mail hori 12^ noctumd natus Martinus iilius Gulielmi ( 
v'uth^iriiue Farrel. Baptiz* 3^ sine cderemoniis in Dome private Suscepi 
Mai^arita Magawley. 

1797. 6^ Maii circa horam 4^ pomeridianam natus Timotheu 
filius Thomae et Honorae Gallway. Baptiz" 8^. Susceperunt Timotheu 
M\ arthy et Maria Farrel. 

1797. 6^ Maii YiotSl 4^ matutini natus Jacobus filius [iU^timu 
imSeriiHed] Patricii [Condon i'nfer/ined] et Elizabethae [Condon crpsu 
iW/ amd Barry written alnwe"], Baptiz* 9*. Susceperunt Daniel Hicke 
et Maria Donovan. 

(a6) 1 797. 7^ Maii hord 4^ matutini natus Joannes filius Thomae c 
kleonorae Howland. Baptiz* 14^. Susceperunt Patridus Ryan c 
Bridgitta Howland. 

1797. 18^ Maii quadrante ante 5^ matutinam natus Thomas fUiu 
Thomae et Elizabeths Collins. Baptiz* 23. Susceperunt Thoma 
Cunnenham et Maria Costelo. 

1797. 29^ Aprilis hord 1 1^ matutini natus Gulielmus filius Gulielm 
Hobbs et Mariac Devrcux. Baptiz* in periculo mortis 24* Maii; c 
statim suppletae sunt caeremonias vicem Patrini et Matrinae agentibu 
Michaele Cunningham et Judithi Turner. 

1797. 18^ Maii hord 3^matutind natus Jacobus filius Joannis ( 
Margaritae McCarthy. Baptiz* 25^ Suscepit Joannes Fitzgibbons. 

1797. 2^ Aprilis hord 10^ antemeridiand nata Maria filia Comelii < 
Glizabethae Buckley. Baptiz^ 11^ Junii. Susceperunt Jeremias Shea 
et Catharina Kidney. 

1797. 6^ Junii hord i2^meridiand nata Alicia Maria filia Thomi 
et Aliciae Connor. Baptiz* 13*^. Susceperunt Joannes Murphy i 
Maria Burke. 

1797. 7* Junii fer6 quadrante ante i*"™ postmeridianam nat 
Margarita filia Thomae et Annae Cunenhan. Baptiz* i8^ Susceperur 
Patricius Regan et Eleonora Kane. 

1 797. 1 9^ Junii paulo post 11*" noctumam natus Gulielmus Henricv 
filius Joannis et Mariae Connery. Baptiz* 25^. Susceperunt Gulielmv 
Hutler et Margarita Carew. 

(27) 1797. 19^ Junii hora 7^ vespertind nata Anna filia Henerici i 
Ruth Quin. Baptiz* 27^. Suscepit Margarita Daine. 

1797. 9^ Junii medio post octavam matutinam natus Thomas filii: 
Joannis et Catharinae Flood. Baptiz* 9^ Julii. Susceperunt Michai 
Nowland et Bridgitta Mahoni. 

1797- 5*Juhi medio post 7*™ matutinam nata Anna filia Patric 
et Mariae Regan. Baptiz* 9*. Susceperunt Daniel Sullivan et Joanr 

1797* 23 Ju^i^ ^or^ nond appropinquantc matutina nata Sarah fili 
Mauricii et Barbane Lee. Baptiz* 30*. Suscepit Maria Burke. 

1797. 2''^ Julii circa 7*"™ vespertinam nata Anna filia Joannis < 
Marias Dickson. Baptiz* 25*. Suscepit Marie Costeloe. 

J 797- 30^ Julii medio post 6*"* matutinam natus Joannes filius Joann 
et Elizabethae Parker. Baptiz* 2* Augusti. Suscepit Sarah Donoghue. 

1797. 28* Julii hora 1 1* noctunid nata Maria filia Joannis et Eliz 
bethae DeCorsy. Baptiz* 4* Augusti. Suscepit Margarita DeCorsy. 
10* Augusti hord 6* matutind natus Georgius filius Laurent 


[Pinchon crossed out] et Hannah Pinchon. Baptiz" 13K Susceperunt 
Gulielmus Brander et Margarita Racket. 

1797. II* August! paul6 ante ii»™ noctumam natus Gulielmus 
Roache filius Patricii et Franciscae Lacy. Baptiz" 14^. Susceperunt 
Michael Cannon et Joanna Farr. 

(28) 1797. 1 1* Augusti circa 5*" pomeridianam natus Franciscus filius 
illegitimus Gulielmi Williams et Mariae Murphy. Baptiz" 14^ Suscep- 
erunt Jeremias Dunn et Maria Reed. 

1797. 26^ Augusti medio post 1 1^ antemeridianam nata Catharina 
filia Henrici et Margaritae Lloyd. Baptiz* i^ Septembris- Suscepit 
Margarita Daines. 

1797. 30^ Augusti circa 8"* antemeridianam natus Gulielmus filius 
Gulielmi et Rebeccas Noonan. Baptiz' 4* Septembris. Susceperunt 
Joannes Lee et Catharina Ivory. 

1797* 33 Augusti hori 6* matutini nata Margarita filia Joannis et 
Catharinae Connell. Baptiz* 10* Septembris. Susceperunt Dionysius 
Kidney et Juliana Mahoni. 

1797. 12* Septem* intra 4*" & 5*" pomeridianam natus Thomas 
filius Thomae et Elizabethae Rendal. Baptiz* 1 7*. Suscepe. Antonius 
Pensa et Margarita Daines. 

1797. 12* Septem* intra io»" & 11**^ noctumam natus Patricius 
filius Patricii et Judithae Begly. Baptiz* 20. Susceperunt Edwardus 
Walsh & Maria Connor. 

1797. 24^ Maii hori 5' matutini nata Maria filia Joannis et Hannae 
Neale. Baptiz* 8* Octobris. Suscepit Margarita Waide. 

1797. 2* Octobris quadrante ante 8*" matutinam nata Eleonora 
filia Thomae et Margaritae Hart. Baptiz* 8*. Susceperunt Pierce 
Cummings et Eleonora O'Donnel. 

1797. 26* Septem* medio post 7»" matutinam natus Michael 
[illegitimus interlined^ filius Jacobi [et Sarse crossed out] Casey [et Sarae 
Llewellin written below], Suscepit Joanna Graham. 

(29) 1797. 22^ Septemoris natus hor& sexti vespertind Richardus filius 
illegitimus Joannis Broderick et Joannas Broderick. Baptiz* 6* Octobris. 
Suscepit Helena Broderick. 

1797. 28* Oct* intra 12*" et i»" noctumam nata Maria filia Gulielmi 
et Catharinae Fleming. Baptiz* 30*. Suscepenmt Patricius Whelan et 
Rebecca Noonan. 

1797. 28* Oct* circa medium ante 9*" matutinam natus Gulielmus 
filius Dionysii et Catharinae Quinlan. Baptiz* 3»* Novembris. Suscep- 
emnt Daniel Driscol et Mar;gEuita Hegerty. 

1797. 10* Novembris intra 12*" & i*" noctumam nata Catharina 
filia Gulielmi et Mariae Pearce. Baptiz* 12*. Suscepemnt Patricius 
R^an et Joanna Kidney. 

1797. 14^ Nov* paul6 post 3**" pomeridianam nata Anastasia Maria 
filia Hatten Richardi et Eleonorae Mariae Conron. Baptiz* 15^ in Dowry 
Square, ubi nata. Susceperunt per procuratores Baro Joannes^ et uxor 
ejus Anna Hussey. 

3fe Our Recorder, Mr. Joseph Gillow, suggests that this may have been John, son 
of Edward Hussey of Westown, ca DubUn, who was created Baron Beaulieu of 
Beaulieu in 176a, and advanced to the earldom of BeauUea in 17S4, dying in 180s. 
In Bmrkis Extina Pten^ John b detcribed as dying tmmarrmi in his fiuWs hfe* 
time, the title becoming extinct 


n*)1' ,)«* Ocf horA nonA matutini [naU imhrHmgi ] 
\}\imy%ut*X MArKoriUi; Holland. Baptb» 5* Nor*. Suscqieniiit 
\jytv\\ ri Maria Murphy. 

1797. i1^ On* area 12^ mcridianam nata Maria fiba JcanoiB ct 
CuthMrlri;!! DowiiiriK' Baptiz* 5^ Nov*. Susceperunt Patridns KcOf ct 

f 797* 36" Nov* lior/l 2^ antemeridiani nata Maria filia JaaonB d 
Marhr Ifowlaiwl Hapliz" 10* Decern*. Suscepit Maria Dmyrx. 
(yO »7';7' ^ Dcccni* horA f pomcridianA natus Hugo (Uios FEmcod 
rt MMf^rilti! M'Kctlcly* Baptiz* ii^ Susceperunt Gulidmus Troddea 
H Ailim (iihtwy, 

ijijj, 17* I)r<:* drni medium post 7*" pomeridianam natus Dawid 
nihi* l)avidi»H I fononc Fitzgerald. Baptiz* 22^ Suscqiemm Jouaies 
IhmimUuf H JiHiiuui Sullivan. 

•797' V* I '•■<'<'»i* <''''^ horam 9»"» ante meridianam nata Br^gilla 
ftiia PMiri/Mii rt ( lutluirinii; Holliuid. Baptiz^ 2* Jan" 1798. SoscepeniBl 
MAiiritliin I'awrr ct Maria Cusey. 

tjt)H, 31* Jan" ouadrantc ante 1*" antemeridianam nata Anna fifia 
(iiiiirhril vi Aiinm Bluett. Baptiz* 8^. Susceperunt Joannes M^Mabon 
ifl ('nthuritKi' 'riioniuN. 

r/iffh i5* Nov* medio |iost 6^ pomeridianam natus Gtilidiiius 
ItWun Vi\ti ft Sophiti! Sullivan. Baptiz' 17^ Jan" 1798. Susoepit 
(iiih'liiMKi HiHiidrr. 

ipfH, f«/Januarii medio {)08t 12'"' meridianam natus in Cliftoo 
I 'iiroliiti ]tmr\t\nm filiuM Timothei et Catharinac O'Brien. Baptiz* eodem 
lUf. .'iuD4i-|H*ruiii \n:r prcKninitores Thomas Weld et Eleonora Clifton. 

rfi)H. .p jun" \niuU) )>oHt 4"'" pomeridianam natus Joannes Jos^>hus 
Atitofiiiu I A' Mello. Httptiz* 4'"^ l<cb. Susceperunt Joannes et Catharina 


( \t) iV<>M. 4' hl)iuiirii circa </"" |)omeridianam nata Anna filia Edwaidi 
If (.uiUitniiiv. Bulger. Bupti/'* ii\ Suscepit Elizabetha Crawley. 

I '/t)H. 7 I'eliruarii paulo post 8'^'" antemeridianam natus Josephus 
lillui) loiiniiin rt Mari;i: Jordan. Baptiz" i8'\ Susceperunt Cornelius 
Hii( lU-yti t'i Sarah KuKland. 

lyiyH. 4* Krbruarii circa 2*^*" antemeridianam natus Thomas fUius 
Thoinii'i't HridKittic lliggins. BaptizM8^ Suscepit Christopherus Casey. 

lyiyM. 1^ Martii horA i'^ (xjst meridiem nata Maria filia Jacobi et 
Aniiif l''ii/.mauricc. Baptiz* 1 1^. Susccixjrunt Alexander MKJuin et 
Muria (!onnor. 

i7<>8. i7''*Miirtii medio [)ost 9*'" antemeridianam natus Thomas 
Pittrititifi I'llius Thomx et Saraj Kidd. Baptiz" 2 4^ Susceperunt Patridus 
Mulling et Margarita Donoghue. 

1 798. 2^ Aprilis [|K}s crossed out] quadrante jx^stc 6*^ pomeridianam 
natii KJeonora filia Joannis et Eleonone M'Callum. Baptiz* 9-'^. Suscep- 
erunt (Jeorgius Shaw et Joanna Smith. 

1 798. 13* Aprilis hora 5* pomeridianA natus Josephus filius Davidis 
ISi Maria: Doody. Baptiz" 15*. Susceperunt Patricius Farrel & Eleonora 

1 798. 20^ Aprilis hora 3'*^ antemeridiana natus Laurentius filius 


Joannis et Bridgittae Doyle. Baptiz* 33. Susceperunt Gulielmus Brander 
ct Alicia Fisher. 

1798. 28 Aprilis hoii 10^ pomeridiand nata Anna filia Coraelii et 
Mariae Donovan. Baptiz* 9^ Mail Susceperunt Gulielmus Fleming et 
Joanna Ryan. 

(32) 1798. 17^ Martii circa horam a^ antemeridianam natus Patridus 
filius Florentii et Joannae Rahilly. Baptiz" 18^. Susceperunt Patricius 
Cavanah et Maria Collins. 

1798. Feb: 15^ nata Maria filia Gulielmi et Prudentiac 

Roche. Baptiz* 1^ Mail Susceperunt Joannes Linahan et Maria Linahan. 

1797. 4^Decembris hora 6* antemeridianA natus Gulielmus filius 
Nicolai et Joannae Scriber. Baptiz* privatim sine casremoniis in Cardiff 
die 4^Maii 1798. Suscepit Maria Bew. 

[Space for one ttUry Uank^ 

1798. 20 Aprilis hora 11^ antemeridiand nata Maria Anna filia 
Ludovici et Ludae Pertt Baptiz^ 20^ Maii. Susceperunt Dominicus 
Leoni et Maria Burke. 

1798. 24^ Maii paul6 ante 6*» antemeridianam nata Anna filia 
Oweni et Mariae Camy. Baptiz^ 27^. Susceperunt Patridus et Anna 

1798. 27^ Maii hori 9^ pomeridianA natus Edwardus filius Bemardi 
et Mariae Kelly. Baptiz* 3>^JuniL Susceperunt Joannes Sorman et 
Rebecca Noonan. 

1798. 30^ Maii circa medium post 11"" antemeridianam nata Sarah 
filia Emanuelis et Sarae [Da interlined^ Gama. Bapdz* 3*^ JuniL Suscep- 
erunt Gulielmus Powrie et Eleonora Joyce. 

1798. 4^ Junii drca horam 3*^ antemeridianam natus Robertus 
filius Edwardi et Catherinae Hakes. Baptiz* 9*. Susceperunt Gulielmus 
Brander et Maria Costelo. 

(33) 1 798. 8o^ Maii hori i^ antemeridiand nata Joanna filia Georgii 
et Mariae Winder. Baptiz* 9^ JuniL Suscepit Abigail Moore. 

1798. 12^ Junii circa horam 10^ antemeridianam natus Jacobus 
filius Patricii et Mariae M^'Donnald [the second "n" interlined], Baptiz* 
17ft. Susceperunt Thomas Keane et Elizabetha Goolding. 

1798. i*Julii medio post 7*" antemeridianam natus Danid filius 
Joannis et Catharinae Bowen. Baptiz" lo'. Susceperunt Joannes & 
[Catherina Bowen crossed out] Margarita Bowen. 

1798. I ^Aprilis circa horam 6*™ antemeridianam nata Elizabeth 
filia illegitima Dionysii Lyons et Mariae Griffiths. Baptiz^ 19^ Junii. 
Susceperunt Edmundus Barret et Joanna Lyons. 

1798. 19^ Junii drca horam 2*™ antemeridianam nata Maria filia 
Philippi et Margaritae Connelly. Baptiz* 24^ Susceperunt Mauricius 
Cleary et Maria Donovan. 

1798. 22^ Junii medio post 4^ antemeridianam nata Maria Anna 
filia Edwardi et Abigail [More crossed out] Moor. Baptiz^ 27A. Suscep- 
erunt Dyonisius Kidney et Maria Winter. 

1798. 4^Julii hor& 2^ antemeridiani nata Maria filia Antonii et 
Franciscae Tiexeri Sampayo. Baptiz* in domo private, completis caere- 
moniis in parochia S' Michaelis in Bristol 8^Julii. Suscepit Louisa 

(34) 1 798. 16^ Julii drca medium post 9^ pomeridianam nati Joannes 


el Jacobus filii gemelli Michaelis et Brigittae Byrne. Bapdzmd 171. 
Suscepenint: Joannem, Daniel Mickey et Elizabetha Farrell; Jacobum, 
Daniel Buckley et Joanna Quinlan ["a" wn/fe/r ^wr "i^. 

1798. ij** Julii circa 5*" pomeridianam nata Catharina filia Thomae 
et Catharinae Reilly. Baptiz* 20. Susceperunt Joannes Green et 
Eleonora MKSrey. 

1798. 18^ Julii paul6 ante medium post 9^ antemeridianam nata 
Alathea Maria filia illegitima Jacobi Carew et Judithae Power. Bapds^ 
ai^ Susceperunt Jacobus Haly ct Maria Anna Carew. 

1798. 2^^ Julii iMiuld ante 12*™ meridianam nata Maria fiHa 
Laurentii et Maria llolden. Baptiz* 3^ Aug^. Susceperunt Gulielmus 
McCarthy et Maria Pepy. 

1798. 16' ApriliH circa 5^ antemeridianam natus Thomas fiUos 
Thomae et Mariiu I )uviN. Baptiz* 7^ Augusti. Susceperunt Dionysius 
el Esther Daly. 

1798. 9^ AuguHti circa s^ ante meridianam nata Maria fiHa 
[illegitima interiined] I'atricii [Condon interlined] et Elizabethae [Condon 
crossed (mi and Jiarry interlined], Baptiz^ i3»*. Susceperunt Robertus 
Mehegan et Maria (!()ghlan. 

1798. 15' AugUHti medio post 9^ antemeridianam nata AUda 
Catharina filia Joannis et Maria: Reynolds [R blotched], Bapdz* in 
domo privata in (yfunby IMnce, completis caeremoniis, 18^. Susceperunt 
Laurentius Redmond ct Maria O'Brien. 

(35) 1798* 3>^ Julii horfi 6^ untemcridiani natus Jacobus filius Jacobi 
el Mariae Murray. Baptiz" 19* Augusti. Susceperunt Nicolaus d 
Margarita Roach. 

1798. i6^ApriliH intra horam 3**™ et 4*^ antemeridianam nalus 
Jacobus filius Jacobi et Aniue Dwyer. Baptiz* 6* Septembris. Suscep- 
erunt Andreas Wade ct Muria Regan. 

1798. 3** Septembris hor/l 3^ antemeridiani natus Mauricius Alius 
Joannis et Catharin.'e Harrington. Baptiz* 9*. Susceperunt Cornelius 
Leary & Joanna Kidney. 

1798. 9^ Julii hora 1 1^ [)omcridiana nata Henrietta filia Thomae et 
Elizabethae Stock. Baptiz* 1 3'^ Septem*. Suscepit Maria Ball. 

1798. 1 3*^ Septembris intra 2»"» & 3**"" antemeridianam nata Mar- 
garita filia Joannes et Joannac Moland. Baptiz* 23. Susceperunt 
Joannes Lahey ct Margarita Holland. 

1798. 24'^Septcm» circa [horam interlined] quartam pomeridianam 
natus Thomas filius Thomae et Catharinae Dobbin. Baptiz* 26. Suscep- 
erunt Gulielmus Brandcr ct Maria Pepy. 

1798. 31'* Julii intra horam 8»" & 9"" pomeridianam nata Catharina 
tilia Patricii et Annie Denning. Baptiz* 3'^ Augusti a ministro Protes- 
tantc in Tunbridge. Suppletne ca^remonia: ICcclesiae 29^ Septembris. 

1798. 24* Septembris hora 4^ pomcridiani natus I)aniel filius 
'Hmothei et Elizabethan Driscoll. Baptiz" 4* Octobris. Suscepit Mar- 
garita Daincs. 

1798. 4^ Octobris paul6 ante 2»™ antemeridianam natus Gabriel 
Nelson filius Jacobi et Elizabethae Doran. Baptiz* 7^. Susceperunt 
Gulielmus Butler ct Maria Morris. 

1798. 3»* Octobris intra horam 6**» & 7**" pomeridianam natus 


Owenus iilius Oweni et Elizabethae Quin. Baptiz* 5^. Susceperunt 
Richardus Phelan et Anna Dinnen. 

1 798. 4* Novembris medio post tertiam pomeridianam nata Eleonora 
fUia Jacobi et Eleonorse Gleeson. Baptiz^ 15^. Susceperunt Matthseus 
Malone et Margarita Butler. 

1798. i^ (>:t* hor& 8^ antemeridian^ nata Maria Alia Joannis et 
Rosae Farris. Baptiz^ [4^ Oct interlined] in Hospitali vulg6 dicto 
Foundlings Londini: propter dubium rebaptiz^ hie sub conditione 
4^ Dec*. Suscepit Margarita Daines. 

1798. 15* Dec* paul6 ante horam i*" pomeridianam nata Elizabeth 
(ilia Gulielmi et Maris Annse Frazer. Baptiz* i8^ Susceperunt 
Fredericus Carolus Hussenbeth et Catharina Watson. 
[(49) in margin,'] 

1 798. 24^ Efecembris quadrante post 3*^ antemeridianam nata Maria 
(ilia illegitima Annse Bray et Joannis Vickary. Baptiz* 7^ Januarii, 1 799. 
Suscepit Abigail Mahoni. 

1798. 28* Decem* hor& 9^ matutini natus Gulielmus (ilius Thomae 
et Eleonorae Howland. Baptiz* 13^ Januarii, 1799. Susceperunt 
Joannes Crane et Margarita Hayden. 

(37) 1799* 13* Jan" medio post 8^ antemeridianam nata Sarah filia 
Sylvestri et Sarae Smith. Baptiz* so^. Susceperunt Dionysius Hayes 
et Maria Mahoni. 

'799- 'S J*^" i"^*^ 1*™ & 2»" pomeridianam natus Thomas filius 
Thomac [Dodd crossed out] et Catharinae Dodd. Baptizus eodem die 
[15 interlined]. Suscepit Joanna Murphy. 

1799. 11^ Jan" paulo post 11^ antemeridianam nata Ester filia 
Andreae et Helenas Ayers. Baptiz^ 6* Feb". Suscepit Margarita Powrie. 

1799. 20^ Januarii intra horam 5^ & 6^ antemendianam nata 
Maria filia Edmundi et Elizabethae Barry. Baptiz^ 2 7 a. Susceperunt 
Michael Cummings et Catharina Pall. 

1799. 28^ Januarii circa medium post 2*" antemeridianam natus 
Thomas filius Thomae et Alicae Connor. Baptiz* 5^ FebruariL Suscepit 
Thomas Nowlan. 

1799. 28^ Februarii intra horam 7^ & 8^ antemeridianam natus 
in Clifton Joannes Josephus filius Timothei et Catharinae O'Brien. 
Baptiz" eodem die. Susceperunt Joannes OToole et Maria Weld, per 

1799* 5* Martii circa horam 2^ antemeridianam natus Joannes 
filius Joannis et Mariae Fit^rald. Baptiz"" 10^. Susceperunt Gulielmus 
Brander et Sarah Powell. 

(38) 1798. i^ Novembris circa horam 8^ pomeridianam nata Maria 
filia Matthaei et Abigailis Rees. Baptiz' 1 7^ Martii. 

1799. 8^ Februarii nata Louisa filia illegitima Gulielmi Ivy et 
Elizabethae Woods. Baptiz* 27* Martii. Suscepit Rebecca Nonen. 

1799. 24^ Februarii hori 4* antemcridiani nata Elizabetha filia 
Roberti et Franciscae Nelson. Baptiz* i^ Aprilis. Suscepit Maria Lewis. 

1799* 30^ Martii circa horam 2*™ pomeridianam natus Thomas filius 
Roberti et Mariae Shady. Baptiz* 2* Aprilis. Suscepit Dorcas Webb. 

1799. 2^ Aprilis hor& 4^ pomeridianft natus Hatton Josephus 
Conron filius Hatton [Conron crossed out] et Elleonorae Mariae Conron 


Catherine Kidney — Mary Ann Nfary Brien — Bridget 
Margaret Hegerthy — Mary Mary Meek — Ann 

Eleonora Walsh — Elizabeth Ann Martyn — Mary Anne 

Elizabeth Clark — Elizabeth Catherine Curtin — Ann 

Polly Murphy — Mary William Williams — Joseph 

Maigaret Fordyce — Mary .. , -^ , 

On May i5»»»— ^^^^ Females. 

Miss Sarah Cody — Mary J^S • 49 

MissBergeretde[Frouville^ii7A-i4«/] r-T^^ •' /^ vi 

[Frouville m/er/ined]^E]xzsLbcth l^^^ ^''^ "" ^^^^'J 

1799. 17^ Maii hori 7^ antemeridiana natus Daniel filius Joannis 
et Mari» Donovan. Baptiz* eodem die in domo privata ppter periculum, 
completis cseremoniis BaptismL Susceperunt Gulielmus Brander et 
Joanna Quinlan. 

1796. 25 Martii intra horam 4*™ & 5*" pome [ridianam inierlined] 
natus Michael filius Jacobi et Joanns Cushion. Baptiz* 17^ Maii, 1799. 
Suscepit Judith Doran. 

(43) 1799* i^ ^^^ ^01^ 1^ antemeridiani nata Catharina filia 
Oweni et Catherinse [Sweaney crossed oui] Sweaney. Baptize 19*. 
Susceperunt Jeremias Harrington et Catharina Duggan. 

1799. i^ Aprilis medio post 3*^ antemeridianam nata Catharina 
(ilia Mauritii et Catharinae Cleary. Baptiz* 2^ JuniL Suscepenint 
Joannes Casey et Anna Phelen. 

1799. 12* Junii hora 3^ antemeridiani nata Elizabetha filia Patridi 
et Margaritas Farrell. Baptiz* 13*. Susceperunt Jacobus O'Brien et 
Catharina MahonL 

1799. 2^ Junii medio post 9^ antemeridianam natus Joannes filius 
Dionysii et Margaritae Holland. Baptiz* I6^ Susceperunt Nicolaus 
Finlay et Maria Casey. 

1 799* 13*^ Junii quadrante post 3*^" antemeridianam natus Thomas 
filius Thomae et Alicae [Flynn crossed mti] Flin. Baptiz* 20^. Susceperunt 
Thomas Prendergast et Joanna Fitzgerald. 

1799. 23*^ Januarii circa horam 5^ pomeridianam natus Gulielmus 
filius Joannis et Mariae Sullivan. Baptiz"" 22 Junii. Suscepenint 
Gulielmus Brander et Abigail Mahoni. 

(44) 1799. 19^ Junii ^^^^ 11^ pomeridiani nata Eleonfojra [ihe ''o" is 
interlined^ filia Thomae et Eleonorae Brien. Baptiz^ 23^ Susceperunt 
Philippus Flinn et Maria Pearce. 

1799. 17^ yi2d\ circa medium post 3*^^ antemeridianam natus 
Thomas filius Thomae et Mariae Donovan (ex matrimonia invalido propter 
impedimentum clandestinitatis in Dioecesi Corkeensi in Hibernii). 
Baptiz"* 21^. Susceperunt Michael Donovan et Anna Long. 

1 799. 25^ Maii hori 9^ pomeridiani nata Catharina filia Emmanuelis 
et Catharinae Oliver. Baptiz* 27^. Susceperunt Patricius Farrel et 
Maria Regan. 

1799. 19 Junii circa horam 8*™ pomeridianam natus Joannes filius 
Joannis et Mariae Barret Baptize 14* Julii. Susceperunt Joannes Lee 
et Catharina Smith. 

1 799. 19 Junii circa medium post 6^ pomeridianam nata Alicia filia 
Gulielmi et Catharinae Walker. Baptiz* 4^ Julii a ministro Protestante. 


1799. 6* Octobris nata J^Uxabetha filia Joannis et Mam Dickaon. 
Baptiz* 18*. Suscepit Joanna Jacobs. 

1799. 13^ Octobns ciica medium post i2*» antemeridie nata 
Bridgitta filia Michaelis et Mariae Kennedy. Baptiz^ 20^. ' Susceperunt 
Carolus M'Mahon et Joanna Kidney. 

1799* 33^ Octobris Pau16 post 5*™ antemeridianam natus Georgius 
[filius inUrHnei] Andreae et £li^d)etb Crawly. Baptiz* 27'. Susceperant 
Gulielmus Farrell et Eleonora Munay. 

1799. 23^ Octobris circa medium post 11*™ antemeridianam natus 
Thomas filius [illegitimus imferh'mtd] Thomse Nugent et Mariae Evans 
(propter impedimentum criminis). BiBq)tiz* 1 2^ Novembris. Susceperunt 
Patncius Farrell et Elizabeth Jackson. 

(48) 1799. 20^ Octobris hoi^ 10^ antemeridiani natus Jacobus [filius 
inkriined] Joannis et Annae Laler. Baptiz* 1 4 Novembris. Susceperunt 
Owenus Caffry et Catharina Matthews. 

1778, aut 1779. natus Gulielmus Ware (parentibus incertis). Baptiz* 
conditionate 15 Novembris, 1799. Suscepit Jacobus Burke. 

1799* 5' Decembris quadrante post 10*™ antemeridianam nata 
Maria Elizabetha filia Frederid Caroli et Elizabethan Husenbeth. 
Baptiz* 8*. Susceperunt [R^ D»»» interlined] Joannes De la Borde et 
Maria Anna Frazer. 

1799. 20^ Dec^'^ hor& 7^ antemeridian^ nata Margarita filia Jacob! 
et Mariae Hanan. Baptiz* 22^. Susceperunt Jacobus et Maria Dwyer. 

1799. 20^ Decembris hora 2^ antemeridian^ natus Patricius filius 
MichaeUs et Judithae Ryan. Baptiz* 22'. Susceperunt Edmundus 
Dwyer et Eleonora Langton. 
[(60) in margin.'] 

1799. 29^ Dec* paul6 post 8*™ pomeridianam natus Thomas Fryer 
filius Philippi et Mariae Annae Wright. Baptiz* 6^ Januarii, 1800. 
Susceperunt Owen Caffry et Maria M*Hugo p. procuratricem. 

1 800. 1 3 Januarii hori 10^ pomeridian^ natus Thomas filius Roberti 
et Mariae Childs. Baptiz* 19*. Susceperunt Owen Cafiry et Maria Burke. 

(49) 1800. 6^ Januarii hori 2'matutini nata Bridgitta filia Joannis 
et Mariae Foley. Baptiz* 2^ Februarii. Susceperunt Bartholomeus 
O'Connor et Maria Delany. 

1800. 4^ Februarii circa medium post ii*™ pomeridianam natus 
Dionysius filius Michaelis et Julianae ConncL Baptiz* 9*. Susceperunt 
Michael et Maria Hegerty. 

1800. 3*^ Februarii quadrante post 6^ antemeridianam natus 
Joannes filius Joannis et Annae Kelly. Baptiz* 9^. Susceperunt Petrus 
Kelly et Maria Burke. 

1800. 11' Februarii drca medium post 7*™ pomeridianam nata 
Joanna filia illegitima Joannis et Joannae Broderip. Baptiz* 4' Martii. 
Susceperunt Patricius O'Brien et BCargarita M^Graw. 

1800. 8' Martii medio post 11** pomeridianam nata Anna filia 
Michaelis et Mariae Higgins. Baptize 25^ Susceperunt Richardus 
Maurice et Margarita De Corey. 

1800. 25' Martii drca 4*°^ pomeridianam nata Maria filia Joannis 
et Catharinae Paul. Baptiz* i* Aprflis. Susceperunt Thomas Nugent 
et Maria Costela 

1800. 31* Martii paul6 ante la*" meridianam natus Michael filius 


Bmanuelis et Sarhae Ciomez. Baptiz* 6*. Siiscq)eniiit Miduid Ryan 
et Catherina Downing. 

1800. 10^ Aprilis medio post 2*™ antemeridianam natus Gulidmos 
Simon Alius Gulielmi et Mariae Annse Frazer. Baptiz* 13K Susoepenmt 
Fredericus Carolus Husenbeth et Maria Anna Carew. 

(50) 1800. 5^ Aprilis hor& 2' pomeridian& natus Joannes filius Fatridi 
et Elizabethse Condon. Baptiz* 13^. Susceperunt Michael DeUuqret 
Margarita H^erthy. 

1800. 17^ Aprilis circa medium ante 8*™ antemeridianam nata 
Lucia Alicia Wheeler filia Gulielmi et Annae Green. Baptiz* in dome 
privata completis caeremoniis Ecclesiae die 19^. Susceperunt Carohis 
Green (per procuratorem) et Anna Fargus. 

1 800. 1 6^ [Aprilis tnfer/ined] circa medium post 2^ antemeridianaiB 
nata Eleonora filia Matthaei et Elizabethae Keating. Baptize 20* 
Susceperunt Joannes Kelly et Maria Burke. 

1800. 131* Aprilis circa medium post 8*>" antemeridianam nata 
Eleonora (ilia [Maur crossed aut'\ illegitima Mauricii Power et JottHMB 
M'Coulife. Baptiz^2i^. Susceperunt Edwardus O'Brien et Margarita Hait 

1800. 22^ Aprilis medio post 8^ antemeridianam natus [in Clifton 
interlined^ Rogerius Sheehy filius Joannis et Joannae Therry. Baptize in 
domo private completes casremoniis 24^. Susceperunt p Procuratores 
Rogerius Sheehy Keating et Doa Elizabetha O'Connor. 

t8oo. 21* Aprilis paul6 post 4*™ pomeridianam nata Eleonora filia 
Petri et Annae Johnson. Baptiz* 27'. Susceperunt Richardus Morris 
et Maria Johnson. 

(51) 1799. 16* Decembris quadrante ante 3'*°» pomeridianam natus 
Thomas ^lius Richardi et Elizabethae de Courci. Baptiz* 22. Suscep- 
erunt Jacobus et Maria Burke. 

1800. 24^ Aprilis [circa crossed out and paul6 ante interlined'] 
undecimam antemeridianam natus Michael filius Thomae et BridgittK 
Higgins. Baptiz* 29*. Susceperunt Owenus CafTry et Joanna Dr^coL 
1800. 29^ Aprilis paul6 post 2^ pomeridianam nata Maigarita filia 
Francisci et Maria Mackey. Baptiz* 6^ Maii. Susceperunt Michael 
Murphy et Catharina Murr)'. 

1800. 15^ Maii hora i \^ antemeridiana nata Elizabeth filia Gulielmi 
et Mariae Pierce. Baptiz* 23^. Susceperunt Matthaeus Rourk et Joanna 

1800. 15'' Martii circa 4*"* aut 5*"* horam antemeridianam nata 
Anna filia Jacobi et Elizabethae Monahen. Baptiz* condidonate sub 
dubio prioris baptismi 22^ Junii. Suscepit Richardus Morris. 

1800. 20^ Maii circa medium post 8*^ antemeridianam natus Henricus 
filius Henrici et Margaritae Lloyd. Baptiz* 22^ Junii. Susceperunt 
Joannes Kiron et Bridgitta Rice[s?]. 

1800. 26* Junii hori 2^ antemeridiana nata Maria filia Joseph! et 
Maria Antoni. Baptiz* 29. Suscepit Catharina Watson. 

1800. 12^ Februarii hoik undecimi antemeridiand nata Maria filia 
illegitima (propter cultus disparitatem) [the two last words are undirHnod 
in AfS,] Gulielmi Player et Maria Tilladams. Baptiz* 6^ Aprilis. 
Susceperunt Gulielmus et Maria Tilladams. 

(52) 1800. 15 Maii circa horam 8*» antemeridianam nata Margariti^ 

1l«»ISTB1tS or BRISTOL 27 1 

Roger! et Elizabethse Down. Baptiz* sub conditione in dubio de priore 
baptismo 6^ Julii. Susceperunt Jeremias et Catharina MK^arthy. 

i8bo. 30^ Junii circa horam 3*^ antemeridianam nata Eleonora 
filia Danielis et Mariae Walker. Baptiz* 18* Julii. Susceperunt 
Matthseus Campbell et Maria Cushion. 

1799. 1 1* Octobris intra a*" & 3*^ pomeridianam natus Gulielmus 
filius Gutielmi et Mariae Bell. Baptizatus sub conditione, propter 
dubium de priore baptismo, 18 Julii, 1800. Suscepit Jeremias Maher. 

1800. 7^ Jutii paul6 ante 10*™ antemeridianam nata Maria filia 
Joannis et Catharinae Fitzgerald. Baptiz* 22'. Susceperunt Jeremias 
Maher et Anna Pope. 

1800. 23 Julii circa medium i* antemeridianae natus Joannes Alius 
Jacobi et Mariae Dwyer. Baptiz^ 27'. Susceperunt Edmundus Dwyer 
et Maria Farrel. 

1800. i' Aug'* circa horam 7*™ pomeridianam natus Joannes filius 
Joannis et Mariae Donovan. Baptiz* lo'. Susceperunt Michael Russel 
et Juditha Mead. 

1800. 22' Julii circa horam 2*™ antemeridianam natus Joannes filius 
Matthaei et Abigail Reece. Baptiz* lo' Augusti. Susceperunt Joannes 
Copinger et Margarita Fordyce. 

1800. 19^ Augusti quadrante post 3"^"* pomeridianam nata Maria 
Juliana filia Timothaei et Catharinae O'Brien in Clifton. Bapt* completis 
caeremoniis eadem die in domo privata. Susceperunt per procuratores 
Thomas Weld Jun' et Dfta Anna Gerard Senior. 

E53) 1800. 27^ Julii circa medium post 3**°* antemeridianam nata 
in Warsal^ in comitatu Staffordiensi tnfer/t'ned] Maria filia Gulielmi et 
Annae Dickson. Baptiz* 31^ Augusti. Susceperunt Georgius Lyons et 
Maria Burke. 

1800. 10^ Septem* circa horam 9^ pomeridianam nata Maria filia 
Andreae et Catharinae Donagan. Baptiz* 14^. Susceperunt Joannes 
Donagan et Anna Matteoli. 

1800. 5* Octobris circa medium post 7^ pomeridianam natus 
Jacobus filius Michaelis et Mariae Murphy. Baptiz* i$\ Susceperunt 
Jeremias Mahar et Eleonora Hall. 

1800. 15^ Octobris hor& 6^ antemeridian^ nata Maria filia illegitima 
Gulielmi Foley et Mariae Molloy. Baptiz^ 18^. Suscepit Anna Hughes. 

1800. 9' Octobris circa horam 11*" antemeridianam natus Jacobus 
filius Matthaei et Elizabethae Rourk. Baptiz' 19^. Susceperunt Patricius 
Kavanagh et Maria Pierce. 

1800. 24 Octobris paul6 ante 4*^ antemeridianam nati Franciscus 
et Matthaeus filii gemelli Francisci et Margaritae MKjady. Baptiz' in 
domo private. Franciscus completis caeremoniis, Matthaeus priratim 
propter periculum, deinde completis caeremoniis, eodem die. Susceperunt 
Frandscum Georgius Magill et Maria Delap. 

1800. 18^ O^ hori 8' antemeridian^ natus Thomas filius Jacobi 
et Elizabethae Hartigan. Baptiz* 26^. Susceperunt Redmondus et 
Elizabetha Conron. 

1800. 23 Octobris circa horam 4^ pomeridianam natus Franciscus 
filius [illegitimus interlined] Edvardi [Ryan interlined] et Mariae [Ryan 

4k Query a piQn«iiciatk« of Walsall. 


trossed out, Houlden interiined\ Bapdz* 29^. Suscepenint Blichael 
Hergerty et Catharina Paul 

(54) 1800. [13^ crossed out] 13' Octobris nata Maria Anna filia 
Michaelis et Mariae Delany medio post 9*°^ antemeridianam. Biqidi^ 
2^ Novembris. Suscepenint Richardus Morris et Bridgitta Allen. 

1800. 23^ Octobris nata Margarita hori 10^ antemeridianft filia 
Comelii et Mariae Donovan. Baptii^ 5^ Novembris. Suscepenint 
Jacobus Walsh et Catharina Coile. 

1800. 12' [Octobris crossed out^ Novembris interlined] pftul6 post 
meridiem nata Elizabetha filia Jacobi et Elizabeths Doran. Bapdz^ 
i6t. Suscepenint Joannes Walsh et Maria Agnes Burke. 

1800. 1 3^ Novembris paul6 post 1 2*™ antemeriadnam natus Andreas 
filius Andrese et Eleonorae Ryley. Baptiz* 16^. Suscepenint Thomas 
Canning, et Joanna Quinlan. 

1 800. 1 8^ Novem' quadrante post i o*™ pomeridianam nata Henrietta 
[Tarone crossed out] filia Cajetani et Henrietta [Tarone crossed omt] 
Tarone. Baptiz^ 23^. Susceperunt Jacobus Chekey et Abigail Flemming. 

1798. 9^ Maii [paul6 post crossed out] drca medium ante 1*" 
antemeridianam natus Richardus filius Jacobi et Esterae DuffeikL 
Baptiz* a Ministro Protestante. Suppletse caeremoniae [hie interlined] 
die 27 Nov*, 1800. 

1800. i< Novembris circa 1*^ antemeridianam nata Maria filia 
Jacobi et Esterae Duffeild. Baptiz* 27. Susceperunt Richardus Morris 
et Joanna Kidney. 

N.B. Vide quatuor baptismos circa hoc tempus insertos ad 
annum 1802. 

iSS) i3oo. 2^ Dec* immediate ante mediam noctem natus Thomas 
filius Thomae et [Elizabethae crossed out^ Gratiae interlined] Brien. 
Baptiz* 7*. Susceperunt Joannes Copinger et Anna Daly. 

1800 28^ Novem* quadrante ante 10^ antemeridianam nata Maria 
filia Matthaei et Esterae Maloy. Baptiz* 7^ Decembris. Susceperunt 
Thomas Brien et Bridgitta McCarthy. 

1800. 1 7^ Octobris hori i^ antemeridiani nata Anna filia Geoigii 
et Annae Smith. Baptiz* 14 Decembris. Susceperunt Thomas Mullen 
et Maria Mullen. 

1800. 19^ Dec* paul6 post meridiem nata Juditha filia Thomae et 
Annae Galway. Baptiz* 26^. Susceperunt Georgius Regan et Catharina 
\kSS) »« margin:] 

[A loou piece of paper ^ tied into the book between pages §4 and S5% 
has written on it] 
Extractum ex Registro. 
Baptizatorum Sacelli Regis Catholici^ LondinL 

"Feb. 10, 1800. Ego infirascriptus Baptizavi Mariam filiam Mathaei 
davine et Catharinae Plunket conjugum natam Januarii die 2^^ Matrina 
fuit Birgitta Clark. Joannes Earle." 

Ap. 19. Concordat cum autographo 

1806. Joannes Earle ejusd. Sacelli presbyter. 

[(SS) continued.] 

1800. 25* Decembris m^o post 10*™ antemeridianam natus 

]|c Prcfttmably the Spaniih Chapel. 


Thomas filius Thomse et Eleonorae Brien. Baptiz' 4^ Januarii, 1801. 
Suscepenint Jacobus Hannan et Joanna Fitzgerald. 

1 801. 6» Januarii intra horam 9»" et 10 antemeridianam nata 
Emilia Maria filia Joaimis et Mariae Casey. Baptiz* 7^. Suscepenint 
Joannes Toeg et Margarita Hegerty. 

1 801. 8^ Januarii quadrante post 7»" pomeridianam natus Aaron 
filius Joannis et Elizabethae Sheehy. Baptiz" 1 1*. Suscepenint Joannes 
Horgan et Anna Hayes. 

1 The following thru lines are crossed oul,] 
an" statim post horam 12^ noctumam nata Catharina 
filia Baptiz* 17*. Suscepenint Jacobus Burke et 

Abigail Mahoni [Baptiz* 17 inlerlined], 

(56) 1 80 1. II* Januarii paul6 ante [horam inlerlined] i»" ante- 
meridianam nata Catharina filia Gulielmi et Catharinae Downs. Baptiza 
17^ Suscepenint Jacobus Burke et Abigail MahonL 

1801 ["i" written over "o"]. 13* Decem* medio post 4»" ante- 
meridianam nata Maria Anna filia Thomae et Rebeccse Dudley. Baptiz* 
19* Januarii, 1801. Suscepit Anna Hughes. 

1 80 1. 30 Januarii circa horam 11^ antemeridianam nata Catharina 
filia Nicolai et Annas Mattioli. Baptiz* 15 Februarii. Suscepenint 
Petrus Antonius Taroni et Rosetta Chekey. 

1770. Ut creditur, et mense martio nata Elizabetha filia Thomas 
et Margaritas Hankins. Baptiz* sub conditione in dubio prioris baptismi 
21 Februarii, 1801. Suscepit Anna Hughes. 

1800. 13 Octobris intra 7»" et 8*" antemeridianam natus Gulielmus 
filius Georgii et Joannas Wallis. Baptiz* ab obstetrice Catholic^ jurats 
Suppletas Casremonias Ecclesias die 27 Feb", 1801. 

1 80 1. 18* Februarii circa horam nonam pomeridianam natus 
Joannes filius Andreas et Helenas Eyres. Baptiz* i^ Martii. Suscepenint 
Daniel Egan et Maria Horgan. 

1 80 1. 4* Martii hori 3>* antemeridiand natus Josephus filius Jacobi- 
et Rosettas Chekey. Baptiz* 13'. Suscepenint Stephanus Polito et 
Anna Mattioli. 

1 80 1. 18* [Aprilis crossed out] Martii circa horam 10^ ante- 
meridianam nata Henrietta filia illcgitima Thomas Byrne et Margaritas 
England. Baptiz* 2* Aprilis. Suscepenint Gulielmus Brander et Maria 

(57) 1801. 6* Aprilis circa horam undecimam pomeridianam nata 
Joanna filia Dionysii et Catharinae Holland. Baptiz* [ij crossed out] 16. 
Susceperunt Joannes Hutchison et Bridgitta Reily. 

1 80 1 . 17* Aprilis Quadrante ante i*" antemeridianam natus Josephus 
Anicetus filius Patriai et Franciscas Lucindas Lacy. Baptiz* 23. 
Suscepenint Michael Canning et Constantia Roach. 

1 801. 15 Martii paulo post i*" antemeridianam natus Edmimdus 
filius Alexandri et Annas Reed. Baptiz* conditionat^ sub dubio priores 
baptismi in Cardiff i* Maii. Suscepit N: Bew. 

1 80 1. 23 Aprilis medio post I2*» antemeridianam natus Joannes 
filius Michaelis et Marias Cunningham. Baptiz' 3^ Maii. Susceperunt 
Gulielmus et Maria Burke. 

1801. 23 Aprilis medio post 2** pomeridianam natus Carolus 

•74 miGiJiTBHii or 

llmiriniN filiufi Krederici Caroli ct 

y* MmIi. S\tnij:\n:runi Ik^nardus Lawlej et 

iKoi, 14 Fcbruarii circa mediimi post 
Kli/MilH-thit (f'llia inUrlined] Jouinis ct Aniue Kcrk. 
Hiiti#r|K-riirit I'atricius O'Brien et Maria Mackj. 

iHof. 1$^ Maii paul6 ante honin 8^ pam 
AnriN hlin DiotiyNii joHcphirBroiighton^^xse/#Kr]eK 
llfi|fti/" f7^ SuH/:(;[M:runt Uaniel Flynn et Maria Flood. 

iHoo. y/ Auguiiti fKMt horam 3^^ poowridiaiiaB na 
NiOiii (Hiilkly crwttid oui] filius Joaimis et Maria BaUr. 
.|f/ Mail, iMof. Siittce|>it Gulielmos Brander. 
(i{M) iMoi, 34^ Juriii fere quadrantepost 5**poiiieridianama 
A mm Aflrliiidi: filiu Caroli Philippi et Mariae Dusart. 
MiifH«*|HniiMt AntoniuH ct Anna Spenn. 

iM'ii. jH'' Jiinii (|uadrantc ante meridiem natus 
Uiilii'litii It Aiitm; (;rc(:n. Baptiz* 3^ Julii. Snio e pc um t Rev' Dfios 
Aiiintfir ValrntiniiN U; Villain et Winefrida Green p. Procontikcm^ 

tHoi. 5* lunii medio post 5*" ante m e rid ia n i m nata Aana fiia 
UiflN^tti rt MiuiH! iC<lKC. Baptiz* is^JuliL Suscepit Saia Bulgec. 

iMdt. 1/ fiilli hor/l 2^ |K>meridianA natus Dionysios filius Joamiis 
III ( 'iiiliiitinii' lliirritiKton. Haptiz* 16*. Susceperunt Mafthaeos Rosk 
I if Milton I It a llrKt^fiy. 

tMiii. 11/ julii Itor/l 5' antemeridiani nata Bffaria filia JHrsarima 
fliitmii>liii IClliiiH i-t (Jitharirw Ivory. Baptiz* in hospitali to^o [dicio 
lnipfUh^tt] Miiil niNlnm die. Susceperunt Gulielmus Flemiiiget Ama 

iHmi 17" (iilii mrdio |K)St 2*"^ antemeridianam natus Edmundiis 
niiiiM AiiilituMii rt <:utlmrinic Wall. Haptizatus 2' Augusti. Suacepit 
MiiiKiitilii < ini'W. 

I yi^n I** I hi rmJiriN rirni horam 4'^'" pomeridianam nata Elizabetha 
niiM riiiltp|»t i«l MailliiL* KoKcrs. Baptiz"" 8^ Augusti, 1801. Suaoepit 
|iHimiii I'liii. 

iMtMi fi'i NovniiliriN horfi 9^ antemeridiand nata Catharina filia 
niili|i|ii It MiiillKr Kogrrs. Baptiz* 8^ Augusti, 1801. Suaoepit 
MHrlii lliiikr. 

(Vi) I'/f^'i 1^ M^tii ii*Ltt( Muria Anna filia Thomas et Dorothese Welwter. 
Ilii|ili/" Miili luiiilitintir 11' AuuuHti, 1801. Assistente Marid Burise. 

I Mil I, ju'^ AtiKiiNii hor/l 6'^ |>omeridian& nata Gratia filia iU^tima 
liHitiiim Hunt rt Joiinim' Kviuik. Baptiz^ 23^. Suscepit Jacobus Biory. 

I Mil I. J j'^ AiiKiisli (|uiidrantc ante S*^"* pomeridianam nata Bridgitta 
hhii SMiiiiirhii ri llriilKiltiu Allen. Baptiz* 29^. Suscepit Margarita 

I Ho I. 11* Si|iUMir horA 2^ antemeridiand natus Gulielmus filius 

1i\\\\uAu\\ iroiifii oi4t\ illcgitimus (propter cultus disparitatem) Gulielmi 
MaycM i*t Maiiji rill.idunu. liaptiz^ 25A. Susceperunt Gulielmus et 
Miuiii 'rillailiiniH. 

I Ho 1 . 4* ( )('tol)riK |)aulo ante nonam antemeridianam nata Elixabetha 
filia I'ctri ct IClizal)cth;c Kelly. Baptiz* 11^. Susceperunt Jacobus Burke 
ft jiiditha Mfud. 

1801. 7^ Octobris circa medium |)osl 8^ pomeridianam nata 

BSomnRS or Bristol 275 

Elizabetha [ftlia inUriined'] Jeremifie et liargaritae Leonards. Bapdz^ i tK 
Susceperunt Patricius Condon et Joanna Quinlan. 

1 80 1. 17& Octobris paul5 ante quintam pomeridianam natus 
Michael filius Comelii et Margaritae Lee. Baptizf 18^. Suscepit 
Maria Hannan. 

1801. 24' Oct. hor& i^ pomeridiani natus Thomas fUius Guliekni 
eC Maria Fitzgerald. Baptiz* 28^ Susceperunt Petrus Long eC Anna 
ReiU[?]. B.P. 

(60) 1801. i» Nov : hord 4^ antemeridiani natus Dionysius Galloway 
filius Richardi et Bridgittae. Baptizs. 3^ Nov*. Susceperunt Jacobus 
Burke et Ann Whayland. B.P. 

1 80 1. 8^ Nov* hori 8^ antemeridiani nata Maria filia Thomae 
et Catharinae Reilly. Baptiz* 15* Susceperunt Michael M'Gray et 
Anna Black. B.P. 

1801. 3^ Decemb^ hora 5^ antemeridiani natus Guillelmus Cushen 
filius guillelmi et sarae. Baptiz* 6* Dec. Susceperunt Garret Dolan 
et Maria Lee. B.B. 

1 80 1. 4 Dec* intra horam 8»* et 9^ antemeridianam nata Helena 
filia Joannis et Annae Kelly. Baptiz* 12^. Suscepit Catharina Axford. 

iSoi. 7^ Decembris hori undedmi pomeridiani nata Helena filia 
Jacobi et Mariae Brien. Baptiz^ 13*^. Susceperunt Patricius Sullivan 
et Anna Whin. 

1 80 1. 17^ Decembris paul6 post [horam interHnedf] 4*°^ ante- 
meridianam nata Anna filia Joannis et Aiuiae Kelly. Baptiz* 20s. 
Susceperunt Matthias Kelly et Anna Hughes. 

1 80 1. 4^ Decembris hori 3*^ antemeridiani natus Thomas filius 
[Libitts irossid auf] Libii et Catharinae Sharman. Baptiz* 27^. 
Susceperunt Gulielmus Brander et Maria Burke. 

[(42) in margin.] 

1799* 7 r^P* crosstd out] Nov* circa horam 3*^ antemeridianam 
nata Joanna filia Michaelis et Catharinae Callaghan. Baptiz* i ministro 
Acatholico. Suppletae Caeremoniae baptismi die 3^ Jan^ 1802. 

(61) 1802. 16* januarii hora 2* post meridiana nata Elizabetha filia 
joannis et Mariae [Ryan crossed out] [^utnaghan interlined], baptizata 18. 
Sittcepenmt Michael Corcoran et anna whitehead. 

1802. 21* januarii hora 6* pomeridiana natus Michael filius 
Michaelis calahan et catharinae uxoris. baptizatus die 25*. Susceperunt 
philippus Dowlin et biigitta hart. 

1800. 21^ Decembris medio ante 12*°^ meridianam natus Joannes 
filius (illegitimus propter cultQs disparitatem) Richardi et Susannae Davis. 
Baptiz* 86 Jan^ 1802. Suscepit Maria Burice. 

1802. 26^ Jan" hora quinti antemeridiani nata Magdalena 

filia Roberti et Luciae Willoughby in Wick. Baptiz* in domo privati 
completis caeremoniis eidem die. Susceperunt p procui™ Henricus 
Hudcford Hassal et Esthera Ferris. 

1 80 1 . 12^ Aprilis circa medium post 1 2*°^ meridianam natus Jacobus 
filius Joannis et Annae Coney. Baptiz* 31^ Januarii 1802. Susceperunt 
Gulielmus Brander et Catharina Curtin. 

1802. 4^ Februarii immediate post 3^*°* antemeridianam natus 
Thomas filius Gulielmi et Rebeccae Fleming. Baptiz* 7'. Susceperunt 
Thomas Smith et Anna Whdan. 


(62) 1802. 24^ Januarii circa medium post 5** pomeri&uiim 
Margarita filia Gulielmi et Mariae Carney. Bapdz^ 7^ Fefaniari. 
Suscefx;runt Joannes CuUimore et Catharina Egan. 

1802. 28* januarii circa 1 1^ horam antemeridianam natus joanms 
filius gulielmi et Mariae annse Duggin. baptiz* 8* febmariL Saacepenmt 
Joannes Lee et Maria Murphy. 

1802. [9^ interlined^ 9^ Februarii paul6 ante mediam noctem natos 
Joannes filius Richardi et Margaritae Grace. Bapdz* 28. Soscepenmt 
Richardus Bulger et Eteonora \KyBii crossed out \ Bowkn. 

1802. 16^ Martii circa horam 9^ [aut paul6 interlined and cwmsei 
out] antemeridianam aut paul6 ante, natus Stephanus filius Jacobi ct 
Elizabethae Doran. Baptiz* 21^. Susceperunt Bemardus Lawley et 
Maria Deane. 

1786. 13* Novembris [paul6 interlined^ post mediam noctem nata 
Maria Anna l^tia Richardi et Susannas Davis. Baptb^ 24^ Blartii, 1802. 
Suscepit Maria Burke. 

1802. 17^ Martii circa horam 9*™ antemeridianam natus Patridot 
Alius Thomae ct Brigittae Higgins. Baptiz* 25^. Susceperunt Ganet 
Barry et Maria Burke. 

1802. 13^ Februarii quadrante ante 6^ antemeridianam natos 
Joannes Jacobus et paul6 post ^^ antemeridianam nata Anna Catherina 
filii gemelli (63) Joannis et Catharinae Flood. Baptiz^ 28^ MaitiL 
Susce{x;runt Joannes Cowen et Catharina Flood. 

1 796. 2^ Maii intra horam 8^ et ^ antemeridianam natus Joannes 
filius Andreas ct Sarae Winter. Baptiz* 31^ Martii, 1802. Suscqiit 
I^aii* Doinnus Hartholemus Le Prevost 

1802. 9* Martii intra horam 5*" et 6*™ pomeridianam nata Maria 
Anna filia Roberti et Franciscje Nelson. Baptiz* [a blotted number] 31*. 
Suscepit Maria Burke. 

1802. 28 martii circa intra horam 7*™ et 8*™ meridianam natus 
Joannes filius joannis et annae fitzgerald. Baptiz^ 4* Aprilis. Susceperunt 
guillelnius lirander et Joanna Murphy. 


1802. 15 Martii antemeridiem nata 
Susanna Rlia Alexandri et Hdenae 
Cremor. Baptiz* 4* Aprilis. 

1802. 16* Aprilis circa horam 7"" antemeridianam nata Elizabetha 
filia jacobi et Elizabethae Hartigan. baptiz' 25* aprilis. Susceperunt 
Martinus Lundergan et Maria Murphy. 

1802. 2 1^ Aprilis circa horam i™ meridianam natus gullielmus 
filius Thomae ct Marine Donovan, baptiz*"* 28* aprilis. Susceperunt 
gullielmus Brander et Anna Black. Oulielmus hie filius Thomae Donovan et Mariae illegitimos 
propter imiHidimcntum clandestinitatis. 

(64) 1802. 6* Aprilis circa 9**" horam pomeridianam natus Joannes 
filius joannis et Mariae Lynch, baptiz* Die 2* Maii. Susceperunt 
Thomas ('anavan et Maria Heagerty. 

1802. 19^ Aprilis circa horam 2*™ antemeridianam nata Margarita 
filia (Juliclmi et Catharinae Downs. Baptiz"" 2^ Maii. Susceperunt 
Thomas Galway et Maria Anna Casey. 


1 78 1. II* Junii paulo post i2»*noctumani natus Jacobus filius 
Thomae et Joannae Davis. Baptiz' sub conditione 2* Mail, 1802. 
Suscepit R<** Doms Bartholemeus Le Prevost. 

1802. 4* februarii circa horam 6»" antemeridianam natus jacobus 
filius Nicholai Abigael Mohun. Baptiz' Sub conditione 9^ Maii. 
Suscepit jacobus Burke. 

1777. 24* Septembris circa horam 8*™antein: nata Carolina filia 
Georgii et Temperantiae Gcach. Baptiz^ sub [ ]detione 14* Maii, 
1802. Suscepit Maria Burke. 

1798. 27* Nov* nata Elizabetha filia Joannis et Elizabethse 
Hutcheson. Baptiz^circainitium Aprilis,i8o2. Suscepit Eleonora Graham. 

1802. 16* Maii quadrante ante io*°* pomeridianam nata Catharina 
filia Danielis et Helenae Barry. Baptiz^ 23**. Susceperunt Gulielmus 
Brander et Margarita Powrie 

(65) 1802. 19^ Maii medio post quintam antemeridianam natus 
Jacobus filius Philippi et Margaritas Connelly. Baptiz* 23**. Suscep- 
erunt Joannes Parrel et Francisca Connelly. 

1802. 28* Maii hord 1 1* antemeridiani natus Georgius Sheppard 
filius Petri et Annae Blackborow. Baptiz* i* Junii. Susceperunt 
Gulielmus Joannes et Elizabetha Fargus. 

1783. 22* Aprilis natus Josephus filius Josephi et Elizabethae 
Ashmore. Baptiz^sub conditione 12 Junii, 1802. Suscepit Anna Hughes. 

[178 crossed out\ 1779. 26*Augusti nata Anna filia Davidis et 
Annae Pitt. Baptiz^ sub conditione 12 Junii. Suscepit Anna Hughes. 

1784. 26* Decembris nata Elizabeth filia Josephi et Elizabethae 
Ashmore. Baptiz^sub conditione 12 Junii, 1802. Suscepit Anna Hughes. 

1783. 28* Aprilis nata Anna filia Thomae et Annae Driver. 
Baptiz^sub conditione 12 Junii, 1802. Suscepit Anna Hughes. 

1802. 15* [Junii interUned\ circa horam undecimam pomeridianam 
natus Joannes filius Joannis et Helenae Buckley. Baptiz* 22*. Suscep- 
erunt Patricius O'Brien et Margarita M<=Grath. 

1802. 18* Junii circa 4*" pomeridianam natus Joannes filius 
Caroli et Helenae Corcoran. Baptiz. 22*. Susceperunt Thomas Connor 
et Bridgetta Ryley. 

(66) 1802. 16* Junii [paulo ante 10 crossed aut\ [hori quintd 
interlined^ antemeridiand [*'m" crossed out\ nata Anna filia Gulielmi et 
Mariae Pierce. Baptiz» 23*. Susceperunt Patricius Hurley et Maria 

1802. 27^ Junii hord duodecimd noctumi nata Helena filia Thomae 
et Mariae Macgrah \the "c" is written over "a g"]. Baptiz* 4* Julii. 
Susceperunt Thomas Rogers et Margarita Fitzgerald. 

1802. 27* Junii intra 6*"& 7»" pomeridianam natus Joannes filius 
Oweai et Eleonora Hare. Baptiz* 4^ Julii. Susceperunt Patricius Ryan 
et Catharina Curtin. 

1802. 27* Junii circa horam 7*" pomeridianam natus Dionysius 
filius Danielis ct Margaritae Quinlan. Baptiz* 6* Julii. Susceperunt 
Joannes et Maria Donovan. 

1802. 5* Julii hori 7* antemcridiani natus Terentius Josephus 
filius Patricii et Bridgittae Mountain. Baptiz* 8^. Susceperunt Gulielmus 
Brander et Catharina Ryley* 

ItfeOlSRRS or BittSlOL 279 

Jane Watkins, Elizabeth 50 Ann Trafford, Ann 

Catherine Burke Sen', Mary I^wis, Mary 

Catherine Bridget Howland, Mary 

Lucy Linche, Ann Ann Hayes, Mary 

Mary Trafford, Thomas Plowman, John 

[Aug. 4*^ interlined,'] James Browne, John 

\In pencil, M. 13 + F. 42 = 55.] 
1 802. 1 7^ Julii me<uo post 8*°^ antemeridianam natus Miles Michael 
[Sweaney crossed oul] filius Owenis et Catharinae Sweaney. Baptiz* 
i3^Augusti. Suscei)erunt Michael Kelly et Catharina Coyle. 

(70) i8o2. 24^ Julii hori 2^ post meridiem nata Maria Anna [erasure] 
filia Mariae et joannis jones. Baptiz* 22^ Augusti. Susceperunt Antonius 
Spensa et Arma Spensa. 

1801. 24' Augusti circa medium post 8^ pomeridianam nata in 
Clifton Maria Barbara filia Caroli^ et Mariae Browne Mostyn. Baptiz* 
26^. Susceperunt Georgius Butler et Anna Browne Mostyn. 

1802. 16^ Augusti medio post 7^ antemeridianam natus Joannes 
fiHus Philippi et Joannae Smithe. Baptiz* 29^, Susceperunt Carolus 
Burton et Elizabeth M^'Norton. 

1803. 2^Septembris hori 5^ post meridiem natus Michael filius 
Mariae et Michaelis Murphy. Baptizatus 5^ Septembris. Susceperunt 
Oliverus Hassett et Maria Rearden. 

1802. 30^ Aprilis hori undecimi pomeridiand nata Maria illegidma 
filia [Gulielmi interlined] Coatson et Elizabethae Small. Baptiz* 7* 
Septembris. Suscepit Anna Thorpe. 

1800. 13^ Julii paul6 [post crossed out, anti interlined] horam 
sextam pomeridianam natus Christopherus [two words interaned and 
crossed out^ Daniel filius Petri et Mariae Farrel. Baptiz* 31*. Suscep- 
erunt Daniel Farrel et Margarita Donoghue. 

1800. I A Novembris hori 6^ pomeridiani natus Jacobus filius 
Gulielmi et Mariae Underwood. Baptiz* 7^. Suscepit Sarah Jay. 

(71) 1800. 6* Decembris medio post 8*™ pomeridianam nata Eleonora 
fUia Joannis et Catharinae Flood. Baptiz* 9^. Suscepit Andreas Williams. 

1 80 1. 5* Januarii medio post 5*™ pomeridianam nata Carolina 
Cantle filia Joannis et Mariae Jones. Baptiz* 25^. Susceperunt Patricius 
Regan et Martha Arden. 

1802. 7^ Septembris hori duodecimi noctumi natus Gulielmus 
filius Annae et joannis Fitz-Henry. Baptizatus 12^ Septembris. Suscep- 
erunt Morgan Connor et Maria Fitz-Gerald. 

1802. 29< Augusti hori septimi matutini nata Sara filia Estheris 
et Jacob Dofil Baptiz* 19* Septembris. Susceperunt Gulielmus Power 
tCt Brigitta Power. 

1802. 15A Septembris hori duodecimi noctumi cum tribus 
quadrantibus circiter natus Georgius filius Mariae et Francisci Mulvey. 
Baptizatus 19^ Septembris. Susceperunt Gulielmus Carney et Maria 

3tc Eldest son of Charles, second son of Sir Edward Mostyn. fifth baronet. His 
wife was Mary, daughter of George Butler of Ballyraggett, Kilkenny, and sister of 
George Charles Mostyn, siith Lord Vaux of Harrowden. The child married in 1833 
Sir Frederick Slade, second baronet, and died 1885. Her son, the late Sir Alfred 
Sfauie» had Xm prora the marriage in successfully contesting his daim to the title. 


1 802 . 1 5& Septembris hord nond serotini cum tribus quadrantibus natt 
Elizabeth filia Elizabeth et Joannis Hutchinson. Baptiz* 19^ Septembris. 
Susceperunt Gulielmus Murphy et Joanna Graham. 

(72) [1804 crossed ouf] 1781. Ad finem anni circa horam nonam 
antemeridianam natus Moses Josephus fUius Henrici et N. Beek. 
Haptiz* 24 Septembris, 1802. Susceperunt Carolus Burton et Maria 

1802. 22^ Septembris hora secundi noctumi natus Michael filius 
Annx et Patricii Bolan. Baptiz* 26^ Septembris. Susceperunt Jacobus 
Hannan et Maria Hannan. 

1802. 8^ Septembris hor4 duodecimo noctunUl cum dimidio nata 
Maria filia Marise et Joannis Jordan. Baptiz* 26^ Septembris. Suscep- 
erunt Petrus Johnson et Maria Burke. 

1802. 25^ Septembris cirdt horam duodecimam cum dimidio natus 
Joannes filius [Joannis crossed oui] Annae et Joannis Brown. Baptist 
26^ Septembris. Susceperunt Carolus Burton et Maria Burke. 

1802. 7' Octobris circa horam tertiam matutinam natus Joannes 
filius Joannis et Margaritas Richards. Baptiz' 10^ Octobris. Sosoepit 
Maria Matthews. 

(73) 1799* 13^ Dec' natus Richardus filius Richaidi 
et Annoi Philips. Haptizatus sub conditione 11 Octobris 1802. Suscepit 
Winifrida [Wilkinson crossed oui] Wilson. 

1802. 11^ Octobris paul6 post medium quintam antemeridianam 
nata Anna filia Joannis et Alicia^ Barry. Baptiz* 12^. Susceperunt 
Daniel Sullivan ct Margarita Hegerthy. 

1801. 1 2''' Martii natus Gulielmus Gregorius filius Richardi 
ct Annie Philips. Baptiz"^ sub conditione 14^ Oct*, 1802. Suscepit 
Winifrida Wilson. 

1802. 9'"^ Octobris hora undecimi matutind cum dimidio nata 
Helena filia Ambrosii et Catharina Wall. Baptiz* 19* Octobris. Suscepit 
Isabella Wall. 

1802. 24^ Septcm^ paul6 ante 7^ ante meridianam nata Francisca 
Olive filia Edwardi et Marias Sharp. Baptiz* 3** Nov*. Suscepit Anna 

1802. 2^ Novembris hora primi cum dimidio post meridiem nata 
Sara filia Comelii et Elizabeth Buckley. Baptiz* 7^ Novembris. Suscep- 
erunt [Joha crossed out] [Joannes interlined] Coppenger et Maria Burke. 

(74) 1802. 5* Novemoris hora tertid matutind cum quadrante nata 
Anna filia Jacobi et Catharinae Walsh. Baptiz* 14^ Novembris. 
Susceperunt Henricus Caroll et Maria Donovan. 

1802. 7^ Aprilis medio post primam antemeridianam nata Anna 
Barbara filia Joannis ct Teresiae Catharinae Carpenter. Baptiz* sub 
conditione 1 7 Novembris. Suscepit Anna Winefrida Aikin. 

1802. 9* Novembris hora undecima [matutind interlined] cum 
dimidio circitcr nata Margaritta, filia gulielmi et Joannas Addcock. 
Baptiz^ 21* Novembris. Susceperunt Patricius Brimham et Sara 

1802. 10^ Decembris [circitcr interlined] hord undecimd matutind 
nata Maria Anna [Nugent crossed out] filia Thomae et Mariae Nugent 
Baptiz* 19^ Decembris. Susceperunt Cornelius Laahy et Joanna Kidnay. 



[1802 crossed ou/.] \The following entry doubtful^ crossed out ; see 
the next one.] Natus Edwardus Ward filius Joannis et Mariae Ward. 
Robertus Ives et helena Elleonora hayden. 

(75) 1 799- 13^ Decembris hora secunda matutina natus Edwardus 
filius Joannis et Mariae Ward. Baptiz^ sub conditione 19^ Decembris 
[1802 interlined], Suscepenint Robertus Ives et Helena Hayden. 

1S02. 29^ Novem* medio post undecimam pomeridianam natus 
Joannes filius illegitimus Joannis Goold et Mariae FarreL BaptizP 
24* Decembris. Suscepit Jacobus Burke. 

1802. 19^ Decembris hori quarts matutini circit^r nata Francisca 
filia Michaelis et Marthse Nowlan. Baptiz^ 26^ Decembris. Susceperunt 
Edwardus Montan et Francisca Connally. 

1802. 5^ Dec* circa undecimam pomeridianam nata Margarita filia 
Joannis Johnson et Honorae Latin. Baptiz* 27^ Suscepit Patricius 

1802. 2^ Dec* circa medium post 2^ pomeridianam natus Henricus 
Matthaeus filius Caroli et Elizabethae Mortimer. Baptiz* 29^. Suscepit 

procur: Robertus Plowden. 
(78) in margin.] 

1802. 28^ Dec* circa septimam horam serotinam natus Thomas 
filius Thomae et Annae Gaulway. Baptiz* 2^ Januarii, 1803. Susceperunt 
Joannes Hare et Helena Cook. 

1787. 8^ Februarii hori noni antemeridian^ nata Anna filia Jacobi 
et Annae Beer. Baptiz* riti a Ministro Protestante. suppletse caere- 
moniae catholicae die 5^ Januarii, 1803. Suscepit Maria Burke. 

(76) 1802. 29^ Dec* quadrante ant^ Meridiem natus Thomas filius Petri 
et Elizabeth Kelly. Baptiz* 9^ Januarii, 1803. Susceperunt Michael 
Flood et Margarita Corbett. 

1803. 13^ Januarii circa Octovam horam serotinam nata Margarita 
filia Jacobi et Brigittse Conigam. Baptiz* 16^ Januarii. Susceperunt 
Joannes Walsh et Sara Mackdonel. 

1802. 20^ Nov* Circa horam 4^ pomeridianam nata Elizabetha 
filia Gulielmi et Joannae HowelL Baptiz* 17* Jan", 1803. Suscepit 
Abigail Mahoni. 

1803. 24* Januarii circa medium post 4*^ pomeridianam natus 
Michael filius Michaelis et Mariae I>e]aney. Baptiz* 25^. Susceperunt 
Richardus Musgrave et Catharina Burke. 

1780. 24^Martii hori meridiani natus Josephus (CEthiops) filius 
Josephi et Mariae M'Kensie. Baptiz* 5* Februarii, 1803. Susceperunt 
Gulielmus M*Carthy et Maria Burke. 

1803. 3*^ Februarii medio post 10**" pomeridianam natus Jacobus 
filius Gulielmi et Elizabethae Mullowny. Baptiz* 7^. Susceperunt 
Jacobus MuUowney et Maria Agnes Burke. 

1802. 30^ Septembris [circa interlined] horam sextam Serotinam 
nata Anna filia Jacobi et Rebeccae Chocker. Baptiz* 6^ Februarii, 1803. 
Suscepenmt Angelus Lazary et Anna Matteoly. 

1803. 7^ Februarii circa horam primam antemeridianam nati 
Gulielmus filius et circa (77) medium post i*™ antemeridianam Fran- 
cisca filia gemelli Joannis et Mariae Kelly. Baptiz* 10*. Susceperunt 
Gulielmus Palridus Bowling et Joanna Quinlan, Frandscam Samuel 
M*Connic et Catharina Hurl^. 

28t itBGiMtaft oi^ temoL 

1802. 34 Decern* medio post decimam antemeridianam natus 
Joannes filius Joannis et Mariae Farrel. Baptiz* 20* Febniarii, 1803. 
Susceperunt Morgan Connor et Margarita Corbet 

1802. 18^ Octobris circa medium post 4*™ pomeridianam natas 
Joannes filius Joaimis et Elizabethse M^'Lean. Baptiz' sub conditione 
22^ Februarii, 1803. Susceperunt Michael Delany et Catharina Troye. 

1802. 27A Aprilis circa horam i*°> pomeridianam nata Maria 
Winefrida filia Richardi et Aimae Philips. Baptize 27* Febmariiy 1803. 
Suscepit Winefrida Wilson. 

1803. 27^ Februarii hor^ undecimi antemeridian^ nata Margarita 
filia Jacob! et Elizabethse Dowling. Baptize 5* Martii. Suscepit Maria 

1803. 31^ Februarii hori 5^ pomeridian& nata Susanna filia Thomae 
et Susannas Winter. Baptize 6* Martii. Susceperunt Edwardus Ptel et 
Maria Winter. 

1803. 9^ Februarii medio post 7*™ antemeridianam nata Maria fiUa 
Jacobi et Mariae Danrers. Baptize 10^ Martii. Susce^Mt GuHehmis 

(78) 1802. 8^ Januarii intra horam 6^ & 7^ pomeridianam nttus 
Carolus filius Joannis Alexandri et Elizabethae Byron. rit6 Bapti^ 
privatim. Suppletas caeremoniae Ecclesiae die 30^ Martii 1803. Suaoqi- 
erunt Michael Tracey et Maria Sullivan. 

1803. i^ Martii circa medium post 4^ antemeridianam nata 
Margarita filia Patricii et Maria White. Baptize sub conditione a* .^mlii. 
Suscepit Laetitia Dogherty. 

1802. 3»* Septem* intra meridiem et i»*" pomeridianam natus Tho* 
filius Joannis et Sarhae Keacy. Baptiz" 7^ Octobris sub conditione. 
Suscepit Maria Burke. 

[1802 crossed out'] 

1803. 28^ Martii hori 2^ [matutind interlitud] cum dimidio natus 
Joannes filius Joannis et Mariae Jones. Baptiz"» 4* Aprilis. Susceperunt 
Joannes Lee et Joanna Murphy. 

1803. 2* Aprilis hori 2^ matutini natus Nicholaus filius Thomae 
et Helenae Howland. Baptiz^ 10^ Aprilis. Susceperunt Jacobus Hanky 
et Anna Whalan. 

1803. 28^ Aprilis hori 10^ pomeridiani nata Maria filia Laurentii 
et [Amy aut interlined] Emiliae Troy. Baptiz* 29*. Susceperunt 
Micnael Holly et Anna Neale. 

1803. 30^ Aprilis hori 9^ antemeridiani natus Gulielmus Henly 
filius Gulielmi et Carolina Last Baptiz* eidem die. Susceperunt 
Jacobus Henly et Elizabeth Roberts p procuratricem. 

(79) 1803. 28^ Aprilis paul6 ante duodecimam nocturnam natus 
Georgius filius illegitimus Michaelis Lawton et Davis. Baptiz* 
3*» Mail. Susceperunt Joannes Ryley et Eleonora Bolan. 

1782. i^Augusti paul6 ante 6^ antemeridianam nata Levina filia 
Jacobi et Mariae Spiring. Baptiz* sub conditione 4^ Mali, 1803. 
Suscepit Maria Burke. 

1787. 4^ Maii paul6 ante undecimam antemeridianam nata Maria 
Anna filia Henrici et Sarhae Gray. Baptiz^ sub conditione 4^ Maii, 1803. 
Suscepit Maria Burke. 

MBcmvicB or BRISIOL 9$$ 

1803^ 4* Mail quadrante ante nonam Gulielmus et hori noni 
pomeridiani Caiolus nati gemelli fiUi Josephi et Joanns AntonL 
Baptiz> 7^. Susceperunt : GdLielmum Andreas Virez et Maria Minray ; 
Carolum Edwardus Donogan et Joanna Jacobs. 

1^1- 3^ Mail inter nonam et dectmam horam noctumam natus 
Joannes filius Francisci et Elizabeth Mantan [?]. Bapdz** 8^ Mail 
Susceperunt Jacobus Fardough et Margarita Tracy. 

1^3- 5 Maii hori 9^ antemeridiani nata Maria filia Joannis et 
Mariae Daly. Baptiz* 9^. Suscepit Maria Barry. 

1803. 4^ Junii hora non& pomeridiani nata Maria filia Joannis et 
Catharinae Murray. Baptiz^ 9^. Susceperunt Petrus Mooney et Maria 

(80) 1803. 28^ Februarii drdi quintam horam matutinam natus 
Jacobus filius Jacobi et Brigitae Thomson. Baptiz"" 1 2^ Maii Suscep- 
erunt Joannes Bond et Elizabeth [Sweeny crossed tm/^ Sweany. 

1803. 10^ Maii hori undedmi cum dimidio ante meridiem nata 
Elizabeth filia Gulielmi et Sarae Cushin. Baptiz^ 15^ MaiL Susceperunt 
Petrus Mooney et Maria Mooney. 

1801. 13^ Maii hori secundi matutini nata Maria filia Joannis 
et Joannae Michel Baptiz^ 22^ Maii, 1803. Suscepit Maria Donovan. 

1803. 4^ Junii hori undedmi antemeridiani nata Honora Maria 
filia Timothei et Mariae Dwyer. Baptiz^ 1 1^. Susceperunt Jacobus 
Hartigan et Joanna Quinlan. 

1803, 4^ Junii quadrante anti quartam horam matutinam nata 
Margarita filia Samuelis et Brigittae Allen. Baptiz^ 13^ Suscepit 
Mai^uita Cave. 

1803. 17^ Junii c^uinti hori serotini cum dimidio natus David 
filius Gulielmi et Manae Jones. Baptize 26^. Suscepit Robertus Ives. 

1803. 28^ Maii paul6 ante mediam noctem natus Petrus filius 
Lucae et Mariae Matthews. Baptize sub conditione 29^ JuniL Suscepit 
Biaria Burke. 

(81) 1803. 18^ Martii circi horam secundam matutinam natus 
GuUelmus filius Edwardi et Annae Hunt Baptiz* sub conditione 
3*Julii. Suscepit Joannes Webb. 

1803. 29^ Junii hori tertii matutini nata Helena filia Joannis et 
Catharinae Daubin. Baptiz^ 6^ Julii. Suscepit Maria Burke. 

1803. 15^ Junii hori primi matutini cum dimidio nata Anna 
filia Joannis et Mariae Jacob. Bapti^ 6* Julii. Susceperunt Michael 
Hagarty et Maria Wealsh. 

1803. 27^ Maii area horam duodedmam Meridianam nata Maria 
Anna filia Michaelis et Susannae Raily. Baptiz^sub conditione iqA Julii. 
Suscepit Maria Anna Keho. 

i{k>3. 14^ Julii hori undedmi antemeridiani nata Maria filia 
Jacobi et Elizabethae Davis. Baptiz^ 20^. Susceperunt Thomas Ganly 
p procuratorem et Rosa Ganly. 

1803. 27^ Junii circa medium post 1 1^ pomeridianam nata Helena 
filia Guhelmi et Helenae Stewart Baptiz* 23 Julii. Susceperunt Michael 
et Joaima Heame. 

(82) 1803. I Julii paul6 ante nonam ante meridianam natus Thomas 
filius Edmidi et Mariae Barrett. BaplizP 2$^ Susceperunt Maurice 
Cksary et Anna Carthy. 



1803. 27^ Julii circa medium post 6^ antemeridianam nata 
Eleonora Maria filia Joannis et Hcmorae White. Baptir* i* AugustL 
Susceperunt Thomas Connor et Juditha Neale. 

1803. 25^ Julii circa horam 4"^ pomeridianam natus Jacobus iilius 
Richardi et Elizabethae Decourcy. Baptiz* 2* Aug*. Suscepenmt 
Alexander Byrne et Margarita Decourcy. 

1 79 1. i7^Septembris natus Daniel filius Danielis et Annas Hayes. 
Baptiz' sub conditione 4^ Augusti, 1803. Suscepit Maria Burke. 

1802. 14^ Oct* circa medium post 7*°* antemeridianam nata Helena 
filia Joannis et Elizabeths Condon. Baptiz* sub conditione 6^ Augusti, 
1803. Suscepit Catharina Curtin. 

1803. 20* Januarii hori 3^ post meridiem nata Joanna filia Danielis 
et Joannae Hease. Baptiz* 7^ AugustL Susceperunt Gulielmus Fleming 
et Sara Smith. 

1803. 25 A Julii hori 4^ antemeridian^ nata Rebecca filia Joannis 
et Mariae Keasy. Baptiz* 17^ Augusti. Susceperunt Gulielmus Downs 
et Margarita Roache. 

(83) 1803. 8* Augusti inter horam 10*" et 11*" post meridiem nata 
Maria filia Martini et Mariae Macarti. Baptiz* 19^ AugustL Suscepit 
Brigitta Galagher. 

1792. 26 Februarii intra mediam noctem et horam i»™ ante- 
meridianam nata Francisca filia Philippi et Margaritas Connelly. Bapliz* 
sub conditione 20^ Augusti, 1803. Suscepit Maria Burke. 

1803. 18* Augusti circa medium post 4*°* pomeridianam natus 
Michael filius Michaelis et Mariae Delany. Baptiz* 21*. Susceperunt 
Edwardus Mountain et Eleonora Joice. 

1803. 1 7^ Augusti circa 5*^ horam pomeridianam natus Jacobus 
filius Thomae et Catharinae Riley. Baptiz* 28^ Augusti. Susceperunt 
Gulielmus Power et Brigitta Power. 

1803. 23^ Augusti horli [secundi crossed out'\ [i* ifUer/ined] 
matutina cum dimidio natus Jacobus filius Joannis et Annae Fitz-Gerald. 
Baptiz' 28* Augusti. Susceperunt Jacobus Connaly et Maria Anna 

1803. 5^ Augusti quadrante post i*™ antemeridianam natus David 
filius Davidis et Eleonorae Gillings. Baptiz* i* Septembris. Suscepit 
Margarita Thomas. 

(84) 1803. Aug* 29* medio post 12**" noctumam nata Maria filia 
Jacobi et Elizabethae Doran. Baptiz* 4* Setem*. Susceperunt Petrus 
Carroll et Maria Richardson. 

1803. 26* [Augusti crossed out^ [Julii interlined^ quadrante anti 
horam 11*" ante Meridiem nata Elizabeth filia Joannis et Sarae Casey. 
Baptiz* 4* Septembris. Susceperunt Patricius Grady et Maria Murphy. 

1803. 2^ Septembris intra horam 8*^ et 9*"" post Meridiem natus 
Samuel filius Samuelis et Margaritae Perdua. Baptiz* 11^ Septembris. 
Susceperunt Petrus Kaly et Catharina Kidney. 

1800. 25^ Decembris hori quarts ant^ Meridiem natus Thomas 
filius Gulielmi et Maria Wise. Baptiz* sub conditione 12* Septembris 
1803. Suscepit Catharina Kaly. [The follo7ving is interlined: Bapti- 
zandus interum sub conditione, quia dubia fuit forma, J. M. R. Moutier.] 

1802. 24 Decembris intra 5*" et 6*™ horam ant^ Meridiem nata 


Maria (ilia Gulielmi et Mariae Wise. Baptiz* 12* Septembris. Suscepit 
Catharina Kaly. 

1803. 19^ Septembris hor4 quartd ant^ Meridiem nata Maria filia 
Gerardi et Anns Dowling. Baptiz^ 25^. Susceperunt Michael Sinnott 
et Henrietta Kally. 

1803. 10^ Septem* paul6 ante 5*" antemeridianam nata Catharina 
filia Gulielmi et Annae Scully. Baptiz* in domo privata in Clifton 
3** Octobris. Susceperunt Richardus Sauce [?] et Ursula Roe, per 

(85) 179 nata Sophia filia 

et Wenefridae Pentigall. Baptiz* sub conditione 14 Oct* 
1803. Suscepit Maria Nicholets. 

1788. 31^ Octobris quadrante ante meridiem nata Margarita filia 
Jacobi et Margaritas Fordyce. Bapdz^sub conditione 14 Octobris, 1803. 
Suscepit Maria Burke. 

1790. Circa initium mensis Februarii fputk ^**^ interlined] nata 
Joanna filia Francisci et Elizabethan Peppy [(olim Martyn) interlined]. 
Baptizata sub conditione 14 Octob*, 1803. Suscepit Maria Burke. 

1788. 2^Junii nata Maria filia 

Thomae et Margaritae Bluett Baptiz* sub conditione 14 Oct* 1803. 
Suscepit Maria Burke. 

1788. In festis natalitiis, i.e., sub finem Decembris nata Catharina 
filia Joannis et Mariae Duggan. Baptiz* sub conditione 14 Oct* 1803. 
Suscepit Maria Burke. 

1790. 30^ Januarii quadrante ante 8^ antemeridianam nata Martha 
filia Davidis et Elizabethae Rees. Baptiz^ sub conditione 14 Octob* 
1803. Suscepit Maria Burke. 

1779. die et mense incertis nata Maria Anna filia Gulielmi et 
Maria Norman. Baptiz* sub conditione 18^ Oct* 1803. Suscepit 
Maria Burke. 

(86) 1803. 19^ Octobris hor& septimi pomeridiani cum dimidio 
circit^r nata Catharina filia Michaelis et Brigittae Bum. Baptiz* 
23* Octobris. Susceperunt Jacobus Hanan et Catharina Brien. 

1803. 15^ Octobris hoii terti& ant^ Meridiem natus Joannes filius 
Joannis et Sarae Couchman. Baptiz* 26* Octobris. Susceperunt Petrus 
Moony et Anna Hughes. 

1803. 23^ Octobris hor& sextd cum dimidio post Meridiem natus 
Franciscus filius Nicolai et Annae Mattheole. Baptiz* 30* Octobris. 
Susceperunt Franciscus Mattheole et Anna Hughes. 

1803. 19^ Octobris circa horam undecimam cum tribus quadrantibus 
ant^ Meridiem nata Catharina filia Jacobi et Elizabeth Long. Baptiz* 
30* Octobris. Susceperunt Jacobus Jones et Maria Jones. 

[180 crossed out] 17 natus Thomas filius 

Thomae et Annae Morse. Baptiz^ sub conditione 14* Nov* [1803 
interlined], Suscepit Maria Burke. 

(87) 1803. 19^ Novembris circa horam decimam ant^ Meridiem natus 
Thomas filius Thomae et Catharinae Conor. Baptiz* 19^ Novembris. 
Suscepit Brigitta Conigham. 

1803. 7* Nov* post medium ante i^ pomeridianam nata Elizabeth 
filia Richardi et Annae Philips. Baptiz* in domo private in Westbury 
completis caeremoniis 14^ Suscqpit Winefrida Wilson. 

aS6 RBOiCTBRS or BmmroL 

1S03. 1$^ Nov* horft s^ antemeridiani nttus Thomas Alius ThoRMe 
et Margaritae Hart. Baptiz" 20^. Susceperunt Coraelius Lee et Anna 

1803. ao^ Nov> medio post 7*™poineridianain natus Joannes filius 
Joannis et Mariae Lawton. Baptiz'jo*. Susceperunt Martinus I andi^an 
et Helena Broderic. 

1803. 6^ Decembris circa hoiain nonam anti Meridiein natns 
Edwardus filius Edwardi et Mariae Fin. BaptizP 21* Decembris. Suscepit 
Margaritta Powrie. 
[(80) im margin.] 

1803. 23^ Decembris hor& duodecimft matutinft cum dimidio nata 
Maria Anna filia Patricii et Suzanae Divine. Bapdz* i* Januarii, 1804. 
Susceperunt Patricius Grady et Maria Murphy. 

(88) 1804. 5* Januarii hor& duodecim& meridian^ cum dimidio nalus 
Carolus Thomas filius Joannis et Catharinae Gardener. Bapdzf 14* in 
[domoprivatA comf^etis caeremoniis inierk'med]. Suscepit Anna Burton. 

1803. 17 Dec* circa horam 11^ postmeridiem natus Jaoobus fiUns 
Joannis et Annae Drake. Baptiz* 18 Jan : 1804. Suscepit Alicia Flood. 
k me R^ Plowden Miss^' Apoc. 

1803. 2^Jan^[hor& e^ crossed out] paul6 post 6^ pomeridianam 
natus et die 19^ baptiz* fuit Michael filius Abrahami et Bridgittas Wamn 
(olim Byrne) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Gulielmus McCarthy. Hie 
bapdsmus collatus est sub conditione k me Roberto Plowden Muw^ ApF». 

1733* 31^ Decembris natus fuit Hugo [Williams tnUriimed] filius 
N. N. et N. N. WiUiams (olim N. N.) conjugum. Baptiz- fuit sub 
conditione die 20^ Jan^ 1804, a me Rob® Plowden Miss® Apo8». 

1802. 16 Dec* circa medium post 7^^ antemeridianam nata et 
3^ Feb^* 1804, baptiz^ fuit Joanna filia Joannis Broadrick et Joannas 
Broadrick. Patrinus fuit Jeremias Mahar, Matrina Margarita Megrath. 
a me Rob*** Plowden Miss® Apos«>. 

1804. 4^ Februarii circa medium post 7^ pomeridianam nata et 
die 5^ baptiz* fiiit Bridgitta filia Jacobi et filizabethae Hartigan (olim 
Ryan) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Joannes Keasey. a me Roberto 
Plowden Miss® Ap«*. 

(89) 1803. 22 Novembris medio post 1 1^ antemeridianam natus et 
die 4^ Februarii, 1804, baptiz* fuit Michael filius Edwardi et Sarbs 
Grogan (olim Watts) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Petrus Moony et [Matrina 
inieriined] Anna Hughes, k me Roberto Plowden Miss® Ap^. 

1789 29^ Junii nata et die 

10^ Febr., 1804, baptiz^ fuit sub conditione Maria Beer filia Jacobi et 
Annae Beer [conj crossed out] (olim Melor) conjugum, k me Robt^ 
Plowden Missi® Apo~. 

1804. 9^ Februarii hori 3^ matutin^ nati Joanna filia Eduardi et 
Margaritas Bary. BapKiz* 1 2^. Susceperunt Dionisius Holand et Anna 

1804. 2(A Januarii hori 6^ cum dimidio p6st Meridiem nata Emdia 
filia Joannis et Margaritas Powrie. Baptiz* 19^ Februarii. Suaoepit 
Eduardus Conloy. 

1804. 14 Februarii paulo post 7^ pomeridianam natus et die 
20^ baptizus fuit Daniel filius Joannis et Catharinae Hogan (olim Hogan) 


coDJugum. Patrinus fuit Laurentim Troy et Margarita Lee. a aie 
Rob«> Plowden Miss^Apo". 

1804. 19^ Februarii intra 7"* et 8*" horam post Meridiem nata 
Anna filia Joannis et Annae Webb. Bi^)tiz^ 24* Susceperunt Jacobus 
Burke et [Anna crossed out] Maria Watkins. 

(90) 1804. 18^ Februarii horft s^cum dimidio p6st Meridiem natus 
Dionisius filius Dionisii et Catharinae Holland. Baptiz* a6^. Suscep- 
erunt Thomas Kain et Maigariu Heart 

1804. 19^ Februarii hor^ prim& antemeridiani natus ^ 27* bapti^ 
fuit Carolus Joannes filius Caroli et Hannae White (olim Ross Lewm) 
oonjugum. Patrinus fuit Joannes White (per procuratorem) et Catharina 
Goold. a me Rob^ Plowden Misf*^ Apos«>. 

1803. 31^ Jimii hori 10^ ant^ Meridiem natus Edwardus filius 
Danielis et Marias Doone. Bi^id^ in Manchester k Mis*^ Apos^. 
Recepit ceremonias [24 Februarii 1804, interlined^ in Bristol a me 
Joanne^ Marco, Romano Moutier^^ Mis^ Apos<». Suscepit Maria Watkins. 

1787. 8^ Feb: circa horam nonam antemendianam natas et 
5* Martii 1804 baptiz* fuit sub conditione Anna filia Jacobi et Annas 
Bear (olim Melor) conjugum. a me Rob^ Plowden Miss^ Apos^. 

1804. 5^ Martii hori 7* ant^ Meridiem nata Brigittae filia GuUelmi 
[Duggan crossed out'] et Mariae Annae Du£^;an (olim Norman) conjugum. 
Susceperunt Martinus Londragin et Maria Burke. Baptiz* ii* a me 
Joannei Marco, Romano Moutier Miss^ Apos<^. 

(91) 1800. 9* Martii medio post i^ antemeridianam nata [Maria 
iGina crossed out] et 12* Martii, 1804, baptiza [sub conditione interli99$d] 
fuit Maria Anna filia Joannis et Margaritas Powrie (olim Barrett) con- 
jugum. Matrina Maria Burke. A me Rob^ Plowden Miss® Ap^. 

1804. I* Martii hori 6^ cum tribus quadrantibus post Meridiem 
natus Edmundus filius Habenis [?1 et Elizabeth Brown (olim Norman) 
conjugum. Suscepit Edmundus Norman. Baptiz" 30^ a me Joanne, 
Marco, Romano Moutier Miss^ Apos<*. 

1778. Mense Decembris nata Anna filia Joannis et Elizabethae 
Stuckey (olim N. N.) et 30 Martii, 1804, baptiz^sub conditione a me 
Rob^ Plowden Miss*<» Apoc«. 

1804. II* Martii circa horam 5^ cum dimidio pbst Meridiem nata 
Fnudcisca filia Roberti et Franciscae Nelson (olim Braden) conjugum. 
Suicepit Elizabeth Braden. Baptiz* 3^ Aprilis k me Joanne, Marco, 
Romano Moutier Miss^Apos<^. 

1804. 6^ Aprilis intri ii«>n et 12*™ horam meridianam natus 
Thomas filius Gulielmi et Catharinae Downs (olim ) conjugum. 

Soaceperunt Timotheus McCarthy et Margarita O'Brienn. Baptiz* 
V A(mlis k me Joanne, Marco, Romano Moutier Miss^ Apos<». 

(92) 1804. 6^ Aprilis circa horam 1 2^ meridianam natus Gulielmus 
[Heron interlined] filius Michaelis et Joannas Haroen [Heron imtir' 
Kmd abcne Haroen] (olim Conor) conjugum. Susceperunt Patricius 
Ryan et Martha Jordan. Baptiz" 12^ Aprilis k me Joanne, Marco, 
Romano Moutier Miss^ Apos<». 

1804. 13* Aprilis circa horam 10^ serotinam nata Joanna filia 
Jaoobi et Estheris [Duffin crossed out] Duffin (olim Sweet) conjugum. 

4k He sigiis with two commM. 

I .V-*. 


zcn ^ zun Tiiaiiranni drciter p6st Meridiem mn 
Mai^ i-^ i^icniiE rc Zoiy zum W*eiL5|. Sascepenint Dtnid 
iiiyrs c. .VLiriar!':! iiifl lornr* r^ iepLfmbris i me J. M. R. Montiff 
\Ui A,:, -f ^ ' 

tic^ :• ?e^K!n-rs :._rl :>ii7te M±rj5em oatus Michael filius 
TrrAUJc >liirni "•••-rti; /su* s 3ricnae Higgmri (olim MoDooe). 
Sua. .-:-<r:V.: ' :l:u:=< '-.I.n: it :: \Lira FxEffrakL Eapd^ i6^i me 
j. .Vl.iiin.-r \Lss- .*ji:s- = 

,;;.i. i*- ;i.^: -!a=i Hisibeca ilia Magni et Catberins 

i.u.;^':r-/ :.:: 3«:ir-:e : :c:u:riai. x iie r* Octohrls 1804 bapd^ fait 

\tiirt(u /.iir--.i Vir:': - 1 i:e Bljoern rlowcen Missiooario Apost^*. 

ru /ji^rvvn^ frary .Tossed J*/.] 

(;> 'uZJL \rrjx ^I^ Tbcoue ec Annae Moss (olim 

::c vLTiz: :c :azO i-ci: :ccc:~cce iie 14 OcT 1S04 a me 

A:.r:«>::a ^u::: i.ti-.: ^ irrrrt::!, rj=: bapcie merit (vide foUuin 
praer^icnsr . 

(9A; :3c.t. ::-'V:::^ ::r-:a icram j-" aacenieridianam nata et die 
15' ha^cLr* r-:: Z:_LL;et.:j. Mj^cwTty r_liii G.iiieimi et F.liyahcthar 
M u"l«:^r./ :_- Y.J'. .^v-ev : "rJjgusi- PikT.nus nut Gulielmos Gfeen, 
Matrlr-i -\jira Grrtr. :cr cr:c'iia^ccin i Me Robeno Plowden 

I ic-L. If* t>::' b:ri -'■ iziszierlcLirLi =ans ec die 30* bapluf 6iit 
\}\r,r-j' 1^ Hi ts 7—i± Z.'.r.j- . rc Ann.? Hiyes 'oLim M^Tauliflr) cod- 
ju^-".. Pir-.r.-^ r- : Jir-.::? Crtehju. Mirrlna Eleonon Sullivaa 
i rr.e Pv'.ierrc ;.:v:rr. \[ si .\zcs-". 

ilz-t. ;: «>::::.-.? ziec:- cost S^- ;on:er!diinam nata et die 
I'N.vrr^" :Sz4 bdz::-^ :*,.: .\r-.-u Cower. r/.Li Jjdnnis et Elizabeths 
r>>we- :'.:- Hir.-i~ c.:r. -^-=. Milrirj r.i: Bridgitta Howe, a mc 
kobc-.: l'\-.-3sct" N[:s-- Ap.--. 

li:^. r*:^ C.K'.rSzr.- :±:= :-2dria:e ir.:e xerldiem rutus [Gulielmus 
croii^d '-■:-;' r: i:= 6^" Nov* izaftLr" Gu'.:clm;:s Walker filius Benjamini 
i'X Nfarc Wi.kiT o :rr. F:iz*:enld> ccr.juiuni. Patrinas fuit Michael 
Butler. Nr^:nr.a Nr^ria Rri-an. a me R..L-- Piowdcn Miss® Apos~. 

i3o3. 2- Afr:'..^ c::ca h-'ran: c-~ p< merldiaium natus, et die 
30* Xovembri.s 1S34 r.aptiz' fuit Gui:e'nrj> Hanham filius Gulielmi 
^■t F/.i/-a"x:thje Hanha::^. 'olim Turner) conjugum. Matrina fuit Maria 
I'iUrke. a mc Rob* Plowden Miss** Apos'^-. 

ii/)) 1S04. I- Necembris bora 8^ post Meridiem nata Maria filia Jacobi 
ut Eli/abeih I>owlan olim Flyn). Su>cei)erunt Thomas F1\ti et Anna 
IJrian. liaiitiz 16' a me J. Moulier Miss** Apo". 

1 8c;. «/' lJe<crnbris rirra ii*'^horam post Meridiem nata Maria 
filia J'iaf.i.i-. ct I.u'-ix* Foley ^olim Steel). Suscepit Gulielmus Cook, 
liaptiz"* 16' i me J. Moutier Miss** Apos". 

180;. 7' Dertrmbris circa medium ante 1 """^ antemeridianam natus 
et die \y bapti//* fuit lianicl Quinlan filius Danielis ct Margarita? Quinlon 
(oliiii Miller; conjugum. Patrinus fuit Timothcus I«anc, Matrina 
Elizabeth (Quinlan ^ me Roberto Plowden Miss*" Apos"*. 


1804. 12^ Decembris fer^ quadiante ante 3^^ antbmeridianam nata, 
et die i8« baptiz* fuit Anna Jordan filia Joannis et Maris Jordan (olim 
Hamm) conjugum. Matrina fuit Anna Spensa, k me Roberto Plowden 
Miss^ Apos<». 

1804. 15* Junii intra 6*"et 7»"horam p6st Meridiem nata Sophia 
filia Nicolai et Abigaelis Mohun (olim Forester). Baptiz* in casu 
necessitatis 18* Junii. Recepit cseremoniis 23^ Decembris k me J. 
Moutier Miss*® Apos<». 
[(65) tn margin.] 

1804. 36^ Decembris hord 12* noctumd natus Michael filius Robert! 
et Catharinae Ives (olim Whats). Baptiz* 1805 i* Januarii,k me J. Moutier 
Miss*** Apos<». Susceperunt Philippus Bary et Maria Ward. 

(100) 1805. 3* Januarii cirdt horaxn 7»"»post Meridiem natus Patricius 
filius Philippi et Sarae Barry (olim Crafts). Susceperunt Joannes Bap- 
tbta Cavana et Brigitta Bume. Baptiz* e&dem die k me J. Moutier 
Miss*** Apos~. 

1805. 3^ Januarii circ^ horam y*^ p6st Meridiem natus Jacobus 
filius Philippi et Sarae Barry (olim Crafts). Susceperunt Michael Bume 
et Joanna Brown. Baptize eddem die k me J. Moutier Miss*** Apos*^. 

1805. 10^ Januarii cirdt horam i*<° p6st Meridiem nata Helena filia 
Laurentii et Emiliae Troy (olim Bastible). Susceperunt Gulielmus 
Horgan et Maria Welch, Baptiz* 13* ^ me J. Moutier Miss*** Apos*». 

1805. 12^ Januarii hora 11^ post Meridiem nata Helena filia Hugo 
[nis in^/ined] [Dwyre crossed au/] et Catharinae Dwyer (olim Calaghan). 
Suscepit Anna Horagan. Baptiz* 14^ k me J. Moutier Miss*** Apos~. 

1805. 6^ Januarii hor& 4* p6st Meridiem natus Franciscus filius 
Comelii et Elizabeth Buckley (olim Harvey). Susceperunt Jacobus et 
Francisca Burke. Baptiz* 20^ k me J. Moutier Miss*** Apos*». 

1805. 15^ Januarii hord 4^ cum tribus quadrantibus p6st Meridiem 
nata Maria filia Thomae et Annae Galway (olim ). Suscep- 

erunt Georgius Regan et Maria Regan. Baptiz* 20^ k me J. Moutier 
Miss*** Apos<». 

(loi) 1805. 13^ Januarii hord 7^ ant^ Meridiem nata Anna filia Joannis 
et Mariae Jones (olim Ford). Susceperunt Samuel Johnson Philips et 
Elizabeth Anna Philips. Baptiz^ 27* k me J. Moutier Miss*** Apos*=**. 

N.B. In hoc baptismo nee Patrinus nee Matrina infantem tetigit. 

Nota benfe. 

(2u6d in omnibus baptismis k me infra scripto hacteniis collatis, et 
qui in hoc registro mei manu describi incipiunt di^ 4^ Julii, 1802. 
Patrini manum infanti supponere et eundem tangere nunquim admoniti 
sint; cumqu^ ejusmodi attactus, secundiim omnes Theologos ad im- 
pedimentum cognationis spiritualis contrahendum requiratur, et eudes 
prsecipui, injussi nihil ejusmodi pFsestare soleant, impedimentum hoc 
intir dictos Patrinos, et levatas mfantes et earum matres subsistere 
pnesumi non potest. Qu6d si (fxi inter baptizandum infantem se 
tetigisse meminerint, aut eamdem m defectu Matrinae tenuerint, (quod 
ex registro resciri potest) hi impedimentum contraxerunt. Ad quarum 
rerum cognitionem banc manu mc& declarationem subscripsi hie die 
12* Februarii, 1805. J. Moutier Mis* Apoc*. 

(102) 180 natns [Jacobus crostid md\ 


Suscepenint Georgius Conroy et Margarita Conroy. Bapti^ a8* Aprfltt 
k me Joanne, Marco, Romano Mouder Miss*® Apos<», 

1804. 24^ Aprilis hor& 8^ serotin& cum dimidio natus Gulielmus 
Alius Michaelis et Maris Philpot (olim Wise) conjugum. Suacepenmt 
Gulielmus Foley et Joanna Kidney. Baptiz' 29^ Aprilis k me Joanne, 
Marco, Romano Moutier Miss^ Apostolica 

1799. 8* Aprilis circa horam io« pomeridianam natus [et i* Mail, 
1804, baptiz' fuit interlined^ Gulielmus filius Joannis et Elizabeths 
Winter (olim Hassell) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Joannes Winter, Matrina 
Maria Winter, k me Roberto Plowden Miss*<> Apos». 

(93) 1^0 1- 20 Martii circa horam 7^ antemeridianam nata [et 
i^ Maii, 1804, baptiz^ fuit interlined] Elizabeth filia Joannis et Elizabetbae 
Winter (olim Hassell) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Joannes Winter, Matrina 
Maria Winter, a me Roberto Plowden Miss*® Apos<». 

1803. 30^ Dec* hodl i^ antemeridiani natus et i* Maii, 1804, 
baptiz* fuit Edwardus filius Joaimis et Elizabeths Winter (olim Hassdl) 
conjugum. Patrinus fuit Joannes Winter, Matrina Maria Winter, a me 
Roberto Plowden Miss®Apos». 

1804. 29^ Aprilis medio post 10** pomeridianam nata et 3'' Maii 
baptiz* fuit Lucinda Maria filia Patridi et Francises Lacy (olim Cannon) 
conjugum. Patrinus fuit Fredericus Carolus Hussenbeth, Matrina Biaiia 
Burke, a me Rob*<* Plowden Miss<> Apos<». 

1804. 26^ Aprilis circ& horam 4*" post Meridiem nata Elizabeth 
filia Gulielmi et Maria Wise (olim ) conjugum. Suscepit Anna 

Kelby. Baptiz^ 8^ Maii k me Joanne, Marco, Romano Moutier Misaf 

1804. 8^ Maii cirdl horam 11^^ cum dimidio p6st Meridiem nata 
Emelia filia Petri Henrici et Elizabeth C[as]emer (olim Philipps) 
conjugum. Suscepenint Dionisius Kidney et Joanna Quinlain. Baptiz* 
13* a me Joanne, Marco, Romano Moutier Miss® Apos~. 

(94) ^79^- 1 6 Februarii Natus et die 17* Maii, 1804, sub conditione 
baptiz* fuit Andreas Windham Richards filius Thoms et Joanns Richards 
(olim Bates) conjugum. k me Rob^ Plowden Miss** Apoc®. 

1782. 3»^ Novembris nata et die 23* Maii, 1804, sub conditione 
baptiza fuit Maria M^'Ghee (olim Stoneham) filia Gulielmi et Elizabeths 
Stoneham (olim Ward) conjugum. a me Rob^ Plowden Miss** Apoc*. 

1804. 28^ Maii circa horam 2**" matutinam nata Catharina filia 
Michaelis et Winifrids Mahon (olim Fennings) Conjugum. Suscepit 
Maria Burke. Baptiz* 3* Junii a me Joanne, Marco, Romano Moutier 
Miss** Aposc**. 

1804. 25^ Maii intra 7*"* et 8»" post Meridiem nata Helena filia 
Eduardi et Mahon (olim Joyce) Conjugum. Suscepenint 
Michael l^aton et Elizabeth Condon. Baptiz* 3^ Junii k me Joanne, 
Marco, Romano Moutier Miss** Aposc**. 

1804. i^ Junii hora 5^ post Meridiem natus Gulielmus filius 
Gulielmi et Marias Pierce (olim ). Susceperunt Eduardus 

Mountain et Maria Connelly. Baptiz* 10* k me Joanne, Marco, Romano 
Moutier Miss** Aposc**. 

(95) *^o4- 7* (Junii interlined^ cirdi horam 7*" post Meridiem natus 
Manuel filius Josephi et Maris Pmto (olim Drew). Susceperunt Patricius 


Hartnett et Catharina Oliver. Bapdz* 10^ k me Joanne, Marco, Romano 
Moutier Miss® Aposc9, 

1804. 13& Junii hord 10^ ant^ Meridiem nata Elizabeth filia Comelii 
et Brigittas Neagle [iAe "sl" is inUrlin^d] (olim Heart). Susceperunt 
Mauritius Sheehan et Catharina Paul [?]. Bapdz^ ly^k me Joanne, 
Marco, Romano Moutier Miss*> Aposc**. ♦ 

i795» ut creditur nata Maria filia Joannis et Margaritas 

Jones (olim ). Baptiz'sub conditione 22^ Junii 1804 k me 

Robto Plowden Miss**» Apoc». 

1 788. 25^ Dec* hori octavd pomeridiani nata Elizabeth filia Gulielmi 
et Maris Jameson (olim Sullivan) et baptiz* fuit sub conditione die 
aa* Junii, 1804 k me Rob*** Plowden Miss** Apoc®. 

1788. 28^ Februarii nata Maria filia Petri et Maris Annae Mooney 
(olim Carney) et baptiz*fuit sub conditione die 22^ Junii, 1804 k me 
Roberto Plowden Miss*** Apoc®. 

1793. 28^ Junii nata Anna [Morse inier/smd] filia 
Thomas et Annae Morse. Baptiz^sub conditione 22 Junii, 1804 a me 
Roberto Plowden Missi** Apoc*>. 

1804. 5^ Tunii hord 7^ cum dimidio ant^ Meridiem natus Joannes 
filius Joannis [Cotterel crossed (mt] et Elizabeth Cotterel (olim Williams). 
Susceperunt Jacobus Jones et Margarita Boyle. Baptiz* 24^ k me 
Joanne, Marco, Romano Moutier, Miss® Aposc*. 

(96) 1804. 25^ Junii hor& 7* antemeridian^ natus et e&dem die baptiz" 
fuit Joannes filius Gulielmi et Eleonorae [Connel (olim crossed out] 
Churchill (olim Connel) conjugum: Patrinus fuit Franciscus Haly et 
Matrina Maria Ward : k me Roberto Plowden Miss** Apoc**. 

1794. 17^ Augusti medio post i2^^pomer: nata et die 26^ Junii 
1804 baptiz* sub conditione fuit Anna Maria filia Richardi et Eliza- 
bethae Wellick (olim Lock) conjugum, a me Rob*** Plowden, Miss*** Apoc**. 

1787 et Mense Aprili (ut creditur) nata et die 29* Junii, 1804, 
baptiz* sub conditione fuit Maria Julia Dundas (olim Cusack) filia 
Joannis et Catharinae Cusack (olim O Brien) conjugum, a me Rob'** 
Plowden [Miss** Aposco imterlsmd], 

1804. 2^ Julii hord 4^ cum dimidio ant^ Meridiem natus Franciscus 
filius Frandsci et Mariae M*^Key (olim Nugent). Susceperunt Jeremia 
Sheehan et Catharina Curtin. Baptiz" 8* ^ me Joanne, Marco, Romano 
Moutier, Miss** Apos*=**. 

1804. S^ Julii hori 5^ cum dimidio ant^ Meridiem natus Joseph 
filius Jacobi et Mariae Jones (olim Pincott). Susceperunt Joannes 
Webb et Maria Watkins. Baptiz* 15* k me Joanne, Marco, Romano 
Moutier, Miss** Apos*». 

1804. I A Juhi hori 2* antemeridiand natus et 20^ejusdem mensis 
baptiz* fuit Jacobus filius Thomae et Mariae Donovan (olim Mullens) 
conjugum. Patrinus fuit Patridus Hartnet, Matrina Catharina Bowen. 
k me Rob*** Plowden Miss*** Apoc**. 

(97) 1804. a9<Tulii circa horam 8^ p6st Meridiem nata Sara filia 
Joannis et Elisaefbeth interiined] Hutchinson (olim Testrow). Suscep- 
erunt Thomas Higgins et Helena Morison. Baptiz* in domo private 
30^ k me Joanne, Marco, Romano Moutier Miss** Apos*^. 

1777. Mense Junio natus et a^ Aug*, 1804, baptiz* Aiit sub con- 


1805. 12* Junii circa horam io»™post Meridiem natus Dionisius 
filius Dionisii et Catharinae MacCarthy (olim Coakly). Susceperant 
Cornelius Ryan et Joanna Browne. Bapdz" 18* ^ me J. Moutier Miss^ 

1805. 28^ Junii intra i2*™et i^ horam post Meridiem nata Maria 
filia Joannis et Margaritae Quinlan (olim Dulin). Suscepit Dionisius 
Sullivan. Baptiz* 7* Julii k me J. Moutier Miss^ Apos«>. 

1805. 22^ Julii paul6 post [horam interlined] 4*>b antemeridianam 
natus et eddem die baptizP fuit Thomas Morrisy filius Timothei et 
Eleonorae Morrisy (olim Graham) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Patridus 
Quin et Matrina Eleonora Buddet, a me Roberto Plowden Miss*** Apos". 
(107) 1805. 30* Julii hori 10* p6st Meridiem natus Michael filius 
Dionisii et Catharinae Holland (olim ). Susceperunt Jacobus 

Haines et Catharina Wire. Baptiz* 6* Augusti k me J. Moutier Miss^ 

1805. 17^ Julii circa medium post octavam pomeridianam natus et 
die 6* Augusti baptize fuit Gulielmus Leahy filius Joannis et Bridgittae 
Leahy (olim Walsh) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Patricius Quin, Maybrina 
Maria Power, a me Rob'° Plowden Miss® Apos~. 

180^. 10* Junii circa horam s»" antemeridianam nata et die 
9* Aug" baptiz* fuit Maria M^'Ginnis filia Arthuri et Annae MHJinnis 
(olim M'Connel) conjugum. Matrina fuit Joanna Browne, a me Rob^ 
Plowden Miss** Apos~. 

1805. 30^ Junii circa horam 6**^ antemeridianam natus et die 
10* Augusti baptiz* fuit Joannes Jacobs filius Joannis et Mariae Jacobs 
(olim Gibbons) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Gulielmus Driscol et Matrina 
Catharina Driscol, a me Rob*<* Plowden Miss** Apos<». 

1805. 18^ Junii circa horam 9*™ p6st Meridiem natus Joannes filius 
Joannis et Margaritae Doyle (olim Hallaran) [a name crossed out and 
Halloran written above it\ Suscepit Brigitta Karbery. Baptiz* sub 
conditionc 18* Augusti k me J. Moutier Miss*** Apos<». 

1805. 19 Augusti paul6 ante horam 11^ antemeridianam natus et 
die 20^ baptiz* fuit Neale Daniel Murray filius Timothei et Helenae 
Murray (olim Hurley) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Joannes Seymour et 

S Matrina interlined] Maria Donovan, a me Rob*** Plowden Miss® Apos». 
108) 1805. 2* Januarii fer^ quadrante ante nonam post meridianam 
natus et die 2^ Septembris baptiz* fuit Richardus Kemey filius Gulielmi 
et Sarhae Kerney (olim Happy) conjugum. Matrina fuit Maria Kemey, 
a me Roberto Plowden Miss** Apos*». 

1805. 1 3»* Julii hori primi antemeridiani nata et die 6* Sept* 
baptiz* fuit Elizabetha Hartzigan filia Jacobi et Elizabethae Hartzi^ 
(olim Ryan) conjugum. Matrina fuit Maria Small man, k me Rob^o 
Plowden Miss** Apos*^'*. 

1805. 17^ Septembris cirdi horam 4*™ p6st Meridiem natus Michael 
filius Felicis et Mariae Wollahan (olim Byrne). Susceperunt Nicolaus 
Howland et Brigitta Howland. Baptiz* 22* i me J. Moutier Miss»** Apos**. 

1805. II* Septembris intra 4»"» et 5»"» horam p6st Meridiem nata 
Brigitta filia Lackey [over Laquis] et Brigittae Karley (olim Toeg). 
Suscepit Catharina Ford. Baptiz* 22* k me J. Moutier Miss*** Apos*^. 

1805. 22^ Septembris hori 5^ cum dimidio p6st Meridiem nata 


Joanna filia Gulielmi et Sarae Johnson (olim Ransho). Suscepit Maria 
Burke. Baptiz* 24* k me J. Moutier Miss»<» Apos«>. 

1805. 39^ August! paul6 post mediam noctem natus et die 3^ 
Octobris baptiz* fuit Petrus Delahunt filius Petri et Annae Delahunt 
(olim Lockley) conjugum. Patrinus fuit (109) Petrus Lafert6. a me 
Roberto Plowden Miss® Apos«». 

1805. 13* Octobris feri medio post horam io"» post meridianam 
natus et die 14^ Oct" baptiz* fiiit Edwardus Joannes Lacy filius Patricii 
et Franciscae Lacy (olim Cannon) (ionjugum. Patrinus fuit Jacobus 
Burke et matrina Francisca Burke. 

1805. 17* Octobris hor& 10^ ante Meridien natus Joannes filius 
Jacob! et Brigittae Fouhy (olim Hart). Susceperunt Cornelius Leahy 
ct Catharina Brown. Baptiz* 20* k me J. Moutier Miss*® Apos*». 

1762. Mense Augusti natus et die 26^ Oct* 1805 baptiz* sub con- 
ditione fuit Andreas^ Fiddes filiis Gabrielis et Joannae Fiddes (olim 
Stevenson) conjugum, a me Roberto Plowden Miss® Apos«>. 

1805. 27*Oct*hodl 4^ antemeridian^ natus et die 2* Nov^ baptiz* 
fuit Joannes Ryan filius Patricii et Juliae Ryan (olim Hall) conjugum. 
Patrinus fuit Samuel Johnson Philips et Matrina Maria Richardson, 
a me Rob*® Plowden Miss® Apos®®. 

1782. 6* Oct* circa horam 6^ pomeridianam natus et die 2* Nov* 
1805 baptiz* sub conditione fuit Jacobus Burke filius Patricii et Marias 
Burke (olim Browne) k me Roberto Plowden Miss® Apos<». 

1805. II* Maii hor& 2* ant^ Meridien natus Carolus filius Samuelis 
et Margaritas Perdue (olim Conor). Susceperunt Joannes Fitzgibbon 
et Anni Sullivan pro Suzanni Marghar. Baptiz* 3* Novembris k me 
J. Moutier, Miss*® Apos®®. 

(no) 1802. i3»*Feb" feri hori medii post meridiam natus fuit ct 
die 6* Novembris 1805 baptiz* Jacobus Wintworth filius (illegitimus 
propter cultiis disparitatem) Jacobi et Marthae Wintworth (olim Cooper) 
[conj : crossed out']. Matrina fuit Maria Burke a me Rob'® Plowden 
Mis*® Apos^®. 

1774. ut creditur natus fuit et die 8* Nov*, 1803, baptiz' sub con- 
ditione Joannes Young filius Thomae et Mariae Young (olim Summers) 
a me Rob*® Plowden Miss® Apos«>. 

1805. 22* Octobris hori 8* p6st Meridiem nata Esther filia Jacobi 
et Esther DufTey (olim Sweet). Susceperunt Gulielmus Power et Brigitta 
Power. Baptiz* 10* Novembris k me J. Moutier Miss® Apos<». 

1805. 30* Octobris quadrante ante meridiem nata et die 12* Novem- 
bris baptiz* fiiit Elizabetha Everett filia Joannis et Aliciae Everett (olim 
Houghton) conjugum. Matrina fuit Maria Burke, a me Rob*® Plowden 
Miss® Apos®®. 

4c Andrew Fiddes was a cooYert from Presbyterianism, and married Mary Brim 
{sig baptism^ 10 fune^ 1806, and witfusuSy 25 May^ 1806, and 4 fuly^ 1807). She 
was related to the Right Rev. Dr. Briggs, first Bishop of Beverley. Of Andrew's 
ten diildren, only Francis, the voungest, appears in these registers. John, the eldest, 
married Hester Holway, and their eldest son, Walter, married Mary Anne CoUett of 
Broadway, Worcestershire. He was manager of the Bristol Gas Works for many years, 
still residing in Bristol ; and was succeeded in that important post by his eldest son, 
Walter WilGam. The latter has retired, but occupies his invenUTe powers in develop* 
lOg improvements in gas production. 


1805. 3* Novembris circa horam io»« p6st Meridiem naU Catharina 
fiUa Guliehni et Margaritas Francis (olim Conway). Suscepit Biaria 
Burke. Baptiz* 17^ a me J. Moutier Miaf* Apos». 

1805. 2* Novembris circa horam 9~ anti Meridiem natus Jacobus 
fiHus Thomae et Mariae Nugent (olim Evans). Susccperunt Patridus 
Kavanagh et Catharina Brown. Baptiz* 1 7* k me J. Moutier Miss^ Apos». 
(ill) 1794, Oct* hori natus ftiit et die 2* Dec*, 1805, baptiz* sub 

conditione Richardus iilius illqptimus Richardi Bates et Elizabethae 
Jenkins, a me Rob*® Plowden Miss^ Apos~. 

1805. 3»^ Decern* hori primi antemeridiani nata et die 6* baptiz 
fuit Margariu Hogan dlia Joannis et Catharinae Hogan (olim Hogin) 
conjugum. Patrinus fuit Edmondus Ryan, Matrina Eleonora Hare. 
k me Roberto Plowden Missi<> Apos~. 

1805. 15^ Martii circa horam nonam antemeridianam natus et die 
6^ Decembris baptiz* fuit Joannes Jones filius Gulielmi et Mariae Jones 
((dim ormond) conjugum. Matrina fuit Joanna Watkins, k me Roberto 
Plowden Missi® Apos~. 

1797. 2* Aprilis nata et die 11* Dec*, 1805, baptiz^ fuit sob con- 
ditione Susanna Ellis filia 

1798. 12 Augusti circa 9»" antemeridianam natus et die 13* Dec*, 
1805, baptiz* fuit sub conditione Marcus Wallis filius Georgii et Joannas 
Wallis (olim Lettimore) conjugum k me Robt*> Plowden Miss<> Apos^. 

1805. 10^ Mail circa horam octavam pomeridianam natus fiiit et 
die i3» Dec* baptiz* Joannes Allen filius Samuelis et Bridgittae Allen 
(olim Esher conjugum). Patrinus fuit Michael Kely, Matrina Catharina 
Kely. k me Rob»® Plowden Miss*® Apos". 

(112) 1805. 6* Dec* circa medium post 8*" antemeridianam natus et 
die 1 7* baptiz* fuit Joannes Gleeson filius Danielis et Catharinae Gleeson 
(olim Murphy) conjugum : Patrinus fuit Thomas Smith, Matrina Mar- 
garita Costclo a me Rob*® Plowden Miss® Apos«>. 

1805. Julii natus et die 

19* Dec*, 1805, baptiz* sub conditione Henricus Jellings filius Davidis 
et Eleonorae Tellings (olim ), a me Rob**» Plowden Ms»® Apo. 

1805. 9^ Decembris paul6 post horam 7^ antemeridianam nata 
[Maria crossed out'] et die 22* baptiz* fuit Maria Bray filia Thomae et 
Eleonorae Bray (olim Madding) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Joannes Egan, 
Matrina Maria Crosby k me Roberto Plowden Miss® Apos<=®. 

1788. 28* Dec* circa horam 3»^ antemeridianam natus et die 
23^ Dec*, 1805, baptiz* sub conditione fuit Edwardus Southey filius 
Roberti et Margaritae Southey (olim Hill) conjugum: a me Rol/® 
Plowden Miss® Apos~. 

1805. 21* Dec* circa horam tertiam pomeridianam natus et die 
23* baptiz* fuit Thomas Kennedy filius Francisci et Mariae Kennedy 
(olim O'neal) conjugum. Matrina fuit Maria Anna Ellis, k me Rob*<» 
Plowden Miss® Apos<». 

1805. 11^ Martii circa 11*™ horam p6st Meridiem nata Elizabeth 
filia Jacobi et Catharinae Maney (olim Stapleton). Suscepit Elizabeth 
Norman. Baptiz* 25* Decembris k me J. Moutier Miss*® Apos«®. 

(113) 1802. 18* Decembris intra 12*" et i^" horam matutinam natae 
Anna et Catharina filiae Jacobi et Catharinae Maney (olim Stapleton). 


Suscepit Maria Burke. Baptiz* [sub conditione interlined] 26^ Decern- 
bris, 1805 k me J. Moutier Miss*> Apos<». 

1805. 15* Decembris hori d* cum dimidio p6st Meridiem nata 
Maria (ilia ^drese et Maria Gamble (olim Burn). Suscepit Catharina 
Walsh. Baptiz^ 29* i me J. Moutier Miss*° Apos~. 

[(77) in margin,] 

1773. Mense Jan^^ nata Elizabeth Biggs filia Thomae et Sarhae Biggs 
(olim Mash) conjugum. bi^tiz^ fuit sub conditione 6^ Jan^ 1806 a me 
Rob*« Plowden Miss<>: Apos~ 

1806. 4^ Januarii hor& 7* pomeridiani nata et die 6^ baptiz* fuit 
Maria Anna Elizabetha Butler filia Patricii et Elizabethae Butler (olim 
Noble) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Daniel Gleeson, Matrina Catharina 
Gleeson i me Rob*° Plowden Miss^' Apos<». 

1806. 12* Jan^ paul6 [post inUriinedy ante crossed out] horam io»" 
antemeridianam nata et die 13^ baptiz^ fuit Bridgitta Boland filia Patricii 
et Eleonorae Boland (olim Ryan) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Pierce Cum- 
mings, et Matrina Maria Flynn, a me Roberto Plowden Miss® Apos~. 

1762. ut creditur, et mense augusti nata, et die i^ Februarii, 1806 
baptiz* fuit sub conditione Elizabetha De Corsey (ante matrimonium 
dicta Fearis) filia Roberti et Rebeccas Fearis (olim Gosnell) conjugum, 
a me Roberto Plowden Miss** Apos*». 

1806. 2^ Februarii medio cum quadrante post 11^ pomeridianam 
nata et die 6^ baptiz* fuit Anastasia^^ Dumoulin filia Andreae et Elizabethan 
Dumoulin (olim Dyer) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Thomas Moore per 
Procuratorem, Matrina Elizabeth Dyer, i me R'° Plowden Miss<» Apos^. 
(i 14) 1806. 7* Februarii circk horam 9*°* p6st Meridiem nata Elizabeth 
filia Eduardi et Annae Bume (olim Jones). Susceperunt Sylvester Smith 
et Sara Smith. Baptiz* 16* ^ me J. Moutier Miss*** Apos*^. 

1806. 6^ Februarii paulo ante horam 2^ antemeridianam natus et 
die 18^ baptiz* fuit Cornelius Nelson Haly filius Jeremiae et Mariae Haly 
(olim Field) conjugum. Matrina fuit Anna Beer, a me Rob*^ Plowden 
Miss** Apos*». 

1778. 6* Dec* natus et die 19* Feb^ 1806 baptiz" fuit sub conditione 
Josephus Hallyer filius Joannis et Elizabethae Hallyer (olim White) 
k me Rob'** Plowden Miss** Apos««*. 

1802. 23 Sep^ intra horam 8"" & 9»" pomeridianam natus Gulielmus 
Roles, et 1804 (ut creditur 16^ Seps*) circa meridiem natus Jacobus 
Roles, filii Jacobi et [Eleanorae crossed out] Helenae Roles (olim 
Donovan) et ctim rit^ baptiz* fuerint a ministro Protestante, suppletse 
sunt super Eos caeremonias Ecdiae die i^ Martii 1806 k me Rob'** 
Plowden Miss** Apos*». 

1806. 23^ Februarii hor& 4* post Meridiem natus Joannes filius 
Petri et Helenas Player (olim Sullivan). Suscepit Margarita Sullivaa 
Baptiz* 2* Martii k me J. Moutier Miss*** Apos*=**. 

4t The ooniunction of the names of du Moulin, Moore (? of Fawley, baronets), 
and Anastasia suggests connections with the family of Browne, Viscounts Montagu. 

I am indebted to Monsignor Carter for stating that the wife of the last Viscount 
Montagu married Dr. Slmifkter^ not Haughten. (Registers of Ctmdray; Caik, Rec, 
5W. i, 234.) Father Raymund Palmer certamly wrote Haughten, evidently mistaking 
the name, which is not Teiy different in certain caligraphy. 


1S06. 5^ Martii circa medium post horam 5*°* antemeridianam natiis 
Joamics Harney filius Joannis et Maris Harney (olim Dunn) et bapdi^ 
fiiit 9^. Matrina (115) fuit Brigetta Flaherty. Baptiz* k me J. Moutier 
Mis^ Ap*>. 

1806. 14* Martii intra 3^ et 4»" anti Meridiem natus Thomas filius 
Thomae et Margarita Bowldwin (olim Walsh). Suscepenint Jacobus 
Smith et Maria Anna Cherry. BapdV 20^ k me J. Moutier Miss^ Apos~. 

1805. 12* Januarii horl 5^ antemeridiani et die 23^ Martii 1806 
baptiz* fuit Matthaeus [^Shuttelworth biotched mnd Shuttelworth wriiim 
aieve it] filius Matthaei et Maigaritse Shuttelworth (olim Maher) con- 
jugum. Patrinus fuit Jacobus Lacey, a me Roberto Plowden Miss^ Apo6<". 

1806. 29^ Martii paul6 ante horam 6^ ante meridianam nata et 
eidem die Baptiz* fuit Margarita filia Jacobi et Margaritas Brien (olim 
Reardon) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Laurentius Troy, Matrina Catharina 
Troy, i me Roberto Plowden Miss? Apos«*. 

1805. 27^ Martii quadrante anti 2*" post Meridiem nata Elizabeth 
filia Timothaei [Dwyer amassed out\ et Mariae Dwyer (olim ). 
Suscepit Joanna Quinlan. Baptize i^ Aprilis k me J. Moutier Miss^ Apos^. 

1806. 31* Martii intra 12*™ et i*" horam anti Meridiem natus 
Thomas filius Joannis et Elizabeth Barry (olim Horigan). Suscepenmt 
Richardus Musgrave et Maria H^erty. Baptiz* 7* Aprilis k me 
J. Moutier Miss° Apos~. 

ut creditur an : 1776. Septembris natus Antonius Leeson filius 

Leeson (olim ) et die 8* Aprilis [natus amsed 

ouf\ baptiz" sub conditione fuit k me Rob**> Plowden Miss" Apos*'. 

1804. 16 Septem" hori 2^ antemeridiani natus et die 16 Aprilis, 
1806, baptiz' fuit sub conditione Gulielmus Enright filius Patricii et 
Brigittae Enright (olim Brien) conjugum a me Rob*^ Plowden Miss® Apos*». 

(116) 1806. 15* Aprilis hori 8^ cum dimidio anti Meridiem nata Maria 
filia owen Swyney et Catharinae (olim Keating). Suscepenint Jacobus 
Smith et Elizabeth Daniel. Baptiz* 20* k me J. Moutier Miss** Apos*. 

1806. 3»* Martii circa horam octavam antemeridianam natus et die 
2 1^ Aprilis baptiz* fuit Gulielmus [Browning crossed out] Browning filius 
Gulielmi et Mariae Browning (olim Haly) conjugum. Patrinus fiiit 
Cornelius Ryan, Matrina Bridgitta Byrne, a meRob'*'Plowden Mi$s*'Apos**. 

1806. 25^ Aprilis hord 5^ antemeridian^ nata et eddem die baptiz* 
fuit Eleonora Young filia [Guli crossed out] Jacobi et Margaritas Young 
(olim Dunlie) conjugum : Patrinus fuit Jacobus Smith, Matrina Abigail 
Dunlee a me Rob**> Plowden Miss<> Apos^*. 

1806. 25* Aprilis hord 7^ antemeridian^ natus et 26* bapdzf (bit 
Joannes Witheas filius Gulielmi et Margaritae Witheas (olim Bamy) 
conjugum : Matrina fuit Catharina Smith a me Rob'®Plowden Miss^Apos**. 

1806. i^ Maii circa medium post 6*^ antemeridianam natus et 
eidem baptiz* fuit Thomas Haly filius Thomas et Mariae Haly (oliiii 
Wells) conjugum. Matrina fuit Margarita Keeffe, a me Roberto 
Plowden Miss^ Apos^. 

(117) 1806. 3* Maii hora 8* ante Meridiem nata et 4* Baptiz* fiiit 
Julia filia Michaelis et Elizabeth Cherry (olim Vamey) conjugmn. 
Patrinus fuit Jacobus Wallis, Matrina Maria Fitzgerald. A me J. Moutier 
Miss'" AiK)S~. 


1S06. 29^ Aprilis intra horam 10^ & 1 1^ pomeridianam natus et 
die 5^ Maii baptize fuit Thomas Pierce iilius Gulielmi et Mariae Pierce 
(olim Dunn) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Joannes Walsh, Matrina Bridgitta 
Harny, a me Rob*<* Plowdcn Miss® Apos~. 

1806. 12^ Maii paul6 post horam 5^ antemeridianam nata et 
14^ baptiz* fuit Anna Doran filia Jacobi et Elizabethae Doran (olim 
Stringer) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Patricius Lacey, Matrina Anna 
Hughes, a me Rob*** Plowden Miss*> Apos«>. 

1804. 15^ Novembris medio post 2*°* antemeridianam natus et die 
17^ Maii 1806 baptizf fiiit Josq>hus Farrel filius Joannis et Mariae 
Parrel (olim Hill) conjugum. Matrina fuit Maria Burke, a me Rob^ 
Plowden Miss*> Apos~. 

1806. 10^ Maii hori ii^horft p6st Meridiem natus Michael filius 
Michaelis et Mariae Kain (olim Maccradmon). Susceperunt Gulielmus 
Tool et Abigael Hoy. Baptiz* 25^ k me J. Moutier Miss<> A. 

1805. 15* D'** hori 3* ante Meridiem nata Anna filia garret 
FDowlan interlined] et Annae Dowlan (olim Guy). Suscepit Margarita 
FarelL Baptiz^ 25* Maii, 1806, k me J. Moutier Miss® Apos«*. 

1806. 17^ Maii hor& 5^ cum dimidio p6st Meridiem nata Maria 
filia Joannis et Mariae Philpot (olim Wise). Susceperunt Dionisius 
Kidney et Catharina Kidney. Baptiz* 27* k me J. Moutier Miss® Apos«*. 

1806. 27^ Maii horft 1 1^ poraeridiani natus et die ji^baptiif fuit 
Georgius Heron filius Michaelis et Joannae Heron (olim Connor) 
conjugum. Patrinus fuit David Lynche, Matrina Maria Reardon a me 
Rob*® Plowden Miss® Apos«®. 

(118) 1777. Mense Decembris nata et die 2^Junii 1806 baptii^fuit 
sub conditione Mariae Reed filia Jacobi et Phoebae Reed (olim Godfrey), 
a me Rob^® Plowden Miss® Apos». 

1806. 7^rjunii interiinei] circa 11^ horam p6st Meridiem natus 
Franciscus Fiddes filius Andreae et Mariae Fiddes (olim ). Suscep- 

erunt Patricius Lacy et Maria Burke. [Bapz* inUrlimi] 10^ Junii 1806 
k me J. Moutier Miss® Apos*=®. 

1804. 7^ Maii hor& quarti pomeridiani natus [Michael Reardon 
crossed out] et die 11^ Junii 1806 baptiz" fuit Michael Reardon filius 
Michaelis et Elizabethae Reardon (olim Jordan) conjugum. Matrina 
fuit Maria Burke, a me Rob*® Plowden Miss® Apos*». 

1805. II* Junii intra horam 5*" et 6^ antemeridianam nata TAnna 
crossed out] et 12^ Junii 1806 baptist fuit Anna Miller filia Gulielmi et 
Catharinae Miller (olim Glynn) conjugum. Matrina fuit Maria Burke 
a me Rob*® Plowden Miss® Apo«». 

1806. 14^ Maii hor& 9^ pomeridiani nata et 12^ Junii baptii^ sub 
conditione fuit Maria Blood filia Thomae et Mariae Blood (olim 
M^^Donnel) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Dionysius Corbet k me RoV® 
Plowden Miss® Apos«. 

1780. natus Gulielmus Witheas filius Joannis et Mariae Witheas 
(olim Spray) et baptiz. fuit sub conditione 14 Junii 1806 k me Rob*® 
Plowden Miss® Apos~. 

1806. 28 Martii intra horam 10 & 11*^ pomeridianam natus et 
23 Junii baptiz* fuit Thomas Antoni filius Josephi et Joannae (119) 
Antoni (cMm Drew) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Antonius Ignatius Reys, 
Matrina Maria Murray a me Roberto Plowdn Bfias^ Apotf^. 


1806. 22* Junii intra horam 4*" & 5*" pomeridianam nata et 
24* baptiz* fuit Bridgitta Carrel fiUa Joannis et Annae Carrel (olim 
Calaghan) conjugum. Matrina fuit Maria Burke k me Rob^ Plowden 
Miss° Apos*^. 

1806. 25* Maii plusq&am quadrante ante nonam antemeridianam 
natus et 24* Junii baptiz* fuit Joannes Malpas filius Lucse et Maris 
Malpas (olim Collings) conjugum. Matrina fuit Maria Burke a me 
Roberto Plowden Miss** Apos«. 

1773. 22* Feb" nata et 8* Julii, 1806, baptiz* fuit sub conditione 
Elizabeth Husenbeth (olim James filia Nathanaelis et Mariae James 
Conjugum). a me Roberto Plowden Miss® Apos*=°. 

List of the persons confirmed July 9^**, 1806, by the R* Re?* 
Gregory William Sharrock, Bishop of Telmessus, etc.: — 
Samuel Philips — ^Joseph Gertrude Presley — Mary 

William Doran— Joseph Mary Bridget Smith — Mary Ann 

Timothy Murphy — John Bridget Cavanagh — Sarah 

Daniel Byrne — Michael M" Mary Lydia Ann Cotton — 

Dennis Corbet — William Catherine 

Nathanael Tidmarsh — Joseph Ann Connoghton — Helena 

Andrea Fiddes — Anthony Catherine Murray — Elizabeth 

Thomas Briggs — John Mary Brookes — Ann 

Elizabeth Philips — Mary Agnes Mary Fiddes — Ann 
Sarah Charles — Esther Elizabeth [Mary crossed out] Mahoni 

Ann McCarthy — Mary Mary Mahoni — Elizabeth 

Elizabeth De Corsey Jun' — Mary Mary Donovan — Mary Ann 
Elizabeth De Corsey Sen' — Mary M" Elizabeth Husenbeth — Mary 
Miss Agnes Martyn — MaryElizabethCatherine Cummerford — Mary 
Miss Mary Sullivan — Mary Mary Beard — Elizabeth 

Miss Mary Ann Morgan — Elizabeth M" Mary Ann Ellis — Catherine 
M" Elizabeth Townsend — Mary Jane Fiddes — Winefride 

Magdalene Mary Eraser — Theresa 

Mary Cannon — Ann Mary Ann Cherry — Veronica 

Honora Heron — Mary Helena Fiddes — Mary 

M" Elizabeth Paul— Mary Esther Price— Elizabeth 

In all 40 Persons. 
(121) 1806. 30^ Junii hori undecimd pomeridiani nata et die 
i6» Julii baptiz* fuit Emma Phillips filia Richardi et Anna Phillips 
(olim Gerard) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Gulielmus Gerard, Matrina 
fuit ApoUonia* Berkeley a me Guh'f' Gerard M^Ap®. 

1806. 25* Julii hori 7* p6st Meridiem natus et 3* Augusti baptiz* 
fuit Jacobus Maurisee (filius Timothaei et Helenorse Maurisee (olim 
Graham) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Richardus Paulus Wintear, Matrina 
fuit Maria Anna Corbett. a me J. M. R. Moutier Miss^ Apos~. 

1 806. 7* Maii circa horam nonam pomeridianam nataet 11* Rite 
baptiz* k Ministro Protestante fuit Joanna Maroni filia Lucae et Helenas 
Maroni (olim M'Connough) conjugum. Supplctae s* caeremoniae baptismi 
die 4^ Aug** a me J. Moutier Miss** Apos*^. 

♦ Probably wife of Robert Berkeley of Spctchley, Esq. Sec death, p. 323. 
t Sec OUier's CaUtdmUf p. 312, and this ▼olume, p. 144. 


1806. 14^ Julii hori 9^ pbst Meridiem natus Jacobus Higgins 
filius Jacobi et Margaritae Higgins (olim Whelan) [Whelan $s interlined 
aver a bUtted word] conjugum. Patrinus fuit Dionisius Corbett et 
Helena [M^'Connough crossed otit] [Maroni interlined], Baptiz* [sub 
conditione interlined] 4* August! a me J. Moutier Miss<> Apos^. 

1806. 27* Aprilis intri horam 8*" et 9*" antfe Meridem natus 
Carolus Boyle filius Hugonis et Aliciae Boyle (olim Boyle) conjugum. 
Matrina fuit Maria Burke. Baptir* 9^ Augusti k me J. Moutier 
Miss<> Apos~. 

1806. 10^ Augusti paul6 ante 3^^ antemeridianam natus et die 
12* baptiz* fuit Joannes Laurentius Webb filius Joannis et Annae Webb 
(olim Lambert) conjugum. Patrinus ^ procuratorem fuit Joannes 
Lambert (122), Matrina Elizabeth Webb ^ procuratricem, k me Roberto 
Plowden Miss® Apos«>. 

1806. 8^ Augusti circa medium post 6*^ antemeridianam natus et 
18* baptiz* fuit Joannes Tangney filius Thomae et Elizabethae Tangney 
(olim Stringer) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Jeremias Haly et Matrina 
Catharina Kaley. a me Rob**> Plowden Miss<» Apos~. 

1806. 2o^Au^sti hori 2^ antemeridiani natus Thomas Young et 
die 21^ baptiz* fuit filius Thomae et Joannae Young (olim Quinlan) 
conjugum. Patrinus fiiit Henricus Quinlan, Matrina Maria Mahoni; 
a me Rob'^* Plowden Miss® Aposc®. 

1806. 15 Augusti circa medium post 3'^^ antemeridianam natus 
et die 24* baptiz* fuit Joannes Delany filius Michaelis et Mariae Delany 
(olim Hayden) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Jacobus Foley, Matrina 
Elizabetha Ryan k me Roberto Plowden Miss®Apos<». 

1806. 22^ Augusti hori 9^ antemeridiani nata Anna Hunt et die 
30* baptiz* fuit filia Josephi et Annae Hunt (olim Gibbons). 
Matrina fuit Maria Burke k me Rob*® Plowden Miss® Apos~. 

1806. 28^ Augusti hor& 9^ antemeridiani nata et die 3*^ Septem" 
baptiz* fuit Sarah Dalling filia Joannis et Sarae Dalling (olim Anstey) 
conjugum. Matrina fuit Sara Anstey k me Roberto Plowden Miss® Apos~, 
(123) 1806. 29* Augusti medio post 10*" pomeridianam natus et die 
S» Septem* baptiz* fuit Edwardus Rowley filius Joannis et Birgittae 
Rowley (olim Sheridan) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Patricius Devine, 
Matrina Joanna Hynes k me Robt® Plowden Miss® Apos«>. 

1806. 2* Septembris intra 6^ et 7*" ante Meridiem natus Dionisius 
filius Thomae et Brigittae Higgins (olim Mallon) conjugum. Susceperunt 
Thomas Smulen et Maria Fit^erald. Baptiz* 7* k me J. M. R. 
Moutier Miss® Apos<=®. 

1806. 29* Augusti hori 3* p6st Meridiem nata Anna filia Jercmiae 
et Helenas Dirmed [Dermot interlined] (olim ) conjugum. 

Baptiz* riti k Ministro Protestante. Ceremoniae suppletae 9* Septembris. 
k me J. M. R. Moutier, Miss® Apos«». 

1806. 7^ Septembris hori i* cum dimidio antb Meridiem nata 
Maria filia Joannis et Sarae Couchman (olim Tarrant) conjugum. 
Susceperunt Edmundus Josephus Cotter et Sara Charles. Baptiz» 14* k 
me J. Moutier Miss® Apos®°. 

1806. 9* Septembris 11^ hori cum dimidio antfe Meridiem natus 
Carolus filius Dominici et Mariae Barrely (olim Barret) Conjugum. 

308 unranuts or Bristol 

Suscepenint Joannes Viee et Maria Burke. Bi^iti^ ai' a me J. M. R. 
Moutier Mi8S^Apos<». 

1806. 25^ Augiisti horft 4' antemeridian^ nata et die a8* Septem* 
baptiz* fuit Sarha Nelson Alia Robcsti et Frandscae Ndson (olim 
Bradden) conjugum. Patrinus fiiit Jacobus Smith, a me Roberto 
Plowden Mi8S<> Apos*. 

1806. 35* Augusti medio post 2^ antemeridiaaam nata et die 
98^ Septem" baptiz* fuit Margarita Duggan filia Gulielmi et Marie 
Annae Duggan (dim Norman) conjugum. Matrina fuit Maria Pierce, 
a me Roberto Plowden Miss^Apos^. 

(1S4) 1806. 31* Julii circa hoimm undednam antemeridianam nata 
et die 30 Septem* baptize fuit Eliabetha Dillon filia illegitima GulMmi 
Dillon (ut dicetur) et Maris Dillon. Matrina (per procuratrioem) fiiit 
Maria Burke, k me Robt« Plowden Miss*^ Apcw». 

1806. 28^ Sep'^ intra j» et 4** horam ant^ Meridiem natus 
Michael filius Gulielmi et Margarita Downs (olim ) Conjugmn. 

Suscepenint Joannes Bourk et Maria Welsh. Baptijf 5* Octobris I me 
J. M. R. Moutier, Miss^ Apos<». 

1806. 3^ Octobris circa horam 5*°^ [post meridiem inUrUmd] nata 
Hdena filia EMonysii et Catharinae Holland (olim Harington) conjugum. 
Suscepit Maria Green. Baptiz* 10^ k me J. Moutier M® A**. 

1806. 7^ Octobris circi horam 5*" cum demidio [antfc Meridiem 
inUHimd] nata Juliana filia Joannis et Margaritae Barrett (olim 
Corbett) Conjugum. Susceperunt Edmundus Ryan et Catbuim 
Curtan. Baptiz* 12^^ me J. Moutier M^ A^. 

1806. 17^ Octobris hork 4^ cum 20 minutis p6st Meridiem natus 
Georgius filius Jacobi et Mariae Annae Clark (olim Connorton) 
Conjugum. Susceperunt Thomas Bawldwin et Anna Connorton. 
Baptiz* 19* a me J. M. R. Moutier Miss® Apos<=<>. 

1806. II* Oct" hori 4^ antemeridian^ natus et die 20^ bi^itiz* fuit 
Gulielmus Williams filius Jacobi et Mariae Williams (olim Herd) conjugum. 
Matrina fuit Maria Burke, a me Rob'° Plowden Miss® Apo8». 
(195^ 1806. 6^ Nov* circa medium post 7^ antemeridianam nata 
et die 7^ baptiz* fuit Maria Stewart filia Jacobi et Margaritas Stewart 
(olim Browne) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Gulielmus Delany, Matrina 
Maria Hasset : a me Rob*<» Plowden Miss° Apos«>. 

1806. 8^ Nov* circa medium post 5*^ antemeridianam nata et die 
10* baptiz* fuit Maria Alicia Memin filia Joannis et Brigittae Menun 
(olim Hickey) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Gulielmus Condon, Matrina 
Margarita Keefe, a me Roberto Plowden Miss*' Apos<». 

179 nata et die 

14^ Nov*, 1806, baptiz* fuit sub conditione Elizabeth WeHick filia 
Richardi et Elizabethae Wellick (olim ) conjugum. a me Rob^ 

Plowden Mis**Apos«>. 

1806 2^ Novembris circa horam 9*** cum dimidio antfe Meridiem 
nata Rosa filia Petri et Rebeccas Gmham (olim Michel) Conjugum. 
Susceperunt Ambrosius Pimm et Maria Burke. Baptiz* 16^ it me 
J. M. R. Moutier Miss°Apos~. 

1806. 10^ Nov* medio post 4** antemeridianam natus et die 
17* baptiz* fuit Philippus M*Carthy filius Joannis et Annae M*Caith7 


(olim McCarthy) oonjugum. Patrinus fuit Joannes Colterel, Matrina 
Maigarita Parker, a me Roberto Plowden Miss<» Apos<». 

1806. 15^ Not* paul6 ante medium post 11^ pomeridianam nata 
et die 18^ baptize fiiit Anna Hoare iilia Joannis et Elizabeths Hoare 
(olim Fargus) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Gulielmus (Joannes) Faigus, 
Matrina Anna Faigus. k me Roberto Plowden Missf^ Apoi^. 

(126) 1806. 29* Nov* horft 10* pomeridiani natus et die i^ Dec* 
baptiz* fuit Daniel Cramor filius Danielis et Catherinse Cramor (olim 
Lee) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Callag^ian McCarthy, Matrina Catharina 
Kidney, k me Roberto Plowden Miss^ Apo8<». 

i8od. 29^ Nov* medio post 6» antemeridianam nata Catharina 
Sullivan filia Oweni et Bridgettie Sullivan (olim M^'Mahon) conjugum et 
baptiz* fuit i* Dec*. Matrina fiiit Maria Burke, k me Rob'"' Plowden 
Miss^" Apos«>. 

1806. 9^ Dec* hor& 12^ Meridian^ nata Maria filia Michaelis 
et Estheris Lawton (olim Evans) Conjugum. Susceperunt Joannas 
Fitz Gerald et Maria Hagerty. Baptiz* 14* k me J. M. R Moutier, 
Miss** Apos*. 

1806. 1 1^ Dec* medio post 5*"^ pomeridianam nata et 20^ baptiz* fuit 
Maria Anna [filia Antonii et Cat crossed otU] Sugo filia Antonii et 
Catharinse Sugo (olim Power) conjugum. Matrina fuit Maria Burke, 
k me Rob'** Plowden Miss^ Aposc**. 

1806. 30^ Oct* cirdt horam 4*"^ cum dimidio anti Meridiem nata 
Anna fUia Lucse et Annae Clery (olim Buxton) Conjugum. Susceperunt 
Michael Lawton et [Anna crossed (mi] Maria Burke. Baptiz* 25' Dec* 
a me J. M. R. Moutier Miss** A«>. 

1806. 13^ Dec* 7^ ant^ Meridiem nata Mar^uita filia Caroli et 
Winefrida Sullivean (olim ) Conjugum. Suscepit Brigitta Sullivean. 

Baptiz* 25* k me J. M. R. Moutier M*» A**. 

(127) 1806. 24^ Dec*hori 11^ post Meridiem natus Richardus filius 
Laurentii et Maris Fitz Henry (olim Coneley) Conjugum. Susceperunt 
Gulielmus Delany et Anna Grady. Baptiz* 28^ k me J. M. R. Moutier 
Miss** Apos*». 

[(78) iH margin.\ 

1806. 20* Dec* hor& 3' cum dimidio p6st Meridiem natus Joseph 
filius Joannis et Maris [Shind crossed out^ Snitchell (olim Sullivean) 
conjugum. Susceperunt Gulielmus Gregory et Joanna Luna Baptiz* 
4* Januarii 1807 k me J. M. R. Moutier Miss** Apos«>. 

1807. 7' Jan" hord 5' antemeridiand natus et die 8^ baptiz* fuit 
Gulielmus Carney filius Gulielmi et Mariae Annas Caniey (olim Palmer) 
conjugum. Matrina fuit Winefrida Sullivan, a me Roberto Plowden 

1807. 2' Januarii 5 minutis post 1 1*» post Meridiem nata Aima 
filia Gulielmi et Joannae Addcock (olim Cavanaugh) Conjugum. 
Susceperunt Joannes Howells et Catherina Gay. Baptiz* 11* k me 
J. M. R. Moutier Miss** Apos*». 

1807. 17' Januarii circa 5*** horam anti Meridiem nata Joanna 
fiUa Joannis et Helenas Mahoney 6oUm Nunam) conjugum. Susceperunt 
Dionisius Mahoney et Helena Murphey. Baptiz* eddem die k me 
J. M. R Moutier Miss** Apo8*». 

304 noanMM of 

i8c6. 32* Aognsti ii^ horft com tribos qaadiaiitibos pott Meridiem 
natufl Joannes filiiis Patricii et Deboue^' Rafly (oliin Scjgicwt ) Qxi- 
jugum. Susoepfit Anna Beer. Baptiif i8^ Jamiarii 1807 ^ me J. M. R. 
Moutier Miss^Apos". 

(138) 1806. 15* Decern* circai honun 2*" pomeridumam nata ct die 
3(A Jan** 1807 bi^Hiii' fuit Julia Anna Law filia Roberti et Sarliae Law 
(olim Smith) conjugum. Matrina fint Anna Hnghesi a me Robeito 
Plowdcn Mis*»Apo«~. 

180^. 3^ Julii intra honun 8*" & 9^ antemeridianam nata ct die 
31^ Jan" 1807 baptize fuit Eliiabetha Supple filia Philippi et igK*«K>»H* 
Supple (olim Kavanag^) conjugum. Fatrinus fuit Dionysus Tomer, 
Matrina Maria Supple, a me Roberto Plowden Mis^ Apos^. 

1806. 2f^ Dec* intra honun 8^ et 9"" antemeridianam natns et 
die 31^ rjulii crossed &ut^ Januarii inierlinedX 1807, bapti^ fuit Joannei 
Supple finus Philippi ct Elizabethae Su(^>le (olim Kavanagfa) oonjugora. 
Patrinus fuit Dionysius 1 umer, Matrina Maria Supple, k me Rob* 
Plowden Mis8*>Apos~. 

1807. 28^ Januarii intra 5*" et 6*" honun post Meridiem nata 
Brigitta filia Eduardi et Honors Kane (olim Huriey) conjugum. 
Susccperunt Gulielmus Kane et Joanna Conoley \tk§ secamd '*o* if 
inttrlifud\ Baptiz* 31' d me J. M. R. Moutier, Miss» Apos^^*. 

1807. 23^ Januarii 5 minutis post 8*" antk Meridiem natus Joannes 
Shea filius Joannis et (^therinae Shea (olim Quinlan) Conjugum. 
Susccperunt Patricius Carrigan et Maria Anna Elli& Baptiz" 31* I me 
J. M. R. Moutier Mis8<> Apos«>. 

1807. 19^ Jan" circa horam undecimam antemeriadam natus et 
die i^ Fchniarii baptiz* fuit Joannes Ives filius Roberti et Catharinae 
Ives (olitn Watts) conjugum. Matrina fuit Eleonora Churchill d me 
Kof)'* Plowden Mis<> Ap°. 

(129) 1807. I* Februarii intra 4*" ct 6*" p6st Meridiem nata 
Hirgitta Troy filia I^urcntii ct Emilise Troy (olim Bastable) Conjugum. 
SuKcc]>erunt Antonius I^eeson et Joanrut Maguire. Baptiz* 8* d me 
J. M. R. Moutier Miss" Apos<». 

1807. 2'' Fcl)ruarii circa 7»" antfe Meridiem nata Sara Rowlls 
filia Jacobi ct Helena Rowlls (olim Donavan) Conjugum. Suscepit 
Muria Hiirke. Haptiz* 15^ d me J. M. R. Moutier Miss**Apos». 

1807. i8-''> Januarii hord (fi^ p6st Meridiem nata Eleanora Norman 
filia Kol>(:rti et lClizal>eth Norman (olim Hacket) Conjugum. Suscep- 
«!runl Joannes Power et Elizabeth Fogarty. Baptiz* 15* Februarii d me 
J. M. R. Moutier Miss^Ap^ 

1806. ic/ Ortobris circa i^ horam p6st Meridiem nata Maria 
Anna Wcctly filia (Julielmi ct Annx Wectly (olim Kary) Conjugum. 
Suscepit Helena Mane. Baptiz* 19* Februarii 1807 d me J. M. R. 
Moutier Miss" Apos*'". 

1807. 20''' Frbruarii hord 7* cum quadrante p6st Meridiem nata 
Eli/al>eth \\\x\^^^ inUrlifud\ filia Joannis et Mariae Briggs (olim Ham) 
C'onjtiguni. Susceperunt Thomas Briggs ct Joanna Watkins [pro 
Joanna Fiddes interlintd\ Baptiz* %2^ d me J. M. R. Moutier Miss^ 

if. Allowinf; f«»r free writing, this might read ** Dclwroe,'* 


1785. I* Maii prime manfe nata et die 23 Feb" 1807 baptiz* fuit sub 
conditione [Filia Gulielmi et Susannae Risdel wrongly interlirud here\ 
Anna Risdel (in matrimonio SciddyV a me Robt** Plowden Miss® Apos<». 

1807. 25^ Februarii decem mmulis p6st 8*" horam antfe Meridiem 
natus [Thomas interlin€d'\ Foley filius Jacobi et Mariae Foley (olim 
Bull] Conjugum. Susceperunt Jacobus Nugent et Elizabeth Banfild. 
Baptiz* i^ Martii h. me J. M. R. Moutier Miss<» Apos~ 

(130) 1807. 28* (Februarii interlined^ quadrante antb 6** matutinam 
natus Dionysius Hoarae \the "a" is interlined^ filius Gulielmi et 
Brigittae Hoarne ["a " is interlined^ (olim Ryan) Conjugum. Suscep- 
erunt Jacobus Connely et Helena Sullivan. Baptiz* i* Martii d me 
J. M. R. Moutier, Miss® Apos~. 

1806. 15* Maii circa horam 4*" ante Meridiem natus Henricus 
Phillpps filius Richardi et Mariae Philipps (olim Webb) Conjugum. 
Suscepit Catharina Ives. Baptiz* i^ Martii 1807 \ me J. M. R. 
Moutier Miss® Apos«>. 

1777. Die 25* Aprilis nata et die 4* Martii 1807 baptiz* fuit 
sub conditione Maria Wells (in matrimonio dicta Haly) filia Richardi 
et Mariae Wells (olim Cooper) conjugum. k me Rob*® Plowden 
Mis» Apos<». 

1807. 2^ Martii hori 7* ant^ Meridiem natus Georgius Conroy filius 
Georgii et Margaritas Conroy (olim Moore) Conjugum. Susceperunt 
£du2uxles Byrne et Catharina Hurley. Baptiz" 8* Martii k me J. M. R. 

1807. 17* Februarii quadrante ante i*™ post Meridiem natus 
Joannes Henderson filius Alexandri et Mariae Henderson (olim Long) 
Conjugum. Susceperunt Laurentius Cummerford et Joanna Kidney. 
Baptiz* 8^ Martii k me J. M. R. Moutier, Miss® Apos~ 

1807. 8* Februarii circa medium post 5*™ pomeridianam natus et 
die 9^ baptiz* fuit Thomas Nary filius Matthaei et Margaritae Nary (olim 
Padding) conjugum. Matrina fuit Maria Burke k me Roberto Plowden 
Miss** Apos*». 

(131) 1807. 15* intra 5*" et 6~» ante Meridiem nata Catharina Skidy 
filia Joannis et Annae Skidy (olim Risdel) Conjugum. Susceperunt 
Nicoiaus Howland et Anna Gawly. Baptiz* eidem die k me J. M. R. 

1807. 2^ Martii hord 3' cum dimidio p6st Meridiem nata Maria 
Reynolds filia Joannis et Annae Reynolds (olim Brown) Conjugum. 
Susceperunt Joannes Skidy et Maria Sullivan. Baptiz* 15* k me 
J. M. R. Moutier Miss^ Apos~. 

1784. 31* Martii intra horam 5" & 6™ antemerddie natus et die 
16* Martii, 1807, baptiz* sub conditione Jacobus Pierce filius Gulielmi 
et Mariae Pierce (olim Wooland) conjugum, k me Robert Plowden 
Miss*' Apos<». 

1807. 13* Martii circa medium post 10*™ pomeridianam natus et 
die 17 baptiz* fuit Thomas Allen filius Samuelis et Bridgittae Allen (olim 
Esher) conjugum. Patrinus ftiit Thomas Tangney, [Matrina interlined^ 
Eleonora Ryley. k me Rob*® Plowden Mis**» Apos». 

1783. 22 Jan^^ nata et die 28 Martii [interlined^ a blotted date^ and 
then 1807] baptiz* fuit sub conditione Elizabetha Thomas filia Gulielmi 


et Annae Thomas (olim Perry) conjugam h me Rob'^* [Plowden infer- 
iiMed] Apos<» Wss^, 

1807. 23* Martii intra 4»™ et 5»" post Meridiem nata Maria Hogan 
filia [ill^tima interlimd'] Gulielmi [Hogan interlined] et Joannae Brien. 
Suscepenmt Laurentius Troy et Catluurina Troy. Baptii* 19^ k me 
J. M. R. Moutier Miss® Apos~. 

1807. 14* Martii circa horam 5^ cum dimidio anti Meridiem 
natus Gulielmus Long filius Jacobi et Elizabeth Long (olim Lumbeny) 
Q>lim is interlined] Conjugum. Suscepenint Samuel Philips et Mam 
burke. Baptiz* 19* k me J. M. R. Moutier Mis*> Apos~. 

1778. 14 ryec* intra horam 9* & 10^ antemeridianam nata fuit 
Esther Evans (in matrimonio Lawton) et baptiz* sub conditione 
4* Aprilis, 1807, ^^^ ThoF et Mariae Evans (olim Bath), a me Roberto 
Plowden M*>Apos<». 

(132) 1807. 26^ Martii medio post 10^ antemeridianam nata et 
7^ Aprilis baptiz^ fiiit Anna Henrietta Maria Scully filia Gulielmi et 
Annse Scully (olim ) conjugum. Patrinus ^t Jacobus Kelly, 
Matrina Henrietu Maria Comitissa De Fingall^c per procuratores. k me 
Rob**> Plowden Mis*> Apos«». 

1807. 9* Aprilis intra 7»™ et 8«" ante Meridiem natus et 12* Baptiif 
fuit Michael Burke filius Joannis et Brigittae Burke ^olim Ham^) 
conjugum. Patrinus fuit Thomas Dunn, Matrina Helena MagraOi, 
h me J. M. R. Moutier Miss*> Apos«**. 

1807. 24^ [Martii interlined] intra 10^ et 1 1^ post Meridiem nata 
Helena Lynch filia Eduardi et Annae Lynch (olim Timey) Conjugum. 
Suscepit Elizabeth Boyle. Baptiz* 16* Aprilis k me J. M. R. Moutier 
Miss® Apos*^. 

1807. 17* Aprilis circa 12"" matutinam natus Gualterus Uhe first 
"u" is interlined] Morony filius Gualteri ["u" interlined] et Margaritas 
Marony (olim Savage) Conjugum. Suscepit Cornelius Ryan. Baptiif 
20* k me J. M. R. Moutier Miss® Apos~. 

1807. 20^ Aprilis circa horam 2*" antemeridianam nata Maria 
Byrne filia [Bartholoemaei crossed outj^ Bartholemsei et Annae Byrne 
(olim Byrne) conjugum et baptiz* fuit 23*. Matrina fuit Margarita 
Greaken. h me Roberto Plowden Miss°Apos«>. 

1807. 23^ Aprilis circa medium post 2*™ antemeridianam natus et 
e&dem die baptiz* fuit Daniel Gorman filius Danielis et Elizabeths 
Gorman (olim M<^uire) conjugum. Matrina fuit Joanna Young. A me 
Roberto Plowden Miss^ Apos<=**. 

(133) 1807. 18^ Aprilis hord undecimi pomeridiani nata et die 
23^ baptiz* fuit Catharina [Connel interlined] [M^^Carthy crossed mit] 
filia illegitima Thomie Palin et Judithae [M<^Carthy crossed (me] Connel 
Matrina fuit Maria Burke, a me Rob*° Plowden Miss<> Apos«>. 

1806. Mense Augusto, ut creditor, nata Maria filia illegitima 

et Joannae Ogle Cooth. Suscepit Maria SmiSman. 
Baptiz* sub conditione 26* Aprilis, 1807, k me J. M. R Moutier, Wto* 

1807. 12* Aprilis paul5 post 7*" pomeridianam natus et die 
26^ baptiz* fuit Richardus Farrell filius Joannis et Mariae Farrell (olim 

3|i See her death on lath March, 1808. 


Hill) conjuguoL Patrinus fuit Mardnus Bowes, Matrina Maria Bowes, 
a me Rob'*^ Plowden Miss^ Apos«*. 

1807. 20^ Aprilis paulo post '4*™ antemeridianam natus et die 
26^ baptiz* fuit Lucas Connoghton iilius Joannis et Birgittae Connoghton 
(olim Hanling) conjugum. Patrinus fiut Joannes O'Connor, Matrina 
Frandsca Burke. 

1807. [2^ Maii interlined] circa quadrantem ante 6^ antemeridianam 
natus et eidem die 2^ Maii baptiz* fuit Joannes Quinlan filius Danieiis 
et Margaritas Quinlan (olim Millard) conjugum. Matrina fuit MaigariU 
Hegerthy, a me Roberto Plowden Miss^ Apos~. 

1807. 3*^ Maii circa horam 4^ antemeridianam nata et die 
6* baptize fuit Eleonora Rosetta Davis filia Jacobi et Elizabethae Davis 
^m Ganley) conjugum. Patrinus fiiit Abraham Bowsher et 
Flaherty p procuratriceuL a me R^ Plowden M. Apos«>. 

(134) 1807. 11^ Maii circa horam 6^ cum dimidio anti Meridiem 
natus Jacobus Daly Jordan filius Joannis et Marias Jordan (olim Ham) 
conjugum. Susceperunt Michael Flood et Elizabeth Hawkins. Baptiz" 
18^. a me J. M. R. Moutier Missf* Apos^. (Nomen Daly per errorem 
omissum est in baptizanda) 

1807. 8^ Maii hor& 6^ pomeridiani natus et die 19^ baptiz* fuit 
Joannes Blackborough filius Petri et Annas Blackborough (olim Tilladam) 
Conjugum. Matrina fuit Maria Tilladam, k me Rob^ Plowden Miss^'Apos^^. 

1807. i^ Maii circa horam 6^ antemeridianam natus et die 21^ baptiz* 
fuit Samuel Clarke filius Michaelis et Marias Clarke (olim M'Locklin) 
conjugum. Matrina fuit Catharina Murray, a me Robt<^ Plowden 
Miss^ Apos«>. 

1807. 19^ Aprilis cirdl 11*™ horam anih Meridiem nata Maria 
Casey filia Patricii et Elizabeth Casey (olim Branhem) conjugum. 
Suscepit Maria Burke. Baptiz* 24^ Maii k me J. M. R. Moutier Miss^ 

1797. 14^ Martii natus et die 27 Maii, 

1807, baptiz* fuit sub conditione Thomas Thorenton filius Thomas et 
Catharinas Thorenton k me Rob^ Plowden Miss® Apos<». 

1774. nata et die 31^ Maii 

[1807 interlined] baptiz* sub conditione fuit Anna Sophia Roe (in 
oonjugio Scully) filia Hanoverii et Annas Roe (olim Delany) conjungum, 
a me Rob*® Plowden Miss'' Apos». 

(135) 1807. 29^ Maii paulo post i2*» antemeridianam nata et 
\^ baptiz* fuit Eleonora Crowly filia Danieiis et Elizabethas Crowly 
(ohm Grainger) conjugum. Suscepit, Thomas Dunn Patrinus, Matrina 
fiiit Brigitta Higgins, a me Rob^ Plowden Miss<> Apos<». 

1 799. [ut creditur crossed out] 18* Aprilis nata fuit Maria Weatherston 
[the "a" is interlined] filia illegituna Jacobi Wainwright et Annas Marias 
\N^ "2" aver A^nnas and " i " ever Marias] Weatherston ["a" interlined] ; 
baptize sub conditione i Junii, 1807, k me Rob**> Plowden Miss® Apos«>. 

1807. 25^ Maii quadrante ant^ Meridiem nata Elizabeth Hougan 
filia Joannis et Joannas Hougan (olim Brealy) Conjugum. Susceperunt 
I^ippus Dempsey et Catharina Hurley. Baptiz* 7* Junii k me 
J. M. R. Moutier Miss^ Apos^. 

1807. 14' Junii pauld ante lo^ antemeridianam natus et die 


1 8' baptiz' fuit Josephiis Hickey filius Gulielmi et Joannae Hickey (olim 
Creagh) conjugum. Patrinus fuit per procuratorem Jacobus Nagle, 
Matrina per procuratricem Maria French, k me Rob** Plowden Miss* 

1807. [i9^Janii inierlifud] hora 4' cum dimidio p5st Meridiem 
natus Henricus Rowland filius Thomae et Helenae Howland (olim 
Kamey) conjugum. Suscepit Brigitta Howe. Baptiz* 21^ It me 
J. M. R. Moutier Miss* Apos~. 

1784. 21 Julii nata et die 27 Junii [1807 inUriinedl bapdz*sub 
conditione fuit Sarah Gaylard (ilia Jacobi et Sarhae Gaylard (olim Gordon) 
conjugum, a me Rob** Plowden Miss* Apos~. 

1783. i^ Maii [antemer crossed out] prim6 mani nata Anna Risdd 
(in matrimonio Skiddy) filia Gulielmi et Susannae Risdel (olim Puisel) 
et die 29^ Junii, 1807, baptiz* sub conditione, a me Roberto Plowden 
Miss<^ Apos**. 

(136) 1807. 25^ Maii circa horam 2^ ant^ Meridiem natus Joseph 
Belley filius Joannis et Annae Belley (olim Shay) Coniugum. Suscepit 
Helena Twig. Baptiz* [sub conditione inierlirud] 2^ Julii k me 
J. M. R. Moutier Miss* Apos**. 

1807. i^ Julii intra 9^ et 10^ horam p6st Meridiem natus Jacobus 
Cummyns filius Jacobi et Mariae Cummyns (olim Fawar) Conjugum. 
Susceperunt Thomas Murphy et Margarita Keefie. Baptiz" 12*^ me 
J. M. R. Moutier Miss* Apos~. 

1807. 6^ Julii circa 11^ horam ant^ Meridiem nata Maigvita 
Murphy filia Thomae et Helenae Murphy (olim Neail) Conjugum. 
Susceperunt Thomas Quin et Brigitta Haly. Baptiz* 12* k me 
J. M. R. Moutier Miss* Apos«>. 

1807. 4* Julii circa horam 4"" ant^ Meridiem nata Anna Du£^ 
filia Joannis et Elizabeth Duffy (olim Manton) Conjugum. Susceperunt 
Joannes Duffy et Helena Kelly. Baptiz* 12^ d me J. M. R. Moutier 
Miss* Apos<». 

1807. 15* [Julii interlined] intra 11*^ et 12*°* Meridianam nata 
Brigitta Allen filia Richardi et Catharinae Allen (olim Higgin) Conjugum. 
Susceperunt Cornelius Lee et Maria Higgin. Baptiz* 19* 4 me J. M. R. 
Moutier Miss*Apos~. 

1807. 18^ Julii circi Quadrantem ante 12^ meridianam natus 
Thomas Smith filius Thomae et Mariae Smith (olim Cox) conjugum. 
Susceperunt Jacobus Smith et Sara Smith. Baptiz" 21^ ^ me J. M. R 
Moutier Miss<>Apos~. 

1807. 27^ Julii hori 8^ cum dimidio p6st Meridiem nata Catharina 
filia Joannis et Mariae Horragan (olim ) conjugum. Suscepit 

Elizabeth Banfield. Baptiz* 28^ k me J. M. R. Moutier Miss* Apos™. 

1807. 31* Julii quadrante ante 11*" vespertinam natus et die 
2' Augusti Ixiptiz* fuit Edmundus Flynn filius Roberti et BridgetUe 
Flynn (olim Ryan) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Pierce Cummings, Matrina 
Joanna Walsh, a me Roberto Plowden Miss* Apos<». 

(137) 1803. 29* Maii [intra interlined] horam 9*°»et io*™p6st Meridiem 
natus [Gulielmus crossed out] [^Henricus Hutchins interlined] filius 
Thomae et Phoebae Hutchins (olim Cooper) Conjugum. Riti oaptiz* 
^ Protestante Ministro. Suppletae fuerunt caeremoniae 3^ Augusti, 1807, 
h, me J. M. R. Moutier Miss^ Apos«*. 

ktOISTttRS OF tokt$TOt 36$ 

1805. 25^ Novembris i^ horft ant^ Meridiem natus Gulielmus 
Hutchins filius Thomae et Phoebae Hutchins (olim Cooper) Conjugum. 
Suscepit Maria Burke. Baptiz* 3* Augusti, 1807, k me J. M. R. Mouder 
Miss° Apos«>. 

1807. 3*^ Augusti quadrante ante primam pomeridianam natus et 
die 9* baptiz* fuit Jacobus [Mahoni interlined'\ filius Dionysii et Mariae 
Mahoni (olim Walsh) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Michael Walsh, Matrina 
Sarah Barry, a me Rob*<> Plowden Miss° Apos«>. 

1807. 14^ Augusti circa horam 4^ ant^ Meridiem nata Catharina 
[Jonhson interiifud^ filia Gulielmi et Mariae Jonhson (olim Dineen) 
Conjugum. Suscepit Maria Bready. Baptiz* 16* i me J. M. R. Moutier 
Miss*' Apos«>. 

1807. 15* Augusti Quadrante p6st 9*" ant^ Meridiem nata Maria 
Rynald filia Joannis et Margaritas Rynald (olim O'Danial) Conjugum. 
Susceperunt David Power et Anna Ryan. Baptiz* 23* k me J. M. R. 
Moutier Miss® Apos«». 

1807. 29^ Augusti 20 minutis post 3^ post Meridiem natus Jacobus 
Farel filius Patricii et Mariae Farel (olim Reardon) ["e" is interlimd] 
Conjugum. Susceperunt Joannes Reardon ["e" interlined] et Anna 
Prendergrast. Baptiz* 30* k me J. M. R. Moutier Miss® Apos«>. 

1807. 36^ Augusti hora 2^ cum dimidio p6st Meridiem nata Anna 
Buckley filia Comelii et Elizabeth Buckley (olim Harvey) Conjugum. 
Baptiz* sine ceraemoniis in necessitate 30^ a me J. M. R. Moutier Miss® 
Apos<». Suppletae fuerunt ceraemoniae 4* Octobris a me J. M. R. Moutier 
Miss® Jfpos^. 

1807. 2^ Sep* hor& 2^ pomeridiani nata Maria Catharina Cotter filia 
Edmundi et Mariae Cotter (olim Crowley) conjugum, et baptiz* eddem 
die. Matrina fuit Maria Burke, a me Rob*® Plowden Mis*® Opo8*=®. 
(138) 1807. 5* Septem* circa quadrantem post 7*« pomeridianam 
nata et eidem die baptiz* fuit Margarita Kylran filia Jeremiae et Mariae 
Kylran (olim Mullowney) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Jacobus Bryan, 
Matrina Catharina M'Outhy. a me Rob*® Plowden Miss® Apos*=®. 

1 807 25* Augusti quadrante ante 4*™ antemeridianam natus Joannes 
Pinto et baptiz* die 6* Septem* filius Josephi et Mariae Pinto (olim 
Drew) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Josephus Francis, Matrina Maria 
Mahoni, i me Roberto Plowden Miss® Apos~. 

1807. 31^ Augusti medio post 6*™ pomeridianam nata et die 
6* [Angus crossed out\ Septem* baptiz* fuit Margarita [Fahy interlined] 
filia Joannis et Mariae Fahy (olim O'Brien) conjugum. Patrinus fuit 
Thomas Quin, Matrina Joanna Coughlan, a me Rob*® Plowden Miss® 

1807. 16^ Sep* quadrante ante 8*™ pomeridianam natus et die 
20^ baptiz* fuit Thomas ' Nugent filius Jacobi et Margaritas Nugent 
(olim Browne) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Jacobus Foley, Matrina Joanna 
Fitzgerald, a me Roberto Plowden Miss® Aposc®. 

1807. 21* Septem* hord 5* pomeridiand nata et die 24* baptiz fuit 
Elizabetha Webb filia Joannis et Anns Webb (olim Lambert) conju^m. 
Patrinus fuit Jacobus Jones, Matrina Elizabeth Webb, ^ procuratncem 
k me Rob*** Plowden Missionario Apos®®. 

1806. circa, vel ut creditur, 5^ Junii drca horam io*» pomeridianam 


natus et die 27* Septem* 1807 baptiz* sub conditione fuit Joannes 
Quigly filius Laurentii et Helenas (Nel) Quigly (olim Walsh) conjugum. 
Patrinus fuit Jacobus Smith, Matrina Joanna Macky. 

1729. nata et die 19* Oct* 1807 baptii* fuit sub 

conditione Joanna Rees (in conjugio Farr) filia Mosis & Rachelis Rees 

iolim ) conjugum, a me Rob**> Plowden Miss® Apos». 

139) 1807. 28* Septembris cirdt i*" ant^ Meridiem natus Henricus 
Hunter filius Joannis et Mariae Hunter (olim Cassidy) Conjugum. 
Suscepenint Jacobus Smith et Anna Hunter. Baptiz*" 18* Octobris k me 
J. M. R. Moutier Miss° Apos«>. 

1791. 8^ Mail natus et die 19^ Octobris 1807 baptiz' fuit sub 
conditione Gulielmus Roberts filius Gulielmi et Marias Roberts (olim 
Thrall) conjugum, a me Roberto Plowden Miss® Apos^. 

1777. 25 Aug** hord 3>^ antemeridiani [nata ifUer/ined] et die 
23>^Ocf 1807 baptiz^fuit sub conditione Martha Marsh filia Gulielmi 
et Joannas Marsh (olim Wilkins conjugum) a me Rob*® Plowden 
Miss® Apo<». 

1807. 15 Oct*paulo post horam 7^ antemeridianam natus et die 
25^ baptiz^ fuit Jacobus Connelly filius Joannis et Joannas Connelly (olim 
MHDarthy) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Jeremias Driscoll, Matrina Margarita 
Reardon. a me Rob*® Plowden Miss® Apos<». 

1807. 23»* Oct" circa horam 4«" antemeridianam natus et die 
26* baptiz" fuit Joannes Hare filius Joannis et Eleonorae Hare (olim 
Mahon) conjugum. Patrinus fuit GuUelmus Driscol, Matrina Catharina 
Driscol, a me Rob*® Plowden Miss® Apos*^®. 

1784. 5* Nov* horH 10 antemeridiani natus et die 30 Oct*, 1807, 
baptiz" sub conditione fuit Thomas Richards filius Henrici et Margaritas 
Richards (olim Morgan) conjugum, a me R'® Plowden Miss° Apos". 

1807. Circa horam 10*™ antemeridianam 29^ Oct" nata et die 
30* baptiz* fuit Elizabetha Mulkay filia Oweni et Marias Mulkay (olim 
Crow) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Gulielmus KeefTe, Matrina Maria 
Fitzgerald, a me Rob*® Plowden Mis*® Apos«>. 

1807. 29* Septembris circa 10*™ post Meridiem natus Joannes 
Kelly filius [illegitimus snfer/imd] Thomas [et Mariae? crossed w/) 
Kelly [et Mariae Ryan interlined] [olim [Cr ? ] conjugum crossed oufy 
Suscepenint Patricius S* John et Cathanna Driscol. Baptiz* i* Novem- 
bris k me J. M. R. Moutier Miss° Apos«>. 

(140) 1807. 20* Maii I* hori post Meridiem natus Fredericus 
I)€»mond filius Joannis et Annas Casciliae Desmond (olim O Keefie) 
Conjugum. Suscepit Maria Tucker. Baptiz* 25* Novembris [1807 
crossed out] a me J. M. R. Moutier Miss® Apos<^o. 

1807. 14^ Octobris hora 6^ antemeridiani nata Margarita Enright 
et baptiz* 26* Novembris filia Patricii et Brigittaj Enright (olim Brien) 
conjugum. Matrina fuit Margarita KeefTe. 

1807. 4^ Decern* paul6 ante horam 2*™ pomeridianam nata et die 
9* baptiz* fuit Constantia Xaveria Lacy filia Patricii et Francisca Lacy 
(olim Cannon) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Georgius Antonius Keman, 
Matrina Elizabeth Maria Husenbeth, a me Roberto Plowden Miss° Apos®®. 

1807. 7* Decern* 25 minutis post 11*" horam ant^ Meridiem 
natus Joseph Emmanuel Anthony filius Joseph et Joannas Anthony 

tUCGlSTKkS or BRIStOL 31 1 

(olim Drew) Conjugum. Suscepit Joanna Murphy. Baptiz* 13* a me 

;[. M. R. Moutier Miss® Apos~. 
In margin: "92 add 6 entered on page 153, making total 98."] 

1807. 24* Decern' intra 4*™ et s»°» p6st Meridiem nata Sara Leonard 
filia Josephi et Sarse Leonard (olim Oneal) Conjugum. Suscepit 
Maria Bromel. Baptize [sub conditione interlined^ 6^Januarii, 1808, 
i me J. M. R. Moutier Miss® Apos*®. 

1808. 10^ Januarii circa 9*™ ante Meridiem natus Gulielmus 
[Egan interlined] filius Joannis et Marias Egan (olim Moray) Conjugum. 
Susceperunt Mauritius Sheehen et Margarita Williams. Baptiz' 20^ i 
me J. M. R. Moutier Miss® Apos~. 

1806. 16* Januarii hori 3* cum dimidio p6st Meridien natus 
Petrus Cherry filius Michaelis et Elizabeth Cherry (olim Vamey) Con- 
jugum. Susceperunt Thomas Rowland et Eleonora Rowland. Baptiz^ 
31* ^ me J. M. R. Moutier Miss® Apos<». 

[Pages 141 to 2^1 are used from the reverse end of the book; and^ with 
the blank page 252, are also numbered (54 r) to (43 r) respectively,] 

('S3) 1807. 22*Octobris hora n*cum dimidio post Meridiem nata 
Ronora O'Brien filia Jacobi et Margaritae O'Brien (olim Reardan) 
Conjugum. Susceperunt Patricius Roran et Brigitta Roran. Baptiz 
I* Novembris k me J. M. R. Moutier Miss® Apos«>. 

1807. 28^0ctobris circa horam tertiam antemeridianam natus et 
die 4*Novem*baptiz'fuit Jeremias Rolland filius Dionysii et Catharinae 
RoUand (olim Rarrington) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Joannes Rutcheson, 
Matrina Margarita Farr. a me Rob*® Plowden Miss® Apos~ 

1807. 8* Novembris circa 7»» horam p6st Meridiem nata Maria 
Anna Dalton filia Michaelis et Catharinae Dalton (olim Brown) Conjugum. 
Susceperunt Laurentius Power et Joanna Murphy. Baptiz* eidem die 
k mc J. M. R. Moutier Miss® Apos». 

1807. 21* Novembris horft 6* antemeridian^ nata et 29* baptiz* fuit 
Eliza Anna Westwood filia Caroli et Catharinae Westwood (olim Fargus) 
conjugum. Patrinus fuit Gulielmus Joannes Fargus, matrina Anna Faigus. 
a me Rob*® Plowden Miss® Apos«>. 

1807. 6* Decem* circa horam undecimam antemeridianam nata et 
die 7^ baptiz* fuit Maria filia illegitima Thomae Batchelor et Eleonone 
Kelher. Suscepit Gratia O Bricn, a me Roberto Plowden Miss® Apos«>. 

1781. 3i*Augusti nata et die 24* Decem', 1807, baptiz* fuit sub 
conditione Mary Ram (in conjungio Jordan) filia EdwaJxl et Mariae 
Ram (olim Burgess) a m^ Roberto Plowden Miss® Apos~. 

1807. 22* Decembris circa horam 6**" p6st Meridiem nata Maria 
I..eonard filia Michaelis [Leonard crossed out] et Annae Leonard (olim 
Runt) Conjugum. Suscepit Maria Murphy. Baptiz* 3* Januarii, 1808, 
k me J. M. It Moutier Miss® Apos<». 

('54) 1790. Die io*Augusti circa horam 1 1*»" antemeridianam nata 
et die i7*Janii 1808 baptiz* fuit sub conditione Maria O'Brien [the 
(y interlined] filia Richardi et Mariae O'Brien (olim Lewis) conjugum, 
a me Roberto Plowden Miss® Aposc°. 

1808. Die 6* Februarii circa 9*" p6st Meridiem nata Anna Brown 
filia Joannis et Ronorae Brown (olim ) conjugum. Susceperunt 

^i2 %tCtStWMS or BStfTOL 

Jacobwi Ni^ent el Maiia Mahenj. Bapti^ 7^ a me J. IL R. Mc 
Mitr Apof^. 

1S08. i<y» Februani circa mediani post 4^ pofDendaDam nata et 
die 13^ baptize fuit Elizabetha Mafhrian I>oii]an filia Gairet et Axmae 
tKxilan (oHm Guy) conjagaaL Patrinus fait Joannes Kack, Matrina 
Calharina Kaly, a me Rob** Plowden Miss* Apo8». 

iSoS. 10^ Februani intra 7*" et S^ ante Meridiem nata Mai]gptfita 
[Twohig inUr&fud^ [Tuihis and Tabec crossed aut\ filia Danieiis et 
Kariae [Twohig i/r/^r/rVw/J fTuheg? crossed ou/] (oiim Keefie) coo- 
jogom. Suscepit Bngitta Nagle. Bapti^ 14^ ]i me J. M. R. Mooder 

1769. 38 Februani paul6 ante 4*" antemeridianam nata et aof^Fd)^ 
1808 baptize fuit sub ccnditione Joanna Green (in matrimonio Wilmot) 
filta Mumfordi et Marix Green (olim Revel) conjugum; a me Rob* 
Plowden Miss^ Apos^. 

1808. 15^ Februani hori 4^ cum quadrante p6st Meridiem nata 
Anna Catharina Hynes filia Eduardi et Joannis Hynes (olim Smidi) 
Coniugum. Susceperunt Cornelius Hynes et Helena Smith. Baptiif 
21* £ me J. M. R. Moutier Miss** Apof^. 

1770. ut creditur mense Septembri natus et 27 Feb. 1808 bapdz" 
fuit sub conditione Rolx:rtus James filius Gulielmi et Catharinx James 
(olim Edwards) conjugum. a me Rob*^ Plowden Mis«> Apos~. 

1 80 1 . 25* Decembris natus et 3«* Martii 1 808, baptiz* 

sub conditione Gulielmus Levi filius Josephi et Annas Levi (olim ) 

conjugum, i me Rob** Plowden Miss^* Apos<». 

1808. 22* Februarii hori 6* anti Meridiem nata Dorothea Byrne 
filia ICduardi et Anna; Hyrne (olim Jones) conjugum. Suscepenmt 
Michael Hyrne ct Brigitta Byrne. Baptiz* 6^ Martii a me J. M. R 
Moutier, Miss® Ajkjs^^o. 

(^55) ^^oH. 4^ Martii circa horam 2*'" antemeridianam nata Eleonora 
Collins filia Dionisii et Margery Collins (olim Phaire) Conjugum. 
Su»cef>crunt David Frazer et Catharina Driscoll. Baptiz* 13* k me 
J. M. R. Moutier Miss** Af)os<». 

1808. 12^ Martii intra horam i*™ & 2*™ antemeridianam natus et 
die 1 6* l)af)tiz' fuit Patricius filius Thomae et Eleonorae Hope (olim 
Cane) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Joannes Rourk, Matrina Maria VVilkay. 
a me Rob*" Plowden Miss® Apos*^. 

1808. 28 Januarii paul6 ante mediam noctem nata et die 23* Martii 
liaptiz" fuit Maria Catharina Charles filia Joannis Gualterii et Catharinae 
('haries (olim Robertson) conjugum. Matrina fuit Francisca Burke, 
a mc Rob*" Plowden Miss*' Apos*^''. 

1808. 16'' Februarii plus qudm quadrante post meridiem nata et 
die 25''' Martii baptiz* fuit sub conditione Joanna Ryan filia Philippi 
et BirgctUe Ryan (olim Roache) conjugum. Matrina fuit Birgitta Fullford. 
a mc Ro!)'" Plowden Miss" Ajkjs^". 

1 80S. i5'» Martii hord 4^ antemeridian^ natus et die 3*^ Aprilb 
baptiz' fuit (ailiclmus Wrey filius Richardi ct Mariae Wrey (olim 
Browning) conjugum. Matrina fuit Brigitta O'Brien, a me Roberto 
Plowden Miss® A|)os«o. 

1808. 30^ Martii hori 7" ante Meridiem natus Joannes Lawton 


filius Michaelis et Estheris Lawton (olim Evans) Conjugum. Suscep- 
erunt Michael Hegerty et Margarita Hegerty. Baptiz* 3* Aprilis k me 
J. M. R, Moutier Miss® Apos~. 

1773. [Mense infer/ifud] Januarii circa diem 10"" natus et die 
15^ Aprilis 1808 baptiz* fuit sub conditione Joannes Williams filius 
Joannis et Susannae Williams (olim Williams) conjugum, a me Rob*® 
Plowden Miss<> Aposi^, 

1 764. 21 Aprilis circa horam 4^™ pomeridianam nata et die 1 6 Aprilis 
1808 baptiz'' fuit sub conditione Elizabetha Townsend (in conjugio 
Murphy) iilia Georgii et Elizabeths Townsend (olim Savage) conjugum 
k me Roberto Plowden Miss® Apos~. 

(156) 1808. 6^ Aprilis 6^ hori post Meridiem natus Joannes Evitt 
filius Joannis et Annas Evitt (ohm Byrne) conjugum. Susceperunt 
Michael Byrne et Brigitta Byrne. Baptiz^ 1 7* k me J. M. R. Moutier 
Miss® Apos<». 

1808. 8* [Aprilis interlined^ post dimidium post 1 1»«> pomeridianam 
nata et die 18* Aprilis baptiz* fuit Maria Anna Dorney filia Edwardi 
et Marise Dorney (olim Toben) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Joannes Coley, 
Matrina Elizabetha Coley, a me Rob^ Plowden Miss® Apos«>. 

1808. 17 Aprilis medio post 4*™ antemeridianam nata in York 
Placty CliftoHy Aiina Maria Goold et die 2 2* ibidem baptiz* fuit, filia 
Henrici et Helenae Goold (olim Hawkins) conjugum. Patrinus fuit 
Thomas Gage Eques (p procuratorem), Matrina Maria Goold, a me 
Roberto Plowden Miss® Apos~. 

1808. 28* Aprilis quadrante ant^ 6*^ matutinam natus Joannes 
Reilly filius Eduardi et Catharinae Reilly (olim Monks) Conjugum. 
Susceperunt Thomas O'Briene et Gratia O'Briene. Baptiz* i* Mail 
k me J. M. R. Moutier Miss® Apos^. 

1808. 30* Aprilis circa 7»™ \pery blotchy] ant^ Meridiem natus 
Joannes Kemelly filius Joannis et Joannae kemelly (olim Crowen) 
Conjugum. Susceperunt Joannes Day et Winafrida Day. Baptiz* 
8* Maii k me J. M. R. Moutier, Miss® Apos~. 

1808. 8^ Maii hord 2* ant^ Meridiem natus Thomas Quinlan filius 
Danielis et Margaritas Quinlan (olim Millard) Conjugum. Suscepit 
Joanna Cain. Baptiz* eidem die k me J. M. R. Moutier Miss® Apos~. 

1775. Octobris natus et die 13'* Maii, 1808, baptiz* sub 

conditione fuit Petrus MTeague filius 
a me Roberto Plowden Miss®Apo8~. 

(157) 1808. 24* Maii hori 6* ant^ Meridiem nata Maria Barrelle 
filia Dominici et Marias Barrelle (olim Barrett) Conjugum. Susceperunt 
Josephus Barrella et Maria Burke. Baptiz* 29* k me J. M. R. Moutier 
Miss® Apos~. 

1808. 29* [Maii interlined] circa 11*™ cum dimidio p6st Meridiem 
nata Maria Mahony filia Dionisii et Marias Mahony (olim Harris) 
Conjugum. Suscepit Maria Harris. Baptiz* 31^ k me J. M. R. Moutier 
Miss® Apos~. 

1770. 2* Junii hord io*antem: nata Elizabetha Ferret filia Joannis 
et Sarhae Ferret (olim Dawson) conjugum (in matrimonio Wright) et die 
6* Junii 1808 baptiz* sub conditione a me Rob*® Plowden Miss® Apos~. 

1808. 17^ Maii Quadrante ant^ 2*" ante Meridiem natus Jacobus 

314 HEGIStSRS or Bkl$TOL 

Daily illegitimus filius Jacob! Daily et Mariae Manin^. Suscepit Maria 
Pierce. Baptiz" 6^ Junii k me J. M. R. Moutier Miss^ Apos^. 

1781. 20^ Decembris nata Margarita Holmes (in 

matrimonio Lowther) iilia [Richard et crossed out] Roberti Holmes et 
N. N. et die 7^ Junii, 1808, baptiz^ fuit sub conditione k me Rob^ 
Plowden Miss'' Apos«>. 

1808. 11^ Junii hori i^ cum dimidio ant^ Meridiem natus Robertus 
Briggs filius Roberti et Sarhae Briggs (olim Gaylard) Conjugum. Suscep- 
erunt Thomas Briggs et Maria Burke. Baptiz* 12^ it me J. M. R. 
Moutier Miss° Apos~. 

1808. 3^ Junii hori 6^ pomeridiani natus et die 14^ bapdz" fuit 
Richardus Allen filius Caroli et Sarhas Allen (olim Sturges] conjugum. 
Patrinus [fuit interlined^ Cornelius Bryan, Matrina Catharina 
Delahunty, a me Rob^ Plowden Miss. Apos^. 

(158) 1762. 6^ Jan. circa horam 7^™ pomeridianam nata Anna 
Augustine (in matrimonio Philips) filia Bartholomsi et Margarite 
Augustine (olim Bevan) conjugum et baptiz^ fuit sub conditione die 
1 8 Junii 1808 k me Roberto Plowden Miss'' Apos«>. 

1808. 17^ Junii circa horam 4^ pomeridianam natus et 
19^ baptiz' fuit Jacobus Davis filius Thomse et Maris Davis (olim 
Richardson) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Jacobus Donovan, Mamna 
EUzabetha Doran, k me Rob''' Plowden Miss** Apos~. 

1764. Mense Decembri nata et 21 Junii, 1808, baptiz* fiiit sub 
conditione Maria Pincott (in matrimonio Jones) filia Abrahae et Maris 
Pincott (olim Ginners) conjugum a me Rob^ Plowden, Miss^ Apos^. 

1808. 16^ Junii medio post undedmam pomeridianam natus in 
Clifton et die 21^ baptiz' fuit Franciscus Edmondus Goold filius 
Georgii et Carolettae Goold (olim Browne) conjugum. Patrinus ^ 
procuratorem Thomas Gillebrand, Matrina ^ procuratricem fiiit Domina 
Maria Anna Browne, a me Rob*" Plowden Miss'' Apos'^". 

1783. s'* Nov* circa horam 10"" pomeridianam nata et die 23** Junii 
1808 baptiz* fuit sub conditione Esterha James filia Josephi et Esterhae 
James (olim Cox) conjugum, a me Rob^ Plowden Miss" Apos<». 

1781. Mense Januarii nata et die 25^ Junii 1808 baptiz* fuit sub 
conditione Sarha Watts filia Joannis et Joannae Watts (olim Crossman) 
conjugum, a me Rob*" Plowden Miss" Apos'=". 

1787. Sub finem Decern' natus et die 2^ Julii 1808 baptiz* fuit 
sub conditione Richardus Robins filius Josephi et Aliciae Robins (olim 
Barber) conjugum, a me Rob*" Plowden Miss" Apos~. 
(159^ 1 750. 25* Aprilis circa horam i**" antem : nata et die 3** Julii 1808 
baptiz* fuit sub conditione Maria Tucker filia Thomae et Sane Tudier 
(olim Rigdon) conjugum k me Rob*" Plowden Miss" Apos"". 

1808. 21^ Maii circa 2*^ ant^ Meridiem nata Elizabeth Doyle filia 
Michaelis et Joannae Doyle (olim Jones) conjugum. Susceperunt 
Mauritius Frayzor et Catharina Frayzor. Baptiz* 3* Julii k me 
J. M. R. Moutier Miss"Apos'^. 

1 79 1. 22^ Maii nata et die 3** Julii 1808 baptiz* fuit sub conditione 
Margarita Cole filia Gulielmi et Ally Cole (olim Underwood) conjugum, 
k me Rob*" Plowden Miss" Apos~. 

1745. Julii 4^ nata et die 9^ Julii 1808 baptiz* fuit sub conditione 


Maria Browne (in matrimonio Burke) filio Thomae et Sarhae Browne 
(olim Merrick) conjugum, a me Rob^ Plowden Miss'' Apos"'. 

1756. nata et die 10 Julii 1808 baptiz* fuit sub 
conditione Sarah Mitchel (in matrimonio Charles) filia Joannis et Sarhae 
Mitchel (olim Little) conjugum, a me Roberto Plowden Miss® Apo8<». 

1757. Mense Dec" (v: s) nata et die 10 Julii 1808 baptiz^ fuit sub 
conditione Joanna Harrington filia Danielis et Marias Harrington (olim 
Splan) conjueum, a me Rob**> Plowden Miss° Apos^<>. 

1808. 3* Julii cirdt 2*°* ant^ Meridiem natus Michael Donoghoe 
filius Thomae et Elizabeth Donoghoe (olim Scot) conjugum. Susceperunt 
David Keeffe et Catharina Walsh. Baptiz* 10^ a me J. M. R. Moutier 
Miss® Apos~. 

1806. 11^ Aprilis horA i^ pomeridiand nata et die 11^ Julii 1808 
baptiz* fuit sub conditione Aima Cronin filia Cornelius Cronin et 
Esterhae RusseL Matrina fuit Maria Donovan, a me Roberto Plowden 
Miss® Apos*^. 

(160) 1808. 12* Julii circa 6*" cum dimidio |)6st Meridiem natus 
Joannes Pierce filius Gulielmi et Mariae Pierce (olim Dunn) Conjugum. 
Susceperunt Dionysius Kidney et Brigitta Dayly. Baptiz* 17^ k me 
J. M. R. Moutier, Miss® Apos<^. 

1746. ut creditur Mense Augusti nata et die 18^ Julii 1808 
bapdz^ fuit sub conditione Anna Davis (in matrimonio Fargus) filia 

S Mariae et crossed au/] Simonis et [matrimoni crossed ou/] Maris Davis 
olim Trotter) conjugum. a me Rob'® Plowden Miss® Apos«®. 

1808. 18* Aprilis hor§L 7^ pomeridiani nata et die 18* Julii baptiz* 
fuit sub conditione, completis caeremoniis, Maria Cullen filia Gulielmi et 
Annas Cullen (olim Hall) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Joannes Crosby et 
Matrina Joanna Murphy a me Roberto Plowden Miss® Apos<=®. 

1759. 17^ Julii nata et die 3** Julii 1808 baptiz^fuit sub conditione 
Gratia O'Brien (olim Smith) filia Joannis et E^terhas Smith (olim 
Cooksley) conjugum k me Roberto Plowden Miss® Apos~. 

1808. 24^ Julii hori i^ pomeridiani nata et eadem die baptiz* in 
domo privata in parochid S^ Augustini fuit Elizabetha Maria Anna 
Dumoulin filia Andreae et Elizabetha Dumoulin (olim Dyer) conjugum 
Patrinus fuit per Procuratorem Henricus Slaughter, Matrina p 
Procuratricem Anastasia Maria Anna Mannock, k me Rob^ Plowden 
Miss® Apos~. 

List of the persons confirmed July 3** 1808 by the R' R^ DoC 
P. B. Collingridge, Bishop of* &c.: — 

Confirmed Confirmed 

M" Martha Marsh, Anastasia Bridget Fielding, Frances 

M'' Margarite Lowther, Elizabeth M" Mary Jones, Elizabeth 

Miss Sarah Adams, Agnes M" Esther Lawton, .Vgnes 

(161) M' William Roberts Gregory M" Mary Brigs, Mary 
Honora Howe, Ann M' John Brigs, John 
Patrick Fogerthy, John Jeremiah Donovan, Joseph 

Ann Cole, Lucy M'* Mary Tucker, Mary Magdalene 

ift Peter Bernardine Collingridge, O.S.F., Bishop of Thespiae and Vicar- Apostolic 
of the Wettem Dntrict. (GiUow's BM Dkt, i, 541.) 

31 6 RftGi^TEks Of teiStoL 

Confirmed Confirmed 

James Smith, Joseph Maigarite Farr, Mary 

Cornelius Mahoni, Joseph Mary Neale, Ann 

Patrick Whelan, Joseph Ann Elizabeth Fiddes, Mary 

Mary Kelly, Ann Aloysius Lacy, Joseph 

Margarite Keeffe, Bridget Daniel Crowley, Cornelius 

Mary Pierce, Bridget (i^*) Richard Robins, Joseph 

M' Oliver Hasset, Joseph Elizabeth Hawkins, Mary 

M" Grace O'Brien, Mary William Keeffe, Joseph 

M" Ann Ferrier, Frances William Driscol, Joseph 

M" Sarah Brigs, Mary William Brien, Thomas 

M" Esther James, Mary Ann Hunter, Mary 

Constantia Gwilliam, Mary Mary Canty, Ann 

Sarah Watts, Frances July 4^** Mary Stephens, Elizabeth 

John Hegerthy, John Baptist Joanna M'Kee, Mary 

Miss Dorothy Adams, Teresa Catharine Pierce, Mary 

Mary O'Neale, Ann Margarite Cole, Mary 

Ann Canty, Mary In all 48 Persons. 

Mary O'Connor, Ann 

[M. 1 5 + F. 33 = 48 in penciL] 

1808. 25^ Julii circa 6^"* post Meridiem nata Isabella Bartell filia 
Josephi et Margarita Bartell (olim Healy) Conjugum. Suscepenint 
Laurentius Troy et Judith Rereden. Baptiz* 28* k me J. M. R. Moutier 
Miss** Apos~. 

17^3- 27 Julii natus et die 9* Aug* 1808 baptiz* fuit sub con- 
ditione Edwardus Meredith filius Gulielmi et Marise Meredith (olim 
Thomas) conjugum, a me Roberto Plowden Miss° Apos~ 

1808. 8* Augusti medio ante horam i*"' antemeridianam nata et 
die 10^ baptiz* fuit Joanna Carney filia Joannis et Catharinae Carney 
(olim Odle) conjugum. Patrinus fiiit Jacobus Murphy, Matrina Anna 
Fitzgerald, a me Rob*^ Plowden Miss<» Apos*^°. 

1778. 30* Aprilis nata et die 12* Augusti [1808 infer/inrd] bapdz* 
fuit sub conditione Maria Walsh (olim Boyce) filia Edmundi ct Barbae 
Boyce (olim Dokkings) conjugum a me Roberto Plowden Miss** Apos**. 

1761. i^ Jan. nata et die 14* Augusti, 1808, baptiz* fuit sub con- 
ditione Henrietta Ackland (in matrimonio Freeman) filia Dudley & 
Sarhas Ackland (olim Hewit) a me Roberto Plowden Miss** Ai)os">. 
(163) 1739. 12 Maii (Veteris Styli) nata et 15 Aug' 1808 baptiz* fuit 
sub conditione Gertrudis Pressley (olim Johns) filia Jacobi et Dorotheae 
Johns (olim Ankervis ?) a me Roberto Plowden Miss^ Apos«>. 

1772. 25 Martii nata et 15* Aug* 1808 baptiz^ fuit sub conditione 
Winifrida Day (olim Morgan) filia Morgani ^ Annai Morgan (olim 
Thomas) a me Roberto Plowden Miss** Aik)s*^^. 

1808. i^ Martii circa medium post 4"'" antemeridianam natus et 
die 19^ Augusti baptiz** fuit sub conditione Edmundus Sheean filius 
Edmundi et Honoraj Sheean (olim Murphy). Patrinus fuit Gulielmus 
Brien, k me Roberto Plowden Miss** Apos' ". 

1747- 3^^ Martii (veteris Styli) natus et die 20^ Augusti 1808 
baptiz' fuit sub conditione Richardus Pyle filius Philippi et Joanns 
Pyle (olim Howe) conjugum, a me Roberto Plowden ^liss^ Apos*». 


1808. 31* Mail intra 9*™ et 10*"* ant^ Meridiem nata Elizabeth 
Gregory filia Thomas et Joannae Gregory (olim Pipin) conjufi;[um]. 
Susceperunt Jacobus Scott et Anna Martin. Baptiz* 21^ Augus[tij k me 
J. M. R. Moutier Miss*> Apos~ ♦ 

1808. 18^ Augusti circa medium post 8^*" meridianam nat[a] et die 
21^ baptiz^ fuit Elizabetha Anna Stodherd filia Matthsei et Mariae 
Stodherd (olim Whelton) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Jacobus Doran, 
Matrina Maria Davis, a me Roberto Plowden Miss^ Apos*^. 

1757. 29^ Maii nata et die 21* Augusti 1808 baptiz* fuit sub con- 
ditione Maria Brooke (olim tippet) filia Samuelis et Annae Tippet 
(olim Smith) a me Roberto Plowden Miss® Apos~. 
(164) 1807. 16* Julii circa horam 9**" antemeridianam nata et die 
25^ Augusti 1808 baptiz^ fuit Helena Sullivan filia Cornelii et Helenas 
Sullivan (olim Casey) conjugum. Matrina fuit Anna Canty, a me 
Roberto Plowden Miss® Apos~ 

1755. ut creditur, circa festum Nativitatis Doi nata et die 28 
Aug^, 1808, baptiz* fuit sub conditionc Joanna Harrington filia Danielis 
et Mariae Harrington (olim Splane) conjugum, a me Rob'® Plowden 
Miss® Apos~. 

1808. 23^ [Augusti interlined^ hord i^ cum dimidio post Meridiem 
natus Josephus Clery filius Lucae et Annae Clery (olim Buxton) con- 
jugum. Susceperunt Ambrosius Pimm et Brigitta Fullfor. Baptiz" 
28* k me J. M. R. Moutier Miss® Apos*^®. 

1805. 31^ Martii hori 6^ cum dimidio post Meridiem natus Jacobus 
Clery filius Lucas et Annae Clery (olim Buxton) conjugum. Susceperunt 
Ambrosius Pimm et Brigitta Fullfor. Baptiz* [sub conditione interiined] 
28* Augusti 1808 k me J. M. R. Moutier Miss® Apos~. 

1797. 7* Decem* nata et die 29* Augusti 1808 bapdz* fuit sub 

conditione Maria Brooks filia N. N. et Mariae Brooks (olim Tippet) 
conjugum, a me Roberto Plowden Miss® Apos<=®. 

1808. 28^ Augusti in Parochia S'* Mariae in Comitatu Pembrocensi 
nata et die 25* Septembris baptiz* fuit in Tenby Catharina Leary filia 
Joannis et Laetitiae Leary (olim Harris) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Georgius 
Antonius Keman, Matrina Lucia Enright a me infrascripto Philippus 
Bequet Miss® Apos*^. 

[A/ the end an Index has been inserted^ occupying the jrd to nth 
of 12 pageSy which are counted as the first 12 from the reverse end. 
On the first is written] 

An Alphabetical Index 
of the names of those whose baptisms are recorded in this register, 
beginning with June 1794 & ending with August 1808. 

The number baptized during the period amounts to 1,008. 

The figures in the Index refer to the pages of the register, which 
are numbered alternately at the foot & in the corner of the page. 
29 Nov. 1832. 

[^The Index is not reproduced here^ as this volume must have 

its independent Index."] 

[On the I2th or last Index page are the following rough pencil notes^ 

which are often almost illegible, '\ 

4c Some names occur at the edge of frayed paper* 



Mag fpy] ft Orgir \ 
Julj II, 1807. local families/ 

CapB Benjamin Ron[erd]. 

Catherine Labron ^abron ?! born Oct 12, 176. 3 in the [morning]. 
Christopher bom Friday, Nov. 22, 1763. 4 in the m. 
Hayworth, M. Br[y]hams [?], Uncle. 

1747. Marv Br[yjhan bom August 6. 12 oc. about noon. 
M' Bryh[enj thinks my register was copied from the Family. 
Whole groups of family names, in roister, evidently copied from 
the Family Bible. 

[^Continued inside the back binding.'] 
Note contributed by 

Rev. M. Brigham, Horfield, August 14, 1895. 

[Starting from reverse end of book.] 
[{is Vi) blank.] 
(1411) Brought forward from the old Raster, b^inning Nov: 4^ 1787 
a catalogue of the deceased of this congr^ation, Sum total 295. 

Jan. 9'" Mary M^^Mahon 

18 James HefTeman 

19 William Naven 
Feb. 10 George Jackson 

18 James Conner 300 

22 Isaac Green 
26 Mary Shean 
March 1 2 John Daniel, sine sacra- 
16 M" Elizabeth Richardson 

20 Bartholomew Dunlee 305 
omitted 7 Elizabeth Deer, sine sac- 


20 M" Ann Mite, sine sacra- 

31 Catharine Groves 
April 2 Serjeant William M*^Carthy 
6 R<* M^ James Charies 
Thompson* [Buried in 
the Dead Vault inter- 
tined] 310 

9 M*" Robert Evans, sine 

18 Alice Hickey 

24 f R« K^ Thomas Tallx)t, 
l^p. of Aeon, unrtis. 
[Buried in the Dead 
Vault interlined] 

May 8 Philip Doyle 

12 John Cowan 315 
24 Patrick Cronin 

omitted March 25 James Reyly 

June 10 Ann Barry 

22 William S. Griffin 

30 Michael Fitzhenry 320 

July 2 Dennis Sullivan 

9 Catherine Baldwyn 

July Joseph Slaughtery, sine 

Carrol, sine sacra- 
mentis (miles) 

20 Emilia Barry 325 
30 M' Andrew Foley 

Aug. 7 Mary Delany 
3 James Walsh 
10 William Browne 

13 Bartholomew Mullens 330 

21 Miss Alice Tarwit 
29 John Quinlan 

Sep' 2 Thomas Egan 

6 Elizabeth Brown 

17 M' Simon Lawley 335 

24 William Birch 

27 Joseph Stamford 

Oct. 24 James M^^Kennagh 

27 Mary Fisher 

ift Oiiver's CoUeeiians, p. 42a 
f In the Catholic Directory his lUath is recorUed just two months earlier. 



Oct. 30 William Franklyn 340 
Nov 2 James Flannery 
4 Patrick Sheahee 
omitted Aug. 18 Blanch Morgan 
Novr. 1 1 John Cambel 

11 Matthew M^Namara 345 
24 Patrick Burke 

Dec^ 4 Elizabeth Byrne 

18 Michael Ryan 
DeC^ 29 Noel Blin 

Janv s M' William Keeffe 350 

13 M' John Henesy 

14 Mary Fordyce 

(16 R) 

Jany 19 John Nugent 

23 M" Martha Arden 
Feb. 12 Susanna Walker 

12 William Maher 

16 Thomas Von Degenfelt, 
Hessian [soldier crossed 
out\ Serjeant Major 

19 Patrick M^Kafe 

22 M' Anthony Carroll 

23 Dennis M^^Loghlan 
omitted 21 John Wilkinson 

26 M" Margaret Mitchel 

27 Miss Sajrah Powel, alias 

2 Michael Canty 
March 4 Henry Margel (Hessian 
7 John Allen 

7 Catharine Fitzgerald 
April 3 Tho" Mason 

27 Elizabeth Hall 
29 Thomas Connel 
May 4 Ann Haly 

20 M" Maria Talbot 
June 7 M" Catherine Hayden 

8 John Brien 

July 3 Le Chevalier Antoine 
Henry de Lubersac 
buried in the garden by 
the door going into the 
school on the north- 
west side of the chapel 
Witnesses, Du Bergier, 
IVestrade, Le Villaine 

Aug< 6 Jean Baptiste Duval 

Sep* II M™ Margarite Browne 

17 Cornelius Sullivan 

(17 R) 
Oct* 19 John M^Conwell 

22 Mary Matthews 

26 John Munsey 
Nov' II John Lawrence 
Dec' 15 Edward Burke 

19 M' Charles Dagor 

23 Mary Roberts 

Jan: 5 Robert Howse 

18 Jane Macklyn 
18 Rebecca Farrel 

omitted 11 Eleonora Dwyer 

27 John Matthews 

28 Mary M^'Daniel 

29 Catherine English 
29 Mary Doran 

omitted 18 Bridget Randy 

29 Andrew Murphy 
Feb. 16 Dennis Gaffey 

22 Margaret Millard 
March 1 1 Eleonora Johnson 

17 Joanna Williams 

29 Patrick M<=Daniel 
April 4 John Haly 

14 Elizabeth Barry 
May 6 Thomas M^^Manus 

9 M" Smith, Peter Hill 
14 William Noonan 
31 Master William Parsons 
June 9 Mary Ann Cavanagh 
July 1 1 Mary M*0)y 

17 M' Walter Robert Vaughan, 
sine sacramentis 

(18 R) 

July 18 Tho* Collins 

30 John M<<jauly 
Aug^ I Thomas Powell 

4 Margaret Kirk 

9 M<^ Mary Mangham 

Sep' 2 1 Mary Sullivan 


Nov* 4 Tho* Buckly 

9 Elizabeth Williams 
9 Bartholomew Mulkay 
13 Catharine Toole 

24 M" Eleonora White f/Vrilfr- 




Dec' 20 R** M' Peter Diesnis* 

21 Thomas Brien 
24 Honora Jacobs 

Jan" 10 Maria Sheean 
15 Ignatio Rainoso 

22 M'John Baptist Core 
Feb. 6 M" Mary Stafford 

13 Mary Reardon 
March 9 Eliz^^ Duggan 
12 James M^Gauly 

15 Mary Duggan 
April 24'*»Mon' Pierre Herbert 

29 M" Sarah Nash 

29 Mon' Joseph Ballieu 


June 19 John Clark 

July 7 Patrick Regan 
7 Francis Arden 

17 Miss Chariot Grace 
[Augt a-ossedouf] 29 Miss Ann Grace 

(19 r) 
Aug^ 13 John Duggan 

24 Blanch Tracey 
Sep' 3 Walter Casey 

21 M" Frances Magill 

Nov' 9 Thomas Lewis 

10 Sarah Fisher 

1 1 Mary Matthews 

16 M'* Mary Simmes 

23 M" Maria Garrat 

25 Maria Jane Martyn alias 

Dec' 4 Mary M^Kensie 
6 Susanna Manning 

Jan" 1 7 M'* Martha Edmonds 

17 Alexander Hart 

18 Thomas Bene 

22 Mary Taylor [in/er/ined] 
28 Eleonora Gleeson 

28 M' [* ?] Michael O'Connor 
31 M'* Jane Heney 

Feb. 2 M' Daniel James Norris 
March 1 5 M' Richard Farrel 

19 Mary Connor 

18 Thomas Lynche 

29 Catherine Ring 

Mar. 29 Mary Caffiy 
April 12 Alice Power 

16 M' Patrick Forehan 
May 8 Eleonora Sullivan 

19 Garret Hortington 

20 Miss Mary Cruise 

(20 R) 
Maii 30 Amelia Toeg 

31 Cornelius Sullivan 
June 8 Bamaby O'Donnel 

10 Anthony Jones 

20 M'" Joanna Sullivan 

23 Dennis Fowler 

27 DoC Greorge Mahoni 

Aug^ 15 Mary Shanaghan 
18 Catherine Fleming 

Sep' 16 Thomas Carter 

18 Bartholomew Byrne 

25 Charles Hawkins 

29 John Knab 
Oct' 2 Mary Leary 

18 John Burke Esq' 
Nov' I** M'* Mary L. O'Reilly 

14 Mary Dickson 

19 Miss Frances Grace 

20 James Cushion 
23 Michael Nugent 

26 Frances M'Mahon 

30 M" Catherine Watson 
Dec' 14 Miss Margaret Antonetta 

Gal way 
14 Anastasia Walsh 

17 Michael Cunningham 

28 M'* Eleonora Everet 
28 William Donovan 

Jan" 5 Jeremy Donovan 
10 Thomas Cokely 
Jan. 29 Margaret Wheeler [infer- 

Feb. I Francis Garvan 

4 M'* Elizabeth Clark 
12 Cain Mahoni 

(21 R) 

Feby 20 M" Margaret Smith 
23 M' William Heney 
22-23 Madame Camilla Loysel 
le Gaucher D'estrecs. 

3fc The middle letter may be "g," ''l," or a long «'»." 



buried in the same grave 
with Mon' De Lubersac, 
by the school door. 
March 4*^VViniam Day 

26 Miss Rebecca Tilladams 
April 9 John McCarthy 

24 James Holland 
May 1 John Gamble 

27 M"* Mary Baron 
June 12 Michael Foley 

30 John Downy 
July 8 Judith O'Rafferthy 
4 Catherine Manning 

19 James Ryan 

23 Mary Williams. 29 John 
Reed, at sea^ 
Aug^ 8 Dennis Mullens 

7 Jeremiah Donoghoe 

1 7 M"^ Patrick Drake 

20 Sarah Blisset 
Ocf* 7 George Manno 

10 M'' Thomas Reading 
30 M" Eleonora Ward 

Nov. 5 Thomas Fitzgerald 

John Mills, sine sacra- 
Dec 5 Ann Byrne 
Janv 2 Miss Mary Pursell 

1 801 
Jan. 10 James Vaughan Esq., 
19 Elizabeth Donovan 
Feby 5 Michael Mickdonnel 

Feby 9 Catherine Downy 

15 Christiana Wrey 

16 Patrick Wicken 
March 25 John Martin 
April 16 M« Mary Keeffe 

27 M^ John Bowen 

(22 r) 
May I** Michael Jorden 

1 4 [Eliz crossed out] Alice King 

18 Elizabeth Weake 

28 M'' Mary Bambrick [inter- 

June 6 Timothy Sheehan 

8 Hannah Sullivan 

1 1 M" Mar>' Burke 

June 1 1 Mary Ann Hunt 

24 Peter Kelly 

28 Robert Shiles 
July 1 1 M" Mary Ann Smith 

17 My Richard Wellick 

17 Miss Mary Ward 

18 Peter Hughes 
27 Michael Kelher 

Aug^ 22 Timothy Mountain 

22 Elizabeth Cokely (sine sac- 

ramentis) \ail interlirud] 

23 Joseph Kelher 

27 M*^ John Ryan (in Chipen- 

Sep*^ 6 M« Elizabeth Nicholets 

13 Margaret Buckley 
Oct*" 2 Bridget Hamy 

28 Thomas M<^Donald 

29 M^ John Fargus. Sepultus 

inaditu Sacelli 
Nov^ 4 Thomas Driscal 

13 M" Emilia Crauford 

1 7 M*" Edmund Burke. Dec' 
II, 18 10. 'f' Sepultus in 
horto prope muros sac- 
elli, N<> 2'' 3° loco 

20 Michael Cunningham 

20 William Lynche 
DeC 4 Sarah Huusen 

19 Margarita Hacket, sine 

Jany 8 Jeremiah Dunn 

9 Lawrence Brennan 
13 Catherine Doulan 

15 Matthew Doran 

16 Mary Meek 

(23 r) 
Jany 20 James Brown 

20 M" Mary M<^Hugo 
20 M" Ann Bulger 

24 Garrat Ryley 
26 Lea Harrison 

28 Miss Martha Arden 
omitted 25 Mary Fitzgerald 
March 19 R<**Nicolaus Maria Routier 
dc Tainto de S«« Marie. 
§ sepultus prop^ latus 
boreale hujus sacelli 

3|c The Uttet a pott entry. 

^ Following written later at side. 



Mm. tx CasBf^ Andrew Carew 

J4 iMxxoc John Chester, 
Sepoltoi ubidefn 
April f5 Ann Dttvis 

f 6 M<* Cadwfine Taylor 

r6 M" EUabech Orevil 
1% 2 CiOkeme Kdly 
Jane 9 John Keaaedf 

f a M» Bfkry Ann Hamill 

iS WaiiBm Carny 

J2 Mm EH^abfth Tannton 
Jini r Cmueinia SoUivas 

ro M" MarceOa CyCaDaghan 
Afl(fi 98^ M" Jane Denoy 
Sqpr 9 EUzabedi Gooidnig 

20 Efizabedi Hill 
Oct 17 M** Henrietta GiDineaii, 
44epalta in horto prope 
latos boreale sacelli 

17 Henry Hannat 
omitted Oct 5 William Flemming 

Decf 10 M» Eliza r>onnald 
JO Eleonora Oman 
j8 M'KllatherineU'hithenbury 
30 Mary Hope Tsine sacra- 
Jan" 19 M'* Bridget Sellick 

23 Otherine Axford 
February 23 Abigail Dunn 

(24 R) 
March 5<i>Patrick Sullivan 

10 Elizabeth James [iVi/fr/iff^/j 

13 Winifride Beaber 

14 Judith Wheeler 

28 Rcbbecca Flemming 

29 Margaret Connelly 
April 2 R<* M^ James f Nels^m 

22 Hugh Maguire 

26 John Mahoni 
May 3 William Corbet 

7 John Craine 
June 20 Catherine Johnson 
July 16 Patrick I-aller 

18 Matthew Ryan 

25 M' John Dolphin 

26 Lucy Smith 

30 Margaret I.«eary 

Ai^ t 

6 Philip Conadiiy 
12 ManluL Hjhiiuihjio, 
22 Maty GoDct 

Sep^ 4 yEke% KcO^ (s 




Hannah Stokes 





Dec 6 

Dec' 6 



Ann Jmdkaan 

Jean BerriDoa, finench 

Michari Lacey 
Ann Mom 
Cap^ Chaiies White [rffilflr. 

Eleonoim Jc 







Febv 27 

March 8 



April 15 
May 1 1 


Michael GookLng 
Ive Dagome, French 

Jean L'onay, D" 

Henricus M^ormic 
Patrick O Neale 
Susanna Carryl 
Sailor, name unknown 
Elizabeth Davis 
Ann Isherwood 
Sarah Dunn 
Michael Ross 
Mary Dwyer 
James Redmond 
John Pursell 
John Howe 
Michael Murray 
Mary Ambridgc 
John Fogerty 
Catherine Farrel 
Thomas Knight 

41 FoUowifig at side. 

t (Hmer's CalkeHtm^ p. 363. 



23 Christopher Kelly Bellew 

Aug^ 7 Cajetan Taroni, sine sac- 

17 M" Ann Ryan 
omitted 12 George Henesy 

I Coghlan 

Sep"" 21 Thomas Hart 
Ocf 3 Stephen Russel 
16 James Ginone 

2 1 Richardi Forbus, sine sac- 


24 M^^grath, sine sac- 

Nov"" 21 George M<=Ginn 

25 Joseph Kritchel 

Dec"^ 16 M" Catherine Mary Cole- 
Jan. 19 John Sheels 1805 
(26 R) 
4}^ January M*^ Mary Graham 
February 19 Matthias Dwyer 

22 M^ William Tilladam 
March 26 William Gillam 

31 Florence Crowley 
April 3 Morris Skeelly 

28 M'^*' Dorothy Mooney 
Maii 6 John Ryan 

15 John Brunnock 

18 Patrick James Murry 
18 William Doyle 

28 Margaret Dobbin 
June 6 Martha Seeds 
9 John Horgan 

15 Mary Costelo 

24 Mary Cashian alias Magher 

27 Edward Donagan 
July I Catherine Currant 
Aug' 26 Timothy Hanglin 
Sep'' 25 Miss Eleonora Byriic 
Oct^ II Margaret M<=Ginn 

Oct^ 22 James Walsh, sine sacra- 

Nov*^ 17 John Bergen 

2 1 Ann Plowman, sine sacra- 

23 Sarah Newman 
I Dec 5 Margaret Dunn 
16 Philip Roubery 

j ^^^^ 

} Jan" I Maria Donovan 

4 Domina Barbara^ Turville 
6 Thomas Flyn 

1 1 Mary Buddet 

8 Frances Browne 
14 John Flynn 

26 M" Margarite Brien 

(27 R) 
January 27 John Glyn 
February ii'*» Timothy Hickey 
March 14 Mary Hickey 
I 20 Francis Kennedy 

30 Patrick Boland 
April 5 M^ George Gowing 

13 M'^ Edward Vaughan 

29 M"" James Goossens 
May 14 John Mahon 
June 10 M" Elizabeth Bradden 
July 22 Denis Crowley 

26 Maurice Drogun 
Aug* 8 Richard Dillon 

9 William Hayes, sine sac- 

Sep*^ 3 M" Apollonia Berkeley 

5 Richard Cooley 

8'»» Patrick Cotter O Brien 
Esq', whose extraordinary 
stature was 8^ 3^inche$ 
His remains are interred 
in the passage at the 
west end of the Chapel, 
9^^*** Deept 
omitted 7**^ Mary Flynn 

^ Sister of Charles, 15th Earl of Shrewsbury. She married Francis Fortescue 
Turvile, Esq., of Husband*s Bosworth, Leicestershire. 

•f This ^ant, l^alrick Cotter, must not be confused with the taller one, Charles 
Byrne, who died in 1783, nnd whose skeleton may he seen in the Royal College of 
Surgeons. Both assumed the show-name of O'Brien. Cotter's remains were stated 
to have been raised by the infamous Resurrectionisti of those days ; but they doubtless 
repose still in the grave mentioned in these registers. Such minute description of 
bis living height would seem conclusive. 


RBoiSTBRft or mmoL 

Sep' 19 Nicolas Kalefaan 

19 Mary M^Daniel 
26 James Gaffotio 

omitted 9 Hugh Williams 
Oct^ 15 Patrick Lyons 

15 Timothy McCarthy 

14 John Bowers, sine Sacra- 
Nov. I M' Daniel Earles 
2 M»N Ford 

8 Patrick M^Namara, sine 

13 Thomas Nowlan 

18 W Michael M^Gray 
37 Patrick Ryan 

Dec** 12 Miss Catherine Higgins 

16 Miss Maria Roper 

20 Edward Meany 

(28 R) 

Dec^ 14 Thomas Shannon 

30 M" Bridget Cook 

Jan^ 4 Catherine Egerton 

(4«'» Judith Power), sine sacra- 
mentis [at side] 
6 Patrick Robins 
1 2 M" Catherine Bowcn 

14 Richard Bolger Esc]. 

17 James Duffy 

(17 Michael Rogers, sine sac- 
ramentis) [a/ side] 

19 Eleonora Kerr 
Feb^ 2 James Wallis 

10 A woman from Cork, 
name unknown (uncta) 

2 1 Mary Power 

26 Elizabeth Jenkins 
28 Jeremiah Buckley 
March 27 Nicholas Brien 

31 Elizabeth Williams (wife 

of James Williams of the 
April 9 Elizabeth Mullens 
19 Mary Foley 

22 Capt° Matthew OToole 
30 M" Winifride Wilson 

May 7 M"" George Rowc 

23 M" Allicia Butterfield 

June 8 M^Sanh Fonm 

5 MaiyHaly 
10 Pfttridc Staky 
18 M' John Bofwen 

July I'^Mnj Morphj 
August 10 Jdm Gsmer 

12 Catherine Law 
22 Jo8q>h Midiel, sine 

Septem'2 Sarah Hinds 

13 John Sheft 

30 John Manning 
Oct' 9 M" Ann Spenn 
13 Lawrence Hill 

16 Jeremy Harrington 

17 M** Maiy Donoghoe 
27 James Bany 

(29 R) 
Nov 12 M** Jane Fanr 
22 John Monay 
Dec. 3 Mary Keasy 
13 Judith Turner 
21 James Mountain 
26 Ann Kelly 
26 John All^ 
Janv 1 1 Barnaby Cherry 

13 M' Joseph Lowe, sine 
omitted 3 Michael Turner 
l^^cb^" 22 Bridget Salt 
March 4 M' James Jones 
8 M' John Gafihey 

8 Owen Lyndie 

9 John Innis 

12 Henrietta Plunket,^ 
Countess of Fingall 
16 Robert Walsh 
April T I , Edward Ryan 

24 Catharine Henright, sine 


25 Matthew Stothard 
[Enfry at side] 25 May M' J~ 

MuUowney (sine sacramentis) 
May 3 Dennis Collins 
\^Entry at side] 27 May M' Rob' 
Kelly (sepultus in aditu sacelli) 

6 Patrick Denvers 

3|c Henrietta Maria, daughter of William Wollascot of Woolhanpton, Berka, 
Esq., who (acconVing to BnMs Peerage) died the xame day. 






12 Margaret Duggan 

29 M' William Farr 

30 John Twoheg 
5 Judith Mead 
8 Thomas Kayly 

[A/ side are repetitions of Mullotvney 
and Kelly deaths on May 25 and 27 
crossed out] 

19 Nicholas Furlong 
Aug' 30 Mary Newlane, sine sacra- 

I Aug' Miss Jane Hopkins, Scpulta 
in horto. 2** grave from the 
school. N. 10 [side entry] 
Sep*^ 9 M"^ Edmund Hymes 
12 John Walsh 

19 John Williams 

20 Piere La Fartie 

26 Eleonora Stack 
Oct' 10 Michael Tracy 

14 Abigail Mullens alias 

20 Catherine Pursel 

21 Cornelius Crowley 

(30 r) 
Nov 12 John Ventore 

27 Elizabeth Powell 
Dec 3 Daniel Kearley 

5 Mary Foley 

12 William Farr 

13 Bridget Byrne 

Jan. 3 M" Ann Riding 
8 Mar>' M<^Carthy 
1 2 M"^ John Sweetman, sepul- 

Feby. 1 2 


March 1 3 


April 9 


June 2 


July 4 


Aug' 13 


Sep' 6 



Oct' 2 


tus in horto prope muros 

sacelli N 1° i® loco. 
James Emer 
Master Joseph Hickey, 

sepultus in horto prope 

muros sacelli 
Patrick O Brien 
M'^ Martha Marsh 
M" Maria Caverleigh 
Richard Jeffers 
Miss Mary Philips 
Joseph Angelo 
Mary Sheehan 
M" Mary Ryan 
Patrick M<=Cormic 
M« Eliza Mahon. SepulU 

in horto 
Catherine Gore 
Edwd. Duffy [?], sine sac- 

ramentis, submersus 
Joseph PerriFsl, sine sacra- 

mentis, submersus 
Miss Catherine Nicholets 
Mary Murray 
James Moran 
M" Frances Burke 
Miss Catherine Sinnott 
Thomas Brigs 
Mary Bowen 
Catherine Dawton 
Elizabeth Hanglin 
Martin Roch, sine Sacra- 

mentis, a Spaniard 
Peter Gotthy 
Catherine Griffiths 

[On a loose sheet of paper.] 
M'^ Mary Ann Lenox Sandwell (Relict of John I^nox Esq' and 
Mother of Frederick Lenox Sandwell) died April 28^** 1814, as appears 
by the Register of the Roman Catholic Chapel in Bristol, and was 
buried in the garden on the North West side of the said chapel, as 
witness my hand this 8'** Day of March 18 15. 

Robert Plowden, Missioner Apostolic. 



[Pages (31 r) /o (42 r) are occupied by the usual pages^ 153-164, (42 r) 

or 1^2 being blank. ITie entries are resumed on (44 r). J 

\_0n pages (44 r) to (49 r), in right-hand margins^ is written^ 

coram me Roberto Plowden.] 

1799. 2* Aprilis matrimonium inierunt Gulielmus Mullowny et 
Elizabeth Mullowny. Witnesses, James MuUowney, Mary Burke. 

9^ Maii Matrimonium inierunt Albertus Joannes Baptista Quentin 
Marie Philipy, De Bucellye D'Estrees et Camilla Loysel le Gaucher. 
Witnesses, Loijsele le Gaucher, J. ft D'estrade Vic. gen., j. F. Fessier 
Veaudupuy, Jf [h] Lelaboir cure de fontenay diocese de coutance, 
j. Ponsurdin cur^ de Girdismenil* diocese de Cout[ance]. 

1800. 7^ Januarii matrimonium inierunt Owenus Caffry et Susanna 
Lewis. Witnesses, William Last, Mary Burke, Mark of Patrick 
Whelan x 

(45) 1800. 15^ Septembris matrimonium inierunt Michael Delany 
et Maria Haydon. Witnesses Rich^ Morris & M"" L Newton. 

1800. 14 Oct* matrimonium inierunt Gulielmus Flemming et 
Rebecca Noonan. Witnesses Mark of Patrick Whelan x and of Ann 
Whelan x 

1 80 1. 12 Januarii matrimonium inerunt Joannes Cassedy et Sarah 
M'Mahon. Witnesses, Ja* Burke, Geo. Ward, Mary Burke, Ann Furse. 

1801. 10 Februarii matrimonium inerunt Thomas Lankester et 
Betty Winter. Witnesses, John Winter, Thomas Winter, W" Winter. 

(46) 1 80 1. 23"* Martii matrimonium inierunt Thomas Gillibrand et 
Marcella Catherina Goold. Witnesses, George Goold, Hen Goold. 

1 80 1. 3"* Maii matrimonium inierunt Carolus Wright et Elizabeth 
Ferret. Witness Jane Murphy. 

1 80 1. 23 Junii matrimonium inierunt Andreas [Caro crossed out] 
Aloysius Dumoulin et Elizabeth Dyer. Witnesses, Geo. Dyer, Tho* 

1801. 5^ Augusti matrimonium inierunt Daniel Reardon et Eleonora 
Connor. Witness Rob^ Plowden. 

(47) 1 801. 6-'* Augusti matrimonium inierunt Joannes O'Neal et 
Eleonora MuUowney. Witnesses, Patrick Farrell, x Mark of Margaret 

1 80 1. 7'* Augusti matrimonium inierunt Petrus Blackburrow et 
Anna Tilladams. Witnesses, W" Till Adam, Sarah Till Adam. 

1802. (/ Februarii matrimonium inierunt Thomas Fredericus 
Winter et Susanna Williams. Witnesses, John Winter, Ann Winter. 

1802. 28 Februarii matrimonium inierunt Joannes Fowler el 
Margarita Ormerod. Witnesses 

1802. i^ Martii matrimonium inierunt Joannes Buckley et Eleonora 
Hegerty. Witnesses, Jane murphy, Anne Coely. 

1802. 15 Maii matrimonium inierunt Gulielmus I^st et Carolina 
Geach. Witnesses, Edward Griffiths, Mary Daynes. 

3|c Thih, like some other of the signatures, is hurriedly written. At an earlier 
period in this country old II's look like G's. Hudimemil b near Coutance. 


(48) 1802. 26^ Mali matrimonium inierunt Georgius Harrison et 
Juditha Evans. Witnesses, Ann Hughes, Mary Watkins. 

1802. 7^ Septembris matrimonium inierunt Timotheus Morrisy et 
Eleonora Graham. Elinor Groves, Mark of Joanna Graham x 

1802. 7^ Novembris matrimum inierunt Jacobus Jeffers et Anna 
Cody. Witnesses, John Lee, Jane murphy. 

1802. 16* Decembris matrimonium inierunt Joannes Gardiner et 
Catharine Samuel. Witnesses, Mark of John Sullivan x 

1803. 28 Aprilis matrimonium inierunt Timotheus Dwyer et Maria 
Downs. Rob^ Plowden. 

1803. 5"^ Maii matrimonium inierunt Joannes Gray et Levina 
Spring. Witnesses, Mary Burke, Frances Last. 

1803. 15'* Maii matrimonium inierunt Joannes Webb et Anna 
Lambert. Witnesses, Mary Nicholetts, Cath: Nicholetts. 

1803. iQ^Junii matrimonium inierunt Joannes Howe et Bridgetta 
Kelly. Witnesses, J. Moutier, Mark of Honora Howe x 

(49) 1803. 24^ Julii matrimonium inierunt Jacobus Burke et Francisca 
Last. Witnesses, Patrick G. Lacy, Ann Hughes. 

1804. 27^ Februarii matrimonium inierunt Patricius Ryan et Julia 
Hall. Witnesses, Thomas Howland, Ann Hughes. 

1804. II* Februarii matrimonium inierunt Joannes Doyle et 
Anastasia Lumbard. Witnesses, Mary Morris, Mary Doyle. 

1804. 10^ Augusti matrimonium inierunt Joannes Hoare et 
Elizabetha Fargus. Witnesses, Henry AVakeman, Mary Connery, 
Catharine Fargus. 

1804. I* Decembris matrimonium inierunt Daniel Gleeson et 
Catharina Murphy. Witnesses, John O'Brien, Micheal Heron. 

(50) 1805. 7*'^ Februarii matrimonium inierunt Edwardus Paul et 
Elizabeth Lundberry coram me Robto Plowden Miss. Apos^. Witnesses, 
J. Moutier P*''^ Jane Murphy. 

1805. 23-** Februarii matrimonium inierunt Patricius Doyle et 
Maria Morris coram me Roberto Plowden Miss° Apos^. J. Moutier, 
B. Runwa. 

1805. 13'^ Octobris matrimonium inierunt Terencius Sweney et 
Joanna Sullivan coram me Roberto Plowden Miss** Apos*^°. Witnesses, 
Mich: Hegerty, x Mark of Catherine Sweney. 

1806. 25^ Januarii matrimonium inierunt Thomas Smith et Maria 
Cox coram me Roberto Plowden Miss® Apos*-'® et testibus. Witnesses, 
Sylvester Smith, Mark of Sarah Smith x 

1806. 15**^ Aprilis matrimonium inierunt ICdwardus Gambon et 
Maria Neale coram me Roberto Plowden Missionario Apos*^<* et testibus. 
Witnesses, C. Crofton, Paf o Brien, Laurence Cremer. 

(51) 1806. 17* Aprilis matrimonium inierunt Ludovicus Carolus 
Petrus Bonaventura (Tomes de*Mesnard et Sarha Blundell(olim Mason) 

3|c A familiar figure ai the London Oratory, and especially at the ** Little 
Oratory,** was that of the late Mr. Edward Mesnard. He was of French descent, his 
grandfather l>eing reputed to have been a French /////^t/, who had l>een in the French 
navy, but failing to recover his possessions after the restoration, settled down in 
England, and dropped the <*de." 

3a8 uonniis or BftmoL 

ooram me Roberto Plowden Misnf Apos^ et testibus. [Robertus m 
Riher IHawdais kaniwnHng cr^sud 0ta\ Due de Haiicourt, James 

1806. 25* Mail liiatrimoniuia uuenint Joannes Briggs et Maria 
Ham coram me Roberto Ptowden Missi^ Aposc^ et testibus. ThosL 
Briggs, Jane Fiddes. 

1806. 27* maii matrimonium inierttnt Dionysius Cogfalan et Joanna 
Browne coram me Roberto Ploirden Miss^ Apos<^ et testibus. Maiy 
R^gson [?], John Pyke. 

1806. 26^ octobris matrimonium inierunt Robertus Flynn et 
Bridgitta Rjran coram me Roberto Plowden Miss^ Apos^ et testibus. 
John Bond, Jane Watkins. 

1807. 7* Februarii matrimoninm inierunt Caiolus Westwood et 
Catharina Faigus coram me Roberto Plowden Miss*Apos!». William 
John Fargus, Mary Connisy. 

(52) 1807. 10^ Februarii matrimonium inierunt Joannes Browne et 
Bieonora Boland coram me Rob^ Plowden Miss^ Apos*^ et testibus. 
Mary Burke, Mark of Bridget Hoame x 

1807. 12* Martii matrimonium inierunt Geoigius Squib et Maigirita 
Curtis coram me Roberto Plowden Miss^ Apos<=*> et testibus. Midi* 
Daulton, Jane Murphy. 

1807. 8* Aprihs matrimonium inierunt Carolus Allen et Saiah 
Sturges coram me Roberto Plowden BCiss** hposF^ et testibus. Jaoe 
Murphy, Ann Hughes. 

1807. 23* Aprilis matrimonium inierunt Franciscus Porter et Anna 
Sullivan coram me Roberto Plowden Miss^ Apos^ et testibus. John 
Donegans, Domenicho Bawelli. 

1 807. 7* Mali matrimonium inierunt Timotheus Murphy et Elizabeth 
Townsend coram me Rob*® Plowden Miss** Apos*» et testibus. Cath: 
Goole, M. £. OCallaghan. 

(53) 1807. 3** Junii matrimonium inierunt Gulielmus Heffey et 
Bridgitta Collins coram me Roberto Plowden Miss** Apos*^ et testibus. 
Ann Hughes, Mary Burke. 

1807. 4* Julii matrimonium inierunt Robertus Brigs et Saiah 
Gaylard coram me Roberto Plowden Miss** Apos*» et testibus. dUn 
Fiddes, Mary Burke. 

1807. 13 Julii matrimonium inierunt Joannes Evatt et Anna 
Bjrrne coram me Roberto Plowden Missionario Apos*^ et testibus. 
H. Gill, D» M<=Carthy. 

1807. 3i^Augusti matrimonium inierunt Thomas Davis et Maria 
Richardson coram me Roberto Plowden Missi** Apos*» et testibus. 
Mark of M** Joseph Doran x , Elizabeth Doran. 

1807. 24^ octobris matrimonium inierunt Joannes Gilmore et 
Caroletta Long coram me Roberto Plowden Miss** Apos*=» & testibus. 
Philip Fahertry, Ann Hughs. 

1807. 2^ Nov: matrimonium inierunt Michael Cronin et Sarah 
BCanning coram me Roberto Plowden Miss** Apos*=** et testibus. Mark 
of Sarah Holland x , Elizabeth Phillip^ 


(54) 1808. 17* Januarii matrimonium inierunt Jacobus Rynn et 
Maria O'Brien coram me Roberto Plowden Miss" Apos<» et testibus. 
James O Neil, Mark of Catherine Dalton v 

1808. 9* Augusti matrimonium inierunt Edwardes Meredith et 
Anna Coles coram me Roberto Plowden Miss° Apos^° et testibus. 
Amator valentinas* Le Villain, Ann Hughes. 

1808. 14^ Septembris matrimonium inierunt Joannes O'Brien et 
Izate May coram me Roberto Plowden Miss** Apos^° et testibus. 
Eum^ Cotter, Mark of Christian Fall x 

1809. 23 Januarii matrimonium inierunt Cornelius Reardon et 
Maria O'Brien coram me Roberto Plowden Miss° Apos~ et testibus. 
Mark of W" Lawton x , Mark of Joanna Lyons x 

1809. i3*Aprilis matrimonium inierunt Thomas Haly et Maria 
Horsier coram me Roberto Plowden Miss" Apos*^^ et testibus. Ann 
Hughes, Elizabeth Hatch. 

1809. '* Maii matrimonium inierunt coram me Rob'° Plowden 
Miss" Apos*=<>, Gulielmus Spencer et Sarha Lucia Tilladams, et coram 
testibus. H. W. Till Adam, Eliza Till Adam. 

sfc Oliver's Collections, p. 428. 

No. xnL 


TO Sir Robert CsaL of Fb& ii, i6of, in the 

"Cecil Papers "at Hatfield 

^Mlt \\WiK back an enquiry was made as to the personality of the wife of Sir Robert 
Owwi t» who changed mantime for marital bncoincering, ''tkmJtiMg U have liwtd in 

"%%» (|uettion of her name and sttflTeringi mntt interest us, and I requested and 
vJMimmI permission to print it. j. s. h. 

** Seeing there would be no ymployment for me after the decese 
gf our latte Soffren Quine Elizabeth, I thought it my beste course to 
bvlike me to a wyffe wch then I did thinking to have lived in Pease 
with my selfe & the world, but now I heir say, that the pore Fortune I 
hud wythe her, the 2 partes tharof wylbe taking from me because she is 
t recusant, I have done my indevore to alter her from it, & have found 
tiMt grasse with the lord of ^Crutelbury to cum to my house & Sir Oris 
toflbr ^ Perkes twice, with Sir Edw^' Hobbie, & sithes Crismasse a devyne 
of the lo : Crutleberries, but all this, neither I can yt alter her inwvrd 
thoughts in that poynte." 

No. XIV. 


BY THE Rev. Mark Alovsius Tiernev {Canon later\ 

the Catholic Historian 

(^riBi) from the original MS., lent by Bro. Vincent Hayles, of the Oratoiy. 
{Uttmoir in Gilltjws BtbL Diet., v, 545.) j, g. H. 

Herts [in margin"] 

These are to certify That at the General Quarter Sessions of the 
Peace holden by adjournment in and for the County of Hertford on 
Saturday the 28*^ day of November last, Mark Tierney of Old Hall 
Green in the Parish of Standon in the said County professing the 
Roman Catholic Religion took made and subscribed the declaration 
and oath mentioned in an act of Parliament made in the 31^ year of 
the Reign of His Majesty King George the Third "Intitled an act 
to relieve u{)on Conditions and under restrictions the persons therein 
described from certain i)enalties and disabilities to which Papists or 
persons professing the Popish Religion are by l^w subject." Witness 
my Hand this fourteenth day of September 181 3. 

Ben: Rookk 
Clk. of y* peace. 

4c Richard Itancrofi was Archbishop of Canterbur>- at this time. 

f I*rol>ably Sir Christopher Perkins, lent., an apostate J esuiL (Foie}\ ii, 34a) 


OF Persons and Places 

* An asterisk signifies more than one entry on a page. 
"Signifies a note on the page. 

Abbott, Alice, 84 ; William, 84 

Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, 109, 156; 
confirmation of forty-three persons, 
names not given, at, 156 

Abijdos, Bishop of, 140"; see Mostyn 

Abington, Abbington, Edward, 25, 26; 
'lliomas, 4, 27, 29 

Ackerlev, James, 138 

Ackland, Dudley, 316; Henrietta, see 
Freeman, 316; Sarah, oiim Hewitt, 

Aeon, Bishop of, 318; see Talbot 

Acton, , 50, 51, 163 ; Abraham, 253 ; 

Margaret, 253 ; Susanna, 253 

Acton, Glouc, 59 

Adams, Bridget, 189, 196, 214; Dorothy 
Teresa, 316; EUanor, 206; Eliza- 
beth, 191, olim Williams 163; 
Francis, 163 ; George, 191 ; John, 
191 ; Margaret, 188; Mary, 196, 
201 ; Rebecca, 201 ; Sarah Agnes, 
315; Thomas, 163, 189, 235, see 
Till- Adams ; William, 145, 189, 196, 
197, 201, 214, 235, 240, 250 

Adamson, John, 86; ,86; Margaret, 

85 ; Solomon, 85 

Addcock, Anne, 303; Jane, 280, oiim 
Connaugh 303; Margaret, 280; 
William, 280, 303 

Addic, Patrick, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 


Addis, see Roddis 

Addison, Hester, 212 

Adley, Sarah, 246 

Agan, Agen, see Egan 

Abren, ? Haw, 204 ; Helen, 204 

Aikin, Ann Winefrid, 280 

Aire, 49 

Albijs, Thomas ex, sic White 

Alice, 210 

Alker, Elizabeth, 259 

Ailanson, Anne, 141; Charles, 143; 
Elizabeth, see Lambert, 143 ; lielen, 
138, 143; Mary, 143*, see Cooper; 
Peter, 138, 143 ; Thomas, I38», 143*; 
William, 143 

Allen, Anne, 233, 254 ; Bridget, 266, 268, 
272, 274, 283, 305, 308, olim Esher 
296; Catharine, 216, 217, 229, olim 
Higgins 308, olim Trehcarnc 160; 
Charles, 314, 328; Cornelius, 216, * 

229; Jane, 229; John, 160, 296, 

324; Margaret, 283; Mary, 160, 

216; Samuel, 268*, 274, 296, 305; 

Sarah Catharine, 179, oiim Sturges 

314, 32S ; Thomas, 305 
All[a]ison, Helen, 137; Peter, 137, 142; 

Thomas, 137, 141, 142 
Almond, Jane, 1 18; Thomas, Ii8; 

William, 118 
Alphilde, Thomas, 19 
Alphonsus, Sister Mary, Augustinian, 49 
Alway, Ahvey, Henry, priest, 4, 5, 6 
Ambassador, Spanish, 41 ; his son, 40; 

see Gondomar 
Ambridge, Mary, 322 
Anderson, Downing, 255 ; Elizabeth, 

255; James, 199, 200, ao2 ; Jane, 

189, 255; Joseph, 189; Mary, 196, 

200, 247, 248 
Anderton family, 99"; Francis, priest, 

99», 108, a/j.Sakhield, 99", see Smith, 

Andrew, Francis, 212 
Andrews, Lancelot, Prot. Bishop of Ely, 

Angel, Ann, 131 ; Harriet, 131 ; Mary 

Ann, 130, 131 ; Matthew, 131 
Angelo, Joseph, 325 
Anger, James, 245 
Anglesca, 107 

Ankevis, Dorothea, 316; su Johns 
Anne, Queen of Denmark, 55*** 
Ansley, Anne, oiim Hickey, 292 ; Joseph 

Maurice, 292 ; Maurice, 292 
Anster, Mary, 245 
Anstey, Sarah, 301 ; see Dalling 
Anthony, Antoni, Charles, 283*; Jane, 

2%}^ oiim Drew 299,310; Joseph, 

283, 299, 310; J. Emmanuel, jio; 

Maria, 270 ; Thomas, 299 ; William, 


Antonio, , 246 

Antrobus, Mar)-, 247 

Apricc, William, 18 

Archdall, quoted 60 

Archdeacon, Peter, 255 

Archpriest, see Black well, see Harrison 

Arden, £eimily, 4 ; Edmund, 16 ; Francis, 

I7» 19. 320; Mary, 17; Martha, 

279, 319, 321 
Ardenl[c], John, 26, 27, 39 



Arker, Helen, 143, see Habesher ; John, 
143; Thomas, 143 

Armada, Spanish, 5 

Armistead, Bridget, 84; Dorothy, 84; 
Robert, 84 

Armor, Joseph, 184 

Armstrong, John, 251 

Arnold, Michael, 246 

Arrowsmith, Edmund, S.J., martyr, 106; 
Mary, 124; Richard, 124 

Arundel, Earl of, see Hovrard, Philip 

Ashe, , 86 ; Edward, 86 

Ashford, Mary, 245 

Ashheads, Kirkby-Makeard, 86 

Ashley, Mary Anne, 193; N., 193* 

Ashmore, Elizabeth, 277*; Joseph, 277* 

Ashton, Roger, martyr, 5, 26, 27 

Ashton-under-Lyne, i 

Astwith, Anne, 86 ; John, 86 

Atherton, Elizabeth, 117 

Atkinson, , 86 ; Agnes, 83 ; Ann, 

85*; Catharine, 224 ; Elizabeth, 86; 
Francis, 84, 85 ; Gilbert, 85 ; Mar- 
ket, 83, 85 ; Marmaduke, 83, 86 ; 
Richard, 83 ; Roger, 86 ; William, 224 

Augustine, Anne, see Philips, 314; Bar- 
tholomew, 314; Margaret, olim 
Bevan, 314 

Aurol, Peter, 30 

Avery, Matthew, 141 

Axford, Catharine, 217, 275, 322 

Ayers, Andrew, 265 ; Esther, 265 ; Helen, 

Babington, Babbington, Anthony, 25, 26 

Babington Plot, 5 

Baddesley Clinton, 162" 

Bagilt, 112, 132; j^^ Twll 

Bagilt Hall, 125 

Bagnel, Bagdncll, Eleonor, 188, 197; 

Helen, 192; John, 188, 192, 197; 

Joseph, 188; Alary, 192 
Bagshaw, Christopher, priest, 20, 21, 22, 

23, 24 
Bailey, Anne, 159 
Baine, Bayne, , 84 ; Anne, 84, 85 ; 

Margaret, 85 
Baines, Archbishop of Liga, Augustine, 

ifiio; see Filzherbcrt 
Baker, Anne, 85 ; Elizalxjth, 84, 85, 245 ; 

J., 85 ; John, 113 : William, 85 
Baker, see Bennett 
Baldwin, Baldwyn, Catherine, 318; 

George, 173; Mary, 246 ; Matilda, 

see Jones 
Ball, Eleanor, 199; Elizabeth, 204, 251 ; 

Henry Houston, 87 ; Mary, 120, 187, 

194, 199, 204, 214, 251, 256, 264; 

Mary Ann, 214 ; Mariana Louisa, 

278; Thomas, 199, 204, 214, 251 
Ballarde, John, priest, 25 ; see Baylard 
Ballieu, Joseph, 320 

Ballyra^ett, Balleragedd, Kilkenny, 

162*", 279" 
Baltch, Isabella, 141* 
Bam, Catharine, 202 
Bambrick, Mary, 321 
Bancroft, Richard, 330*; see Canterbur>' 
Band, John, 125; Sarah, 125*, 127; 

Sarah Margaret, 127 ; Thomas, 125*, 

Banfield, Banfill, Banfild, Elizabeth, 305, 

308; Thomas, 215 
Banke Hall, 101" 
Bannon, James, 130; Mary, 130 
Barber, Alice, see Robins, 314 ; Juliana, 200 
Barbies More, Ulnes Walton, co. Lan- 
caster, 100" 
Baidsey, Robert, 5, 6 
Bark, see Burk 

Barker, als, Kelly, Thomas, 100*" 
Barlow, Edward, 207; Mary, 207; Simon, 

Barnes, John, 189, 210; Robert, i8q, 

190; Sarah, 189; Thomas, 14, 15*, 

16, 18, 251 
Bamewell, 25, 26 

Bamham, ,0. S. B. (?), 54 ; see Mounkc 

Baming, Bridget, 183 ; John, 183 ; Mary, 


Bams, see Barnes 

Bamy, Margaret, see Witheas 

Boron, Mary, ^21 

Barragor, Stephen, 254 

Barrely, Barrelle, Barelh^ Charles, 301 ; 
Dominic, 301, 313; Joseph, 313; 
Mary, olim Barret, 301, 313 

Barrett, Barret, Ann, 245; Edward, 283; 
George, priest, and archdeacon of 
Shropshire, 106; John, 267, 302; 
Juliana, 302 ; Margaret, dim Corlett, 
302 ; Mary, see Barrely, 267, 283 ; 
Thomas, 283 

Barry, Bary, Barrey, Barrie, Alice, 280, 
olim Harogan, 293 ; Ann, 280, 318 : 
Bridget, 186; ca